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[ Bell Chiming ] [Female Chorus Vocalizing] [ Male Chorus Vocalizing ] [ Man ] I never know why men come back From sea The sea is cruel but the sea is clean The cause of this vast purity Must be That men at sea are few and far between [ Chorus ] Ah, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh Ah, oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh [ Man ] Hardship is all she ever gave to me [ Chorus ] Oh, oh-oh-oh [ Man ] And yet I ask why men come back from sea [ Chorus ] Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh [ Man ] The sea is cruel but the sea is clean Oh, poor brown earth How kind you might have been [ Chorus Vocalizing ] [ Shouting In Native Language ] The princess – Have you got news for me? No, Master – Dead? -She still sleeps. – You followed my orders? – Yes, Master – And the blind man? – He has been found. Hmm [ Man ] Alms, for the love of Allah. Alms, for the love of Allah. Alms, for the love of Allah Alms, for the love of Allah [ Barking ] What? Your cur would bark? A fine reward for charity If charity be false as that coin Then you cheat, son of a burnt father A blind man cannot tell truth from false Alas, I cannot tell day from night It was my dog – How can a dog tell bad from good? – See for yourself Now, by the wonder of Allah – It is a false coin, and I, myself, knew it not!

Come, O frequenter of tree trunks now which is the bad one? [ Snorting ] This is no dog, but the reincarnation of a tax collector! [ Crowd Laughing ] O ye whom Allah gave the gift of sight… to fill your eyes with beauty and delight spare me a thought to whom your wondrous world is but a city of eternal night Alms, for the love of Allah. Alms, for the love of Allah. – Bring him to me -Alms, for the love of Allah. Alms, for the love of Allah Pray for me My name is Halima – I do not know you? – Does one always know one’s friends? I have none to know Can you not trust in one who brings not words, but deeds? In my house, there is food and rest And what is mine is yours – Why should you offer this? – For your prayers. That is much for little – Take my hand – There’s no need. My dog sees for me He gives me more than ever he can receive, like all dogs This is a sleep beyond my knowledge Only this I know: When the blind man comes to her, she will be cured Strange, Master, he can do something all your powers cannot I’ll make him do it for me and cast him away But she loves the blind man [ Scoffs ] Do you call the lisping of two children in a garden love? Love she has yet to learn And I am here to teach her. [ Native Ballad ] – Poor blind beggar – Even more unfortunate than you know – That cannot be – But we are unveiled And I am… veiled – Tell us your name -Ahmad. -Ahmad! -Ahmad,you’ll beg no more. – Nor journey on – Stay here with us O sovereigns of silkiness, I am sure you are beautiful but for me there is no staying I must on, seeking the one I love, whom I have lost Men with two eyes often seek all their lives and fail to find that one Stay. There are great doctors here They may restore your sight That would be the blackest day of all my days -[ Halima ] You talk in riddles -[ Ahmad ] I will give you the answer. Listen. There was once a king, son of a king and of a hundred kings His subjects countless, his wealth untellable his power absolute And this dog was not a dog but a youth who lived in Bagdad and became dear to the king But in those days, he was nothing but a little thief. Why do you smell my fish, master of a copper coin? Be off!. Be off! Shall I call the khadi’s clubmen? Eh? [ Man Shouting ] Stop, thief! Stop, thief!. Stop that thief! [ Men Shouting ] Hey! [ Speaking Native Language ]

