Hyena On the Keyboard I 건반위의 하이에나 – Ep.3 [ENG/2018.04.04]

(Our everyday lives are filled with music) (What kind of music are we listening to?) ♪ Make me feel so high ♪ ♪ Love battery ♪ ♪ I was in love ♪ ♪ Red flavor ♪ (Every person we pass) (Listens to a lot of songs) (But the surviving songs) (Are on the chart) (Do you miss the stage?) A song that anyone could sing along to I want to keep making music that lots of people love (The song chart is like a warzone) (To survive) (It’s an intense and desperate battle) So many people in all these cars and buildings A song for them to listen to (Surviving on the song chart starts now) Hello Hello. Hello I shouldn’t step on these Hello (Chungha) (Chungha debuted with I.O.I in 2016) (As a soloist all of her songs have been charting) (A talented idol that can sing and dance) I’ll enjoy myself here Let’s go! Hello – Hello. / – Oh, hello – Good to see you, Chungha. / – Good to see you – Hello. / – Hello So you’re here as a guest, Chungha Your acting was so natural We just spent 2 hours with her in the green room You put out a new album despite all the competitors and managed to get in the top 10 Congratulations – Thank you. / – Amazing No, we should mention Sleepy too You put out an album I put out my first mini album recently – What are people saying? / – Well All the songs are Unfit to air on KBS (Are we supposed to laugh at this?) So you can’t perform them on TV? I can’t Really? Until they decide? I can’t I can’t even sing them here Come to think of it, you put out a single. Hyungdon It’s in the top 100 – It got up to the top 60. / – Yes, up to 61st Like a stock price dropping It plummeted That’s why Chungha seems even more amazing A tree with many knots protects the gravesite That’s such an old saying With many what? With many what? Knots? I don’t know Was that in the Declaration of Independence? Chungha is going to perform today So you all can look forward to that We should get the show started now Let’s bring in the hyenas for today that want to survive on the song chart Come on out! – Come on out. / – A round of applause! Very nice (Coming in dressed in hot pink) Hello Such reliable musicians Good to see you The musicians Your outfits Stop being so timid and come here Are they the audio team? They’re on my team They’re so different Totally different Let’s have everyone introduce themselves Hello, we’re Rose Motel. Good to be here Peppertones, say hello 1, 2, 3. Hello, we’re Peppertones (Their greeting was so awkward) You two don’t seem close I guess you don’t greet people that often That was so weak (Korea’s hottest indie band) (They can pull off many different genres of music) You might be embarrassed to brag about yourself so we prepared business cards (Business cards for the artists) So systematic They debuted in 2004 You debuted in 2004? Yes, we were terrible when we debuted Graduated from KAIST A combined IQ of 300 Wow! Wow… 300? For Rose Motel, 150 is the number of days they showed up to school I was too busy playing sports If they’re so smart, why not stick to studying? Why pursue music? We thought we’d be successful We thought we’d be a big hit Their famous songs are “Good Luck,” “Ready, Get Set, Go” and “New Hippie Generation.” It’s said that directors love them Without them, you can’t make music for TV (“At the End of the Season” – 2012) (“Runner’s High” – 2008) (“Park Trip” – 2009)

Peppertones are PF The president of festivals The president of festivals At a yearly festival attended by 40,000 For 11 years, every year They’ve been the headliner at this big festival Do you have a powerful agency? (The CEO) (Yoo Heeyeol is known for his hawk eyes) It’s amazing that you’ve been the headliners It’s usually every other year for festivals but it’s amazing that you do that every year You’ll all gradually fall for Peppertones over time I hear this shoot is short (Aloof no matter what the comment) Let’s take a look at Rose Motel now Surprisingly It hasn’t been 10 years since they debuted yet Right. 8 years Where did you debut? We put out our first album in Hongdae Our first TV show was “Top Band.” (An indie band with unprecedented looks) (But their song “Bongsuk” was a big hit in 2012) (Then 6 years later) Our name became a trending search all week My neck was sore from staring at the computer monitor It’s nuts He’s still sore Everyone knows your hits. “Bongsuk.” “Call Me Oppa.” I can definitely sense the weight of this team This entire team here Would have to weigh at least 8,000kg All put together. Such weight Check my mic please Oh, they’re not on the audio team? (Insulted out of nowhere) They’re both very talented groups Right And my musical slave (There’s someone else?) Come on out (Who’s the musical slave?) (Who’s getting a standing ovation?) I’m not that old. You don’t need to all stand (Defconn) (They still remain aloof after Defconn showed up) You’re a variety show pro. What a smooth entrance All I do is “2 Days and 1 Night.” The two top candidates for the KBS Entertainment Award Right Let me introduce myself and say hello. Good to be here I give beauty advice on YouTube I haven’t been to Tokyo in a while (Defconn has his own show on social media) It’s fun since it’s been a while Entertainer, TV personality and rapper And I did a drama again after 3 years I’m Defconn the actor. Good to be here Nice one (Hyungdon’s team got heavier with Defconn) Hyungdon and Defconn This is our business card Look at that photo We debuted in 2012. It’s been 7 years They say idol groups fall apart after 7 years We’re also You’re my juniors – I’m your junior? / – Yes Didn’t I debut before you as a rapper? Your team debuted later than me So what, fool? (Annoyed) Defconn, watch what you say I’m sorry This is a TV show on KBS Yu Jaeseok was featured on our most popular song, “Olympic Road.” And this is the super mega hit “The Gloomy Song.” (“The Gloomy Song” by Hyungdon and Defconn) (This song put them up for 1st place) We were up for 1st place with f(x) for this song f(x) and Wonder Girls We lost out to Wonder Girls The biggest hit in late 2012 was “Gangnam Style” and “The Gloomy Song” was the hit in early 2012 We dominated each half We’re singers that just put out singles Yes, Chungha? Go ahead What do you mean that you just put out singles? Basically, we don’t spend much money but we want to make a lot of money Basically, it’s like we’re peddlers We just put out singles and it says something else here We just try to survive And you got your lyrics wrong The only time on “You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook.” Well… We made a mistake And we continue to make mistakes (The first mistake on stage on this show) Can you perform it live? Peppertones, listen carefully Of course (“Rap Impossible” by Hyungdon and Defconn) ♪ When Dmitri Mendeleev was the Russian president ♪ ♪ A probability that’s not on the probability table ♪ ♪ At the reddish sorghum field ♪ ♪ With maple leaves ♪ ♪ To look for commission fee on a stag investigation ♪ ♪ I went there to find out the fee ♪ What does this all mean? I wrote these lyrics But nobody has deciphered the song

