Psychology Conference 2016: part 5

that will roll of small interfering RNAs in providing tolerance against a metro legal in Delhi virus plans being society faced several kinds of stresses which can be grouped into a by taking my distress amongst back to stress is to involve infection by various pathogen microbes which is more viruses among several plant viruses germany vs are the most important one they are characterized by their twin acoustical structure and single-stranded DNA as their chino among these several japanese irises pippa more viruses are the most you are stripping ones when these viruses and drill into the plant cells they replicate through hole in circle amplification and require an intermediate stage of double-stranded DNA this X is a template for transcription and several fun viral proteins are produced upon infection by virus the plants even she ate a defense machinery and one of the mechanism is RNA interference if it was production of double-stranded RNA through over helping transcripts or abandon trans metros & infrastructure within the constants these they can see I they are then cleaved by its diaper be produced 21 to 22 nucleotides small interfering RNAs which are incorporated into the RISC complex and this complex then binds to the complementary and morena and cause it’sit’s cleavage thus providing the province in plants this mechanism is called post-transcriptional gene silencing other than this another mechanism which is transcriptional gene silencing they express its takes risks in the nucleus with in which 24 nucleotide SI RNA are produced these SI are any calls with violation of the cytosine in the complementary dilution and thus inhibits the transcription and provides tolerance moving on to the disease i am slugging it is caused by the my colleague is which is transmitted by a white flag it causes plans panting and leaf curdle the yield loss may range from 7,200 person its genome consists of two components DNA which encodes for proteins required for its replication such as red lc1 and proteins required for its transcription such as in situ the DNA p.m. quotes for complement components required for the virus movement both these components consists the intergenic region i er region which exits its promoter or not study previously done in a lab in the tolerant cultivar there was less accumulation of virus as compared to the susceptible cultivar complementing this higher level of Si RNA was producing the colouring for 2 a-s compared to the susceptible one thus we can say this this virus infected naturally gloried in 21 h 88-78 one was able to induce PTDS with the production of virus-specific SAR a week based upon this i aim to identify the target regions in the metro live communally virus genome for exile in a generation for this we design 20 pairs of primers which amplified ten fragments from each DNA DNA with us covering the whole genome of virus for this these fragments were brought in on to the membrane and probes were used the Pro Circuit a Agnus wonderful toggle fertile earth and such a suitable forgiving become get more sleep thus si I never produced against the is-7 region and the IR region in the taller in particular we are as in the susceptible one pro search differential expression was formed thus further we aim to study the type of a psionic whether they are 21 Euclid egg or 24 min protect and for this way isolated day shayari live from tolerated susceptible cultivars and got it on them onto the membrane for this we used our region and see one region as the proof we found that in the power rail cultivar mostly against the IR region 24-week rotate SI RNA were produced where is against the in savannah jun 21 you floated as I or anyone else use in the turbulent cultivars thus we can say that for the non-coding regions such as alia they may be targeted by pgs while well the ORF may be targeted by the PT Jesus in that other lil customer further we studied the methylation level in the tolerant insusceptible forgiven for this we are so little TNA from the both the customers after virus infection and it bisulfite sequencing hear that see indicates the mid- one and greens show non-repetitive in the tolerant vancouver in that condition mostly the c1 with a little thus inhibiting the transcription where is in this acceptable one rivermont non with a little it was fathers founded by the registration of

SI RNA and here we can see that against that it becomes more as i havena produced along with the stem loop structure in the gallery in particular where is no such intention ever is seen in the susceptible one talking about the position of cytosine it’s a schematic representation we found the 32 cytosines were there in the hydrogen of the wish all but methylated in the power in Fort Worth and only 65 person per with high lipid in susceptible one talking about our type of meth addiction both symmetric and asymmetric methylation was higher in the power in particular as compared to the susceptible one similar study was run with the AC 1 region which is required for replication of virus here again we can see there were higher with hydrogen is the tolerance at urs compared to ceptable one which was correspondent by the IRS I advocate production in father in particular as compared to susceptible one