[ Laughing ] [ Horns:Fanfare ] Ahmad the king Son of Akbar, grandson of Haroun-el-Rachid the great, the illustrious lord of the earth, defender of the faith servant of the all-highest but master of all men Ahmad the king! Ahmad the king Alas, I was that mighty man 365 wives were mine In my heart there was no love Fifty palaces, and I had no home Richest among my subjects, I was the poorest of the poor Every desire satisfied, I grew empty of desire And in my whole vast kingdom, I could find nothing to do – no task, no aim, no purpose – for always my grand vizierJaffar stood between me and my people [ Crowd Shouting ] [ Crowd Cheering ] Another execution Why had he to die? He had been thinking, my lord and master – Is it a crime then to think? – In a subject, it’s quite unpardonable Are men only to be ruled by fear? Men are evil – hatred behind their eyes, lies on their lips, betrayal in their hearts You will learn one day, great king that there are about three things that men respect: the lash that descends, the yoke that breaks and the sword that slays By the power and terror of these, you may conquer the earth Do I want to conquer the earth? What do you want, my lord and master? I thought I might try to give them happiness [ Chuckling ] Happiness. They are fools and knaves Your grandsire knew it, and if you would know it too do as he did One night, when darkness falls leave your palace, go among your people mix with the crowds, go into their houses listen, observe and remember – Tonight,Jaffar – Tonight, my king [ Men Shouting ] – Your people, my king – I’ve never been so close to them Go. Listen, observe and remember It is told, though Allah be wiser or more merciful there was in the past of the ages a king among kings… a master of arms and of armies, of vessels and auxiliaries. And this master of time and people was an oppressor to both… and the earth was as pitch in the faces ofhis subjects and his slaves. – What’s he saying? -And they groaned together in secret. Why, I don’t know Is it the king he’s talking about? Don’t ask questions There are spies everywhere. You must be careful in Bagdad I’m a stranger here. Surely you can tell me what the old man’s talking about Oh, about foolish hopes about a prophecy, about a liberator [ Scoffs ] Only fools and children believe it A liberator indeed Not while Ahmad is king And they groaned together in secret and were slain in the marketplace But a wise man among the sages of Bagdad comforted them with a prophecy… saying, ”In the fullness of years, a liberator shall come upon you…

”and this shall be the sign ofhim: he shall be the lowest of the low… and you shall look for him in the clouds. ” And the people cried, ”We shall look for him in the clouds indeed… ”for if the great are powerless to save us from this tyrant… how can one of no account avail?” And the reader of the Milky Way replied… ”Have faith, trust in Allah… ”for there, one day in the blue, you shall see a boy… ”the lowest of the low, mounted upon a cloud. ”But the cloud shall be as strong as the hills beneath the snow… ”and from the ranges of the sky… he shall destroy this tyrant with the arrow ofjustice. ” – What is the name of the tyrant? – [ Men ] Ahmad – Ahmad – Ahmad [ Man ] I wish the miracle would happen today. I wish he would die today Arrest him. Put him in prison When he says he’s the king, tell them he’s a madman His friends and all who might be loyal to him must be destroyed I learned that night not that men are evil, but that he was evil When he persuaded me among my people, he laid a trap for me. I was thrown into prison… and there, in prison, my life began… for there I met the one who was to become my only true friend – Abu, the little thief of Bagdad For only very little thieves are thrown into prison No! No! Not in prison! No! No! Not in prison! – Don’t put me in prison! No! – Come in, thief Cut off his right arm, and then his left Then his left leg, then his right -And then his head – No! No! No! No! I say no! No! Please, no! [ Crying ] Don’t kill me! – I don’t want to die! – Tomorrow morning. And as for the madman, our great sultan Jaffar is merciful Only his head. As the sun rises No! No, no! – No! No, no! -[ Lock Slides Shut ] [ Thudding, Clicking ] [ Laughing Continues ] Poor boy, they’ve driven you mad Me mad? Theyjust said you were mad. Are you really mad? That’s it. I’m mad. I must be mad The maddest of all the madmen that ever lived in the sultan’s palace – You are mad, quite mad – What’s it matter? In the morning, unless the sun stops still and never rises, we both die – the thief and the madman- and I don’t want to die. [ Chuckles ] You are not mad and maybe we shall watch the sun rise from over the river Didn’t you hear the jailer? ”As the sun rises.” As the sun rises, we’ll take a boat and go down to the sea I’ve never seen the sea but I’ve heard the sailors on the riverside talk about it In the sea are fishes as big as the great temple and little ones as tiny as my little finger, with wings And boats as big as Bagdad itself with sails as big as clouds And when the wind blows, they go as fast as antelopes and carry you to the isles of India and China To the isles of India and China And we’re locked in prison The ax will fall as the sun rises And you say you’re not mad – Look! – What’s that? The key of the prison I just stole it – The key? Give it to me! – Steady, steady You want someone to look after you We can’t go now – Why not? – We must wait. In an hour they will eat After they eat, they sleep Then we go Hurry! Catch this oar Give me that rope! Hurry! We must get away Do you want us to be killed? Do you think they will have mercy on us? Don’t you think if the king knew, he’d be merciful? The king was a fool. I hope he suffers as much as he made the people suffer – Do you hate him so much? – Everybody hated him Oh, if I could only lay my hands on him just once if I could only tell him what a fool he was Tell it now I am Ahmad the king -Speak – Ahmad the king is dead.

