The Lord's Prayer: Your Kingdom Come

we pray these things in Christ’s name Amen amen you guys can grab a seat it’s good to be with you guys if you’re new or busy my name’s Tyler I’m one of the pastor’s here and I lead our downtown congregation we have a Bible go and open up to the book of Matthew to the book of Matthew we’re gonna be in chapter 6 you know the Bible don’t worry about it but always it’s always a good idea to bring one to see for yourself in the text where we are so we’re continuing our way through Jesus’s teaching on prayer historically the church is called this section of teaching the Lord’s Prayer not because it’s the only way Jesus prayed but because it’s the template he gave to us for how we are to praise let’s go and read it together Matthew 6 9 through 13 this is Jesus is teaching on prayer pray then like this our Father in heaven Hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we have also forgiven our debtors and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil now this is our fifth week in this series and today we’re focusing on the phrase your kingdom come your kingdom come now there’s so much to get through but before we do that before we get into it it’s important to remember what is the purpose of Jesus’s teaching because the purpose is not merely for us to study and learn and contemplate a theology of prayer the purpose that we would become a prayerful people I mean even as I was prepping this sermon I found myself immediately going to the content of what the kingdom of God is and divorcing it completely from prayer I mean we’ve spent four Sundays in this text and I began asked myself has my prayer life begun to change because of what Jesus has said am i praying more often am i praying differently because the content of what he taught and maybe you’ve been here every week maybe you’ve been here one week for these sermons but here’s a question ask yourself from the beginning of this have your prayers been different have they been different have you had more confidence and boldness because you’re approaching your Father in heaven have you stopped keeping up empty phrases cuz you know you’re gonna be heard have you found yourself saying father would you hallow your name that not just say it as a rote religious reciting of words but as a genuine desire God hallowed be your name have you believed him and trusted him so much do you actually want his will to override your own have you been listening and changing because of it now what’s incredible is actually we’ve already begun to hear stories of how God’s changing us through this that slowly but surely he’s teaching us to pray now I want you to know this your prayer life is not gonna revolutionize in one day or one sermon or one week but if you’ll stay faithful I promise it will if you’ll stay faithful and keep praying and keep hearing his word through prayer and you keep continuing and faithfulness to it if you do that you’ll experience the peace and power of God promises through it because as good and as great as it is to learn what God has to say in his word church it’s even better to obey Him it’s great to learn it’s even better to obey so if the Lord’s Prayer changes our theology of Prayer but it doesn’t change the way we pray then we have not heard his word in the way he wants us to if you just have new theology and sound bites to remember but you don’t pray more we haven’t heard the way we’re meant to that’s my hope that’s our hope for this series that it makes our church so different that our city would be so different that the nations would be so different because the way that we pray that’s what Jesus purpose and intent is in this text so look back at it verse 9 and 10 this is where we’re gonna be pray then pray then like this our Father in heaven Hallowed be your name here’s a text your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven now keep verse 9 up there this template for prayer it builds on itself it’s meant to flow from one truth to another God Jesus is being intentional in the way he’s designing this for us so you begin when you’re praying you begin where that savor 9 our Father in Heaven so you begin as you’re praying go okay your Creator God outside of time and space and my constraints and my reality and yet you’re my father you’re my protector you’re the one who sees me you’re the one who loves me the one looks out for me and since you’re my father and I don’t deserve that kind of love hallowed be your name you should be adored you should be loved you should be praised there’s no one who

even compares with you nobody’s even close so why would anyone else get praised what would anyone else be the center of my life and of this world God your name be hallowed then what does it look like look how it goes hallowed be your name verse 10 what does it look like for your name to be hallowed and revered his kingdom would come and his will would be done on earth as it is in heaven that his will and his wants would overrule all others and that we would joyfully follow him the way it is in heaven and when his will is followed then you’re in his kingdom there’s that phrase Kingdom Come the kingdom of God coming to earth listen should be a major component and aspect to your praying so Jesus the same one of the major things you should be praying for is that God’s kingdom would come now this reality this concept of the kingdom of God is so massive and so important in the Bible it’s almost daunting to attempt to teach on the topic because there’s so much that should and could be said but if we’re gonna pray your kingdom come we need some framework to understand what we’re asking God to do so let me give you a simple definition of what it means what the kingdom of God means it’sit’s not novel to me unique to me I’m sure I stole this from somebody but I can’t remember okay here’s