October 14, 2020 – Mysterious Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilation and Chat Q&A

their heads i never had a cat do that before and they’ll pull against the comb helping me get out snarls and i think it’s the best they’ve ever been hi everyone well i have my dear fluffy and i just have to share with you how funny it was in the first about five to ten minutes before we are going live brad and i had talked about going after the cats thinking that if we spell the words they won’t understand and when we were having a tough time getting them out of one room because they do everything by the lights when the lights go on the cats make it a game so i called out t-u-r-k-e-y to them and at first they both came and i was going to scoop them up so you’d have both of them tonight and as soon as i turned to brad with mouthing get chocolate chocolate bolted out of here at the rate of a speeding bullet i’m sure he’s downstairs right now and this little guy tried to go around some filing cabinets that’s how i taught him it’s funny for us because they hang around with us while we’re editing while i’m writing they don’t get very far from me they stay with me and wherever i go until we turn on the lights and then it is the game and chocolate brad has to know even when i’m mouthing that it he is he’s telepathic and i’ve said to brad he is one of the most mystical life forms that i have ever been around in my life is chocolate and here is down to earth brother fluffy and between these two even in spite of a horrible and awful and separating pandemic it’s like being with two of the dearest most caring loving best souls that i could ever ask for even if they are furry souls yes i love you now you can go you can go down and play with chocolate this week i learned from a japan covid medical study by the university of medicine in kyoto that when skin from human coveted autopsies was tested for infectious coronavirus it survived for nine hours on that human skin the good news is that as soon as 80 percent alcohol hand sanitizer was applied the kovid 19 coronavirus was inactivated in 15 seconds that’s why we should all keep washing our hands and applying good hand sanitizer frequently as the awful covet 19 coronavirus is spiking again in europe and the united states the midwestern states are experiencing record high covet there are 19 new areas in indiana illinois ohio west virginia minnesota wisconsin north dakota and south dakota as tracked by the new york times by this night of october 14 2020 covet 19 has killed at least 216 000 people in the united states and nearly 8 million americans have been infected an emergency room doctor told cnn quote we are all deeply afraid that this is the beginning of that dreaded second wave as a definite second wave of covet is spiking in europe russia and beyond the world health organization reports that europe had nearly 700 000 new cases last week the most since the beginning of the pandemic last february with the most new cases in france spain and the czech republic the insidious coven 19 virus has also now killed some 10 000 minks on nine fur farms in utah since late september after ranch workers in early august tested positive for the pandemic disease so transmission was from humans to the minks utah state veterinarian dean taylor says the mink’s symptoms begin with quote open mouth breathing discharge from

their eyes and nose and they typically die within the next day after symptoms begin the meek victims have been mostly older breeding minks while young minks have been spared from covid19 infections the pandemic disease has killed 50 percent of the older breeding minks in utah and wisconsin mink farms like this one last year in 2019 three million mink pelts for humans to wear were manufactured in the united states mink farms in the netherlands spain and denmark have also reported lethal covet 19 outbreaks in their mink farms why why so many mink infections from covet 19. scientists think it is because minks like humans have those ace two receptor proteins in the lungs covid19 uses the ac2 receptors to enter the cells of the victims according to the us department of agriculture in addition to the minks the list of animals now catching coveted 19 includes lions and tigers house cats dogs pigs cattle horses and a variety of birds as i was waking up yesterday morning my research colleague in england ian holling called with a brand new animal mutilation headline from ksw tv in lawton oklahoma latin man is looking for whoever killed two of his calves and yesterday i was able to talk with him by phone about what happened and wrote up everything in a new earthfiles.com news report that you can all see at my news website earthfiles.com the bottom line cody has been running the lawton ranch for eight years including cattle that were his fathers he has never seen anything like the bloodless excisions on two newborn male calves still warm to touch that he found sunday afternoon october 11th for those of you who would like to learn more please go to my news website or files.com it’s the top story in the real x-files section which is by subscription because i have included cody’s cell phone images in my news report and now i would like to go to something beautiful remember last year in july 2019 i was in england to speak for a conference and afterward i went to stanton saint bernard in the veil of pewsey where the red circles on this map highlight repeated crop circle sites over the years and i spent some time on honey street at the crop circle center and exhibition near alton barnes and wiltshire this was founded and directed by monique clinkenberg from the netherlands monique showed me a video by high school french teacher felipe rose from france who was visiting nap hill above alton barnes england when mysterious silent lights suddenly appeared in the sky in a pattern that kept changing it was 9 30 p.m i was walking nap hill near alton bound in england which was june 20 2019 the day before summer solstice and suddenly i saw two lights that i thought they were captured because it is a military zone so you thought it was helicopters yes but there was no noise and the lights were just in the same place they didn’t move at all i said to myself that it could be something strange so i took my phone and began filming during two minutes something strange it was three four seven eight balls of light appeared without any noise no smoke nothing they were just appearing from like a new dimension because of all the coveted pandemic conferences were cancelled in europe this year but this past week i called monique for an update on what happened in wiltshire this year in spite of covey

