Who Are You | 후아유 EP.13 [SUB : KOR, ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]

Mom Mom Eunbyeol Are you Aren’t you hurt? Are you okay? Yes I’m fine What happened to your face? Look at your face Mom I’m sorry How How could you do this? How could you do this? You should have told me whether or not you were alive I’m sorry, Mom But I’m so glad to see you You You You’re really okay, right? I’m not dreaming, am I? Do you know how painful it was every time I thought of you? I’m sorry Eunbyeol Eunbi (Episode 13) Then where were you and what have you been doing? I was back where I used to live Where I first met you, Mom House of Hope Why? Why were you hiding? Because I wasn’t the one you first met It wasn’t me. It was Eunbi What? When I went to Tongyeong on the school trip, I found out how hard Eunbi’s life was I knew it was too late but I thought I should do the right thing I felt like that was the only way I could live I had no idea that you had been watching over me (During the school trip in Tongyeong) Did you just hit me?

Hey, Eunbi Wake up What did Oh Jeonga, whom you protected do while you were being picked on? No matter how much you harass me, I believe that I am right What is she babbling about? Wake up, will you? Why do you try to lecture your friends? You can’t even look out for yourself Her dream is to become a teacher But can someone who got expelled for beating up someone become a teacher? No way What would the kids learn from you? Right? Back then, I felt like everything was my fault so I couldn’t do anything I couldn’t face Eunbi or I couldn’t go back to the school where Suin died Eunbi! Wake up! Eunbi. Oh no! Eunbi! Eunbi, open your eyes Eunbi! Wake up! Eunbi Eunbi! Is anyone there? Please, somebody Is anyone there? Someone please call 911! Did you reach her family? No. She woke up, but she can’t remember anything Her name, age, address or anything else We called the police All I could think was I deserve to suffer as much as Suin and Eunbi did until I set things right No, perhaps I wanted to escape from Suin I had such a hard time ever since Suin died I kept thinking of everything I had done wrong, so I was terrified But when I saw the post on the school webpage, I realized that if you don’t remove the thorn, the wound will eventually be infected (Everyone who sat silently was a murderer) You poor thing I can’t imagine how hard it has been for you I hate myself for being so clueless I’m so pathetic Eunbyeol

I’m truly sorry No, Mom I’m sorry Eunbyeol I’m looking at you close up now, but I still can’t believe this Me neither You know there were so many things I wanted to do with you Let’s do them all, one by one I’m so glad I was worried that you’d scold me Of course you have to be scolded Just you wait once you get better – Come in. / – Thank you – Have a seat. / – Thank you Thank you for taking care of the annoying matter Don’t mention it. It was nothing I heard you might be nominated Congratulations in advance Yes, I think so Please support me Isn’t that Soyeong? I’m grateful to have an honor student join our school I’m grateful for your help, but I can’t donate to your campaign As you know, the foundation’s money is not my own I thought you were someone I could talk to, but you’re quite inflexible This is unrelated, but there were rumors about Soyeong so I looked into it And it turns out that in Tongyeong, she bullied another student until she killed herself These days it even becomes a problem if you transfer your kid under false pretenses Will you be okay? Why don’t you just forget about the favor you did for me? I’ll do the same (Autopsy Report) You know I looked into Jeong Suin’s case and I noticed something interesting What do you think? It’s different from the official autopsy report I found this medical examiner already resigned But if I want to find him, it won’t be so difficult – Prosecutor Kang. / – Well, then Think it over and call me Hey

