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TELEFILM PRODUCTION PRODUCED BY BOOMERANG CINEMA COMPANY SVETLANA IVANOVA PAVEL TRUBINER OLGA TITOVA KIRILL PLETNIOV YULIYA MELNIKOVA WRITTEN BY ALEKSEY KOLMOGOROV DIRECTED BY MAKSIM DEMCHENKO DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY ñ IVAN MAKAROV MUSIC BY SERGEY SKRIPNIKOV PRODUCTION DESIGNER ñ VLADIMIR NAMESTNIKOV MAKEUP ARTIST ñ TATYANA KOLOMIYTSEVA COSTUME DESIGNER ñ SVETLANA LITVINOVA CASTING DIRECTOR ñ NINA KRASOVA EDITOR ñ IRINA MICHURINA CREATIVE PRODUCER ñ ZHANNA PETRAKOVA EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ñ VERA DULTSEVA PRODUCERS ñ RODION PAVLIUCHIK, PAVEL BABIN, AND VITALY BORDACHIOV DONíT PUT LOVE ON THE BACK BURNER Heís taking his time, this doctor. Heís too thorough Last time waiting almost killed me Donít worry, Piotr. Youíll be flying for many years to come I feel like Iím 30. ñ And it shows Thank you. Bye Can I? ñ Yes Donít worry. Youíll be fine Do you feel dizzy sometimes? ñ No Rapid heartbeat? ñ No Do you get tired easily? Any problems with falling or staying asleep? Do you feel tired when you wake up? ñ No to all of the above. Iím fine Of course. Thatís not what your tests say, though What do you mean? The examination reveals brisk tendon and peristal reflexes, tremor in your fingers, exaggerated pilomotor reflex, tachycardia All this tells us you have progressive neurasthenia Excuse me? ñ Are your palms sweating? Well, I am nervous Hold your hands out for me Your fingers are trembling Itís neurasthenia Iíll have to suspend you for 1 year. ñ What? A year? Neurasthenia isnít a broken bone or a black eye You need time and thorough treatment. ñ But itís just nerves! Exactly. You canít fly a plane in a nervous state like this You need to get yourself together. Try yoga Wait! OK, Iíve been a little nervous lately. Iím going through a divorce You are suspended for 1 year Do you know what it means for me, no flights for a year? Not this again! Stop staring at me. Why are you all staring? They want to fly! And Iím the evil doctor cropping their feathers Iím not God! With your neurasthenia you can kill your passengers! Why do I have to listen to this for 20 years? Go! Fly away! Iím sorry Nervous breakdown? Why? ñ Family problems

Really? Donít try to blame me for this, too. You wanted this I wouldnít say I wanted it. It simply happened. We are strangers now This is not family life We are both never at home Get to the point, Anton We are both always on the go Someone has to stay at home and wait OK, Iíll see you at court on the 20th. Youíll be a free man You can find someone whoíll wait for you at home. Is that all? No. Since I wonít be flying for a while, Kira could stay with me With you? ñ Iím her father No. ñ What do you mean? I mean, yes, youíre her father, but Kira will stay at her grandmaís Why? Iím not flying! ñ End of discussion No. We never discussed things before, but now we will Weíll talk when I come back Meanwhile, sheís staying at Granís. Bye Anton, how are you? ñ Iím fine OK, try again. Good Slowly. Soft arms! Your leg Kira, lift your leg! Are you deaf? Kira, whatís wrong with you? Stretch your toes I donít see your freedom. Youíre like wood. Are you Pinocchio? Were you carved out of a log? ñ No Softer! Stretch your back Thatís better. Remember your toes Your knee, your toe! Control your instep. Like this. See? You can do it when you really want to. You need to work more I will. ñ OK Daddy! Is this your father? ñ Yes Go through your steps once again Arina, split it! Sveta, your toes! Hello. ñ Hi Nice to meet you. I was going to talk to you about the selections Sheís got talent, but she doesnít work out enough I suppose her grandmother canít control her You should rehearse with her at home. ñ At home? Itís not that hard. She knows what she needs to do 30 minutes a day would make a huge difference All you have to do is make sure she does it OK, Iíll try. Can we go home now? ñ Yes, sure. Kira, off you go Dad, Iím Pinocchio! ñ And Iím your Geppetto Dad, Iíve done two back flips in a row! ñ Get out! Iím so proud of you Are we going to Grannyís? ñ No, weíre going to some other place What place? ñ Iíve found us an apartment. Weíll live there together With Mommy? ñ Mommy has to fly What about you? ñ I have to crawl Youíll be OK. You know what the coach says? Work hard and go straight to the sky Sheís right. OK, go get changed Careful, please. Itís a baby piano Does anyone live here? ñ No And here? ñ Itís also empty Guys, move it

