Fireside Chat with Matthew Greenwood

oh you’re not pixelated now that’s good oh cool yeah that’s good now if we just go live start here we go hey yay hey guys hey everybody how you doing yeah what an epic journey i reckon you’ve got to love technology i’ll tell you what you’re in control of it who’s in control no one’s in control really [Laughter] i don’t even think facebook’s in control anyway welcome to fireside chat i’m here as usual to do a little bit of the housekeeping and then i’ll leave you in matthew’s capable hands to give you the real meaty stuff for this week so just remember please please please remember to make sure as many people as possible get to see this awesome information which means that hit that little button with the arrow on it or can’t even ask you to like um make sure your friends and family see this so there’s certain words that we can’t say here um but please do you know what i’m talking about you know what i mean oh sh don’t say the s word don’t say the answer but please do what matthew just said to do so that’s number one uh two just remember also that we are live on matthew greenwood’s spiritual journeys as well as and if you are any in any other place other than those two places and you make a comment uh because we’re also live on other pages we won’t see your comments so pop over to matthew greenwood spiritual journeys page so he can talk to you live and you can ask questions so we won’t see any questions in unless you’re here with us and uh matthew greenwood spiritual journeys there is a link above that you can just tap to come over to the originating broadcast i know it sounds a little bit technical but just trust me and tap it and also if you are making a comment here you might get a message from the chat bot which is connected to matthew’s page and it will say if you’ve already registered it will say hi and nice to see you back if you haven’t if you’re a first time here please let us know and say hi it’s my first time here with um with matthew in the fireside chat and you will get a message uh asking if you would like to enter into the draw to win a spirit guide reading which matthew draws a winner every week and he is about to announce that winner now and say hi to some people and i’m gonna skeletal so i’ll see you later enjoy it all right let’s say a few quick hellos first so we’ve got hey janet and doogie christina diane catwest donna alana peppa wilson long time no see that name fiona jody and jessica great to see you guys on board and anyone else out there that’s listening and um so winner for to tonight for the free spirit guide reading is kerry emerson so if anyone knows kerry that’s that’s listening um let her know but we’ll be letting her know also so um that will be coming to you you just gotta contact us that’s all just gotta contact me by phone or text and so as usual we’re going to do a grounding exercise first but just thought i’d fill you in on what we’re going to talk about just going to talk about energy but different types of energy and even going to get you guys i’m going to put you guys to the test to see if you can see energy so we’ll be doing that after the grounding exercise so um here we go so this remember for those who haven’t seen this or heard this this um we’ve got down on the web on the facebook site as the ultimate grounding exercise it’s something i’ve been working on for a long time and it works a treat if you want to keep your energy stable through these rocky times that we’re in with the highs and lows of energy and you can name all kinds of kinds of things which we will after the grounding exercise the things that are affecting us at the moment so let’s go into this grounding exercise this is here to keep you

stable so if you’re going to engage with it do it a couple of times a day and particularly if you’re a practitioner or someone that sees a lot of people then it’s a good idea to do it in between your clients or in between people that you see because they can have an effect on you if you’re listening to this you’re probably very empathic and we can be affected by other people’s energy as we know so here we go with the grounding exercise won’t take any long longer than about 10 minutes so what i’d like you to do if you can is close your eyes just get yourself nice and comfortable don’t lay down because that automatically starts to put you into sleep mode the physiology picks up on when you lay down and i’ve had people snoring within five minutes so sitting up is the best way so just to start with nice deep breaths because what those deep conscious breaths are doing is literally taking in life force which we can’t do without it’s that clean life force that feeds our energy ports our chakras which then feeds our physical body emotional mental and spiritual bodies so as you breathe just imagine going beyond just the thought of breathing in oxygen but also pulling in life force with every breath so now we’re going to do something with this life force we’re actually going to give it a purpose so with the next deep breath in pulling that life force in with the breath out pushing that life force down through your body your base chakra your legs your feet and down into the earth and just keep that flow that cycle of breathing just going for maybe half a dozen breaths or more until you start to feel a tingling or a warmth down through your feet as that energy does flow down into the earth so it’s a