That was amazing that you did that much – He got a lot better. / – Defconn ♪ One day you wanted to eat Hallasan’s wild ginseng ♪ ♪ You took me to Jeju-do ♪ ♪ There was a grandpa stone statue ♪ ♪ Is the nose for bearing a son? ♪ What is the meaning of this? “is the nose for bearing a son or bearing a daughter?” (The first time on national TV! “The King of Math”!) (“The King of Math” by Hyungdon and Defconn) ♪ Study, study, that’s what they say ♪ ♪ But how do I study? Studying is frustrating ♪ ♪ Trust us and memorize this song and then ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ The product formula is m(a+b)=ma+mb ♪ ♪ (a+b)²=a²+2ab+b² don’t ever forget it ♪ ♪ (a-b)²=a²-2ab+b² ♪ This isn’t live! ♪ (a+b)(a-b)=a²-b² ♪ ♪ (ax+b)(cx+d)=acx²+(ad+bc)x+bd ♪ ♪ (ax-b)(cx-d)=acx²-(ad+bc)x+bd ♪ ♪ I bet you have no idea what this means ♪ ♪ I don’t know either ♪ ♪ But if you memorize this song ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ This is it, this is it ♪ ♪ Math, math, math, math, math ♪ ♪ Math, math, math, this is it ♪ ♪ This is it, this is it ♪ ♪ Math, math, math, math, math ♪ ♪ Math, math, math, this is it ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ Math for 8th grade will be done ♪ ♪ This is it, this is it ♪ ♪ Math, math, math, math, math ♪ ♪ Math, math, math, this is it ♪ ♪ This is it, this is it ♪ ♪ Math, math, math, math, math ♪ ♪ Math, math, math, this is it ♪ (It makes you want to open your math book) (Rose Motel starts looking a bit under pressure!) – An act for stage! / – I like that! Throw your hands up and clap! (“Not My Type” by Rose Motel) Hyenas, make some noise! (A trot melody with fun vocals) (About a person’s values being more important) ♪ I take my cultivator into town♪ ♪ And check out the girls ♪ ♪ With Ray-Bans on and a floral shirt ♪ ♪ I head to the nightclub ♪ ♪ A sturdy body and mind ♪ ♪ That’s the girl I’m looking for ♪ ♪ Let’s hold hands forever ♪ ♪ So that we can farm together ♪ ♪ Let’s all dance to the rhythm ♪ ♪ Of the DJ ♪ ♪ The slim and drunk girl walking from afar ♪ ♪ Looks just like Kim Taehee ♪ ♪ I’m sorry, but you’re not my type ♪ (Same to you) ♪ You’re not my type ♪ ♪ You’re not my type ♪ ♪ You’re not my type ♪ Make some noise! (Rose Motel is so unpredictable and quirky) (They worked with Hyungdon and Defconn) (We’ll show you how they made their song!) Oh, when we first met That’s our writer and director These are celebrities (Charismatic) We look good on screen – What’s going on? / – Salute! So what’s going on? What is it? We came because we were called (Rose Motel, Hyungdon and Defconn) It’s a pro gamer So you guys already know each other? Yes We’re pretty desperate And a bit embarrassed We’re not two losers We have our own name value We’re pretty worldwide Before we dream of the future, we have something to discuss first (Something to discuss) (What does he mean?) “Mountain Rabbit.”

