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Let’s simulate the drinking of alkaline activated water Since we are in Munich, we will take the Weisswurst, (veal sausage), intestine Lets pour in ionised Munich tap water with a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of -226mV The active water sausage from Munich will be placed for 5 minutes in deionised reverse osmosis water with a neutral Redox Potential of 0 mV This water has no energy. Yet, within 5 minutes, half of the energy of the active water sausage transferred has been and has now an ORP of -107 mV From Russian research and our own tests we know that this transfer is possible through more compact materials than intestines, such as latex condoms or glass The Redox Potential of activated water is also transferable We know from other tests that it is also possible to transfer into the blood Unlike latex, Redox Potential as well as alkalis are transferred through biomembranes As an example I have taken a Munich Weisswurst, (veal sausage), intestine These sheep originate from Persia The intestine was filled with drinking strength electro activated alkaline water instead of meat I placed everything in a physiological cooking salt solution, a blood replacement, which was pH neutral and with a Redox potential of +194 was quite oxidative The transfer occurred in 10 minutes After 20 minutes a significant absorption of calcium and magnesium ions were in our blood model In the cooking salt solution only sodium chloride is present That is why the test strips remain green in the solution The electro activated alkaline water was saturated, it was full with calcium and magnesium and therefor all the test strips showed red in all fields Yet half of this has travelled through the intestine So much to the annoying jargon on the internet, that magnesium and calcium dissolved in water is inorganic and cannot be absorbed by the intestines I always have a fit when I hear such things After everything we have learnt, the fountain of youth, which for so long has been looked for, is electron enriched water But today is not about bathing water, instead it is about electron enriched drinking water which is explained in this book by Dietmar Feger as the “Fountain of Youth” water The first to probably foresee this was the Munich engineer Alfons Natterer in 1930 Yes, again Munich 3 blocks away from the Aquacentrum in Holz Street 47, the 30 year old engineer, like Mr. Akgün today, opened the first electrolyte water shop 3 blocks away He worked with the electro-osmosis method, which was patented in Germany in 1923, with the goal to produce extremely pure water for beer brewing There no one thought about water drinking after the war It should be neutral, like in the middle electrolysis chamber here But the Munich breweries didn’t want to be told what to do by someone from the Allgäu region, and his idea flopped so Natterer gave the different water types to doctors to try out This is how the healing waters from the socket came to be and in its modernized form is drunk by more than a 100 million people today All 3 sorts are medicinally usable Already in 1938 the so called Hydropuryl electrolyte water was recorded as a specialised medicinal product in the Gehes Code

First, only the water from the middle chamber, then the alkaline and acidic electrolyte water A drinking treatment against metabolic disorders 5 Liter bottles I have seen somewhere here in the Aquacentrum 10 Liters I haven’t seen yet, 20 Liters I also haven’t seen And the dose is 3 times a 1/4 Liter per die That means per day A contemporary of Natterer was the soft water guru Louis-Claude Vincent His thesis are still quoted by fans of distilled water and reverse osmosis, claiming the fewer minerals in the water the better it is for your health Natterer originally wanted to produce exclusively deionised water But there is a huge difference between electro-osmosis, reverse osmosis and distillation: the water does not charge with electrons. It was approved as a remedy in pharmacies The deionised electrolyte water was named by Natterer himself as Hydropuryl N Mr. Vincent, on the other hand, is not even mentioned once in the literature bibliography of the international Report of Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking Water of the World Health Organisation For exactly the opposite is correct In areas where mineral poor water is predominant, people definitely die younger, mostly because of heart diseases and mostly men I have also not been able to find one of the very interesting books of Professor Vincent, they cannot be acquired, they simply do not seem to exist on the market They have been historically forgotten There isn’t even a Wikipedia article on him, only the French Wikipedia has a 10 line article on Mr. Vincent Due to many positive reports Natterer got 3 therapeutic goods licences from the German Federal Health Office and also two German patents for his invention Hydropuryl factories were established in 1981 in Munich, Berchtesgaden and Wernberg in the Upper Palatinate, which produced the water in big electrolysis devices, bottled it and sold it mainly to pharmacies By the way, the prices of water left the breweries quite pale with envy, In the 1950’s, 2 Mass (Liter) beer would cost 