You will be all alone here All the other rooms are empty Thank you, Zhanna What a wonderful girl Well, good luck. Bye. ñ Bye Move it to the right, please Could you be more careful? Iím paying you for this Donít yell at me. No harm done What do you mean, no harm? Look at the scratch! Itís old. ñ No, itís fresh It was there. ñ I know this desk since I was short enough to walk under it Letís go, boss. Everybody pays us peanuts and then starts complaining Letís go Daddy, clam down Iím calm. Iíll make them pay for this desk Daddy! ìThe castle had a ghost in it. At nights it would haunt the empty rooms ìand long hallways, making floorboards creakÖ ìIt would bang the doors and move around furniture.î Why? ñ To scare the princess Ghosts donít exist. ñ Of course they donít Are you sure? ñ Yes. Itís just a fairy tale. Ok, go to sleep How can I sleep after that? Daddy, I like it here. Thereís too little room at Grannyís And here you can even skip the rope or do flips in the hallway Thatís great, but now itís time to go to sleep Wait. Have you brushed your teeth? ñ Iím sleeping Go to the bathroom. Now. Come on Come with me. ñ You can go alone Why are you screaming? I have moved in yesterday This must be a mistake. They told me weíll be the only ones here They told me the same thing – Thatís what I agreed to Me too. I donít want to have roommates Neither am I. Who brought you here? – My agent, Victoria Zhanna is the only agent who deals with this apartment Obviously, she is not Iím calling Victoria And weíre calling Zhanna. ñ Yes, we are! Victoria? You told me Iíll be alone here. But hereís this guy Zhanna, you said thereís nobody else living here But thereís this woman with a face! No way. Iím not having roommates, especially these ones! Wait. Thatís not what I signed for I was supposed to be the only tenant Daddy, please calm down Iím fine. Go inside Zhanna says my room is the only one thatís being rented out Victoria says we have to settle this between ourselves. Who stays and who goes We canít both stay here Of course. I was here first. You leave Where am I supposed to go? Not my problem. Let your agent find you another apartment Iíve moved all my stuff in here. Thereís a piano in my room Iíve brought all my stuff, too. And I was here first I have a kid! Youíre single Exactly. I wonít be able to move all my things alone one more time Iíll help you moving it out. ñ Dream on!

