How to Exceed RDA for Nutrition on a Raw Vegan Diet for $14 a Day

Alright this is John Kohler with with another exciting episode for today This episode is going to be like no other, i am actually going to show you guys how you can eat a raw foods diet in Las Vegas for 14 dollars a day for eating mostly organic food and also meeting all your nutrient requirements except for two and to learn what those two are you have to actually watch the video that is coming up real soon, now you guys are going to get the extended remix cut because I give the talk but they are not getting some of the extra footage that you guys are going to see coming right up Anyways we are actually here at a pure health and this is an awesome health food store here in Las Vegas They do a lot of education and they have actually been giving frequent talks here in the backroom but it’s open to all and sharing what I know about raw foods that I have learned over the last 17 years In this episode you guys are going to learn how to eat raw food and meet all your nutrient requirement for under fourteen dollars a day here in Las Vegas and now if u don’t live in Las Vegas, you can use some of the principles that I am teaching you guys here because that will apply pretty much wherever you live although it might be a little bit more challenging but in any case what we are going to do next is giving you the extended remix cut but there is no dance music so don’t worry Anyways the extended remix cut is going to show me actually going around to some of the local stores and that’s one of the tips to shop around for the best prices and the best organic food at the lowest cost and you guys are going to see some of the stores I go to and how much some of the produce cost and it will share some of the specific produce items with you, so I guess next lets go the clip and then we go in to the talk Now we are outside sprouts farmers market and actually this is used to be called sunflower market and the best day to come to sprouts is on a Wednesday because there sales run from Wednesday to Wednesday so if u come on one Wednesday the sale is ending that Wednesday and the new sale is starting that Wednesday so you get advantage of two sale adds and when they have things on the add on sale then they are definitely the lowest price on organics, so we are going inside sprout to see what kind of organics they have on sales this week Now we are in sprouts in organic section and they have too many sales to list we are just going to go over just a few of those for you guys right now so, they have definitely the lowest price on apple around 99 cents of pound and they also have peers, organic Bartlett peers 99 cents of pound, definitely the best prices anywhere in Vegas they also got organic grapes here on sales this week 2 pounds for 5 bucks This week they also got organic avocados on sales for only 99 cents you want to lookout for little red signs, red signs are the sales sign, green signs are the regular signs There are organic greens here at sprouts got to be the cheapest prices around, some of the things I am not going to get like the green kale and a regular kale 2 for 3 dollars for each bunch Moving on down some of the things I will get today organic cauliflower is 2 pounds for 3 bucks I will get some of that and then also I am going to get some of the celery which is also 2 for 3 dollars each bunch, got some celery Then finally oh they got organic romaine 4 for 5 it’s like a dollar and 25 cent for each, that’s a good price, then I pass on that and then I am going to some organic cilantro for 99 cents Now we are outside Traders Joe’s, In general trader Joe’s has actually lower prices in whole foods but not as low as some other places specially where there is some sales so we are going to check out Trader Joe’s for some organic products today let’s see what we find We are inside Trader Joe’s they have some organic products, and there it is you got to shop around some of the best deal Some of the best deals today are the apples here, 2 pounds for 2 dollar 49 cents and we are going to pick up 2 pounds of gala 2.49 that’s better dart 25 pounds much less than whole food Now we are picking up red seedless grapes 2.69 per pound, 2 bucks cheaper than whole food Now we are at some another place you can purchase products actually fresh because you are picking it yourself in many cases here at Gilcrease Orchard here in Las Vegas .I encourage you guys to visit local farms Gilcrease is one of the many farms that I visit in Las Vegas where u are going to get lowest prices in products and actually support local economies here in Las Vegas And also probably have some of the freshest picked foods you can find here in Las Vegas because a lot of food is imported unless of course you have grown it yourself so let’s go into the field and pick some products today and save some money Now we are here inside Gilcrease and there is a lot of things that are harvested here there got a regal over there they got green tomatoes some zucchinis scotch some butternut scotch some radishes but I am here actually for right below me the cucumbers, so it’s the end of the season here not too abundant here but these are minions continuing to flower