the position of psychoses there were 64 psychosis out of its 96 one with highlighted in the powder in Vancouver and only twenty percent were with hydrated in this acceptable one both symmetric and asymmetric with conditions were higher intolerant forever as compared to susceptible move further is ready if this methylation is related to the expression of different viral genes here we can say as they rose higher methylation in father in particular there was less the expression of hydrogens as somewhere to this as a people one thus we can say that hyper with addiction may degrade the expression of different biologies so as to reduce the rate gene expressions along with ordinary suppression but then we study to expression level of different Erin I associated genes and tolerant is acceptable plants and we found that in the tolerant plant after virus infection their expression increase all these genes are required are involved in different are my path rules yes is the susceptible cultivars air was no such differential expression so thus we can say that changes the level of these e RNAi associated genes may have some possible correlation with the colonists depending upon these very hypothesize apartment in which we can say that in the nucleus the transcriptional gene silencing produces 21 for 24 you provide SAR na against very efficient and cause it’sit’s retardation and decreases the transcription of different biologies whereas in the cytoplasm the post transfusion silencing produces SI army of 21 you protect and success will go viral transcripts conclusion the viral DNA methylation and SI rna-mediated RNA degradation of i er and receive and play an important role in conflict problems and dangerous virus further it also indicates a role of hypermethylation integration of hydrogen’s future prospective is low in such a resistant cultivar gives the Cyrus’s available so if targeting the viral genomic regions identified it would offer us an alternate defense strategy for genetic transgenics I would like to acknowledge my supervisor dr. Manoj Mossad and my funding agencies pvt and ml teacher actually vision for your presentation n equations and threads I would be raucous yeah research fellow Department of bioscience Soros university high school today I am presenting am part of my PhD work that is analysis of ABC transporter genes of vital position micrococcus luteus isolated from auntie Vera indica so India is the major mango growing country contributing nearly four % of quiet reduction it is noise almost all state of India however it is mainly calculated in Andhra Pradesh terra cotta gujarati have the balance in Gujarat father Barsoom adverse side mother mesa and cara de winter bears alfonso case of a joke or even raja major commercial variety growing cultivated roses money major dis is forging a hunter from jail bacterial virus unit on and off everywhere and my mother’s condition plant pathogenic bacteria a serious musician flood major disease occurring memoirs map and walks 10 android better lives for that we will build that etc in that ABC transporter atp-binding cassette ah large superfamily of protein we share a formal function and comb on ATP binding domain ABC transporter and mainly dividing entry measure loop vector importers ugaritic transporters and bacterial effectors decked area and see transporter are essential in cell viability mineral and pathogenicity in

structure-function our analysis ABC transporter as we got to indicate the mechanism of substrate echo pitcher and functional regulation of ATP binding so for that i have collected infected plant protein from the field sterilization of politics law and material isolation of bacterial identification of messages by morphological characterization like cholera characters and microscopic by epic artists as well as molecular technique by DNA sequencing and fatty acid methyl ester is properly for a tease of class vessels and so forth through a capillary sweetie taste as a coach postulate I have selected a healthy plant healthy plant lives in brinkley get in that festered lines by swope and DC water net after 10 verse 26 CR q bar Emily our culture was injected with a miracle flip then after every seven days symptoms where m is observed and after every Beach tow previously like symptoms varied and off and then again victory of materials isolate is again by the mega test and sequencing worse than it is now this part is published in our client this is Jenna and the first report of micro focus nucleus also for my co-op in fact micrococcus luteus with a general iqbal on pathogen or as a environment organism so far you another is working on sequencing using I enjoy and personal you know instrument because of in the classical junk genes and human study what are the difference between you and therefore them James of micrococcus luteus and residential my Robo personal guest after that every time he leaves we’re an authorized user guide nvidia are asked and prokaryotic 80 tahajjud in notation by 500 not a genome i submitted once epi genome database nothing after that important deficit in mechanism is a transporter gene swear i dint is cut from the genomic data and then it will check by the pathogen partner database later databases for the new more necessary for special journey is you