Why was that a flop? (It’s like a hearing) ♪ Mountain ♪ ♪ Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit ♪ It was a flop! (Their first collaboration was a flop) (“Mountain Rabbit” was too ahead of its time) ♪ Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit ♪ It was an exciting song It gets the people pumped when you perform it Who wrote the song? Who wrote the song? There’s the big problem Jungwan wrote the song So he’s the biggest problem He wrote the lyrics too But the reason this song really failed Was because of “Assarabia Columbia.” No, it’s not that Why? ♪ Assarabia Columbia, grab a drumstick and chirp ♪ Look at those lyrics! Sheesh “Grab a drumstick and chirp.” The song sounds ugly! Why didn’t you stop me? (Wrongdoer accusing others) Why didn’t you stop him? You were so stubborn Who else would we blame? So we have to make up for “Mountain Rabbit.” – Make up for it? / – Yes We have to make up for this failure We have to decide on a direction Personally I think it’s time to put an end to “Cherry Blossom Ending.” Right, it’s famous as a zombie song Rose Motel and Busker Busker are rivals Oh, this part? (They analyze “Cherry Blossom Ending”) Is that a harmonica or accordion? It’s an accordion We need to get an accordion player Spring is all about the acoustic guitar Let’s take out the bass I’ll play the acoustic guitar then (As expected from a hyena trying to survive) (Went from bassist to guitarist) You know that feeling Acoustic guitar songs from when we were young in the 1980s and 1990s Right. And the lyrics are amazing Should we take an overnight trip to Japan? Why Japan all of a sudden? To be inspired Right. Japan is known for cherry blossoms So how about an overnight trip? I’m fine with going It’s just an hour away I can’t make it Let’s just video call each other You’ve really changed since you became an actor You really changed I haven’t changed. I just don’t have time – So you’re a conceited actor now? / – No, no (Yu Daejun the actor) There’s this bar with a cherry blossom tree inside (Another solution) It’s nice and it feels like Japan Let’s just go there They have this cherry blossom tree right in the bar We can have a drink right under that tree You know. Like under the peach tree Junu, I’d like you to take the lead on this Junu really writes good spring songs Junu is in Jungwan’s shadow – Junu writes great songs. / – For real Sangjae posted a lot of songs in our group chat He posted the most songs But nobody says anything about them Sangjae writes a lot of songs You have a lot of hidden talent there It’s not just Jungwan. They can all write songs You two should work together closely Then for this song Personally, I wish you wouldn’t involve yourself Alright I’m curious. Are you going to sing? (He’s the main vocalist…) I’ll just play the guitar (The outcasts of K-pop, Hyungdon and Defconn) (Are back together with the talented Rose Motel) (They’ll make a hit song for the spring) (They work hard) (They eat a lot) (They have fun) ♪ When I was in 6th grade ♪ Just come out (Let’s watch them make their song) (A studio at Mangwon) A spring song (One guy seems stuck) (So much pressure) I think it’s time to put an end to “Cherry Blossom Ending.” A spring song (Junu thinks of a spring song) A spring song He seems so unfamiliar there How many times are you going to say that? The floor might collapse

(So much pressure to write a spring song) So Junu is getting the song started, right? A spring song (He writes the lyrics himself) Spring… Spring “Spring, spring, spring is here?” (Sings what he just wrote) (Adds some humming) (It sounds pretty nice) (Junu is doing a good job) Going for the next hot spring song It’s Jungwan (Excited and nervous) (Will Jungwan like the song?) ♪ Spring, spring, spring is here ♪ Oh, hey, Jungwan Did you write a lot of it? I just came up with something Why is it so hard to write a spring song? Look at Jungwan’s arrogant face Isn’t it refreshing? (Hold on…) (This guy…) Hey, I made that song last time No! What are you talking about? When did you write this? You copy each other? ♪ When I was in 6th grade ♪ Oh, for real? No (Disbelief) Hold on… No, it’s not No wonder it sounded familiar (Junu seems flustered for real) This is my song (Let’s hear it) ♪ When I was in 6th grade ♪ – It’s the same song. / – It sounds the same ♪ I was unfamiliar with my friends in spring ♪ ♪ And it’s spring now ♪ (You sure this isn’t mine?) They copy each other They plagiarize each other That clip makes me lose faith in them (Can’t take it back) We’re in the same group. So what? It happens All your songs are mine too Then I cancel my song I was waiting for you Jungwan is a competitor to me It doesn’t matter whose song makes the album but I always want to do better than him I’ve always felt that way and I work hard I made a duet There should be a girl in the duet, but we’ll both sing the girl part Why are you making so many songs? It’s not even a third done Not even the intro is finished I made a clip Watch the clip and you’ll understand what I mean (Fine, show me then) Watch the clip Like this Wow! That looks good I’ll explain It looks so modern I wanted to tell you Whether this is me or you It’s one of us, okay? Do you get it now? (A confession of love that’s warm as the spring) We gaze at each other (He’s swept up by the song) (Junu…) We have to play these parts And people have to enjoy it ♪ I really liked you ♪ Now you respond to me ♪ I should’ve told you ♪ (Here you go) (We wish we didn’t see that) Isn’t that nice? So I’ll just sing it like this I can’t sing facing you No, no. This was my original plan. Watch We look at each other like this ♪ I really liked you ♪ ♪ I really hated you ♪ ♪ I should’ve told you ♪ ♪ I want to punch you ♪ (Gosh) – That’s the concept. / – It’s a fun concept Here’s a small spoiler This song almost became the single It does sound nice. I feel like swaying to it This is the song I wrote Your deskmate in 6th grade becomes your first love

But then she transfers You miss her so much and you’re still lovesick I had someone like that too Her name was Jeon Sunyeong (Embarrassed) Aren’t you a newlywed? It was all in the past That old friend-finding show has to come back (Honey, you know I love you) Here we go. Keep playing your guitar (Jungwan’s guitar melody brings up old memories) (Everyone takes a trip back in time) Done. Okay (The guitar part is done) I’ve never seen Rose Motel make music It’s my first time seeing this too Me too It’s surprising how easy it comes for you guys Should we add a harmonica? (Let’s try adding some harmonica) Hold on (Let me warm up my mouth) – Go? / – Yeah (Grown-ups should relate to that time) (Playing the harmonica in the 6th grade) – It’s helping the clip. / – How nice Okay Rose Motel can make songs like this That’s the sound we wanted You try singing Should I raise this? It seems too low I have to remember that Hyungdon will sing this Right He must channel the person that will sing this song Hold on. A lot of impurities have built up inside me (Purifying his soul of impurities?) I had to consider that Hyungdon would sing this We’re singing it together (Trying to forget all his skills and experience) ♪ When I was in 6th grade ♪ ♪ I wasn’t familiar with my friends in spring ♪ ♪ I took the lunch my mom packed me ♪ That’s it Add the chorus? – I haven’t made it yet. / – Okay Then what will Defconn do? He’s going to sing too? Right Shouldn’t we add some rapping? You were really considerate of us Yes, of course We’re actually talented singers We told them not to rely on us too much This is perfect ♪ It does not, so what if that happens? ♪ ♪ She was the first love to my friends ♪ That’s pretty good I thought of including a rap part Please stop Let’s send them this as the guide vocals – Send them this? / – So they get the feeling (He sends it right away) So you sent it right away You should’ve thought about it first A lot more people here than I thought I guess since it’s warmer That was during the cold wave The swings? I haven’t been on those since I was a kid Yeah, same for me (Let’s have a ride) (Those are for kids) Hi, kids! What if we break these? (How nice) Isn’t this fun? You guys were too conscious of the camera! No, they have that at Hangang Why would you ride the swings to write a song? It’s weird that you’re swinging in unison If you go, you get inspired This is putting on a show for the camera It’s been so long. This is nice Have you ever had instant noodles here? No. I hear they have instant noodles (Let’s get some noodles) Put it here – Those are delicious. / – That looks so good That was my first time having some (Makes you salivate) That machine costs $1,870 Stop saying things like that here! I was going to buy one We’re trying to get inspired I was going to get one. I love that machine This looks incredible (In a great mood) This should really inspire us Of course This is funny So we’ll knock out these noodles and then go over there – And knock out the song. / – Knock out the song This is a feast You know the deal. You got right in there – That sure looks good. / – I bet it’s delicious