and create fruit, there is a nice minion cucumber here, I used this for juicing and these are for dollar per pound definitely excellent price and you know if you get to pick it yourself it’s definitely the freshest and you are also supporting the local economy and also I am saving money over how much cucumber that would cost from the store so there is many reason to support the local farm if you are not going out to them already I will encourage you guys to that Now we are outside the Vons and the Vons are pretty much like a dominrix or saflayer maybe even a pervillian, it’s a standard grocery store that does carry some organic so u can save some money in a place like this definitely if you have their club cards or saving cards if they have things on special even if they don’t have things on special sometimes this place is actually less on some produce items so let’s go inside and I will show you guys which items I normally get at the Vons Now we are inside Vons and the organic produce section is right in the middle you can see they make a big sign go organic now at lower prices and there is the organic counter it’s in the middle some Vons have smaller organic section than others so the one near you doesn’t check another one Some of the prices are fairly good and some are not the apple are like 2.99 per pound that’s a lot if you a bag that will cost less but there are still less expensive at the Sprouts farmer market, but the reason why I am here is because of bananas, the bananas are for the most part are on the lowest price here at 69 cent per pound that beats the trader Joe’s price of 29 cents each for example this set of 4 bananas was about 1 and half pound here its cost 1.05 and at trader Joe’s it costs u about 1.18 dollars so you can save a little bit here so I am going to get some whitish looking bananas here today Other things that are inexpensive here at Vons are the organic grapes just 2.99 per pound and they got the red black and green you know there is some cheaper other places but you this is one stop shopping Organic strawberries not too bad either Last thing I am going to get at Vons is the organic celery it’s on sale this weekend at sunflower but if it isn’t in general Vons have the lower prices, this week its 1.49 dollar and its ranges between dollar 1.49 to dollar 1.99 Now we are outside Winco foods, Winco foods is like a food for less like an employee own like grocery store that has like really good deals on a lot of stuff now they don’t necessary carry too much organic they might carry organic carrot and organic green and maybe some more organic herbs but sometimes I get hot house grown produce here and maybe also avocado so I am here today to check out what they got Now you may notice that I am actually going around to a lot of different stores to go shopping, and you know I like actually going to all the different stores to find best deals and best quality produce, back in the golden days we didn’t have store we have to forge into the wild for food but in the modern day we have to forge in the grocery stores if you have not grown them yourself Today definitely scored a good deal check it out avocados a lot of them, 28 cent each these are conventional but avocados are one of the items that are not sprayed a lot so I do eat conventional avocados when I get them for 28 cent Now we are outside 99 ranch market there and this is where I am getting coconuts today you know there is other Asian markets and stores here in Las Vegas that sells the coconut but I find 99 Ranch because they have good low price but more importantly good quality, I find so many other stores that sells cases of coconut that have the off brand and the quality is not so good even if it is like a dollar cheap, I am willing to pay 1 extra dollar to get high quality coconut that taste a lot better and actually aren’t spoiled from the inside so let’s get inside and I will show you how you can save some money on the coconuts There are the young Thai coconuts here if you buy them by the each they are dollar 1.49 by each One tip is to buy in bulk Check it out here they are by the case and by the case they are 10.99 that will definitely save you at least 50 cents a coconut One of the things before buying your coconut is to open up the case just like this, because if you know buy the case and there is one bad in there then you are actually losing money so just check your coconuts flip it up and check it’s not wet on the bottom here and not any sign of pinks or any major cracks which may be indicator that the coconut is bad Now we are here inside this spring bazaar outside the conference room and this is where the farmers market is every Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm definitely encourages you guys to get here early around 10 because they do definitely sell out especially on the good deals early so come soon rather than later Another excellent resource to save money on produce is your local farmers market and I am here at the spring bazaar farmer market and what I am going to buy today is some pomegranates

