Health and Wellness Resources (Parent & Guardians Webinar)

good evening everyone I’m penny Wyatt from the apparent programs and I welcome you to our first one R of our 2015 2016 season I’m glad that you’re here with us I want to give you just a few reminders about how we implement webinars and how will facilitate that tonight and then we’ll start on this resin tation which is about campus health at Tulane so I want to just make sure that you know that this is the volume that we’ll be using for the webinar so if you need to adjust the volume you can do that on your computer so you can do that on your end um I would ask just so that we can kind of get an ayah that everything is working okay you can use the raise your hand function just to let us know that you can hear us so I see some hands going out so that’s good okay well good so you are muted you won’t be I’m talking with us but you can submit questions online so you can meet those in but we do ask that you hold your questions until the end of the presentation we find we’ve usually anticipated all of your questions but if you do have something that you still need to ask at the end then we’ll we’ll go through those and get through as many we can at the end another thing that we do just to help you out is that we will send you this presentation the slides for the presentation tomorrow so give them time tomorrow morning probably be tomorrow afternoon and we’ll email us to everyone but we will also press the recording of Oban are on the parent programs website and that’ll be sometime next week so there’s a link to the combined audio video recording and that will be on website at parents Delaney you you’ll navigate to the webinars tab and just look under the archive of webinars you’ll be able to find air and we do that for all of our webinars so in the future if there’s one that you miss or you can’t make it home in time or something to to tune in live then you’ll know that a few days after the broadcast day you can find the recording there so I also just want to mention that if you have other questions there will be information on the last slide about how to contact the presenters but you can also email me at parents tulane DVD I’m sorry parents at tulane edu and I can forward your questions on I also like to get any suggestions you might have about the webinar or any feedback or suggestions for taught other topics that we might offer so keep that in mind so I want to introduce the presenters for tonight so we have a representative from each of the three areas of campus health so for the well which is our Center for wellness and health promotion will have Megan live Akari who is a licensed clinical social worker she is the associate director of wellness services and then we will have representing caps which is our Counseling and Psychological Services dr. rosette L go saying who is a clinical psychology post doctoral fellow here with us and then finally the last section will be about the Student Health Center and be nice to League who is a registered nurse will she’s the nurse manager at the Student Health and she will represent that area and give that part of the presentation so we do ask that you wait until you’ve heard all three parts and then we’ll start taking questions so I would like to go ahead and turn things over to Megan Thank You penny good evening everyone we’re happy to have this opportunity to speak with you this evening we know from the literature that the rule parents and guardians play and their students life will directly impact their well-being even during college this is a transitional period for both of you and your student and we would like to do what we can to help with that transition your student will continue to look to you as a trusted source of health and wellness information and care so we want to make sure you understand the resources available here at tulane in order to guide them as needed you are a big part of their safety net and support network and will continue to be throughout the college years this is today’s agenda we’ll talk about on the impact of health and wellness on your

students academic success we’ll talk to you about programs and services offered by the well the Counseling and Psychological Services and then the Student Health Center so there’s plenty of information that will be speaking about today but no worries if you miss anything you can always check our website for more information including descriptions of services policies contact information and a link to our online student patient portal the student patient portal allows you to upload immunization forms and any other pertinent health information and you can visit once you get to our website we have helped that to Lane dot edu it will be very clear that portal button will be right on the home screen for you will also be having a session during move and weekend so look on that on the calendar when you get here the overall theme of this evenings presentation is we at campus help prioritize your students health and well-being we recognize that none of these dimensions exist in a vacuum and they’re all interconnected we know your students physical and mental health impact their well-being an overall experience here at tulane providing comprehensive health services helps us contribute to your students overall success we pride our done being inclusive of all students regardless of race gender identity sexual orientation or previous or current health challenges at campus health we’re dedicated to using evidenced and formed practices we regularly collect data on students in order to monitor the needs of our students and drive our services this is the data from the 2014 national college health assessment for this survey we pulled a random sample of students and surveyed them about their health attitudes and behaviors what you’re looking at here are the responses from first-year students to the questions that ask them about impediments to academic performance this data is consistent from year to year for our first-year students so we make sure that we have plenty of services and programming and outreach and education