what it says the kingdom of God here’s a definition is the loving rule and reign of God over every area of life the kingdom of God is the loving rule and reign of God over every area of life so while your will be done it captures God’s specific wants his specific desires his kingdom is the larger ecosystem the society he creates as his people obey Him he kingdom is where his rule is made manifest and this kingdom this reign this rule it’s not an oppressive one it’s not a crushing one but it’s a reign of love over us where all things flourish under God see it’s in his kingdom were human beings and creation for that matter find their true freedom and fulfillment we find freedom and fulfillment in submission to him and following him this was God’s purpose in creation the kingdom of God Jesus came preaching it but it began back in creation God’s intent in creating you and creating me was to share himself in love with us so that we would reflect his kingdom to the world the Bible begins and the Bible ends with the kingdom of God look at Genesis 1:26 228 I want to show you what it means to be in His image and to reflect his kingdom verse 26 of Genesis 1 you’ve heard these verses before but I want you to notice the kingdom language within them says then God said let us make man in our image after our likeness so man in our image after our likeness and what is the next sentence and let them have dominion Kingdom language let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth but you see the connection to be in His image to be in his likeness is then to reflect that Kingdom in that dominion over a creation verse 27 so God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them he made us male and female for what purpose and God blessed them and God said to them be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over it do you see the connection to be in his image means you are put here to reflect to the world as God rules over me in the exact same way I rule over creation if he wrote rules over me in love and it gives life than I rule over creation in the exact same way and what you see in Genesis is there’s no spiritual physical disconnect there one God is with Adam and Eve in the garden they’re one there’s no disconnect there and so everything is Wed together perfectly creation began with the kingdom of God and despite our rebellion against him our sin against him our distrust of him God will one day restore his kingdom finally and fully look at revelation 22 so we the first two chapters last two chapters revelation 22 listen to this picture of what’s coming then the angel showed me the river of the water of life bright as crystal flowing from the throne the throne of God and of the lamb the Kings back the throne of God in the land of landing a metaphor for Jesus through the middle of the street of the city there was a how physical it is it’s a city and also on either side of the river of the Tree of Life with this 12 kinds of fruit yielding its fruit each month these leaves with a tree were for the healing of the nation’s

when God’s kingdom comes back finally and fully what happens the nations are healed it says the next verse no longer will there be anything accursed spiritual physical will be anything curse why but the throne of God and the lamb will be in it that’s why and his servants will worship him and they will see his face his name will be on their foreheads and night will be no more it will need no light of lamp or Sun to the Lord their God will be their light this last phrase and they will reign forever Kingdom what God is working all things to through his son is to make his image bears back to our rightful spot where we do what we are reigned over by God all things are blessed because of it heal because of it and then we now reign with him and we reflect to the world what his kingdom is like that’s the mission of our lives to be under his love and reflect that to the world around us Genesis 1 and 2 in revelation 21 through 22 are the only times in the Bible where the kingdom of God is fully and perfectly expressed here and what do you see in both scenes what do you see in both scenes the scope of his reign is massive it’s max over all things done over just like one day of the week or just over your emotions or a couple of people or your family traditions or the values you care most about his reign is over all things the kingdom of God does not come and try to fit into your little life God calls your life into his massive kingdom he calls you into his massive kingdom to be a part of what he’s doing and in his kingdom there’s nothing off-limits what you see is there’s no boundaries between religious and normal life no sacred secular divide in his kingdom all things conform to his will that means worship services and work ethic that means arts and science that means friendships and hobbies I mean social structures and individual personality so when Jesus comes on the scene and he’s preaching the kingdom of God is here he has all of life in mind he has all of life in mind Jesus does not just want your Sundays he wants your life he wants your life he doesn’t just want to change your spirituality he wants to change who you eat dinner with he doesn’t just want to make you a little bit nicer he wants to shatter your categories Jesus is preaching the kingdom of God he’s casting out demons he’s preaching he’s healing people and he’s calling out the spiritual abuse of power and he’s calling out those who try to abuse those he loves his declaration is not hey I’m here and there’s a way for your life not to be messed with to be really comfortable and plus you get into heaven – it’s not his message his message is the kingdom of God the kingdom of heaven has broken into the world in the kingdom of darkness and instead of the King come to crush unruly subjects he is the king