2015 Ford F150 Leveling kit

20:15 fx4 f-150 EcoBoost and doing the leveling kit and the funk that’s that’s after with the spacer in and it’s a two inch spacer no other no other modifications or anything and it’s not on the ground yet still on the text and and this side that’s not been not just done you can see the you can’t see the bottom of the strut there now we’re going to break all this horseshit apart and throw the space you’re in it’s going to be fun okay so the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to give some slack to these the brake lines abs and the traction control so that way I can drop this whole spindle and everything down to get room and there’s a 10 millimeter bolt holding the brake line bracket I’m just going to unbolt that and then there’s also some clips up here there’s two two there and then there’s also one right here that you got to pop loose so that I can give the cables in the slot to hang down without putting stress on any of those sensors and that’s all you have to do on those top bolt out up there that’s free dot now we subdue the three reconnect your fire I got it I got to get up in here just get behind it just kind of good not to get on the line itself and get on the clip and just sucker out of there I got this here on top there we go that’s free now we can get these three nuts off back there I’m going to grab those in a second okay so I got those three 18 millimeters off so the top of the strut is free now I need to remove the the to link those two and this these are different than the 11 and I guess the 11 to 14 I’m not sure mines in mines an 11 and it doesn’t have the two studs going down through there it has one bolt that just goes straight through so you just pop that bolt out and then this whole thing slides out but this is different and it’s a little more work to get apart to get this out of here because you have to clear these studs from the lower control arm and I’ll show you how I how I ended up doing it at least and I guess next I’ll get the upper control arm both off and I’ll get the physical it’s down ball joint was it called come on I’m drawing a blank it’s the tie rod tire rub yeah we’ll get the tie rod bolt off okay that’ll I’m not even I’m not even looking at it there it is yeah so I’m knock these two off get them out and we’ll see see what and this one if for some reason the the stud starts turning get a use a 10-millimeter

get put a 10 millimeter box in down there and hold that still while you while you get that that that nut off it’s not too bad and I said this one’s an 18 as well and then this this one’s bigger I forgot what I used then use that one I used a 21 and I hit it with the impact and that came off didn’t have to beat it or anything so awesome now I get this one is where’s my hammer Hannah I need it I’m just going to give it a couple of taps right there the knocker was time B knows that back on there gosh yes okay to hit it harder with a good fast e but I’m going to break these loose and then I’m going to have to drop the the back side of control arm lower control arm because uh because of how long stubs are won’t it just won’t they’re just too freaking long and I like our on the other side this is how I’m going to do it alright undo the top bolt on the sway bar that way when I undo the back of the control arm it’ll all I can drop it all down give me enough length to get the that strut out I got those two yeah just do it gonna be a what’s the point of it sold out okay so now I gotta get these these uh rear control arm lower control arm bolts out and I got a 21 mil on the bolt and I got a 27 yeah 27 on the the nut and the reason I got to pull that off is because of you know it’s like these studs are so long that there’s no way to push this whole control arm down enough even though you know after I get this off and pull the whole thing down there’s not enough travel with these uh axles in even if that’s what we’re out it just it just won’t it won’t travel enough to come out so and that’s the difference between this truck and the 2011 2011 with the bolt just shooting straight through like that you’re still able to pull it out without having to take all this off so at least that’s the way I found it well you pop this sucker off Oh sake dawn we’re here that’s

