63rd New York Emmy® Awards Nominations

♪ >>> Live from CUNY TV’s Himan Brown Studios in Manhattan. The New York Emmy Nomination announcements ♪ >>> Good Morning! And welcome to the 63rd Annual New York Emmy Awards’ Nominations Announcement live from the Himan Brown Studios of Television here City University in Midtown. I’m Marvin Scott, Awards Committee Chair of the New York Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences On behalf of our Chapter President N. J. Burkett, who’s on assignment, our awards committee and boards of governors, we are pleased to announce this year’s Emmy Nominees. And I have to tell you, we are going to set an all-time record this year, because we are awarding Emmys in 137 categories with 689 nominees. Saturday, will be Emmy Night in New York April 18th at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. It all begins with our red carpet cocktail hour followed by the most spectacular show we’ve ever done. Then, everyone, you’re all invited to our after party, dance party, open bar, DJ and lots of dancing at the Hard Rock Café We hope to see you all there. A till 1AM gift from our chapter to all of you. So, mark your calendar and make your reservations early, because we believe this event will sell out for the first time in our 63 year-history. Members get Check that online. So, if you’re a discount on tickets not support us. Information on all a member, please join us and of our upcoming awards is online at NYEMMYS.ORG. And we’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram So, when you tell the world about the Emmy nomination, be sure to use the hashtag #NYEmmys. Here to read this year’s nominations are Emmy-nominated Weather Anchor for Univision 41, Liliana Ayende. And Emmy Award-winning Reporter for News 12 Long Island, Virginia Huie. Join us please. And Emmy Award-winning Chief Meteorologist of WNBC-TV Janice Huff. Good luck to all of you. The nominations are about to be read. Ladies, will you begin pelase — >>> Entertainment news, nominees are — 2018 Backstage Year In Review, WABC-TV. Live Fast, WPIX-TV. Manilow On Broadway, WPIX-TV. Murphy Brown Returns, WCBS-TV. Short-Selling Broadway WNBC-TV Program Feature Segment, the For Entertainment nominees are Black/Am : Messiah Ramkissoon, CUNY-TV. Broadway Profiles With Tamsen Fadal – Network’s Tony Goldwyn Broadway Channel. Her Big Idea: Caroline’s On Broadway, NYC Life. Looking Back At 20 Years Of Joe’s Pub Spectrum, News NY1 ON THE SCENE With John Bathke: This Isn’t Going To Be A Poem, News 12 Mickey Mouse At 90, Spectrum New Jersey. Spotlight: News NY1. The Deuce: Recreating 1970’s Times Square, CUNY-TV Woodstock 1969: What Was Original Festival Really Like? Syracuse.com Program/Special, the nominees For Entertainment are — Appetite For Laughter: Feed Me TV, Newsday. At The Tony’s With Imogen Lloyd Webber, John Gore Organization. Broadway Sandwich: “Hamilton”ALL ARTS. Front Row, “Kinky Boots” And Broadway.com. On Stage: Fifteen Years of Wicked, Spectrum News NY1. White Hot Spotlight: Billy Joel And The Greatest Arena Run Of All Time, MSG Network. For Feature News Report: Light Feature, the nominees are — “Crazy Cranford Cowboy,” WNBC-TV News. Baby Boom, News 12 Connecticut. Charlie And Dot, WROC-TV. Grass-cutting Grandma Loves Her Town More Than You Can Imagine, NJ Advance Media Hombres Vanidosos, WXTV Univision 41 News. It’s A Beautiful Mystery, WPIX-TV In Feature News Report: Light Series, the nominees are — Bravo Brooklyn, News 12 Brooklyn. Hidden New York, WPIX-TV. La Reina Del Merengue, WXTV Univision 41 News Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Sin Capa, WNJU Telemundo 47

Heroes Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Camp, WNJU Telemundo 47. In Space Feature News Report: Serious Feature, the nominees are – Odisea De Un Inmigrante, WXTV Univision 41 News. A Dream Deferred: The Struggle Is Real, THIRTEEN. Jenny’s Fight, News 12 Westchester. Police Mental Health: On The Front Lines, WNBC-TV News. Round Two, News 12 Connecticut. For Feature News Report: Serious Series, the nominees are — #ColdCase13, WNYT. Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Abandoned Child 14 Years Later, WNJU Telemundo 47. School Of Pain, News 12 Westchester Sobreviviendo Al Canal De La Mona, WXTV Univision 41 News The Broken Blue Line, News 12 Brooklyn. The Tape Room: New Milford Murder, WNYW FOX 5 Liliana — >>> For Historical/Cultural: News, the nominees are — “The Way It Is” And “When They See Us” — How Race And Crime Frame NYC History, WPIX-TV. Brave Bess: Remembering A Legend, WABC-TV. Honor Flight: A Mission With Meaning, WIVB-TV. Project Revival, News 12 Long Island The Forgotten Camps, WNYW Fox 5 Underground Railroad Tour, News 12 Westchester. For HISTORICAL/CULTURAL: PROGRAM FEATURE /SEGMENT, the nominees are — I Found A Roll Of Undeveloped Film From 1964 (BuzzFeed). LaToya Ruby Frazier: Artist And Advocate (Thirteen) Native Dish: “Senegalese Poisson Yassa” (NYC Media). Passport To Brunch: Feed Street Level – Me TV (Newsday) 7th Avenue Spectrum News NY1 – CD. What Happened To Utopia? (Spectrum News NY1 – Creative Services) For HISTORICAL/ CULTURAL: PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees are: Black Enuf* (Maroonhorizon Media). Blueprint NYC: Green-Wood Cemetery (NYC Media) Hidden History: The Decimation Of The 15th Ward (WSYR-TV, Syracuse, NY). How Master Sushi Chef Keiji Nakazawa Built The Ultimate Sushi Team (Eater). One Night At The Stonewall – June 28, 1969 (New York Daily News) The Subway Vigilante (WPIX-TV) Treasures Of Jewish Museum (WLIW 21). In New York: The RELIGION: NEWS, the