that focus specifically on the top impediments listed here now I’m going to talk a little bit more specifically about the well this is our staff at the Center for wellness and health promotion not on campus as the well and you know our role is helping your students stay healthy and well it to learning the majority of our staff are certified health education specialists as well as most hold a master level degree the Center for wellness and health promotion is the public health arm of campus health our education and prevention efforts aimed to empower students to live healthy lives we provide a wide range of well-being resources programs and services overall our focus is on the prevention of harm and the promotion of health and well-being at the well we focus on five health content areas providing services and programming to creatively and comprehensively address each issue to address substance abuse prevention we offer brief alcohol screening and intervention for college students or basics for this program students meet one-on-one with a certified I health education specialists to explore the role alcohol is playing in their lives and strategize ways to reduce risk so I also want to let you know that most the majority of our students each year referrals to basics are first-year students so I really encourage you to speak with your student about have the conversation about alcohol and what your expectations are regarding their alcohol use one of the most well-known sexual health promotion services is get yourself tested or gyt program which offers free HIV and STI testing every friday at the student health center we promote mental health through a range of programs that are dressy shoes such as resiliency stress reduction and healthy sleeping habits we are all so steadfastly working to reduce stigma around help-seeking behaviors and we’re training students how to identify warning signs for suicide your students will take part in one food and such training when they cleat the cognito at

risk online program which I’ll speak about in a minute if your student would like to quit tobacco they can meet with a health educator to coach them through the process we also provide nicotine replacement therapy when appropriate in regards to power based personal violence prevention one wave is our community mobilization and bystander intervention program it is considered a best practice for institutions of higher education to provide bystander intervention training and we work very hard in collaboration with many campus partners to have this available at tulane I’ve talked a little bit about the health topics we focus on I’d like to talk now about the approaches we use to address these health topics a lot of our work goes into addressing health and wellness at the population level to ensure that all students have access to quality health promotion resources one example of this is that all Tulane students are required to complete my student body and Cognito at risk online trainings this ensures that all student have the same baseline knowledge of alcohol power these personal violence and helping a friend and psychological distress the deadline to complete these online trainings is august seventeenth students will receive instructions soon when how to access both courses as well as instructions are posted on line at wave health to LED you you as a parent also have the opportunity to complete the parent course of my student body which will allow your insight into what your student is learning as I mentioned before please have a conversation about alcohol and your expectations guarding your students use even while your student is at college you can have a profound impact on their decisions and behavior before arrival campus please have a conversation with a student about academic behavioral and social expectations ask your student about their expectations of alcohol and discuss the risks and consequences associated with alcohol misuse and abuse stay in close contact with the first-year student especially during the 4-6 weeks of the semester the first six weeks of semester are very important to academic success and is also a time period where students may begin to experiment with alcohol and drink heavily through these programs as well as through individual tations and small workshops we strive to build the skills and confidence necessary for our students to be able to maintain their health we also provide brief intervention and education to help reduce risk and promote and support healthy behaviors finally we are extremely active in supporting and developing our students as future leaders in health promotion and collaborate regularly with our campus leaders to ensure that collectively we are communicating and demonstrating a community care and concern we are a student-centered department so it’s critical that we engage them in our work using students to talk with other students about health topics has repeatedly been shown in a literature as a best practice our parody caters go through a credentialing process to enjoy their knowledgeable effective and following best practices and pure health vacation we currently have a group of about 40 p Reggie eaters the peer educators help with planning and implementation of events provide education in our residence halls and some look at our front desk if your student is interested in getting involved in a health-related leadership opportunity we encourage you to tell them about the well now I’m going to pass it over to rosette from counseling and psychological services to give us just a second to get set up here we’re broadcasting to you from a small office so um hang on just a second thanks Megan hi everyone I’m so really excited to be here to talk to you tonight a little bit about the mental services that we offer to Tulane students both undergraduate and graduate on this picture right here is a photo of roaming uptown campus located we’re in building number 14 so the building we’re in right now is essentially the Student Union and is very central building to the whole campus and counseling and psychological services or caps is just a three minute walk from there so it’s pretty easy to find and we also have staff in the student health locations both account and downtown so our multidisciplinary team comprises licensed and highly trained social workers counselors psychologists and psychiatrists we all have particular interest in indication to supporting university students with a variety presenting issues so I would encourage you to let your student know that there’s no issue too small or too large for them to come in and just after a little bit of support so we operate