come to save us a set of the King come to put down the rebellion he’s the king who’s come to die for rebels that’s the good news of the gospel that God’s come to those who have rejected him and he’s given us hope and salvation in Jesus he’s given us a way through him back to God and back into his kingdom but there is one condition there is one condition and the kingdom of God shows up you are repeatedly confronted with this one condition you have to respond with and it’s repentance its repentance see in this life sin still affects our hearts it affects our relationships it affects our social structures it affects everything instead of submission to the eternal life and love of God and his kingdom you have to understand it will require repentance in us jesus said this explicitly Matthew 4:17 from that time Jesus began to preach saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand his whole preaching ministry was defined by this statement when you read that in the text don’t think that’s a one-time thing that he preached look at what it says from that time from that time Jesus began to preach it’s the thesis statement of his preaching ministry you ever notice how preachers like us tend to have like the same sermon busy over and over again right you’ve noticed that we got it from Jesus okay he started it because what he’s saying is the common experience in response when the kingdom of heaven is invading your life is one of repentance

and what does that word mean all repentance means is you recognize and you admit to God and to others that he’s right and you’re wrong that’s what it is is to say everything you say is right and if I’m in contradiction to you I’m wrong that I need forgiveness that I need mercy that I need help and then striving to live in line with his word that’s repentant so listen listen when we pray God your kingdom come you better get ready to repent if you want any part of it because Jesus says when the kingdom of heaven shows up repentance will be our response and I think I think as a church because the way we preach because the way we study the Bible because who we are as a people I think we get that at some in some ways on a personal level I think we get it on a personal level but I think we don’t get it as much on a relational and societal level so we focus our attention on God’s kingdom coming to change our personal disciplines like Bible reading or church attendance or emotional and psychological health or our family rhythms now all those things are right and good in God’s Kenan does speak to those things but in our church in our tradition of faith we tend to ignore the social aspects of God’s kingdom coming and the repentance that that would require of us so we’ll pray things of God your kingdom come over my sexuality or your kingdom come over my sense of God’s love but do we pray God your kingdom come so that immigrants and refugees would be protected and loved we pray God your kingdom come in my marriage your kingdom come in my dating relationships but do we pray God your kingdom come in the way that I love and the justice across ethnic groups in our church in our city who we pray God your kingdom come for my children or this family illness but do we pray it for our government and the policies that affect millions of people in poverty do we pray it for the unborn child and the terrified mother who has no idea what to do God’s kingdom coming in those areas is gonna cause us to repent in ways we are much less comfortable with that’s what it’ll do the more I prayed personally the more that I have prayed God your kingdom come and the more that I’ve sought to be a part of it you know what’s happened in me the more I’ve had to repent and listen not because my intentions and seeking and praying for the kingdom of God were evil no listen really important you understand this but because the more prominent the kingdom of God the more clearly you’ll see hidden sins and weaknesses you didn’t know were there the more prominent the kingdom of God the more clearly you’re gonna see hidden sins and weaknesses you didn’t know we’re there as you seek to love people and serve people in all the ways God calls us to you will inevitably be confronted with the fact that your sin runs much deeper than you realize now listen in a kingdom of grace repentance is not a curse it’s a gift know that in the kingdom of grace like the kingdom of God repentance is not a curse or a banishment it’s a gift see this has happened to me repeatedly as I’ve sought to do this just in our church as I’ve sought to be one little part of God making this church look more like his kingdom over the last couple of years there’s a myriad of ways this is happening in our church and city in the nation’s we’ll get into that in a second but to localize it in our church the last couple of years myself are the leaders in this church a lot of people in this church we’ve wanted to ensure that women and people of color and those who experience same-sex attraction genuinely feel wanted and safe with us genuinely belong to this people and actually powerfully shape how we go forward together we’ve wanted that not to be trendy but to be faithful to be faithful to the gods whose kingdom looks a lot more like that and oftentimes what people who look just like me may want in order to be faithful and we have a ways to go but can I tell you God has been faithful to begin to work in some small but significant ways and as I have personally sought to love and listen and serve these women these men I’ve had to learn the hard way the