nominees are — CBS 6 Investigates: Inside The Satanic Temple (WRGB-TV) Latinos In Sunset Park Embracing Islam (Spectrum NY1 Noticias) Sign Of Faith (Spectrum News NY1 – News). The Girl Who Died Twice (WTEN). The Rollin’ Reverend (News 12 Long Island). In RELIGION: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are — Around Queens: The Night Before Eid (Queens Public Television). Dangers Of Esotericism (WXTV Univision News). Father Fabian Arias 41 (CUNY-TV). Malky Makes Movies (Hasidic Hollywood). | Going In With Brian Vines (BRIC TV) Street Level – Northern Boulevard (Spectrum News NY1 – CD). In RELIGION: PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees are — Brightness Of Noon: The Intersect Of Faith, Immigration And Refugees, Part II (Diva Communications, Inc.). Currents News: Notre Dame Special Good Friday Newscast (NET-TV). Shima Jiu-Jitsu: ‘It’s What I Am’ (Newsday). Who Is St. John Baptist De La Salle? (Manhattan College). In ARTS: NEWS, the nominees are — “Family Portrait” (WNBC-TV News). High School ‘Alien’ Production Goes Viral (WPIX-TV). Opera In The Park (Spectrum News NY1 – News) The Mysterious Balloon Man Of The West Village (WPIX-TV) Unconventional Art (WPIX-TV). In ARTS: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are Metuchen – — Art Around Amy Brooks (Metuchen Media). Carlos Acosta (CUNY-TV) Character Study: Backstage At “Frozen” On Broadway With Caissie Levy (Broadway.com) FREEDOM AND THE AFRICAN DIASPORA (BronxNet). Julia Bullock: History’s Persistent Voice (Thirteen). Rising Artist:

Cougar Vigil (ALL ARTS). Short Docs | James Verdi – Interview (CUNY-TV). Sights & Sounds The Louis Armstrong House Of Museum(New York Daily News). In ARTS: PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees are — A Mother’s Rite (The Black Iris Project). ALL ARTS Docs: Slow Down: River To River (ALL ARTS). Citizens Of “To Kill A Mockingbird” (Broadway.com). Don’t Define Me (EPIC10 Films) Venezuela From To Brooklyn: How This Photographer Started A New Life At 17 Years-Old |BK Made (BRIC TV). On Stage: Network (Spectrum News NY1 – News). Here’s Virginia — >>> For DIRECTOR: LIVE OR RECORDED LIVE, the nominees are: Dan Bar (SNY). Joel Mandelbaum – NY Islander (MSG Network) John Moor (YES Network). Larry Roth – NY Rangers (MSG Network). For DIRECTOR: NON-LIVE (POST PRODUCED). the nominees are: Jessica Kelley (Newsday). Don Casper (EPIC10 Films) David Marshall (Blue Sky Project) Jeff Siegel (MSG Network). For DIRECTOR: SHORT FORM (PROMOS, PSAS, COMMERCIALS, OPENS). the nominees are: Matthew White (4th Coast Productions). Christian Suarez (WNJU Telemundo 47). Dan Szpakowski (New York Jets). Adam Verity Creative Services). Mac Premo (Spectrum News NY1 – (Mac Premo, Inc). In WRITER: PROGRAM, the nominees are: Matt Mulcah (WSTM-TV). Jeff Siegel (MSG Network). Brian Frey (WSKG). Brian Frey(WSKG). Todd Ehrlich (WCBS-TV). For WRITER: SHORT FORM, the nominees are Adrianna Dufay (Mac Premo, Inc) Jack Radutzky/Dan Szpakowski (New York Jets). Freddy Leon (WNJU Telemundo 47). Daena McBride (WNET THIRTEEN). For WRITER: NEWS, the nominees are John Chandler News Writer Composite (WNBC-TV News). John Gray Writing News (WTEN). Tara Rosenblum (News 12 Westchester) Walt Kane Writing Composite (News 12 New Jersey). Liliana — >>> In the category ENVIRONMENT: NEWS, the nominees are: Plástico Veneno (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Coastline Resilience (WRNN-TV). Dam Dangers (News 12 Westchester). Littered Landscape (WCBS-TV). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Respiro Mortal (WNJU Telemundo 47). The Fight Against Fatbergs (WCBS-TV). For ENVIRONMENT: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are, Back From The Brink: American Bald Eagles’ Remarkable Comeback In New Jersey (NJ Advance Media). Go Green (News 12 Agua De Los Parques (Lead In Long Island). Plomo En El Park Water). (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Urban Green: “Aquaponics” (NYC Media). Urban Green: “The Renaissance Of Beekeeping In New York City” (NYC Media). For CRIME: NEWS, the nominees are: A Daughter’s Dilemma (WABC-TV). Best Friend’s Battle (WNBC-TV News). Roof Mom (WPIX-TV). The Tape Room: Jamal ‘Mally’ Gaines (WNYW FOX 5) Tracking Down A Hit-and-Run Driver/Rogue Reverend V). In CRIME: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT/SPECIAL, the nominees are: An Innocent Man? (Newsday). Crime That Pays: Laura’s Story (News 12 Westchester). Justice For Junior: Terror Of The Trinitarios (News 12 The Bronx) Mom Of Teen Twins Killed By Their Dad Tries To Cope Without Them (CBS Interactive). Murder At The Met: Who Killed Violinist During Intermission? (CBS Interactive). The Tape Room With Dan Bowens (WNYW FOX 5). In the category, POLITICS/GOVERNMENT: NEWS, the nominees are: Broken Ballot (Spectrum News NY1 – News). Cuomo Vs Nixon (News 12 Interview That Circled The Globe Long Island). HRC: The (News 12 Westchester). Kane In Your Corner: Politics (News 12