I donít think youíll be able to live here with us I wonít have to. Youíre leaving Yes? What do you want? Donít be mad at Daddy. He needs to calm down. ñ True I promised him I will behave You also have to behave Iíd love to. But your daddy put us all in this situation. Itís his mistake Daddy never makes mistakes when heís sane Are you saying that heís insane? No, heís just too nervous. Thatís why they wonít let him in the plane Heís a pilot of a big plane A pilot? Rather, a cow-pilot Hello. Can I see Vasily? I saw his ad Iím Vasily Anton. I sent you an email yesterday. ñ I saw it So. You have a problem. ñ Right Your nerves. ñ Yes You donít look sick. ñ You donít look healthy I amÖ – Healthy? No. I am aware that I donít look healthy Your ad says you treat any diseases with yoga and breathing exercises So, whatís the trick? Could you guess how old I am? ñ I donít know. Thirty-something FÖfÖ – Thirty-five? No. Fifty-five Cool. OK, deal. Can we do it at my place? I canít leave my daughter alone for long No problem Stas, thatís her! Do you hear me? Who? ñ Asya! Sheís got the keys. Sheís opening the door. ñ So? What are we going to do? ñ Say hello Are you crazy? Stas, I came to get my dolls and other stuff Asya, do we really need all this? Nobody makes you move out Iím so grateful to you, sir. ñ An orange? Weíve got three apartments If you donít want to stay here, you can go to one of the others Weíre getting a divorce. I have nothing to do with you or your apartments

Come on. Pick one, and Iíll give it to you Iím not entitled to any estate, according to our marriage contract I donít care about the contract. Make your choice I donít want anything. Iím leaving with what Iíd brought here Are you going to live under a bridge? I already have a place. ñ What is it, if I may ask? Iíve rented a room Really? In a shared apartment? ñ Yes Do you have neighbors? ñ And cockroaches, too Are you going to take turns cleaning your shared bathroom? Yes. Iím not too cool for this. ñ Iím impressed, baby She is your baby now Sheís no more mine that sheís yours Are you going to dump your best friend? You think I donít have other friends? Or have you slept with them all? Asya, cut the drama. Letís be civilized about it If you say we can stay friends, Iíll throw something at you Why canít we be friends? Do you need help? ñ I got it Hello Where is Kira? ñ At school You were supposed to drive her to her grandmother. We had a deal We didnít have any deal You only listen to yourself Listen to me. Youíll take her to Granís right now No, you listen to me. Sheís my daughter, and sheís staying with me Psycho I need to train her for the selections, too Come in. Get the bags inside Iím home What? Iím home. You know what it means? What? ñ Stop abusing the piano Why? ñ Because Iím home Daddy! Iím tired OK. Take a break Donít worry. Weíll glue her slippers to the floor Donít even think about it. Go wash your face What do you want? ñ Your wife told me to put it here My ëwifeí lives in that room Morning, sweetie Looks like itís time to wake up Oops. I thought you couldnít hear us over your buzz

One has to be more kind to oneís neighbors. ñ Sure Iím sorry about last time. Nerves, you know I know All Iím asking is let me repeat the check-up in a month. A year is far too long Just look at me. I am healthy as a horse. It was just a little breakdown Iíve signed up for yoga, by the way In a month Iíll be cool as a cucumber OK, Iíll put you on the list. ñ Thanks a lot Why canít you do it in your own room? Kira is doing her homework. Why canít I use the hall? Itís shared space Donít mind her. ñ I donít. The thing is, you shouldnít, either Even breaths This is outrageous! You have no limits What? Why are you yelling at me? The bucket! It was on the cabinet. I opened the door, and it spilled water on me This bucket is yours. ñ Yes ñ Whatís the problem, then? I didnít fill it with water and put it on the cabinet You mean I did? ñ You mean I made a trap for myself? I donít know. I wasnít there. ñ Brute! Me, a brute? Are we over already? ñ Thatís it for today. Keep practice even breaths Thanks a lot I wonder how that bucket could have climbed the cabinet It had always been there It had always been empty How do you know? It wasnít empty when she spilled water on herself No more hostilities, OK? ñ You can go to war and I canít? Firstly, Iím not at war with her Secondly, yes, you canít. ñ Why? Because youíre a girl. Go apologize and tell her it wonít happen again Fine Take butter and egg yolksÖ No, Kira, thatís not it. Look up the borscht The Hill Pudding. ñ What pudding? Find the borscht recipe Itís not in here. ñ It has to be Iím sorry It wonít happen again It wonít? ñ No OK. Thatís the right decision Yes. ñ How are you guys?

