[GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.28 술래잡기 #2 (The Tag #2)

[GOING SEVENTEEN] [Before Mingyu and SeungKwan entered] But [Making a proposition] Can’t we go by twos? [He is not alone] No way We did the escape room like that Be quiet! [Quiet] Wow, SeungKwan gets proper revenge One person will enter every five minutes [Opportunist] Can we go in by twos to save time? It might take too long [It’s not something scary] We have to change the rules Should we put just two people in a team? We could make two teams and one person can go alone [Pretending to be kind for the camera] I feel sorry for that one person, but let’s do it [Reveals his true feelings] It’s fine as long as it’s not me! As long as it’s not me! – I don’t mind if it’s me – I don’t mind either Then [The one person who cares] let’s play rock-paper-scissors and decide who goes alone [Concerned about the show] It’s not because I’m scared, it’s because of the time consumption – Okay, rock-paper-scissors – One second – Let’s do rock-paper-scissors – Is it one team or two teams? [Deciding through rock-paper-scissors] We will have two teams Rock-paper-scissors Rock-paper-scissors! [All rock except for Hoshi] Okay Rock-paper-scissors! [Scissors/ rock/ rock/ paper/ scissors] [Hoshi is alone (Frozen)] [Extreme happiness] Wow~ Minghao~ [Loving members] – Minghao~ – Hey, S.COUPS! In terms of the show quality [Seriously not scared] – won’t it be boring if I go alone? – No! – He’s kind of right – No he’s not One more time [Scripted show, ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’] – Then this time– – If Hoshi ends up alone this time, he’s really alone Okay [No changing] – No excuses this time – Okay [Pun] And no grilled sweet potatoes*! (* = a pun on the word “excuse”) Rock-paper-scissors! [Scissors/ scissors/ scissors/ paper/ rock] Oh! Okay, okay [S.COUPS, DK and THE 8 going in together] You have to go alone [Hoshi and Joshua enters one by one] [Trustworthy leader] Take him with you Are the two of us going? – The three of you, and one by one for us – No, these two need to go separately No, no! You go in front and we’ll hide behind you – Okay, so Minghao is the leader – Yes [Hide-and-Seek] It was a blockbuster [After Mingyu and SeungKwan escaped] “We can’t help it, Mingyu!” [Negative Vernon/ Negative WOOZI] “Hurry, push your way out. It can’t be helped!” [Embarrassed] So funny DK, S.COUPS and Minghao went together and they said they changed people again THE 8 says he wants to go alone [King of acting] But if we do it like that, it’s too [Profession: singer] It won’t be fun Are we your target? Or we can send S.COUPS by himself [S.COUPS’ touch] – As long as it’s not me – Should we do that? [Thinking of the leader] Let’s send S.COUPS alone and go by twos Or I can go alone – Really? – He can also go alone [Suicide] – The three of you can go – One second If the three of us go together again, it’s kind of Ah, that’s true [Bravado] – Then let’s just all go alone! – Or we can do – two, two, one, two – No, no That’s no fun If you want to do it like that, then you go alone and let DK and THE 8 go together [Horror house aces] – Why am I alone? I don’t want to! – But you… Listen – Listen – Let me go! – Let me go – In my opinion, [Another reminder: He is a singer] – for the fun factor and view counts – He has to go alone for the fun – Don’t we have to raise the view counts? – The thing that I did earlier? It was just to be funny [Shameless] – Seriously – Send him alone too – I just did it to make you laugh – Just send him alone – It won’t be fun if I go alone! – I will go alone if he goes alone [Fair leader] But I won’t go alone if he doesn’t [Harmony] – Why are you doing this? – Why are you doing this to me? – Should us three go together then? – Let’s go together [Found an excuse] No, you guys won’t be scared if you go together We have decided [The three of them] Hoshi, THE 8, and I will go together and DK and S.COUPS can go alone Who decided that? Who? You said you would go if DK goes! [Warm leader] Do you want to witness a murder scene? [Asking the producer] Is there a team that you want? The best group combination – Listen first! – Listen to his opinion, listen I’ll give you two options 3, 1, 1 That’s too harsh Pass How many? 2, 1, 2 – I think that will be the most fun – I think 2, 1, 2 is better Who is going alone? [Synchronization of a band] Then we’ll do 2, 1, 2 I’m alone? [SEVENTEEN’s cowards] – Us two cowards are together – This is better [Best pair] This is better than being alone! Let’s do it like that [These 2 / 1 / These 2] 2, 1, 2 Then I will also be scared You have to be scared! I have an idea Let’s play all of SEVENTEEN’s songs and put it in a secluded room Oh, I like that! [Smile of a murderer] That’s good! [Pretending to be cool] [Entering] He’s coming! Seriously! What to do [Blocks the exit]