want this is that it is human consumption so far i objected it is confirming that it is flood reception in the result because those that the dev effect of your disease and get isolated and three isolated sequences are submitted to ncbi and pathogens are vessels are identified there’s a micro Cooper’s nutrients this figure shows the fire mannerisms and fame analysis also that similarity takes is one day fun n equals michael lucas lucas new genome is on average a beach h 0 ng c % in sixty nine point eighty genome size the three-point 86 MV in present in the organism is 1140 is 108 and this is the commander dead in the microcosm you do in ncbi and after that ABC transporters are present in the genome using the RAF cyber and total 16 genes are present in a microbe first you get it roll it off holy go peptide transfer of surveys protein diet if they transfer of atp-binding in that peptide binding at ABC transferred periplasmic by d these are the figures of death of ABC transporter genes and after that also the structure that magician using homology modeling using pilot to server and get these validation using rampage and yes bezahlen fighter database shows that it is not too and bethel journey and it is here is the isolation number of death hour of jihad so i have controlled dead organisms isolated from the infected mango variety is micrococcus luteus and if two scores postulant genome sequence data revealed that phytic acid in having a vc transporter gene which is responsible for pathogenicity mechanism using petals and fighter again it proves that it is non-human a surgeon and it is plant pathogen random variation souls that almost whatever type present in a fire engine and structure and function and is the sort that similarity with their functional god in other one organism therefore the genes and proteins form increase may have the function of F ABC transporter these are the complication I would like to thank my guide professor

winner strata for her dedicated health advice inspiration encouragement and continued support through I my work I would like youjizz in usually for the meritorious fellowship for the financial supports in my home ground ugc cs department of bioscience higher education department state government you just a bar technology mission 4 11 instrument pacific and thank you for your patience to lighten say most the again be isolated if we are injected in experimentally it is same as a characteristic likewise name if I say photonic character is more microscopic take our poll on carrot oh there are same then naturally i selected loss I don’t notice what it okay Oh given this one every court on main role is 30 hey oscillator tell me the postulates okay next question you injective you you read at home oh why did you inject the bacteria in the matron why not tell the horse because in our reference though for the mango pudding redfin several references that it is injected me the mechanism I don’t care for reference system in what is the mechanism why did you inject in the midfield and how is that battery I’m going to get in fact in the leaf or somewhere what is the methodology why you choose why it was reference it towards the reason why isn’t any difference note the reference at Norma’s why son is in the east always references hold that it’s not like this would give a reason it is right anyway this is the reason you know it thank you from Department of biosciences or a streamer satirical still a little boy physicals about my topic I a solution identification and biking club approach off water is very adult India unmagical indica as you know Manuel considered as one of the most popular floor general were quite a pathogen that is a biological agent that caused damage to it cause like fungi bacteria and viruses from Jeff each other one of the edge ended causing a nuisance in a plan so mango production is a limited by the server concern infection and despite economic economic importance here the in this excitement it divided into a two-point isolation an identification of concern and back into approach parsley for color and I meant the collection of interactive and materials from the orchard near rajkot gujarat india for both example isolation of pathogen but I used for infected plant materials were taken in which infective transfer and whose for the medium grown for their father group after death further isolated TNA undergoes quality enhance patient protocol as generators by a bar chart 2015 after that the BLM undergoes was a large energy pulses or 1.8 person after that accidentally a nun goes for the amplification using a specific primer 20 days I be any ideas after that the amplification DNA undergoes for using an amplified applied by system BJP on the nature we 3.1 cycle sequencing kit let us have a man power control which is useful for the confirmation and spin glass with multiple sequence alignment and parasitic to you after their colorful packaging susan test work uncocks new variety and control in with healthy for taken in which the isolation nutrition bar buttons for da cunha in my life they’re the result in catches it whatever taken fungal growth in which all events his wife to form dark place in a materia after that here the damping was also in our gelatin we’re official amplification the 320 base pair