Naturalista Hangout: Hanging Out with Curl Specialist Keina Morgan

so welcome welcome welcome to the naturalista hang out with my guest Keenum Morgan I’m very very very excited to have kina on um kina is a curl specialist we’re gonna talk to kina today we’re gonna kind of pick her brain and get to kind of find out a little bit more about her and and what her branding is and what her brand of hair styling and curls specialty is and have an opportunity towards the end of the hangout for a few questions that any of you might have so let’s begin so welcome kina thank you so much for being on today can you be me hi everyone can everyone else be me yeah I think everyone else can see you can everyone see Tina’s everyone hello I see fans in the rooms and Noelle what’s up and oh she said it love as well um that’s gonna cut Oh Cheryl hi Cheryl I see you okay I’m so glad to be here thank you so much for having me unnaturally to hang out it’s my first time actually doing a hangout so I’m really excited to be doing this thank you for having me again so thank you kina for attending now just a little bit of background everybody um kina I I saw kina years ago when i went to a pretty well-known um a pretty well-known salon here in Toronto specializing in in curly hair and she wasn’t styling my hair somebody else was styling my hair anyway I left there and it was years later and I saw kina again at another natural hair hang out or our event and i said to her i said you know kina did you work at can I say it yeah well I’m i work at her ambassadors and she said yes then she and I kind of struck up a conversation we were at the same event and I said you know what kina I really need a style I need to come see because I remember seeing Tina’s hair I’ve ever seen her cut and I remember seeing her collar at the time when she worked at curl ambassadors and I loved it and I said you know what I need to come see us we got you know struck up a conversation she said yeah come and see me and you know I’ll hook you up and at that point in time if anyone has been following me over the years my hair was very long with shoulder-length natural no real style to it no real color no well pizzazz to it so i went to kina and I said you know here’s what I want I want to go short and she’s like are you kidding I said no I’m not I want to take my hair short I need something to kind of you know lift me a little bit pick me up my hair is very drab it’s just blah you know the color was just it was it was just very blah so we did a little bit of a mini consultation and I just want to say from the get-go that as soon as I went to kina at the salon she’s working at I instantly felt just very comfortable um she made the whole experience very very comfortable very good I know that you know for some women when they get their hair cut and they get anything done to the natural hair they might be a little bit hesitant so when I went to see how I felt very comfortable i knows is in very capable hands so she gave me a cut and i think i can’t remember if he gave me a comment that time Keane I think it was just a cut first and it was short I liked it when I wanted to go shorter so kina said to me she’s like you know what sit on this for about a week or so if you want it shorter come back to me and I’ll do it for you so I sided it for a week or so and my husband says to me when I went home I thought you were to go a little bit shorter and that was confirmation that he needed to go even shorter to where I originally wanted to be so I went back to human yes to the color we did do it but the color wasn’t an ad vibrate as it is now i have given you a little my life just to kind of get you into right whole life yeah okay give me a little subtle highlights and Jace like I thought your no blonde it’s like okay I’m gonna go bond um and why is that important I think that’s important because at that time kina didn’t take me to where you know some some hair dressers or some stylist might take you really shorten my you know give you the extreme of what you she didn’t do that i want to thank her for that because it gave me time to kind of get used to the shortness of my hair and the color to say you know what i want it to be a little bit lighter so i went back a couple weeks later and then she gave me the cut that you see now and the color that you see now and i absolutely love it um so I caught her on because she really specializes in curly hair care and she can kind of help median and you know you out there with maybe some of the issues of some of the challenges that you’re experiencing with your hair right now help you in terms of guidance with how to take care of your hair how to take care of your hair in

between sessions of the stylist and maybe all a bunch of other tips that I can’t even think of it so kina let’s start with you um tell me what it is that you do specifically so my main focus and specialty is curly hair and but for me like I do so much things I remember working for someone years ago before crow ambassadors and they asked me if it if it’s not one thing you could specialize in what would it be and I just said like why do I need to specialize in one thing you know I want to specialize in everything so a curly hair I had just pretty much found me through my journey I absolutely love it it helped me to kind of come to terms and understand my hair and once understanding my hair I can help others understand their hair as well and it’s just so rewarding to let people have people see how beautiful their natural hair can be in its natural state and teach them how to care for it on their own because a lot of times there’s not really much out there that’s helping you deal with your own hair type of texture so I just I love that about working with curly hair but i think you know i specialize in coloring as well which you know about cheek color specialist and educator and um I work with chi I also do a lot of work on my own as well with some blue in offense and workshops and we’ve done a workshop in November which was awesome so that’s the kind of direction that I want to go anymore education but still doing here as well because I love it and I can’t stop thinking about it I just love doing hair extensions while I yag with what is an extension and weave in and hear me if so much though pretty much everything like i love doing everything okay and so that leads me to a few other questions just regarding color because a lot of Naturals might want to color their hair but there’s so much information about their about coloring about how it’s damaging your hair and you know as a Nashville we want to make sure that our hair is as healthy as possible we want to minimize any damage any breakage so let me tell me about you know color in general what are some of the myths out there that you can maybe dispel about coloring the hair and what are some things that you know as naturals if we’re choosing a stylist who’s coloring our natural hair that we should maybe look for great question um so we definitely um a lot of gonna miss that people might have with color in their hair is that it might break their hair it might break off it’s going to dry the hair out and it’s just outright just damaging to the hair and that Miss I’m going to have to say that that’s just a myth according to your hair type investor and what you’re doing to your here in