19 she told me that her mom had been quite ill and then monique had gone back to the netherlands to care for her and she got sick but neither had coveted and in order to keep her crop circle center and exhibition going back in england monique had to return for a vital meeting on july 9th of 2020 and then while driving to the ferry i got a report on my phone saying there is a new crop circle but i had to catch the ferry so i was on the ship and then i looked at it and i thought my god it was one of those circles that speak to your heart and soul i drove off the ferry at heritage and towards wheelchair where i had to be in quarantine and then i saw that a crop circle was around the corner of where i had to stay in quarantine until the 10th of july and i could look from my window to the crop circle which gave me such a strength then we had this meeting on the 9th of july which was a thriller that i won and on the 10th of july the quarantine was over so there was a magical moment for me i went out of my quarantine place straight into the center opened the doors and went to the crop circle and i went into the center i lay down and looked at the sky i couldn’t believe my eyes because there was a cloud in the shape of an angel i’m wearing always with me on top of that the farmer decided to leave it in the field he said to me if people really want to visit it they are allowed like everything started in a flow and that was for me the start of the most wonderful season i had since i think 2011 also the lay on the ground linda was amazing clamps of standing weed which created a kind of 3d pattern and we only had seen that once earlier in 2010 and this circle appeared exactly 10 years after that first 3d circle so it was magic or magic or magic let’s move forward in time to easton clump near eastern royal wheelchair reported july 10th yeah whoever made this had the ability to make it look flat and perfect from the air but on the ground it is in the pattern of a bowl not flat land i agree this was just stunning but the farmer was so angry that he cut it he faced it and he put some dogs over there and he made nobody would enter so i haven’t spoken to anybody who was on the ground is a real pity it makes me so sad people have been willing to pay farmers to come in to the magic it was an amazing location think of it how you do it exactly that it would look one way from straight above and another from the side and yet the geometry is there intact yeah it’s amazing now let’s go to july 16 labeled as luxembourg near stonehenge henge exactly this is i thought one of the more extraordinary weaves and it reminded me of the basket back in i believe is 1999 one circle is completely covered the other two it’s half and half what do you know about this pattern from people who were in it and talk to you well again the farmer was extremely angry and he said if people visited i will cut it out straight away so we advise people not to go into it but they could walk to it quite close many people did and what i heard it was stunning formation on ground level and they were experienced they were crappy so to say is there anything that strikes you in terms of what could this pattern be about in relationship to stonehenge there has been a similar lay in east field it was a simple circle like the one that reminded us of the basket the weave thing i thought how interesting that we had this one in eastfield and then a lookalike