Don’t look at me You look so much like me, it’s weird I feel the same It’ll take a while to get used to this – Seriously. / – Seriously Hey, don’t copy me – It’s funny. / – Yes Eunbyeol Thank you for saving me Forget it And thank you even more for coming back alive What do you want? Eunbyeol Go back to school What about you? I’m going to get my name back I’ll show everyone that there is a lot I can do as Lee Eunbi So you won’t have to feel guilty or worry about me anymore Okay I won’t run away anymore, either There is something I must do before it’s too late as well You mean Jeong Suin, right? Yes I know it won’t be easy Do you like it? There was a time when I wanted to leave everything too What I want is for you to realize how you truly feel (Go Eunbyeol) (I started…) If you don’t want to see me, start your rehabilitation soon Then I won’t bother you anymore (I started rehab yester…) Hey – Eunbyeol. / – Eunbyeol – How have you been? / – “How have you been?” What’s with her? I simply meant last night I missed you guys a lot You did something bad, didn’t you? That’s right You saw us all day at school, but you still missed us? Well… I do have a face that you can’t get enough You’re so vain Where are you going? She’s embarrassed of you Eunbyeol I heard at the teachers’ office that Eunbyeol is transferring out tomorrow What? No way She didn’t say anything this morning No, I heard the vice principal tell Mr. Kim – Right? / – Yes, I heard it too No way She would have told us We walked to school together, too She is right. Eunbyeol is transferring I guess this is the last day I’ll see Eunbyeol here So I prepared

a little going away gift What is that? I told you that Lee Eunbi from the internet article was still alive Where do you think she is? Where is she? The girl you believe to be Go Eunbyeol is really Lee Eunbi What garbage is that? – What now? / – How long will she keep that up? Give it a rest, will you? Hey, Kang Soyeong I told you to stop it already Stop making things up What is she babbling about now? Rather than being the orphan and outcast Lee Eunbi who was expelled from school, she is pretending to be Go Eunbyeol She’s pretending to have lost her memory Think about it Even if she had lost her memory, she changed way too much Didn’t you think it was strange? Soyeong I’m sorry but you got both of them wrong Firstly, I’m not transferring out Secondly, I am Go Eunbyeol Do you have proof? Why do I need that? Do you need proof that you’re Kang Soyeong? Is that right? But I have proof that you’re not Eunbyeol You know about it already Let me see it (Korean Forensic Service) It’s Go Eunbyeol’s handwriting comparison with yours If this isn’t enough, do you want your fingerprints checked? I can just write for you here and give you my fingerprints, but we don’t need either because I got my memory back It’s my turn to ask you What did you do to my sister? Incessant verbal abuse and pulling her hair in front of people constantly Dumping trash on her Framing her for something she didn’t do A person died because of you Yet you don’t even bat an eyelid. You are shameless What? Responding to violence with violence is beneath me – Wow. / – That’s so cool Nice Taegwang, you changed your hairstyle Did Sijin dump you? Ouch Be calm. Be good Come in Hello I’m Go Eunbyeol of class 2-3 How dare a student walk into the director’s office?

Other students probably have no reason to see you since it’s rare for the director himself to force a student to transfer out – Now look here! / – I cannot transfer out No I will not What do you take the school for? If you need to, call another disciplinary hearing I no longer have a reason to leave Goodness I’m so sick of this What? Hey, Eunbyeol. Seeing how you’re treating Taegwang, you must really have your memory back I was totally shocked earlier Soyeong was pounding it on Eunbyeol again and Eunbyeol poked Soyeong’s shoulder like this What more is Soyeong planning to do to you? I really don’t like her It’s okay She can do whatever she wants I’m not afraid one bit Hey Rooftop Rooftop! Hey Why are you avoiding me? What? I told you that day I just – Just… / – Just what? – Just say it here. / – What? Say it Did Soyeong bother you again? Were you okay alone? Of course, I was Hey Do you realize you don’t look okay at all? Do you want to die? Hey, Taegwang Hey I’m getting some crazy thoughts, so stay still What thoughts? Hey. Get your hands off of me What’s wrong with you? You’re acting like the old Eun How have you been, Gong Taegwang? I really am Eunbyeol You’ve changed a lot Are you Eunbyeol? Really? Are you really Eunbyeol? What’s going on? I heard how you’ve been helping Eunbi What about Eunbi? Where is Eunbi? – What? / – Where is she? Eunbi!

