How to Speak/Practice a Foreign Language Episode #76 ((LEVEL-UP))

Don’t think..feeeel it’s like a finger pointing to the moon don’t concentrate on the finger or else you’ll miss all of that heavenly glory do you understand? We’re about to uh I’m partnered up today. I’m on another mission here about to go into this Rose Beauty this is Shujin here. We’re about to get serious ((JAPANESE)) Hello everyone hahahahahhaha So…go ahead and get this money real quick they might be Korean though You know because a lot of these hair shops and clothing stores…they’re Korean do you want to bet on Korean or African? man I would say African. On this side of the town yea I would say African or Middle Eastern let’s see..let’s see what I tell you yep I told you,man….oh look I’m about to level up hey, you guys have the wave caps here? wave cap? yea I’m about to level up ((KOREAN)) Hi Hi! ((KOREAN)) Are you good today? hahahha…where did you learn that? ((KOREAN)) Are you good? ((KOREAN)) I’m learning Korean so I want to practice a bit ((KOREAN)) Good hahahhahaha ((KOREAN)) Good ((KOREAN)) It’s good? uh huh ((KOREAN)) Which part of Korea are you from? South Korea ((KOREAN)) The South? ((KOREAN)) Yes, the South ((KOREAN)) Really? Omg…you’re scarying me hahhahahahhahahahh ((KOREAN)) I like learning many other languages so I love practicing in this way oooooh good…I mean very..I mean you ((KOREAN)) You’re flattering me hahahahha ((KOREAN)) How long has this store been here for? ((KOREAN)) 12 years ((KOREAN)) 12 years? Oh, OK hahahhahaha scary scary? ((KOREAN)) But it would be great if I could speak Korean like Koreans ((KOREAN)) Thanks ((KOREAN)) You’re welcome ((KOREAN)) How long have you studied Korean for? ((KOREAN)) About 2 years ((KOREAN)) 2 years? Pretty good ((KOREAN)) But it’s been a long time since I’ve really practiced so it seems that I’ve forgotten a lot ((KOREAN)) Have you ever been to Korea before? ((KOREAN)) Not yet ((KOREAN)) Not yet? ((KOREAN)) But I’ve ((KOREAN)) Will you go? ((KOREAN)) Of course ((KOREAN)) Of course? ahahhaa..oh my god ((KOREAN)) I haven’t been to Korea before, but I’ve been to Japan and Taiwan ((KOREAN)) My wife is from Taiwan so so you speak Chinese too? ((KOREAN)) Yes..of course hahahaha ((KOREAN)) Actually, my Chinese is better than my Korean ((KOREAN)) Fluent. I can speak fluently hahahahaa ((KOREAN)) Is that your wife? Oh, OK ((KOREAN)) What’s your name? ((KOREAN)) Like this? it’s not my full name, but ((KOREAN)) My American name is Moses, but my Korean name is mouse

((KOREAN)) This is my nickname hahahahhahha oh my goodness you speak too? no? no other languages? Spanish and English ((SPANISH)) You speak Spanish? ((SPANISH)) I would like to practice some Spanish with you now how many languages can you speak? ((SPANISH)) What do you think? hhahahhahahhahahhahhah huh? ((SPANISH)) How many languages do you know? ((SPANISH)) I can speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic etc ((SPANISH)) I’ve decided to learn Spanish because especially in this city, there are many people that can speak it ((SPANISH)) That’s true ((SPANISH)) Yes, that’s right ((SPANISH)) Where are you from? Guatemala Oh, Guatemala? ((SPANISH)) How long have you been living here for? ((SPANISH)) Here in the U.S.? ((SOMALI)) Yes…**What was I thinking here?** lol ((SPANISH)) 13 years ((SPANISH)) Do you like living here? ((SPANISH)) Yes, it’s OK ((SPANISH)) Do both of you speak? He doesn’t know? No not yet ((SPANISH)) But tomorrow I’m going to help him learn Chinese ((SPANISH)) As far as Spanish though,perhaps in the future I will help him it’s easy ((SPANISH)) Well, the vocabulary is because English is the native language so it’s easy to learn the words ((SPANISH)) For example…’Pronunciation’ ‘PronunciatiOn yea ((SPANISH)) What else how did you learn it? I mean how do you learn other languages? Computer? ((SPANISH)) I can use the computer…moreover ((SPANISH)) Normally, when I want to practice a language I practice in this way. Face to face with people ((SPANISH)) Moreover, I have a lot of books in Spanish as well ((SPANISH)) Since you’re working here, you should start learning Korean it’s hard ((SPANISH)) When you start learning it, it’s a bit difficult ((SPANISH)) If you try and practice with them ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you! ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you. Have a nice day So you know that language? ((SPANISH)) Korean? ((SPANISH)) But I’ve been learning Korean for a while. 2 years ((SPANISH)) But Spanish, I’ve been learning Spanish for just a year ((SPANISH)) Alrighty! Nice to meet you ((SPANISH)) I hope that you will begin ((SPANISH)) Begin ((SPANISH)) Begin, yes ((SPANISH)) It’s tough ((SPANISH)) Have you ever tried it before? ((SPANISH)) Never? ((SPANISH)) You should do it ((SPANISH)) Because I believe when you start learning something about other cultures,you can make more friends, right? how long have you been in Ohio? Are you from Ohio? I wasn’t born here, but I’ve been here for 13 years Oh yea? Where were you born? Guatemala Oh really? I heard that in the conversation

hahahahahhahhahaahahahaa that’s one of the few things I heard So, you only know English for now? English, Chinese..a little bit of Korean, but uh he’s going to teach me Chinese and Japanese Are you brothers? ((SPANISH)) Friends hahahaha ((SPANISH)) Friends hahahahahahhahhahahhah ((SPANISH)) Just friends it’s nice to know more than one language oh yea, it’s good you can learn a lot about other cultures and people open up more when you know ((SPANISH)) It’s a good thing ((SPANISH)) should…hahahhaa ((SPANISH)) You should begin soon ((SPANISH)) How long have you been working here for? ((SPANISH)) 3 months? that’s crazy. Korean,you won yes,sir. I’ve been to so many of them how about French, you know that one? ((SPANISH)) A little bit ((SPANISH)) French,German, Portuguese Portuguese? ((SPANISH)) I have a Portuguese friend ((SPANISH)) It’s almost the same ((SPANISH)) Alrighty, we’re gonna go to another…what ((SPANISH)) Market? ((SPANISH)) Other places to practice languages…hahaha ((SPANISH)) Because as you know…language is a living thing, yea? hahhahahhahahhahha you’re about to teach her French ((SPANISH)) Language is a living thing ((SPANISH)) What’s your name? ((SPANISH)) My name is Moses nice to meet you guys ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you you guys can always stop by ((SPANISH)) Of course I might come in next time and speak Spanish hahahhahahha ((SPANISH)) Have a good day ((SPANISH)) Same to you ((SPANISH)) Take care that was crazy..that was that was sloppy! I felt the energy,man I really did. I felt it when you first broke the ice hahhahahhah! you felt the energy? I’m like whoooo…this is crazy! you’re from India aren’t you? yes ((HINDI)) Hi we say Assalamualaikum. I’m Muslim you’re where? Muslim Pakistan? India? yea ((HINDI)) Do you know Hindi? ((HINDI)) Yes, you know? ((HINDI)) Really? ((HINDI)) Really! hahahahhaha ((HINDI)) I want to practice Hindi ((HINDI)) What do you do? ((HINDI)) I’m practicing Hindi with you right now hahahha ((HINDI) OK where did you learn this one? ((HINDI)) I’m learning Hindi at home ((HINDI)) At home? ((HINDI)) Because I have the books ((HINDI)) moreover, I like practicing with Indians in this way OK ((HINDI) What’s your name? ((HINDI)) My name is Moses Moses? ((HINDI)) Yes. Very glad to meet you You know ”Khush hui” is for women, but ”Khus hua” is for men ((HINDI) Yes, that’s true ((HINDI)) Thanks this girl right here you want to talk to her? yea hello! hi how are you doing? do you guys have these type of bracelets?

umm do you know where I can get them? we don’t have men’s bracelets Oh, these are all women’s bracelets? yea oh, can I see that one? you make these? I like those that’s the last one you said this is for women? that’s kind of serious hahah I’m about to level up in a minute so you grew up here in Ohio? Columbus Oh, Columbus, Ohio yea you went to Ohio State? Oh thanks a lot if you don’t mind me asking…what is your ethnicity? I’m Chinese Chinese? Oh, which part of China? Southern Southern? ((MANDARIN)) Do you speak Chinese? How do you know how to speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Do you speak Chinese? I understand you ((MANDARIN)) Oh, so you understand what I’m saying? ((MANDARIN)) You can understand, but can’t speak, right? hahahhahahha Ooooh, that’s cool! You can speak Cantonese? yea do you spea Cantonese? that’s where my parents are originally from oh really? that’s really unusual the last time I checked, they only teach Cantonese at…**Couldn’t hear at this point** ((CANTONESE)) But, actually I taught myself Cantonese by just learning at home wow Like..Rosetta Stone? hahahhahhahhaha because I looked into it..I wanted to learn myself actually, I’m a teacher and I teach languages. I have my own language course I taught myself Cantonese and Mandarin I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean but how do you speak it so…because I looked into it to learn myself when I went to OSU, I took Mandarin. I wanted to take Cantonese, but they didn’t offer it. One other school did yea, it’s rare. They don’t really teach Cantonese because most of the time, people don’t learn Cantonese unless they’re actually going to live in Hong Kong,you know? right so they either go to Hong Kong or Guangzhou..those places they’re not going to learn Cantonese so how did you teach yourself? I just have books, audio..and I talk to people I learn material from books then practice in this way. I come to these malls and I just search for people then speak with them wow Uh oh hahahahha do you work here? yea you sell scarfs here? yes they sell scarfs scarfs? we also have scarfs for men you have scarfs for men? one for 14.99 and oh, OK these are the only kind you have? for men? yes alright. Thanks you have a beautiful accent, where are you from? I’m sorry? I said you have a beautiful accent, where’re you from? Senegal oh you’re from Senegal? You’re from Senegal too? ((WOLOF)) How are you? ((WOLOF)) I’m good ((FULANI)) How are you? what? I think he’s speaking Fulani aaaah, OK, we don’t speak Fulani Oh, I’m sorry ((WOLOF)) I want to speak Wolof ((WOLOF)) You want to speak Wolof? ((WOLOF)) Yes..I want to speak Wolof bcause…hahha ((WOLOF)) I spoke Wolof with my friends **A long time ago** ((WOLOF)) You’ve been to Senegal? No, not yet Are you from here? ((WOLOF/FRENCH)) But, I want to go to Senegal one day

***WOLOF SONG*** ”Let’s get on the boat and head to Senegal tomorrow!” wow hahahhahhahhaha how do you know that? I use to work at a gas station a long long time ago and people from Ghana and Senegal used to come to the gas station all the time and you know, they were dressed up so I was curious to know where they were from I asked them then they said that they were from Senegal. I didn’t even know where Senegal was! I didn’t know where it was, then I went home and looked at the map then I said ”I’m going to try and learn some Wolof” because I know that they speak Wolof, Fulani..what else..Madingko anyway, I aksed them how to say certain things, but I forgot a lot. It’s been so long you can come here all the time, she’s always here. She can teach you ((FRENCH)) Really? Oh,he speaks French,too ((WOLOF)) What’s your name? ((WOLOF)) My name is Moses ((FRENCH)) Nice to meet you My name is Marcell that’s good. That’s interesting hahahhaha you know, that’s why we came over here. We didn’t come over here to look at the scarfs because I heard you speaking something…I said ”Wait a minute”’ hahhahhahahhahhahahaha I said..I hear something, let me go over there and see I was just trying to figure out how to start it up. That’s why I asked you about the scarfs OK we don’t want scarfs..we want to practice language with people that’s nice you both speak French? really? ((FRENCH)) I love chatting it up with the French and other nationalities ((FRENCH)) For example..Chinese..Japanese ahahhahahhaa huh? I’m very proud of you ((FRENCH)) Really? ((WOLOF)) Thank you! Alright, you guys take it easy OK ((FRENCH)) Nice to meet you how do you say nice to meet you in Wolof? Jerjef is ((FRENCH))’Thank You’ though it means thanks, but it means that as well, you know Oh, OK it doesn’t exist? there’s some words we don’t have ((WOLOF)) OK that’s good anytime, she’s here ((WOLOF)) Thank you ((WOLOF)) Goodbye man, that’s serious! that’s sloppy,man! wolof! yea that boy got a problem! ahahahhaa just pulling languages out of his a** hahahhaha box him up oh my god,man that’s dumb you’re going to speak with him? haha..are you crazy!?? hell yea, I’m gonna go speak to him,man you want me to break the ice? Nah, I’ll get it excuse me. Do you know what time this particular Barnes and Nobles closes? 9 o’clock 9 o’clock? yes oh,OK thanks are you somali? yea ((SOMALI)) You’re Somali ((SOMALI)) Somali, yes ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) How are you today? are you from Somalia too? ((SOMALI)) No, no ((SOMALI)) I’m American Oh, OK you learn Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes, but although I’m American, I like learning this language that’s very good,brother ((SOMALI)) Because it seems that there’re a lot of Somali people living all over in this city ((SOMALI)) Many Somali people living here ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) In this whole city…hahhahahhahahhaa That’s good,man, you’re doing good,man ((SOMALI)) It’s tough. I think Somali is very difficult ((SOMALI)) No it’s not