really hard way that my ignorance is greater than I realized that I have bias I didn’t know was there but I have weakness that I didn’t know was there as I sought to love people I’ve just I failed I miscommunicated I’ve needed instruction I’ve needed correction I know I’ve been the recipient of grace and patience way more often than I know and there were times there were times where I was like sincerely trying to be helpful I was sincerely trying to be loving I thought what I was doing was helpful and loving and I’ve had very brave courageous mature brothers and sisters have to pull me aside and go I know you wanted to be helpful but it wasn’t I know you were trying to put actually just hurt me more and you know what happens in those moments when you’re actually trying to advance the kingdom of God do you know what my defense mechanism is do you know what my flesh does is I revert to my kingdoms definition of love and my kingdoms definition of love is this well if I was really trying to be helpful and loving that’s all that matters my kingdom says if I tried what more could you ask of me but then God’s kingdom by the Spirit comes to my conscience that says that’s not love and you know it his word goes love is patience and love is kind love keeps no record of wrongs love is long-suffering love lays down its life for brothers and sisters because as you seek to actually advance the kingdom of God it is so easy to be disappointed and frustrated with yourself so easy to want to give up so easy to be cynical rather than steadfast and hopeful and you want to give up because the kingdom of God is challenging it challenges us at every level but what did Jesus tell us was gonna happen Matthew 4:17 repent the kingdom of heaven is at hand when the kingdom of heaven shows up with all of its blessings and all of its glory and all of its love repentance comes along with it the kingdom of heaven is constantly confronting our own idolatry when you try to advance it you realize I’m worshipping so many little gods all over the place I didn’t even realize the kingdom of heaven shows you shows me oh you want change with no pain oh you want reconciliation with no justice oh you want salvation without repentance that’s why we have to beg God to do it we’re not God’s kingdoms too massive it’s too lofty to be accomplished by our feeble strength God’s the only ones strong enough the only one not the only one loving enough to bring it into existence that’s why Jesus is saying pray like this your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven start with praying now hear me praying for a God to bring his kingdom doesn’t diminish our actions it empowers our actions doesn’t diminish our responsibility it empowers us to fulfill that responsibility every significant work that I have seen at this church of God’s kingdom advancing in church history would attest to this all of them are fueled by prayer that nobody sees they’re all fueled by prayer nobody sees now listen are you thinking well surely have people prayed and done nothing and maybe you’re fearful you’re saying well if we just pray the kingdom of God will never actually do anything and if people prayed and not done anything yes and no yes and no so people have prayed your kingdom come thoughtlessly carelessly but most the time the people who pray and do nothing don’t pray that often and don’t pray with much conviction what I’ve seen is the people who keep praying and hone their prayer requests to specific kingdom ask and keep praying and keep praying they’re the people who eventually move into action and stay there because without prayer you may begin Kingdom work but you won’t stay in Kingdom work without prayer you may have enough energy and excitement a zeal to start but without prayer won’t stay see assuring in God’s kingdom is not first and foremost a call to go out there and do its first and foremost a call to go inside your closet and pray that’s what Jesus is telling us first and foremost go inside your closet and pray look at the history of our church the planting of this church sixteen

years ago was Matt as small team of people praying our for the city network to serve and bless the city started with praying our desire to be a church that has good theology and great mission starts with praying our for the nation’s team once the unreached people groups reached with the gospel it starts and continues with prayer yeah it’s crazy the thing I’ve been leading in this church now for 10 years and in 10 years time you kind of get a kind of a vantage point of movements of God in the spirit and what he’s doing in the midst of our people and one of things I begin to notice is you can see a connection it’s not like an immediate one-to-one but there’s this correlation between the vibrancy of our church and ministries associated with it and the prayer associated with it you can really see it that when prayer has waned in certain areas in our church so has power so has resolve so has sacrifice so has sustained action see while prayer reveals what you truly value prayer also moves your heart to what you should value it reveals what you value but also it moves your heart to what you should value so if all you pray for is you and people who look like you and live around you and have your name one that reveals what you truly value and two it reinforces this all that you should value but what I found in my life is the more that I pray for other people the more that I pray for this city the more that I pray for the nation’s do you know what I find happening my heart and my life slowly moving towards action in those areas prayer is revealing but also it’s transformative in nature and moves us to what we should value so here’s my question to you where is God stirring in you desires to take part in assuring in his kingdom where all of us should feel his kingdom come and my personal life my personal holiness my relationship with God but his kingdom is so much bigger than our individual lives we’re outside of your own little world is God pointing you to and saying there that neighborhood that group of people that caused that that’s what you