He died yesterday There’s a new king,Jaffar -[ Hoofbeats Approaching ] – Look! Jaffar would not make all that fuss over me He would not send the whole guard after me Mercy, Master. I’m your slave Leave me at least one arm for small stealing, and I’ll pay you twice as much in taxes – What’s your name? – I’m Abu the thief son of Abu the thief, grandson of Abu the thief Most unfortunate of 1 0 sons with a hunger that yawns day and night. Get up, my little friend – We must return to Bagdad – How can you be such a fool? I mean, my king would be killed A dead king and a dead thief cannot do much, you know. If your fingers are as nimble as your brain, you are indeed the prince of thieves Come on. Let’s catch the morning breeze That will carry us to freedom Freedom. Strange I’ve had everything but freedom And I’ve had nothing but freedom And now we’ve got it, what shall we do with it? Anything we like In three days, we shall be in Basra Here. Take this pole. Push! [ Abu ] I want to be a sailor Sailing out to sea No plowboy, tinker, tailor is any fun to be Aunts and cousins By the baker’s dozens Drive a man to sea or highway robbery I want to be a bandit Can’t you understand it Sailing to sea is life for me Is life for me Abu! Basra! Basra [ Chattering ] [ Chattering ] [ Vendor Shouting In Native Language ] Basra. How beautiful it looks How beautiful it smells! Pancakes! – Give me one! – Really, you are a fool Whoever heard of eating pancakes without honey? But how can you steal honey? Allah give us the pancakes, and he will provide honey -[ Vendor ] Honey! Honey! – Ah. Honey! Honey! – You buy honey? – Yes, we are thinking of buying some – Uh, a jar, of course -Jar? – Uh, if it’s good honey – The best in Basra. Uh, easy to say. First I must try [ Native Language ] Ahh. I’ve tasted better What do you think? – No. No, not good enough – No – Your bees are out ofhumor – [ Angry Shout ] – Take better care of them – [ Shouting In Native Language ] Hey, old friend Whose palace is this? Why, the palace of the sultan, children of ignorance – The palace of a thousand toys – Toys? Where have you come from, you beggars of no importance? Don’t you know that the sultan has the greatest collection of toys in the world? Why toys? The sultan is an old man, and old men are like children

He guards his toys more jealously than he guards his daughter But I say no more. Now out of my way, you masters of a thousand fleas Allah be with you, but I doubt it [ Fanfare ] [ Shouting ] [ Shouts ] – What’s happening? – Let me go! – Not until you’ve told us – The princess comes! – Then why does everybody go? – It’s death to look on her – Death? – Why? No man has ever seen her, nor shall, till her father gives her in marriage – Is she so ugly? – Her beauty is like the sun and the moon [ Shouts ] [ Screams ] Let me go! – Let us go! – Where? Up there! Ah – Your eating will cause our death – Without eating, we die [ Fanfare Continues ] [ Horseman Shouts ] Abu! Here they come! – I must see her again – But I’ve found Sinbad the sailor And he has given us two places on his ship It is more wonderful than I’d ever imagined And on the next tide, she sails I can’t go I must see her again But, Ahmad, all my life I dreamt of going in a great ship across the world I can’t go I must see her again If I help you to see her, will you then come with me? I will [ Women Humming ] [ Woman ] O throbbing heart of mine Be still today We must await the word That all men say And when, O heart of mine