Somali is very easy ((SOMALI)) Of course because you’re Somali, so it’s easy, right? I learned Somali here too though. I didn’t grow up in Somalia ((SOMALI)) Oh, really? ((SOMALI)) You were born here? ((SOMALI)) No, in the Middle East ((SOMALI)) Many Somali people are here so it’s easy I speak 4 languages,too ((SOMALI)) Really? which languages? Arabic,Hindi,Somali and English Oh ((ARABIC)) You speak Arabic too? yea ((ARABIC)) Really? ((ARABIC)) I study Arabic as well, but Arabic is a bit similar Somali ((SOMALI)) Almost Arabic is harder ((SOMALI)) I agree with you ((SOMALI) Yes ((SOMALI)) It’s the most difficult You’re doing good. You’re doing a good job ((SOMALI)) Since English is my native tongue, Somali is so difficult ((SOMALI)) Therefore,I must work really hard in order to learn it **HE LOST ME RIGHT HERE** I’m from the North, We have a different dialect ((SOMALI)) That’s right ((SOMALI)) Yes We speak faster than the South it’s like going to New York from Ohio. The people in New York speak very fast! ((SOMALI)) That’s true ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses ((SOMALI)) I’m very happy to have meet you, my friend ((SOMALI)) Because I like practicing Somali in this way ((SOMALI)) You practice, you’ll learn nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((HINDI)) Do you know Hindi? Huh? ((HINDI)) You know Hindi,too? ((HINDI)) Yes, I do ((HINDI)) I want to practice Hindi you’re a smart’re hahahahhahahha ((HINDI)) I think that many languages are you’re doing a great job,man. You’re speaking different languages ((SOMALI)) Because I think learning languages is a great thing to do ((SOMALI)) That’s good ((SOMALI)) Thanks brother ((SOMALI)) You’re welcome ((SOMALI)) Moreover, I want to go to Somalia because my Somali friend told me that Somalia is beautiful..Therefore ((SOMALI)) **HADII SAAS TAHAY** If it’s like that, I want to go there..god willing I mean…you speak well hahahhaa ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) Take care ((SOMALI)) Happy new year!

((SOMALI)) You too ((SOMALI)) goodbye that is stupid,man hey, do you know what time this place closes? the stores close at 6 today 6 today? yea Sunday they close at 6 o’clock. They’re about to close right now only on Sundays we close at 6 though ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? yea ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) Good Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) No, I’m American ((SOMALI)) American? ((SOMALI)) Although I’m American, I want to learn Somali That’s good, that’s good yea ((SOMALI)) Yes How did you learn it though? ((SOMALI)) For example, I’m learning the language by using books and practicing with native speakers Oh, OK ((SOMALI)) Especially here in this city ((SOMALI)) The State of Ohio? ((SOMALI)) Because it seems that there are a lot of Somali people living here You speak Somali, that’s good,man I speak Somali, but I don’t speak a lot because ((SOMALI)) You were born here? ((SOMALI/ENGLISH)) No, I came here when I was 21 ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) OK You speak good though. Like those people who were born here, you’re way better than them hahahahhaa you’re 10 times better than them ((SOMALI)) Actually, I started learning Somali 5 months ago ((SOMALI)) 5 months ago? just 5 months? ((SOMALI)) That’s it that’s crazy hahahha that’s crazy,man ((SOMALI)) But I think this language is very difficult ((SOMALI)) Yea, it really is ((SOMALI)) Very much ((SOMALI)) But you’re learning ((SOMALI)) Yes as time goes by, it gets easier and easier ((SOMALI)) Yep ((SOMALI)) I agree with you, brother it depends though, like how you’re practicing now. The more practice the better you get ((SOMALI)) That’s true that’s good,man I was surprised when he started talking to me hahahahahahhahaahah is this guy Somali or what? hahahahhaa he said he was confused…lol ((SOMALI)) No..I’m not joking around ((SOMALI)) That’s very good,man ((SOMALI)) Very much ((SOMALI)) Thank you especially when you read books. That’s the original Somali ((SOMALI)) Yeah the one you’re speaking is the original language when we teenagers speak, it’s more like street language, you know what I mean? That’s good though. When you speak the original language, all of the people will like that but when you speak the street language, they won’t know what you’re talking about you gotta speak to the elder Somalis ((SOMALI)) That’s true ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) I’m very happy to have met you, my friend ((SOMALI)) Because I really like practicing this language in this way I’m surprised,man. You’re good ((SOMALI)) Although I’m not Muslim I like this religion ((SOMALI)) My friend is Muslim ((SOMALI))Is he Somali? ((SOMALI)) No, American ((SOMALI)) But my Somali friend lives in Sweden ((SOMALI/ENGLISH)) That’s very good. When you talk to more Somalis, you will learn more ((SOMALI)) Yes Once you start talking to more Somalis, you’re going to learn more words ((SOMALI)) That’s true ((SOMALI)) I like meeting new people, especially Somalis ((SOMALI)) When you talk with natives, you learn more and more ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) I agree ((SOMALI/ENGLISH))I was born here and didn’t know English I used to practice is all the time

((SOMALI)) Always I had no choice ((SOMALI)) I spoke with friends…native speakers ((SOMALI)) I learned a lot ((SOMALI)) Everyday ((SOMALI)) Yes, everyday ((SOMALI)) Learning languages is a good thing ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Hey, one more thing…happy new year ((SOMALI)) Happy new year! ((SOMALI)) Goodbye,brother ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) Goodnight hahhahahhahhahaa look at this dude right here Oh, he’s with his friends. I’m not going to do that to him right here,look oh, right there? yea oh my god hahahaha is that Korean? yea really? some behind you,too I’m about to um they’re Chinese I think excuse me, are you guys in this line? no do you know what time this movie place closes? hey Marcell, you don’t know what time thid movie place closes? Is it 8 o’clock? where’re you guys from? you mean my country? yea China ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) You speak Chinese? **uuh*** how do you know? ((MANDARIN)) You mean why do I want to learn? ((MANDARIN)) I’ve already been learning Chinese for a long time ((MANDARIN)) Awesome ((MANDARIN)) You’re excellent! hahahhahhaa ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? ((MANDARIN)) Close to Shanghai? ((MANDARIN)) How long have you been here in America for a long time? ((MANDARIN)) A few months oh wow ((MANDARIN)) So you guys just came here ((MANDARIN)) Do you like it? ((MANDARIN)) This city has all kinds of Chinese and Koreans..especially Chinese though ((MANDARIN)) You speak very well ((MANDARIN)) You’re being too nice ((MANDARIN)) Hey, you know confucious says ”Three people are walking and one of them must be my teacher”, right? hahahahaaha ((MANDARIN)) I apologize, I didn’t mean to bother you guys ((MANDARIN)) I just wanted to know what time this movie theatre closes ((MANDARIN)) Do you know or not? ((MANDARIN)) Perhaps it closes at 10 ((MANDARIN)) What movie do you plan to watch? Haven’t decided? ((MANDARIN)) Haven’t decided hahahhahaha how are you doing? good and yourself? I’m good this noodles? yea is that a whole box? you have a big family? yea hahahahhaha this lasts for like 2-3 weeks oh really? are you from Thailand? No, I’m Lao ((THAI/LAO)) Are you Lao? ((THAI)) You speak Thai? ((THAI)) Really? ((THAI)) Yes, really ((THAI)) Because I’m learning Thai as well that’s good is he pretty good? hahahahhaha how did you learn? ((THAI)) I have books and I like to practice with Thai people in this way

do you speak? I know some other Asian languages say ”I don’t know” ((THAI)) I don’t know hahahahhaha ((THAI)) Why can’t he? ((THAI)) Because he wants to learn Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Hello ((THAI)) I can speak Chinese,too ((MANDARIN)) Hello you speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) ‘How much is it’ My girlfriend’s from Singapore so she speaks Chinese Oh yea ((THAI)) My wife is from Taiwan you can go ahead, you only have two ((THAI)) Thanks a lot ((THAI)) You’re welcome ((THAI)) Nice to meet you ((THAI)) Nice to meet you I’ll get it alright how are you doing? good ((MANDARIN)) How are you today? ((MANDARIN)) Very good ((MANDARIN)) You’re very good today? ((MANDARIN)) My wallet ((MANDARIN)) I thought I left my wallet in the car haha ((THAI)) What’s your name? ((THAI)) My name is Moses. Nickname ((THAI)) English is Moses You speak Thai very good ((THAI)) just a little bit ((THAI)) I want to learn Thai because I think it’s beautiful ((THAI)) The Thai people are beautiful? hahahahha ((THAI)) The Thai people are beautiful as well lol ((THAI)) I think this language is tough ((THAI)) What’s your name? ((THAI)) Are you from Bangkok? oooh, Laos ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Fujian ((TAIWANESE)) Have you eaten yet? hahahhahahhahha ((TAIWANESE)) Do you speak Taiwanese? ((TAIWANESE)) I can speak Taiwanese because hahahahhahha ((TAIWANESE)) My wife is from Taiwan cool very good. He speaks my language,too yea,he speaks two languages..Chinese and one is Taiwanese which one do they speak? Mandarin and Taiwanese ((MANDARIN)) Are you Taiwanese? ((MANDARIN)) China ((MANDARIN)) Oh, Mainland China? ((MANDARIN)) Taiwan **Politics*** they speak too many languages yea. That’s good *******TAIWANESE SONG********* I know ‘I love you’

you said you know which one? ((MANDARIN)) I love you ((THAI)) I love you/I like you ((THAI)) I love you ((CANTONESE)) What about Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) What about Cantonese? Do you know it? ((CANTONESE)) I don’t know Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) You know Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) I know Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) Actually, I think Cantonese sounds better than Mandarin ((CANTONESE)) You speak good ((CANTONESE)) Thanks a lot ((THAI/LAO)) Nice to meet you. Goodbye ((LAO)) Goodbye ((MANDARIN)) See you next time ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) Happy new year! ((MANDARIN)) Happy new year! bye bye ((LAO)) Goodbye you eat here all the time? No this is my first time oh, this is your first time? where’re you from, by the way? I’m from Cameroon Oh, Camroon ((FRENCH)) You speak French,too? ((FRENCH)) Yes ((FRENCH)) Really? ((FRENCH)) Where are you from? ((FRENCH)) I’m an American ((FRENCH)) Although I’m an American, I want to learn French as well ((FRENCH)) That’s good ((FRENCH)) Are you at Ohio State? ((FRENCH)) No ((FRENCH)) At this moment, I’m working. I’m a teacher of other languages ((FRENCH)) That’s good ((FRENCH)) I think…**didn’t catch everything he said here** ((FRENCH)) How long have you been here for? ((FRENCH)) I’ve been here for **3 weeks** ((FRENCH)) Will be two months? that’s great ((FRENCH)) What’s your name? ((FRENCH)) My name is Moses ((FRENCH)) Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) Be careful ((MANDARIN)) I’m sorry hey Marcell? yea do you want to get something to drink over here? ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Beijing ((MANDARIN)) Oh, China’s capital ((MANDARIN)) Hey, I have a riddle for you, OK? ((MANDARIN)) Since you’re from China’s capital, I have a special riddle for you ((MANDARIN)) For example.. Everyone is standing in line to use the bathroom. Guess what this nation’s capital is ((MANDARIN)) London hahahaha ((MANDARIN)) That’s funny ((MANDARIN)) So funny lol ((MANDARIN)) ‘Singapore fried rice’ ((MANDARIN)) Thanks, buddy ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Fuzhou they’re speaking Arabic hey you speak Arabic? hey, where are you from? Morocco Morocco? yea ((ARABIC)) How are you? ((ARABIC)) I’m learning Arabic ((ARABIC)) You’re learning Arabic?