New Jersey). Taxpayer-Funded Lawmaker Mailers: Their Campaigns, Your Money (WRGB-TV) For POLITICS/GOVERNMENT: PROGRAM FEATURE SEGMENT, the nominees are: Congesting Pricing – The View From London (WABC-TV). El Fin De La Fianza (The End Of Bail). (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Federal Balance (News 12 Long Island). Is Of Power Democracy In Danger? (Spectrum News NY1 – Creative Services) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Transition Of Power In Puerto Rico (WNJU Telemundo 47). In POLITICS/GOVERNMENT: PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees are: Governor Andrew Cuomo: The First Two Terms (WMHT-TV) Inside City Hall: NYPD Officer Pantaleo Fired (Spectrum News NY1 – News). Make Comedians Great Again: Trump Impersonators In Trump Era (Newsday) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Midterm Elections 2018 11pm (WNJU Telemundo 47). Power And Politics: The Leader Speaks (News 12 Westchester). Back to Virginia >>> In the category HEALTH/SCIENCE: NEWS, the nominees are: PRISIONEROS DEL AUTISMO (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Cáncer Testicular (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Dieta De Algodon (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Fight For Marijuana Legalization (News 12 Westchester). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Heartbeats Of Hope (WNJU Telemundo 47). Surprise Medical Bills (News 12 Jersey). For HEALTH/ SCIENCE: New PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are CUNY Laureates: Arno Penzias – The Sound Of Creation. The invasion Of The Asian Longhorned Tick (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: 3D Space Explanation (WNJU Telemundo 47) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: First Cuban American In Space (WNJU Telemundo 47). Obesidad Infantil (WXTV Univision 41 – News) Robert Aliano’s Second Chance (Newsday). This Is What Sea Level Rise Will Do To Coastal Cities (Vox Media). For HEALTH/SCIENCE: PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees are — Corazón De Guerrero (WXTV Univision 41 – News). ‘In Theory’ Season II Studies How (Quanta Magazine). NYIT A Hit-filled Lacrosse Season Affects Players (Newsday). Simply Science: Episode 2 (CUNY-TV). In the category BUSINESS/CONSUMER: NEWS, the nominees are: Estirando El Dolar (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Kane In Your Corner: Robocalls (News 12 Telemundo: Foreclosure Building New Jersey). Noticiero 47 Dispute WNJU Telemundo 47 The Amazon Effect (WABC-TV). What A Shame (WPIX-TV). For BUSINESS/CONSUMER: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT/SPECIAL, the nominees are: A Tu Lado: Finding A Roof Or A Crook? (WXTV Univision 41 – News). BOLD BULL: Restaurant Inspector Fakes Reports (WKBW). Forbes SportsMoney Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Responde (YES Network) Job Scam (WNJU Telemundo 47) Where Have All The Diners Gone: Feed Me TV (Newsday). In the category MILITARY: NEWS, the nominees are: A Timeless Graduation (News 12 Hudson Valley). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: War Heroes (WNJU Telemundo 47) Saluting A Stranger (WRNN-TV) Singled Out Over Service (WNBC-TV News). Taking Flight With The Blue Angels (WNYW FOX 5). For MILITARY: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are: A Friendship, A Funeral, And A Flag (WNBC-TV News) American Liver Foundation: Harvey Ware (MSG Network). Helicopter Rescue Training In New York Harbor [Always Ready: Inside The Coast Guard] (WNYW FOX 5). Home For A Hero (WNYW FOX 5). Taking Flight With American Heroes (WKBW) Walk With Frank (News 12 Westchester). In MILITARY:

PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees are: Always Ready: Inside The Coast Guard (WNYW FOX 5) Buffalo Bills Honor Flight 2019 (Pegula Sports and Entertainment). Crossing Over: A Soldier’s Journey (Staten Island Advance) In the category SOCIETAL CONCERNS: NEWS, the nominees are: A Sight To See: Blind Workforce (WTEN-TV). A Sleepless Night In NYCHA (WNBC-TV News). Camp Infestation (WNBC-TV News) Congestion Pricing (News 12 Long Island). Maternity Hotels (Spectrum News NY1) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Living Deplorable Conditions (WNJU Telemundo 47). Prescription Pad Problem (News 12 Westchester) For SOCIETAL CONCERNS: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are: A Tu Lado: Demolishing Labor Crimes (WXTV Univision 41 – News). A Tu Lado: Fighting For Your Home (WXTV Univision 41 – News) Blackface In America (New York Daily News). Countdown To Shutdown (News 12 Westchester) Highway Mike | BHeard (BRIC TV) For SOCIETAL CONCERNS: PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees are: Her Voice Carries (Blue Sky Project Films). Justice For Junior: Spirit Of The Streets (News 12 The Bronx). No Way Out: Loopholes In The Law (News 12 Westchester). PIX 11 NEWS CLOSEUP: CRISIS AT THE BORDER (WPIX-TV). Shades Of Us – Seeing Yourself In Books (CUNY-TV). Weight Of The Badge (Spectrum News Rochester) Liliana — >>> In the category, TECHNOLOGY, the nominees are: App-aratos Del Amor (WXTV Univision 41 – News) Detecting Deepfakes: This News Anchor Doesn’t Exist (WNYW FOX 5). Ese No Soy Yo (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Que Es Esto? (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Scammed Out ‘Of Love WNBC-TV News In the category INTERACTIVITY, the nominees are: Justice For Junior: The Trial (News 12 The Bronx). News 12 Engage: A Multi-Screen Experience (News 12 Digital) PIX11’s Social Media Center 2019 (WPIX-TV). In the category DOCUMENTARY, the nominees are: Dirty Secrets (Spectrum News Albany). Miracle On 42nd Street (Miracle on 42nd Street, Inc.) Reimagining A Buffalo Landmark (WNED-TV). The Field Afar: Life Of Father Vincent Capodanno The (DeSales Media Group – NET TV) For INTERVIEW/DISCUSSION, the nominees are: Black America: Soul Food And More With Carla Hall (CUNY-TV) Network, One-on-One With CenterStage, YES Alexandria (Spectrum News NY1 – News) Ocasio-Cortez Profile By BuzzFeed News: Why Shoshannah Stern Is Breaking Ground As TV’s First Deaf Showrunner (BuzzFeed News) Speakeasy: Sting & Shaggy (LCM247). Talking Pictures With Neil Rosen: School Ties, Samuel L. Jackson (CUNY-TV) In the category MAGAZINE PROGRAM, the nominees are: Broadway Profiles With Tamsen Fadal – The Fall Preview, August 2019 (Broadway Channel). Nueva York: Episode 12 (CUNY-TV). On Stage: Hamilton In Puerto Rico (Spectrum News NY1 – News). Only In New York (WPIX-TV). The Wild Side: Feed Me TV (Newsday). Upstate Getaways WRNN-TV. In the category LIFESTYLE PROGRAM: FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are; Food. Curated. “Edible Bugs” (NYC Media). In Our Own Kitchen: Statue Of Liberty Climber Patricia Okoumou (Queens Public Television). MSG Networks’ “Through The Lens” (MSG Network). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Mole Poblano Family Business (WNJU Telemundo 47) Edgardo Del Villar, Anchor RON BAKER: FROM KANSAS TO NYC (MSG Network) PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees For LIFESTYLE PROGRAM: are: Broadway Profiles With Tamsen Fadal – The Road To The Tonys (BroadwayChannel). Dock To Dish (NYC Life). Her Big Idea: Episode 2 (Season 3) (NYC Life) Her Big Idea: Season 3, Episode

7 (NYC Media) Oculus: Feed Me TV (Newsday) Journey Into The In LIFESTYLE PROGRAM: SERIES Feed Me TV: Season 5 (Newsday) George To The Rescue: McGibbon Family (WNBC-TV Programming) Gotta Dance (Broadway.com). Mamá De Hoy (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Open House NYC Presents: Design Stars In The City (WNBC-TV Programming). In the category NOSTALGIA PROGRAM, the nominees are: Chronicles: Charlie Conerly (MSG Network) Liberty Hall 360: Revolutionary Wedding (Kean University) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: “Gracias Jorge” 4 Decades Of History (WNJU Telemundo 47). On Stage: 25 Years Of Disney On Broadway (Spectrum News NY1 – News) Pride: Celebrating 50 Years (WNBC-TV Programming) Street Level – The Bowery (Spectrum News NY1 – CD). The Guarantee (New York Jets) In the category SPECIAL EVENT COVERAGE (OTHER THAN NEWS AND SPORTS), the nominees are: CUNYTV Town Hall: Food Insecurity (CUNY-TV) Fast Lane: The New York In The International Auto Show (WABC-TV). Live Red Carpet To The Tonys (Spectrum News NY1 – News). March Of The Living (WNYW Fox 5). THE WORLD CUP TICKER TAPE CELEBRATION (WCBS-TV) Virginia will take it from here >>> And now let’s move on to our talent categories. First up TALENT: ANCHOR – NEWS, the nominees are — Anchor: Pat Kiernan (Spectrum News NY1 – News). Kori Chambers (WPIX-TV) Darling Burdiez (WNJU Telemundo 47). Stone Grissom (News 12 Long Island). Tamsen Fadal For TALENT: ANCHOR – WEATHER, (WPIX-TV) the nominees are: Byron Miranda & Joe Punday Weather (WPIX-TV) Virginia Ayende (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Mike Rizzo – Meteorologist (News 12 The Bronx). Pedro Montoro (WNJU Telemundo 47). Pat Cavlin 12 (News Long Island). Dave Curren, For TALENT: ANCHOR – SPORTS, the (News 12 New Jersey) nominees are: Al Trautwig (MSG Network). Bill Pidto (MSG Network). Bob Lorenz (YES Network). Kevin Maher (News 12 Long Island). Veronica Contreras (WNJU Telemundo 47) In the category TALENT: REPORTER – FEATURES/HUMAN INTEREST, the nominees are: Henry (WPIX-TV). Marissa Alter Rosoff (News 12 Connecticut). Nadia Galindo (News 12 Westchester) Mac King (WNYW FOX 5). Tara Rosenblum (News 12 Westchester) REPORTER – GENERAL ASSIGNMENT, In TALENT: the nominees are: Henry Rosoff (WPIX-TV). Alfredo Acosta (WNJU Telemundo 47). Cristina Navarrete (WNJU Telemundo 47) Rana Novini (WNBC-TV News) Aiello Tony For TALENT: (WCBS-TV) REPORTER – INVESTIGATIVE/CONSUMER, the nominees are: Berenice Gartner (WXTV Univision 41 – News) (Chris Glorioso) (WNBC-TV News) Jennifer Lewke (WHEC-TV). Liz Gonzalez Sarah Wallace (WNJU Telemundo 47) (WNBC-TV News) For TALENT: REPORTER – LIVE, the nominees are Derick Waller (WABC-TV). Jessica Layton (WCBS-TV) Luis Gerardo Nuñez (WNJU Telemundo 47). Ruschell Boone (Spectrum News NY1 – News) For TALENT: REPORTER – Shirley Chan (WPIX-TV) POLITICAL, the nominees are: Greg Floyd (WRGB-TV) Luis Alejandro Medina (WNJU Telemundo 47). Rich Barrabi (News 12 Long Island). Walt Kane (News 12 Jersey). For TALENT: REPORTER – New SPECIALTY ASSIGNMENT Matt Mulcahy, Reporter WSTM-TV Luke Moretti Nuñez (WNJU Telemundo 47). Josh

WIVB-TV Luis Gerardo Robin (Spectrum News NY1) Tara Rosenblum, Reporter (News 12 Westchester). And now here’s Liliana again >>> For TALENT: REPORTER – MEDICAL, the nominees are Erin Billups (Spectrum News NY1 – CD). Benita Zahn (WNYT). Tara Rosenblum (News 12 Westchester) Jeff Rusack (WKBW) For TALENT: REPORTER – SPORTS, the nominees are: Jamie Stuart (News 12 Long Island). John Chandler News). Kevin Maher (News 12 (WNBC-TV Long Island). Olivia Landis (New York Jets). Steve Gelbs (SNY). For TALENT: COMMENTATOR/EDITORIALIST, the nominees are Larry Mendte, (WJLP-TV). Chris Williamson (SNY). Christopher Williamson (Spectrum News NY1 – News). Roma Torre(Spectrum News NY1 – News) Rich French WRNN-TV For TALENT: PROGRAM HOSTMODERATOR, the nominees are Jack Ford (WLIW 21). Doug Williams Apple (SNY). Michael Kay (YES (SNY). Gary Network). Patricia Fuenmayor (WXTV Univision 41 – News) CHRIS WRAGGE (WCBS-TV) TALENT: PERFORMER/NARRATOR, the For nominees are: Mac Premo (Mac Premo, Inc). Natalie Paterson (NJ Advance Media) Rosenblum (News 12 Westchester) Tara For TALENT: SPORTS PLAY-BY-PLAY, the nominees are: Brendan Burke (MSG Network). Gary Cohen (SNY) Ian Eagle (YES Network). Mike Breen (MSG Network). For TALENT: SPORTS ANALYST, the nominees are John Flaherty (YES Network). Ron Darling (SNY). Sarah Kustok (YES Network). Wally Szczerbiak Network). Walt “Clyde” Frazier (MSG (MSG Network). For TALENT: REPORTER /TRANSPORTATION TRAFFIC, the nominees