2 Marks 70 in the Octoberfest and a bread roll would cost you 3 Pfennig No wonder that profit grew for the Natterer company In 1981 Natterer died, even though to his dying day he insisted that not only his acidic Hydropuryl water, but also the other two types, alkaline and neutral, have a longer shelf life This is incorrect The Bacteriological Research Clinic in Munich and the Bioclimatic Institute of the Manfred Curry Clinic in Riederau at Ammersee had already proven it at the beginning of the 60’s Of Natterer’s heritage only the acidic part has been kept, especially by athletes that enjoy the acidic electrolyte ointment I use it myself, S or Elyth, with great success for joint pains. And the well known sport physician and anti doping specialist, Dr. Helmut Papst told me recently: “I always have a whole suitcase of that in my car.” Of course What is made up of only water and cream does not infringe doping regulations. This is ideal for professional athletes, that is why they use it Here you see a sports doctor at some world championship There are a lot of top athletes, famous ones like Nowitzki, Schweinsteiger

that all use this ointment. Still today And just on Naterrer’s successors, there are two separate companies that distribute this ointment When Natterer died in 1981 electro activated water had already swept across the world Whilst in Germany the possibility of electrolyte water was talked about very often, the researchers in Russia, which had worked on this since the ’70s remained in absolute silence between their Iron Curtain What happened? The engineer Vitold Bakhir realised in 1972, when here in Munich in 1972 the Olympics took place, that electrolytically treated water could be used as a drilling fluid for the exploitation of natural gas fields in Uzbekistan Like this, many of the necessary and expensive chemicals could be spared Might be a good idea for the fracking companies today So it was a technological rationalisation idea which lies behind this Russian research company and the first official article that appeared in 1979 was in a specialist rationalisation journal There “living” and “dead’ waters were discussed for the first time The rest sounds like a fairy tale from the silk route: Workers on the drilling towers bathed in the catholyte water of the drilling fluid production And look, the frequent sunburns healed There is a lot of desert in Uzbekistan They didn’t get burnt again What was first closely tested by the Russians were the effects of electrolyte water, particularly the effects that alkaline activated water (catholyte) has as radiation safety and as a radiation healing remedy There are many young people here that don’t know what the Cold War was and what that meant But animal testing made it clear that this radiation protection worked with this water, so the military had the idea of keeping this dead cheap radiation protector secret The Cold War still reigned and the nuclear strike was constantly expected Then endless amounts of funding was provided from various ministries from Moscow to Uzbekistan, and the largest functional water research project of all times began In 1997, after over 300 patents for Russian researchers were granted, Bakhir published the groundbreaking discoveries with Doctor Prilutzki and described the extensive Russian research in this field The central concept was the abnormal Redox Potential, as well as alkaline and acidic activated water But this water cannot be calculated with the typical formula It is outside of its thermodynamic balance for a certain amount of time It has a so-called “relaxation period” which does not coincide with classical chemistry That’s the funny thing about it That’s the new thing, the special thing about it And when it came to be known, that is when the activated water boom really took off How this billion market nowadays is buzzing and some in this room here also know and how it will continue buzzing when it returns to Germany That is something that some of us, certainly myself, can imagine In an interview in 2003 where Vitold Bakhir, the already appointed Professor of the Moscow Academy, said that in all of Russia there would be no hospital that does not use this technology In 5 years he ought to have sold 25,000 big devices

Mr. Bakhir is also a business man, like many of the members of the “Taschkent Team” that worked on this secret research Bakhir is a superstar amongst the water researchers and if he wasn’t so business orientated he would probably already be a Nobel prize candidate Yet one doesn’t know if for physics or chemistry You have endured over 30 pages without yawning I am very thankful. So now it is time for a small feature supplement, now a film sponsored by Aquacentrum What you will see in this film is the following: Hydrogen forms at the cathode, which we know from the Ritter trials Hydrogen is a highly explosive, energy rich gas Now, can water from a water ionizer, which comes from a pressure cell, where a great amount of hydrogen pressure is built up, this can be retained and if you don’t allow the gas to escape, instead place a glass over it, then a considerable amount of this hydrogen can be taken from there And the film shows a not so small explosion That’s what happens when you get close with fire What