repetitive process of breathing that energy down through your body your base chakra your legs feed into the earth which opens your base chakra up nice and strongly so this connects you with the surface energy of the earth but our energy system because we’re talking about energy tonight our energy system is far more expansive than you realize and it interacts and can very easily lock into the earth’s energy grid which is what we’re meant to do and that energy goes right down to the core of the planet and our deepest chakra point is down there also so what we’re going to do next is connect with that deep chakra point so with the next deep breath in once again pulling that life force in with the breath out drive it right down to the core of the earth so this is also the deepest aspect of your energy system that’s anchored into the earth the earth also has a chakra point there and when we engage with our earth chakra that’s what it’s called then our earth chakra energy naturally engages with the earth’s core chakra so when we do connect with that we’re connecting also with every other spiritual person on the planet that is heart connected and we’re interacting and really we’re we’re causing a group consciousness we’re creating a group consciousness with those people because we’re linked at a very deep level within the earth so just continue to breathe down into that earth chakra sometimes for people that haven’t done this one before it can take a little bit to connect with that and sometimes it’s a bit difficult to to know when you’ve connected with it it’s not quite the same as the base chakra but what you’ll generally find is you will feel a difference in energy and it will be more of an overall well-being or

overall grounded feeling sometimes people feel a tingling not just in their feet but they feel it all around their body okay so once you’ve got that now your energy is flowing right down through into the earth so now we’re just going to shift gear into a higher vibrational energy so allowing your breath to relax we’re going to now jump into a part of our energy system called the core star energy which is literally the god force within us um whatever words you feel comfortable it’s the energy of the creator the universe god great spirit whatever you want to call it it’s all the same so to start with bring your awareness to the center of your physical body somewhere around the solar plexus area but it’s not a chakra so don’t get it confused with the chakra once you’ve found the center of your body now just like doctor who and the tardis i still met a couple of people out there that have never heard of that show so that’s a difficult one to explain but doctor who and the tardis the tardis if you remember when you go into this small telephone box suddenly there’s a huge space inside that’s what this is so when you jump into your energy system just keep diving deeper and deeper and deeper until you sense see or feel a high vibrational energy or a light once you connect with that light and you’ll know it when you’ve got it you’re in control with a very clear intention so first intention is to expand that light out to fill your physical body so imagine that rush of that high vibrational energy coming through your energy system from deep within your core expanding out and then filling your physical body with blood and imagine every cell in your body being filled with light so now expanding it beyond your physical into the first seven major energy bodies which is roughly about three to three and a half meters out depending on who you are as a person but just set an intention within your thoughts to connect with that human aspect of the energy system which is this first seven major energy bottles keep expanding it out into that space and what i’d like you to do is keep filling that space with light and what you will end up feeling is a tension beginning to occur in that space because what you’re doing is you’re bringing that light in under pressure now kind of like blowing up a balloon but what we’re going to do is explode the balloon because the first seven major energy bodies is only scratching the surface of who we are so in a minute just keep building this up on the count of three i want everyone to let that energy explode out in all directions one two three just let it rip no limitations no boundaries beautiful i can feel it from here so as you feel that energy that you’ve just manifested you’ve just connected with this has the ability to cleanse your space to clear the energy in your space it also has the ability to clear the energy say you’re a practitioner an energy worker or a counselor or massage therapist or you just work with other people the more you do this