Weíre fine. Cooking borscht Borscht? I donít remember you cooking before Thatís because I was piloting the plane You havenít brought Kira to her grannyís, have you? No, I havenít Anton, I donít want to fight Iím coming for her tomorrow Weíll talk about it. ñ Thereís nothing to talk about. Let me talk to her Itís your mom Mommy, daddyís onions are burning! Hello. ñ Hi. How can I help you? Iíve brought some dolls. ñ Letís see them Here Well, itís a nice work. Very nice Iím sorry but we canít take them? Why? You seeÖ No offends, OK? ñ Sure In spite of all the fine detailing, thereís no clear image behind them They fail to make a vivid impression I donít know how I feel about them They are lacking something Nobody buys this kind of dolls No music today? ñ Daddy is out on some errands OK. Scoot here. ñ Why? Donít be afraid. I donít eat children for lunch. I need your advice Come in Take a look Do you like them? ñ Yeah People tell me thereís something wrong about them Of course there are. They are plain. They have to be evil Do you like evil dolls? Sure. They are like witches in fairy tales: evil but beautiful What do I have to do? ñ Make them witchesí dresses Is this important? I asked you to talk only when thereís something important No empty talks. Iím trying to get my nerves under control here You mean you got it? You could simply nod Of course itís hard! And I donít see any results No, I meant you should try occupational therapy. It helps Hi. ñ Hi There were 4 people in your team, werenít there? ñ One quit Can I join you? ñ Donít you have better things to do?

My doctor recommends labor therapy Isnít he the table-tossing psycho? Thatís why I need therapy OK, help yourself. Just donít throw customersí furniture out the window I wonít. Here. ñ Go ahead OK, fine. Right Iím going to meet your mom for a little stroll. After that, weíll come here. OK? Are you going to fight? ñ No, why? We just need to talk About me? Among other things. I want you to stay with me, not with your Grandma Me, too. But you canít argue with Mom Weíll see about that. OK, see you soon Iíll call you back. Hi! Remembering good old times, are you? What do you mean? ñ We used to meet at coffee shops Where are my flowers? You could have brought me some if weíre on a date Sorry. ñ OK. You wanted to talk I canít wait to see my daughter Amazing Incredible This is really good. There is something about these witchesÖ Iíll take them. Bring me more Is this all you wanted to say? We could have talked at home Kira stays with me. A child has to be with her mother But not with her grandmother Youíre in the air all the time The girl doesnít see much of her dad or her mom Are you not coming back to work? ñ I am What are we talking about, then? Who will watch Kira while youíre flying? Iíve been suspended for a year Are you OK? Iím fine. Itís my breathing exercises. They are supposed to help Still nervous, are you? ñ Only when I see you Thatís enough. Letís go back to our daughter before this gets out of control Sooner or later theyíll let me fly. In a month or in a year Let Kira stay with me at least until then Here? ñ Yes Iím taking her home right now Kira! Kira! Which one is yours? Itís here Where is she? ñ In the kitchen, I think. Kira! Where is our daughter? I donít know. I didnít give her my permission to go outside The neighbor isnít home Excuse me, have you seen a little girl? Sheís 7. ñ No Have you seen a little girl? Blonde hair, 7 years old. ñ No