the film also shows is something interesting It is ultimately about how this energy with electricity and from electrolysis, that we place in the water, how does it stay inside? What from that stays inside? We have on the one side the degassed oxygen which we collect as hydrogen gas and allow to explode Then we also have hydrogen which the water can store inside it, known as the highest hydrogen saturation The pH value which this alkaline activated water has is obviously a bit higher than normal So we have this Hydrogen Rich Water That is the one thing. The second thing is that it is alkaline We have an excess of hydroxide ions. Hydroxide ions are divided water particles that have an additional electron That means they create a negative voltage in the Oxidation Reduction Potential That is also energy If you would watch the film then you can indeed see that over 0.3 Volts remain in the water So the energy reaches its maximum limit The water is like a battery, a rechargeable battery And can be stored And that is what we drink in electrically activated water and why it tastes so good and why it is so easily digestible With our day to day life which is acidic enough do already 100 million people worldwide think it is wise to balance that by drinking active alkaline water from a water ionizer with a pH value around pH 9 That is 200 times more alkaline than tap water It contains more alkaline ions and more minerals like calcium and magnesium than the original tap water That is why it is more conductible for ions, you can allow electricity to flow through much easier. Audibly easier Visibly easier Above all we measure an electron surplus in the form of a negative redox potential Here it is around a 500mV difference compared to normal tap water One can believe that a couple of glasses a day can make a difference, for 18mV less means doubling the electron supply And when the activated water flows out of an ionizer you can see with the oxyhydrogen gas test

that it contains a lot of hydrogen And you can hear it I collect now with the outlet hose, which I have positioned under the glass, the hydrogen which rises from the bottom Do not do this at home, for it is quite explosive when fire and oxygen reach it Oooops The alkaline activated water made a big, strong badaboom What we previously inserted as electricity we now get back as explosive energy In the time loop you see how the previous water molecule diluted gases, like hydrogen and oxygen, immediately unite as water That is the reason why no emissions come from a hydrogen car, no exhaust fumes, just pure water It is quite versatile, such a water ionizer Thank you Aquacentrum Munich Water ionizers from the expert for film promotion How it then in this explosion, the exploded mass unites it again back to water This is why from the exhaust of a hydrogen engine only water drops out which you can drink So actually if you want, is such a car a reciprocal water ionizer It uses again what we ionized before A water de-ionizer So that’s how it looks One glass, for example with a -203 redox potential and the recommendations from most authors is drink at least 6 glasses a day 6 times -200 Then we have already recharged one of those small batteries A considerable energy potential The electron surplus is measured with an ORP or redox monitor which measures the electrical potential in the water The units are millivolts So here you see -204 millivolts. That means an electron excess If it was plus then it would be an electron deficiency And that is a very delicate thing when it is in water I have here on the right a pictured device I don’t know if you recognise it but it is called a Twister On the internet it is sold as a water improvement machine More atmosphere is stirred in with 21% oxygen so that more oxygen dissolves in the water, then it tastes a bit different and to most people it tastes better Yet what does that do to the redox potential? It destroys it. If I put activated water into such a swirler, then the electrons that have bonded so meticulously they are completely shattered and we have here within a minute the wasted -204mV rising to +14 So ionized water should never be swirled, quirled, shaken, mixed or anything like that Instead, always let it be and just drink it Yes, how the easy electrolysis works you have seen in this trial with the two electrodes and the two chambers Nowadays everything is much more modern Proper power packs have been developed which today work with up to 9 electrodes and can very quickly electro-activate the water You don’t have to wait 24 hours like Natterer, until you have the activated water, instead maybe three seconds So the manufacturing countries are Japan, Russia and Korea Especially because they produce the “flow through” ionizers, even though the Russians hardly play a role here in the West