of sharp edge intensity was observed using a less fiber where the pcr amplification using a heightened famine of 225 may spare the sequence analysis using on the chromatogram off isolated and we inserted from work why identify where the one from the identification on the basis of MC forgot user as you’re forgiven identified as the water is where r dot libya in the exigent number of my congressman after death certificate a children with the latest quarter started and where they control their low symptoms were observed for violating further by genetic analysis were turned in which they participated with young as i did with a friend in venetian after their pilgrimage this is caused by a fungal pathogen cause substantial post-harvest to the most national food crop the background rule of fungal disease by I should shave or thinner back an alternative now the conservancy sides nannies and more metallic scraping use their attitude has been traditionally used for treatment of impact occurs and resist all over the worst of four centuries as you type is ultras and wallet is full of subprime Tekken tomato grits and have wide range of application in folk medicine for flavor and fragrance industry attention on which are obtained from the Weber results for tax society for aggravating and cosmic

power leads our garage good gujarat india the dash organism as earlier to the waters where tortilla which isolated romantic or indica were cultured on video and identified on the basis of this ever mindful of critics to hear the screening of essential oil and coolant activity in scientific at LC possibly the function expression turns over chicken and expanded unreal micrometer in a PDF is the essential of file manager which fine standard business put on a video zone of the initial measure and the G same as analysis broken return after death is one of nathan’s are okay the zone of the invention of a water spirit of libya around the bilges preferred is saturated with essential or compound the diameter of the zone of inhibition which is the measure of the Castilians of antifungal compound where the highly efficient showed 18 syllables Asia today once Lonnie come after this city of aromatic come after that handle surgeries and laurus nobilis where the after one just low Jessamine stenberg in the foundation of his own of infusion after the engines antifungal activity of water is very idea of a server tested at accenture listed this after that the chemical composition of H&M or as determined by gc-ms analysis accomplished in Sipan voila with an individual of the red studies on spoon of evasion the effectiveness of biocontrol agents which are generally measured as zone of inhibition dialogue with a fat ginger it is a easy to measure zone of individual with a bacterial pathogens as completely fun yet because the reformer produce colony where is in conference on chat about Eric inoculum and it is hard to measure and difficulties the zone of Elizabeth inhibition they are love to buy essential oil is estimated using a conventional scale method and leaf-eater with us often hear the resolution of inhibition limit is measured by to be firstly the high antibiotic zone sketchy and manually and software yeah the zone of inhibition measured by software but which the zone of inhibition observable in place that place can endure DMV and under the solution power 72 after that it in work under a new photo snap viewed and convert into the grace girls and measured under store filled in the data which comparative analysis offering for zula commissioned by mango nectar and spoke fair method with essentially synonym captions on zillow in addition get the research can e-file into the scanner and cameras are after the same path you taught BMP here the rejection of inhibition in the failure region dance off with the zone of inhibition a combination of manual a software method as shown here which shows a mammal Becker is time consuming and time sensitive where the computation method ensure the accurate result and it is a measure of the irregular filamentous to conclusion the present is Terry revealed at the studio audience of reporters for about India for the thumbs of my delicious building is ever molecular data and the information bioinformatics tool and when your activity of boogies essential oil onions my fortress by trattoria in vitro and this is well indicated that years with the successfully applied at the potential button for edging because investigation we’re just demonstrated then the gray deleted software is a bath rooted for the matrix for a zone of inhibition in the publications and resignation acknowledge my professor guide professor winner charter for her xfered gardens would concentrate in function inspiration and courage my dream I’d search but I also acknowledge the Center for Advanced Studies in a climate technology and gently injury and will Sacco and jeans Bahia and also time for a new jersey rajiv gandhi net revolution poly financial support thank you and then you freeze up in my life yes it is short and rizzo per person in case enormity of page today i am giving standing in front of you to protect my search for inventory valuation of my radiator underselling extra little star overview of my work which includes introduction objectives methodology results