need to be you’ve a passion for it that’s where you need to be where is it wherever it is start praying start praying specifically start asking God to move and you need to know as you enter into God’s kingdom work you better get ready to repent cuz you’re gonna see things you didn’t know we’re there but then you’ll see God changed people and lifts up people and there’s more joy in giving than in receiving but jesus said but I find it fascinating that’s great and as good and as no boss God’s kingdom is why do our prayers always revert back to us right why look if you’re a Christian you know you should pray for God’s kingdom to come you do me the Bible and know what that looks like and what that means but why at the end of the day do we are we more fervent more zealous more authentic for prayers that revolve around us and our kingdoms and our interests there’s a lot of reasons why but at the end of the day it’s because deep down were scared we’re scared under our pride under our doubts is a fear if God’s kingdom comes then what about us what about me we don’t pray for scheme to come because deep down our fear is that his cane is gonna come and I’m gonna be forgotten that others are gonna receive a blessing and life and all the things God promised and I’m not gonna receive the love that I’m after the healing I’m after the relationships I’m after the career I’m after the future I’m after and so we gravitate first and foremost to praying for ourselves so often out of fear because if his kingdom comes what about me what about me I see this play out of my son Henry all the time Henry is our middle child and he has all the struggles of that a middle child faces and his middle child his birthday is two days after his older sister’s birthday right so he’s just he loved him so much he constantly feels oh he constantly feels overlooked even when he hasn’t been overlooked and it sometimes it’s so difficult when he’s sad to get his little heart to believe

that me and Lauren genuinely are thoughtful about him and we love him and were for him but any time what happens anytime he sees his sister’s get something unique to them he interprets it as then you must not care about me and you must not care about me we just we just got Elle his older sister tickets to her lauren to see Matilda play together and lauren was like do you want to go as like do you want to go I will gladly sacrifice for the team on this one and so Lauren and her gonna go together so we gave L like here’s your present here’s your gift and Henry Amelie begins to cry buddy what’s wrong he’s like but I want to go with mommy I was like you wanna go to Matilda like for real there’s no fighting in that buddy that’s not gonna happen he’s like our man’s in there right I’m like no he’s not he doesn’t even want it if I said he won’t go to Matilda he was like can I some different like that’s what he would think but his sister got it and because he struggles with feeling overlooked the interpretation is so y’all don’t think about me so you don’t care about me and my desires and my wants he’s scared he’ll be forgotten so blessing to other people hurts him you and I have the exact same fear what if God’s kingdom in our church means recognition for someone else what if God’s kingdom in our city means more attention paid attention paid to a different neighborhood and a different school that you don’t go to where you don’t live what if the kingdom of God and the nation’s means your money serving the purposes of unreached peoples and not your own personal dreams and desires what if the kingdom of God costs because listen for the kingdom of God to advance in this world will always mean some form of sacrifice for the church always and I love that Jesus knows us so well Jesus knows that we’re scared about this our king he knows were scared about this he knows how quickly you and I forget what it’s like having God as your father in heaven how quickly you and I buy this lie that if I don’t take care of me then nobody will this is why the Lord’s Prayer would it begins not with your kingdom come it begins with our Father in heaven because before you ever pray God Almighty bring your kingdom I need to remember you’re my dad you’re my father you see me you love me you’re for me so whatever happens I can know that for sure and Jesus makes a promise to you and to me he’s gonna bring the kingdom of God and you will not be forgotten you won’t he’s gonna find a way to bring in the kingdom of God through your sacrifice and you will not be forgotten by him the lies the whispers will say you can’t trust him but he makes a promise Luke 1234 all the nations of the world seek after these things and your father knows that you need them instead seek his kingdom and these things will be added to you this last line fear not little flock fear not little flock for it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom the kingdom coming is your father’s yes he’s your king yes he’s your Lord but he is your father and he gave his son to death so that you would always have a place and always have a standing that can never be taken away you are standing in the kingdom of God your sin can’t even take it away death can’t even take it away the greatest foe this world has death has already been conquered in the resurrection so don’t fear when the kingdom of God means repentance for you don’t fear a little flock I talking about this week I’m told myself tower don’t fear when it means giving away so that others can thrive don’t fear when it means restraint of your own desires don’t fear because what did Jesus say it’s your father’s good pleasure it’s his joy it’s his happiness to give you the kingdom of God he won’t let you go don’t let your failures keep you from being a part of it some of you really don’t have kingdom of God sort of prayers and dreams because you don’t feel like you’re worth