the process if your if your hair is completely natural it’s totally okay to color your hair when people pair is stronger than other people’s hair as for type type for curls black African here we have caught me here we have sponging here and we have wiry hair as well as you know like tighter curls and a little bit more of um more of a zigzag curl where the hair pattern that would really curl that much and so you got to take into consideration you know ken my hair handle this color you know becoming so light or you know um can my hair handle this and and definitely it’s good to have a consultation first with a silence that is licensed for coloring because when you’re dealing with chemical and enlightenment and depositing coloring the hair it’s really scientific it you know you really have to know how the hair structure works and how that product line works with your hair now the color line that I use in the salon and that i use on your hair is this is chi permanent shine ionic the chi ionic permanent shine color what I love about the colored line is that it’s an ammonia free color lines and this is Major for natural because what I’m what ammonia does is yeah so um in the hair it kind of is unstable it’s on a stable gas where if you don’t get a stable reaction it it just kind of opened the cuticles and you know it’s never really closing properly and what I like about the the Chi ionic color is that after a certain amount of time it stops process and it just doesn’t keep on going like safe you don’t wash up in ammonia color properly you can like make your going

the Sun it can continue to develop and process and over time you know that can really dynamic you’re here especially if it isn’t wash it out properly or Treat you’re here with the proper steps afterwards Ron so you know I that’s coloring is great if fun you just have to make sure that the person is pulling your hair knows what they’re doing okay now along the same lines as coloring a lot of Naturals like to add henna to their hair um what is the I guess you know can you talk a little bit about henna and maybe how henna compares to the cheek color line that you are talking about what henna is it’s at the plant it’s a plant-based products that stains the hair and what I think people really like about the henna is that it’s given support to the Harry it’s still in the port the porosity that sometimes um type fours have because with every bend in friends in here the key cuticle milliers open and it’s a weak point in the hair so the henna work filler and it just gives me or so much more strength and when the hair is darkened it just gives it a really nice glow and shine and because you’re darkening the hair the pigments are actually sitting on the molecules are bigger but it just helps to give the hair a healthier feel with the without a chi ionic color line you can still get really good at both with a scene in the hair and because once tuna is in the hair it’s really hard to take out so I love that um with my coat like from my hair I dyed it and I guided a natural black and it’s just a semi still very vibrant my hair was more healthier faker it lets prone to breakage it’s almost like a treatment okay I’m whenever you’re good happening so I really like that I think you can do kind of it um because it doesn’t know what I’m from Oakland okay now would you say that maybe for someone who might want to take their hair a little bit darker uh not as light they might want to go ahead of shin versus someone who for example like me wanted to go blonde from like really dark brown hair then a permanent hair color or you know the cheek color would work best um if you want to go darker I mean you have so many options some people even have to be awfully dark in their hair coffee yeah oh you and you can use it as a great a rinse out okay and so you coffee you um you just kind of let it cool down and you kind of let it sit in your hair for a bit and that helps the rich in the color of your hair without you know put in henna in or coloring henna on the other hand that’s something that you can do at home and take a lot of time to do um I’m not I don’t do henna so it’s not something that I recommend because uh it doesn’t work for me and my color line but people use it on big and love it and you know um some people swear by it both you if you really feel that you want to try it I say go ahead try it and see how it feels in your hair um it doesn’t really feel and doesn’t last forever and you know that was anything that you do eventually washes out okay feel and still in a line of color because like I said you know there’s there’s so many oh you should stay away from it or should just use henna or just use a semi-permanent under whatever so I’m gonna stay with this because honestly for me and you know they really did love my hair you know that love your hair is basically the my mantra really um and I found that after i got a really good cut and a color you know it just my personality just started to come out more so I’m a big believer in color everybody I really am it and the type of color that you get for your hair is just definitely gonna be individual but um you know I remember you saying something to me if you’re gonna go lighter then you definitely need treat a hair treatment so let’s talk about that for someone for like a lighter color in their hair or you know a blonde highlights or whatever it is how do we take care of it after we leave the salon absolutely I’m treatment for a month and I I try to tell my client you know to really focus on treating their hair every every two weeks or every week depending on on the severity of damage they’ve done to their here over time but came here is absolutely a must complete it you want to kind of have a cookie more balanced treatment yep for a bit echoing it’s a little bit but it’s okay it’s okay okay oh well thank you balanced treatment is is really a

moisture protein balance is good because you’re going to give you your the strength that it needs and the hydration that it needs the support of healthy hoping to you know help you here sweetim it was once every two weeks is pretty pretty ideal you want to trip it a little bit of heat I hope to be tended to sink in here better and even twice a little not a little bit you mix a little bit of natural oils with in your treatment and that would be hoping to beef it up and and help it to north of the humanik better your hair okay awesome and so just that’s a great segue into after people or after clients leave your chair what can they do to maintain their style to maintain what you’ve done with them or regardless of if it’s a cut or color um you know until they see you next which might be four to six weeks later it might be two weeks depending on you know what the what the client is getting done so what it let’s talk about maintenance of natural hair what are your thoughts or what are your tips that you can give people well really it basically comes down to how you plan to where you’re here that week or that that someone you know if you’re you know like say Washington all my coordinate can everyone hear me re yeah I came here you can everybody else here Tina I it just sounds like Ricky I clearly I music people community combos ok what were you anybody complaining okay um so there was that just a treat it depends on how you wear your hair in terms