discussion until its conclusion before begin with introduction about genetics tricks the ending stress is our common scripts the common board we all know about it it is one of the major abiotic stress which limits the productivity of the editorship rocks about fifty percent of the crop Gilda clients in the worldwide due to the fealty t stress the goods are the first this shows which chips which are in the touch with his soul chickens absorb divided by the square of the root zone and then it is prompted it into different parts of the plant which calls the oxidative damage to the plants and finally to the clan death as a result of its launch a morphological and molecular changes the present slide shows the various abiotic stresses which expect a plant in reserving the production of the

reactive oxygen species these different effective stresses will affect the slam either individually or combination because of this decision start producing the reactive oxygen species and ultimately leads to the oxidative damage which will be the result of the lipids proteins on the anything after this this tale will either die either by apoptosis it is the program failed it on burning crosses that is let it automatic process exactly new still there also cell bill and they start produces defend itself i and the producing means i’m getting along in the maternity of filling these are the different antioxidant enzyme which is involved in defending yourself from the abiotic stresses the chain reaction starts with superoxide dismutase which comes finally convert the super upset species into the hydrogen peroxide species which is working hydrogen peroxide speeches comes in as one of the reactive oxygen species of REO after that the Vedas diction antioxidant enzyme in loading rifle peroxidase cabinet responded peroxidase bunny in utilizing this hydrogen peroxide species into bottom but my main focus my work is on the e box beneath which is one of the recently discovered entry of cytokines and it mainly involved in this to you specifically a bit of a min to vapor day 1 alpha and finish line in carbon monoxide he mocks it needs is a ubiquitous in time which is universally presenting all living organisms including higher plants epidemic bacteria sign of a previous and it will be thicker but the enzyme is first of all veals before you in mammals in which it work is in the in the gradation it is for this cabbage as an antioxidant enzyme the present slide shows a metabolic park team of today’s in case of animals keep from the different sources and hemoglobin or lean proteins is finally depreciated digit over it getting to believe anyone else find the pictures of the design team of citric one parasites are good mood of sign up form with the by product of the reaction after that is very very very well and spa it’s finally reduced in the presence of the reduce if you’re ready to be Ruby my design duct tape and believable is toxic for exam that right is finally excreted from this cell in conjugation with a super uronic acid the slide shows the role of the oxygen and custom implant system the enzyme is mainly involved in the antioxidant defense with cancer apart from the inky of the difference we can be from the enzyme is also important Electoral Commission Piper group logo forces is equal it’s prevent the self of apoptosis FF already disclosed in the previous slide carbon monoxide is Phil is a ferrous ion rd by product of the reaction so one of the by-product is involved in the prevention of the cell from the programs out there that is a copter three major forms of iho has been reported till now fetch over nature to altitude three out of this issue one is a discipline firmware is a to wear it so she has falsely reforms in case of plants because my work is really focus in class so it should one is mainly presenting more of our status as well as signals for the edge of two is only limited up to induce firms or events and the case of HIV the location is not known there long h/o by macmillan you’ve been extended stimulate a variety of stress conditions there are set your foods I mean unaffected by external stimulus at show one regards regarding its physiological functions and so one is mainly involved in the text get a volume of the years as well as empty of ten defensive virtual through the morning oxygen incident calcium channels and it’s just we can coordinate invite presenting hecho por is also be discovered but not much information is known about this of my god presently as completed three objectives of my research work force please check the psychological mechanism involving the detoxification of salt induce spreads in bikni radiator the variety chooses PDM 54 to evaluate their own of human is burning serenity escape from the growth kilometers in diameter gets a little longer maybe parameter to compare the role of X show that is antagonistic it is excellence a parallel room of a show the other is emitting a non in 70 companies but then he I am also working on the spectrum Jaheim of saline under various countries concentrations of salt to a transcription liver and I a little use for my pocket first of all the states of the vigna radiata video if you was collected from the NPP jajaja and a physical series of crystallized with mercury chloride point conversion utility or I reduced to about the following bill is a bacterial contamination sister till I see for Germany dinner petri dish containing filter paper so good to stillwater and kept it back when we should get a condition that can meet you the American ceilings who are randomly selected to develop the hydrocodone culture the condition using the hydroponically the following new clean solution after that the success