through a consultation model and what that typically meet is when a student comes into this one of our counselors or clinicians will conduct a consultation which is about 20 to 30 minutes thoroughly assess their concerns determine what services might best fit their needs and we have a wide variety of service options um you know one option is that they might decide that the student begins short term individual therapy in our clinic we offer up to 12 sessions of therapy for academic year but we found that in many cases were able to address the students concerns with fewer setia than that um we also have a wide variety of groups and we’re revamping our entire program we have a sexual assault sort group reverse gender identity group reading loss support group and we’re adding a bunch more programming coming up in the fall in some cases an evaluation by one of our psychiatrist might be appropriate and they can help work with medication management things like that in terms of referrals to community providers we might determine that your student is a better fit for longer term services especially if they have an existing mental health concern and in the email i think that penny will send out tomorrow will include a how-to guide essentially or how to secure a community provider before your student gets here so if you already have concerned it’s not a bad idea to look at that dogmen and see if bart any things that you know like they’ll be a good fit for your student and you’re welcome to call us with any questions we have a care coordinator on staff who’d be happy to assist you I think the most important thing to know is that whether or not your student has ever been seen it caps whether or not they’re being at that moment or by someone off campus they’re always always eligible and welcome to come in for walk in orissa’s so any time there were open 8 30 to five Monday through Friday there are clinicians on call to help support your student if you’re experiencing something urgent and we all just secured a contract a 24-7 ha line that’s available to students anytime no matter what their concern is I’m also our outreach coordinator and so we offer some education workshops presentations webinars um to all our students and working on building a lower programming for this upcoming as well as I mentioned before it’s pretty common now for students to come into college with existing mental health needs that they’ve either been addressing in high school or currently concerned about and most of those cases appropriate for those students to have port with therapist or psychiatrist in the community could be able to provide them with continuity of care which is really important because while we’re here to support your stint it may not be clinically indicated to see them for 12 sessions and then trailer them over to someone that can be Pete um stressful but again we’d be happy to support you through that process if you need us to and that handout will go out tomorrow so that’s it belt cats and mum is Dean you will discover student health center services good evening and thank you for your patience while we switch chairs here my name is Denise do leg and I’m one of the nurses at the Student Health Center our Student Health Center is a three-story white and stone brick building building number 92 and it is also just three minute walk from this building we’re broadcasting from the LBC is what it’s called but it’s really a student union pretty much in the center of campus so we are on campus and we want i’m going to take minute to talk to you about what our team looks like in our building so on those three floors we have a medical provider include for physicians three family nurse practitioners 8 to 10 full-time nurses and we also have a registered dietitian all of these providers have multi layers of college health experience some student health centers across the nation have physicians that have outside practices and most kind of go to the Student Health Center on occasion that’s not the way our staff is set up we our providers simply work for us only so on a daily basis we have for physicians three family nurse practitioners and several nurses ready to ready and willing to help your student we do have board-certified physicians some or board-certified in internal medicine

adolescent medicine pediatrics our providers have interest in variants in men’s health eating disorders and transgender health these are the services that we offer all in our building building now 92 I mean we’ll talk about talk a little bit about each one of them but i do want to point out that our pharmacy does take outside insurance so if your student has to fill that prescription you want to make sure they have their insurance card with them now we take most other family network insurance and there’s no real way for us to know if we take your insurance until your student tries to fill a prescription and there and they quote unquote run their insurance so there are other options in the city there are several pharmacies that are in walking distance three or four in fact but they’re in walking distance when your student is feeling well so it’s like maybe a 15 20 minute walk to the closest walgreens but not when you have a hundred and two fever so make sure that your student has their insurance information with them so in our proceed these are some of the nurses in our primary care clinic so you can see well staff to manage the chronic and acute illnesses that are common to young adults in college our clinic does function as an ambulatory care clinic or a by appointment clinic that truck