near stonehenge at that time the news came out that the big thousand stones of stonehenge came from westwood they think that they came down from nap hill by the people through eastfield to stonehenge what a coincidence we see the same weaving thing in eastfield we now see it near stonehenge and the news comes out that it has been proven that a thousand stones come from westwood and made their way probably through eastfield to stonehenge it implies that the patterns of the crop formations is you begin to look at the entire geophysical landscape that we are dealing with language mathematical language and pictographic language that are tying various parts of the bill of pewsey and other places in the uk and europe as if something were echoing the geometry of the huge sarson slabs that were put up and that in the middle of this 2020 luxembourg almost like a metaphor of the standing stones but these are in one perfect circle yeah i wondered if you had personal information from anybody who keeps in touch with you during the season about this echellhampton near devises wheelchair reported july 17th because the first thing as i was going through all of the photographs that the crop circle connector had done in the season of 2020 when i saw this one it was the perfection of the six perfect thin lines of this moving clockwise around a ring at the center which echoes stonehenge you know linda i couldn’t believe my eyes when i got this report because this was the day after the stonehenge formation the luxembourg so this was really like wow another and then i looked at the picture and it was like you said the sheer perfection of those six lines and i called the farmer straight away i know him very well he’s a very nice person and i asked permission if the public could visit it and he said yes and so i jumped into the air and went to the crop circle this was just so i felt the same as in the one of seven of july this one even made me feel more happier and also delay was like a stream of water it was so smooth and beautiful and the farmer was willing to leave it in the field for the people so they could enjoy it and i only heard good stories back from this one and how thin were those thin lines 12 inches monique sent me this photo to prove the thin exquisite lines were no wider than a foot now we’re going to go to july 23rd 2020 at hack pen hill to me what stood out was this is a tenfold geometry and in all the years that i’ve been in england where there’s lots of the threes and the sixes or the fours and the eights there have been very few tenfold yeah i’m sure it wasn’t there the day before because i made a reconnaissance flight and then i discovered a circle which had already been mowed out so i contacted the farmer to ask if it was on his land he didn’t reply and then i got this new reporting of the 23rd so i messaged him again and i said it’s another one in your field he said what so i was the one to inform him that says something i mean he was really like huh are you sure is it there i said yes it’s really there and it’s quite close to the rich way so people should have seen it but anyhow it is quite some mystery around it at that moment he asked me monique can you arrange people to take care of the circle because i would like to open it for the public but i need people to guide it this circle i thought it was a stunning one if you look at the pattern it’s like the stars have returned to wheelchair but i didn’t have the same comfortable sensation as i have in other circles i’m going to give you my honest first reaction when i saw it for the first time at the crop circle connector

pentagon five-sided pentagons and then it is a tenfold geometry and the next thing that went into my mind is war this is like something having to do with military and war yeah wow i’m not surprised it is an extraordinary pattern and when you look at how delicate each of the overlaying pentagons within the pentagons it was just amazing it makes me feel uneasy this pattern i can relate to uneasy some of the best days and nights on earth that i’ve ever spent in this life has been in the veil of [ __ ] in england i started going there in 1992 and i remember it was that very first summer that i was over there and i was being introduced to that veil of peasy in the area there’s now famous to those of us who went year after year it’s called woodboro hill and uh it’s in the area of the east field in woodboro hill and and that kind of that central area and honey street is not very far and so it’s my first time we’re out in the beauty of what you’ve seen that i wanted to share because these are really five extraordinary patterns that occurred in the veil of pusy again which monique said they hadn’t been there in the extraordinary patterns that we just looked at since around 2011 and she was feeling like something has come back well it made me think all the way back to the summer of 1992 that i climbed up woodboro hill at night there were maybe half a dozen of us and i don’t even think we were using flashlights i think we were going by feel and there may have been a moon because what i do remember is we got up to the top of this famous woodboro hill across there’s a field and then the east field the famous east field that has had some of the most extraordinary formations of all time and we’re in a group but we’re kind of spread out and just kind of moving independently and randomly this is my very first time and looking across hearing somebody maybe they saw what i saw i just heard a voice and as i look toward the voice maybe about the size i would say somewhere between a baseball and a softball and it was a very very specific ripe pumpkin orange not like street lights not like anything that you think of as lights this had like an internal glow and it was kind of moving like this bobbing and the background to it were all of those trees the hill has always been famous for having this outcropping of trees on the top and then it’s surrounded by pastures and wheat fields and all of that and so i’m watching this and i think another person saw it too with the trees as a background i’ve never forgotten it i remember that i was almost paralyzed not with fear but with awe and it’s the kind of thing where your mind is both stunned but racing and at exactly the moment that i i just wanted to like i don’t know if i got close to it would i try to grab it i i doubt it but i just wanted to run toward it and it blinks out it’s another one of those feelings and examples over the years that the phenomena that interacts with this planet knows everything that is going on in the minds of humans around it and it disappeared the second really eerie this goes back to the swallows uh in this would have been in the first decade uh somewhere maybe around 2000