Currently the best technical ones come from Korea I have worked now for 10 years with these water ionizers and obviously at my place an accumulation of devices has turned into a small museum I came to the realisation that only the fewest devices are suitable for Germany and Central Europe, I have to say I also spoke to a Dane before and he said they have a water hardness of up to 30 The Japanese and Korean devices were not originally built for these hard waters for the composition of the water in the Far East, they have super soft water. They have a load of volcanoes there which is hard rock that does not dissolve in water They only have a very arid swill and it can be super easily ionized You don’t need a strong device with 9 cells for it And that is why those devices for years have big difficulties with us here, especially with calcification I don’t mean to dwell on technicalities Maybe we can do that later in the debate For now it comes and this is my main message It doesn’t depend only on the water ionizer that you use, but also the water I would like to show you with an example The question is does mineral free, reverse osmosis water allow itself to be ionized in a water ionizer? Yes Even with a weak device, pictured here, one can with a redox potential of -200 and a pH value of 10,15 reach that, but what is it worth? Does that mean that it is a good electrolyte water? I would like to compare this with something for you to understand quickly It’s as if a child weighing 10 kg jumps from a 3m high diving board into a pool And then how the water splashes The pH value represents the height of the jump, the redox value represents the vertical speed Yet the body mass plays a substantial role on the impact And this is represented by the mineral wealth of the water That is the Sumo wrestler jumping in the water If I can ionize a mineral rich water with a very strong ionizer That’s the funny thing In expert circles this is called buffering Because the pH level is only a relative size and not an absolute size It’s a ratio of H+ ions to OH- ions. It can be 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 or 3 million to 1 million Then it is a proper alkaline calibre, if it’s 3 million Not when it’s just 3 So the mineralisation of water plays a very decisive role with the effectiveness Because then it’s only alkalis without background On my website you can find a couple of formulas to really determine the pH value or the Redox value, meaning: how much acidity can I neutralise And how much oxidation can I eliminate if I ionize the water Now to the general effectiveness of a good alkaline activated water Further more we know that within 10 minutes the flow rate of blood can be increased Can always be seen clearly again with living blood But which water increases the blood flow faster? The electro activated water or the very good, expensive mineral water? With a thermography camera I have made the example visible On the left, the increased blood circulation within 45 minutes after drinking 1 Liter alkaline activated water On the right, the lower blood circulation that results from Gerolsteiner still mineral water A mineral bomb actually 8,3 to 3,7 degrees Fahrenheit difference for the electro activated water

More than double the amount twice as fast And, with better blood circulation the oxygen levels improve Here you can see with a measurement: after 45 minutes drinking again 1 litre of activated water the oxygen pressure increases in the blood and this you notice with vitality Alkaline foods, you all know the nourishment pyramid And all these wonderful cookbooks, it is important to compensate an unhealthy lifestyle if we drink alkaline water For even if we nourish ourselves healthily: In principle also an alkaline diet leads on to acidic metabolic waste products And then we also don’t move And the organic, in carbon, the carbon dioxide which is exhaled then you can also put on weight with vegetables No problem And because of long transportation routes, early harvesting, inappropriate animal breeding and by no means least, the denaturalisation process from cooking or preserving food causes the electron surplus for living foods to diminish, which all have, which was expressed appropriately with a low Redox Potential The researcher Prof. Manfred Hoffmann has done extensive measurements in foods to objectively evaluate food quality with the pH and ORP levels His results coincide with my conclusions Evidently valid: Every food has specific value ranges for pH and ORP Healthy and high quality products always have a lower redox potential Within the type of nourishment And exactly that is typical for tests on organic farming, they have the most electrons remaining Already 100 million people have purchased a water ionizer for their home Obviously a cow at home, which always gives fresh milk, is more expensive than buying cheap UHT milk in the supermarket Yet we can compensate this cheap milk by consuming the electrons in another way, by drinking water That is the joke, that is the redox revolution, which is how I’ve named it The little book: Drink Yourself Alkaline, created a lot of confusion with a few people that only spoke of alkaline water Because they always thought alkalis are in the foreground They are already there, the alkalis. Will also show you how strong they are. But they are not in the foreground. In the foreground is the electron richness of the water That is the important thing. Alkalis we can scoop into us That’s no problem But, both together is also this product, yes, one has to say a beer drinker can be converted to water drinking because it is tasty. Lets look at the all the drinks that we know At pH level 9,5 is the highest limit of drinking water in Germany That is also the value that we recommend as top limit for alkaline activated water 9,5 really means 250 times more alkali than most alkaline foods That is, coincidentally, spinach Animals tend to drink alkaline water from rivers, rain water puddles and lakes. Highly alkaline Hasn’t harmed an animal yet Really acidic, you see in the chart What’s more acidic than vinegar are lemonades You just don’t taste it because the acidity is masked with sugar Yet we don’t just drink one tablespoon, like with vinegar,