((ARABIC)) Yes ((ARABIC)) You’re American? ((ARABIC)) That’s great ((ARABIC)) Thanks ((ARABIC)) Who’s teaching you Arabic? ((ARABIC)) I don’t have a….**teacher** ((ARABIC)) I’m learning Arabic at home ((ARABIC)) At home? ((ARABIC)) Yes ((ARABIC)) Great ((ARABIC)) But I think Arabic is **tough** difficult? in Arabic? ((ARABIC)) I think Arabic is difficult oh, that’s the one I was trying to recall lol ((ARABIC)) Nice to meet you have a good day Morocco, that’s far oh! ((FRENCH)) You speak French, too? yea ((FRENCH)) You speak French? a little? ((FRENCH)) I’m learning French now ((FRENCH)) Where? ((FRENCH)) where? ((FRENCH)) At home ((FRENCH)) Just at home ((FRENCH)) Because I like learning languages ((FRENCH)) Well then, do you have the books? ((FRENCH)) Yes, books..moreover I like speaking with people ((FRENCH)) In order to practice more of the language ((FRENCH)) It’s important lol ((FRENCH)) Good luck ((ARABIC)) Thanks,thanks ((FRENCH)) No problem ((SPANISH)) Do you speak Spanish,too? hahhahahhahahhaa ((ARABIC)) Arabic and French ((ARABIC)) That’s it? ((ARABIC)) That’s it ((ARABIC)) Nice to meet you, brother they speak French? yea, in Morocco they speak French oh really? yea, we’re gonna have to go,man because they’re taking too long ((MANDARIN)) Could you bring some more of this chicken ((MANDARIN)) Oh, this? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, this ((MANDARIN)) Just on time yea! you gotta say ”Xie xie” ((MANDARIN)) Thanks ((CANTONESE)) How do you say this in Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) I don’t speak Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) You don’t speak Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) No, I can’t. I speak Fuzhou language ((MANDARIN)) I can’t speak Fuzhou language. I can only speak Mandarin and Cantonese ((MANDARIN)) Thanks. Goodnight ((MANDARIN)) Goodnight ((MANDARIN)) Goodnight ((MANDARIN)) Goodnight..goodnight that’s it? that’s all you want? yea, that’s it ((FRENCH)) Nice to meet you. Goodnight ((FRENCH)) Goodnight ((ARABIC)) See you later $9.35 ((MANDARIN)) Hey, wait a sec, my friend ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you want to wait for your friend? ((MANDARIN)) His Chinese is really good ((MANDARIN)) right. He’s awesome

((MANDARIN)) You’re being too nice hahahhaa ((MANDARIN)) You’re from the Southern part of China? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) Is this seperate or together? ((MANDARIN)) Together go ahead and put it up there man, mine might be ((MANDARIN)) What did you want to ask me just a minute ago? ((MANDARIN)) I asked, have you lived in China for a long time? ((MANDARIN)) I haven’t been over there ((MANDARIN)) You haven’t been there? ((MANDARIN)) I haven’t been there ((MANDARIN)) I’ve been studying Chinese here in America the whole time ((CANTONESE)) But I really **speaking** Cantonese hahahahhaa ((CANTONESE)) Cantonese is my favorite language ((MANDARIN)) That’s awesome ((CANTONESE)) Because I think Cantonese sounds better than Mandarin, right? ((MANDARIN)) Thanks ((MANDARIN)) I like Mandarin because I don’t understand Cantonese hahahhahahha ((CANTONESE)) You don’t understand Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) I don’t understand ((CANTONESE)) Not only that Bruce Lee is my idol lol how does he sound in Chinese? does he sound good? does he sound like an old man? hahahahahah does he sound like a woman in Chinese? hahahahhaa he speaks very well ((MANDARIN)) Don’t listen to him, he’s talking nonsense hahahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) Talkin’ nonsense ((MANDARIN)) His speech is very close to ours ((MANDARIN)) We don’t speak as good as he does ((MANDARIN)) That’s flattering ((MANDARIN) Actually, he’s going to start learning Chinese tomorrow. I will teach him ((MANDARIN)) Then you’ll definitely be a good teacher hahahahhahaha ((MANDARIN)) Is that it? ((MANDARIN)) His is a bit heavier ((MANDARIN))This one is mine? ((MANDARIN)) Yours is the lighter one ((MANDARIN)) Oh, the lighter one..ok ((MANDARIN)) Happy new year ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you. Goodnight ((CANTONESE)) See you next time! where’s the baby? it’s me and him today do you remember me ((MANDARIN)) You don’t remember me. A long time ago I spoke with you ((MANDARIN)) You haven’t come for a while ((MANDARIN)) Yea, it’s been a while ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) Who told you to come back? lol hahaha ((MANDARIN)) What’s up? ((MANDARIN)) Are you guys playing videos games? ((MANDARIN)) No Wow, your Chinese is pretty good ((MANDARIN)) He speaks very well ((MANDARIN)) You’re too nice ((MANDARIN)) All of you are from Mainland China? ((MANDARIN)) We’re friends ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? ((MANDARIN)) He’s from Taiwan and he’s from Hong Kong ((MANDARIN)) Oh, Hong Kong ((TAIWANESE)) Have you eaten yet? ((TAIWANESE)) Have you slept…isn’t it cold? she’s kidding…she’s kidding HAHAHHAHAHHAHA we’re from the Mainland we speak Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) That’s too bad ((MANDARIN)) How long have you been here already for? ((MANDARIN)) 3 years ((MANDARIN)) You work at this restaurant? No, I don’t work here. I’m a student ((MANDARIN)) At OSU? OSU ((MANDARIN)) What’s your major? Chemistry Pre Med ((MANDARIN)) Do you like that University? ((MANDARIN)) Not bad? ((MANDARIN)) So-so? Oh, cool! horse horse tiger tiger hahahhahahha where did you learn Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) I didn’t start learning until I was 18. I’m self-taught you have talent? ((MANDARIN)) Talent? ((MANDARIN)) I don’t know, because I feel anyone can learn Chinese or any other language ((MANDARIN)) It just takes a lot of time ((MANDARIN)) Actually, tomorrow he will start learning ((MANDARIN)) He will start learning tomorrow? (MANDARIN)) Yea really? hahahhahhaa he has a gf that speaks Chinese,too ((MANDARIN)) I know ((MANDARIN)) She can speak, but it seems that she’s afraid to speak

talk to Li Ying she doesn’t like talking in Chinese. I don’t know why ((MANDARIN)) She’s very afraid she knows it ((MANDARIN)) What else do you like to do besides studying? Must be playing video games,right? not really, I used to play a lot Call of Duty hahahhaahahahhaaha he said Call of Duty ((MANDARIN)) What else? ((MANDARIN)) Just Call of Duty? No…World of WarCraft ((MANDARIN)) Of course hahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) This is a famous game ((MANDARIN)) Did you say that your friend is from Hong Kong? No, we’re all Mainland My city is next to Hong Kong ((MANDARIN)) Where? Shenzhen Shenzhen? You’re from Shenzhen?!!? Maaaaan ((MANDARIN)) Is he from Shenzhen as well? Tianjin ((CANTONESE)) Do you speak Cantonese? a little bit ((CANTONESE)) I like learning Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) Cantonese is my favorite language you have a talent ((CANTONESE)) Really? ((CANTONESE)) I don’t know are you dinning here or carry out? ((CANTONESE)) We’ve already eaten ((MANDARIN)) Are you from Beijing? ((MANDARIN)) No,I’m not. I’m from Fujian ((TAIWANESE)) Have you eaten yet? ((TAIWANESE)) No sleep? ((TAIWANESE)) You don’t speak Taiwanese? Actually, your Mandarin Chinese is better than hers No it’s not yea Your pronunciation is better than mine ((MANDARIN)) No way yea ((MANDARIN)) It really is ((MANDARIN)) How could that be possible? ((MANDARIN)) But which language you originally? Fuzhou language ((CANTONESE)) Do you speak that? ((MANDARIN)) I don’t ((MANDARIN)) Just Cantonese..Taiwanese,a bit of Shanghainese ((MANDARIN)) Where’s that, I don’t know where they speak that language Shanghai ((MANDARIN)) I have a lot of experience with this language ((MANDARIN)) It’s time to eat ((MANDARIN)) What are you going to eat? ((MANDARIN)) I’ve never eaten that before ((MANDARIN)) Don’t forget to wash your hands. Wash them first hahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) Before you eat hahhahahhaha what’s your name? My name’s Marcell ((MANDARIN)) My American name is Moses ((MANDARIN)) Moses? ((MANDARIN)) That name in the bible Oh Are you Christian? ((MANDARIN)) No. I’m not a Christian. I don’t have a religion Why did you choose that name? ((MANDARIN)) My parents gave me this name ((MANDARIN)) My father and grandfather’s name is Moses as well last name? ((MANDARIN)) No, my last name is McCormick ((MANDARIN)) But my Chinese name is Mouse ((MANDARIN)) Mouse? ((MANDARIN)) Right that’s not a good name,dude hahahahaha ((MANDARIN)) This is just a nickname though ((MANDARIN)) Nickname ((MANDARIN)) But I’m not the year of the rat. I’m the year of the Chicken Marcell? and Moses? ((MANDARIN)) Moses or mouse..both are OK although that’s a nickname, it’s not a good name hahahhahahhahaha ((MANDARIN)) I know, I know ((MANDARIN)) Take care you should go back to that dinner table man..we’ll be here all night,dude I know ((SPANISH)) Is this a new market?

No South Korean ((SPANISH)) I know Korean Store ((SPANISH)) Is it new? No ((SPANISH)) How long has it been here for? ((SPANISH)) there’s another one at a different location, but it’s been almost 8 years ((SPANISH)) 8 years? ((SPANISH)) I’ve been working here for 13 years ((SPANISH)) This is just Korean though ((SPANISH)) Just Korean? ((SPANISH)) There’s an international one Serega? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) I know ((SPANISH)) But it’s not good the new one closed 3 times because they didn’t pass inspection ((SPANISH)) 3 times? yes ((SPANISH)) 3 times They came here to Ohio because they were expecting a lot of Chinese and Spanish people,but A lot of people were complaining ((SPANISH)) I see It wasn’t so clean ((SPANISH)) I understand ((SPANISH)) Thanks a lot ((SPANISH)) I like to practice other language so I decided to come here ((SPANISH)) I like to practice languages such as Korean and others like Chinese ((SPANISH)) Chinese,eh ((SPANISH)) I can speak a bit of Korean. A little bit ((SPANISH)) Really? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) For example? ((SPANISH)) How old are you ((KOREAN)) How old are you? ((SPANISH)) I know ((SPANISH)) What is your name ((KOREAN)) What is your name ((SPANISH)) How long have you been working here for? ((SPANISH)) 13 years ((SPANISH)) 13 Years? ((SPANISH)) Do you like working here? ((SPANISH)) For me, since I like learning other languages, I would like to work in a place like this one ((SPANISH)) I don’t have the time no, but ((SPANISH)) Thank you,sir ((SPANISH)) Have a good day ((SPANISH)) Have a good day ((KOREAN)) Is there any Chapchae here? ((KOREAN))There isn’t any? ((KOREAN))No ah, it’s here ((KOREAN))It’s here. Thanks how many languages do you speak? hahahhahaha ((KOREAN)) A lot of them You spoke Spanish over there ((KOREAN)) Do you know? you speak Spanish,right? ((KOREAN)) Yes Spanish and now Korean hahahhaha ((KOREAN)) Chinese,too Your major is..? ((KOREAN)) My major? no you’re not a student? ((KOREAN)) I’m a teacher now what kind? ((KOREAN)) For example, English, Chinese, Japanese Have you been in Korea? ((KOREAN)) I haven’t been to Korean, but I’ve already been to Taiwan and Japan ((KOREAN)) My wife is from Taiwan so….I’ve been to Taiwan already