567 somewhere in there and it was um milk hill the famous milk hill but this was down where it came onto the flat and there were four of us who went and the whole idea was that people had said that they thought that they had seen some of these strange bombing lights there and so we went with the idea that we’d stay out all night till the sun came up we went with that idea well we were coming down into what would be the bowl to get down to where this beautiful pattern was and i’m down here two of my friends here one of them is coming from the road carrying something so one person up there three of us down this person is walking and all of a sudden like 15 20 feet just i don’t know how they just and we’re looking at a bobbing green white yellow and it seems to me as i recall it wasn’t just one it was like two or three and they’re bobbing at we all stop we can all see it and as soon as this person like was on the hill like the going down starts to move just they’re gone okay so that was just the first step at this swallows so we get down and one of my dearest friends in the world jill nichols she was with us and we decided that we would go as far as we could go down in this huge huge swallows pattern it was i can’t remember now way way bigger than a football field i think in terms of from one end to the other not a solid pattern but meaning pieces of it went uh long long ways and we just had the idea that we would go as far as we could to the far end and the other people were at this other end and when we got down to the far end it did a sort of like a like a this like this kind of a shape was part of the like arcs they were some people called them swallows other people called them waves and where we were was at the end of one of those pieces really at the end making this kind of square rectangle thing in the wheat and i for some reason am just kind of drawn to the we’ll call it the side or the as far as you could go and jill was back here and she was feeling this end and i’m here and i get to the wall of the wheat and i’m just standing there and i’m just thinking about the way the atmosphere feels do i feel that i’m in something that is friendly dangerous caution peace all of those things that’s all i remember thinking about when and jill was only about six or seven feet from me i s uh here just exactly like a person was walking and trampling the wheat coming right to me and jill heard the sound as well and i i couldn’t see anything the wheat wasn’t moving but it was exactly like legs going through the wheat and then we stayed in there i was sort of stunned by this and jill and i both at the same time we sense something and when and i think it was jill who said put your hands up let’s let’s see if we can feel anything here and as we did that both of us if that it’s that jello that same jello i’ve talked to you about that i felt in the very first uh pattern that i ever went into and and approached it with a camera and got stopped by