of what you’re gonna do to maintain your hair during the week okay so for instance my awesome blow um I could cover it tonight and wakes up tomorrow and it will be fine but by the third day I will need to reactivate you can weigh stirring the hairs my best way to reactivate employs dampening it a little bit with some water in shower and take a little bit of leaving conditioner and a little bit of gel run it through my hair so my hair is wet tool it pretty much falls over and then I’m just kind of wheat oil from the curls that went frisbee and let it air dry or put myself under the hooded dryer and that way my hair is getting the the moisture that it needs and pools that it needs from the silent product for instance if someone’s going to twist out like what you normally do this style can last a lot longer and I know you’re great for keeping your style up till like two weeks that’s why regression it in the night yes your is day it’s Tuesday so I did this Saturday night open it on Sunday it’s Tuesday so this is what day to hair maybe and all i do is this look at the front I just take this and I put an elastic band around this because it stretches this part a little bit I sleep in a pillowcase and I get up in the morning after I run and I run to after I run and after I’m in the shower that’s what I do this why do guys oh well forget wet in the power no it’s it’s just the humidity in the mist and I decided and I go and that’s it so that’s how I maintain my style and I mean it look so nice and you don’t have to do I look so nice you don’t have to do a lot of reducing it I recommend to itself I before be four C’s here texture that really big and I have a lot of density because you don’t want to be wetting it every day like I would lose right angle right not many whisper hear it every day anyway because you know it can it can cause river to get very people in their stuff right you’re going to be doing like a protective style will be like grave you just want to make sure your scalp is nicely um hydrated and you want to make sure yourself is clean and um and you know you always wanted to tie your hair about at night with a satin pillowcase not know you don’t tire here with a satin bonnet or a pillow case that is silk or you know something that’s going to keep the hair from drying out and from rubbing throughout the night while you’re talking and 14 okay and you made a good point about a protective styling and I know that a lot of women opt for protective styling during the summertime just I mean sorry wintertime just because it tends to be so cold their hair tends to be a lot drier and they probably you know want to hibernate their hair to hibernate much like they’d like to hibernate in the winter time so talk to me about good protective styling because I know that Tom you know some people might opt for braids crochet braids seems to be the hottest thing on now so what like some the best protective styles that women could wear and then how do we take care

of our hair underneath those protective styles or do we even need you absolutely you should always be taking care of your your hair on your scalp keep it hydrated in the clean um but some of the really good protective styles Juan and sub kosher that’s my favorite a crochet braids I’m waiting for someone to come to my hair for me I’m always doing everyone’s hair so I’m I’ll try and get that one day I would you know shake what do you like about the coast a brace or to interrupt you but what you like about it so much I love the fact of the review like it’s a lightweight um styling I mean it’s a light weight of with style big low tension attention hairstyle and um it’s bit you can depend on the hair that you you you can pretty much even go swimmin wash your hair and take care of your scalp and still have the foul rocking for such a long period of time I’m from of my clients go up to eight weeks with their crochet braids and I like to use the free trust on braiding hair breacher alignment for Brandon each press f3 trust braiding here f ree tee ress yeah so one if you heard that freetress braiding hair for crochet braids so why do you like to use it um so basically I you the latch and you hook the hair grows on corn rolls we make rolls in the hair and it’s a fast process it actually doesn’t take that long so you get a protective style that take about three hours to do and it lasts you up to eight eight weeks and you can still get to your scalp and hydrated so it’s almost like interlocking I don’t know if you guys remember in to welcome back in the days but it’s just like a new way of saying interlock now it’s crochet braids and there’s so much the way you can have you can do not less you can do you know if some people even use them oily hair and my friend cherish she’s awesome I that she she presets the hair she brushes about princess it and then puts it in her hair and it looked like it’s like a twist out or a wash or like a set a flexi rod said and it just looks so natural when she does it I mean there’s so much ways you can play around with with your your natural texture and creating a protective look that looked very natural and fun okay so would you say that for a protective style that based on you know your experience and in terms of it being less damage to the hair and scalp that crochet braids will be your number one choice I I love for me I love it because if you don’t have to worry about your hair like you know combing your hair you don’t have to worry about any leave out or anything another good protective style distance trans with nobody can beat two strand twist I mean it’s so easy to do if you lock your hair up and keep it in this with it’s even better because the less you’re singling and touching the hair the the better it has a chance to grow and not break and not get damaged through the harsh weather that we have here in Toronto Canada and North America also I’m twist out twist and with them the afro bulk hair I love you guys it’s a bit almost look like natural twist and i think the afro bulk hair and i love that hair because it looks so natural occurring on the end and it’s lightweight anything that’s lightweight that’s not going to be too heavy on the hair and heavy on the hairline it is an awesome um protective style especially for people very weak hair okay awesome so crochet braids um seem to be the number one type of pic for protective styling however you can also do twist outs twists and how do we take care of our hair underneath the crochet braids kena um so just keep making sure that your scalp it clean um and I like to use a scalp severn it’s from all natural and it has a it has a just a whole bunch of it having astringent in there that helps to clean the scalp and then I like to just like missed it with a little bit of hydrating spray and then you can just basically oil the hair to kind of oil it a little bit just a lot of moisture in with a lightweight oil like home / oil that will help his appeal the moisture in a little bit better um like for me my favorite success is silent is thrown on my way it’s just so easy for me and I can run it’s not always the best option