you can clear the room you’re working or the building you work in even space means nothing when you’re working with energy the only thing that causes limitations is our mind so you can be utilizing this to clear the space that you work in your home also beautiful so just now bring yourself back don’t pull that light in you don’t have to i’ve heard so many weird things that um well from where i sit it feels weird um a lot of people want to put a jacket or a trench coat or something over that that light to protect themselves i don’t need to the light’s doing that for them so just bring your awareness let the light shine but just bring your awareness back to your physical body and as you breathe just go back into that grounding with the base chakra and then when you feel the physical body just remember that’s what you want to come back to and then breathing down through the base chakra into the earth once again and then when you’re ready you can open your eyes so there we go that’s a little exercise that’s proven itself to me and to the people that i work with that i mentor and which includes a lot of practitioners out there and this helps there’s other ways of using this energy also which i help people with and it can really improve not just your life but your business as well so um there’s many purposes that uh you can use this energy for so i’m just going to do a quick few hellos to some more people that have come in so we’ve got jessica luxmore renee hey renee michelle keats from new zealand yay troy delane and kylie cool oh great to see you guys on board um so what we’re going to talk about is energy but first of all i’m going to throw you straight into it now when when we think about energy we there is energy everywhere but first thing is to understand just about your energy so your energy is incredibly expansive as you’ve just found out but what you can do the easiest part of your energy system to see is the first energy body and it’s a what appears to be a skin of energy it’s not actually a skin of energy because it goes right through your physical body but imagine an area of energy probably about two to three inches out in the old language in the new language about 75 millimeters out all around your body so this is looks when you’re looking at someone it looks like hot um a heat rising off a road on a hot day so it’s that sort of blurry slightly blurry appearance but what i’d like you to do is if you can see where my hands are i’d like you to just gently find somewhere maybe the wall if you’ve got a cream wall or a piece of paper a piece of a4 white paper and just have a look at the energy between your fingers as you start to bring your fingers closer you should start to see little strands of energy in between each finger as the aura it starts to interact the aura of one hand interacting with the aura of the other and they start to if you bring them from out here they the energy seems to stretch into the the opposite finger on on the other hand so just have a little play with that just to start with so what what i’ve found is if you look

slightly blurry at it or maybe slightly side on you it’s a lot easier to see it’s almost like um looking out of focus at the energy around your hands and you start to see this amazing thing which is like this misty sort of energy going on between your fingers so that’s that’s something you can practice um it’s a little bit hard to do this online but um i think that that should be something that most people can get if you did happen to get that um maybe just send in a little message to say yes i saw something um and uh which is cool so i’ve got a couple more people we’ve got cat we’ve got kylie we’ve got trish brown gail humphries janine um so good to see you guys um so yeah give me a bit of feedback to see if you felt any energy or if you saw any energy so fiona obviously got it how amazing mary did cool excellent so have a play continue to have a play with that because what happens is the more you exercise it the stronger it gets and then you’ll start to see other colors as you look uh further out in the aura and it’s a good a good practice to maybe put someone in a chair against a nice cream uh wall and just step back maybe about um oh a couple of meters two to three meters and have a look for that first up for that that like the heat rising off a road which is the first energy body when you can see that then you can start to see other things because what really what you’re doing is tuning a wireless and as you start to see that first then you’ve actually tuned the wireless into the auric field and then you begin to see others and a big it starts to become easier the more you do it but you’ve got to practice you’ve got to do it more than just once and the other thing is too which i needed to add is you need to be grounded when you’re doing it so your psychic abilities or your intuitive abilities are much much stronger when your energy system is grounded because if you consider the the base chakra energy is like the foundation of a large building so for the rest of the chakras to be strong the foundation needs to be strong so if the base chakra is being utilized often then you’ll find that your psychic abilities start to open up um much much more um if you’re doing that on a regular basis so let’s just see if we’ve got any more comments yay gray white filaments cool um it looked like smoke yeah it does then when i got excited about seeing it it went yeah it always does that so what’s happening is you’re getting excited as you’re going into your head as soon as the head starts to take control the bass chakra drops out so really what’s happening is when you’re working with the base when you’ve grounded your energy you’re also opening up the heart chakra which which is one of the major chakras that helps you to see this it’s also your third eye too so excellent kate said she can see the the haze yeah that’s good um so it’s just again just practice um so let’s have it have a chat about um well everything has energy um one of the major things we tend to forget you know we see animals we see people we see birds and insects trees anything that’s alive even things that we don’t think are alive like the earth the earth is alive there is a vibration humming through it it has a certain frequency and the earth has an energy system it has the earth has chakras or it has um uh vortexes of energy all over her there are ley lines just like we have meridian lines and there’s a reason for those lines that energy system of the earth lines up with our energy system in in spots so our energy system is