your wife is from Taiwan? ((KOREAN)) That’s precisely correct ((KOREAN)) But you speak Korean I’m so surprised hahahahhaha ((KOREAN)) Really? ((KOREAN)) Of course I would like to go to Korea in the future as well what is your major? ((KOREAN)) I’m not a student ((KOREAN)) Oh you’re not a student? ((KOREAN)) I can speak a little Korean,but ((KOREAN)) Which part of Korea are you from? South Korea Seoul ((KOREAN)) Of course! hahahahahahhaah it’s slang ((KOREAN)) I know nice to meet you ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you ((KOREAN)) What’s your name? ((KOREAN)) My name is Moses ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you. Thank you ((KOREAN)) How are you? you eat Chapchae? ((KOREAN)) Of course…because it’s very delicious oh my god ((KOREAN)) I like eating chapchae hahahahaha I understand that. It is good ((KOREAN)) Yes ((KOREAN)) Moreover, I like studying Korean good have you been to Korea? ((KOREAN)) I haven’t been to Korea yet, but I’ve already been to Taiwan and Japan ((KOREAN)) Japan and Taiwan? oh wow did you ever plan to go to South Korea? ((KOREAN)) Of course! In the future ((KOREAN) My wife is from Korea so ((KOREAN)) Where are you from in Korea? Seoul ((KOREAN)) You as well? Suan Actually, I came fron Suan then moved to Seoul it’s just SouthWest ((KOREAN)) I see ((KOREAN)) What’s your name? ((KOREAN)) My name is Moses cool ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you! ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you ,too ((KOREAN)) I want to practice a little so My business is just next door.Dr. Computer At the end of this building. It’s called Dr. Computer I’ll get you on of my cards ((KOREAN)) How long have you been living here in America for? More than 25 years ((KOREAN)) Your English is cool Oh really? you don’t have an accent. I don’t hear it, well, sometimes I do when I get tired hahahahahaha like during the finals week, my English is like ((KOREAN)) How long have you been working there for? Just one year ((KOREAN)) One year? you don’t have to bring the computer, you can just stop by ((KOREAN)) Practice Korean that’s good ((KOREAN)) Thanks a lot ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you. Have a nice day Sure hahahahaa ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? what? ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) You can speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I can ((MANDARIN)) I just heard you guys speaking you’ve studied Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) I’ve been learning for a long time

have you ever been to China? ((MANDARIN)) No but how can you speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Because I’ve already been learning this languagee for a long time for how long? ((MANDARIN)) Is your major Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) No. I’m not a student anymore ((MANDARIN)) Then how come you can speak Chinese? hahahahahahha ((MANDARIN)) I started learning when I was 18 ((MANDARIN)) You taught yourself? ((MANDARIN)) Yea wow very impressive ((MANDARIN)) I didn’t realize you guys were Chinese, but I heard you speaking Mandarin over there so ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you guys from? Hubei ((MANDARIN)) All of you are from Hubei? ((MANDARIN)) He can speak Chinese!!?? hahahahha ((MANDARIN)) You guys study at OSU? yea ((MANDARIN)) What’s your major? ((MANDARIN)) We’re exchange students ((MANDARIN)) Do you like it? ((MANDARIN)) Yes hahahhahaha Do you live in Columbus? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I live here, but my hometown in just north of this city. Akron. Have you heard of it before? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) It’s two hours away from here ((MANDARIN)) You’re awesome ((MANDARIN)) What did you do to study Chinese by yourself? ((MANDARIN)) You taught yourself? ((MANDARIN)) It’s a long story hahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) I didn’t mean to bother you all, you can continue shopping ((MANDARIN)) You should go to China and have fun ((MANDARIN)) Of course, but now I don’t have time and money so I will wait until the future ((MANDARIN)) I will go to China and other places..Taiwan ((MANDARIN)) Travel ((MANDARIN)) Travel, right ((MANDARIN)) You speak very well. It’s standard ((MANDARIN)) Thanks ((MANDARIN)) Hey, you know Confucious said ”Three people walking, one of them must be my teacher” ((MANDARIN)) Excellent! hahahhahha ((MANDARIN)) Alrighty, you guys continue your shopping bye bye ((MANDARIN)) Be safe on the roads..goodnight This Walmart,man…this is stupid look do you know where the A1 steak sauce is? A1 steak sauce? yea, you’re a man, so I figured you would know ***Yea, come on over here so I can get these EXPs real quick*** I think it’s down there which one? it’s further down, yea you’re looking for steak sauce? ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) So those are your friends? ((MANDARIN)) I just spoke with them that’s steak sauce ((MANDARIN)) Your Chinese is very good ((MANDARIN)) Thanks you ((MANDARIN)) Have you ever been to China? ((MANDARIN)) No I haven’t been to China before ((MANDARIN)) You certainly must go ((MANDARIN)) I definitely will go ((MANDARIN)) I especially want to go to Beijing and Shanghai..etc ((MANDARIN)) Alright, continue your shopping Byebye bye You’re alright, you’re OK ((SOMALI)) How are you? I’m good ((SOMALI)) How are you today ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) You good? yes wait…did you learn how to speak Somali or are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali now hahahahaha wow, you’re good ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) No,no ((SOMALI)) I started this language 3 months ago

wow, you’re good hahahaha you’re better than me ((SOMALI)) Really, but your Somali though ((SOMALI)) I’m Somali, but ((SOMALI)) You were born here? No, I wasn’t born here. I can here when I was 11 Are you really American? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m American, but although I’m American I really like learning this language wooow ((SOMALI)) I especially like meeting Somali’s to practice in this way he’s good ((SOMALI)) He speaks Somali Do you understand us when we speak about you or when someone says something? ((SOMALI)) Yes,a bit ((SOMALI)) How are you today? hahahhaha ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) I want to speak in Somali with you in order to practice hahahhaha you already learned it ((SOMALI)) Just a little ((SOMALI)) God willing I will learn Somali keep it up. You’re good ((SOMALI)) Really? you have a different accent though. There’s a differen dialect there’s a different dialect. The way you speak is like Western All I know is you look like a kid who was born in America and is trying to learn Somali ((SOMALI)) OK but keep it up though ((SOMALI)) I have to work hard in order to learn it see, I can’t even say those words you can’t say that? ((SOMALI)) Please repeat that ((SOMALI)) ”Keep it up and you will learn it” Do you have a lot of Somali friends? ((SOMALI)) Actually, my friend what? she laughed because she asked you in English then you answered back in Somali ((SOMALI)) My Somali friend lives in Sweden, so..I like to practice with him she said whoever’s teaching you, they’re from a different dialect she said see you around ((SOMALI)) Soon ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you. Goodnight bye ((SOMALI)) Goodbye do they sell wave greese here? do you want that one? there’s one called DAX. Have you ever heard of it? I don’t think they sell it here I used to use that….the guy who cut my hair oh, that’s cool, that’s cool Are you from Ghana? No, Sierra Leonne ((FRENCH)) How is going? No, we don’t speak French Nah, we were colonized by the British Oh we speak English **NOT THIS TIME** excuse me ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) Good who taught you my language ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali now ((SOMALI)) Oh, you’re learning Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes. I can speak a little Somali, but where are you from? ((SOMALI)) I’m American ((SOMALI))American? ((SOMALI)) Yes

((SOMALI)) But I want to learn Somali ((SOMALI)) Because a lot of Somalis live here in Columbus, Ohio ((SOMALI)) Therefore..I always like this….lolol ((SOMALI)) Learning like this? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) I like meeting new people and visiting new places very interesting hahahhahhaha…very interesting? yea ((SOMALI)) What’s your name,brother? ((SOMALI)) You? Moses or Musa ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Are you Muslim? ((SOMALI)) No ((SOMALI)) but my friend is Muslim ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you good luck with the Somali ((SOMALI)) Thanks,brother ((SOMALI)) My brother and my sister hahahahhaa ((SOMALI)) Goodbye ((SOMALI)) Goodbye Hey Daniel? yes this is 24 hrs today? we close at 12 oh, OK. Thanks Daniel are you from Ghana? yes because it seems like there’re lot of Ghanians working here not now a lot not now before? before there used to be a lot ((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) I’m good If I say ‘eteso jaa’ you would not understand ((TWI)) I’m studying a little Twi ((TWI)) You’re learning Twi? ((TWI)) Because my friend taught me some just a little though if it’s not good what do we say? if I say ‘etesojaa’ it’s like fire like it’s exciting? say it again ‘etesojaa’ I just learned something new. You just taught me something! ((TWI)) Thanks a lot OK goodbye ((TWI)) Goodbye hey how are you doing? ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) Good, good ((SOMALI)) How about you? ((SOMALI)) I’m good, thanks to god ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) I’m learning this language now ((SOMALI)) You learn Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) That’s good ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Where are you from? ((SOMALI)) I’m American ((SOMALI)) American? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) I was born here ((SOMALI)) I was born in Akron, but I’ve been living here for 10 years already ((SOMALI)) That’s a long time ((SOMALI)) Yes..a long time ((SOMALI)) I like living here because many Somalis live here ((SOMALI)) Yes, a lot of Somalis ((SOMALI)) Therefore I lways practice Somali like this ((SOMALI)) Yes, practicing with the people ((SOMALI)) What do you do? Huh? ((SOMALI)) What do you do? Why? ((SOMALI)) Where do you work? ((SOMALI)) I’m a teacher

((SOMALI)) At home private ((SOMALI)) Please repeat that ((SOMALI)) ”What do you teach?” Oh,it means write? ((SOMALI)) Languages ((SOMALI)) For example, Chinese, Japanese ((SOMALI)) What languages do you speak? ((SOMALI)) Somali, Japanese, Chinese..a lot ((SOMALI)) A lot of languages ((SOMALI)) Because I like learning many languages ((SOMALI)) Especially Somali hahhahahhahahahha ((SOMALI)) Actually, I started learning Somali 3 months ago ((SOMALI)) 3 months ago? ((SOMALI)) Yes, only 3 months,therefore my Somali is bad it’s good, it’s good you’re good, you’re better than hahahahhahaha ((SOMALI)) Somali people hahhaha ((SOMALI)) Seriously? ((SOMALI)) I’m serious Only 3 months? ((SOMALI)) Yes I don’t think so ((SOMALI)) I’m not joking around ((SOMALI)) But it’s tough ((SOMALI)) Very much ((SOMALI)) It’s easy ((SOMALI)) Well, you’re Somali so it’s easy ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) If you’re Somali, it’s easy for you ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses Moses? ((SOMALI)) Yes, and you? ((SOMALI)) I must say that I’m very happy to have met you, my brother ((SOMALI)) Because I like practicing Somali ((SOMALI)) Right ((SOMALI)) Us too hahahahahhahha ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) I understand ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) You’re welcome ((SOMALI)) Have you been to any Somali restaurants? ((SOMALI)) Right…a lot

((SOMALI)) Always ((SOMALI)) To practice I’ve been to a lot of the restaurants I went to Global Mall to practice Somali ((SOMALI)) A lot ((SOMALI)) I’m learning the language by using textbooks and practicing with native speakers ((SOMALI)) Moreover ((SOMALI)) I mean..I learn by using books, going to chatrooms in order to find people to practice ((SOMALI)) Moreover, my Somali friend lives in Sweden Sweden? ((SOMALI)) Yes, therefore, I like to meet with him in order to practice Somali ((SOMALI)) Well, anyway..I just like to that’s not Somali it’s from Arabic hahahhahahhaha ((SOMALI)) Arabic? it’s like anyway ((SOMALI)) Right in Somali it’s ‘Sikastaba’ ((SOMALI)) **Do you know other languages?** ((SWAHILI)) Do you speak Swahili as well? yeah a little ((SWAHILI)) A little bit? yea oh ((SWAHILI)) I like studying this languageas well you learn many languages it’s fun,man it’ll be better for you for the future ((SOMALI)) Yes, I agree with you you can be an Ambassador hahahhaha((SOMALI)) God willing ((SOMALI)) Since English is my native tongue, Somali is very difficult to learn ((SOMALI)) Out of those languages you speak, which one is the most difficult to learn? It depends..if it’s grammar, Somali is harder yes, grammar but writing and reading? Chinese Somali grammar is hard ((SOMALI)) Very much, so I have to work very hard in order to learn it Alright, I don’t want to keep you guys ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI))Goodnight. Goodbye hahahhhahhaha aw,man…that is ridiculous,dude…I’m telling you ((SOMALI)) Keep moving Huh? ((SOMALI)) Please say it again

