Oyayi Episode 3 – ISLA TULALA (STUNNED ISLAND) – Full Episode (Official HD Version)

(evil laugh) Good morning Oyayi! Why do you look like that? Oy, Oy You are amazing kid In action and in words You are a role model Oy, Oy You are a kind kid Your extraordinary gift is a wonder! Hmmm! Ugh! I don’t like that! Give it to me! Tarsiera, I remember… Shhhh! Shhhh! Shhhh! Ah! Like that! (laughing) That’s right! Like that is better, no talking because here in Oyayi island, we should no longer care about interaction and exercise! (laughing) Mmm! I know what to do! I will do something that will surely make them more happy. (laughing) Hmm! Up, up, down, down, left right, left right B-A select, start! Do you want to upgrade to version negative zero point two? (-0.2) Just press download Ahhhhhh! In the Stunned Island, everyone gets fat! (laughing) Good morning Oyayi! Oh? What happened to you? Why are you all like that? Look at the weather, it’s very nice It’s good for playing Patintero! Hmmm…you don’t like? How about another game? How about Sipa? No? Hmmm…Or Tumbang Preso? Still no? Or Piko? Huh? You still don’t want to play? Hey! Why aren’t you talking? What’s happening to you? Oh my! The horn! Me, it’s still me…hmmm… It’s time! Who’s leading today? Hmmm… Still me! Me! Me! I’m leading today! Tama Raw what did you bring today? What did you bring? This is what I brought Maki, where are you? Now that you have downloaded the free upgrade, you can now buy the thrilling KZ 2000 version negative 3.0 Come to our store Everything is on sale! Huh? Oh my! That…that voice sounds familiar! Hmp! I know what to do! I need to go there My friends shouldn’t grow big like this! Kuwago Zhibago! I knew it! You did all this again! I challenge you to play the games we all love to play outdoors If I win, you have to give back the joy of Oyayi – If I lose… – What, Tama Raw? If I win, they will forever remain Stunned! – Oh my! (laughing) You know that I don’t turn back from any challenge Okay Tama Raw, Let’s – play! – Okay! Let’s play! Let’s start the competition between Tama Raw and Kuwago Zhibago The teams will surely be excited in these street games! This is the first game The first game is Sipa This game uses a rattan ball or one circular piece of steel, lead or bottle cap with a knot of hair-like plastic fibers, which you have to throw upward then would be caught just by the flip of your foot, thigh

or even the arm The sipa shouldn’t fall to the ground at all To win this game you have to hit the sipa as many times as you can (laughing) We’ll win for sure! … two, three! Ho! Ya! – Ha! (laughing) It’s stuck! (gibberish laughing) – It’s stuck! – It’s stuck in boss’ foot! (laughing) (laughing) I don’t like this game! Ah! Six, seven, eight – Block magic! – Huh! – Ha? – Watch for it! That’s too far! Great! Good work Tama Raw! Tama Raw! Tama Raw! Tama Raw? Tor-nil-yons! You’re with me! Me?! Ah, yes! Zhibago! Zhibago! Boss Zhibago! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You will not win! One point for – Tama Raw! – Yehey! Oh! My friends! Glad you came! We heard you’re having so much fun outdoors so we stopped playing our video games to check on you – You play sipa well Tama Raw! – Thank you! (laughing) Why didn’t you just play video games all day long inside your house? It’s more fun playing outdoors with friends True! (laughing) Fine. Fine. Fine Let’s continue The second game is Luksong Baka (Jump Over A Cow) In this game, one player will bend forward, while the other player will cross over him by jumping If the second player successfully jumps over the other player, the first player will continue to slightly straighten ‘til it will be too difficult to jump over Losers first! – Ok you go first – Me first! I will be the “it” first Go! Go! Go! Go Kuwago go! Go! Go! Wow! (laughing) Great! Wow! I did it! Success! Success! My turn, okay? – You be the “it” – Ok. (evil laugh) – Tama Raw! Tama Raw! Tama Raw! Tama Raw! – I can do this. Thank you! Thank you! You can do it – He can’t do it! Tama Raw can’t do it! – Arr! Ah! – Tama Raw! Tama Raw! Tama Raw! Tama Raw! – I’m ready You can do it! Tama Raw! – Whoa! – You can do it! Ahahahaha! Can’t do it! – You can do it! – One more time – Tama Raw! Tama Raw! Tama Raw! Tama Raw! – I can easily do this There he goes! (laughing) – What happened? – He missed! (laughing) – It’s slippery! I won! I won! (laughing) One all! (laughing) Now, your scores are even This third game will be the tie breaker between the two of you This game is called Agawan-Base (Steal the Base) Two teams will play Each team will have their own base Each team will have to go to the other team’s base to take control of it, without being caught For if that happens, they will become the prisoners of the other team Now the goal is not only to go to the other team’s base, but also to be able to free the members that became prisoners How can we play this when we don’t have enough players? Can we join? – Sure, sure! – Yes you can Kwago Zhibago has three team members already – That’s us! To-nil-yons! (evil laugh) – (evil laugh) That’s us! That’s us! As for you Tama Raw…er you lack one more player! Oh my! It’s okay I agree to play – even if we lack one member – Hmm? (evil laugh) I thought you’d give up! No! Don’t worry, we will help each other – Ok. Ok – No! You should worry! – Let’s do our best – Sure! Sure! Let’s begin! Position! We can easily do this! (evil laugh) Position! Wait, wait Here. Here You should watch out for me! Ah! Uh! Here I come!