(That’s what I’m talking about) Good, good This is an innovation The perfect amount of water Right? Because I made it This is a remarkable invention I heard it was made by NASA (Made by NASA?) Eating alone Should we make a song about that? In our day we were ashamed to eat alone It seemed sad and depressing But not these days But I bet some people might still feel that way About eating alone? It’s not that they’re embarrassed. They’re lonely You’re thinking of a new song while eating noodles Yeah. It tastes good if you put it in the soup – What are those? / – I don’t know When I was broke and hungry at the internet cafe I dumped chips into the soup – This is pretty good. / – It’s delicious (Go ahead and try this at home) That stuff is delicious That’s Kind of like tempura udon (Tempura udon?) – Delicious! / – See? I told you Nobody else would try it It tastes like tempura udon One taste and you’ll be hooked Each chip tastes different, so try experimenting Wow! What a great view! Let’s just sit here – We talked about eating alone earlier. / – Oh, that? Eating alone Play like you’re eating alone Wasn’t that great? – The mic doesn’t work? / – No, it doesn’t – But you hear the reverb. / – It sounds amazing That’s the melody Being under a bridge creates a natural reverb (So that’s what happens) How nice! Just being here makes songwriting easier That feeling when you come home – Loneliness. / – After work As you trudge home A lot of people live in studios. I used to too ♪ One room and one bathroom ♪ ♪ One living room slash kitchen ♪ ♪ All alone ♪ ♪ All by myself ♪ Who’s that old guy? (Like some neighborhood guy) He’s a celebrity Old guy (He seems like an old guy too) (They finish the song as they see the sunset) Let’s write the lyrics – The song about eating alone… / – Is great We really deliberated on singing that one After watching Rose Motel work, did you notice any differences? It takes us a lot of work just to make one song We put all our effort into one song But they just come up with song after song Want us to teach you how to write songs? (You’re going to teach these PhD holders?) They’re actually very polite guys (Mangwon studio – 10 p.m.) (Who is the first person to arrive?) (Who is this?) Chungha, isn’t that you? It’s Gyeongseob? It’s Gyeongseob (Im Gyeongseob is the drummer) – Hello, Sangjae. / – You’re the first one here again Is that Yoo Haijin? You’re always the first one here (They’re like brothers) You said you got home late I had a drink first like usual Of course I would – Hey. / – Hello – What’s up? / – Hi What are we doing today? You didn’t hear? We’re going to fix up the song a bit Hyungdon needs to hear it We deliberated a lot We all lost weight to please you, Hyungdon Can we sing the song I wrote The rejected one. Just for fun? Try not to lose your confidence When will my songs be chosen? Just keep making more. I like them I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care I put time into my songs How do you play the bass for spring? (The two heavy hitters arrive) What were you doing out there? We went to Hangang and made a song – At Hangang? / – In this cold weather? We had instant noodles I hope you didn’t write a song about a cold spell You’ll find out once you hear it (Trying to stay calm) I didn’t know With 3 people in the group writing songs, there’s a lot of competition Of course. We get very competitive Did you guys write a song? I wrote a song about my hometown Jinhae