Who are you calling? ñ The police The police station is round the corner What are you waiting for? Now itís your turn Letís make you a dress You have no right What are you doing here? I just dropped by. ñ When? When Daddy left and you were in the kitchen. I hid here. Then you left Why did you do it? I wanted to play hide-and-seek with Daddy I see. Have you been in the wardrobe for all three hours? No. I played with the dolls and watched some TV Iím sorry. It wonít happen again OK. Itís good that you father hasnít come yet. Heíd have a stroke He was here with Mom You mean they were here and didnít find you? No. They went outside to see if Iím in the backyard They must be worried silly. I suppose they are at the police station right now Do you realize what youíve done? Do you know your dadís phone number? Kira, sweetie! How could you do this to me? Come on Iím sorry about that. Was she hiding in the wardrobe? Right there. I didnít see her at once She sneaked in while I was in the kitchen I didnít know, so I locked the door and left I see. Again, Iím very sorry How could you scare us like this? It wonít happen again I hope so. At least youíve made no mistakes in the note Iíll make us tea. ñ Iím good No, you need some tea Excuse me. ñ Yes? I know this is none of my business but Kira looks worried Maybe you should protect her from adult problems Thanks a lot. Iím sure we can manage this So that she didnít have to hide in neighborís wardrobes Donít you think youíre slightly out of line here? Me? ñ Yes You get me involved in this. Itís not my fault that you canít keep an eye on your kid Do you have kids? ñ No When you do youíll treat them the way you feel right You know what? ñ What? Whatís going on? ñ A neighborly fight Looks like a family fight to me Are you crazy? Sheís my neighbor Great. Iím happy for you Kira and I are leaving Marina, wait. You can see she wants to stay with me I donít care what she wants She has already pretended to run away What does she need to do to persuade you? OK. Sheíll stay for a while. But weíll go back to this when I come back Anton, your share How is your stress level? ñ It goes down with every cabinet I move

Good for you. ñ Bye I guess itís the wrong address Itís the right address We came to see Asya. ñ Yes Sheís not here. ñ We told her weíd come Come on in, then Where to? The kitchen is down the hall Her table is on the left Watch out for the bucket Thanks Is this hers? ñ I suppose Asya, where are you? Weíre in your kitchen Who is this guy mopping the floors in your apartment? A neighbor? I see. He looks perfect in his sweatsuit. OK, weíre waiting Sheíll be right here. ñ Good Excuse me It looks like a set from a 1950s movie. ñ Or 1960s Right. And your neighbor looks like a movie character in his sailor shirt Iím fed up with this character. ñ Why? I hate losers If youíre a guy, you need to make money Youíre right. But they prefer to sit in their rat holes and whine Losers are everywhere How was it? ñ Great Why donít we throw a party here? Iím thinking 15 guests Asya, if you need something, just call us We know how to deal with guys Heís coming Iíve hired workers to make paths in my garden, but they couldnít do it Theyíre losers. ñ Right Nice to meet you Are the rest of the rooms for rent? Go ahead Hello. ñ Hi. What are you doing here? Working. ñ They wonít let you come back to work? Not yet. ñ Is it that bad? Everythingís good. Doctors recommend physical labor Anton! ñ In a minute Itís my old friend Donít worry, Iíll be fine ñ I know. How are you? Fine. The day after tomorrow is my birthday. ñ I remember Really? ñ Yes. Are you going to celebrate?

I donít know yet Why donít we throw a party at my place? I live in a big apartment Say yes! Invite all the guys. Itíll be fun Like good old times? ñ Exactly Deal. Iíll tell my wife I have a flight. ñ Right See you the day after tomorrow, then No! I said no! ñ Come on, baby Guys, youíre here! Come on in! Where are you going? So, we were flying to Bangkok, and I say to IraÖ Remember Ira, the stewardess? ñ Yes So I say, are you going to spend two days here alone? I can show you around better than anyone I know Bangkok like my own backyard Look whoís here. Who is this lady? Wait till you see her girlfriends Why donít we call them? Right! Call them. Weíll throw a joint party, like you wanted Kira! Donít Daddyís friends distract you from your homework? A little. Friends are the best thing in our lives, though Good girl Why donít we go to my room? Itís quieter there No, Iíll stay here How are your nerves doing? Better? ñ Yes, thank you I wouldnít trust you with a child What do you know about these things? ñ More than you do I would ban old maidens from even thinking about children Brute! Letís go for a walk. ñ OK Will you buy me an ice-cream? Good idea. Letís go? ñ Yes The elevator is broken again ñ Letís take the stairs Are you stuck? Do you hear me? Are you stuck? Press the speakerphone button It doesnít work Asya, is that you? ñ Yes. So you can go on Why? ñ Donít waste time on your neighborly enemy Oh God. Press the red button I did. It doesnít work Neither does my cell phone Let me make a call. Thereís the dispatchís number on the wall. Read it out