strives to schedule your student for same-day appointment if ill so these are some of the things we do in primary care clinic if your student is an asthmatic and his inhaler isn’t quite doing what he needs we do have several nebulizers sometimes during cold and flu season all three or four of them are going at once we do IV fluid hydration for many issues for if your student has a GI bug and he’s dehydrated or if your student just didn’t hydrate in between those 12 beers when he was watching the baseball game last night so we frequently do IV hydration in our rooms we do wound management several times with taking care of use with students with pilonidal cysts and burns and different issues like that we put sutures and staples in and we can take them out we do have two providers that are certified in acne management with accutane so yes we can have your student go online and there I pledged account and request the provider that we have at the Student Health Center to help continue their entertain and their monthly labs in our third floor clinic which is the preventive health clinic these are all of the different clinics that we offer in our allergy clinic we do not have an allergist on staff but if your student is receiving allergy injections on a regular basis they just bring their vials and their orders from their private allergist or ENT and we match them with our protocols and continue to give you student their injections twice a week once a week once a month once a month whatever is required for your student they do that by appointment and on move-in day we may not be able to see your student and give him or her her allergy injection into we process paperwork we certainly can take those allergy vials off of your hands and keep them in our refrigerator we have an immunization clinic we offer all immunizations that are available we do too we have a nurse run physician supervised travel clinic and this means that we can take care of your student no matter what assignment they get it never ceases to amaze me some of the opportunities that our

students have going to Nairobi to catch rainwater to build cleaner drinking systems so that is also by appointment because we do the education the immunizations and the prescriptions that they need for malaria or traveler’s diarrhea and we require the education because our feeling is that it’s silly for me to give your student a hepatitis A vaccine and not teach them how to avoid hepatitis A so the greater part of it is education on no protection from mosquito bites food and water precautions but we have a very active tribal clinic and offer appointments during the week our two family nurse practitioners and the preventive health clinic have many years experience in women’s health and college health and two of our providers have been involved with men’s health and trans health for several years now we also own two ambulances so our tooling students generally their students who are pre-med volunteer to be members of our Tulane emergency medical services or Thames as we call them so it isn’t on-site ambulance service it’s a dictated group of volunteer students who are trained as EMTs for instance if your student comes in and our provider feels like they may be hanging on appendicitis will call Tim to bring your student to the emergency room I’ve had students about two or three years ago a student came in and they’ve learned to use us as a verb she told me I was so sick last night that they almost tempst me I said they almost did what she said they almost thames me so it’s a verb in their language so they’re well aware of the services we encourage them to program the emergency number into their phone so they’ll have it there on call twenty-four-seven and can respond to your students call at 2am if they are very acutely ill so the bottom line is you want to know what to do when your student is sick our acute care management is available by appointment or really by walk-in all year long during the school year entering the summer we are about to start with online scheduling with acute care appointments on that open up at midnight for instance there will be several appointments quote on regular appointments that are open all the time so your student if they’re feeling a little sick today but they’re busy they can go online and schedule an appointment for tomorrow but if your student voice up at 2am with a raging with wrote in a horrible fever they should be able to go online and schedule an acute care appointment because those appointments will only open up and be available for scheduling after midnight what we’ll do is we’ll open up the morning appointments after midnight and then open the afternoon of cute care appointments after two o’clock yes everybody wants to come in at four or four three 30 you know when they’re finished classes but that doesn’t make much sense we want to see them as early as possible when they’re sick so what we try to do by opening up the morning appointments at midnight is drive the students to the morning appointment so they can get in and get taken care of we also have a student health phone triage so we have on one of our nurses that listens or picks up messages several of our nurses have got met messages during the day and you can call your student back that day and help them decide whether they’re ill enough to come in frequently when they call I’ll say we’ll get a flashlight Goggan the mirror and tell me what your throat looks like and if it’s pink and they don’t have swollen tonsils and I can recommend some good over-the-counter medicines and warm salt water gargles and superstar Lawson jerz and different things like that if it’s raging fire engine med will give them appointment to