what felt like a jello wall an electrostatic field i’m assuming but what is it that provokes it well that night in the swallows we we had never done or felt anything like that before but it actually had a shape and our hands went around a shape but we could walk we we had we nothing else well we are now walking back to go to the far other end and jill looked at me and she said linda your skin is glowing i couldn’t see it i could look at myself i couldn’t see it but for a while as we were walking and then jill’s skin glowed i don’t know the physics of this interaction with things that seem to have intelligence telepathic that we walk through walk into and it can somehow interact but it doesn’t seem to be at the matter level those are just two incidences of why so many of us going back to the uh what i would say would be starting a lot of them were the end of the 80s and the i was there nearly every single year from 1992 until into the 21st century and i think it was my experiences year after year in the crop formations in the veil of [ __ ] that did something that put me in kind of a closer connection to what i feel as the pressure of my soul and i’ve always thought that the crop formations they may have been markers in time as a technical tool by an advanced intelligence or they were designed to specifically provoke some human minds and souls and what i shared with you tonight from the veil of pusey once again is why so many of us went summer after summer and that was magical it was truly the word magical and unfortunately we are now in the 21st century and a year and maybe another year where a microbe is making it impossible for most of us to do that again so we have to keep moving on and finding things that provoke us here and now wherever you are and that seems to be the challenge always of life and living and i’m so glad we can do these wednesday nights and that i could share this because i get a lot of letters asking me about crop formations and this was my this was a book that i put together from all of my years and being over there uh up through 2001. when there was the amazing crabwood of what looked like some sort of a gray beam that had binary code in a disk and it was a warning that doors were closing the there was still time but that something was coming and changing and that’s when we had 911 in the united states so what is the relationship between another dimension another intelligence that has maybe some care and concern about this matter universe but it can only interact in these sort of mysterious and strange ways i don’t know but if we ever can get out of covet as a threat and if the crop formations that came in 2020 to the veil of [ __ ] begin returning in 2021 and 2022 it would be joyous and hopefully a bunch of you with me and people that i know there we could all get together

in the fields in the veil of pusey and celebrate life celebrate being alive all right peggy what questions and comments do we have hi linda first i’d like to thank everybody for their super chats so tonight thank you moon bird demonic hordes dorothy austin rebecca galloway tnc mary kelly southern solar flare martine sexy sadie kendall 190 and isabella pachetti thank you so much for your super chats wow thank you so much everything helps we have a great uh question regarding dr levingood who discovered the magnetite coating on the crop circle plants and what does this mean i work with we called him lefty w.c loving good biophysicist um i began working with him i think it was in the year 1993 certainly by 1994 and it was somewhere early in that period because i was when i was in england some places we would gather very specific crops and label them and i’d take them back home in my suitcase and in this one particular instance it was um a man who had found rusty like material uh on some wheat that was down in a field and i got that back to leavengood and he was able to confirm as a biophysicist that what was on that wheat was magnetized iron magnetized i was in his lab in michigan when he showed me he had a magnet and he had the wheat and he said watch and he put the magnet up and one of the i think it was he had the the stem that still had wheat on it but he had some sweet seeds with this discoloration and they just went right to the magnet that was the spark of his hypothesis which other scientists began to think that there was some possible evidence his hypothesis was that whatever the energies are behind the crop formations that they start up high like way high in the atmosphere and that they come down in circling like this and as they come down through magnetic fields that they are gathering up surface layers whether it’s soil whatever it is where the where the spinning is and it gets sucked up into a little bit like a tornado but these are not tornado like uh in terms of destructive it’s energy systems that are spiraling and able in this case to interact with a field in england and when they interact it’s very rapid always said the crop formations no matter how big they are are created in a very short period of time maybe no more than 30 40 seconds that was his hypothesis and that in that burst of energy that release like a release of energy from coming down through the atmosphere in this form that the iron would be sprayed out of what he considered to be like in a spinning electromagnetic vortices and that those combinations of all of those things created that spray on not just that wheat we found it in other too and it would be magnetized to a magnet and the long night discussion one time at leftie’s lab in michigan was okay let’s say that the physics