5Ö4Ö – Yes. ñ 3Ö4Ö – Right. ñ 8Ö8Ö9 Hello. A lady is stuck in the elevator. Building 2, entrance 2 When will you be here? Thanks. Theyíre on their way Please stop crying Auntie Asya, donít cry. Weíll rescue you Iím sorry. Thereís so much going on Thereís a lot going on for Dad, too. He doesnít cry, though He breathes in a special way to stop him from crying. Daddy, show her Sheís right. Itís a breathing exercise. Let me show you OK. Maybe itíll help Breathe in as much air as you can and let it out in short blasts. Do you hear me? Did you hear? Thatís it. Once again Repeat Good. One more time What are you doing here? – A breathing exercise I wish everybody did, instead of yelling, ëHelp me!í Breathe deep. You rescuers are here Thanks a lot. Your exercise really helped I could ask my guru to work with you Iíll think about it Thereís no way back home. I wish I could kick them out But weíll have to wait till they finish the party. ñ I understand Letís ask Auntie Asya to that cafe Why not? How do you feel about ice-cream? ñ Good idea What can be better than ice-cream at night! I mostly flyÖ I used to fly to the South-East. Manila, Mumbai I spend 2 or 3 days there and then fly back Itís an interesting way of life. ñ Itís the best Do you miss it? ñ To put it mildly I always dreamed about getting into the cockpit Nothing can be easier. Though I donít know when I get there myself You will. And youíll be fine And I will behave. ñ Me, too Me, too Howís your ice-cream? ñ Delicious Hello. I came to see Kira Lavrova Over there. ñ Thanks Hi Whereís Daddy? ñ Heís got an urgent job. He asked me to get you I needed him to take my leotard to the seamstressís The selections are the day after tomorrow. My costume is not ready yet Why? ñ I want sequins on it. Everybody else has them Weíll think of something. Letís go Where is your husband? Youíre so sure that I have one ñ Every woman should have one Youíre right. Not every woman can make it, though I have a husband, but Iím getting a divorce Like Mommy and Daddy? ñ Yes

Do you have kids? ñ No. ñ Why? Are you expecting someone? Hi. ñ How did you find me? My secret agents know their job The girls have told you Did you expect them to keep a secret? Can I come in? ñ Why? I want to see where you live Spectacular! Hello. ñ Hi Kira, Stas. Stas, Kira Go to your room. Weíll finish it later, OK? ñ OK Are you babysitting her? ñ No, sheís my friend Hi. How are you guys doing? Asya is with her ex. ñ Her ex? How do you know? ñ Iím not blind Her ex. Hmm This is fantastic, Asya! Can I take this? Please! Iíll hang it in my office Kandinsky meets Salvador Dali Hello. ñ Hi Hey. Stas, Anton. ñ Hi Hi. I brought you some fruits, bread, and milk Also, I dropped by at the accessories store. You wanted green buttons Do these fit? They are great, thanks How much do I owe you? Forget it. Also, the plumber is coming tomorrow to change all the taps Great. You know, I saw Kira at her gymnastics class. Sheís a real champion The coach says she gets tired soon, though. We have to do something about it, with the selections coming and all. She should spend more time in the outdoors Youíre right. Why donít we all go to the park tomorrow? Excuse me, can I join you? ñ No Why? ñ Because we have all the company we need Youíre keeping my wife company. ñ Your ex-wife Says who? ñ Says she Stas, you should go She is still my wife. The fact that she moved in here is nothing but her whim Is that so? ñ Yes Come on, Iíll show you the way out And you, the downed pilot, are nothing but her whim I see youíve done your homework I most certainly have What is going on here? ñ None of your business Are you out of your mind? Iím not commenting on your girlfriends, am I? I donít have any. I broke up with her Why? ñ I got bored Youíll find another one What are you going to do with your life? ñ Just go Iíll call you. ñ Go Nice apartment Kira! Come on, letís finish our project Here. ñ OK, Iím out of here. ñ See you Letís check the items Hi. How are you? Iíve finished already Iíve got an idea. A surprise for you Do you like it? ñ Oh yes Look