establish hydroponic culture is carefully controlled conditions control light dark period after the successful establishment of the hydroponic culture the plan was subjected to salinity stress at different concentrations ranging from any we would have been hunting made him a dog with an interval of kami Murdock and after the designs were harvested after 96 hours of treatment invading analysis was done regarding by chemical analysis regarding both kilometers in diameter cabela’s and non-enzymatic perimeter this slide shows they ate a slice of a esposa see to the vigna radiative idiom 50 / week’s lecture the java native Chiefs of the big nivedita see picture shows the dominated series of the radiator of these were randomly selected changing the with my radio times figure a shows us at crisil stablishment of the hydroponic version the results of my work first purple start with the growth parameters in terms of fresh to a dry weight shoot laser pen is a ruthless so then initially increase in the third condition that it came in even larger growth of the plant overall growth of the plant is feeding but FP increase the gasoline for their up to 50 million I’ll significant increase was mortal sin the growth of the class which may be due to the initial means that it is insurance one of the farm to this all transportation but at the plant adopted the concentrations of significant increase the overall look at Phil also the same result has been obtaining gate of collagen because so that is initial concentration the first of all the growth will decreases but if not attempted to consider so the condition of the pyramid our son generations in terms of learning Semitic parameters for parameters are you taking brutal all countries then the door will attempt it MDA context is well its approval in London all the time think i have found it initially though initially the goal has been decreased for every x 50 believe allah i found the bedroom in case of lee but including the concentration increases as the salt angelina increases our protein and it also increases in terms of the exam antics parameter in case of peroxidase initially plus peroxidase activity increases any initially penis or distribution but up of a pivotable are the connectivity significantly decreased and after they know it can change before we go to catalytic activity then it is getting that pretty decreases forget stuff is on increasing the concentration positive get up indicating she has been awful so ladies I’m again for coming at reebok take one in these if initials all concentrations army muscle activity decreases but less concentration of significant increase has been observing the heel of this activity in case of need a further news organization no effect has been off discussions with Molly box in it since I met you Kim you have concentrations in terms of growth parameters all the rotary meters i have given you a lot of supporting bintang all fresh way driver shoot length to length all the Lightning don’t leave it in case of non in somatic parameter 2010 MDA can be improving pancakes but favoring the entire mintage concentration or both vector of the Phantom is an turbulence will be working with their impact it is get it in terms of Indra Medicare parameter catalytic activity supporting the enzyme versus conservative peroxidase activity the antic honestly working with Genesis which made it utility both enzymes are working to the same substrate that is a true orphan and the affinity of the catalyst is more with it Stuart who ever is paroxetine activities let’s look at your h2o to that by deep inside the degrading activity of the purple of the dismay being come back in with no increase in activity of the catalyst the conclusion I am concluding my goal with three points of energy savings and the sodium chloride induced all single spaced penalized by various parameters as well as metabolic enzymes ready to enter your PIN defense system plant responds to salinity stress by into obsidian enzyme gets power to develop schedule a bit on the theme of here for power teddy previously not known in case of is my radiator they show that he was never gone is a leading role in the defense system against all stress comparative stereo key box it is one on business idea increases our understanding toward the complexity of the defense network in walnut Rollins mechanism which may be helpful in producing the proctoring called Orion varieties in future at last I will also want to acknowledge my guide so dr. ghe cover for his support of words my the reason why we chose in 10