meant to integrate with the earth’s energy system it’s not an accident that we’re here over time our energy system has evolved to interact with the earth’s energy system so um the thing that keeps us disconnected from the earth’s energy system is us is um our traumas that we carry emotional baggage so the more you work on that emotional baggage and clear that out suddenly your abilities start to open up your energy automatically begins to integrate more into the earth’s energy system and you’re just firing your intuition uh synchronicity those magical things that happen when you feel you’re on track that becomes more so and yeah magic things happen so let’s have a little bit of a closer look at um at all of the different beings i guess that that have energy so spirits have an energy now when you think about spirits i’m not talking about guides now because gods are more than spirits um but with spirits spirits are in this gray zone in between physical and the spiritual realm they’re not quite in that spiritual realm fully they’re they’re in a no man’s land for whatever reason because there are many reasons why they can be that way it can be through choice after death maybe they wanted to be around a loved one but also a lot of the time they don’t actually know they’re dead this is an amazing thing so that happens and so sometimes you just see in your peripheral vision and look most people have seen this sort of stuff uh in a house or in a building somewhere doesn’t have to be old either it can be a new building and they see this movement and as soon as they look around it’s not there but it’s in your peripheral vision that you tend to pick up on energy which is why i got you to look side on at your fingers at your hands and um so the energy of spirits can be a little bit all over the place because they carry their emotions very strongly with them when they go up when when a person dies and goes into that that no man’s land in between physical and uh the spiritual realms so um when you’re sensitive enough when you’re you’ve i guess worked your intuition and you trust it which is one of the biggest things that a lot of people don’t do the more you trust your intuition and your abilities the stronger it gets then you can actually start to pick up on um more defining attributes of a spirit and um and then you can start communicating with them and actually help help them because like i said a lot of the times they don’t even know they’re dead so sometimes they need a little bit of help to move on and it’s interesting sometimes because you end up counselling a spirit to help them to to see the truth of what’s going on for them look i’ll just give you a really really quick example because we’ve got a lot to cover tonight but what happened for me i was living in a house i just moved into a house up in mount barker it was a it was built around the 50s i think 40s or 50s it was an old weatherboard sort of house but what it was it was on the steam ranger line and it was a railway workers cottage that’s what it originally was and i kept seeing and it was very common i was seeing this shadow moving past all the time and so i thought no i need to need to do something about this wasn’t causing any trouble but it just felt what i was feeling from that spirit was that it was lost and so what i did i um turned off most of the lights i just got into the middle of the house which happened to be the dining room and put a candle on uh didn’t do the ouija board don’t need to do that um and what i saw as soon as i i tuned in i grounded my energy and i tuned in and i saw this man at a desk and he was counting money and the more he counted the money it was becoming

frantic and what i saw was him having a heart attack because he was i ended up seeing the whole story of why he was frantic the package of money that he received from i guess the railway company it was short of the wages for all of the railway workers in that area and so he was paranoid that they were going to blame him for that and um so he’s counting and counting counting hoping that he got it wrong and basically the stress of it gave him a heart attack but for him so he died you know last century mid-last century and for him what had been going on he was just playing this record over and over and over again and he was completely oblivious to the fact that he was dead and so what i had to do was give his energy a bit of a shake and talk to him and just say can you see those workers around you anywhere can you see your family anywhere around you where are you and suddenly everything disappeared for him and he was just alone he could hear me and he actually started to cry i’ve never seen a spirit cry before and what i did in that situation is just to let him know that he’s safe and i was going to call on his wife i just knew he had a wife and i was going to get her to come through and take him take him over and that’s exactly what happened and he was fine so um sometimes they just need a