bit but for me it works because I’m always on the run I’m always on the go I can wash it at night let him hang and dry and like two minutes later I’m looking fabulous leaving the house so that’s a really fast waited for me when I’m for me how I normally take care of my hair underneath my wig it’s just a little bit more easier for me to get to my hair I like the window I like the fact that I can pull my hair out I can wash it once a week I can treat it and I can trim it if I need to and just being on the go so you know definitely hydrating it at night before you go to bed and making sure it’s a little bit hydrated before you actually get in there and start really coming out and play with it just always making sure your scalp is hydrated in Queens it’s a big it’s a big big um thing that will help healthy hair grow from yourself okay and you mentioned astringent so I just want to let all of you know there that a really good astringent oil is tea tree oil you don’t want to use tea tree oil to moisturize your hair you can use tea tree oil on the scalp though as Katniss said to kind of cleanse the scalp under the protective styling so you know maybe an idea is to maybe put some tea tree oil either on a q-tip or something like that and just rub it on your scalp it’s an astringent oil by nature so it’s it which tends to anything that’s a stringent is going to kind of cause some type of drying or some type of contraction to happen to to the scalp tea tree oil is used for it’s used as some people use it as an antibacterial antimicrobial it has a lot of really great benefit but if you’re not seeing your hair under a cleansing your hair so to speak underneath the the protective style you can use tea tree oil just on the scalp area and just kind of rub it in a little bit and you’ve got a spray there so what are you showing us here this hair this is what I like you this is my tea tree natural scalp serum in there it has on witch hazel distilled water Petrie Pepperman a whole bunch of extract rosemary extract sage which is great for breakage for irritation in the Scout can you guys see this properly you can catch this up the hair so I also have it in the salon for sale and it’s from Fantasia and I love this stuff it really helps to give the Selva nice refreshed field and and then you just hydrate hydrate what your moisture spray right after and it’s all natural stuff in there great lots of lots of essential oils and essential stimulants that will help soothe and heal your scalp so this is my go-to as he was talking about tea tree this is a tea tree um go go on yeah I love it sounds like a great summer me leah has the witch hazel extract in there which is also a stringent so um by the way I’m not affiliated with this product I just I’m not it just sounds like a great product for you know kind of cleansing your scalp if you don’t want to shampoo the hair and you’re wearing a protective style yeah I can shinned briefly swimming and I get a lot of questions from women I swim you know whether it’s two to three times a week or once a week or whatever how can I take care of their hair and honestly kena I don’t have an answer for them because when it comes to the chlorine and getting the hair wet it becomes very tricky because you have to rinse that out so do you have any tips or anything that you can share with people on how they can if they swim how they can kind of protect their hair or take care of their hair absolutely um lemon you know if you’re swimming three times a week I mean that major you should be wearing a swim cap and regardless with where a swim cap you’re going to get some water on your hair it’s just that’s just what’s going to happen you’re here is going to get wet some way or another it might not get drenched but I will get wet if it does get wet you have it’s important to wash the chlorine out your hair because it does leave a buildup in the hair which in turn to make the hair very dry and then from being dry you can get really brittle and then great so be sure to clarify out your hair or what you can do is wash your hair we irregular shampoo and a really cool tricks that I love is that I’d like to make a rebalancing cleansing tonic with apple cider vinegar and water and I usually like the al Qaeda vinegar with a mother ingredients it’s formulated at a 3.5 on the pH scale and then water is formulated at seven so you mix them half and half and then your you should get to about 4.5 on the pH scale and that will help to rebalance the pH level in your hair how you apply it after you shampoo you put in a spray bottle spritzes on the hair on the South leave it on for about five minutes rinse it out with

with lukewarm water to cooler water and then you go ahead and you can condition and treat your hair like you normally would do and that helps to rebalance a ph level in the hair because with the Corvina carry high in PH and it really throws off the the balance of your hair ok that’s an awesome tip and just a follow-up question to that is you know um you know people will wash their hair after they swim but then you know how do i how do i style it then because I’m watching my hair let’s say three times a week is a reality that if you swim three times a week that you’re going to constantly have to wash your hair three times a week or is there a day that you can get by without washing your hair or just maybe washing it once or twice a week what’s the reality therefore the expectation exact you should watch it out don’t keep it in your hair you know you can put conditioner in your hair so like protect your hair before but you’re gonna have to wash it out you don’t want to leave absolutely don’t want to leave that in your hair you don’t want to be worried at all not at home so the reality is if you you want to both women and stuff like that and you don’t want to have to sell your hair every day choose the protective style like some braids or corn rolls or arm twist something that’s going to kind of lock your hair and so it’s not you’re not going through it on every you know three days or so okay awesome thank you for that advice um I would like to know what are the main challenges that you see um or that women experience that sit down in your chair with natural hair what are they telling you about were they concerned with what give me maybe you know that the top three challenges that you’re you’re finding with women number one my hair is dry so renew it Freddie okay three tangle so much right a freaking and free dling so boba like I add the list goes on but those are the main three that I’m here all I’m those are the top three and could you agree can you agree and well let’s we’ll talk about kinas hydration tips in a minute but can you agree that when your hair is properly hydrated that basically it takes care of a lot of the other issues that some women will have as long as it’s moisturized anything else kind of follow suit absolutely um actually go hand in hand with a good trim as well especially if you haven’t had your hair trim in a long time so when it’s hydrated and when the end of trim if you’re it’s just a miracle like you can get through your hair so much easier you’ve left tangling let’s break him you’re here absorbs moisture a lot better and it looked for healthier you know because it’s able to absorb the moisture a lot better um so moisturize like having hydrated here really solves a lot of stuff you’re going to have less it’s not going to look so dull it’s going to look more shiny when it’s hydrated and as well your hair will will be soft so it we’re going to be for brittle and it won’t break it