Aaaark! Ha! Gosh! What happened to you? What did you to them?! Time out! Time out! Time out! Time out! Time out! Wait! Wait! They have cuts and grazes! Poor boys… You should stay here with Dok Pil Unfortunately, these two can no longer play with Team Tama Raw Sorry Tama Raw We want to help you but then we need to rest first Don’t worry we will cheer for you – Thank you – You can do it Tama Raw! I will play alone I will protect our base We need to win no matter what! (evil laugh) Give up now Tama Raw! No! I will never give up! This fight is for all my friends in Oyayi Island Huh? – Wait! – How did this happen? – We’re here! – How? How? Did you know that I chanced upon Bon and Tarsiera, who were both stunned – they were stunned staring at their gadgets But we heard your noise while playing Slowly Bon woke and stood up Especially when we heard your voice The important thing is we’re here to play, unite, and have fun with you But Tarsiera is still stunned But let’s just talk about that later Let’s do this! – Ark! – This is for Oyayi Island! Tor-nil-yons, guard the base while I take control of theirs! Let’s go! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! – Hey, wait, wait… – Don’t block my way! Just wait, we rarely meet… – Yes. True – By the way, who made your armor? – Oh this? – It’s so beautiful! It fits you! Did you know – that these are made by an armor whiz?! – Really? – Here, how about this? Is this leather? – Maki! Maki! This? No – This is alloy – We have already taken their base! – This is made of platinum! – Ok I’ll talk to you later – ‘cause we won already, ok? – We got their base, we won! Talk to you later. Bye! We won! We won! Yay! This can’t be! Why? You distracted me with your story! Aaaargh! We lost! We don’t accept defeat! Ugh! Aaaah! Tor-nil-yons! Hurry! – Lay down the…triangle!! – Immediately! Here is my Isprikitik that will confuse your minds You will be in danger in the Cave of Puzzles! (evil screams) Huh! Where are we? Are you ready to play in the Cave of Puzzles? Our game for today is… Stunned or Shocked! Think hard before you answer You need to match the term with the right game If your answer is wrong, they will remain stunned But if you get it right, Tarsiera will immediately go back to her normal cheerful state! Only one can play and that’s you hmmm…Bon Haribon! Sipa is thrown upward and should be caught by flipping the foot or the thigh before it touches the what? The sky? The ground? Or the throat? Uhmmm It’s been awhile since I had played this game on the streets Is this the answer? The throat? WRONG! I really need to think hard and remember those fun games we played Ah! The ground! – CORRECT! – Yes! Yes! YAY! In this game, one player will bend forward, while the other player will try to cross over him by jumping What do you call this game? Jump Over a Whale? a Cow? Or a Pig?

Will my answer be right? What do you think? Ah! Pig! WRONG! Oh no Oh no. This maybe…maybe maybe wrong again! Help me please COW! COW IT IS! Ah…I know! A cow! It’s a cow! Letter B. Cow! – CORRECT! YAY! – Yes! Yes! This is unexpected, there is a last-minute change in this game We need someone from the outside to answer the last question What? You said Tarsiera is still stunned Ah…eh… come what may. Come on! I will use my “phone a friend” lifeline… Okay, make your call now! – Hey! Wake up Tarsiera! – Hihihihi…ah ah! Help? (gibberish) Hello? Bon Haribon! Going back to the final question In this game there are two teams that will compete Watch this Choose your answer A Steal the Base, B Siyato or C Hide and Seek We were just playing that a while ago – What’s that game? – What was that? Steal the Base Ah! Steal the base Ok, I will tell him. Hmmm… it’s Steal the Base! Yehey! High five everyone! Are you spending too much time On your gadget or PC? Games until late night Your tummy will grow big Let’s go out Stretch And play a fun game Let’s go my friend Steal the base, catch you Heaven and earth and hit the can We will seek, as we play hide and seek The “it” is out let’s be the “it” Steal the base, catch you Heaven and earth and hit the can Let’s chase each other, but watch the streets Stretch some bones, let’s play let’s play Oh no, Bon Haribon! What do we do with our game in our gadgets? We’ve already reached a high level Correct But my gadget is now low batt You know, that’s the beauty of the games played outdoors No batteries needed It’s ok to play games with our gadgets once in a while so we can catch up with technology But it’s important to balance our time Kids, ah..we need to balance our time to play games with our gadgets and outside with our friends Outside you can breathe fresh air Hmmmm! And you will develop a stronger immune system So, if you have pictures or videos of your outdoor games, kindly post it on our Facebook page Oyayi TV! Steal the Base, Catch You (laughing) Let’s all pray now Thank you Lord for you have restored the life and cheerfulness of my friends

Whoooahhh… It’s so nice to sleep especially when you have played and had so much fun with your friends and family Let’s all rest Oyayi friends! Steal the Base, Catch You (laughing) It’s so much fun! Ah…ah…You’re over…hmp! Okay! Okay! – Let’s play Boss! Boss! Let’s play! Boss! Catch me Boss! – Ha? What? – Let’s play! Chase me! Catch me! – I’m already playing – Let’s play! Chase me! Catch me! – Chase you? I don’t want! Don’t disturb me! I don’t like that game! Boss, stop that! It’s no fun at all! Why do I need to move when it’s fun just sitting here? No! Don’t like! No! (gibberish) Huh? Ha! Where’s my…? Tor-nil-yons!! Ahahahhaha! – Give me that! – This is ours! Here keep it! Hahahaha!