It comes to you Leap up Remembering It might Be true It might be true No more. The music of a love song is as heavy as the noonday air Let us wait for the nightingale and the night To the pool [ Laughing ] Oh! [ Screams ] A djinni! [ Women Screaming ] A djinni! A djinni. Don’t go! Don’t go It’s a djinni in the pool A djinni Are you afraid? Yes. Terribly Why don’t you run away? I want to look I’ve never seen a djinni before Well, then what do you see? Remember always, to a djinni, you must tell the truth. You don’t look wicked Are you a good djinni? Not too good. Very good djinni are just as tiresome as very good men – Do you live down there? – No – Why have you come? – To see you – I was about to bathe – I’m waiting Bathe, with you there? Give me your hand then Down into the water Oh, djinni, you’ve gone I didn’t mean you to go so soon Shall I never see you again? Never? Don’t be afraid I’m not a djinni Who are you? Your slave Where have you come from? From the other side of time to find you How long have you been searching? Since time began Now that you’ve found me, how long will you stay? Till the end of time For me, there can be no more beauty in the world but yours For me, there can be no more pleasure in the world than to please you Will you be here in the garden tomorrow at the same hour? There’s a gardener here who watches night and day His name is Death You mustn’t come Forbid me then I cannot forbid Tomorrow! And all tomorrows [ Humming ] – Did you see her? – I did Good! Then we can go with Sinbad tonight – No, Abu. I can’t go – Why not? You have seen her again

That’s why I can’t go – because I have seen her All right Then I’ll go alone If you go there tomorrow again how will you pass the guards without me to help? – Oh, I’ll find a way – You’ll be caught You’ll stay with me? Oh, Abu, why should you? You have as great a longing in your soul as I have – Why should you stay with me? – Because I’m as great a fool as you are [ Horns:Fanfare ] Brother of lions Fountain of hospitality You know, I have the largest collection of these mechanical devices in the whole wide world And this is the most remarkable of them all I-It tells the time See how it works? Huh? [ Chuckles ] Sheer magic, isn’t it? I hope this dangerous device will never be allowed into the hands of the people – Dangerous? – Yes If people once begin to know the time they will no longer call you the king of time They will want to know how time is spent Oh, you’re right Oh, the people must never know Look, look. Come Ah! See. [ Chuckles ] Such workmanship [ Giggling ] Such – Such precision Such reliability I do so prefer these things to my subjects Watch. Watch See. No, no That’s the finest of them all See? – I have only to wind a key or press a spring – – [ Music Box ] and they do exactly the same thing every time and exactly what I want [ Continues ] And so often my subjects fail to do exactly what I want and then I have to have their heads cut off See? Oh! Your collection is indeed magnificent and so near completion too Near completion? Huh I’d have you know my collection is-is the most complete completion Please, do not misunderstand me I am well aware that nothing short of a miracle could add luster to this already dazzling display But such a miracle does exist A mechanical toy better than – than any of mine? Knowing of your interest in these matters, I have brought it with me Well, let’s see it. Let’s see it Quickly, quickly! Oh, I can’t bear to be kept waiting [ Giggling ] [ Woman Whispers ] Ooh. This is exciting, this If Your Highness would wind it yourself Uh – Oh! What’s it going to do? Hmm? Move its legs, or arch its neck? Or- Or wag its tail? Hmm? It doesn’t kick, does it? To tell you the truth, I’m always rather nervous of these things till I know what they’re going to do, till I get used to them Ooh. Ah It wants some winding – If Your Highness would mount – Yes – And now? – Pull the reins! [ Whirring ] [ Neighing ] [ Whinnying ] [ Excited Shouting ]

[ Whinnying ] [ Shouting Continues ] Marvelous! I am no longer a man. I am a bird! I’m the king of birds! [ Giggling ] Oh [ Exhales ] No! Oh. Mmm, I want it! I want it. I must have it, and I’ll give you anything you wish for it It’s yours I ask but one thing in return Anything you will – Your daughter – My daughter? [Jaffar ] Mm-hmm. Oh, dear, dear, dear. Really This is -This is very awkward Wh -What do you want my daughter for? – I have to found a dynasty – Oh, quite, quite, quite I understand entirely about founding a dynasty Delightful thing to do I’ve tried myself, many times And what have I got? A daughter The true offspring of the mother of miseries Her eyes have quarreled They’re always trying to get at one another Her eyes are Babylonian eyes and her eyebrows like the crescent moon of Ramadan – Her body’s straight as the letter alif – How do you know? – I’ve seen her – Oh, no, you – – I have – Where? – In my crystal – Oh, confound your crystal Confound all crystals I always did hate the things. I – – Are you a magician? – I have some skill Oh, say no more. I – Anyhow, I – I must have this horse So I suppose you must have my daughter [Jaffar ] Mmm. I will never marry him I would rather die I will go to my sister, who’s married to he sultan of Samarkand She will protect me Go back to the garden. You will find someone there whom we thought was the djinni of the pool Tell him of our misfortune, and tell him that I will wait for him in Samarkand Yes, Princess Your Highness, the princess is nowhere to be found She is gone. We have searched the whole garden. – We have found only two beggars – Bring them here [ Shouting In Native Language ] Jaffar!Jaffar! Jaffar! At last, face to face, man to man, sword to sword Give me a sword! Allah will judge! Great sultan, I speak the truth My eyes bear witness. Ahmad! My eyes! I’m blind! Ahmad! Listen, great sultan, I know the truth You must know who this man is!