easy in your hand when you touch it okay so definitely with hydration you know I have liked it an hour and a half long webinar that your eyes kind of glazed over because it’s jam packed with information on how to achieve moisture drenched natural hair that i will be doing at some point in time on this natural naturalista hang out so don’t you worry if you haven’t seen it already or even if you have do with the refresher but i want you to give me some tips on how to hydrate here because that is very very there’s so much information you’ve seen it um there’s so much information people can get lost in it so I like to make things complicated and then simplify but I need you to just give me maybe the top three tips on how women can hydrate their hair like tonight or tomorrow um one you definitely um can make a hide a hydrating spray at home by using your leave in conditioner and just taken on some just some distilled water or water that it’s not just straight from the tap filtered water whatever the case may be mixing it up in the spray bottle with a little bit of water and all right oil natural oil and you can fix that on your hair tonight make sure that your leave in conditioner doesn’t have any silicones or anything that is going to have any artificial ingredients that can leave a buildup on the hair over time you know but I hydrate in your hair you know it all starts with the shampoo that you’re using all the way down to how you’re finishing your here making sure you have a leave-in conditioner great styling products and a good feeling to go on top that’s going to feel that moisture in your hair some products work

as a as a moisturizer and feelings at the same time so just looking through what you have and making sure that what you have is hydrated enough and applying that overnight to your hair okay cutting the hair um and you got you know people on a kind of two ends of the spectrum you got women who really want long natural hair seems to be a lot of women which in and of itself um you know I and this is just my opinion I think that if you want long are you have to dig deep to find out why what your hair type and texture is and how how able you are to care for it because depending on the hair type and texture it if you don’t have a ton of time to spend on your hair you might be spending a lot of time on your long natural hair but that’s another hang-up folks but regarding with regards to cutting tell me about your cutting technique because I find it very interesting um it’s one of the reasons I kind of went to you in the first place because I did not want my hair blow-dried straight for the simple reason that I didn’t know how my hair would respond to the heat um I know people and have family members that once they apply he was affected their hair their hair was heat damaged which I also want you to touch on as well and I just was afraid I didn’t know how my hair would respond to it so I did not want my hair blow-dried straight to cut so tell me about your haircutting technique is you don’t blow dry their hair to cut it do you know and my cutting technique pretty much is I call it I call it variation cutting because there’s not just one way that I cut the hair and not everybody gets the same haircut and the same professed that I do when you sit in my chair I’m able to look at your hair and see what exactly you’re hearing me if you’re looking for more of a shape then I will always start with a dry cut for shaping um what I like to do to keep my work consistent especially in type fourth curls is to do a wet cut in between and the wet cut in is done for me to really give the hair a better she gave a better foundation from the angle that I I used to cut the hair on and also I’m able to clean up the end usually we have little wispy spider webs on the ends over here which causes their hair did not in to tangle and then cutting it wet allows me to see how the hair will shrink up how the curl pattern is and it also helped me to get those little wispy pieces and clean them up with a nice clean cut on the end and that will save your hair from tangling throughout the next few weeks before we see you again for your next service and then once the hair is styled and dry I’ve been able to look at the hair in a different way now looking at how it sits and frame the face and then being able to shape shape according to what your hair needs or just to see if there’s any pieces that I might have missed or anything that might be sitting weird because you know what’s natural here you have different textures some parts might sit longer or curlier or you know whatever the case may be so I do a triple check and what variation cutting is is all the techniques that you know all the different methods of cut in all into one um dependent on what that person needs and you know given that find what they need not just with one certain method are you going my message and that’s what I love about my variation cutting okay awesome now heat damage cuz I’ve seen your Instagram pictures of you know clients who came in with heat damage before and the difference that you made after on their hair when you remove those those straight ends if you have women who are absolutely you know they’re married to the length of their hair and they have straight pieces and they want their hair moisturized and they want their hair to look good what is one of the things you tell them to kind of convince them that you know what honey you have to get rid of these straight ends and what’s the process there and / to this question is can someone still have really good moisturized and hear that fall well with heat damage at the end of their hair that’s a really good question now he damaged I mean it’s really it’s a hard one if it’s almost like transitioning you know going from relaxed to natural because you have the two different textures which makes it very very hard to work through especially if you have to really dense hair really like a lot of hair in your head so you know some great tips is you know really try to not cut your hair too much so whatever style that you’re going to be going to your hair kind of keep it in that style for at least five to seven days without come interrupting your hair because or washing it because the more you wash it the more you’re going to have to