Pomegranates here are actually 2 for dollar that’s 50 cent each, pomegranates are wealth of anti-oxidant and so delicious Now we are outside my local Costco wholesale here in Las Vegas, Costco around the nation is a really good source for organic products They generally carry the organic carrots and the organic spring mix and the organic spinach, sometimes they sale organic baby kales, organic broccoli, have seen organic apples, organic grapes, blueberries and strawberries and even raspberries before so you know u never know what you are going to get you kind of visit it and see what they have in stock another thing I like to go to Costco for is the hothouse grown cucumbers and bell peppers because they are hothouse grown and they are not often sprayed and you know they use (IPM) integrated pest management so that means that they tend not to spray unless they have to, so let’s head in Costco and see what kind of organic produce they have today Here at Costco today, they have actually organic baby kale that is similar to the one I got at the dollar store, this is 1.5 pounds for 4 dollars 29 cents for 2 dollars 86 cents a pound for organic mixed baby kale Costco pretty much always have baby spinach organic in these little bins here that is 1 pound worth much cheaper than wholefood its 3 dollar 59 cents for wholefoods its 4 dollars 99 cents and next they have the organic 1 pound spring mix here and over here for 3 dollars 79 cents The best deal so far at Costco is the organic bunny-luv carrots; this is a 10 pound bag right here, I have got 10 pounds of organic carrots and the price is 4 dollars 79 cents that’s about 40 cent each pound, that’s definitely the lowest price you will find and the bunny-luv carrots are really sweet and great for juicing Now we are at another unexpected place to find some good deals on organic produce the 99 only store which is basically a dollar store, and yes I am a dollar store shopper especially when they have organic produce so not all the 99 only store have the organic section and not always organic produce so let’s cross over fingers and see if they got any organics today Now we are inside the 99 only store and I am going to check out the produce sometimes they have the organics and sometimes they don’t so let’s see if we get lucky today Here is there produce section the majority of it is non-organic and just want to take a quick look around and look at each packet and see if its organic or not for example these guys right here are splendido organic (ust) organics so these are little one dry pint of cherry tomatoes for only a buck, it’s definitely a lot cheaper than whole food and even something like trader Joe’s, so we are definitely going to pick some of these guys today Another good deal here today at the dollar store, these guys over here, these are actually called the sunset compari tomatoes lover’s tomatoes, these guys have pretty good flavour and these are says here greenhouse grown, check it out same brand of these guys splendido are organic but these guys aren’t certified so if something like this is growing up in a greenhouse they usually doesn’t have to be sprayed with pesticides, so these are good enough for me a pound of greenhouse grown tomatoes for a buck, definitely a good deal Last thing I am looking for are the organic greens and I am in luck they have some organic greens here They have a whole case of non-organics but on the bottom there hiding, got the organic herb blend, this is earthbound 5 ounces for only a buck so about 3 of these will be about a pound and that’s about 3 bucks they are off like 2 bucks off whole food price Looking for some more organics produce and check it out man I have totally scored, right here organic earthbound mix baby kales looks like a 9 ounce bag for a dollar so 2 of those are 18 ounces that’s over a pound for 2 dollars I will encourage you guys to get mixed baby kales and tender greens they digest a lot better and they taste a lot better than the larger kales Thank you very much for coming tonight its hopefully going to be worth your time this is something I really don’t talk too often you know how to keep raw food on a budget or affordable or at a you know for a good price so what i have done actually is that I have shopped around Vegas so this is like a real world experience not something out of town hey this how you can eat raw food on a budget now I will explain generalities

I will tell you guys what exactly you need to do tonight because I do this in Vegas every time I am here, so you know I have a lot of experience eating raw food for the last 15 years so this combines me being frifti, which is I am not that was the passion I have before I was into raw food it’s like shop with coupons buy in buckets in Costco, I can’t do that anymore since I am raw there is a lot of things that coupons for are like packaged and processed food which we know are not necessarily too good for us and that have a long shelf life and we want to eat things that expire quickly because those are the things that have some of the most valuable nutrients such as a vital compounds and vital nutrients that can be lost with processing, so how many people have heard me speak before, almost everybody there is a few I haven’t so I am just going to really quick a big diversion of my story for the people that haven’t heard me before to know why I got into raw food because it’s a very important point that I like to make The long short of me getting into raw food is because I got into raw food was my health, I had a health condition called spittle man in digest and I was hospitalised put into the intensive care unit and the doctors told me that I might not make it out alive luckily through higher powers I made it out alive but when I was leaving the hospital the doctor said you got this spittle man in digest because of complementing means of food efficiency which means they said basically is in layman’s term defective genes because of chronically weak immune system and so because of this I needed to find a way to build my immune system because I never wanted to get another