And this – Listen, good people – Son of a dog – Allah By this, my magic rune be what your fathers were and bay the moon [ Barking ] And this is my curse: You shall remain a dog and you shall walk in the darkness of the blind until I hold her in my arms And now, dispensers of bounty, you know why a blind man with his dog searches the world for a lost love, and with little enough hope Yet without that hope, there would be nothing And Allah is merciful Allah is merciful indeed, for the one that you seek is here If you mock me, Allah will not forgive I do not mock. Your princess was captured by slave traders and sold here in our slave market The richest merchant in the town bought her. But no sooner was she taken to his house than she fell into the strangest trance She lives, but is as dead No doctor can restore her Night and day she calls upon the djinni of the pool – I was that djinni! – And you alone can bring her back to life Can you take me where she is? O djinni, shall I never see you again? – Never? – Lead me to her Why have you come? To find you – How long have you been searching? – From the beginning of time Now that you’ve found me, how long will you stay? Till the end of time The dream – my dream – always the same dream This is no dream Ahmad! Finish the masquerade Don’t look at me like that Suffering has left its mark For me, your beauty will always be as I first saw it – never changing Your eyes -They’re so strange So full of pain One cannot go through fire and not be scorched Ahmad, you must go The master has returned I will hide you, and when the master sleeps in the heat of the noon I’ll bring her to you. [ Barking ] Quiet [ Barking ] From now you’re not only mine You belong to the princess as well. Stay and guard her for me Blind. He’s blind It is in your power to restore his sight There is, in this town, a famous doctor who would, at your request, cure him Take me Is the doctor here, on this ship? Yes. He’s waiting for you [ Barking ] – [ Barking Continues ] – [ Shouts ]

[ Barking ] [ Shouts ] [ Shouting In Native Language ] [ Shouting Continues ] [ Barking Continues ] Open this door Open it! [ Barking, Whimpering ] [ Barking Continues ] Bring him nearer Nearer How do you find your dog’s life, hmm? Mmm. Strange how an unpleasant child can be a decent dog Throw him overboard [ Footsteps Approaching ] Welcome -Jaffar! – Yes.Jaffar It’s always Jaffar Since you left your palace, I have kept you safe When you rode hopeless and lost in the desert, who guided you? When you were sold in the slave market, who bought you? Always Jaffar. It was in my house you were cared for, to sleep your sleep and dream to its end your first dream of love It was I who woke you No. It was Ahmad I was told there was a doctor here who could restore his sight [ Laughing ] But I am that doctor The same moment that I hold you in my arms Ahmad will see. Take me in your arms My eyes! [ Squawking ] Hey! Ahmad! Ahmad! Can you see? I’m Abu again! Abu! – Abu, where is she? – She’s with him -Jaffar- on the ship What good are my eyes to me without her? Is there nothing for you without her? Nothing No. No

I have powers that could force you to my will But I want more than they can give I want your love Forget Ahmad He’s no longer blind And for a man with eyes, the world is full of women Only I am cursed that I can see only you Little fool. Trying to end your life before it has begun I tell you, Ahmad has forgotten Look! It’s Ahmad! [Jaffar ] Wind! Wind! Wind! [ No Audible Dialogue ] Whip yourself, winds of heaven! Whip till you wail aloud! [ Waves Rumbling ] Ahmad! Ahmad! Ahmad! Why do you refuse to obey your destiny?