[Blocks the exit] Hang on I have my last words Hang on! I [The sentimental idol] I still have so many dreams to achieve If you let this slide, I will help you catch Joshua [An unfair bargain] I give you my words [Stamp on] Hoshi, open up! [Alliance] I will make sure you will catch him as soon as I open the door As for me, I’ll run away that way [A traitor] I’ll do it now [Escapes] Do we have to do such a thing? What must I do? Where’s the key? Key, where are you? [Escapes] I can’t find the key Darn it Where is it? Hoshi! Oh, jeez [He is on his own (Ignores)] Hoshi! Hoshi! [Being loyal] Hoshi! Are you leaving like that? Hoshi? Aren’t you gonna help me? [Nope] [Joshua got captured] Can’t you let go of me for once? It’s over too soon It would be too short to air on TV Please, please, please? Please, please Please~ Please [The end for Joshua] [The traces of his struggle] Where is it? Like, seriously? There is a camera here, so there must be a key here too Joshua. Joshua. Joshua Joshua. Joshua Is he dead? Already? Hold on Where is the key? I just can’t find it anywhere Oh, look at the two of you Let me show off my talent [FYI, it was when their song wasn’t released yet] [300 million] [He spotted the director] Where’s the key? Come on, tell me [The king of dance] [TikTok] Let me show you how the dance goes The chorus goes “Left & Right”, and you go as if you’re putting pepper or salt on food Start with your left

Come down once, twice As for the right, come up once, and twice And dance to the rhythm You’re really good 5, 6, 7, 8 Yup [Hoshi got caught] Darn it, the key Umm [The end for Hoshi] Yup, I’ll go in Great job done! You traitor! [The end for Joshua and Hoshi] – You’re here – There wasn’t any key – Well done – I couldn’t find the key Umm, why were you guys dancing “Left & Right”? It wasn’t the time for dancing, right? You should have found the key! I’m not gonna lie [Pennywise] The clown was just sitting there [The Purge] – Scary! – Someone with a knife was sitting like this [Timid] I was just alone like this I should’ve done something, don’t you think? Hoshi, you must pay up 300 million. You leaked the song They said we must pay 300 million won if we leak it on social media or TV before the comeback [Hoshi is in trouble] The leaked song was played through the speaker, so many people here must have heard it 300 million anyway, because you turned on the music as well [Solemn] – There’s no other option – You even explained the highlights of the dance They didn’t tell us the date of the show But I [Now his assets are 2 billion] Or maybe someone with 2.3 billion can loan 300 million – There was a lady – You saw her too? – Huh? – You did? – Really? – Wasn’t that just a dress? Or a man in disguise? No, it was a real lady Did you see her face? He met her eyes Wasn’t it a dummy? But she looked at me Maybe that was a real ghost Our show’s probably gonna do well, then [THE 8’s turn] Oh, am I going now? I feel so nervous I’m nervous. Jeez I just wanna get through with this [Bluffing] – Go~ – I just wanna go because I’m not scared of murderers [Enters] Hello Where’s the key? Hi~ [Thrown off] Guys, are you listening to me? Whose camera is this? Someone dropped it [Swapping the roles (Flinch)] So I just have to find the key, right? And I know you won’t tell me You flinched just now, right? Right? I have to find the key Key [Lü Bu] Where’s the key? Oh, there’s someone here, too Who is that? Anyway [Ignores] How does the key look like? Where’s the key? Jeonghan? Where’s the key? – I told you not to go – I told you not to go I thought that would open You thought we won’t see? [Failed to peek] Come here Minghao looks like a Pekingese – What’s that again? – Pennywise Pekingese? What’s with Pekingese? He’s walking around with the clown That shouldn’t be happening [THE 8 the social butterfly] He’s walking around with him Where’s the key? Director, where did you put the key? There is nothing [Peaceful] Hi~ [The “it” is THE 8 now] Hang on! I have to find the key Hold on! This must really make people heat up Hey, if you do that how am I supposed to get frightened more? Now I’m beat Fine, I’ll leave I don’t have to die, do I? Should I do something for you? I’ll do anything. Just please give me the key Not! I was pretending