we drink a whole bottle and it is as acidic as vinegar So those are the acidifiers, drinks Dr. Erlacher always said I can always drink 2 Mass (Liter) beer at the Oktoberfest But I can’t eat 2 kg of roast pork So the danger of acidifying because of drinks is much higher than consuming meat Simply because we drink much more than we eat At least if we behave properly We can, especially when we drink alkaline active water, reduce the usual acidic drinks like mineral water, juices, alcohol, coffee and lemonades And when we drink an acidic orange juice concentrate, we are aware that the maybe already used antioxidants are charged up by the alkaline active water Like the wilted rocket leaf pictured before This is no joke, it is scientifically undisputed Alkaline active water charges up the antioxidants with electrons If you look at the electrochemical secret of drinking water, which is sold as healing water, with the label of having an alkaline content and is electron enriched, it becomes quickly clear, what this is about Electro activated alkaline water from Munich beats the best water sources in nature Many mineral waters have, by the way, a Redox Potential that is over +200 mV to maximum 320, so, it is strongly oxidising The digestive process is accelerated If you swallow a nail by letting it rust quickly, then drink mineral water as well, the rust is gone in no time After what has been mentioned, it should be clear to you that healing water with a negative Redox Potential do not keep for long You can go to Bad Füssing to the Europa Spa There you can drink water with -226 mV from the depths of the earth Yet if you fill a bottle and bring it to Munich, then it’s gone Healing waters are therefor, that’s why there are spas, at the source of their emergence mostly really electron rich It seems that the water in Bad Füssing, through a coincidence, truly is the most electron rich source worldwide The other well known ones do not have such a low Redox Potential Now I continuously talk about electro activated water, about alkaline activated water and if you want to check everything by googling it afterwards then you wont find it You will find all sorts of words like: Activated alkaline water, alkaline reduced water, alkaline ionized water, reduced water, catholyte, ECA Electrochemically Activated, alkaline ionized water Aquion active water, Bionlite active water, Kangen water, electrolysed reduced water, I also had a name protected, namely: Hydrionator water So all of this you have to search if you want to find anything You will get over a million hits What is alkaline active water? It is 200 times more alkaline than tap water 10.000 times more alkaline than average mineral water 100.000 times more alkaline than coffee 1.000.000 times more alkaline than wine 10.000.000 more alkaline than lemonade And it is circa 50% richer in minerals than the initial water before electrolysis, so it boosts it with minerals An ordinary mineral water with an average pH level of 5 even has a 200 times worse acid-alkaline balance than normal tap water with a pH level of 7 And has 10.000 fewer alkalis than an active water with a pH level of 9 With such mineral water I drink myself into an alkaline debt, worse than what I already have. And that is why I say: Enough of dragging water crates around and forking out for expensive, acidic mineral water,

nowadays mostly in awful plastic bottles Now I come to an example that everyone understands, namely breast milk One of the more important mix drinks in our lives is baby milk. If we stir different types into the over priced Humana Baby Milk Water, you can see on the yellow label the different values above and the ORP values below. You should know, that real breast milk, of which this is a replacement, has a pH level of 7,4 in healthy mothers and an ORP value of -50mV You should take a look at those values.There is not one with an alkaline value, not one negative redox value with these drink mixes It is hardly surprising that real breast milk has these values 7,4 and -50mV. For these are exactly the same levels that blood has In blood we always have, on average, 7,4 with very small fluctuation windows and always a negative redox potential with a slightly bigger fluctuation window We have, with a few bold attempts, even brought this down to -120 Yet normally it is – 50mV, like with breast milk That is why breast milk is like that, because blood is like that Why should nature make it difficult for the baby to absorb the nutrients of milk into the bloodstream quickly and with little effort? This is easier if the water values and blood are similar, if they are the same With the baby milk preparation we don’t achieve this The test winner by us; Milumil, pictured right, has