((SOMALI)) I’m over there that means I’m over there? yea it’s rich. The Somali language is rich because they have so many ways of saying things yea different tribes different tribes, yea ((SOMALI)) Do you know any other languages? ((SOMALI)) Do you know other languages, I mean? ((SOMALI)) For example, Arabic, Swahili some people know it we don’t…just Somali Oh, OK ((SOMALI)) Alrighty ((SOMALI)) Goodbye. Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Goodnight is this a new place? No, it’s been here a long time do you know the people here? the people who work here? yea oh, OK. Cool how are you doing? good hey..sorry is this a new place? it’s been here for about 3 years 3 years? you’ve never been here before? this is my first time really? introduce yourself to her hahaha..introduce myself she’ll take care of you OK so are you guys from Lagos? no, we’re from Kenya oh, you’re from Kenya? yea! oooh, I was thinking you guys were from Nigeria! no it’s just we enjoy our Africaness ((SWAHILI)) How are you? ((SWAHILI)) Good ((SWAHILI)) Do you speak Swahili as well? say that again hahahhaa ((SWAHILI)) Do you speak Swahili as well? Oh, OK. You’re saying do you speak Swahilli,too ((SWAHILI)) We speak Swahili ((SWAHILI)) Yeah ((SWAHILI)) I like studying this Swahili language OK where’d you learn Swahili,man? ((SWAHILI)) I’m studying Swahili at home ((SWAHILI)) At home? yea ((SWAHILI)) Because I don’t have a teacher, therefore I’m just learning at home for teaching yourself ((SWAHILI)) You’re self-taught ((SWAHILI)) Really? ((SWAHILI)) Thanks a lot,sir hahahahahha ((SWAHILI)) Thanks a lot,sir yea, we’re from Kenya this guy literally grew up in Nairobi so he knows more Swahili than I do he’s been here for quite a while so he forgot some of it ((SWAHILI)) **You speak Swahili and any other languages?** it’s starting to come back!…hold on!! hahahahahhaha it’s practice

all we need is a fee from you then we can hahahahahha Swahili, English and Kiluia. It’s our tribal language what is it? Kiluia ((SWAHILI)) I don’t speak that one it will be a bit troublesome in the future if you come to Kenya, because of the different languages yea, the dialects many Kenyans don’t speak English or Swahili so it’s very confusing OK. So you live in this part of the town or? ((SWAHILI)) Yes, I live you know where Easton is? ((SWAHILI)) I live over there man, it’s been a loong time I haven’t practiced Swahili what made you start learning Swahili? Was it a girl? ((SWAHILI)) What’s your name? you? ((SWAHILI)) My name is Moses or Musa he actually knows the name yea why did you stop learning it’s been a long time I was a student at OSU. When I was over there i took some languages courses I took Swahili and Zulu, but that was a long time ago. And then I stopped after that I wanted to start back up so I did using some books at home but I couldn’t find people to practice with. You know if you don’t have people to practice with you probably couldn’t find them because people my age don’t want to speak Swahili Oh, they don’t want to speak? if you don’t have people to practice with it’s no easy you’re actually doing better than my younger brothers who were born there my youngest brother once in a while know when you’re not speaking it everyday yea, you gotta practice..that’s the thing with language. If you don’t practice you know, the younger generation want to fit in yea, they want to fit in. Exactly! but you don’t want to lose your language though,man what did Nelson Mandela say? ”If you speak to a man in a language that he knows, it goes to his head, but if you speak to him in his own native language it goes to his heart” so is that why you killed him? hahahahaha! he said is that why I killed him! lol there’s also another quote in Kenya ((SWAHILI)) If you don’t identify yourself with your heritage you become a slave you become a slave. I like that It’s kind of true though like in my case, I’m more comfortable in English than I am in Swahili how long have you been living here for? for too long ((SWAHILI)) Nice to met you,brother yea ((SWAHILI)) My brothers yea your brother exactly ((ARABIC)) That’s right do they use that in Swahili? what does that mean? ”that’s true” oh,OK. It’s affirmation so what did you major in at OSU? Chinese I was a Chinese major Chinese? yea what’s wrong with you? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! he said what’s wrong with me lol I told you,man I’m into languages I love languages that’s good that’s impressive it’s fun that just goes to show you, never judge a book by its cover yea

you judge, you’ll make a mistake ((SWAHILI)) Goodbye have a good one how are you doing? my food is just sitting there I didn’t know this place was here ooh how much is it? $10 $10? OK Yea, I didn’t know this place was here. I didn’t know there were many Nigerian restaurants Oh,OK. Are you from Nigeria? Well, my ancestors were your ancestors? that’s good Yoruba and Igbo tribe that’s where they’re from are you from there? I’m from Nigeria oh you are? Yoruba,yes Oh ((YORUBA)) How are you? ((YORUBA)) How are you ((YORUBA)) What’s your name? what’s your name ((YORUBA)) Yes right? **BEENI** hahahaha ((YORUBA)) My name is Moses ((YORUBA)) My name is Ester Oh, Ester? Uh huh ((YORUBA)) But my Yoruba name is Mouse hahahahhaa ((YORUBA)) What’s your name? ((YORUBA)) My Yoruba name is Mouse ((YORUBA)) Rat?!?? Ekute means rat! hahhahahahhhahahahh!! ((YORUBA)) Yes where did you learn that? I like learning languages ((YORUBA)) Yoruba is an interesting language, but HAHAHAHAHA!! ((YORUBA)) But it’s also a difficult language Oh, I’m proud of you! hahahahahhaa you just made my day. Oh my god ((YORUBA)) Thanks a lot oh, bless your heart I love learning languages wow oh wow, nothing wants to how do you say OK? ((YORUBA)) Thanks a lot ((YORUBA)) Thank you. God bless you hahahhaa ((YORUBA)) Goodbye have a nice day! you too thank you,Moses hahahaha do you know if they sell puzzles? you know like jigsaw puzzles? I don’t know if they sell them here hahahahhaha are those puzzles? yes, they’re puzzles like you mean jigsaw puzzles? yea, jigsaw puzzles she knows just look for the picture you like OK like this one. When you put something together it looks like this 1000 pieces yea lol OK cool you guys are from China aren’t you? yep ((MANDARIN)) You’re Chinese from where? hahahahhaa ((MANDARIN)) Most definitely ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Guizhou ((MANDARIN)) Have you been there? ((MANDARIN)) No, but long ago I had a friend from Guizhou and what was that place called Guangzhou ((MANDARIN)) Then where have you been in China? ((MANDARIN)) I haven’t been to China yet ((MANDARIN)) You hven’t been there? Then you can speak Chinese very well hhahahahha ((MANDARIN)) You’re being too nice ((MANDARIN)) Your Chinese is very good ((MANDARIN)) You’re being too nice Oh my god, you’re so modest hahahahahhahahha ((MANDARIN)) It’s because confucious said that there’s 3 people walking and one of them must be my teacher HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH ((MANDARIN)) Is that right or not? ((MANDARIN)) That’s right ((MANDARIN)) Although I can say a lot, there’s still things to learn ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) But I feel that you could communicate without any problems ((MANDARIN)) Of course, because I’ve been learning for a long time. More than 10 years ((MANDARIN)) That’s really not bad. Our English is still bad hahahhahahhaha

((MANDARIN)) You understand what I just asked you so I had no idea what jigsaw puzzle was though hahahhahahahhaa but I know that one..jigsaw ((MANDARIN)) How do you say that in Chinese? pintu it means piece things together is that pinyin de pin? yes, pinyin de pin ((MANDARIN)) OK, that’s freaking cool hahahhhahhah there you go hahahahahaa ((MANDARIN)) I want to buy ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) What’s your name? ((MANDARIN)) My American name is Moses. That Christian name in the bible Moses? ((MANDARIN)) But my Chinese name is Mouse. Nickname ((MANDARIN)) Mouse?! ((MANDARIN)) Right. This is just a nickname though OK, mouse ((MANDARIN)) Don’t laugh at me that works hahahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) Alrighty, you guys continue your shopping ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) Thank you guys ****IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL SERIOUS IN A MINUTE**** hey, do you know if they sell those nintendo games? games? like nintendo games you know the older nintendo games? let me ask him do you guys sell nintendo games? what is it? nintendo games nintendo 64 games the older nintendo games? if I have any, they will be on the showcase. You see where it says Call of Duty? it’s behing that on the last showcase OK thanks thanks. Your name Najima? Are you Somali? yes ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m Somali ((SOMALI)) You speak Somali? ((SOMALI)) Because I’m studying this language now ((SOMALI)) Somali language? ((SOMALI)) Yes good,good ((SOMALI)) because there’s a lot of Somali people living here in Columbus, Ohio ((SOMALI/ENGLISH)) Columbus, Ohio? That’s why you’re learning? ((SOMALI)) Yes wow ((SOMALI)) Therefore, godwilling I will learn Somali wow ((SOMALI)) a little ((SOMALI)) a little? ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses are you Muslim? ((SOMALI)) No ((SOMALI)) You’re not a Muslim,but do you want to be a Muslim? ((SOMALI)) I don’t know hahahhahahha you’re doing good ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) I started learning Somali 3 months ago ((SOMALI)) Are you serious?!!? ((SOMALI)) I’m serious. Not joking around wow ((SOMALI)) You’re good ((SOMALI)) I’m good? ((SOMALI)) Thank you my sister ((SOMALI)) My Somali friend ((SOMALI)) You have a Somali friend? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) My Somali friend lives in Sweden ((SOMALI)) So I like to practice Somali with my Somali friend ((SOMALI)) He lives in Sweden and I practice with him ((SOMALI)) You practice with him? ((SOMALI)) Yes internet or? ((SOMALI)) Well, I learned by using textbooks and going to chatrooms in order to find native speakers for practice ((SOMALI)) You’re good Nice to see you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) OK ((SOMALI))Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you, thanks ((SOMALI)) Goodbye hahahha go ahead hey, do you know what time it is? 4:09 ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Over there Are you on Youtube? ((SOMALI)) Yea

You were speaking Somali you saw it? yea yea, I saw that are you serious??!! yea ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yea ((SOMALI)) Did you like it? ((SOMALI)) It was cool hahahahhahhaha ((SOMALI)) It’s just I’m learning this language now because many Somali people live here ((SOMALI)) Yea ((SOMALI)) Therefore, god willing I will learn Somali ((SOMALI)) God willing ((SOMALI)) Yes, god willing you’re pretty good though ((SOMALI)) Well actually I started learning Somali 3 months ago when did you make that video? ((SOMALI)) 3 months ago oh wow, you saw that video? yea a lot of people saw it,too that’s crazy,man! wow ((SOMALI)) Thanks,brother alright ((SOMALI))Goodbye It’s time to level up!! hello! hello take out what would you like? Do you know? I don’t know, this is my first time here hahahha first time your first time coming here? yea you can sit down here OK like reading a book hahaha I’m just kidding you can sit down,sir Oh, I’m OK I’m OK, thanks what would you recommend here? you know we have two different types of menus this one’s for the Chinese people and this one’s for the American people I’m not sure..Chinese people really like that one. I’m not sure if American people would like it is that what you would recommend? spicy,yeah the American people also like the fried rice ((MANDARIN)) Actually, I can speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I can ((MANDARIN)) Your speech is very standard hahahhaa ((MANDARIN)) Where did you learn it? Someone taught you? because your speech is standard ((MANDARIN)) Thank you, but You’re being too nice ((MANDARIN)) No, you speak very well. Where did you learn it? ((MANDARIN)) I taught myself ((MANDARIN)) That’s impossible ((MANDARIN)) Impossible? hahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) Why would you say it’s impossible? ((MANDARIN) Then you tell me how I can learn English through self-study ((MANDARIN)) How to learn through self-study..watching movies?! ((MANDARIN)) I’ve already been learning Chinese for a long time ((MANDARIN)) For example..I watch movies..practice with all kinds of Chinese people ((MANDARIN)) But when you watch the movies, how are you watching them? Over and over or? ((MANDARIN)) I watched Chow Yun Fat movie ((MANDARIN)) Is this one movie or? ((MANDARIN) Just one ((MANDARIN)) It was a program ((MANDARIN)) A program on T.V.? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, a program on T.V Good ((MANDARIN)) You speak very well ((MANDARIN)) Because through self-study it would be more convenient hahahahaha ((MANDARIN)) You like Chinese culture? ((MANDARIN)) Of course. Although I like it, I haven’t been there yet ((MANDARIN)) Go and have a look haha ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? ((MANDARIN)) North of China ((MANDARIN)) Near Beijing ((MANDARIN)) How long have you been living here for? ((MANDARIN)) More than 5 years ((MANDARIN)) Do you like it? ((MANDARIN)) It’s OK ((MANDARIN)) It’s OK? ((MANDARIN)) I don’t know what I want have a seat and take your time this is Chinese