Let’s hear it Jinhae is known for cherry blossoms (Finding the song) The Jinhae naval port festival Jinhae has the best cherry blossoms I was reminded of Jinhae. It’s my hometown So I searched if there was a song about Jinhae I lied down to sleep at night and thought, “Jinhae is beautiful this time of year.” – Let’s hear it. / – Yeah, let’s hear it (They hear the song first) (Nervous) (I hope they all like it) (Someone please say something…) He’s good at singing (Wary) This is nuts! You can’t help but wait for a reaction Since it needs a majority vote That’s how it goes I see There are cherry blossoms everywhere There’s the naval port festival If you’ve ever been to Jinhae (He really likes Jinhae) I’m just trying to promote my song! It’s a wrap The cherry blossoms here can’t even compete Cherry blossoms everywhere Did you buy property in Jinhae? Did you buy property in Jinhae? – Jinhae is beautiful. / – Very nice They have nice cherry blossoms Sangjae is from there, so he remembers it clearly He wants to explain it to them (They start practicing Sangjae’s song) What’s the key? Key of G (Let’s try this) I’ll write down the chords (Sangjae seems so passionate about Jinhae) ♪ F ♪ ♪ G ♪ ♪ A minor ♪ ♪ F, G, A minor ♪ (They finally start the song) (Grooving) (The song is pretty good) (Trying to promote the song) (Sangjae seems more serious than usual) Right now Look at his fingers flying! They’re all over the place (I look pretty cool there) We post songs in our group chat I figured this wouldn’t make the cut Junu’s song was amazing and Jungwan’s too (Is there anyone that wants to use my song?) We’ll let them hear this tomorrow Then we’ll decide and record We’ll do the rearrangement Done (Where are Hyungdon and Defconn headed?) Where is this? – You’re wearing makeup. / – Yeah Did you shoot your drama? The shoot has been extended to tomorrow morning Your shoot is tomorrow morning I went to the salon The shoot is tomorrow. Why wear makeup now? That’s what actors do That’s nuts An actor has to have makeup on the day before? To see the tone Gosh… Actors are so different No, I should learn If it’s a hit you can retire from show business Why would I retire from show business when your drama is a hit? We should try to ride each other’s coattails This isn’t good. They gave us so many songs Which one should we pick? Let’s see how they changed them Your Bluetooth doesn’t work? How do you work it? Like this That hurts. Stop it This is better than a Bluetooth earpiece I have a drama shoot tomorrow. Don’t (Actors are so different) I have to hear the lines What does your shoot have to do with your ear? So I can work well with the other actors What’s it called? There are so many songs – “Eating Alone”? / – Not that one – “Boring Time”? / – That one Those are songs Rose Motel sent? (Defconn likes “Boring Time”) This song I liked this one I asked them for 1 song and they sent 11 in one day (11 songs?) 11 songs? (They really did send a lot of songs) This song is really nice It’s nice but a bit sad These guys sent a lot of great songs (Let’s talk it over and then decide)

It’s over once we pick a song? We’ll have a meeting and decide (What will be their song for the spring?) Only one song was unusable. “Spring in Jinhae.” (Why are you doing this to me?) (Give the song to us) Peppertones, what did you guys think? Did you see any similarities in the way you work? No, they were so different You’re not alike at all This is a bit offensive I’m curious I want to see their clip We’ll show you how hard they work on music You’ll see right after they perform! (“New Hippie Generation” by Peppertones) (Written and composed by Shin Jaepyeong) (Peppertones provide therapy for depression) (The title track on their 2008 album “New Standard”) (It has their trademark upbeat melody) (With fun lyrics about everyday life) ♪ Throw out everything that frustrates you ♪ ♪ This is place is so tranquil ♪ ♪ You’re not taxed for the sunlight ♪ ♪ Which is a relief on day like today ♪ ♪ I’ll do what I want ♪ ♪ Somewhere in the distance I see Pluto ♪ ♪ I’m not sure ♪ ♪ I lie down on the grass under the warm sun ♪ ♪ And look to the end of the galaxy ♪ ♪ One day off is fine ♪ ♪ Because everything won’t ♪ ♪ Change in one day ♪ ♪ The world is wide ♪ ♪ And songs are so beautiful ♪ ♪ Life is long ♪ ♪ The weather is so nice ♪ ♪ A plane flies by ♪ ♪ In a sky with no clouds ♪ ♪ My nose tingles a bit ♪ ♪ I guess I’m still going through puberty ♪ ♪ I guess so ♪ ♪ I dream of putting on tanning oil ♪ ♪ With a pretty girl ♪ ♪ The world is wide ♪ ♪ And songs are so beautiful ♪ ♪ Life is long ♪ ♪ The weather is so nice ♪ (We’ll show you how they worked on their song) (Antenna – 7:00 p.m.) (Someone trudges in early in the morning) Where is that place? Is that Antenna? Yes, our agency Someone didn’t finish this (Why is he so busy already?) Paper So Jangwon always tidied the place up It’s a secret. This is the first time it’s being seen (The first one at the office) Wow, the place looks nice Do you need all that stuff to write a song? But still… Wow You guys can have all that too

if your agency CEO spends the money But he won’t spend money on us (Spacious and cramped) (Typing) Yeah! (What got him so excited?) A drama He uses the studio as his home theater No wonder our electricity bill is so high I’ve been secretly using a lot of electricity – Taking advantage. / – Nice That’s why we have an agency Nobody’s at the office yet I should check out the equipment – Wow! / – How many guitars is that? You guys love guitars (A tidy and cozy studio) (Whose space is this?) (Comes to work later) This is so embarrassing! I have so much stuff. There’s so much dust (He looks like a mother cleaning…) Nice and clean They’re both so tidy When will you write the song? I think he’ll start now (If you take a look at him…) (Like a cross between Yoon Jongshin and You Heeyeol…) (They look the same) He looks a bit like Cho Jungchi too That was his old nickname (Jaepyeong finally starts working after cleaning) (A real hyena howling?) (This doesn’t sound right…) Today I’ll add sea sounds (Captivated) You were listening to the sound of waves? I like listening to sound effects Really? (He gets inspired by sound effects!) Alright, let’s try this one today What’s that? A cassette tape recorder (A very old cassette tape recorder) When I hear things recorded on that old recorder it sounds like it’s been filtered The music sounds really nice So I record finished songs on that to hear them over again You record any idea you think of? Yes, I usually record a lot of stuff Musicians from the 1980s and 1990s did that a lot Right (He records what he thinks of on the old recorder) Yeah, I’ll try this today (He plays the melody he just recorded) Nice. And it was just for a moment It sounds different from their usual songs I should get Jangwon to come here (What’s Jangwon up to now?) (He’s in the studio but he isn’t working) Hello? Why do you sound so depressed? Where are you? At the office again? Did you watch a movie? No How did he know? They seem close Gosh, guys talking on the phone Wow Get over here I just cleaned the room (Comes in) Geez, you scared me Don’t just put in the passcode yourself You just scared me If I ring the doorbell, he tells me to just put in the passcode myself Did you shower? Of course – You look fine. / – Well, of course I’m always… I’m always perfect What did you do at the office? Just surfed online – Yeah? / – Yeah And got some free coffee