a pH level of 6,64, that is 8 times less alkaline than in breast milk And the ORP value is 80mV short of being optimal It gets worse if you, caring and well meaning, decide to mix the powder with a strongly advertised still mineral water from Adelholzen Then your baby milk has a pH level of 5,85 and +71 mV oxidation potential You accustom your baby to the levels of coffee To raise the levels of highly buffered cow milk powder to normal human levels, you really need a very strong electro activated water I have achieved this once with a pH of 11,5 and -580 mV charge This should not normally be drunk pure, yet by mixing it with the acidic and oxidative baby milk powder you get exactly what is needed It has the same values as breast milk Now there is a further question Can one improve, not only the milk replacement with activated water, but also the breast milk? Some women want to breast feed until the children are still My measurement results show a clear tendency in this direction I do have to say, I did not do many because most mothers with their breast milk were a bit reserved when giving it to me They believed they needed it. But in any case, within 15 days, by drinking activated alkaline water, the breast milk and its redox value has more than doubled From -27 mV to -56 Whereby the pH level remained the same Trend results… try it out if you are dealing with this Now I might have convinced you, but you think, this is too expensive I would rather buy a water ioniser based on minerals In the animal kingdom this is called mimicry For example those cups with granules, that supposedly create alkaline active water You raise the pH level as high as with electrolyte water The Redox Potential is also chemically reduced by a few milivolts These granules, we have listed what they are made of:

small ceramic balls and metal splinters, which react chemically in the water in accordance with the chemical redox series stated, by the way, also discovered by Ritter You can see from the measurement results that something can’t be right: The pH measurer shows a pH value of 10,47, an unbelievably high pH value of 10,47 No way should you drink such a lye The ORP measurer shows a very low negative value of -7 mV So there is no abnormal ratio of redox potential to pH value but a normal one, which can be calculated with the Nernst equation That is the big difference With diaphragm electrolysis with this pH the values would be at least at -350 mV, depending on the composition of the output water Besides, some of the used materials like Germanium or Silver are, under certain circumstances, not harmless To this extent I find it very consistent Please read what is written below One of the producers places a 50 Euro reduced metal rod which is placed in a glass to produce alkaline water in a few minutes and chose the name water InOnizer Because water ionizing demands the removal of specific ions and not the adding of chemical reagents I hope I can show you this in this film: Potassium carbonate, so the bakeries usual potash goes in the water. From 10 two The pH value of the solution goes up drastically from the alkaline effect of potassium that produces more hydroxide ions Whilst the electron content of the solution rises we see with the sinking redox potential Similar to this is how any type of chemical water activation works So that is the cheapest pseudo water ionizer Go into a bakery and buy a packet of potash It is made of potassium carbonate. Place it in the water and already you have an incredibly high pH value and a slightly lower redox potential Chemically this is known as a potash lye Umm, tastes wonderful Yet I cannot recommend drinking this It even says on the packaging that this is not for consumption But this is a mineral water ionizer Pseudo stuff Not worth it to fork out for that This is a real, proper electric water ionizer with a simple two chamber system and they are produced in the former Soviet Republic These comes from Lithuania. They cost around 250 Euros It is very important that only absolutely unpolluted water can be added, so a water filer is definitely needed Also time is needed and a bit of technical know-how and you see the slightly more complex piece Afterwards you have to rinse and dry it, etc, and it takes around 15 minutes until 1 litre of water is ready The proper flow-through ionizers, they have always have very good built in pre filter cartridges, for it is dangerous to ionise pollutants for they can eventually cause more damage These filters cost between 50 and 120 Euros, depending on the model and last 6-12 months Here you see a Japanese device, the Leveluk SD 501, from the Japanese company Enagic Even though the technology is very dated compared to Korean devices, It is very robust The high price of 3000 Euros is technically very excessive What makes it unique amongst all devices is the fact that it has an extra tank to add a liquid saline solution Like this you can produce a strong alkaline and a strong, watery acidic solution, which is not water for drinking purposes, but rather, is used as a cleaning agent or for certain medicinal purposes Very suitable devices for Germany are the Premium devices of Aquion This company, like my Quantomed, is already 10 years