so I can find the key Please let me find the key Wait Where? Please let me go! [The title of this content: Hide and Seek] Don’t hold me! Wait! Three men are holding! And I’m just one! Right? [Found the key] [THE 8 escaped] THE 8, how was it? It was exhausting – Well done – Wow, well done – THE 8, did you see a female ghost? – Yes A woman? Phew, then she’s a human I couldn’t see her clearly You guys hired her~ Just admit it now Okay! I believe in you! She is not an actor! Okay, okay. I’ll buy that You guys wanted to fool us around So childish~ THE 8 escaped Ah really? I’m not that scared anymore Really, I’m not scared What did I tell you? If two cowards gather, what are they? Real cowards [Real Cowards] I’ll show you what that is [Never stopped him] – We’ll go. Are you sure? – Let’s go Let’s go together Come quick! Hey, I think we should be quiet We shouldn’t let the murderer know where we are Right [Enters] Hey, I think no one is here A murderer A murderer Did you see him? A man with a mask What should we do? There he is, the masked man Oh my god! Oh god! What’s going on! He frightened me! Wow! – I lost my camera – Where did it go? What’s wrong with you? The door will break Can you check that door? See if we can go out there Hey Oh god! Another one is there too! – What? – There’s another one – A murderer? – Yes Did he wear a mask? – Yeah – Did he? But we can go out to that door Can we? Oh! No one’s there But why is it so scary? Don’t hit the door! They aren’t that scary as I thought, though Yeah, I agree I think people wearing masks are even scarier That’s true – Wasn’t one of them a woman? – Yeah, one was a woman – Wasn’t one of them a woman? – Yeah, one was a woman Oh, she’s moving now then Isn’t she the one with gray hair? Her appearance was unexpected apparently We don’t have to pretend like we’re fooled anymore I think they will be outside I know Wait, let me check Whoa! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! DK I found it The key isn’t there, right? Nothing in here Mask, mask, mask Huh? Mask? There’s no masked man No, he’s hiding I think he’s hiding behind the object He’s hiding like a coward! [Self-reflection] But we are hiding as well Even though we get caught Be quiet He’s there! The killer’s there!

DK leave! Just leave! Leave now! Leave! Hurry Where? Here? Here’s the key No, this isn’t the key Hide Come on! Go find the key, DK. I’ll take him Come on Oh my god! How many are there? Whoa! Go away! Stop! The key! The key! – DK, go find the key! I’ll hold on to the killers! – The key! The key! Here! The key! DK! I found it! I found the key! Hyung! – Wait! – DK run! No! Go away! Wait! Wait! Wait a minute! I’m on my knees Wait! [Spectacular sounds] Those two are having so much fun They’re the funniest He’s on his knees Kill them! Wait [Whining] I don’t want to go I opened it! Huh? S.COUPS! I did it! This must be really hard, I wish you good luck I bet it was hard dealing with all 13 of us [S.COUPS and DK escaped] We did it! Weren’t you caught? [Confident] I just used my strength to escape I lifted two of them You lifted them? This is not a wrestling match I mean, you just gotta escape them, right? Did you see a woman in there? – Is it the one with the knife? – No, not her – That one’s a man – In the other room Not someone who dressed up as a woman but a real woman The one sitting on top of the cabinet? I heard she’s really there She’s really there I got really scared when that one without the mask came running towards me You two were so funny [On repeat] “Go away!” [Memories] Remember? We locked the door on both sides and were like “What should we do?” – We didn’t expect this but a lot of us escaped – That’s right Who escaped? Raise your hands if you did A lot of you. Surprisingly So those who didn’t are Vernon, WOOZI, Hoshi, Joshua, Dino, Jun Well, you each should go in alone for 30 minutes but I think it’s better if just one member goes in as a representative [Penalty] Take a vlog inside for 30 minutes All the production crew have to leave, too How about 15 minutes? 