disease and put back in the hospital spittle man in digest or whatever else and then not be able to get lucky next time because I didn’t make it through that situation with raw food that being said after I got out I got more serious with my health and it took me a year to try and figure out what I really need to do to be as healthy as possible and so I found juicing I found cleansing and then I found raw foods and I am pretty much in that order and I just jumped in full force because for me it was like either living or not living and that’s a very strong reason when you have a strong reason like that if I put something in my mouth maybe I won’t be here tomorrow I know that’s pretty extreme but you know that was my belief system even to this day like I just don’t really want to put something in my body that’s not going to nourish me and feed me because you know there’s many people walk around we can actually live on a diet with all kind of fast foods and junk foods but you know are you really going to have the highest level of health when you get older you know are you going to be in a wheelchair and you know not too healthier or you going to be running around like the people like juice man formerly known as a juice man j quarter was 89 year young who is being juicing and teaching around about raw foods for so many years and he is still playing with his rackets and all kind of stuff so you could be vibrant and healthier into your older age not in a wheelchair like many people do because you know you are going to get a different result if you eat the food that is naturally designed for, and I think that’s a really big problem because we all being marketed to what we should be eating based on marketing and commercials and who has a lot of money to do that and then they have the coupons and buy the stuff for cheaper but you know the people like farmers, the farmers here in Las Vegas area and the produce industry don’t have ton of money like some of the other industry do to stand to market to you guys, to let you know guys what really to eat even including people into raw food as I mean I still don’t see commercials for you know for promoting fruits and vegetables You know they are promoting you know you need to get this you need to get that you need all kind of crazy stuff and you know if you don’t eat these foods then those foods might be better than obviously fast foods but I think you know getting back to the basics to the other creatures of the world eats, referencing to animals they eat their natural diet, fruits and vegetables and if they are carnivore they eat meat so overall I really wanted to get back to some natural diet, what we really should be eating In the first place instead of the things that are made in the factories that people could package up and you know a company could profit off you, so that’s my story and that’s why I am doing this talk Another thing that I want to, I got some points here to talk about One of the reason why I also wanted to do that talk is because you know in our country we are all used to cheap foods, I don’t know how many people have travelled outside the country to a different country like when I travel to a different countries like food is significantly more expensive than it is here in the US and you know as Americans we expect cheap food and guess what as foods gets more processed it generally gets cheaper because they have a longer shelf life, it’s going to sit around longer and they can do things on mass scale you know to pick leafy greens I went to my garden tonight I was handpicking each one and labels as one of the most expensive inputs to a farm but you know with corns and with soybeans they get this tractor with one guy could farm like 10 acres you know easily so anything where it is getting really mechanised you know I prefer not to eat those find of

foods because those are the things that also being g-mode soy and the corn what not, so we are used to cheap foods other countries have more expensive food especially some of the people from you tube land that might be watching right now you know they complain when I post a video like this, john I can’t get stuff that cheap you know, eating raw food for 14 dollar a day I wish I could do that or all you people complain about john 14 dollars a day for raw food’s diet is too expensive and If you think that I mean like I think when you spend money on the food you are eating of the highest quality you are making an investment much more valuable than any investment in my opinion you can make in your life, better than putting money in a bank, better than going down the street and putting in the slot machine, better than anything because you putting in into your health When you make food choices that is going to nourish you and to get you to a highest level of health then you are going to be healthy and this is only going to save your money Down the road, you could be put in the hospital a lot of Americans lose their life’s because of you know the big killers, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and these things based on my research are preventable from basically eating the right foods so you can avoid all that stuff if you do the right thing so I really want to encourage you Today’s talk was originally going to be headed towards eating raw food for 20 dollars a day that was before I got here and then I modified it to 14 dollar a day because after I did my printout its under 14 dollar a day