are: ANDREW SIFF (WNBC-TV News) Heather O’Rourke (WABC-TV). Greg Mocker (WPIX-TV). And now let us turn it over to Janice Huff and Marvin Scott. Janice — >>> Thank you. Good to have you with us this year Janice >>> Nice to be here with you Marvin >>> We’ve just began. So, don’t go anywhere. We have 689 nominations. Why don’t you continue — >>> For PROMOTION: NEWS PROMO – SINGLE SPOT, Nominees are, Noticiero 47 Telemundo “Breaking News” (WNJU Telemundo 47) Noticiero 47 Telemundo “Introducing Darling Burdiez” (WNJU Telemundo 47). PIX11 2018 Year Ender (WPIX-TV). Stepping On, NY1 – Creative Services) 365 Weather (Spectrum News Supporting Local Journalism-Jim Baumbach (Newsday). WXTV UNIVISION 41 ESE NO SOY YO WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions. For PROMOTION: NEWS PROMO – CAMPAIGN – the nominees are Most Accurate Man Campaign (WIVB). Noticiero 47 Telemundo “July Sweeps” (WNJU Telemundo 47). StormTracker 4 (WNBC-TV Promotions). You Paid For It Promo Campaign (WRGB-TV) For PROMOTION: NEWS PROMO – IMAGE, the nominees are NEWS 8 WROC 70th Anniversary – Firsts (WROC-TV). NEWS 8 WROC 70th Anniversary Image Campaign (WROC-TV). Noticiero 47 Telemundo “MS13: El Especial” (WNJU Telemundo 47). Noticiero 47 Telemundo Investiga “Best Of 2018” (WNJU Telemundo 47). WXTV UNIVISION 41 AL DESPERTAR BEHIND THE SCENES (WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions). You Deserve Better, Better Get Baquero (WNBC-TV Promotions). For PROMOTION: PROGRAM PROMO – SINGLE SPOT, the nominees are “New York In 25” (Blue Man Group) (NYC Media) Feed Me TV Series Sizzle Reel

(Newsday). It’s Gonna Be A Good Day (WNBC-TV Promotions). Saquon Barkley- Rookie Of The Year (New York Football Giants). Telemundo 47: Darkiel “Mes De La Herencia Puertorriqueña” (WNJU Telemundo 47). WXTV UNIVISION 41 HEROES ADRIANA VARGAS (WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions). For PROMOTION: PROGRAM PROMO – CAMPAIGN, the nominees are Knicks On MSG “MSG X Twitter”(MSG Network) Telemundo 47 “Dominican Heritage Month” (WNJU Telemundo 47) The Wright Stuff (SNY). WNYT Lifestyle Weather Campaign (WNYT-TV). Yankees “Buzz In The Bronx” (YES Network). In PROMOTION: PROGRAM PROMO – SPORTS, the nominees are City One Year (SNY). Islanders 62,000:1 Three Teams One Playoffs On MSG (MSG Network) Nets Playoff Tease (YES Network). NYCFC “Energy” Launch Spot (YES Network). One Jets Drive: The 2019 New York Jets (New York Jets). Telemundo 47: Papá Changó “Somos Uno” (WNJU Telemundo 47) For PROMOTION: PROGRAM PROMO – IMAGE, the nominees are, Crosstown (Spectrum News NY1 – Creative Services). FOREVER THIRTEEN (WNET THIRTEEN). Manhattan Dominican Parade LIVE Broadcast POP (WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions) Media With Impact: Bill’s Story (WNET THIRTEEN) MSG Knicks Expression Of Fandom: Clyde Art (MSG Network) Syracuse University Sesquicentennial University). And now here’s (Syracuse Marvin >>> For COMMERCIAL: SINGLE SPOT, the nominees are: GEICO Mr. Met DNA Discovery (SNY) Dog Season 10 (Mac Premo, Inc) Invisible MSG Networks’ “Calling All Ballers” (MSG Network). Welcome To Famous Original NYC (NYC & Company). For COMMERCIAL: CAMPAIGN, the nominees “Joey” Campaign (SNY). Best are, In Town (WCBS-TV). MSG Network” “Calling All Ballers” (MSG Network). Sunday Morning Science Lab (WCBS-TV). For COMMUNITY PUBLIC SERVICE SINGLE SPOT, America Can’t Wait WXTV UNIVISION 41 LA EPIDEMIA DEL PLASTICO (WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions). Your Voice. Your Vote. (Brooklyn Free Speech) For COMMUNITY SERVICE, Pride (WCBS-TV) PUBLIC Spell It Out Creative, Inc.). Vote 2018 Spots (Sammi Mendenhall (WNET THIRTEEN). WNJU Telemundo 47 Rescan Campaign (WNJU Telemundo 47). WXTV UNIVISION 41 CORAZON DE GUERRERO CAMPAIGN (WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions). For PUBLIC/CURRENT/COMMUNITY AFFAIRS: FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are Behind The Concrete A Dream Deferred: Walls Compassion | Going In With Brian (THIRTEEN). Corner Store Vines (BRIC TV). How Do We Combat Hate In The Digital Age? Creative Services) Running For (Spectrum News NY1 – Ayotzinapa: The Effort To Create Awareness On The Disappeared 43 Mexican Students. (CUNY-TV) Seeing Frankie (WJLP). For PUBLIC/CURRENT/COMMUNITY AFFAIRS: SERIES, the nominees are: Around Queens: Helping Incarcerated Moms (Queens Public Television). Chasing The Dream (WSKG Public Media). GOOD DAY STREET TALK CELEBRATES BLACK HISTORY MONTH (WNYW FOX 5). The Great Divide (Studio 20).This Won’t Define Us (Newsday). For NEWS SPECIAL, the nominees are: Beyond The Border (WRNN-TV)

Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Enfoque Un Año De Luchas (WNJU Telemundo 47). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: MS-13 Amenaza Latente (WNJU Telemundo 47). Trapped In The Triangle (WPIX-TV). Tunnel To Towers (WCBS-TV). For JOURNALISTIC ENTERPRISE, the nominees are: Andre Malok: Journalistic Enterprise Portfolio (NJ Advance Media) Berenice Gartner At Heart (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Greg Floyd – You Paid For It Compilation (WRGB-TV). Sarah Wallace Composite (WNBC-TV News). Tara Rosenblum – Journalistic Enterprise (News 12 Westchester). Please welcome back Janice Huff >>> For EDUCATION/SCHOOLS: NEWS, the nominees are: Bullied In School (News 12 Jersey) New Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Robotics High School Competition (WNJU Telemundo 47). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Technical School For A Bright Future (WNJU Telemundo 47). The Bathroom Battle (News 12 Westchester) The Harmed Suburban Five (WABC-TV). Top Teacher (WNYT) For EDUCATION/SCHOOLS: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are: A CLASE CON EL CANCILLER (WXTV Univision 41 – News) (Newsday). CUNY Laureates: John Brentwood’s Green Machine O’Keefe – (CUNY-TV) Inner GPS MHS Student Highlight – Alex Liu(Metuchen Media) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Donde Esta El Dinero (WNJU Telemundo 47). The Sugar Hill Project (Thirteen). For EDUCATION/ SCHOOLS: PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees are Imported From Brooklyn (New York City College of Technology). Urban U: Beyond The Classroom (CUNY-TV). WOMEN WHO SHAPE THE FUTURE (WNYW FOX 5). For CHILDREN/ YOUTH, the nominees are: Exploring Your Health – Sleep (Spectrum News NY1 – CD). GARDEN OF DREAMS: CHRISTMAS TREE NY KNICKS EXPERIENCE (MSG Network). GARDEN OF DREAMS: DILAN OZUK MEETS JOHN CENA (MSG Network). Kindness Jars (News 12 Westchester) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Lazos De éxito (WNJU Telemundo 47). In the category Programs for TEENS, The nominees are:14-Year-Old Makes $2.2 Million Running Her Own Candy Empire (CBS Interactive). Between Borders (WRNN-TV). Camp Sundown (WTEN) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: What Comes After Foster Care? (WNJU Telemundo 47). Spotlight: Sentenced To Art (Spectrum News NY1 – News). The Rise Of Esports (WNYT). In HUMAN INTEREST: NEWS, the nominees are, Challenger Surf Camp (News 12 Long Island) Maintaining The National September 11 Memorial: How Workers Protect The Names Of The Dead? (New York Daily News) Ride For Life (News 12 Long Island). Sam Solasz, Holocaust Survivor To Millionaire Packer (Spectrum News NY1 – Meat News). Second Chances (Spectrum News Albany). Secret Santa (WTEN). The Upside Square Billboard Helps NY Man (WNYT). Times Find A Kidney (NET-TV). For HUMAN INTEREST: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are: Beyond Blue & Red Micah Hyde: Pass It On (Pegula Sports and Entertainment). Harlem Globetrotters’ Smallest Player Credits Mom For His Success (CBS Interactive). New York’s Very Own The Healing Power Of Flowers (WPIX-TV). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: La Historia De Kike Y Rey (WNJU Telemundo 47) Shatzi’s Death Cafe | Going In

With Brian Vines (BRIC TV) “Still A Dancer” (Thirteen) Surviving The September 11 Veteran Paramedic On Terror Attacks (NewYork-Presbyterian’s Health Matters) PROGRAM/SPECIAL, the nominees For HUMAN INTEREST: are: Celebrating Women: Past, Present And Future (WSYR-TV, Syracuse, NY). HOPE Week Remembered 2019 (YES Network) How One Of America’s Coolest Ice Cream Brands Was Built (Eater) Political Pioneers: The Three Lauras Project (Newsday). TOWER OF HEROES: STORIES FROM THE TOWER CLIMB OF ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER (WNYW FOX 5). Back to Marvin Scott >>> For the nominees are Adam Paul PHOTOGRAPHER: PROGRAM, Verity News). Andre Malok: Photographer (Spectrum News NY1 – Portfolio (NJ Advance Media) Digital Content Photographers (Spectrum News NY1 – CD). Jeff Siegel (MSG Network). For SHORT FORM, the nominees are: PHOTOGRAPHER: Christian Suarez, (WNJU Telemundo 47). Dan Szpakowski (New York Jets). Christopher Ware (Newsday). Mac Premo (Mac Premo, Inc) NEWS, the nominees are: For PHOTOGRAPHER: Michael DelGiudice (WNBC-TV News). Brian Jingeleski (News 12 Long Island). Darren McQuade (WPIX-TV). Jim Mennino (News 12 Connecticut). Steve Kameka (Spectrum News Albany) Andrew Christman Westchester) (News 12 PHOTOGRAPHER: For SPORTS, the nominees are: Williams Chris (New Jersey Devils) Dan Szpakowski (New York Jets) Shelby Knowles, Photographer Becton (MSG Network). Rob (Newsday). Michael Carbuccia (SNY). In the category NEWS PRODUCERthe nominees are: Diana Correa, (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Andrew Savas (WABC-TV) Jacqueline Arevalo Segovia (WXTV Univision 41 – News) Mary Davies Gadinis-Anstadt (WNBC-TV News). Brynne (WPIX-TV). For LIVE SPORTS PRODUCER, the nominees are: Bill Boland (YES Network). Frank DiGraci (YES Network). Gregg Picker (SNY) Jim Gallagher (MSG Network) Spencer Julien (MSG Network). In the very important EDITOR: PROGRAM category, the nominees are: Don Casper (EPIC10 Films) Josh Kapusinski. (New York City College of Technology – CUNY) Jeff Siegel (MSG Network) Luchia Dragos (Queens Public Television). Sean Dahlberg (Spectrum News NY1 – CD). For EDITOR: SHORT FORM, the nominees are Bart A. Tripoli III (SNY) Christian Suarez WNJU Telemundo 47. Dan Szpakowski (New York Jets). Mac Premo Mac Premo, Inc Jets. Heath Benfield, Jack Radutzky New York Editor EDITOR WPIX-TV. GERARDO RAMIREZ WXTV UNIVISION. Carlos Orrego, Editor WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions For EDITOR: NEWS, the nominations are Michael DelGiudice (WNBC-TV News) Andrew Christman (News 12 Westchester). Jim Mennino (News 12 Connecticut). Stan Kowalski (News 12 The Bronx). Michael Allen (Spectrum News Albany) For the best EDITOR: SPORTS, the nominees are: Nick Tyrell (New York Yankees). Frank Murphy (YES Network). Matthew Sitkoff (New York Jets). Michael Collins, Editor Seth Bradley (New York (MSG Network) Jets) Now I turn it back to Janice >>> For VIDEO JOURNALIST, the nominees are: Darren McQuade (WPIX-TV). Yeong-Ung Yang (Newsday). Raychel Brightman Buttaccio (Spectrum News (Newsday). Ed Rochester). For AUDIO, the nominees Mac Premo Mac Premo, Inc Network)