little bit of help not just from a medium but also from the other side as well and that’s a great thing you can do if if that’s possible so what i did i created a portal for him to move through and yeah it worked really well so anyway that’s um that’s him now before i go any further what i would really love you guys to do if you know anyone that this might be of interest to then let them know let them know so get them online and it may be able to help them in some way particularly if they’re seeing spirits or seeing energy or something feeling it all right so that’s spirits now what you can also do when you’re in a say an old house you can feel their energy somewhere because every being whether it’s a a spirit a guide a galactic being a negative entity they they have a certain energy signature now this works really well when uh you’re working with guides because when you feel you don’t necessarily have to see that guide physically you can just feel their energy where they come in and each guide will come in in a certain way so you may feel a ring of energy over your head or you may feel something in the back of your neck or you might may feel a real filling up of your head or you could feel an energy in your heart area but each guide will have a particular energy that they come in with and it’ll hit you in a certain area so that’s just showing you their energy signature um and this makes it very easy because a lot of people think they need to see their guides and they don’t and look i don’t see my guides all the time i see other people’s guides probably easier than i see mine but i do see mine as well so um when i need to they show themselves to me um so um yeah so that’s that’s um that’s a good way of understanding when a particular guide is there and maybe if that guide you’re just feeling that energy the energy signature what you can do and you want to see and you want to see who that guide is because they might be coming in a lot go into a meditation set an intention because remember setting an intention is a very very powerful way to focus your energy i’m talking about energy focus your energy for a particular purpose so if you go into a meditation you may go to a forest for your meditations so go to that same place where you feel comfortable in the forest and set an intention to that that guide whatever the energy signature that is left in you um or where you feel that god coming in

set an intention to connect with that guide and nine times out of ten they’ll show themselves so and this is how it works but number one you need to be grounded and number two you need to set a very very clear intention if you just set something fuzzy like oh i hope one of my guides comes in well you may get lucky but it’s generally that’s not very strong and clear so be really really clear and don’t over complicate it set that strong intention and generally you’ll get a positive outcome so so that’s guides galactic beings there are another step above that all over again so galactic beans have a very high vibrational energy mostly but it can be very varied too so depending on the beings and there are so many different types of beings coming in now and the energies can vary so much but what i’ve found is as soon as you start tuning into the energy of that being then what happens is you begin to sense things you begin to sense a shape a color certain facial features and sometimes it can be quite unusual don’t let the mind come in and question things because that just basically shuts the door on your psychic abilities so if it does come in reground your energy and just go back into that that intention that you set initially if it’s about connecting with a galactic being that you’re feeling around you um and look if it feels bad then don’t connect with it it you may just feel a bit nervous and that’s that’s okay but if you feel it’s something really negative then don’t go anywhere near it tell it to nick off or use that core star energy that we did in the beginning and just explode that out from within your center and push that being out from interacting with you so that’s that’s one way of doing it now negative energy is a fairly easy thing to pick up on so when you go into a house um that maybe is not yours so you go into this house and you feel something really dark and ominous or um it can be anything from something nasty to um you could feel sick in the stomach it could be anything but trust the reactions in your body because that’s helping you to see and feel what the energy is of that particular negative energy and what what it’s about too so one of the one of the things that a lot of people don’t realize is how the head works so when i’m showing people how to open up their psychic abilities and read energy say read someone else’s energy what tends to happen is when you’re you’re feeling someone else’s energy um you’ll get something something will register that you’re picking up on it maybe a color or maybe an emotion um but what tends to happen is the brain whether it’s the ego or whether it’s it’s you um you’ll tend to think that that’s all you’re gonna see and this is where it’s such a mistake because there’s a whole lot of levels of awareness beneath that so when you get say you get a feeling it might be an emotion when you pick up on that emotion what grace lock in on it don’t um go any further you you’ve got that it’s an emotion then dive in deeper and see what is beneath that feeling you may get a vision you may get a colour you may get something completely different you may get words but there is always layers of awareness so don’t don’t just accept the first thing you get that will be part of of uh that level of awareness but there’ll be much more depth to it and so it’s like a stepping stones that’s that’s all it’s like so those stepping stones will take you further in and it’s just about trusting your feelings um just gonna have a look see if there’s any questions is this what happens mary’s asking is this what happens with the earth when it’s warm and the