Who is the sicker one here? Antenna only picks sickly artists You look like you seriously lack energy Our agency forbids us from exercising (Even the computer is out of energy…) It’s so slow I have to change the equipment. This stuff is old I used this stuff to work on our first album Yet you still continue to use that stuff? I don’t like to throw things out Some people like what they’re used to At least this stuff is vintage now I still use this thing It’s made with a stocking I sing through this You made that yourself? This really takes me back. I used that too – Don’t you use a hanger? / – Right I sing through this Whose stocking was that? It’s not like that, man I made this by bending a hanger And it still works fine So tell me where you got the stocking I just used an old one at home with holes in it Why would you have that at home? – It’s my mom’s! / – Oh, your mom’s Yeah He won’t let it go It’s my mom’s Not yours? No I’ve always wanted to ask you that It’s not mine. Why would I have stockings? (Now they finally start working) This sounds great This really sounds great (Their expressions are so different) It sounds too new What do you mean by that? If it was like eating bacon in the past, the bass in songs today is like eating steak It’s really juicy What does that mean? – Did you understand me? / – Yeah. I think so (In their own world) Did you know there’s a study on how to express sounds with words? – It exists. / – There’s a study like that? Yes. I’ve seen it before Why talk about a study when making a song? I never knew that study existed How did you find out? It was at this seminar You went to a seminar? Not a sauna? You went to a seminar? The speaker at this seminar I went to – talked about adjectives to express music. / – Yes – And how they should be standardized. / – Yes, yes (Wide, cramped) (Compact, practical) (Analysis, gauging, connecting) (Sauna, seminar) So why did you go to that seminar? It was part of his PhD course You have a PhD? No, I’m working on it They make their songs so differently Impressive, Dr. Lee Hey. Let’s work on the new song I have this riff I’ve been saving (Jaepyeong summons his treasure chest) (Jangwon’s face is hard to read) I think this is the way to go There’s a cowboy And he’s never seen the sea Only through photos And he wants to see it once before he dies So he gets on his horse and goes And he sings this song on the way there – On his horse? / – Yeah – A cowboy? / – Yeah That’s a great concept So the main riff goes (He plays the main riff) Then if we can add some Clopping (Reacts) Then the song starts like Wow, it sounds like a cowboy song Yeehaw! They could add that The hook goes (Jaepyeong is almost done with the song) Then it gets quiet with an instrument and a solo part We should add oohs and ahs Oohs and ahs? ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Ah ♪ ♪ Ooh, ah ♪ ♪ Ha ♪ Just with the ooh ah He just wants to contribute It sounds great

(Vocalizations of a cowboy who wants to see the sea) ♪ Ha ♪ ♪ Ha ♪ Done Let’s put a demo together I’ll record as I play Why do you need that? – Since it’s an apartment. / – Oh, I see He shares that building with others (They record the guitar melody) (They add the bass) Would that be better? But when the chord changes Try sliding Make it exciting Look at him express himself with those frail shoulders (Does what he’s told) Nice, nice So manly You got it right away (Time to record the bass part) You two look so close. It’s nice The beginning (Adds the horse clopping) Put 3 together spaced out No, it’s one rider. He’s all alone If there are too many horses it’ll be like an army – This is like an army. / – But one horse It’s like for tourists (Forget it…) (Whinny) Pretty good, right? I like that one (They add a whinny instead of clopping) Nice! (The most cheerful he’s looked) (What a relief) So we’ll use this I’m sending the demo now How about the lyrics? For the lyrics We should talk about bread and jerky Bread and jerky? Alright Smoke Dust – The open plain. / – Yeah They seem so profound They think of related words and draw a picture with that It’s not easy to write the lyrics after the melody Yeah, that’s hard So we just need to record But the concept is about someone going somewhere or someone that will go somewhere and come back If possible, I’d like to record in a bit of a different environment But we’ve never done that You guys want to record somewhere a bit special, right? Yes Shouldn’t you record in the studio? But for this song We wanted to record somewhere spacious All musicians want that The ambiance can provide a quality of sound that the machines can’t There are a lot of wide open places but not many with high ceilings So we rent a pension Or how about a church? – A wedding hall. / – A wedding hall Yunseok built a house to record in In Jeju-do He had to make space in his mandarin grove Hello? Hi, there (It’s the lyrical artist Lucid Fall) (He built a recording studio in a mandarin grove!) Yunseok, the thing is we want to record somewhere that’s not our studio It’s nice to be able to do what you want to do Why have you never recorded outdoors? All the power cables have to be so long Just wait a bit Once Bluetooth technology advances When I’m farming and working the pump I have to use a 100m long cable (Unexpected laughs) When working the pump What’s a pump? Is pump a farming term? I think it’ll be fun to try it out Since it’ll be recorded