Jeff Siegel Seth Bradley (New York (MSG Jets). Glenn Garthwaite (News 12 Digital) Carlos Orrego (WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions) GRAPHIC ARTS: NEWS/GRAPHICS, the In nominees are: Adam Cutrone (NJTV). Curt Neumann (YES Network). Katie Biese (Spectrum News NY1 – Creative Services) Network). For GRAPHIC ARTS: Rick Deutschman (YES ANIMATION, the nominees 2019 New York Yankees Team are: Open (New York Yankees). All Arts IDs (WNET). Islanders Playoff Custom Animations (MSG Network). Digital Disruption Through Visuals NY1 – Creative Services). Shades (Spectrum News Of Us – Show Opening YES – SPECIALTIES COMPOSITE (YES (CUNY-TV) Network). For SET DESIGN, the nominees are: Bill Diamond – Buzz In The Bronx (YES Network) Fox 5 Set Design (Provost Studio). News 4 New Set (WIVB-TV). For LIGHTING, the nominees are: 2019 New York Yankees: Blue Light Specials (New York Yankees). Dan Szpakowski (New York Jets) George Greczylo – Buzz In The Bronx (YES Network). WXTV UNIVISION 41 COMPOSITE LIGHTING (WXTV Univision 41 – Promotions) ACHIEVEMENT, the nominees For TECHNICAL are: Victory Ticker Tape Parade And 2019 Women’s World Cup Ceremony NYC Media /BARD Entertainment 9/11 Memorial From Ground Zero BARD Entertainment For MUSICAL COMPOSITION/ARRANGEMENT, the nominees are: Alone In America – An Immigrant Story Hollywoodland Productions, Inc. Don’t Define Me (Brian Aloisio, Kockler). Heroes Of Jazz (Ember Scott Music Productions). Telemundo 47 Papá Changó “Somos Uno” (WNJU Telemundo 47). Telemundo 47: Darkiel “Mes De La Herencia Puertorriqueña” (WNJU Telemundo 47). For INFORMATIONAL /INSTRUCTIONAL, the nominees are: Climate Minute – Our Carbon Footprint (WGRZ-TV). How Russian Sturgeon Caviar Is Farmed And Processed (Eater). Raising The Sushi Bar: Feed Me TV (Newsday) What Is The Best Way To Butcher And Roast A Whole Animal? (Eater). Now it’s Marvin’s turn [laughter] >>> The nominees for SPORTS: NEWS SINGLE STORY are “Baseball Saved My Life” (WNBC-TV News) Amber’s Impact (News 12 Connecticut). David Wright’s Final Game (SNY). Half Hearted Jack (News 12 Long Island) Paper Superbowl 3 (News 12 Long Island) SERIES, the nominees are:2018-19 For SPORTS: NEWS New York Rangers Game Night(MSG Network). Geico SportsNite (SNY). Prospect Watch (New York Yankees) Series Preview (New York Yankees). Yankees Pregame: Post Season (YES Network). For SPORTS: FEATURE/SEGMENT, the nominees are: Beyond Blue & Red: Never Ever Give Up Pegula Sports and Entertainment MATTEAU! MATTEAU! MATTEAU! MSG Network One Jets Drive: Le’Veon Bell And Curtis Martin New York Jets. One Jets Drive: The Debut New York Jets. The Amazin’ Life: Todd Frazier Baseball Switcheroo SNY For SPORTS: DAILY OR WEEKLY PROGRAM, the nominees are: Brooklyn Nets Pre And Postgame (YES Network). Mets Pre And Post Game Show (SNY) Yankees Pre And Post Game Show New York (YES Network). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Underground Wrestling (WNJU Telemundo 47). The Thread (SNY) For SPORTS: PROGRAM SERIES, the nominees are: Beyond Blue & Gold: Composite (Pegula

Sports and Entertainment) Beyond Blue & Red: Composite Entertainment). Giants Life: (Pegula Sports and Path Football Giants). New Jersey To The Draft (New York Devils 82 Game Odyssey (New Jersey Devils). One Jets Drive Auriemma Show (SNY). For SPORTS: (New York Jets). The Geno DOCUMENTARY, the nominees are: 62,000:1 Three Teams One City One Year (SNY). Buffalo Bills Embedded (Pegula Sports and Entertainment) Empress (Newsday). MSG Presents: Network). My JetLife: Josh The 334 Club (MSG McCown (New York Jets). New Jersey Devils Journey To One (New Jersey Devils). For SPORTS: INTERVIEW/DISCUSSION, the nominees are: Connections: Jim Breuer & John Franco (MSG Network) York Yankees). Mets Pre Game: In The Moment (New David Wright Interview (SNY) MSG Shorts: Lie Detector – Larry Johnson (MSG Network). The Feed (YES Network). For SPORTS: nominees are: Brooklyn Nets ONE-TIME SPECIAL, the Magazine: Nets Free Agent Special (YES Network). CC Sabathia Tribute: LegaCCy (New York Yankees). Dear CC (New York Yankees). Jumping For Mikey (Spectrum News). My JetLife: The Monday Night Miracle (New York Jets) The Guarantee (New York Jets) LIVE/UNEDITED: PROGRAM, the For SPORT EVENT/GAME – nominees are: 1994 Stanley Cup 25th Anniversary Night (MSG Network). David Wright’s Final Game (SNY). Dwyane Wade “One Last Dance” – Knicks Vs. Heat (MSG Network). Friday Night Knicks Vs. Warriors – “Youth Is Served” (MSG Network). UConn Women’s Basketball Senior Day (SNY). For SPORT EVENT/GAME – LIVE/UNEDITED: SERIES, the nominees are: 2018-19 NEW YORK RANGERS SEASON (MSG Network) 2019 Mets On SNY (SNY). Brooklyn Nets Basketball (YES Network) New York Knicks 2018-19 (MSG Network). New York Yankees Baseball (YES Network). And now once more let me send it back to Janice >>> For GENERAL ASSIGNMENT REPORT, the nominees are: “We’re All One Family” (WNBC-TV News) Crane Collapse (WPIX-TV). Jewish Protesters Take On GOP (WPIX-TV). Slave Auction Controversy (News 12 Westchester). Tony Aiello – Danger In The Deep For BREAKING NEWS-ENGLISH, the (WCBS-TV) nominees are: Called To The Crane Collapse (WNBC-TV News) Havoc On The Hudson: Several Boats Break Loose In The Icy River (WTEN-TV). HUDSON RIVER HELICOPTER CRASH (WNBC-TV News) Manhattan Blackout (WABC-TV) For BREAKING NEWS-SPANISH, the nominees are: Telemundo: El Chapo Verdict WNJU Noticiero 47 Telemundo 47. Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Fort Lee Fire WNJU Telemundo 47. Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Junior Guzman Verdict WNJU Telemundo 47. Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Midtown Helicopter Crash WNJU Telemundo 47. For SPOT NEWS, the nominees are: 7 – Spot News – Lincoln Tunnel Closed (WABC-TV). Fort Lee Fire (News 12 Crash On Top Of Building New Jersey). Helicopter (WABC-TV). Like Something Out Of A Movie (WPIX-TV). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: NYC Blackout (WNJU Telemundo 47). For CONTINUING COVERAGE, the nominees are: Blindsighted – A Yearlong Probe Exposes Train Safety Lapse (News 12 Westchester) Escandalo De Acoso En El NYPD (WXTV Univision). 41 – News Noticiero 47 Telemundo: David Ortiz Shot In Dominican Republic(WNJU Telemundo 47). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Deportation