You behave like a slave girl I am a slave girl You could command me Try. Ask what you will Would you take me back to Basra? – Helmsman! – Master! Northward to Basra [ Shouts ] [ Shouts ] [ Shouting ] This is a place of desolation It is the most beautiful garden in the world If there were ever flowers in it, they’ve vanished, like cancer And the pool – so dark with weeds you can’t even see your own reflection in it I’m not looking for my own reflection Father, I don’t want to go to Bagdad with Jaffar – [ Sultan ] But, my dear- – [ Princess ] Don’t let him take me. – Don’t! – Oh, there, there, there, there, there, there Well, if you don’t want to go to Bagdad with him, you shan’t No. Never. Never, never, never Never while I live. There – There. Oh – [ Sobbing ] What is it? The newest magical toy: the silver maid Does she do anything more? She can embrace you But any of my wives will do that Her embrace will thrill you as no other woman ever has or ever will Do you mean I might get rid of all my wives and have a collection of these things? [ Giggles ] She tickles! [ Giggles ] [ Screams ]

Guards! Make ready for Bagdad [ Loud Whooshing ] Free! Free! [ Laughing ] Free! Free! Free! [ Laughing ] Free! Free! Free! [ Laughing ] [ Cackling ] [ Chuckling ] [ Sighs ] Free again! Free, after 2,000 years! 2,000 years ago, King Solomon, master of all the djinns imprisoned me within that bottle [ Laughing ] For me, this is the first moment of my new freedom For you – [ Laughing ] For you, this is the last moment of your life [ Abu ] My life? [ Djinni ] Your life! In a moment I shall lift my foot and crush you insect, beetle, worm that you are! But, sheik of spirits, I fished you out of the sea I opened your bottle. I let you out You can’t be so ungrateful Ungrateful? Slaves are not grateful Not for their freedom [ Laughs ] Listen Inside my bottle for the first thousand years I swore that I’d enrich the one that freed me with all the riches of the earth But in the second thousand years, my imprisoned spirit turned to vengeance on all that lived and were free And I swore that I’d kill him that freed me to satisfy that hate Are you ready? Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Please, before I die, may I – May I ask one question? Ask How comes it that you, as big as a mountain could ever get into that bottle I can hold in my hand? You weren’t ever in it really, were you? – Of course I was – Oh, no, you weren’t – I was! – You weren’t! What? You dare doubt? If I’m going to die in a moment, I can dare anything, and I say it’s impossible – Impossible? – And I don’t believe you – Take care – And never shall – Never? – Nothing can make me! – Nothing? – Nothing. Unless I see it with my own eyes Then, dog of an unbeliever, before you die you shall see, with me, nothing is impossible! You shall see and believe! [ Laughs ] [ Laughs ] Now, you great, overblown belch! [ High-pitched Voice ] Let me out! Let me out! Just because you were bigger than me, you thought you could bully – Let me out! Let me out! – Product of inflation Descendant of a stink. Let you out? [ Laughing ] I’m going to throw you back into the sea – This time forever – Oh, no. Mercy! Mercy, O Master! – What’s that? – O great and merciful master! – Say that again – O great and merciful master let me out, and I’ll grant you three wishes – Three wishes? – Your first three wishes shall come true – You swear? – I swear By King Solomon, master of all the djinn? By King Solomon, the master of all the djinn the oath that no spirit can break – And you’ll behave? No threatening and shouting? – No – No what? – No, Master Now, don’t make so much noise again You frightened me before Master, I hear and obey

[ Abu ] That’s better All bullies must learn manners in the end I’m hungry Can’t think with my stomach empty I wish I had some of those sausages Mother used to make [ Snaps Fingers ] Your sausages, Master That was the first wish, Master Two more remain Name them Don’t you hurry me I’ve got to be careful Two more You know what I wish? Tell me. Where is my friend Ahmad? Master, to know that, you must look into the All-Seeing Eye – Then give me the eye – Master, I can take you where it is but not even I can steal it for you Steal? Huh! I’ll see to that – Little braggart. What have you ever stolen? – What haven’t I? A key from its lock, ring from its finger, money from its purse, the strength of a djinni – And the tongue of a liar! But he who would steal the All-Seeing Eye from the very brow of the goddess must be neither a thief nor a braggart, but a hero I always wanted to be a hero Come on! Then catch on to my hair All right But mind you, this is not my second wish yet Now I’m rather helping you Yes, Master Djinni! Djinni! I’m frightened! I hear! [ Laughs ] All right, Master? I think so Where are we now? Above the roof of the world Has the world got a roof? [ Djinni ] Of course, supported by seven pillars And the seven pillars are set on the shoulders of a djinni whose strength is beyond thought And the djinni stands on an eagle and the eagle on a bull, and the bull on a fish And the fish swims in the Sea of Eternity Where are we going? [ Djinni ] On the highest peak of the highest mountain of the world where earth meets the sky, and there is the Temple of the Dawn And in the great hall of the temple is the goddess of light And in the head of the goddess is the All-Seeing Eye And now, my little braggart you can be a thief and a hero all in one [ Laughs ] [ Blows ]