be seen today one of the things that I would like your help I have a job for you parents is to please send your student to school with a small first aid kit something that contains a digital thermometer and please teach them how to use it some tylenol ibuprofen Bend aids antibiotic ointment cough drops you can even put the 12-hour cough medicine delsym in there but just anything that you think they might need if they’re mildly ill your student knowing their temperature helps us know how to guide them if your student balls my front desk and says I had 102 point for fever last night my receptionist knows exactly what to do she will offer them an appointment but if your student calls and says I felt a little feverish last night it’s not giving us enough information to go on so helping your student know their temperature is a huge help in getting them seen more efficiently if they call or go online and they’re cutely ill today and all the appointments are booked up we still encourage them to come in if it’s a minor illness the nurse has standing orders to order throat cultures and recommend over-the-counter medicines if it’s an acute illness and there’s no appointments left we’ll figure it out we’ll figure out a way for a provider to see your student that day that’s what we do as nurses after hours when we’re closed and our open hours or from 8 30 to 5 p.m. monday through friday and saturday we have an acute care clinic from 91 we have less providers on saturday like maybe one um provider and two nurses so this not for the time for student to come in and and discuss his acne management but if he doesn’t feel well or he twisted his ankle while he was in the front quarter last night we absolutely want to see them anytime between nine and one we prefer seeing them early in case we have to refer them out to get an x-ray unfortunately at this point in time our Student Health Center does not have radiology services but we are hoping build a new health center in the next five to ten years where we’ll be able to provide in any way our phone med nurse advice line is an outside company that we pay for for after-hours advice so this is the 1-800 number that your student will call that nurse is not located here I believe they’re located in Nova Scotia but they are awake all night waiting for your student to call and discuss their care so that phone nurse will tell them see a physician in the next 24 hours II on the step at the Student Health Center when they open it a 30 or go to urgent care or the emergency room now the beauty of this is is the next morning phone med faxes us all of the calls that they have button with the symptoms the phone number and the advice that they gave and we call your student to follow up to see if they followed the advice of the phone nurse and if they didn’t how can we get you seen real quickly let’s talk a little bit about private information we are a HIPAA covered entity so we are unable to share your students private health information with you without their permission but I just want to reassure you that that’s the last thing we want to hear from me when you call when you’re concerned about your student I’m not going to say well I can’t tell you anything I don’t need your students permission to listen to you and into your concerns and discuss what’s going on about your student and say one of you hang up and call your student and tell them to commit i have an appointment at this time or I don’t have any appointments but tell them to walk in so we can get that taken care of so we can listen to your concerns and figure out a course of action so these are some of things that Megan talked about the first thing is your immunization information should have been submitted today’s the deadline but have faith if you didn’t send it in we answered lots of phone calls and emails in the last couple of days the actual block on your students

registration doesn’t go on till august one we just want to give us some big ol room to get all those papers submitted and processed so if you haven’t sent your students immunization information through the patient portal their instructions on our website on how to do that it’s very simple you download the form you enter the dates of the required immunizations and you upload any information that you have we’ll take our form will take your doctor’s office form that’s all you have anything that officially documents there in ization will take the other things you have to do is look at your health insurance I want to say that most of our graduates day on their insurance their parent’s insurance plan but that has to be your decision look at our hollow see that is offered its united healthcare that is the provider of our plan on this year and last year and hopefully next year and look at the benefits and a cost and and then compared to your insurance plan you want to make sure that your student will be covered under your plan here in Louisiana for instance if you have a tri-state plan that covers Philadelphia New York and New Jersey but doesn’t cover Louisiana you may want to look into our plan so you want to make sure that your student is covered for both emergent and non-emergent issues in Louisiana if they are then all you need to do is enter your insurance information on that website and decline our policy you have to august 31st to do that the student also needs to complete their online education so that as we meet with them to share and help them through their college experiences we know that they’re all coming from the same baseline of education we do have more parent webinars in August and we encourage you to 10 those and we will be doing this exact same thing on move-in day at two o’clock and afternoon so love to have you join us are your spouse if they were unable to attend summer orientation or this webinar now this is more information about the students mechel or health insurance so every Tulane student is required to have health coverage you’ve got to take some kind of action to either sign up or wave or you’ll be automatically billed for the student health insurance plan we call that ship this is something that we need to discuss because it can be very confusing but it’s two separate things there’s a health and wellness fee that is automatically charged with your tuition it mandatory for undergraduates and all full-time students and that provides office visits with physicians and nurse practitioners counselors and psychiatrists it provides advice for our 24th of a nurse advice line we have a referral coordinator that it works