is what you’re describing a vortex that comes down from somewhere way high but lefty how does it make windmill hill that had a thousand circles uh in that fractal i have it on the front of my book this is one of the most amazing see if i think you can see there this is one of the most amazing crop formations of all time classic and it allegedly it came down also very fast well all of these many many circles of different sizes uh in this triple they call it the triple julia which is a fractal and that night with leavengood it was like a jazz like being in a jazz discussion about how intelligences could use spinning magnetic vortices and compartmentalize them that’s the trick compartmentalize them to go into a thousand circles of different sizes to make them go into a square to make them go into any pattern and do it in seconds well those are the discussions that we all had um brad and i there’s been smoke that has put us all into allergic like this i don’t know if i’m going to get out of this thinking back of magnetic vortices it’s making me i don’t know inhale differently or something i’m okay it’s just that i can’t clear the allergy so i found that the idea that something that was not understandable incomprehensible but was mathematical worked in a language of math and fractals interacting with our planet in the skin whether it was grasses or cereal crops or whatever it is it has to me been one of the most profound and sticks with you you want to continue to get closer you want to understand it you want to know what is in that ephemeral infinity of unknowns and i love i love the crop formations and i hope that we can get past covid and everybody can go there again so let’s hope that and then we could have a champagne party together over in monique’s great place what about another question but hopefully i will not be overcome by this bad air or whatever brad’s been we both sneezing noses running but it’s not covered we have another viewer who would like to know if you know of any crop circles in new mexico crop formations in new mexico i certainly personally have never investigated any here in new mexico i did a lot back in pennsylvania and delaware in new jersey and that part when i lived in philadelphia for 13 years i went out a lot for dr levin good and i’ve i’ve gathered crops from a lot of places but not new mexico what about another question another viewer wanted to know or actually had a theory and he actually said that he often wondered whether stonehedge may have been built in a circular formation in response to a crop circle that may have appeared around there even before it existed what do you think of this theory well i’m glad you’re thinking from a completely different set of

information of which there is no hard historical evidence i guess what i want to say is that i think that stonehenge and eve berry and gobekli tepe and kiops and the teotihuacan and around the world that the huge massive circular standing stones pyramids all of these massive huge structures i think that they are i i guess i want to say i think that they are really the product of another intelligence beyond homo sapien but that doesn’t mean that homo sapien sapien was not involved in their construction i have been at stonehenge the first time and i remember putting my hands on one of those big massive sarson pillars and it was like almost a movie like plugging into something and that i saw it from above at that moment when my two hands touched that stonehenge pillar i i was like i don’t know 500 700 feet above looking down on stonehenge i’m still on the ground i’m still me but but i’m aware that i’m now i’m seeing in two places at once and i was fascinated with the high aerial that i was now experiencing totally aware of where i was but being able to stereoscopically go up and and because of the way my life has been protected in many ways by what i think is uh soul knowledge i think that i tapped into something in that stonehenge pillar that left me with the feeling that it was made to be seen from above and that would mean that its purpose was not for people on the ground necessarily and perhaps what i experienced is exactly the truth that stonehenge and off bear a berry of berry uh and all of these have had two focuses one for the interaction on the ground for something that looks from above at mathematical languages mathematical relationships that are on the surface of the earth so that is my sincere experience at stonehenge and i’d be interested if anybody else had that popping out looking down it was amazing i can’t make i can’t will it with something about touching that stonehenge that popped into that other view down any others another viewer would like to know do you believe that the crop circles have a message for us or are they some kind of mapping or gps that they would use i have shared on this program in an earlier program about a meeting a man that i learned worked for the cia and his saying that the cia was putting a lot of cray computers to work with satellites and they were trying to get photographs of every single crop formation he implied every year in the chronological order in which they appeared during the growing season because they were convinced that the crop formations were another intelligence’s time travel monitor that the crop formations were used at i guess to say like if you are time traveling and you want to get to uh 1998 earth