you can speak, but can you read? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I can. This is ‘Beef Noodle Soup’ Good, very good you can sit here hahahhaha do you want me to bring the water for you? ((MANDARIN)) No need ((MANDARIN)) Sit down and look it over ((MANDARIN)) I think I’m going to order….hmm ((MANDARIN)) Do you like eating spicy food? ((MANDARIN)) Beef noodle soup ((MANDARIN)) Which one? There’s this noodle soup and this one ((MANDARIN)) They’re made by hand first ((MANDARIN)) Which one is better? ((MANDARIN)) I’ll let you decide Spicy beef noodles? thank you ((MANDARIN)) Have a seat hahahaha go have a seat oh, I’m OK. Is this place new? what? is this place new? yes how long has it been open for? over a year are you Chinese? yea. We’re all Chinese ((MANDARIN)) We can speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Practice Chinese ((MANDARIN)) $9.00 ((MANDARIN)) I forgot my wallet in the car. I’ll be right back ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) You’re welcome ((MANDARIN)) How long has this restaurant been open for? ((MANDARIN)) It’s been open for about a year ((MANDARIN)) A year? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) So what do you normally practice? ((MANDARIN)) Practicing Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Yea hahahhaah ((MANDARIN)) Making sentences..practicing idiomas. Just conversation ((MANDARIN)) Oh, conversation? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, because lately ((MANDARIN)) Is this one mine? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, that one’s yours ((MANDARIN)) Practicing sentences and you know riddle? ((MANDARIN)) Everybody’s waiting in line to use the bathroom. Guess this nation’s capital ((MANDARIN)) Do you know? ((MANDARIN)) Know what the riddle is? ((MANDARIN)) I mean, I want you to guess the riddle. What would the answer be? ((MANDARIN)) Say it hahahhahahaha ((MANDARIN)) Everybody’s waiting in line to use the toilet. Guess this nation’s capital ((MANDARIN)) Oh,everybody’s waiting in line to use the bathroom is the riddle? ((MANDARIN)) Right. You guess this nation’s capital ((MANDARIN)) Guess the country’s capital? ((MANDARIN)) Right hahhahahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) Take a guess ((MANDARIN)) The capital? ((MANDARIN)) I can’t guess what it is ((MANDARIN)) You can’t guess? ((MANDARIN)) Are you sure? London hahahahhhhhahahha **I had a hard time hearing what was said around this point** good. Good for you ((MANDARIN)) But my Chinese is getting bad ((MANDARIN)) Why? ((MANDARIN)) Because I don’t speak it that much ((MANDARIN)) You don’t have any friends? ((MANDARIN))Well, this city has a lot of Chinese people so there’s a lot of opportunities to practice it

((MANDARIN)) but now I’m busy studying other languages ((MANDARIN)) Of course English is my first language. Chinese is my second. Japanese is my third and 4th is Korean ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? Harbin ((MANDARIN)) How long have you been living in America for? ((MANDARIN)) a few months ((MANDARIN)) A few months? ((MANDARIN)) Do you like it? ((MANDARIN)) It’s OK ((MANDARIN)) Where’s he from? ((MANDARIN)) He’s from Mexico ((MANDARIN)) I want to speak with him for a bit hahaha ((SPANISH)) How are you? ((SPANISH)) I want to practice a little Spanish with you ((SPANISH)) What’s your name? ((SPANISH)) I mean, I want to practice a little Spanish with you now oooooh ((SPANISH)) You like Spanish? ((SPANISH))Spanish,yes ((SPANISH)) Where are you from? ((SPANISH)) I’m American,but although I’m American I like to study a lot of other languages like Chinese, Japanese OK. It’s ready! Thank you. It’s good to see you ((SPANISH)) I want to practice more English ((SPANISH)) You want to learn more English? Yes ((SPANISH) You can ((SPANISH)) You’re working here with other people that speak it ((SPANISH)) I’ll give you my number so that you can call me Oh, I call you? ((SPANISH)) My name is Carlos ((SPANISH)) Do you speak Chinese? ((SPANISH)) I’ll practice English with you ((SPANISH)) goodbye ((SPANISH)) goodbye ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) Did you give me chopsticks ((MANDARIN)) I should’ve given them to you. They’re in here ((MANDARIN)) How did you know that I could use them? ((MANDARIN)) I figured you knew how to use them hahahahhahahhaa ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) You’re welcome ((MANDARIN)) Goodbye ((MNDARIN)) Take care OK, bye bye ((MANDARIN)) Goodbye ((MANDARIN)) The door is that way ((MANDARIN)) I know. I want to speak with them for a second I was saying that you look like one of my friend’s sister I was like is that her oh, who? he’s not from here, his name is Jamal what’s his name? His name is Jamal. He’s from Akron oh I was like, I know that’s not her, what’s she doing in Columbus hahahha I get that a lot you have a twin you come here all the time? sometimes sometimes? yea how are you doing? good this is my friend where are you from? Somalia ((SOMALI)) How are you ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) Who taught you that? ((SOMALI)) I’m self-taught ((SOMALI)) Are you serious? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m serious ((SOMALI)) How are you self-taught? ((SOMALI)) I learned it by myself how? ((SOMALI)) How? ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali at home, moreover no, you’re good keep going ((SOMALI)) I’m using books and practicing with native speakers

((SOMALI)) A little bit ((SOMALI)) You talk with Somali people Do I work? Do you talk to people? oh yeah! That’s what I just said lolol hahahhahahhahahhahah ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) That’s right ((SOMALI)) But how do you learn? ((SOMALI)) How? ((SOMALI)) by using books and going to chatrooms to practice with native speakers ((SOMALI)) But…with Somali people? ((SOMALI)) The somali people? ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) Here in Columbus? ((SOMALI)) Yes here.Because many Somali people live here, so ((SOMALI)) But the thing is…your accent ***OWNED RIGHT HERE..*** did I say too much? hahaha I didn’t get the whole thing how much did you understand? you said something about the Somali people here No, when you speak in Somali now? ((SOMALI)) Yes the way you’re pronouncing it…it’s really not rough you just need a little bit more comfort to know what you’re saying to be comfortable but the way you’re saying it is perfect ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Thanks,sister ((SOMALI)) Especially ((SOMALI)) It’s tough…you know actually, I started learning Somali 3 months ago Only 3? very good ((SOMALI)) Thanks,sister well, who taught you Somali? because the Somali you’re speaking is Northern if you hear someone say ”Walaashey” it’s Northern dialect but if you hear someone say ‘hamayelay’ it’s Southern dialect so now you said Walaashey, so if I spoke Somali with you, I could identify where you came from right away ((SOMALI)) My friend lives in Sweden ((SOMALI)) Therefore I like to practice with him sometimes because I think we can make huge progress by working together wow ((SOMALI)) Isn’t that so? ((SOMALI)) Yes I’m actually shocked that you’re speaking Somali ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yes because only natives…you see very small where are you from? ((SOMALI)) I’m American. I was born here ((SOMALI)) Actually, I’ve been living for like 10 years already ((SOMALI)) But I was born in Akron, Ohio Oh you’re not that far. You’re still home in Ohio ((SOMALI)) Yeah, that’s right but someone from Akron trying to speak Somali though it’s hard though. It’s not easy but you’re doing very well the way you’re pronouncing it. You’re doing very well. It looks like you put a lot of work into it ((SOMALI)) Almost everyday ((SOMALI)) You study almost everyday? ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) Therefore, god willing are you a student? ((SOMALI) No, I’m a teacher. At home, private ((SOMALI)) What do you teach? ((SOMALI)) Other languages ((SOMALI)) for example if…you wanted to learn other languages I help you to learn so you’re a language teacher yea, like a physical trainer,you know? hahaha Very good. But I’m impressed actually

((SOMALI)) Your friend? ((SOMALI)) She speaks Spanish ((SOMALI)) You speak Spanish? ((SPANISH)) You speak Spanish? yea ((SPANISH)) Where are you from? Central America ((SPANISH)) Really? ((SPANISH)) I’m studying a lot of languages good ((SPANISH)) Like Somali, Chinese..Spanish etc that’s good. Excellent ((SPANISH)) I like studying because I believe when you learn a language, you understand more about the culture, right? ((SOMALI)) Alrighty ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you hhahahhahhaha ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you ((SPANISH)) You’re just too quiet hahhahahhhahahh ((SOMALI)) Goodbye ((SOMALI)) Goodbye ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) Goodnight hey, this is a new place? huh? how long has this market been here for? it’s been here for a long time? yea, I think so. It’s been a long time oh, because I live around the corner and didn’t realize it was here oh,really? yea this is Vietnamese owned? yea ((VIETNAMESE)) You’re Vietnamese,right? yea ((VIETNAMESE)) Really? ((VIETNAMESE)) Are you good today? it’s good ((VIETNAMESE)) Good? yea oh, you know my language? ((VIETNAMESE)) Yes, because now I’m learning Vietnamese oh really? ((VIETNAMESE)) Because I like studying languages…especially Vietnamese ((VIETNAMES)) Hello,Miss ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello ((VIETNAMESE)) Are you good today? hahahhahah that’s good ((VIETNAMESE)) I’m studying Vietnamese because I like learning languages ((VIETNAMESE)) Vietnamese and other languages you learn my language and other languages? ((VIETNAMESE)) That’s right hahahaha good,that’s good ((VIETNAMESE)) You been to Hanoi? ((VIETNAMESE)) I haven’t been there yet Do you have a friend? ((VIETNAMESE)) Friends? ((VIETNAMESE)) I don’t have a lot of friends that can speak Vietnamese oh ((VIETNAMESE)) When I want to practice Vietnamese, I use the computer in order to you study and listen…with the computer and ipod? yes that’s good ((VIETNAMESE)) Right ((VIETNAMESE)) Go work in Vietnam ((VIETNAMESE)) Work? ((VIETNAMESE)) Work in Vietnam? ((VIETNAMESE)) Teacher? ((VIETNAMESE)) If you go to Vietnam, you have to go to Saigon ((VIETNAMESE)) If I go to Vietnam, I want to go to Saigon, Hanoi..Ho Chin Minh lolol ((VIETNAMESE)) Do you speak any other languages? ((VIETNAMESE)) English,Vietnamese..and what languages? a little bit of English..and Vietnamese oh ((VIETNAMESE)) You can eat a lot of good Vietnamese food ((VIETNAMESE)) Food? So, do you have a phone number?

phone number? yea ((VIETNAMESE)) Yes, I do If you have time, you can go with me ((VIETNAMESE)) If I have time you can maybe go with me to the mall or anywhere after 9pm oh,OK ((VIETNAMESE)) Practice Vietnamese My name is Tin ((VIETNAMESE)) My name is Moses Moses? Give me your phone number ((VIETNAMESE)) How old are you? I’m 21 how old are you? ((VIETNAMESE)) **32** OK ((VIETNAMESE)) Very nice to meet you nice to meet you you can call me sometimes alright hi ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello,Miss ahhahaha ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello,sir ((VIETNAMESE)) How are you today? ((VIETNAMESE)) Good, thanks ((VIETNAMESE)) How are you? ((VIETNAMESE)) Good, thanks hahahhaa you come here very often? no, this is my first time my first time too. This place been here for so long and I didn’t even know yea, it’s awesome are there any other international markets like this one? you would have to ask him are there any other international markets like this one? you would have to go to the other side oh, OK you guys are from Ghana? yea ((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) You speak Twi? ((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) Good ((TWI))Where are you from? America ((TWI/ENGLISH)) I know a bit because my friend taught me a little someone teach you how to speak Twi? ((TWI)) My friend his name is Kwami ((TWI)) Thanks a lot hahaha..OK hahahahaha ((TWI)) How are you? huh? haha((TWI)) How are you? ((TWI)) I’m good ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) Good hi ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello, Miss ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello ((VIETNAMESE)) You speak Vietnamese, right? ((VIETNAMESE)) I’m learning Vietnamese now ((VIETNAMESE)) Oh, you’re learning Vietnamese? ((VIETNAMESE)) Yes ((VIETNAMESE)) Because I really like learning languages, especially Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) Vietnamese is beautiful so how long have you been learning? ((VIETNAMESE)) How long? I’ve been learning for about 10 months already ((VIETNAMESE)) Thanks a lot Oh, you speak a lot of languages? yea, practice he speaks Vietnamese ((MANDARIN)) Hello No, no..that’s Chinese and you’re from? I’m Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) What’s your name?