vibration rises up or we call and we call this an oasis it can be i mean the the earth when you think of deserts when you think of deserts um a lot of the deserts that have been on the planet were were quite rich with with life at one point um and so there is still there is always residue of life left within um within certain aspects of the earth where you don’t see um a lot of plant life um but there is still life deeper into the into the earth and so sometimes it just takes the right situation to bring that life up to the surface so troy’s saying been able to see energy on top of trees but clearly saw a real high swirl of energy through the forest of mount crawford the other day yeah and um a lot of that a lot of that um swirl of energy that you were seeing was actually the vibration of not just the trees but the heightened energy of the trees in mount crawford because of all the crystalline energy that’s in the earth uh in that area so it’s it’s incredibly powerful the crystalline energy through the through this particular area of the adelaide hills and uh and this is why in that spot out in mount crawford uh forest where we went a few weekends ago um there are galactic portholes out there because of that high vibrational energies which makes it much easier to set those portals up so doogie’s saying my girlfriend had a flaming doorway appear in her house in the main bedroom in the early hours of am quite frequently i was very young then and wasn’t experienced enough to help her but have always wondered what this porthole was so portals depending on it’s bit hard to say exactly what it was but portals can can be really just doorways into other realities in other words so don’t know exactly what was going on there but it would have been interesting it would have been interesting to find out what was going on and maybe the the fire that she saw was um possibly wasn’t wasn’t fire it may have been just the way the energy was appearing in that space so and also we’ve got to understand too that because of our experiences through life when we see energy or feel energy we everyone will interpret it slightly differently because of the experiences that we’ve had in our life and how our mind works and uh that’s the important thing is to learn how to interpret your own energy it’s you know it’s easy to go and buy a book and on interpretations of dreams and how to see energy but quite often it’s better for you to work it out for yourself because it’s much more um let’s say it’s much more direct to uh your sensory abilities so christy excuse me christina’s saying i came across a really bad energy in a stuffed clown once oh there goes those clowns again it warned me not to come into the room i mentioned it to the person who owned it and and they were aware isn’t that interesting why would they have it in the room um so that says a lot in itself so yep just stay right away from it and you know it’s why i know we’re going off slightly off on a tangent here but with voodoo why they use dolls and to create pain in other people by putting pins in it in certain areas all you need to do is create the right intention to to make that happen with a lot of energy behind you but any object can hold energy and it doesn’t necessarily have to be its own energy it can hold a combination of its own energy and a projected energy from someone powerful enough to create that so with christina with that that uh clown um someone must have put that

energy into it so whether that person that you knew did um or um someone else had but this is why it’s as a kid or particularly as a gifted child it’s not good to see movies about clowns particularly horror movies um because it it brings up all kinds of things and a child’s energy even a teenager’s energy uh with their psychic abilities can be very powerful but it’s it can also be very random too and spasmodic so it’s it’s one of those things you have to be really careful with so we’ve got highland is it normal to prefer being alone if you’re very susceptible to people’s energy etc um well it is pretty normal for people to want to be like that but normally that’s because they haven’t got their head around how to keep their energy stable and this is why i’ve done i’ve created that grounding exercise because then you’re not fearful about going out to shopping centers when you can keep your energy grounded by doing it consistently at least a couple of times a day generally after about three weeks because that’s about how long it takes to bring a new habit into place uh once you’re doing that regularly treat it just like cleaning your teeth this is when you can do that you start to let go of the fear of going being around other people because you can hold your energy really strong and if you do have any troubles with that you know with you want to learn more about how to hold your