only with us to help get your student appointments with outside physicians it supports outreach in health education all the events answered by the well and it covers the cost and pair of our Tulane emergency medical services our ambulances so your student might have learned about free massage Monday and Thursday with their free chair massages well they’re not really free paying for them with mandatory fee but we will be offering free flu shots at the student health center three days a week in the entire month of October and that’s of this fee pays for all so if you subscribe to our student health insurance plan all prescriptions will be $15 copay and our lab fees will be covered however you never but you do our insurance or not because of the health and wellness fee you never have to pay a physician visit fee your student can come see us every day if you want I’ll encourage that but they can this is our website it’s very interactive if you have any questions we encourage you to go here because it will

help you get through just uh any questions that you have here are the three locations of the Student Health Center the well and counseling and psychological services and the student union is actually this little l-shaped green building all the lbc sort are centrally located so you can see that we are not very far away from the lbc and from another here are numbers where you can contact us and I am going to turn the program over to Kenny okay parents um we’ve had early comprehensive presentation but i know that some of you steal my questions so we’re going to start the Q&A now um will go and eight o’clock will clothings down at that point um but if you have further questions then we will try to answer those and I’ll will add that information to the email that i will set you tomorrow with these slides so i’m going to read the questions and then one of our one of our presenters will answer so um that’s just a second so um there’s one question that about homesickness and how that will be monitored on two lanes end and that since our family weekend scheduled so late in the semester since it’s the first kind of November leaves just a question about that so I think that that’s one of those think I’ve tuned in to pay attention to first students needs and so are a’s residents all floors those I’m student staff members are probably the first bill to notice something like that and they’re backed up by their supervisors who are all masters degree holding professionals who live in the residence halls 20 help them can sort through issues they’ve got somebody they can run something by so you know I have a student who seems really down seems to need some more help and they’ll kind of work together to to help get them a referral to caps perhaps if they need that or just kind of check in or get those students kind of connected to other people or just give them Sonny to talk to to kind of acknowledge it they may be homesick and kind of find out they’re probably not the only person who’s ever been homesick but they can feel that way at the beginning of the year I think that thinks if for parents to remember is that if you are ever concerned about your student than to get in touch with one of us and one of the contact numbers that you’ll see and we can reach out to students so we can do that sometimes very discreetly and have the are a chemical them or we can be a little bit more direct about that if you like that’s what’s needed but um I think we’ve got a lot of people between the orientation counselors the orientation coordinators serving your students in the first couple of weeks and meeting them all the time and going to ents with them to the RAS living on their floor them all year long and all four students are in a ties class where professors kind of know that their students could be dealing with some of these things there are a lot of people tuned in to freshmen needs so other question is what is the the website enter the private insurance information and opt out student health plan you can go on to the student health in our website and there’s a list of links on the right hand side and one of them is insurance so it’s pretty easy to find so um if you have any further questions then go ahead and write those in looks like we’re waiting for a couple more questions so one of the questions is the will seems to focus on alcohol risks what about marijuana or other ducks perhaps so the well can also focus on marijuana however what we know from our data is the top issue for our students is alcohol so it’s why the alcohol is a primary focus but basics brief alcohol screening and interment for college students can also address marijuana so that main what happens is we use the program looks the name except we’re talking about a different substance marijuana okay so any other questions parents I know um that somebody asked in advance about the smoking cessation and then I mentioned that you have that um that kind of occasion is could you say a little more specifically other student is interested in tobacco cessation all they have to do is so on to the wells website and they’ll find the tobacco cessation link

and they can register online once they mr. online and how our will contact them and set up an individual appointment with them and the program is cater to each student’s neither there is no like number of sessions it’s just based off of where the student is in their process and then the student meet with the health educator for the first session about 45 minutes and then each session or after it’s typically a check-in from 15 to 30 minutes and as well which also included in the student health center wellness fee is tobacco cessation nicotine replacement therapy so that happens to be part of your students quick access to have to either need the patch or the Dom you’re Ginette will be provided with that as well if it’s part of their plan okay so the next question is that I have all the medical forms completed as well as printed record the immunizations can I a photo of the Senate upload the JP to the health center website or does it have to be scanned PDF well it’s it’s pretty easy to