fight through it sometimes i think is it was just to cut it off i mean if you’re like halfway there and you just have those little bits on the end it makes such a huge difference we have your curls are going to look and how your texture will will thrive and your hair will actually grow so much faster just getting rid of some of those heat damage i have some people that that love to have their hair straight and their natural and they love to have their hair straight so another option that i recommend to them instead of you know taking the plunge into a relaxer or anything like that is to do it like a smooth and treatment that way your hair is going to stay straight longer and you don’t have to keep pressing it over and over and over again to get a really sleek look not everyone will recommend that as a natural Lisa but I mean I give my science option because at the end of the day I mean everyone you know is looking for a way that is manageable for them and easy for them to maintain at home he is but it’s almost like a transition in you know it’s you gotta really if you want to be natural or just keep your hair hiya do it in danger the same things that you would normally do with your natural hair even if it’s relaxed or or have a heat damage on the ends you definitely want to reduce the amount of heat that you use on your hair and because that’s just going to prolong the damage and you know at the end of the basin trying to have healthy hair you don’t want to put heat on it because the heat drives a hero it also helps the hair to split even more so you’re going to have to trim your hair more frequently so would do any sort of um damage that the heat will produce on the hair now how often in general should we trim our hair you know depending on your hair types and texture I know what my type twos and threes can go up to six months I don’t recommend it because I’m the shape girls out and you know it starts getting a little bit knotted on the ends and it’s just a little bit of harder to get through the hair is just not hydrated enough so it just feels a little more dryer over time so anyone that has um like if you’re doing a protective style majority at the time you’re twisting it up and you’re keeping it locked away you can go a little bit longer without trimming your hair but if you’re wearing your hair out on a regular basis it’s good too and you have like very fine hair I suggest two and a half months you don’t want to go too long because with fine hair it’s just like it just gets really tangle on the end and it makes it really hard to get through especially if you’re wearing your hair out on a regular basis but regularly anywhere from three to four months is ideal for trimming your hair and keeping it healthy and when you trim it you don’t have to cut a lot a lot of people have the stigma like oh my gosh if I cut my hair I’m not going to have any hair left and I’m trying to grow hair but if you want to retain lens you have to preserve the end from breaking and you’ve got to preserve the end from getting damaged and a slight little trim on the end you can even do a little dusting that helped so much even at home I always recommend to my clients like if there’s a knot on your hair get a good pair of scissors something that is nice and sharp nothing from such dollar store anything just a good pair of stainless steel desserts and you know find both not some of the ends and to snip it off it’s better to have it off then tangling with the rest of your hair and creating havoc all over your head so term it is important if you find those little not just trim it just take it off it’s better to have it off then have it in or see a specialist that can do it for you and I just want to say further to that if you find those little knots and I know they’re very common in type for hair I used to get them all the time you don’t want to pull them off you don’t want to rip them off because when you rip them off what tends to happen is you free the cuticle and so remember um for those of you who’ve heard me before I always talk about the cuticle the cuticle protects the cortex of the hair so any in it and that’s the precious part of the hair that you want to protect so anytime you those knots off your frame the cuticle even more so just get a pair of scissors and just cut those those knots off I cringe every time I hear that snapping noise like no honey no you bad I can’t believe snap my hair to the ticket and I wonder why my hair so damaged and why is it but now like I haven’t actually hasn’t turned my hair in a while because I’ve been worried a lot of protective filing and

my end you’ll still feel really great you know the ends are not and nodded as it would be if when I do a continuous llevo like leaving my hair out continuously for months at a time so if you are going to be leading your hair out it but to trim it a little bit often and you’re going to be very grateful when you get it trimmed its Emma needs so much easier to deal with anyways yes yes I have experienced that and seen that in people as well you know I’ve I mean we could talk all night about things and I know we’re under you know with it with a time limit so I just have more question um for women who are transitioning um you know there’s so many different way to do it it’s very personal to to UM who you are I know for me I am NOT a long transition er I can’t deal with a style I don’t even do braids because I can’t deal with wearing braids for a long period of time so I knew that just my personality type and everything I could not transition 100 braid so I chopped I big job but for people who don’t want to take that plunge who kind of want to transition into being natural what are some tips that you can give to them um that’s a great question because a lot of people struggle with it every day you know how do I transition properly um number one thing for might keep the hair healthy I’m sorry it doesn’t put on some some wonky again equity and and what is kind of fixing her her technical issues everyone I’ve enabled the questions so we’ll have some time for Q&A afterwards so just typing your questions will try to get to as many of them as possible in the next 10 to 15 minutes okay so the biggest trouble for um for transition earth is is taking break it break it because you have documents that line of gamification where the hair is natural and then where it’s straight and that point right there where we’re both relaxed and natural needs is a very weak weak point in the hair so keeping it hydrated is going to be key for less damage and less dryness also you know we talked about this condition in your hair when deep treatment that’s going to really help to leave a mask of moisture on your hair and treatments they don’t really last that long probably up to about 10 days so I you know so kind of try to treat your hair every two weeks just to kind of keep it healthy and hydrated and a nice mask on time and you know we definitely want to stay away from heat because that is the number one tool like a problem what you’ve kind of got us there in the first place or with all the damages and all that stuff and you know you definitely again you know you want to limit your washes and and try to do a lot more protective style some of my favorite protective styles for transitioners is like a vent to not twisting or even just doing like a crochet braids having your hair grow out to a a good length before you actually take the plunge into a big chop and big chops not everyone you don’t have to do it nowadays there’s so many different options that you can do for your hair versus wins a big chop all closed well then let’s go to hear specimens I’m not too sure if if I talked about it with you before but some people they take the hair supplements and they’re like oh my gosh my hair is growing but sometimes it’s just a deficiency that we have bodies not consent there so the writing addresses health yes you get your invitation to bubble up and Eric on climbing at a healthy like a rake but it supposed to be yes i agree with you one hundred percent um and you know I i think i will address it i’m going to do a hair growth webinar facts and fallacies type thing but one of the things with there’s not a lot of research supporting hair-growth supplements as helping with hair growth because your hair growth rate is genetically determined and there are different things that can speed or slow down that rate including hormones however when you help you when you give your body of supplements just like if you’re for example deficient in iron and you’re tired all the time once you give your body that nutrient that you’re deficient in all of a sudden your energy levels increase as in the case of iron so the same could be with these hair-growth supplements where you’re giving your body what it’s already deficient in because let’s face it most people in north america are deficient in essential nutrients and beyond and so when you start taking a supplement then what happens is that increases the nutrient level in your body it’s not necessarily extra biotin that’s in there because there’s no proof that shows there’s no evidence that shows that taking additional biotin for people in north america helps increase hair growth