successful in the German market And then you have the new Dion devices from Korea They have two interior filters, or better said they have optional double filters They have everything that an acceptable ionizer needs: Fully automatic decalcification with reverse flow, 9 electrode cells for hard water, a rotary dial for flow control, very important Flow and filter consumption indicator, very important But they are slightly larger, from Allsbon So two filters are more modern I do have to say And I have noticed this since Fukushima happened The people have become much more critically aware when regarding their water suppliers than before Because one notices, the Japanese are being fooled and with us… we still trust But we still just don’t know what sort of things happen to the water close to nuclear power plants And then we have extensive agriculture, for example the wine-growing regions and so on Where really everything that we don’t want in the water remains So sometimes the double filter is the better choice even if you don’t purchase the most expensive double filter model So how do you connect a water ioniser? This is done in a couple of minutes Anyone can attach it to the tap Just no pressure-less boiler can be under the sink With each domestic water ioniser there is a diverter valve included, which, with an included adapter on the faucet aerator, and it screws on to the supply tube Then there is always an outlet hose for the acidic waste water and it hangs either into the sink or is redirected to a special tap Whoever doesn’t want many tubes showing can also connect the ioniser under the sink with the included T-piece to divert from the cold water pressure mains And then there is a new, universal device A solution, which everyone should test for themselves It is really very sophisticated If with the first portable device the flow – electrolysed procedure, already connected directly to the cold water mains or the water tap, without a reduced space for the electrolysis cells inside, it would really be the universal device suitable for the mobile phone and smartpad generation With its 4 platinum galvanised electrodes and 594 cm2 surface area this so-called Hybrid Hydrionator TM it can produce incredible water values And because of its drawer function and the TUNING possibilities of the filling system, by just pressing a button, even professional anolyte and catholyte are produced for hygiene purposes This is normally only possible with very slow batch devices or very expensive industrial devices Together with Mr. Akgün I have written a comprehensive manual, which shows the many possibilities, also tuning, of this device I hope I have wet your appetite for alkaline active water Some don’t realise that when flushing the toilet, 30 litres of drinking water are consumed and say: with the 2 litres of acidic waste water, produced when making alkaline water, it seems like a huge waste Well, it can be seen like that For them I have also developed an idea, unless you use it to water the plants and it is not bad for skin care Instead of frying your steak, fish or Schnitzel in fatty acids, but in acidic water. These close the pores of the meat exactly as water acids would We tested this and fried with acidic water We didn’t think it was worse, in fact it was juicier and partially better than frying or grilling You also obtain a sauce from the water residue. Try it out The creative way to vitality, nothing stands in the way

when you have a water ioniser So this is the cow at home I can still do a bit of publicity With the title: “Drink yourself Alkaline”, I have also with Dr. Irlacher, a spa doctor from Bad Füssing, written the book “Service Manual for Humans” That was one of the first publications in Germany where a doctor, after Natterer’s era, analyses activated alkaline water It demonstrates the medical, professional methods to successfully de-acidify, purge, detoxify and de-stress The book vey quickly, along with alkaline water, became very widespread in Germany Alkaline activated water is not only to doctors an interesting tool for improving the flow properties of blood, whilst fighting a metabolic illness like Diabetes, to support the performance of the kidneys and, very important, give the bacteria in the intestine an optimal environment Activated water brings more alkalis into the body and due to its electron richness it charges up our anti-oxidative powers It is the ideal, calorie free prophylaxis It leaves an ecological footprint, which we can use sustainably, in which we employ acidic water as green chemistry in the hygiene business, animal farming or agriculture And, by no means least, it helps us with the live agents in our foods, which the state of our civilisation has destroyed by a long way, to correct in an intelligent manner Alkaline active water is the Smart Drink of our times, the sooner you start drinking it, the better To conclude, a nearly biblical picture from my window sill: Maybe you can remember the story of Esau and Jacob Esau swapped his birthright in exchange for a pot of lentils with Jacob Jacob was the cleverer, because he had many lentils The seeds on the left were watered with tap water On the right with electro activated alkaline water, which I also drink daily I am not bigger, yet cleverer than Jacob Thank you