but know it’s going to be under 15 because I forgot 1 item so I am going to have to substitute that’s alright, but nonetheless who cannot afford 15 dollars a day to eat probably some of the healthiest food on the planet I mean everybody here should be able to do that, my brother I mean he eats a conventional diet he just goes out to eat it whenever I don’t know what that place is called Ph chaings and all these other chapotais and he does eat fast food a couple of times a day, he is like way more expensive than 14 dollars a day, so really don’t want that to be that expensive and I want to encourage you guys to actually stand a 15 dollar a day to eat and it’s not that hard, you know I got some surveys results from some of the people that have attended, people maybe spend 20 30 dollars a day and you know some people have different challenges for raw food diet like where do u get the best raw food you know I am going to cover that today and I have whole list here where I bought everything from I will pass that thing to you guys so you can see and not only am I getting these things and getting them out in an affordable price and most of that is organic over 80% is organic The other thing which is really important is you meet or exceed the daily RDR, people may give you guys recipes all the time, people will give you recipes, but the nutrient breakdown of that it might be like there is a different graph in here of that stuff I will pass that around to you but there is different graphs over here For 14 dollars a day you can meet all your US RDAS better in the list here except for 2, one of it is you can get free every day is if you can get enough sun vitamin D, vitamin D is not in For the most part one exception I know not in plant foods and then the other thing is vitamin B-12, so I do recommend vitamin B-12 supplement they do have it here in small bottles can u give me the small bottle! I do recommend that they have it in here that’s a small investment of 10 dollars for a little bottle of B-12 that you will be safe and make you sure you get that to get your essential nutrients because they are not naturally occurred as it should you know in the olden days This is the B-12 that they have here that I recommended that’s actually called nutrusuma, and it’s very clean and it doesn’t have things like sugar, alcohols or preserves in it, so I recommend that for you guys and once again that’s only 10 bucks Aside from that all the food that you are going to see me share with you guys today will meet you USRDA, you can heave through that and see even a lot of different minerals and everything I mean it’s insane so we go over that in a little bit, so another thing if 14 dollars are too expensive like you know some you guys it might be too expensive then I will recommend you beside raw foods the best food you can use in my opinion is the cooked vegan food, so a wholefoods diet, so a wholefood diet I don’t mean 20 or something like that, like adding something like beans if you add something like cooked beans and grains, I am not the big fan of glutose grains but I like the beans or the non-glutose grains you can significantly get more calories and lower your cost that being said it’s so cheap to do this why not do this because in my opinion it is much better any ways not to say that we don’t have not include some beans in our diet because they are actually very healthy and beneficial One of the things I really focus my work on is Doctor Jo Farman, any people know Doctor Jo Farman, he does what’s called the nutritarian diet and you can be a vegan, vegetarian, nutritarian you could be conventional eater nutritarian,

you could be raw food nutritarian, a lot of people are into raw food don’t necessarily talk about this and what a nutritarian means is you are eating nutrient dense diet, for examples some people eat raw food and that is a less expensive if you want to eat that way some people eat raw food they eat 30 bananas a day and 1 head of romaine lettuce and that’s coarsely dense and that’s prively cheap you can do it in man I don’t even know how much like 8 bucks or something and you get all your calories but the challenge I have is you know you are not getting full spectrum of nutrients it’s not going to meet all your RDIS that I am showing you guys in the chart right here so I want to encourage you guys to a nutrient dense diet like each different like beans have different nutrients and you know that there’s zero zeniths in it and lutiams in this greens here and all different kind of vital compounds and vital nutrients beside basic standard vitamin-A –B-C and some of the minerals, so that’s very important because the nutrient density in some of the vital come overs and some of the most protected qualities of the food you know like they enchance the eyesight that provide us with free radical scavenging capabilities which are anti-oxidants and a lot of them not even researched yet, so nutrient dense Another reason why I want to give this talk is because a lot of people complain about the organic food is so expensive and that can be absolutely true because if u go shop whole food and you try to eat organic so you are going to go broke I mean one of my friend calls whole food whole pay check because it’s going to take your whole pay check there is only one thing I source from whole food here, so unless it’s on sale on whole food it’s definitely really expensive in most cases things sold at whole food are actually