if you’re in a third world country where you’re deficient in your really deficient then yes it’s going to help but there’s no evidence in north america so that’s just basically to just continue with what you’re saying about the supplements but taking supplements definitely beneficial to overall health and yes your hair follicle does need nutrients in order to for the growth to occur so you should be getting supplement in general for overall health that will likely reflect in what seems to be increased hair growth but what I think is you’re just unlocking the genetic potential of your hair growth rate anyway so that’s just my opinion on here one more time only thing here I’m going from relaxed and natural well you want to stay away from chemical want if there’s and chemical treatment so no on the harrowing the hair while I’m transitioning no no don’t anyway you try to get your help you know yo if you’re gonna be following your hair to the big happen call you later right yeah well but just make the hair messy okay and one of one of those be healthy and thriving also getting good product you need good healthy product that is going to help if you’re dehydrated and what I love about your life the earth will natural is that you have you have butter you have a cream silent cream you have a you know amazing moisture and intuition like you cover pretty much everything that you will transition as well as to have healthy hydrated hair or if you want any pearls because at all so that what obesity love get line because you get the good quality ingredients that I just certainly something that often because we feel like making look like that’s all I just type or product check for now so thank you for that thank you for that plug kena okay so um that kind of wraps up the questions that Tom I mean covered the whole spectrum here today I’m sure there’s so much more that we can discuss but I just want to take some questions and I have a few questions here one clavia asked what is a good detangling method for type for hair that’s fine and coyly fine and coiling yes um you know if it’s fine and coyly you know you got to look at me grim because it’s lymon equally it probably tangles up really easy and quite a lot so you might just need a trim and that will really help the detangling to be so much easier when you are d penguin use a very hydrating conditioner start at the ends of the hair always apply your conditioner to the ends of the hair and use your fingers as your detangling method versus a comb some people that have steak curly here and that have very sensitive scalp I always just go to my detangling brush it’s a flat surface brush that is designed to detangle through super coyly hair and it just makes your detangling so much easier always always just use your fingers to go after because that helps to really move the product through the hair a lot better and really start to fit the curl than their pro-family a lot better so to answer your question and if you didn’t hear it it’s basically use your fingers start at the end I use my fingers after i saw kina detangle someone’s hair that’s very similar to mine type for very thick yes it took a long time so be prepared if you have really thick hair to spend some time detangling but it made a huge difference so it minimizes the amount of hair loss that I actually experienced when I did the finger detangling and I also did it on my daughters as well and the amount of hair loss was minimal so definitely favor detangle ah another question Oh what is your and kind of on the same lines what is your suggestion for good detangling methods before washing your hair that’s a good one um you know depending on the state of your hair if it’s been in if it’s dry you want to hydrate it a little bit spray it first and you can just lightly missus it and and brush it and I kind of brush it out I like to brush it with a detangling brush because it’s you know more gentler some people might not want to even do anything unless the conditioners in their hair first but you know kind of get through them gently with your fingers or just when your hair is drying you brush it it’s so much better to detangle when it’s dry versus when it’s what and your brush in is so I’m start off with a portion is first before you what is but if it has snack

on the end let me see what your hair is to get tangent um after you can’t do it or we come through in their mix little shampoo is very hydrating and it helps with a kind of another hair will help you think that and you get to the condition and I’m just going to add to that Karen that the earth tones naturals detangler is an excellent detangler before you wash your hair I’ve used that a few times in my hair was longer um and you know I just let my hair go for you know three or four weeks at a time without washing not recommended but you know my hair was thicker and it was longer and it took a lot of time but I would section my hair off as much as possible use the detangling spray saturate my hair with it it foams up and that’s okay but it creates this amazing slip and so I was able to run my fingers through my hair or run a brush through my hair section my hair before I washed it so the detangling spray is a great it honestly works before I washed it so the detangling spray is a great it honestly works very very well you just have to make sure that you saturate your hair with the detangler so that’s earth tones naturals detailed oh great I haven’t I don’t know what’s funny i so i’ll definitely right epilogue when I have left food yeah it’s amazing and I also use it on my daughter’s here um I have two daughters they both have different hair textures but and I used I would use it on each of their hair before washing and I would use the the tangle teezer brush right um but something I’ve never got the model teaser but you have to have some type of conditioner or something with slip on your hair before you use that brush it’s um it was amazing it was a lifesaver so I would saturate their hair with it and then finger detangle the ends a little bit and then run the brush through it and then twist their hair and get it prepped for washing so those are great tools to have if you’re going to use the tangle teezer or the Denman I personally don’t like the demo but some people love it then you have to have something with slip you have to have a conditioner before you use those tools so another question what do you recommend to thicken edges so someone might have you know maybe some thinning hair around the edges what do