it you don’t feel worthy of it you don’t feel like because you’ve done things things have been done to you that God could never use you that is a lie Jesus didn’t die to make you somewhat clean he died to make you brand new if some of you want to give up some of you in this church used to dream dreams that were massive that only prayer could fulfill because they’re so big it’s so expansive used to give your life away but you started trying to live this out and you got hurt and you got cynical and you got jaded and you kind of gave up your father knows what you need you don’t have to bring the whole kingdom of God not one of us Candace wipes this church and every other Church in the world is a part of doing this but he’s bringing the kingdom of God he wants you in it don’t let sin and suffering keep you from it and the way you start is by joining him first and foremost in prayer pray then like this our Father in heaven Hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven so here’s our how we’re gonna end this service we’re gonna in by doing this we’re gonna end by praying together that God’s kingdom would come in three areas our church our city and the nations so gin just a second here’s we’re gonna do we can get a little crazy actually pray in church okay we’re gonna break up in a second don’t do it yet and don’t start leaving right now so stay in the room okay I will just call you out when you okay stay in the room in grace in love but stay we’re gonna break into groups of three okay no more than three rule-followers hold people accountable to this no more than three why I want everyone to pray it’s a group of ten and all are we gonna pray okay we’re gonna get into groups of three and we’re gonna start praying that God’s kingdom will come out and I’m gonna give you a slide of specific things we can pray for God’s kingdom to come because we want to be a church that loves God loves this church loves our city and loves the nation’s now this list I’m gonna give you is not exhaustive it’s a couple of ideas to spur you to pray but the Spirit of God prompts you to pray something different then pray that what’s gonna happen you can groups of three you’re gonna go around individually and pray and if you get through all three of you before I come up and pray just keep praying okay just keep praying together or just sit there silently but just keep praying this is a starting point now if you’re here and you’re like I haven’t prayed in a long time or you’re here and you’re like this makes you feel uncomfortable or you’re here and you’re like I’m an introvert and I already want to find an exit or if if if you’re here honestly you’re not even a believer like your friend invited you’re like I came to pick the worst day to come to church shoots come to Easter faint praying on Easter to come then right if you’re hearing your listen on any of those categories gotta say something I really believe you here cuz God wants your heart I know you don’t you came here because someone being a shear invited you or you didn’t even know why you came I know why you came cuz God actually wants to speak to you so all I’m asking you to do is try just try because even the the prayer that’s full of faith that’s two words it’s more powerful than a prayer that’s eloquent with no faith so so we’re gonna do go ahead right now break in groups of three turn your chairs to each other break groups of three introduce yourself real quick we’re gonna pray together screen all right behind me is the screen of Prayer is what we’re gonna pray through I’m gonna give you guys a couple of minutes go in circle pray like you believe God’s kingdom is gonna come pray for these things now go ahead break

our Father in heaven our protector are the one who loves us the one who sees us God we’re praying to you your name would be hallowed your name would be revered that your will would be done and that your kingdom would come in this church God make us the people who strive to be holy like you make us a church you know to share space with one another across ethnic groups we share love and relationship God show up in this city God your kingdom come in such a way that our friends who don’t see Jesus the way we do help them see him God we’re not better than them we need grace just like them we want them to see you as your as satisfying as you say God in this city your kingdom come and bring justice for the marginalized and oppressed for the widow for the orphan for the immigrant and the refugee for those who don’t have power those who are suffering under the weight of others racism or homophobia or misogyny in all the ways God that there’s injustice in this city God would you work in such a way that you would show what your kingdom is like and you’d save in the process God bring your kingdom among the nation’s Oh God which you do this great work we want you to do to have a hundred church planting movements amongst a hundred unreached peoples God you deserve glory everywhere everywhere because you’re that good

you’re that satisfying you’re that holy you’re that true so god help the nation sigue for our goers right now who are asleep or waking up or wherever they are god help them know your love for them this love this church has for them that God the mission they’re on God you will finish it you will bring it to completion God and all these ways in the million other ways God we need your kingdom to come God do it not my kingdom not our kingdom got yours knowing it’s your good pleasure to meet every need and every desire of our hearts in it now wake this church up from settling for smaller kingdoms that won’t last wake us up to see where joy and life span it’s always found in you so we follow after you we give our lives to you we sing to you the trade is in Christ’s name Amen and ensures that stand let’s sing together