upload into our patient portal system and your student should know how to do that very easily if they’re in town if not you can if is not working for you or you can stand it email to us do the immunization network but it’s pretty easy to do on the patient portal so think it’s probably just an issue of whether they have a scanner available or a phone I’m sure yet you can or you can probably ask um I would here’s one suggestion I know that we used a registration form had both options so I don’t know d would it be any problem they tried to upload it as a JPEG picture first and then if that didn’t work I could just scan it into that later so I think you should at least try with a JPEG and we might check this out tomorrow morning and get the final answer for that and then when i send you the email i could let you know what the options are kids will take just one of those orbits so we’ll get will include that the answer to that question in the email that you’ll get tomorrow afternoon so um the other question is there a lamb that form of all the numbers and information for wellness so there is a lot of marketing that these departments do I’m not sure if there’s any one card right now but I know that what we do lot with the students at the beginning of the year with our eyes no seas is really time to take their phones out and program these numbers in now so that’s another thing you just may want to do with your student as you’re talking about their preparation for coming to the University in August when you get a um when you get the slots for the presentation then just kind of walk those and maybe just it there and make sure they’ve already i rammed them into the phone there’s a lot of information posted everything on the website our students go to the website for us to everything and they can suss that usually from the phone as well as their computer in their room so but if you will just be really sure i would say sitting with them and programs numbers in so another question is my son has developed food allergies to fructose gluten lactose and things like that in the lackey months how could you help them amore out food availability for him to speak to that yes we have a great program it’s called special chef and there we have refrigerators society and microwaves in separate from the regular ones so your student can set up an appointment with the chef and actually pick out the foods that he likes and can plan a menu and the chef will prepare your food prepare your students food put his name on and put it in that special refrigerator so I suggest that you get in touch with um Lisa Norris or services in dodgy religion yeah Jackie Rouge in dining services will find that number for you to give you and the email address as well um they definitely have some they can customize so much that you would surprise you and they make a real effort to do that for students have this kind of allergies and food restrictions so the next question is can you speak more about sexual assault provision programs that are in place or being developed now so as I medan we do have a bystander intervention program in place on campus and we do refer to that as one week and we have trained any students and staff members with one wave so we

have that we also have a sexual violence prevention education coalition which is made up of many different campus stakeholders and this coalition drives the work that we do on campus in regards sexual assault prevention and so this coalition is very active we are in the Miss planning for the fall so we’ll have many events outreach educational opportunities for sexual assault prevention on our campus we also have the office of case management and Victim Services yes which is also available for our students to access and also our counseling sir is well equipped for respondent intervention and we will also and it’s dressed in them in my student body with yes my student body nothing speaks to alcohol but also sexual assault prevention bystander intervention I’m for the first time later we’re also going to offer a webinar on that topic and I apologize I don’t have that date at my fingertips i think it is in early September I’m so that parents can learn more about how you are handling that kind of education and support and services so if you go back to the winner’s list at parents tulane edu then you could sign up for that one too and we’ll have those people who are actually doing those programs all the time and I’m working with those issues um give you some more information about how we’re addressing this and also either to answer your questions so I do have that phone number for the Dining Services office it’s 50 for 8655 712 so again that’s five of our 8655 7 12 and their email address or their website is just Dining Services dot tulane edu and you can look there for more information about that the people who can help with this dietary restrictions and allergies so the next is you said that to Lane is bound by HIPAA but is there a protocol for notifying parents in case of us you didn’t help them route see if there’s a student in crisis we usually well the student is sitting in our office say something like maybe it’s time to get your parents involved here and the provider and the student will call parent together while they’re there frequently if it’s a medical emergency and you know what i find that we frequently take the students sovann from them to give an update to parents while they’re in student Helson and if one of the laughing’s I say do the student as they’re being carted off in the stretcher to go to the emergency room you’ve talked to your parents haven’t you so yes we will notify you or if your student has not been touch and we’ll make sure that happens if they are in crisis so question is if student is prescribed adderall for a TD but we’re concerned about having him shed this medication with friends we have someone the student health inner give him weekly amounts no unfortunately we don’t have a program like that um and you’ll just have to explain or just have a good causation with your student about how this drug is frequently abused and heeds to keep it out of I wouldn’t not out in the open keep it tucked away walked way in a small suitcase in his closet if need be but no we don’t give medicines do students and you know he just had to understand understand how important it is that no one should take any medication antibiotics any depressants anything that is not prescribed for them okay so the next question is does the immunization record need to be signed by the pediatrician or physician if you’re taking your student to the pediatrician then yeah you can fill that form out and have the pediatrician stampin sign it but if you have or if the physician’s office has an official record of their immunizations the student just needs to fill out the top portion the demographic portion of our form and an answer a TB screening questionnaire on the top of page two and upload those and you can upload the physicians all this form also