Fears Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Last (WNJU Telemundo 47) Dying Wish (WNJU Telemundo 47) PACKAGE BOMB TERROR (WNBC-TV News) (WPIX-TV) The Junior Files For INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: SINGLE STORY, the nominees are Broken Bridge Bolts (WNBC-TV News) Center In Crisis (WNBC-TV News) Children’s Long Term Parking Fiasco (WABC-TV). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Investiga Dangerous Intersection (WNJU Telemundo 47). Surveillance Secret (News 12 Westchester). For INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: SERIES, the nominees are: “Forgotten Families” (WCBS-TV). Cashflow, Flow Away (WXTV Univision 41 – News). Medicare Fraud Overdevelopment Rocks Rockland (WHEC-TV) (WNBC-TV News). Secrets Of Heidi Allen Kidnapping (WSTM-TV). And now for a category close heart, WEATHER, the nominees to my are: Extreme Weather Reporting (WPIX-TV). November Storm Cripples Commute(WPIX-TV) Weather Extremes Special 2018-19 (WNYW FOX 5). Weather Squad Visits Rye Playland (News 12 Digital). Back to Marvin who will announce our final nominees >>> For outstanding TEAM COVERAGE, the nominees are: CBS 6: Schoharie Limo Crash (WRGB CBS 6). CBS2 News At 11pm, Snowstorm Paralyzes Tri-State (WCBS-TV). Lake Ontario Rising (WHAM-TV). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Nor’easter Team Coverage (WNJU Telemundo 47) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Snow Storm Paralyzes The Tri-State (WNJU Telemundo 47) Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Tornado Touches Down (WNJU Telemundo 47). For MORNING NEWSCAST: LARGER MARKETS (1-49). – English, the nominees are: Mornings On 1: Live From Queens (Spectrum News NY1 – News) PIX11 Morning News: Arctic Invasion Gridlock (WABC-TV) (WPIX-TV). Snowstorm THE ELABORATE BABY HOAX! (WCBS-TV) For MORNING NEWSCAST: LARGER MARKETS (1-49). – Spanish, the nominees are Al DespertarWXTV Univision 41 – News. Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Primera Edición Crisis En Puerto Rico WNJU Telemundo 47. Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Primera Edición Snow Storm Coverage WNJU Telemundo 47. Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Texas Massacre And Multiple Shooting WNJU Telemundo 47 MORNING NEWSCAST: MEDIUM MARKETS For (50-100+), the nominees are: Blizzard Busting Buffalo Style WKBW, News 4 Wakeup Elmwood Ave Fire (WIVB-TV). Spectrum News – Buffalo: August 21, 2019 6:00am Newscast (Spectrum News – Buffalo) LARGER MARKETS (1-49), the For DAYTIME NEWSCAST: nominees are: Edición Digital NY (WXTV Univision 41 – News) HORRIFIC BABY DISCOVERY TURNS BIZARRE! (WCBS-TV). NEWS 4 NEW YORK AT 11AM: DEADLY HARLEM FIRE (WNBC-TV News). Sanitation Truck Crash (WABC-TV). WEST POINT TRAGEDY (WCBS-TV). For outstanding EVENING NEWSCAST: LARGER MARKETS (1-49). English, the nominees are: CBS2 News At 11pm: Hudson River Helicopter Crash Helicopter Crash (WPIX-TV) (WCBS-TV). Deadly Helicopter In The Hudson 10PM Newscast (News 12 New Jersey) Massive Fire Marcal Paper Mills Plant

(WABC-TV). Snowstorm Catches NYC Off Guard 10/55). For outstanding EVENING (WLNY TV NEWSCAST: LARGER MARKETS (1-49) Spanish A Las 6, Helicopter Crash Midtown WXTV Univision 41 – News. A Las 6, Protests Puerto Rico Crisis WXTV Univision 41 – News. A Las 6, Verdict In The Case Of Junior WXTV Univision 41 – News. Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Complete Coverage 11pm WNJU Telemundo 47 Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Fort Lee Fire 11pm WNJU Telemundo 47 For EVENING NEWSCAST: MEDIUM MARKETS (50-100+), the nominees are: Blizzard Busting Buffalo Style (WKBW). CBS 6 News At 6:00 P.m.: 6). WHEC-TV Best Newscast October 25, 2018 (WRGB CBS (WHEC-TV). We’re down to our final two categories. For NEWSCAST – WEEKEND, English, the nominees are: Blackout In Brooklyn: Hot And In The Dark In Canarsie (WPIX-TV) Manhattan Blackout (WABC-TV) (WCBS-TV). And For NEWSCAST – NYC Blackout WEEKEND, Spanish, the nominees are: Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Weekend Newscast NYC Blackout (WNJU Telemundo 47). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Weekend Newscast Snow Storm And Trump (WNJU Telemundo 47). Noticiero 47 Telemundo: Weekend Newscast Snow Storm Coverage 11pm and folks, would you believe, those are all 689 nominations [applause] Congratulations nominees! to all of our Special thanks to Virginia Huie, Liliana Ayende and Janice Huff. Thank you so much for joining us It has been quite a year for our academy and our partners. We received over 2000 submissions and today we announced 689 Nominations for Awards in the most we have ever had. A 137 categories. That’s press release with the details of our nominations will be available on our website nyemmys.org. later today. PLEASE join us on SATURDAY, April 18th when we honor television’s nominees will be there. We have FINEST, all 689 137 categories. We’ll be at the 63rd Annual New York Emmy® Awards York Chapter’s staff, our On behalf of the New President, Awards Committee, Board of Governors, THANK YOU Enjoy the rest of your day and good luck [applause]