May I? Ladies and gentlemen, the captain and the crew welcome you in Russia Misha! What a great machine you have here Youíll have to go through your tests on it So you are Bravo Bravo Charlie, arenít you? Bravo Bravo Charlie is me Iím Tiger Talloh Interesting. Thanks a lot. ñ See you Youíre a lucky man. Your job is fantastic. Your daughter is great Yes, she is. And I love her so much I never thought it was even possible You know what I mean? I wish I could say I do But I donít think I can yet Your Stas didnít want to start a family, did he? Not exactly. He wants to enjoy life while heís still young Make money, spend it, and then make more money What does he do for his living? He plays games. He owns a video game firm Does it bring much money? ñ Oh yes Thatís because he has a great talent Do you love him? Itís complicated This means you do. ñ Do you love your wife? I used to love her very much. ñ Me too. Used to Stas, hi. ñ Hey. How are you? ñ Iím fine Iím calling to remind you that tomorrow is my birthday. I hope youíll come Iím sorry. I already have plans. Itís important Congratulations. You were fantastic. ñ Youíre the best Thank you OK, go change. Weíll be waiting for you Thank you. It was a great idea for Dad to wear his uniform He looks great What were you talking about? – Nothing special

Enough fussing around. Close your eyes, sweetie. Letís tuck in your Teddy Tomorrow we are going roller-skating. Now, sleep Would you like to marry Auntie Asya? Well Go for it. Sheís a nice girl. Certainly a keeper You think so? Thanks Just donít wait too long. Her ex is all over her. ñ True Donít forget to tell her youíre marrying her. ñ Right now? Well, OK. Iíll go and tell her right now Good night Donít forget. ñ Iím going Youíre asleep! ñ Almost. Is she in bed? Yes. I can imagine how she feels about going to bed on a night like this Iíll make it up to her tomorrow. To my little girl To Kira. Sheís great I got attached to her She likes you, too. You have this special bond I was going to tell you something I mean, I wanted to talk about us Whoís that? ñ I guess I know who it is. Never mind Theyíll wake up Kira ñ Iíll be right back Hi. I flew all the way here to rescue you. Will you offer me a drink? Nice costume, isnít it? My friends gave it to me for my birthday What is this buffoonery all about? You called me, and I came. I felt your vibes begging me to rescue you Maybe you didnít even realize it Did you drive here in this costume? It was so cool. The car is outside We can go for a drive if you want Iím not going anywhere with you, and youíre not driving, because youíre drunk Itís my birthday, after all. By the way, care to join me? ñ No, thanks Whatever Asya, this place smells with mold and borsch. Itíll suffocate you Arenít you tired of this show? Do you mind if I get the clown out of here? You know what? Iíve just invented a new game. Itís called The Downed Pilot The main character will be exactly like you: a cool guy in a white shirt Itís OK, Asya. Do you think Iím going to fight with him? Iím not an idiot. I donít need to shove it in his face that heís a loser Daddy! Did you have a nightmare? ñ No, I just got scared Youíre OK. Everythingís fine. Go back to sleep Daddy, donít go. Stay with me OK. Lie down. Weíre going roller-skating tomorrow Is Asya coming with us? ñ Of course Why did you do this? ñ Do I have to spell it out? Letís go home. ñ No Asya. I mean it. I canít watch you suffocating here So youíre worried about me. ñ Yes