we take at absolutely so next question is where are you 90 health care student health insurance plan policy options on policy coverage details and the deductibles and that thing where is that located that I can come here my family plan to that one it’s again on the Student Health Center website on the right-hand column there’s lots of a to z sources a lot of things but one of bullets under there is insurance and if you don’t get your questions answered there we have two insurance benefits people you can call the Student Health Center and listen to the prompts and there is one for insurance questions and to be very happy to help you ok so we’re nearing the end of the hour so we’re going to just take a couple of these last questions that have and so the next one is um is there a buddy system for any wellness issues so now that we’ve had a buddy to cements like pairing people but some of those groups some support groups that were mentioned me an option for them issues definitely we’re trying to really create a community of care on campus so through all the different programming that the well does and the outreach that the Counseling Center does I’m just teaching students you what to look out for learning ways to ceviche I’m so definitely groups that we have a kasar great option um you know we’ve had a lot of students come in for a consultation just to ask and what can I do for a friend’s experiencing XYZ and we work with them to address that sits in an incognito as well and cognitive training which is the online training mentioned when we mentioned my student body and so while we don’t necessarily have a buddy system we are constantly working with your students on how to be connected and to connect and there’s multiple ways for your student to become connected a lot of that happens with the first few weeks that they’re here so encourage them to go to the expo um student organization expo but all the different activities so that that way they can be plenty of people and know all the resources available to them and I think that if if we didn’t quite answer that question I think we weren’t quite sure what the parent might have met by a buddy system and please email one of the staff when you get this information tomorrow if you clarify that um so we’ll have just two more questions um where will I find a release of medical information form if my daughter is willing to share such information and so not really a specific one it’s a specific form um and then we just revamped our website and it used to be under release of information forms but since we just updated our website a month ago I’ve not gone to find it um but it should be there if it’s not just you use use the numbers on the website to call us at final four 8655 255 and you can call and you can just press for that gets you to primary care where we are and we’ll be happy to work with you and look for it and and if all else fails we’ll give me your email address and I’ll all attached one and send it to you so here’s the last question it’s one of my daughter forgets to respond to the insurance questionnaire and health insurance is added for her can she cancel the plan if she provides proof of insurance so I think this is one of those important deadlines that you want to talk with your student about make sure that they they respond to this because they would be automatically enrolled and there would be no canceling because it would it would suffice for that whole year right right and so if they just even do it with her

you know as I’ve explained to parents at orientation make this one of their first steps toward independence sit with them at the computer and enter their immunization dates and upload their forms sit with them with your insurance card at the computer and do the insurance information and decline our offered insurance it’s a great opportunity to show them how to take care of some of these very important things and then at the same time make sure they have a copy of that insurance card if they’re going to stay on your order insurance and that they have it in their wallet and you may I think it would even be smart to have an extra copy of that you keep somewhere like on their funding a photo of it and keep it on their phone just said that they’ve always got access to that so we’re going to wrap up now um and I’ll just remind you that i’ll send you the email tomorrow or friday with the slides from the presentation and will include a couple of those answers to the couple of questions that came up tonight so thank you for joining us as i mentioned please and feel free to email us at parents at tulane dot edu and let us know if you found this helpful and if you have another topic that you do want to address or there were some issues that we needed to cover differently so it’s really helpful to get that feedback and so I see a few of you thanking us um right now it’s a great job or this was helpful we love seeing that since we can’t see you and see your faces it’s nice to get these all comments so unwell yeah buddy El Paso said thank you so anyway you’ve made our night so thanks a lot and so tune in for the next webinar go back to our our webinar list on parents got to lay my edu and sign up for some of the other ones said thank you so much