A hero [ Laughs ] [ Whistles ] [ Whistle Echoing ] I want to be a sailor [ Echoing ] I want – I want – I want – I want to be a sailor – I want to be a sailor – I want to be a sailor, sailing out to sea – [ Echo Continues ] No plowboy, tinker, tailor is any fun to be – [ Echo Continues ] – Aunts and cousins – By the baker’s dozens – By the baker’s dozens Drive a man to sea or highway robbery – I – I Want to be a bandit Can’t you understand it Can’t you understand it [ No Audible Dialogue ] [ Hissing ] [ Hissing ] [ Hissing ] [ Hissing ]

Djinni! Djinni! Get me out ofhere, quick! Quick! Djinni! Djinni! Help! Help! Djinni, help! Djinni! Is this the All-Seeing Eye? Not for 2,000 years will she grow another For a hundred generations of men, she will not know their doings – Now shall I know what happened to Ahmad? – Look Look hard. It’s true. It’s Ahmad Help! [ Echoing ] Help! Help! – [ Ahmad ] Help! – [ Echoing ] Help! Now my second wish Take me to him

To hear is to obey, little master of the world Hold tight, little brother We have to return half across the world [ Chorus Vocalizing ] [ Ends ] [ Abu ] Don’t be afraid, Ahmad! – It’s me, Abu! – Abu! Put me down! Put me down! Gently, you clumsy good-for-nothing! – Abu! – Ahmad! Allah be merciful It’s a real djinni Yes. He’s mine, and I am his master [ Cackling ] I am your master, aren’t I? To hear is to obey, O Master! See? He brought me here, and he’ll carry us away [ Cackling ] What’s he laughing like that for? I don’t like the sound of it Oh, he’s all right He’s a bit big to talk to That’s the worse part about him You have to shout so much Hey, you up there! – What are you laughing for? – For my freedom. It is at hand You get us out of this place – Your third wish? – No, no, no, no Not yet He is big, but he is sharp I’ve got to be careful Only one wish left I have only one wish Oh, I know all about that Your princess If only I could see her again Is that all? I don’t need to waste a wish for that – Look – What’s that? Look into it – hard, hard Keep staring into it You’ll see her It’s true! A blue rose? I’ve heard about that That – That’s the Blue Rose of Forgetfulness If she inhales its fragrance, she’ll forget… everything Blue roses? Exquisite Who are you? I don’t know I’ve forgotten Why have you suffered? Have I suffered? I don’t remember It seems I was in love. Whom did you love? I cannot tell I don’t know any longer I can’t look anymore! There are worse things than blindness Knowledge can be more terrible than ignorance, if one can do nothing Nothing Why did you give me this? Take it back and break it into a thousand pieces I only stole it to help you

You stole it because you enjoy stealing Without my stealing, you’d be dead I wish I were dead I wish I’d never seen you I wish – I wish I were in Bagdad I wish you were! Ahmad! Ahmad! Ahmad! Ahmad! Ahmad! Ahmad! Where are you? Where you wished him – on his way to Bagdad Then take me out of this place Don’t you hear? I want to get out You stay where you are You’re a clever little man, little master of the universe but mortals are weak and frail If their stomach speaks, they forget their brain If their brain speaks, they forget their hearts And if their hearts speak- [ Cackles ] If their hearts speak, they forget everything! Am I not your master? No longer You’ve had your three wishes, and I am free! Free! Djinni! Djinni! Come back! Don’t leave me here! Don’t let me die! Djinni! And farewell, little master of the universe Farewell! Free! [ Laughing ] Free! Free! Everything of the past is forgotten You have been in love with me You are in love with me You will always love me Everything of the past is forgotten I have been in love with you I am in love with you I shall always love you Hey! [ Shouts ] Where’d he go? Where’d he go? [ Ahmad ] Jaffar! Ahmad [ Speaks, Indistinct ] [ Shouting ] Let’s go! [ Shouting ] [ Groans ] [ Shouting ] Put them in prison Chain them to opposite walls In the morning, they die the death of a thousand cuts [ Clanging ] [ Clanging ] [ Metal Clangs ] I have failed, my love Forgive me I have no regrets We are together And shall be for the rest of our lives We shall never again know the torture of being apart And if death is not the end, we shall go on together Abu and I parted quarreling I wish I could tell him I’m sorry. Abu, my friend good-bye and forgive me No. I won’t say good-bye I’ll help But how? How? If I can’t help, I won’t see! Welcome, our prince