not whole food which I kind of kind ironic The best way to save money by buying raw food is and these are some basic tips that I am going to give you guys Number 1 is minimising purchasing raw food products in packaged bottles and jars I mean they have some great products that’s packaged raw foods different kind of goji berries and you know cacao and carob powder and all these and yea I like to eat some of these once in a while but for the most part those things per pound are significantly more expensive than fruits and vegetables, so I want to encourage you guys to get away from the packages and stick with the fresh produce like we should, you want to play with those sometimes for a birthday party or an anniversary that’s definitely great Eat seasonally whenever possible obviously anything in season is in abundance in the market place and we have supply demand which dictates the price so there is more supply there is the prices go down so often times you eat what’s on sale so I go into sunflower market which is now called sprouts and just go there on a Wednesday when they have double sales on that day and I buy all the things on sale the things on sales are probably are the things on season as they have them in abundance and they just want to move them now because sprouts got a good deal from the mill man wholesaler and pass the saving on to you, another way to eat seasonally very effectively is to go into the farmers market, one of the things I got from the farmers market this time was pomegranates, how many people know how pomegranates usually cost in a store or somewhere, 3 dollars yea 2 3 bucks you know this is an organic pomegranate actually grown I don’t know I forget, near Logan dale or whatever and its 50 cents so actually I buy it with lady had, that’s what I was breaking this morning Another thing I want to mention is that whatever the sheet guys is average day for me but not every day is this exactly ingredients so I don’t to leave you out Johnny this under 14 dollar I am going to eat this for every day the rest of my life, no! That’s not the point, the point is that I give you guys an example of what I do and want to give you some other hints and tips of what I do today you can buy things in season and some of the things in staples and you know do something very similar each day, so this is not set and stone this is just the example of what my days are going to be and actually what I do with all the pomegranates is I de seed it that I will show you guys how to easily de seed the pomegranates I de seed it at least a half dozen of them maybe more and a couple of apples and juiced it up and made it really rich and delicious juice and I made 16 ounces of juice so I have like 32 ounces earlier and then now this, so yea eating it seasonally because its season right now you can definitely save a lot of money Another thing is I shop locally at farmers market or visit the farms so there are some

farms here around Las Vegas; some of you went to Gilcrease? Good a number of people, they generally have produces for like about a dollar for a pound so I got these cucumbers fresh picked that I got to pick myself that’s a real treat This time of the year its really nice to go out there because it’s not really hot and these were a dollar for pound and yes they still are fresh locally grown minion cucumbers, also got zucchini, lots of zucchini left they are kind of getting shy of the cucumbers there’s a lot zucchinis there are for a dollar a pound too, I mean they don’t spray they are not certified organic but on those crops they don’t spray that’s what they told me, it’s on Tenaha it’s like sap north farm 7800 north to Tenaha the address that pops in my head, so that’s one place also there is another place called cowboy rail farm which is open every Saturday you can go by there and visit their farm and buy things direct from them also another very good resource that I also visited on this trip is where I got some tomatoes that I didn’t use in my recipe today and there like 2 dollar a pound so the master gardener orchard is on hoarse drive indicators it’s like north of Las Vegas and they generally sell their produce for 2 dollars a pound something is more something is less on an average 2 dollars a pound and they have some of the most exotic things you will find around here like last trip to Vegas I got joop joops they are like a Chinese date and they are over dried for my particular taste but they are really inexpensive they are really good Coming up in about 2 weeks they will have Nevada grill percito so I am really excited about that right now the others things have, they have like apples, pears and they have a lot of different variety because it’s a master gardeners orchard they do a lot of experimental growing and planting different variety instead of just having Rome apples and delicious apples they have that other variety that u haven’t heard about and some of them taste amazing, so yea visit farms that’s definitely an important thing to do Don’t eat at raw restaurants that’s another tip, that’s when you blow 15 dollar on one plate of food unless if you are in Chicago, there this raw Indian restaurant that I visited 15.99 all you can eat only on Monday nights I have a video on that that’s on I did a review and it’s all you can eat in 15.99 that can cut down your food bill because what I did was I had a juice in the morning and starve myself all day and went there for dinner and I got there when