200 many more initially we have Queen at all concentrations studying medieval arranged for having minimal army of this always will you stay here Junior if I have to think that condition if I not welcome to individually why not what if any one of you I’m not I’m not my work is not focusing only two Orioles as well as a tornado susceptible edition of in their editor my main focus on that you might want to know the expression of the eve of today’s exam yeah you don’t you your particular 110 still a mechanism how this stress tolerance how it is the keratin yeah object about it is like last looking for lost and last not objective last people you mentioned that you are who you are developing the mechanism right there’s nothing yeah what maker is it because it doesn’t really like them I in focus research what is that tell me that what mechanism do you think you will resume fifty percent value water concentration oh hi 50 50 million won our conservation why that you see us if you don’t listen to localize it okay first listen to me then also the ocean when you go from zero then you are getting increasingly increased range and when you are at zero what you mean zero voiceover controls the high drop of links are you order okay how games are version so can you have any area any plates video-04 in concentration any soil to take original concentration but I want to do a lucky what is that if it t of the plantain nice to compare notes so how can I compare I have to take control I know but in that region the region is your screen study you should see this or concentration of the region that should be standing beside my focus is not on the detail figure I can be only focusing the problem is you’re not understanding the because whatever reasons you have don’t try to understand you’re just whatever position i’m asking you are going into other micros is there is there thank you conference I like to present my part of PhD work that is the extra computational tomography to study the nice panicle development cantilever CT scan is used to further diagnosis purpose in the medical field but many application is available and nowadays especially in some industrial purpose and also some scientific education computational tomography is a powerful long destructive method with the help of the extra computational tomography we can slice the object in a thin slice and it is called ever Tomas light means or tomo hence the method is a fundamental method for the turn on destructive bit of this of any object of the section combination of nothing used in my study because it is not a non-destructive not impossible it doesn’t require any specific treatment and also see your sections of the object can be obtained without doing any confirmation tended to D and the 3d visualization of the image can be obtained complication now rocky has become of our spot in digital economic modelling techniques also and the characteristics of the internal structure like the later dimension says this and the internal defects in their City it can be also easily detectable the help of the computational tomography this is the computational tomography CT scan is used in some of some water clearly like the Phantom study plant pathogen in recent studies and this all bark analysis and the canopy development study but till till if the noble evidence is found for the seed development with the help of the cityscape so my objective of this study is to impose to make the understand the right thing development within the panicle I feel different time interval using the computational topography and its correlation will get a rose parameter of this seat for their purpose Oh methodology is designed like that first of all the standardization parameter is the prime object for this technique because this is the new techniques and the new parameter skis Oh standardization was carried out then the

city skin samples or skinny was done then the growth analyses accurate accounting Boston and the image analysis proceeding on sun realization of the scaling parameter for that purpose mostly 24 I spikelets little standardized then after a standardization completed and these two varieties first like that is the ph 0 1 and the ph 07 and their entire brilliant growth and development was early study with the help of the computational tomography and for this purpose the scanning better women like you voltage scan cube courage and the thickness is given over here this is the book the variety which are selected for this study for the growth analysis fresh with private and the water content in patches and this is taken electrification for the scaling parameter thus it is getting worse turn in the city scanning software is kinda like Seabiscuit software without shut the window and delivering the level is as if a testament was done and the mpr cool and the cities of object and exported further our own but then another case generally the city skin is used for the medical purposes for the humans means the scan emotional of the chaise lounge brain bowl head neck etc are not designed for the panicle order any plants so here the standardization muslims thirsty Earth’s ibex was observed in the lungs area getting her lungs window level it is the 1500 2 minus six thousand then after the participant of this the multiple carnival formation versatile in this with the help of these two the scanned image can be donated and though Oh any particular slice can be view with the different angle the help of this software the image can be visualized and then after proceeding for sure hu value analysis this is the image scan image of the