Eunbi! Eunbyeol I’m still not used to it Mom, I’m really okay Take your time I’m sorry I didn’t get you your name back sooner I’ll correct the death certificate first Let’s fix things step by step I feel like I’m dreaming That’s how happy I am, so stop making that face Okay From now on, me and Eunbyeol, and you, Eunbi, will live happily together Let’s forget the painful past, okay? I’m glad you started before it was too late Recovering the joint’s range of motion comes first, but since you’re an athlete, I think we can do it simultaneously with muscle-building, too It will be hard, but make sure you come regularly I will Ms. Ahn, you heard the Ministry of Education is sending a native English-speaking assistant teacher, right? Yes. He’s starting soon since he finished his training Please look after him Yes, sir Miss Jeong, may we have a talk? Yes, sir Do you have proof that I’m the one who posted it? I found out by chance that the math student teacher is the elder sister of that student, Jeong Suin, who died last year You’re Jeong Suin’s elder sister, aren’t you? Why did you hide that fact? You never asked I mean think about it. A post about a student who died turned the school upside down and it turns out the student’s elder sister is a student teacher at the school I mean, it’s so obvious Bring me proof We can file a complaint with the university that you chose our school for improper reasons Just leave quietly Miss Jeong I sent immature texts and even threatened people I wanted all of you to remember Suin, and suffer too You said my methods were wrong, right? I meant it would hurt you too I really am not the one who posted that I know because I did it I’ll tell the truth so you won’t get kicked out of school No, it’s okay It’s not a matter of who posted it I’m being kicked out because I’m Suin’s sister I’m sorry I’ll do everything I can (House of Love) I’ll go in alone

Rajin It’s me Is it really you, Eunbi? Yes Eunbi – Eunbi. / – Eunbi! See? I told you she wasn’t dead No, you were dead but you came back because you read my letters, right? Letters? Yeongho wrote a letter every day asking you to come back and hung them on the Tree of Hope at school Did you? You went away because we gave you a hard time, didn’t you? Yeongho and Seungmin became really good and don’t cause trouble anymore It’s not like that And I’ll help you a lot more So please don’t leave us again, okay? Okay I’m sorry, guys I’m so sorry Must you do this? I’m sorry, Mom But I need to take care of things here Okay I’m overreacting. You’ll be back, aren’t you? You’ll come back, right? To our house in Seoul Okay, I understand I’ll go back first Take a few more days Okay, Mom Taegwang? Hey, Eunbi. How could you Taegwang How did you get here? How else? I took the bus. Why? What’s your deal? Why are you here? It just happened It just happened? That’s it? Then it’s over? You think it’s over if you run away without as much as a goodbye? Taegwang, I’m not back here for good Are you kidding me? If you were here for good, I’d really be mad Ouch Don’t bother Eunbi! What? It’s not like that, guys

We saw you yelling at Eunbi He’s a bad person, right? Hey, that was Calm down You calm down Eat quickly and go – Do I have to go? / – Of course You have school tomorrow I guess I’ve been too good lately I usually don’t go to school Hey Why are you guys still up? Get up. One, two Did you brush your teeth? Seungmin, go straight to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and then go to bed Okay Yeongho and Rajin, go to bed now Okay If you don’t leave in an hour, you’ll miss the last bus Really? Okay So, are you happy Eunbyeol is back? Yes So happy that I can’t believe it She hasn’t changed How so? She has a habit of hitting people I got hit today too What about you? What? What will you do now? I don’t know I feel like this is where I belong, but I also feel like I should go back to Seoul One thing for sure is that from now on, my place is for me to choose and decide, not anyone else Go ahead, but tell me where you’re going first You should go now Fine Hey Taegwang I’ve been wanting to say this for a while now Thank you for everything For letting me not have to lie to you, and for being the first person to call me by my name, and for always making me laugh And I’m sorry I can’t return the feelings you have for me Hey That’s enough Goodbye, Gong Taegwang But