((VIETNAMESE)) Are you from Hanoi? ((VIETNAMESE)) Really ((VIETNAMESE)) I also want to go to Vietnam hahahahhahahha ((TWI)) Goodbye hahahhaa Wait, I know you ((FULANI)) How’s it going? heeeey, yeah hahahhahahahhaha you’re just moving all around the place, aren’t you! ((FULANI)) How are you? ((FULANI)) I’m good How’ve you been doing,man? busy ((GERMAN)) It’s good ((GERMAN/ENGLISH)) I know that you speak German you speak Somali too,right? ((SOMALI)) Yes Do you speak Somali? a little bit I speak Somali you’re from here,right? ((FRENCH)) Yes, I’m an American ((FRENCH)) You’re American? ((FRENCH)) Where? Ohio ((FRENCH)) You good? ((FRENCH)) Going good ((GERMAN)) Everything is good..hahahhahaha ((GERMAN)) I like learning languages, so I want you speak German, yea? you speak all of them languages, yea? ((GERMAN)) **I like learning German and other languages lol ((FRENCH)) These are my brothers. I told them you speak French and Somali ((WOLOF)) OK ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) It’s good ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses hahahahhahahhahaha he’s good, he’s good ((SOMALI)) I’m happy to have met you because I want to speak Somali with you he’s good hahaha ((SOMALI)) It’s good ((SOMALI)) It’s because I’m studying this language these days ((SOMALI)) I like the way the language sounds, moreover…hahhaa hahahhahahhahahha I would join in, but can not speak their language you could learn it’s not easy,bro ((SOMALI)) ”I like the way the language sounds” ((SOMALI)) I think Somali is tough..since my other tongue is English ((SOMALI)) I have to work very hard in order to learn it hahahahhahahhahhahah ((WOLOF)) OK. Goodbye ((SOMALI)) What’s your name, brother? ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) My name? Moses ((SOMALI)) That’s OK lol ((SOMALI)) I started learning Somali 3 months ago ((SOMALI)) That’s good,Moses ((SOMALI)) I don’t know, but…lately I’ve been studying Somali almost everyday, moreover ((SOMALI)) how are you today? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you, Hamza hahahah Are you Somalian?

((SOMALI)) No. Although I’m American, I want to learn Somali ((SOMALI)) Because I really like this language. Very very much ((SOMALI)) Moses? you’re my friend ((SOMALI)) You’re my brother ((SOMALI)) My hero hahahahaha ((SOMALI)) Good, Moses ((SOMALI)) It’s good you’re learning Somali ((SOMALI)) It’s tough ((SOMALI)) It’s tough? ((SOMALI)) Very much ((SOMALI)) What does that mean? ((SOMALI)) Alrighty hahaha ((SOMALI)) **My friend lives in Sweden, moreover I like to practice Somali with him*** ((SOMALI)) Because I think if we pracice together we can make huge progress, right? hahahhahhaa ((SOMALI)) I welcome you Moses to practice Somali ((SOMALI)) Thank you,brother ((SOMALI)) You’re welcome hahhahahahahhaha ((SOMALI)) OK, I’m going home now. Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you, Moses ((SOMALI)) Goodbye hey, they don’t sell Somali books? Somali books? yea they do ((ARABIC)) Peace,brother how may I help you? I’m looking for Somali books Somali books? the only Somali books I have is this one you need them for research? ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali now ((SOMALI) Oh, you’re learning Somali? this is literature of Somali and proverbs. It’s good to learn. Indigenous names, something like that it helps you to learn the common words is this the only one that you have? this is the only one I have right now what is this? this is about business. It’s dictionary business OK English and Somali OK, I want this one if you want this one, you have to take this one this is the dicionary of business and this one is how to use it. How to apply oh, OK you see like taxation and you know, shareholders…something like that OK so this is the dictionary and this is the manual ((SOMALI)) Alrighty ((SOMALI)) Do you understand? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? Moses ((SOMALI)) Where am I from? ((SOMALI)) I’m American Oh, good, good ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) I’m happy to have met you ((SOMALI)) I’m happy to meet you as well. These are friends

((SOMALI)) Oh really? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) How are you? hahahhahahaha ((SOMALI)) He’s learning Somali good ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali now because a lot of Somali people live here you’re from here? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I was born here, but although I’m American I want to learn Somali ((SOMALI)) Yea ((SOMALI)) I like the way Somali sounds ((SOMALI)) But I think it’s tough ((SOMALI)) You’re good, you’re learning ((SOMALI)) Really ((SOMALI)) Thanks, brother ((SOMALI)) This guy is Somali ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) He’s learning Somali ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) Go to Somalia ((SOMALI)) I want to go to Somalia, but, now ((SOMALI)) Who taught you Somali? ((SOMALI)) I taught myself ((SOMALI)) You taught yourself? ((SOMALI)) But sometimes I like to practice with my friend ((SOMALI)) My Somali friend lives in Sweden ((SOMALI)) He lives in Sweden? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Therefore sometimes I like to practice with my friend ((SOMALI)) It’s good ((SOMALI) It’s tough ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? Moses ((SOMALI)) You’re American? ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) You’re good,Moses ((SOMALI)) Thanks, brother this means applying to the business and this is the dictionary ((SOMALI)) OK ((SOMALI)) I’ve started learning Somali 3 months ago ((SOMALI)) 3 months ago? ((SOMALI)) Wow, that’s good ((SOMALI)) Therefore lately, I’ve been studying Somali almost everyday in order to learn it ((SOMALI)) Do you live in Columbus? ((SOMALI)) I live here, but I was born in Akron, Ohio ((SOMALI)) I’ve lived here in Columbus for 10 years ((SOMALI)) **I like living here in Columbus, Ohio** ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Do you know any other languages? ((SOMALI)) other languages? ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) What? Somali,English..Swahili and Arabic ((SWAHILI)) You speak Swahili,too? ((SWAHILI)) Yes ((SWAHILI)) Really? ((SWAHILI)) Yes, really ((SWAHILI)) I like studying Swahili as well

((SWAHILI)) Because I think this language is very beautiful hahahahahahahah ((SWAHILI)) It’s ”VERY BEAUTIFUL” ((SWAHILI)) I really like this language aw,man that’s funny how much? together $25 ((SOMALI)) OK, brother ((SOMALI)) How are you today,brother ((SOMALI)) He’s talking to you ((SOMALI)) How are you, today? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI) He’s learning Somali ((SOMALI)) I want to learn Somali ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) You’re’re welcome ((SOMALI)) Thanks. Goodbye Hi Hi this is my first time, I’m just shopping around you’re just shopping around? yea ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) I’m good you speak Somali?! ((SOMALI)) Actually, I’m studying this language now wow, you’re doing good! ((SOMALI)) Who taught you? ((SOMALI)) I’m self-taught ((SOMALI)) Do you like the Somali language? ((SOMALI)) I like it ((SOMALI)) Somali? ((SOMALI)) Very very much ((SOMALI)) Very much? ((SOMALI)) What’s your name,brother ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses ((SOMALI)) How about yourself? Oh, Jamilah is beautiful they say that ((SOMALI)) Right? yes ((SOMALI) Isn’t it? ((SOMALI)) I like studying this language good,wow.. You’re American,right? ((SOMALI)) I’m American ((SOMALI)) ”When you learn Somali, you will become Somali. You won’t be American anymore” ((SOMALI)) That’s right this is my first time seeing an American speak Somali ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yea, I swear it ((SOMALI)) Are you serious? ((SOMALI)) I’m serious because Somali is difficult ((SOMALI)) Difficult ((SOMALI)) Since you’re learning Somali, you can get a Somali woman ((SOMALI)) Actually, I’m married already. My wife is Taiwanese Taiwan? ((SOMALI)) She’s Asian? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) What did she say about you learning Somali? she didn’t say anything

she supports me she supports you? that’s nice what do you do? ((SOMALI)) I’m a teacher ((SOMALI)) Where? ((SOMALI)) At home like private teaching homeschooling? ((SOMALI)) Yeah ((SOMALI)) Do you have any kids? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Two girls. They’re twins ((SOMALI)) That’s so cool hahahhahahhahahhahahahhaha ((SOMALI)) It’s cool? it’s cool,right? yea, it’s very cool ((SOMALI)) It’s top hahaha ((SOMALI)) Actually, my Somali friend lives in Somalia ((SOMALI)) He lives in Sweden? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Moreover, I like to practice Somali with him sometimes is that right? yes the more you talk with Somali people, the more you will learn easily ((SOMALI)) He’s American and can speak Somali wow ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) Welcome, welcome hahahaha ((SOMALI)) I like practicing with my friend because I think huge progress can be made if we practice with each other ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Therefore I study almost everyday ((SOMALI)) You know a lot of Somali you’ve come a long way hahahha ((SOMALI)) A little bit a long way you came ((SOMALI/ENGLISH)) Please say it again ”I know a lot” ((SOMALI)) You learn other languages after Somali? ((SWAHILI)) Do you speak Swahili as well? huh? ((SWAHILI)) Do you speak Swahili as well? ((SOMALI)) What did you say? I don’t understand this I don’t understand..repeat again ((SWAHILI)) Do you also speak Swahili? Swahili? No, I don’t speak Swahili ((SOMALI)) Just Somali Somali, Arabic and English…3 ((SOMALI)) 3? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Just 3 ((SOMALI)) Just 3? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Thank you, my sister ((SOMALI)) Thank you, my brother ((SOMALI)) OK ((SOMALI)) I’m going to pray now, OK ((SOMALI)) Pray?

((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) OK ((SOMALI)) I’m going home now ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you Do you know who you look like? huh? do you know who you look like? you look like Jimmy Hendrix,man hahahha…he said Jimmy Hendrix you ever heard that before? no, I’ve never heard that one before you do though hahahhaa when he was alive huh? when he was alive when he was alive?…that’s funny! it’s time to get sssssssssssssssssssssssssserious!! hahahhaa get..ssssssssssssssssssssserious out here…get these EXPs! ((HINDI)) Hello ((HINDI)) How are you? hahahahhaha ((HINDI)) How are you? ((HINDI)) Do you know Hindi? You see, I’m not from India that’s what everybody though, that’s OK but if I tell you my country, you will be surprised I’m not from India, but I understand what you’re asking me, but I’m not from India where are you from? ((HINDI)) Where are you from? Burma? those countries might speak Hindi there’s one place in that region that doesn’t speak Hindi Tibet? China? that’s far away you said one country that doesn’t speak Hindi? Sri Lanka? hahahahhahaa Sri Lanka? yea, you’re good hahahahah ((SINHALA)) Hello! ((SINHALA)) Hello! that’s right!! ****SINHALA SONG**** Do you know that song? yea, I know that ***SINAHAL SONG*** This guy is crazy WHO IS THIS GUY!!??! hahahhahhahahhahhahaha ((SINHALA)) Hello! ((SINHALA)) Hello! Who is this guy?? hahahhaa he said who is this guy I’m C3PO he’s a fascinating guy he’s got computer chips under that hat hahahahha I only know a little bit of Sinhala It’s Sinhala,right? I would like to know who is this guy I’m American. I study languages I study languages,that’s what I do I learned something today but most people in America don’t know about this place no, they don’t know see, I’m open. I like people ((SPANISH)) You speak Spanish,too? ((SPANISH)) What’s your name like that. I’m learning I appreciate you my name is Moses I’m happy that you know some words take care take care go this way this way? you want two more? hey, are you looking for distilled water? oh, no I’m looking for spring water here’s spring water over here Oh ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Happy new year! ((MANDARIN)) Happy bew year! hahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Dongbei ((MANDARIN)) Really? ((MANDARIN)) Are you in THE Department of Chinese? hahahhahhahahha there’s more water right there. That’s spring water Ice Mountain is spring water? yea you’re sure? yea. Sometimes the bottled water is tapped oh,OK ((MANDARIN)) Are you sure?