spider after then mtar-21 into his applied then after the case is visualized like then after this selected image with this image is proceeding for the actual value analysis actually analysis means it is Sir our CT scan number means hu is actual you is the household unit and the specific especially the value of the edge is minus thousand and the water is the zero according to the obeys is the city-owned see the density is measured and over mostly the window level of the Citadel is the lungs ner but the value is near about earlier about minus 500 and more than 10 0 value is observed in our case this is the equation of the city n value and the chemical was divided into three part of per meter and the lower and written theta was Kent was used for this analysis tell after this image is supported or pseudo country means Oh mr help of the cities can image get the 8-bit color image this grace color is converted into the 16 color with the help of the images off twisting the scanning image is directly applied to the images of wealth with the help of the lookup table is providing the 16 color this developmental stage of the Old Fourth our stages are applied for the studio country these are the description growth analysis this is the growth analysis of the both the variety tac 0 1 and 8 07 on the basis of this the four stages is divided then that is the cell division elongation try metal accumulation and the maturation phase this is the schematic diagram of the both the variety and this is the parameter of the both the varieties these are differing from there heel height of the set with a centimeter and the number of the seat first patent number of settlers for class and the seat oh wait and there according to on the basis of them the initially girls by eight the length is 10 centimeter and increase up to the 22 centimeter according to their the scale image is increasing 14 pins for 288 for the ph 0

1 and 1 73 2 3 44 40 SE 807 this is the scanned image of the both the variety that is the first stage second third and the fourth for the pc 01 x7 then after the HD video which are directly with the racket and the of their density that the pulse penalty is divided into three parts an upper middle lower and certificate data was taken for the hu- Brock this is the studio colored result in bed you can easily a demand that the initial space the water content is the higher in the street it is the phase is going on the water content is it going to the decrease and it is directly correlate with this color is initially the blue color is coming into the Irish and the green is named after a mature isn’t stage is coming is converted into the readies or orange color so I would like to conclude that the actually gradually increase from the initial stage to the maturation stage in the Polka variety achieving you increase when water container is and this has this parameter may help for the harvest of the drop from the pseudocode rings instead to delve initial and spy development with the edge can be determined and this technique may help in modeling of said I spy time of the harvest agronomic practices seek number determination and the relatively water containing the seeds and the seeds volume and the seed stage evaluation can be done these are my publications I would like to a professor in that effort for valuable guidance and profits that s pacing head of the department of the bar science and our speed is are centered foundation Bombay a week of vaca form for the right sampling and the proper cities can hospital for the cities and facility thank you I apologize and voiceovers tomographic to you will you take this seat development oh very good and you read it in the vernacular yes yeah tell me what motivated you to use tomography technique in the pinnacle of a special device plant ok sir Christ is the S man I know rice is good yeah but why in the pan acknowledged sir I want to study on Christ I selected as a rise from the study and my a PhD title is deep sink size development during this so I selected a sick development so new technique I approached this is the city wonderific could we get after your study of the okay after this study you can harvest any of the spike from the randomly from your film then after you can scan this spike and then after the pseudo coloring and the value DNA directly correlated with the oh no wrong just tell me what benefit can normal person like us get from your study different levels mean using it for in last night slide I told itself first is the harvesting for the farmer first benefit is the harvesting if the water content is the more than the 20 to 20 percentage then the harvested crop is going to destroy this technique directly help on that means it is directly water content and the choux dough country is directly correlated second is the heo value actually convenience what happened they will get taken away wait also but you give my name is no fight no cities get it wrong you can visualize the what is the going good yeah presentation in Owen covering all the valley aspects of biotechnology and nanotechnology I think with a discussion and questioning that it was a beautiful event organized by us and it was possible because of your participation thank you thank you all and now we’ll meet for the tea break at hostel mix