what the loose though it should be should come off pretty pretty key okay so I got the nut off I just need to and this these these bolts um adjust the alignment so regardless putting the spacer in you have to adjust alignment because you’re going to have positive camber but yeah with this off you definitely need you can go get me one adjusted is uh this is the a toe and and in the camber and yeah it’s a week you should be mesh those uh check that up a little bit John right there eighteen on it no I think I can hmm what no we’re not done okay so holding on to that’s a good thing and we are all loose okay start the make sure we’re not we’re not tight here everything’s everything’s got good slack I said lower in that a little bit yeah little more hanging okay yeah we got a we got a pride down the rest of the way get this yeah oh wait actually not to kick it yeah we got to get that to pump up first hang on hand there we go there we go oh go ahead and lower down more get make sure the control arms get freed damn it I didn’t get the site up on caddywhompus okay no I need to pull the whole thing oh there we go okay so drop that drop it and now that gives me enough room to pull this straight up I know unstable video is my middle name okay hang on I got that ebook okay put the strut out um this phaser just basically sits on top do you see it’s like a triangle but it’s closer here than it is here to hear that these are the closer points and then you look at the spacer and it has that same pattern goes on like that but the thing is now that it’s like this you have these two bolts which are up here now instead of down here and then this one down so that turns this around and you see how it’s not quite straight so put that same angle we have to take and rotate this whole thing that way just just a little bit that’ll make it fit throw some Loctite on that and throw the bolts on just that I’ll be ready to put it back in okay so the things all apart and pretty sandy and yeah we’re ready to go bulk in I got that I get the bushing pivoted over the other direction I got I got the spacer on and she’s ready to go there we go probably should have had the bolts ready

and the nuts you started on down as far as will go dance around this little wire alright son now I got to get the bottom part you see how long the studs are they really make it difficult to get up get this thing in place but with the plot of the troll around just gonna muscle it in there back up in please that’s that’s the hard part awesome I’m going to start these two down here started I’m going to get the big bolts back in through here and since the car is going to get the trucks can get a new alignment you can on the morning anyway but you can see the mark the indention that the old one where the bolts were had made so I’m just going to try to get as close to there as possible so it’ll shoot somewhat straight till the till gets in the alignment so I got to put the phone down get these in got my buddy let me wrestle this sucker okay so we got the studs the bolts going through and the nuts start the nuts there and you can see whether we’re the old marks are so we’re just going to slide the thing into place about as good as we can and then tie it down and I’m gonna do the same thing on on this side let’s get it run the run as far as I can I gotta get my wrench in the end perfect you know knuckles we got John he’s learning how to do it for the first time you got it buddy and like to thank rank for letting me borrow his air gun even though he doesn’t know it that’s uh oh you gotta push the button yeah you got it you got it yeah all right you can get it try get that line up perfect it’s gotta be perfect well gonna sleep you should have waited you could have done a video on your your shift cable no battery batteries boring it people know how to put a battery in nobody care about doing a battery the shift cable would have been good because I’m sure people want to know how to do a damn shift cable on RSX is it lined up oh hang on hand let me uh yeah actually right there go ahead and hit it oh oh hang on hang on you got to change socket how bad I probably should have called you yeah you gotta use the the 21 Hey yeah that’s good all right that’s in I’m just going to put the tie rod sway bar upper control arm and then all our gobbled up wires here rock and roll oh and I got to tighten up all this I can do that right now tighten up these bad boys you made

Billie’s it’s his mom dude you want him to come home he’s like he’s like 16 years old now they think he’s playing Dungeons & Dragons over other alright Evans house and there’s my you do the mom minigame good yo ah uncle on the back alright go ahead jack it up ghetto ass get that starts you said he’s back oh I forgot to put the sway bar yeah yeah maybe maybe not okay it started that started those tight that’s tight focus on us if she’s got it go who’s there where’s the little bit there we go all right send it up all right there we’re picking up the truck okay so now we need to make up that space and I’m gonna need both hands so out up probably that down as far as I can and start the start the nut okay so we get that one started yeah almost hit my food I think it’s a huh I left it at home yeah it’s at home all charged and I even cleared off the memory stick everything and I forgot it so I’m going to my phone I suck I know yeah now that the bottom spinning good god damn it I did it twice okay I’m gonna put my phone down before I smash it okay I swear this is almost the end and put the tie rod back in when that in tighten that thing down I said I’ve tighten these down and heal and then I got to just wrap up all my hook all these things back up and all right and then set it down and we’ll see how much taller this that’s it everything oh the minds snap back in their bowl time I don’t

okay so that is level still has to settle but basically sitting pretty high now we had thirty seven and a quarter there were seven in a quarter and now we are sitting at 40 or just under 40 39 and 3/4 mmm this side with just out of 37 and a half right yeah a little higher some reason and it’s about 40 and a quarter so yeah like I said it’ll settle that’s with the two inch spacers that was pretty bad higher than my grandpa’s – I think he got smaller spacers too