To tell you the truth, Iím worried about me. I miss you so much Iím lonely. Letís go home No. I know you like it simple But this time itís not simple I was an idiot, an asshole, a cheater, a pervert. Well, not pervert But I was a brute and an egocentric liar Why do you say ëwasí? Because Iíve changed. Itís true When you left me, I became a new man You donít believe me, do you? ñ Not a single word Iím sorry. It was so ridiculous What is ridiculous? Iím leaving Where to? ñ Home Good luck Iíll come back to collect my stuff I wonít be home Tell me, were you using me? – Me? How? To make him jealous What are you talking about? Nothing happened between us Youíre right. Nothing happened Daddy? ñ Hi. Did you have a good sleep? Yes. Whereís Asya? ñ She moved out Is she coming back? ñ No Did you hurt her? ñ No Did she hurt you? ñ Nope Sheís a fool. Weíre better off without her. ñ I guess so Itís really good. Did you cook it? ñ Yes I helped! ñ Good girl Of course we made it together How do you feel? ñ Great Not nervous at all? Iím cool as a cucumber See? Thatís what I was talking about You should live alone. You hate women There is one woman I love, and I donít need anybody else. Right, Kira? Right I was going to offer you guys something Iíve got a vacancy at a new airline flying to New York The thing is, they want me to go to New York for a one-month training course How do you feel about staying here without mew for a while? I donít know if we can handle it on ourselves. I guess we can No, seriously. The beach is great. ñ Yeah, super beach We were there with thisÖ – With her? Well, yes. But the hotelÖ – Yes? The hotel sucks. ñ Does it? Itís OK AnywayÖ – What? Make your choice. ñ I already have

You said she was at her momís She was supposed to come back tomorrow Hide. ñ What? I donít know, hide in the bathroom Are you crazy? Itís too late Hi, girlfriend. ñ Asya, why didnít you call me? You have a phone, donít you? I wanted to surprise you Asya! I told you we should have gone to my place Hi. ñ Hello. What are you doing here? Iím here to stay. Will you guys take me back? What happened? I caught him with Lisa Remember, they were here once Yes. Good-looking girls So, will you take me back? Itís not our decision Weíre only your neighbors Hey, Kira! Iíve got a new doll for you Another witch? Iím not interested Iíll move out today. ñ Where to? Iíll find some place. ñ Good luck Same to you Anton? Are you sleeping? Youíre going down, Anton Anton, do you hear me? Anton, youíre falling! Get out. Youíve reached your destination Misha, help me What happened? Remember the girl I was here with? Yeah. She was pretty She wonít answer my calls Her phone is turned off You can locate a person if you know their cell number, right? Please do it for me. Itís a matter of life and death to me OK, Iíll do it. Get out Asya, why canít we agree on even basic things? Stas, I have nothing more to say We love each other. I know that. Love shouldnít smother you We need to give each other some space Jealousy is a vestige of caveman times Asya, is this neighbor of yours going to follow you everywhere? Asya, itís me, Anton. Iím sorry Anton, what are you doing here? Youíve rejected me Please leave. I was talking to her Marry me. ñ You are married

Of course I am. Iím married to you Iím not talking to you Iím getting a divorce, and you know it Asya, Iím sorry. Iím a fool. ñ No, Iím a fool Go away, both of you You donít really mean it Youíll regret it tomorrow Youíll regret it right now She told you to go away ñ No, she told you to go Sheís my wife. You go. ñ No, you go Get out of here, you both! Well, Iím done. Enough of this comedy. Good luck Asya? I went into a tailspin today. I canít fly without you Ladies and gentlemen, the captain and the crew welcome you to the Pearl Coast Have a nice weekend Thank you for flying our airlines The captain says goodbye and anticipates a couple days with his beloved wife and daughter. Thank you