energy stronger then that’s what i do i don’t just do talks on online i’m a practitioner i’ve been doing this work for about 30 years and i’m here to help people great question do angels walk amongst us they can be they can be the most amazing people i i i’ll tell you a very quick story i’ll try to keep it quick i was on rosebud indian reservation um about uh we would i i taken a a small group over there um i was running a tour we were staying in tepees and it was lots of fun but we’re rather not on one of the main roads going through um the reservation and we were kind of on the outskirts um so there weren’t too many houses around and out in the middle of nowhere we saw this guy walking alongside the road and his shirt like there wasn’t a house for miles it was the middle of summer so it was it was just the same heat that we get here it’s actually very similar very dry but but really really hot so very high temperatures and this guy he would have been probably in his mid to late 50s and his shirt was just perfectly creased his pants were perfectly creased he didn’t have any dust on his shoes and he just had the broader smile on his face and i gave him a lift and um so he got in the car and it was a van and um anyway he started talking to us about the most amazing things he was talking to us about the the conflict between religion and the old ways on the on the reservation and uh how it’s all blended and about the angelic realms and uh and he was always had this half a grin on his face when he was talking and he smelled of nice like he he smelled there was no actual um body odor at all from him there was no deodorant smell there was no perfume at all with him no aftershave or anything like that but he was just perfect and i’d never met anyone like that when we took him to where he wanted to go we drove off but in the process of driving driving off we all looked at each other in the van and we’re going that wasn’t a real person that was an angel and it was just amazing experience so sometimes angels do show up on your doorstep when you least expect it and and yes donna they can be furry ones too

uh oh stevie young hello from the uk well glad you could be on board um thanks for coming in all right so what else have we got we’ve got um with the earth we’ve got energy vortexes so some people call them chakras but i like to just call them energy vortexes they’re energy ports just like we have there are ley lines which is the equivalent of meridian lines within our body now with trees and insects and animals and birds and fish they all have auras um sometimes they’re not quite as in-depth as our auras because of the the let’s say the added energy of emotional energy and um but they they’re maybe not quite as complex sometimes in their simplicity they work much better um because they’re more pure and they’re a little bit more untainted by emotional energy they work more on in instinct and direct connection with things because there there is no mind in there or ego in there to complicate um no one’s been telling them as they’re growing up that they’re not intuitive and they should just close down their psychic abilities they are what they are and so in that simplicity their energy is sometimes more pure but what i thought i would share with you is that everything no matter what it is anything that moves leaves a trail of energy and it was interesting when we went out into mount crawford forest on the weekend or a couple of weekends ago they were having some fun with us out there i won’t get into the whole story but what they had done was they left very purposely they left trails of their energy in certain aspects of the forest because there were people that i was working with out there that were picking up on this they were thinking it was a vortex of energy or a porthole but it actually wasn’t just in one space it was like a track of it and this is what happens uh the energy residue it doesn’t stay there forever but what it does do there is a residue that’s left now even a car can leave a residue of energy when it’s driving along because there are people in the car or there’s a person in the car but also that car carries the energy of the person that owns it so even if it could drive on its own without someone driving it um there would be still a trail of energy that’s left from that vehicle because of the fact that it belongs to someone now even you might say well it’s just an inanimate object but everything leaves a trail because everything has some sort of compound to it or even the residue of of the paint energy or the tyre energy the electrical energy that all leaves residue and so what you can do is um which is a great thing to try one day is find a paddock or find an oval get someone to purposely leave imagine they get them to imagine they’re leaving a trail of their energy behind them and what what they’re doing by by setting an intention like that they’re actually leaving more of their energy behind in that trail and what you can do is close your eyes and see if you can pick up on that trail of energy it’s a real good fun thing to to to try so um just having a look here fiona’s saying highland check back at the beginning of matthew’s talking for grounding exercise oh thank you um ah no we’re still going janet i hope you’re back on board i think i’m i think i’m still firing here yes i am um so internet’s been doing crazy stuff lately so people’s internet’s dropping out all over the place um so here’s trish have recently read about first nation people feeling the