you recommend to thicken it or is there anything that can thicken it oh this woman I mean question gets asked quite a lot you know it depends on the speed of your ideas are you going to be preventing your ear edges from from from get it damaged more or are you just want to thicken it more on some people do how are you I’ve heard of festival I clerked me haven’t used Chester room um right now I’m trying are one of my friends may god this magic oil I’m trying this magic oil out on my edges it needs to grow your hair back and enzyme take your bracelet well the main thing is preventing you know you want to prevent your edges from going so you know less tension around edge me if you are going to be wearing your weight and all that stuff make sure that you have a foundation place it around your hair so that it can go in to the brave person saying the quick your hair because what that does it just really close the hero so just kind of just haven’t implemented awesome assessment piece to help it spending some time and actually different phone came to get better blood flow circulations of here yes um it will pretty much if it’s pretty if there’s no hair growing out of that that that your scalp in that area chances are it probably won’t grow back unless you do like a hair transplant or something I’m still trying to figure out the best method but thickening edges so once i know i’ll let you guys know that yeah it is a tough question i do get asked that quite a bit i remember after the birth of my second daughter my edges left and there’s really you know here that can happen and it all has to do with hair growth phases in the hormonal aspects of hair growth and the influences of hair growth and the reality is is that there is honestly and no research supporting castor oil using Castrol to grow back your edges thicker i’m not saying it does it maybe some people have some type of anecdotal experience but when it comes to what the research says there’s nothing there that really grows it back it will grow back eventually but it takes time i find it takes the longest time to grow back and you know I I don’t know I don’t know why that is just it just is the other thing too as you spoke about in terms of tension at the hairline what happens with really tight braids or tension around the hairline is there’s an inflammatory reaction that occurs on the follicular level the level of the follicle so what happens is there’s inflammation

and the hair falls out so again prevention is key you don’t want to braid around the hairline too tight or you know people who do the puffs and they push pull their hair back really tight with the bands you’re creating tension around here there’s an inflammatory process and then the hair follicle responds by falling out so prevention is definitely key because once this hairline leave it’s very hard to grow back maybe other people have experience with it going back very quickly you know with an oil or whatever but the research shows there’s nothing that’s going to pasture oil doesn’t doesn’t do that nor does jamaican black castor oil so now I’ve heard I’ve heard one person lay and she’s you know um she’s pretty you know she consults a lot of research papers on this matter she said that it could be due to the castro actually thickening an individual hair strand but gives the illusion that the hair sticker but there’s no it’s not it’s a meeting of the growth at all so yeah I haven’t you didn’t know yeah my heard people say it like okay well if you open try it then try it right right right okay so another question this is really subjective to opinion but I’m interested in trying something new in terms of style with my hair I have a lot of hair but it is fine 3d hair that is mid back length is there a specific cutter style excuse me that you would find looks good or recommended with my curl pattern so 3b hair a lot of hair mid back length what does she need does she need some layers does she need some shorter layers longer layers I mean that would be where consult would come in right you know I’ve talked with that that’s kind of what you need right know when the last time you had a trim if you even have a shape in at all I suggest creating a little bit of elevation on top so bring your layers up a little bit that’s going to help the cream pullman using a lightweight product make a water-based sorry i’m not the water paper mrs. it it’s a it doesn’t got a bigger budget you given weight down too much so right you all even lightweight light light weights things very very tough how so much an awful leave in conditioner you make one very lightly okay but definitely like a consult because it also can depend on your face shape how your hair falls etc so are you might cut it I mean if midway down the back it just sounds like it’s very like I’m huixian again and so if you have a whole blunt cut at the bottom after you layered it in your hair okay awesome so I don’t see any more questions and if no one else has questions I just want to thank you kina for taking the time to be on and so if people want to get in touch with you want to email you check out your website Twitter Instagram Facebook how can they get ahold of you I’m all you gotta do is deprotonated Megan com um and that’s Kate kei na mor gan kina more narrow minded in the back since I’m I’m write it in the chat box for me yeah I’ll write it in chat box yeah that’s not a problem why do you see we’re gonna write on a cake kina to Morgan oh ok yeah so you can go to his website my Instagram for my website like on my website or you curl school for you for you for you and that’s on facebook as a okay it’s bad so Facebook and you can always email me at info at Morgan com if you have any question i’m going to type that in for you as well or you can also call me my number is available um on my website oh you got it like that I did anyway many skills and is my number you ask me any question I’m my consultations are free we should take about 15 minutes you can do one with me online or email or over the phone or we can do it right in my chair at the salon and I’m just located at young in st Clair Toronto in just walking distance from the subway in a little shop it’s now called Jacob salon it uses the Aphrodite name and I work through a fraternities / jacob salon independently

so you can always find me there la okay awesome thank you so much everyone so if there are no more questions I just want to thank kina for coming on it was a bunch of information I learned I learned a ton of new things today um if anyone has any questions for me you can reach me at naturalista institute at gmail com you have tina’s information and just do me a favor everyone just please let people about this I would like as many people as possible to be on these hangouts there for your benefit to really you know give you the information and educate you and we want to bring like other really great guests on and chat and and would be a great community so thank you everyone thank you kina and I will talk to you all next week thank you oh wait wait wait before you guys can go i also want to thank you so much for coming in and being a part of this and thank you susan for having me on naturally insufficient and i just love what you’re doing and keep up the good work and i just want to help sure as much knowledge as I can for everyone so thank you for looking