you know something? What? I missed the last bus What? Hey You said you know everything Then how long will you do this? Until you stop apologizing for everything Happy? Right, shall I do it, too? Brush my teeth? (Go Eunbyeol) Hey, Ian Hey What is it that you want to talk about at this hour? Hey Do I need a reason to see you? What? Right I hesitated in case you’d get the wrong idea, but I started my physical rehabilitation What physical rehabilitation? For my shoulder, of course Your shoulder? But why would I get the wrong idea about you doing your rehabilitation? Whatever Because you kept saying stupid things like if I begin rehab, you won’t bother me, and that you’ll disappear Hey, Ian What’s wrong with you? The shoulders are a swimmer’s life How did you hurt it? You should have been more careful Hey. You Why are you talking like that? Don’t you know how I got into the accident? Ian At the school trip, I felt bad after walking away from you like that I was in no state of mind to think about someone You What’s going on? Hey, that hurts Let go You You I’m sorry You have every right to be angry I won’t act up or get annoyed, or hit you until you’re not mad anymore I mean it I promise Eunbyeol Yes, it’s me It’s been a while, Ian I’m not in the mood for jokes What on Earth Do you know how much How am I supposed to take this? There was something I couldn’t tell you I’ll tell you slowly Hey I said I was sorry – Eunbyeol. / – I’m upset too, and I feel bad! So please, be understanding Is that all you can say? Even when you disappeared, and when you reappeared? Did you think how I felt when I thought you were dead? Or when the person I thought was dead suddenly appeared before my eyes?

You never once thought of that, have you? Hey I may be a selfish, inconsiderate brat, but give me some credit So you shouldn’t have done this! Why are you getting so angry? Fine You’re always like this Let’s say it’s because I worried much more than I should have about you I’m so happy and thankful that you’re back safe and sound But I can’t smile for you Sorry Mr. Kim Hi, Eunbyeol I got my memory back Since it’s back, I won’t run away anymore And I want to apologize to Suin – Eunbyeol. / – To be honest, before I lost my memory, I hated coming to school. It terrified me Since that night a year ago when I placed my hand on Suin’s shoulder, she’d been following me At school, on the streets, and at home She was everywhere I’m sorry I was afraid the other students would look at me the way they looked at her I can’t turn back time no matter how much I regret it But I still want to tell the truth You do too, don’t you? Yes I’m sorry for making you go through this because of my incompetence I’ll set it right (Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency) Eunbi! Hey! Aren’t you going to get up? Here! One to zero! Goal! Hey, Eunbi – Eunbi. / – Hi Eunbi! Go on and play What are you doing? Come on Let’s play! It’s Eunbi! Eunbi! Pass! You can’t beat me Ian,

remember you asked before why I didn’t tell you the truth as soon as I got my memory back? I must have known that if I told you, we’d end up like this Hey How long must I walk on eggshells around you? Since when did you worry about other people? You got me But how did you hurt your shoulder? It was an accident What accident? During training? No, that’s not it You should have been careful This is an important time for you But where is Eunbi now? In Tongyeong At House of Love where she used to live Tongyeong? Did she go back for good? I don’t know Mom and I are anxiously waiting for Eunbi to make her decision If she had good memories here, she’ll return If not, I guess she’ll want to stay in Tongyeong How did she seem to you? Did Eunbi have a really tough time here? A tough time? When she had someone risking his life to protect her? So Miss Lee Eunbi went to Tongyeong? No wonder I wondered how the little outcast was so confident Oh my Our poor Ian, what will you do now? Hey, Soyeong What are you trying to say? Did you know? Ian left a competition and was running to school when he got in the accident – What? / – Whom do you think he did something so reckless to save? He already knew that she was Lee Eunbi and not Go Eunbyeol by then What is she yapping about? Hey, Ian I have a question Who is it? Go Eunbyeol or Lee Eunbi?