((MANDARIN)) Yea, we’re sure ((MANDARIN)) How long have you guys been living in America for already? ((MANDARIN)) I’ve been here for 13 years ((MANDARIN)) Wow, 13 years? ((MANDARIN)) 2 years? ((MANDARIN)) 6 years cool ((MANDARIN)) Have you ever been to China? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) Your Chinese is very good ((MANDARIN)) You’re being too nice hahaha ((MANDARIN)) He’s in the Chinese department ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you’re in the Chinese department? ((MANDARIN)) Where? ((MANDARIN)) I’m studying Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Japanese? ((MANDARIN)) Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you’re studying Chinese oh, OK hahahhaahaha Your Chinese is definitely really good. Somewhere around the same….**couldn’t really hear him here** ((MANDARIN)) Hey, you know Confucious said that there’re 3 people walking and one of them must be my teacher ((MANDARIN)) Confusious Analects! hahahahhahaha Dude where did you learn that? You sound like a Chinese teacher already ((MANDARIN)) It’s just I like studying languages, I’ve been learning Chinese for about 10 years Oh, OK ((MANDARIN)) Therefore, it’s been a while ((MANDARIN)) Your Chinese is very good ((MANDARIN)) Thanks ((MANDARIN)) Alright, take care ((MANDARIN)) OK I don’t know if they sell those crazy over here. Right behind you those pillows hey, do you know if they sell pillows here? pillows? you can walk on that other side on that side? yea oh,OK he said they’re over there over there? OK alright, thanks hey, are you from Sierra Leonne? I’m from Kenya oooh, you’re from Kenya? yea ((SWAHILI)) How are you ((SWAHILI)) I’m good ((SWAHILI)) You speak Swahili too? ((SWAHILI)) Yes, I speak Swahili ((SWAHILI)) Really? ((SWAHILI)) How about you? ((SWAHILI)) I’m studying Swahili as well ((SWAHILI)) Oh, you speak very good Swahili ((SWAHILI)) Thank you very much, sir ((SWAHILI)) You’re welcome ((SWAHILI)) Where did you learn Swahili? ((SWAHILI)) Now I’m learning Swahili just at home ((SWAHILI)) At home? ((SWAHILI/ARABIC)) Yes ((SWAHILI)) But a long time ago I studied this language at the Ohio State University ((SWAHILI)) That’s good ((SWAHILI)) What’s your name? ((SWAHILI)) What did you say? ((SWAHILI)) What’s your name? ((SWAHILI)) My name is Moses. Musa or Moses ((SWAHILI)) This is my wife ((SWAHILI)) Really? your wife? yea Nice to meet you ((SWAHILI)) Do you speak Swahili as well? no hahahhahhahahhhaha ((SWAHILI)) No hahahahhahhahahaa ((SWAHILI))Where is she from? Columbia ((SPANISH)) You speak Spanish? yea ((SPANISH)) Really? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) I’m learning ((SWAHILI)) No…yes ((SWAHILI)) ‘How are you’ OK, 2 languages hahahhahahhahahahhah ((SPANISH)) I’m studying a lot of other languages ah, OK ((SPANISH)) Because I believe it’s important to learn about other cultures ((SPANISH)) In order to make more friends, right? ((SPANISH)) Right He’s also trying to learn Spanish. I tried to practice some of the Swahili I know ((SWAHILI)) Do you want to learn Spanish also? ((SWAHILI)) Yes, I would like to learn Spanish ((SWAHILI)) What do you think about this language? ((SWAHILI)) Spanish? ((SWAHILI/ARABIC)) Yeah ((SWAHILI)) I think that studying it……because of two**** ((SWAHILI)) It’s easy to learn ((SWAHILI)) Also in Kenya we learn French in school

((SWAHILI)) I know ((FRENCH)) Do you speak French? ((FRENCH)) I speak French,too hahhahhahahhahahhaha ((FRENCH))Because I love chatting it up with people ((FRENCH)) Just a bit though ((FRENCH)) Well,me too. I speak a bit ((FRENCH)) There’s people in Kenya able to speak French ((FRENCH)) Really? yea ((FRENCH)) I would like to learn French and Spanish ((FRENCH)) Very good ((FRENCH)) Thanks a lot ((FRENCH)) I forgot a lot also hahahahahaha ((FRENCH)) Thanks a lot ((FRENCH/SWAHILI)) You’re welcome,sir hahahhaha ((SWAHILI)) You’re welcome,sir so where are you from? ((SWAHILI)) I’m hahahhahhahahhhahahhahahahahahahhahahhahaha I was about to start speaking Swahili with her ((SPANISH)) I’m American ah hahahhahahhahha ((SPANISH)) I was born here in the states ((SPANISH)) Although I’m American, I like studying other languages where are you from? I’m from Columbus I was born here any foreign languages? actually, I know a little bit of Swahili I learned a little Swahili go ahead hahahhahhahahhahahhahah I learned a looooooooong time ago go ahead, where’s that song. You said that you knew a song before I know a bunch of song in different languages,but what’s the Swahili song? I know uh it was so long ago come on,man ((SPANISH)) He’s scared yea he’s afraid I forget…I don’t know if that’s Swahili or not I know a lot of songs in different languages. I know a lot of them I learned Swahili at a very young age. I was like 11 or 12 ((SWAHILI)) My wife is from Taiwan Taiwan? ((SPANISH))My wife is from Taiwan, I said ((SWAHILI)) International family I have to start practicing Swahili’s been I’s been a long time wow may have been 16 years for you? yea alright, I don’t want to keep you guys ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you ((SWAHILI)) Nice to meet you ((SWAHILI)) Me too. I’m very happy. Thanks a lot ((SWAHILI)) You’re welcome ((SWAHILI)) Goodbye ((SWAHILI)) Goodbye ((SWAHILI)) Goodnight ((FRENCH)) Goodnight ((FRENCH)) Goodnight hahahahaa that’s sloppy,dude! dude, you know how stupid that is? because he was telling me in Swahili that they learn French in school then I said I know about that and he switched to French I know. I heard that transition. I was like wow! that sh*** is sloppy…OMG I’M ABOUT TO BEAT THEIR A*** hahahahhahahhahahahhaha **ANALYZATION CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS** baby toys,man huh baby toys yea do you see anything down here? I’m about to ask them do you know what time this store closes today?

I don’t know do you know what time this store closes? what time is it now? now, what time does this store close? it’s 24 hours it’s 24 hours oh, it’s 24 hours? thanks ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) Happy new year! hahahhahahha ((MANDARIN)) How’s your condition today? ((MANDARIN)) Very good ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Taiwan ((MANDARIN)) How about you? Taiwan ((MANDARIN)) Oh, all of you are from Taiwan? ((MANDARIN)) Why do you know how to speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Because I really like learning other languages ((MANDARIN)) You speak very well ((MANDARIN)) You’re being to nice hahaha ((TAIWANESE)) Have you eaten yet? ((TAIWANESE)) Yes hahahhahahha ((TAIWANESE)) Have you slept yet? ((TAIWANESE)) It’s cold ((TAIWANESE/MANDARIN)) Cold? hahahhahaha ((TAIWANESE)) Actually, I can speak Taiwanese because my wife is from Taiwan Chiayi, Taiwan ((TAIWANESE)) My wife *****TAIWANESE SONG***** ”GO GET THE BOTTLE OF WINE QUICKLY…I WON’T GET DRUNK. POP OPEN THE BOTTLE QUICKLY” HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH ((MANDARIN)) Does he know how to speak? ((MANDARIN)) No. Actually, he begins studying Chinese tomorrow ((MANDARIN)) He’s already bowed down to me to become his teacher ((MANDARIN)) His English is very good though hahahahha ((TAIWANESE)) ”Drink a cup of wine” HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!! ******TAIWANESE SONG******* you will be very famous AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHH!! he’s going to put you on facebook ((MANDARIN)) Really? yea right now hahahahhahhaha OK is he allowed to do it? ((MANDARIN)) No problem! hahahahhahahha he recorded a video hahahahahha that’s funny,man ((MANDARIN)) What’s your name? ((MANDARIN)) What about the camera guy? hahahhahahhahaha ((MANDARIN)) I’m mouse ((TAIWANESE)) Mouse ((TAIWANESE)) Or long legs ((MANDARIN)) Because I’m very tall ((TAIWANESE)) Long legs ((MANDARIN)) Long legs ((MANDARIN)) Right, long legs lol ((MANDARIN)) We feel that we’ve lost face here ((MANDARIN)) You lost face? ((MANDARIN)) Because our English isn’t as good as your Chinese hahahahahahhahahhahahaha hahahhahhahahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) No way ((MANDARIN)) We’ve studied English for so long ((MANDARIN)) For how many years? ((MANDARIN)) We’ve been learning since we were still children so, if I start speaking English, you understand,right? ((MANDARIN)) You understand but I will never reach a level where you have for Chinese ((MANDARIN)) No way ((MANDARIN)))) Actually, my Chinese ((MANDARIN)) My wife always makes fun of me because my tones aren’t precise ((MANDARIN)) I have some problems with the tones ((MANDARIN)) But it’svery fluent ((MANDARIN)) Very fluent? ((MANDARIN)) I can speak fluently, but I still have a problem with the tones ((MANDARIN)) No, you don’t have any problems. Your grammar is correct ((MANDARIN)) I know. My grammar is good, but my tones are still off a bit ((MANDARIN)) Our English grammar is all wrong HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA ((MANDARIN/ENGLISH)) Always using the past tense hahahahhahahhahahaha ((MANDARIN)) For example ”Go talking to him” ((MANDARIN)) You go talk with him ((MANDARIN)) I know for example that many Chinese would say ”Go Talking to him” ((MANDARIN)) That’s not correct grammar ((MANDARIN)) Righ, right ((MANDARIN)) Go talk to him ((MANDARIN)) Right..go talk to him ((MANDARIN)) But you should say ”Go talk to him” ((MANDARIN)) No need to add ing ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) Really? hahahhahhahahhahahhahahha ((MANDARIN)) Alrighty, nice to meet you guys

OK ((MANDARIN)) Happy New Year! ((MANDARIN)) Happy New Year! nice meeting you guys nice to meet you bye bye ((MANDARIN)) Goodnight he pulled the video out! hahahahhahahahhaahha ((MANDARIN)) Goodnight alright, see you he pulled out the camera am I in your way? No,no you’re OK, you’re OK that’s a nice jacket you’re wearing thank you excuse us, excuse us always in the way always in the way? hey, you look like one of my umm..are you from Taiwan? I have a friend. You guys look alike Asians tend to have that what’s your ethnicity? I’m Asian. Chinese…Taiwanese see I was right.. You said Taiwan,right? well..they tend to hate each other but I’m right, Taiwan,right? you’re originally from Taiwan, your parents? no, I’m not originally from there I mean, your ethnicity is Taiwanese? No, China China? ((MANDARIN)) Do you speak Chinese? I’m sorry to bother you guys that’s OK, you’re not bothering me lol..let’s go hold on, let me go down there is what you wanted down here? is what you wanted down here? oh yea, that’s the new Poky. Poky sticks they had the big one, is this one it chilli sauce? they have the big one HAHAHAHHA! He’s trying to play it off hey, do you know if they sell muffins? muffins? no, I don’t know thanks where’re you from, by the way? Phillipines oh, you’re from the Phillipines? ((TAGALOG)) How are you today? oh you speak Tagalog? ((TAGALOG)) I’m learning Tagalog now oh ((TAGALOG)) How are you? good,good ((TAGALOG)) Good? yea how did you learn Tagalog? ((TAGALOG)) How? yea ((TAGALOG)) Because..I **use** the books at home ((TAGALOG)) Moreover,I like practicing Tagalog with Fillipinos in this way that’s good ((TAGALOG)) I like this language…Tagalog ((TAGALOG)) Although I don’t speak much Tagalog, I would like to learn this language it’s good ((TAGALOG)) Really? yea I was surprised hahahahha ((TAGALOG)) Really? ((TAGALOG)) I think Tagalog is interesting yea, it’s hard ((TAGALOG)) Tagalog is one of the most difficult and other languages such as Japanese etc have you ever been to the Phillipines? ((TAGALOG)) Not yet ((TAGALOG)) I haven’t been to the Phillipines yet, but my friends told me that the Phillipines is beautiful ((TAGALOG)) Therefore, I want to go there one day you can go there sometimes ((TAGALOG)) I hope that I can go there in the future yea, you can go ((TAGALOG)) What’s your name? ((TAGALOG)) That is an interesting name ((TAGALOG)) My name is Moses or Mouse ((TAGALOG)) *Do you know it?**

is it an animal? hahaha…she said is it an animal hahahhahah it’s rat ((TAGALOG)) Nickname ((TAGALOG)) Nice to meet you OK ((TAGALOG)) And Happy New Years..I don’t know whow to say it in Tagalog ((TAGALOG)) Alright. Thanks That damn Tagalog,man Tagalog? what is that? that’s Phillipino language oh really? ((MANDARIN)) ”It’ll be better ifyou go give it to him” She said it’s better if you give it to him…hahahha that’s what she said ((SINHALA)) Hello ((SINHALA)) Hello so, you are studying languages? yea try to get into the foreign services foreign services to help other countries yea goodnight,Raj nice to meet you nice to meet you oh,it’s cold! mission accomplished I was trying to get her attention ((TAIWANESE)) Is it cold?….it’s COLD! IT’S COLD! IT’S COLD I parked over there