Welcome, little prince Father of a beard, there’s some mistake I’m not a prince I’m only a thief For you we have been waiting twice 2,000 years Oh, no. Not waiting for me because I didn’t know I was coming, and I don’t know how I’ve come Who are you, father of miracles? And where am I? This is the Land of Legend where everything is possible when seen through the eyes of youth We are the remnant of the Golden Age. Golden because gold was nothing. No more than the sand beneath your feet or the stone that we became. How did you become stone? We were petrified with horror by the evil done among men when they ceased to be children and to believe in the beauty of the impossible But whenever the heart of a child returns to us… and comes into us… we live again And so, as that child you are to be my successor Now, come with me and I will present you with two insignia of true kingship Here they are Aim this only at injustice, and you cannot fail Oh, no, father of kindness I don’t want it I don’t want to be a king – I only want to save my friend – Well, this will help you Take it. And now I do homage for you are king and all in our kingdom is yours except that carpet, which I keep for myself For on that carpet which flies when it is bidden – ”Fly, carpet” – I shall go to paradise at the hour appointed. [ Storyteller’s Voice ] It is told, though Allah is wiser or more merciful… there was in the past of the ages a king among kings… a master of arms and of armies, of vessels and auxiliaries. And this master of time and people was an oppressor to both… until the earth was as pitch on the faces ofhis subjects and his slaves… and they groaned together in secret… and were slayed in the marketplace. But a wise man among the sages of Bagdad… comforted them with a prophecy, saying… ”In the fullness of time, a liberator shall come upon you… and this shall be the sign ofhim. ” O Allah, I know you don’t much like stealing I’ll never steal again You can trust me Just this once more.Just this little carpet so as to get to Bagdad in time When the old king’s hour comes he won’t want a carpet to fly to paradise

Then you, O Allah, will take him by the hand gentle and kind as he is and lead him into eternal bliss Aren’t I right? But I must go to Bagdad to save my friend It’s a question of minutes You must see that O Allah, lord ofjustice, let me steal. Fly, carpet Wait Fly, carpet! Why do you close your eyes? There’s little time left to see him [ Storyteller’s Voice ] The people cried, ”We shall look for him in the clouds indeed… ”for if the great are powerless to save us from this tyrant… how can one of no account avail?” And the reader of the Milky Way replied… ”Have faith, trust in Allah… ”for there, one day in the blue, you shall see a boy… ”the lowest of the low, mounted on a cloud… ”and that cloud shall be as strong as the hills beneath the snow… ”and from the ranges of the sky… he shall destroy this tyrant with the arrow ofjustice. ” [ All Shouting ] [ All Shouting ] [ Shouting Continues ] [ Shouting Continues ] The horse! Up, quickly! Ahmad! Jaffar! [ Whinnies ] [ All Shouting ] [ Cheering ] My people, I owe everything to Abu and when he grows into a man, he shall be my grand vizier [ Cheering ] He shall be sent to the best school in Bagdad and all the wise men of the East shall teach him all the wisdom of the world He shall be the wisest of men, and in those future days… when he will be full of knowledge, science and dignity he will be the shining example for the youths of Bagdad and they may remember how the little thief became the dignifi – Hey! Abu! Where are you going?

You’ve got what you wanted Now, I’m going to find what I want – What’s that? – Some fun. – An adventure at last! – [ Crowd Laughing ] [ Chorus Vocalizing ] [ Ends ]