17 minutes? Okay, let’s all stand up So now should we [Trying to decide the one to go in] play the Hongsam game? Or something else? Or we can just go simple and play rock-paper-scissors [Going for the fun] – That’s not fun. Let’s do Hongsam game – Hongsam game? [Embarrassed] – Yeah, rock-paper-scissors is kind of – It’s not fun Or should we do the initials game? – Let’s do the initials game – Let’s do that! Throw The Top game [Ignores] – Should we go with the initials game? – Yeah [Hurt] [A foreigner suggested this game] There are so many foreign members though! [Not an ad] – We did prepare that thing – The luck game? – That’s good! – Let’s do that Let’s do that [Lost in 1 second] I have some bad experiences with it [Hit or Miss game] Go in a random order Random order? Just remember who went before you Hoshi [Who is this? (Gung Ye)] I think it’s going to be WOOZI, I can feel it Pop~ [Overcame his trauma] Wow~ Who’s going to be funniest doing the penalty, though? [So considerate] Dino! I want it to be Dino! Yes I think it’s going to pop soon [Checking] Did it go all the way in? [No problem] Yes, it’s all the way in Joshua, Jun, Dino [Loves his maknae] – Oh my god! This can’t be! – Dino! [Such considerate members] – Bye Dino – It’s Dino! It’s Dino! He has to go in alone Hoshi Hoshi~ It’s coming to an end [Not hesitating] It’s so scary – It’s WOOZI – WOOZI~ You shouldn’t hesitate I’m sorry

Bye Bye [Survived] We are safe now Why is this game taking so long!? Vernon! It’s him [Wrong] This is the longest we’ve gone so far It’s Joshua [Give me strength] Excalibur Pop up It’s Dino! Dino, Dino! It’s Dino [It’s Jun (Truly happy)] 1+1! [A true MC] – 1+1! – Today’s Jun’s day! But he doesn’t get scared He doesn’t [Imitating Jun] This isn’t scary [Not playing cool today] I am scared – I’m scared – I would’ve died if it was me Now that we’re all up [He can’t let it go] let’s lastly play Hongsam game [Stop] We did 1+1 today – Summer horror challenge – Right, the summer horror challenge I never imagined I would be the one to go in [The unspoken rule] It’s true that whoever brings something up, he’s the one to do it That’s true. Whoever brings it up ends up doing it If I ever host something again [Suggesting future contents] – I’m going get make us get some Chinese food – Yes Leaving us with a life lesson Eating Chinese food is a life lesson? Là~zi~jī [Reminiscing Delivery Food Fighter] – If you bring something up, you’ll end up doing it – Làzijī~ Dry hot pot Thank you all for today Yes~ While you’re playing the Hongsam game, I’ll film a vlog – Vlog – Vlog! Sorry, I’m freaking out I’ll film a vlog 17 minutes, right? Huh? [Trying to manipulate] – Wasn’t it 17 seconds? – 17 minutes! 17 seconds? [No way] It was 30 minutes at first Have fun Can we go home? S.COUPS can wrap it up with a goodbye Right, this has been SEVENTEEN [Wrapping up] SAY THE NAME, SEVENTEEN! Thank you! – Okay! Let’s go home! – GOING SEVENTEEN is so much fun! This was my idea to do the escape room (the summer horror challenge) But I ended up losing Thank you to all the members who shortened this to 17 minutes from the original 30 This is the exit you all saw This is right before the exit This is where Vernon, WOOZI, and I ran away This doesn’t look that scary with all the lights on at the background but it was much darker before The grandma-like ghost with the knife was right there It was scary when she first came out The members keep saying that there was a woman here but I haven’t seen her My original idea for 1+1 was not an escape room I wanted to pretend I was a killer and chase them But I guess I dug my own grave Unfortunately All the movies were right When others tell you not to do something or go somewhere, you shouldn’t I actually get scared pretty easily so this is it for me I can’t do it anymore Hopefully, I can come back with even more entertaining content I’m so scared right now I’m gonna go – You guys really didn’t do it? – Seriously! – Really – I don’t think she lives here This place isn’t open for business Hoshi was right behind me, right? Because I went in first Who else saw her? I saw her first I heard THE 8 saw her too You guys really didn’t do it? We didn’t Did I really see a ghost? Did I also see a ghost? Oh my god! Seriously [Still suspicious] There are no cameras around Hm It doesn’t make sense – She was so real – She looked… so real Right! I’m so curious! Do you want to look around? Should we? – She was sitting right there – Right here Just sitting here Should we check the camera? Let’s do it I bet it’s still filming right now Should we turn it off? No, we have to use the film state with all the cameras No, with all the cameras I’m so curious Isn’t it scary whether she was real or not? Right That’s why I’m so curious! Because I did see someone Can’t you include this in the video? – This? – Yes [Suspicious] He’s hiding something! Why would I do this when we’re not filming? What? You are all so suspicious We really didn’t do it For real Then it must be on camera