energy of the song lines i wonder if beyond grounding it’s good to learn to feel the changes in the land’s energy underfoot as well most definitely and look the more you tune in the more you connect with the earth’s energy you can start to feel when there are earth changes coming because the vibration changes and and also um you can feel um earth tremors before they get here um there’s a restlessness in in the animal energy and the plant energy but um there is certainly a shift in vibration um with with the earth’s energy when there there are earth changes about to happen so hyland’s asking this may sound silly but i’ve moved a floating balloon before every direction i wanted to with my focus and energy it was an exercise i read about and tried i was amazed so i’m just trying to get that clear i moved a floating balloon before every direction and not quite sure if i understand that highland but looks interesting um so doogie’s asking look like at massage school when your intention is focused on the person for five minutes and then attention not focused and instead focused on doing the washing instead the person can feel which five minutes is focused on them exactly so this is the thing that that a lot of people have to be careful of you know you get teachers or practitioners that are working on an energy level with people and they think because they’re the teacher that those people aren’t going to feel what what’s going on in their head what’s going on in their space and believe me people are far more intuitive these days than they used to be so you have to bank on this on the fact that they will feel your energy so this is where keeping yourself grounded is going to be much better so keeping a strong intention of keeping your energy clear which is what uh opening up that core star energy will do but also always holding integrity with anything that you do as a practitioner or as a teacher it’s so important to be to be doing that look you know we’re not all perfect but the the trick is as you go through this journey um with your spiritual abilities what i’m finding with a lot of people now their their level of integrity has risen dramatically and this is very powerful because of that sheer fact that people are a lot more sensitive out there than you realize and they pick up on your energy so this is where cleaning up your space on a regular basis is a good thing the donor is saying i have a ley line running through my house and have felt tremors from an earthquake yep um and you know that lay line that’s running through your house just have a check if you can follow that lie line try checking out where it runs because what i’ve found donna is that i’ve done a lot of house clearings where energy has been really messed up when there’s a lay line running through it but where that lay line is running also through is like a power station or a um we call it a i was going to say an amplifier but one of the substations that brings the the voltage up for another um addition to a suburb so that can be cleaned up energetically um and that’s something that can always be done so um the lay lines the earthly lines can be helped when it’s been complicated by um man-made issues so hello amanda palco hi from pittsburgh pennsylvania wow they’re all coming in tonight but someone from england and someone from america fantastic hope you guys are okay over there we’re here on the news what’s going on so thank you for dropping in amanda you’ve come right at the end of the session but

you can re-look at this uh it will be recorded so um i hope you get a lot out of it so guys um the only other things i think i was going to say was the other thing to remember also is that we may not be able to see it but because all we see is air around us we see these solid objects but in that air where seemingly is nothing that’s a sea of consciousness there’s a there’s a there’s an energy that we’re basically swimming in it’s like an ocean of energy and this energy um it’s like um it’s a way of communication floating through and interacting with other people with other uh beings and um this sea of consciousness we’re in is where communication travels on so many different levels and you know the the galactic beings that are watching us at the moment and helping us our guides spirits any type of being that is in existence even animals birds and insects in that sea of consciousness that’s where communication goes on on an automatic level and the plants pick up on it the earth picks up on it and and so we need to be more mindful of the thoughts we have because when we have a thought and we set an intention with that thought and if it’s a negative one then that’s going out into the ethos it’s going out into that sea of consciousness now this obviously is not helping the earth and it’s not helping humanity so what we need to be doing is to be working more towards non-judgment just being observant being aware being conscious and keeping ourselves as pure as possible and and like i said before holding that integrity is very important and and so um so what what we’ll do we’ll finish off on that and the best thing we can be doing is being self-aware so when you can hold that space um then being grounded then you can’t beat that so guys have a great night thank you for watching and sharing and we’ll see you again thanks guys