After hearing from you, we should just go for it No matter what happens, we’ll give it a shot and I think we’ll be fine We have to be adventurous We have to do something unusual Our adventure starts with chicken giblets We do not worship the devil It’ll cost around $2,500 We came too far This is the worst It’s cold Is there heating? I hate this! (The two hyenas really struggle) Maybe we can use this place during a wedding (Will that cowboy make it to the sea?) I bet the studio in Antenna is warm They really went on a trip This is bad Why? Do I seem like I’m going back? You’re right. I am I didn’t microwave my sandwich Yeah? Just put it under your armpit This is nuts Here they go again It should be pretty warm when we arrive It’ll be fine if you heat it at 36.5 degrees We’re off to a bad start (Traffic starts to get heavy) – Want some chips? / – A banana Why are you peeling it for me? Hey! For you to drive safe (They’re like an old married couple) Did you finish this? Yeah (He cleans up after him) Want to eat this? It’s really good Why do you keep feeding me? – Try some. / – Alright It’s really good They look so close. It’s so nice (“Ready, Get Set, Go!” by Peppertones) (They ride on the highway) We heard there would be the perfect studio for us to record in there If all of our decisions went wrong, we figured we’d just record in the studio It looks like we’re here Let’s go to our first destination It’s downtown Chuncheon – Hello. / – Hello – 2 servings? / – You want 2 servings? What are chicken giblets? Chicken giblets are delicious! That sounds delicious Only places that have fresh chicken serve that What are chicken giblets? Chicken giblets? Basically, the organs of the chicken Meat-lovers really like the giblets (He’s interested) The meat masters? We’ll take one serving (Their first time trying chicken giblets!) We’re not here to have fun We’re on an adventure Our adventure starts with chicken giblets The giblets taste good, right? Of course. True meat-lovers prefer the giblets over the actual chicken I really want to try it after hearing that Here come the chicken giblets (Preparing himself) What’s this? (Still undercooked) Isn’t this baby octopus? This is an organ? It’s not cooked yet That looks great That stuff is amazing I’m going to try this piece (How will Jangwon react?) Mix it up well (Let me try a piece) This is good – It’s good. / – Yeah It’s good (Their first adventure is a success!) Are you Lee Jangwon? I’m a fan Celebrity treatment! I thought we agreed we wouldn’t air that part – I’m a fan. / – Thank you You’re great on “Problematic Men.” I’m a fan We’re in the same band – You’re a friend? / – Yes We’re in the same band – Can I have some of that drink too? / – Yes I’ll share That’s why you have to be on TV Jangwon, let’s try to be on TV once a week Not Jangwon. I mean Jaepyeong – Me too? / – Yeah I’m fine. I can just stick with him How much will it cost? I have no idea what to expect We just came here without knowing anything Let’s just talk to them (Will they be alright?)

(Where is their first destination?) We have to climb up that Wow, that looks nice (Such an impressive sight) Do you hear the bells? They sound so holy It’s very peaceful I was about to say that – Hello. / – Welcome. Nice to meet you I was the one that called I’m cultural tour guide Im Jaechun Lucia of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chuncheon Hello The church looks beautiful It’s a local cultural asset (Local cultural asset?) – A local cultural asset? / – Yes (A church that’s a local cultural asset!) The construction started before the Korean war (She goes on with her explanation) The cultural tour guide It’s in North Korea Because (She goes on another long-winded explanation) (Captivated) So it’s very nice Can you give us a tour? Yes, right this way (What is this church like?) It’s so clean I bet the acoustics are amazing Things should sound great here (They carefully enter) (Carefully closes the door) Come in. Take a look around Yes (Their footsteps echo in the church) I can’t even breathe Yeah Because things are very quiet in there It was the most quiet place in the world This place really echoes (Cough! Cough!) Quiet! Just gauging So clever Mr. Ph.D (Jangwon, this is great!) (Jaepyeong also tests the acoustics) (Even a small noise makes him feel bad) Let’s go We’re sorry We’re sorry This place really makes you feel small (They quietly exit) – Hello. / – Welcome The acoustics are amazing The guide told us we should talk to you, Father So how much time do you need? More than 8 hours (For real?) – Recording for 8 hours? / – Of course 8 hours isn’t even that long What kind of music? We play the guitar and do this Rock? Yes. Basically But we don’t worship the devil or anything Of course, you shouldn’t do that Our music is wholesome We can’t accept it if it goes against the church It’s about a cowboy on a horse – It’s like that? / – Yes It’s just a fun song Thank you (They didn’t get a straight answer) (What is the second place they go to?) What’s this? – It’s nice! / – A church? Oh, it’s a wedding hall It’s like a big quest to find a place to record. It’s fun It looks like fun The ceilings are high – It’s a marble floor. / – You’re right Marble can cause an irregular reflection of the sound But it’s not bad I feel like you can hear it from everywhere A clean sound (Clap!) The acoustics are different from the church Because of the floor I want to say the echo sounds cold Probably because the floor is cold – Many factors… / – Because it’s marble? It’s very cold (I like this place) Could we rent out this space to record as a band? Well (Their hands become modest) A wedding takes an hour And to have one wedding it costs $2,500 How much is 8 hours then? – Goodbye. / – Just one hour? Right. Weddings only last an hour (Becoming timid) We’re not going to eat here We already had chicken stir-fry (Becoming embarrassed) (Jaepyeong claps once more out of disappointment) There’s no point It’s a pie in the sky Maybe we can use this place during a wedding Maybe What a big school