and that timeline and you want to be able to monitor and refine your time travel or you want to get a reality check on where you are that’s what he told me that the cia was working on as a thesis that the crop formations were a time travel monitor refining system um if that were true and you put this over on the chess game i do think that there is a lot about the crop formations that left me feeling that i would touch into other information that some part of me could receive stonehenge was one but the other always had the same theme in the whole time from 92 and into this 21st century the the theme that kept coming up from various sources when you’d be in a crop formation or when i’d be walking in a crop formation was it boiled down to these words over and over and over again my experience in england in the veil of pewsee and crop formations life organic life is not guaranteed and every time i felt that strongly i’ve always had a sense that there was something about the 20th to the 21st centuries that had been like a ticking clock that something is monitoring some forces are trying to provoke us to learn more be better to know peace and love and light as the only context that is viable for sustaining organic life because somehow we’re in a universe we’re just on the other side of so many things is this feeling that the opposites of love and light and life are kind of always there life is not guaranteed and so of all the things that i have experienced so far in my life that have given me more love for organic life more enthusiasm to keep going as fast a pace as possible just to know and feel as much of life as possible it’s the crop formations because every time i was there in the veil of music there was that feeling life is not guaranteed love it embrace it protect it don’t destroy so the crop formations i guess for me the most profound spiritual journey in this particular life yeah let’s see i think we have time for one or two more i’m trying to keep things short but no you’re doing a great job uh another viewer a different topic uh they would like to know do you have any theories as to why ufos take an interest in water oh i think camouflage insulation protection from the surface life on earth that goes back to that defense intelligence agency analyst that seven hour meeting i’ve told you about that started out with there are linda and my job for 23 years working for the defense intelligence agency was to monitor and analyze three competing in conflict extraterrestrial

civilizations that have been using this planet earth as a laboratory for at least 270 million years and that what those three competing civilizations were doing on this planet was genetic harvesting taking gold namibium rare metals that are needed throughout the milky way galaxy and beyond terraforming and in that context when when i said well where are the three he said they’re here they’re here on earth they’ve always been here for the 270 million years where and then he went through each one and said the the graves like to be inside of mountains the reptilians like it hot they choose the middle east and the nordics like it cold and they use uh they they look at the planet as spherical geometry and so if you look at a planet in which two-thirds is deep ocean one-third land and if you have the technology to go down beneath the basins of the oceans and the seas not at the bottom in the mud that you have technology that knows how to go down through the basins into big caverns that you have access through technology that can analyze spherical geometry and you know that there are huge huge spaces in this earth below the oceans and you want to monitor analyze harvests from the surface but you don’t want to interact with the surface he said they go down beneath the oceans into large spaces and he said and who would end up having most of earth and you can’t help avoid that if there are intelligences who know how to come into earth and they use the water as their insulation to above it because it doesn’t matter to them they know how to neutralize gravity they know how to manipulate matter uh having seven miles of water or five miles or three miles would be insignificant just like antarctica they could handle through neutralizing gravity two three miles of ice it wouldn’t be pressuring and crunching down their matter world if they have it under the ice because they have the ability to use neutralizing gravity they can build with neutralizing or manipulating gravity and they can keep ice and water in like in another realm by being able to manipulate gravity so i came away from that really amazing discussion with that dia analyst feeling that he was telling the truth and it would explain how since the anunnaki and the sumerians and lord only knows literally what came before back 270 million years that we’ve had a multiple apartment existence on planet earth with other intelligences and we live on the surface they can live under the water the basins meaning they don’t have to live in the h2o water they go down below to where the basins and then they go through that into caverns so they’re not in water and the gray is like to be inside of mountains and the reptiles want to be in the middle east where it’s hot and that was the way he described the geopolitical territoriality and so every time you look at ocean water think that there are intelligences whether it’s on this planet another planet out through the milky way galaxy that watery planets can be a convenient and protective home for intelligences that know how to base themselves inside of planets using the water

as surface protection now on that note i know i’m trying to make sure i get that at the end um i have really enjoyed being able to share with you tonight the crop formations and i hope that i’ll hear uh from all of you more about them and i would recommend for those of you who have not read my book mysterious lights and crop circles that you get it because i go not just into crop formations and all the work i did with loving good but there is a theme throughout all of the crop formations and all of england that has to do with the ancient the most ancient history the most ancient glyphs the most ancient languages as if there’s always been an interaction with other intelligences that have had influences on humans and then humans have interpreted with their own languages their own intuitions and england and the crop formations is one of those examples it’s just fantastic and so are you thank you for coming tonight and i’ll see you next week with or without fluffy and chocolate who turned this into a brilliant game but that’s part of the fun of being organic life on earth you