– You really worked hard. / – The gym Hello Hello We’re Peppertones You’re here to see the gym? Yes She doesn’t care She doesn’t care (They overcome their embarrassment and go in) – Thank you. / – Excuse us – It’s so big. / – Yes, it is Since the gym has high ceilings, too Do they have games here too? No, this is Gangwon-do This is Gangwon-do Not Gyeonggi-do This is Gangwon-do. Not Gyeonggi-do – Seriously? / – That was a joke Did you just crack a joke there? (Jungwan looks serious after the joke) Right You have games in Gangwon-do, right? (The people in the studio groan) That was a good one. That was awesome I was shocked (Jungwan cracks up in disbelief) (Unpacking) (Jangwon suddenly looks serious) (What is he doing?) (Jangwon plugs his ear) – What is it? / – What’s that? It’s on? Are they geologists? Why are you gauging that place? They’re so scientific Explain why you’re doing that I’ve never seen someone actually use that Rose Motel and my team are very confused It’s called a sine sweep If you check starting from the low notes Sine what? Cycle Sweep Sweep? Like importing? Sweep. S-W-E-E-P What can you find out by doing that? There are a bunch of sound programs Did you make that program – And you’re promoting it now? / – No, no In a nutshell, what you guys just did is Showing off But we prepared that I wanted to make that noise once I get it. I know, I know Sweep I hate this! He’s so excited He laughed It shows you everything. Early reverb They’re so scientific This place is pretty decent I’m not sure (They deem this place a good space) It’s nice (Jaepyeong tries playing and singing) (The guitar will give them a precise answer) (“New Hippie Generation” by Peppertones) (Jangwon is so energetic now) (Jaepyeong is excited and tries the piano) (These guys…) (What are they doing?) After taking 3 minutes to do a sound test they’re just goofing around The space relaxed us How could you feel relaxed at a school? He said, “How could you feel relaxed at school…” We had a lot of fun here I even climbed the rope I like this place Yeah. I really like how relaxed we are here Let’s check out the studio next to the lake and go Yeah, the sun will set soon After checking out all those places, what if they end up recording in Seoul? (We hope this doesn’t come true…) Let’s see what happens It’s still the same Yeah, nice view Yeah This is where we performed last time An outdoor space It’s empty This place was full last time What are you doing? (Jaepyeong suddenly takes his guitar out) – We’re on stage… / – What is this? I have to sing Are you okay with that? Yeah (Jangwon is embarrassed and just laughs) Let me stand in the center The center? (Jangwon puts a dollar in the guitar bag) You have to put some money in to busk That way people will pay you You can’t have nothing in there You have to start with some money in there (That’s how Peppertones started busking!) This is like the movie “Once.” (“Winter Businessman” by Peppertones)

♪ As I laughed loudly ♪ ♪ I ran on a white street ♪ ♪ Through the cold wind ♪ ♪ We sang the same song ♪ ♪ On every short day ♪ (High note) (It’s really like a scene out of a movie) ♪ The winter businessman ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ (Empty) (The studio claps instead) Jaepyeong got excited I thought he’d be too shy to sing there I bet the studio at Antenna is warm Probably so warm it’s dry Do you two ever fight? You two act so nice to each other If we have a difference in opinion we have to talk it out until we solve it I feel like you guys wouldn’t cuss at each other “You’re not my friend anymore!” I bet they fight like that “You’re a dummy!” “We’re no longer friends!” “Humph!” Probably like that We’re making new songs, but Chungha has a performance prepared A lot of people liked my song “Roller Coaster” on my second mini album, so I’ll try performing an acoustic version here The rookie that will be on our show next episode I heard that Yun DDanDDan did the rearrangement So I’m expecting something unique (Chungha’s eyes have changed on stage) (And the super rookie Yun DDanDDan) (“Roller Coaster” Acoustic version) (Written and composed by Black Eyed Pilseung) (The title track on her mini album “Offset”) (The acoustic version should sound new) ♪ I remember my very first time in love ♪ ♪ Did you feel the same way? ♪ ♪ So I’m in love ♪ ♪ Gosh, I don’t know if this is right ♪ ♪ Yeah, you make every day so fun ♪ ♪ Even though it seems we’re rushing, baby ♪ ♪ My heart sinks because it’s so sweet ♪ ♪ I worry whether if I’ll get hurt ♪ ♪ I can’t know everything from the beginning ♪ ♪ But I’ll give you my all ♪ ♪ This feels so dizzying ♪ ♪ So dangerous ♪ ♪ Hold my hand tight ♪ ♪ I want you ♪ ♪ Don’t be shaky ♪ ♪ Be a bit warmer ♪ ♪ As you hold me tight ♪ ♪ You’re a rollercoaster ♪ ♪ Rollercoaster ♪ ♪ I need your love ♪ ♪ Baby, your love ♪ ♪ I feel like it’s too fast ♪ ♪ But you make every day feel new ♪ ♪ Even if I’m awkward, let it slide, baby ♪ ♪ So sweet like time has stopped ♪ ♪ I’m worried you’ll suddenly leave me ♪ ♪ I can’t know everything from the beginning ♪ ♪ But I’ll give you my all ♪ ♪ This feels so dizzying ♪ ♪ So dangerous ♪ ♪ Hold my hand tight ♪ ♪ I want you ♪ ♪ Don’t be shaky ♪ ♪ Be a bit warmer ♪ ♪ As you hold me tight ♪ ♪ You’re a rollercoaster ♪ ♪ Rollercoaster ♪ ♪ I need your love ♪ ♪ Baby, your love ♪ ♪ I suddenly found my love ♪ ♪ I love you ♪ ♪ I hope it’s not all a dream ♪ ♪ I love you, I love you ♪ ♪ Look ♪ ♪ You’re a rollercoaster ♪ ♪ Rollercoaster ♪ ♪ I need your love ♪ ♪ Baby, your love ♪

♪ Rollercoaster ♪ ♪ Rollercoaster ♪ (A standing ovation for a beautiful performance!) (Chungha and Yun DDanDDan were great) After checking out all those places, what if they end up recording in Seoul? – Take out the reverb. / – Okay Hurry and record it properly Is there a part for me to sing? (Jaehyung participates in the recording?) Cut it Why did you cut it without asking me? Jaehyung, don’t laugh. You’ll hurt your throat I can’t believe you’re laughing now (Will Peppertones finish their song?) We have 11 songs 1 is “Spring in Jinhae.” (The song battle starts) I found a similarity in the genres (Starting with the exciting songs) (And we’ll even hear the sad ones!) (They all sound great!) They’re all so good. We’re in trouble Each of you sing your song If we try hard Trying isn’t good enough. We’re all pros here Hold on Is he being serious or faking it? I got so swept up with emotions (Will they be able to finish their songs?) (“Starry Night” by MAMAMOO)