they open at 6 30 and we stayed there until 10 and you got to slow and don’t stubble it all in you know take your time chew well but I like three plates of food and a good dessert and a smoothie so that was definitely a good deal unfortunately there is not an all you can eat raw food restaurant around here there is another one in Florida or 2 in Florida hapakry health institute that’s 20 dollar all you can eat and then new ash café I have a video and a review of that as well online so a lot of time when I am travelling I make videos to share my secrets and tips with you I have actually many videos on how to produce wholesale which I haven’t fully discovered yet here in Vegas there is a little more difficult but I will if I do There is a great model of like a local wholefood club where making it a club Kristina Korulu Booground made one around in Texas and she has like 7000 people where she buy stuff from wholesale and then basically sells it not even sells it distribute it to the people at the price she is getting it from and she has incredible buying powers I talk to her at the last event i was at, so she shares how to do that with people It’s fully raw her website is its Kristina korulu booground, but yea I think it’s definitely something needed in here in Las Vegas, some kind of a buyer or a buying club or people could just pool money in and someone is in charge of it all you are going to do is just drop down to LA and once a week or something and you can get wholesale produce I have already done that and I will show you guys how to that someone needs to drive down and get the products and distribute it there needs to be a system someone dedicated for doing that and we can do it its easy Another tip is to shop at different stores to find the best deals, it’s very important I mean you noticed that I shopped at a lot of different stores to get some of the deals I probably could have saved not as much money if I didn’t go to all those different stores but I kind of make it a game, it’s kind of fun for me like 100 good deals, in the olden days before there was stores you have to literally forge for your food and go around so I am literally forging for my food at different

stores when I am trying to find the best quality stuff and in low possible price that being said I also forge things in my backward and actually I have trees locally so yea shopping around is definitely important and I will share some of the stores with you when you go over my list when I will pass it around so let’s see here when I said in my teaser thing, you want to purchase the most cost effective organic items so the most cost effective organic fruit, I mentioned it earlier anybody have any ideas, bananas, so organic bananas are about 69 cents a pound at Vons that’s the cheapest price I found, cheaper than even buying at trader Joe’s, so like 69 cents a pound a food is definitely is good it’s really inexpensive for the calories you are getting, they have some nutrients in it too but I don’t make you diet full of bananas but if you have few especially at the winter time when you know some of the local fruits maybe go out of season I think it’s definitely something smart to do The most optimal vegetable to buy in for the cost saving for organic, anybody have any guess? It’s a pretty nutrient dense vegetable, cabbage, cabbage is a pretty good one, cabbage is pretty good but I was going to say carrots because carrots I get these organic carrots at Costco for 69 cents a pound so that’s for the pound it’s pretty good and also for the price and also for the nutrients in the carrot as long as you are chewing it well or juicing them up because it’s hard to extract the nutrients out of a carrot when most people chew 2 times and then swallow so yea those are the most cost effective fruits and vegetables even better way to save money on your raw foods diet is to grow your own food, we can’t it’s a harsh whether here bohonkey! I would say bohonkey because I grow it myself and does the Gilcrease do it and how does the tomato lady do it how do I do it, I have at least a dozen videos showing really excellent examples of people growing in Las Vegas and I even have a video of an hour long showing me taking my backward and from nothing being there and installing the irrigation system and installing you know to where to get the best soil and you know building it and making it grow and actually if I was with it tonight I would grab the pound of leafy greens that I have harvested for my garden and I must have at least a 100 more pound of leafy greens right now that’s what I am talking and you can do it too! I tried but nothing grows, see with that attitude, I like to have a positive attitude what I like to say you know you watch some of my videos I mean there are certain techniques you have to do, you first time got on the bicycle you probably fell off and if you always thought every time I got in on a bicycle I fall off and that doesn’t work forget it I am never going to try it again, then you will never be able to ride a bicycle, you know just like walking you got to get up you might fall over and you forget how to walk and you can figure out how to garden in Las Vegas if you do these specific things it will ensure your success and it’s not too hard You don’t need a backward you can do it in a patio you can do it in a little you know a porch you can even grow food inside your kitchen in trays like micro greens or you know sprouts in trays in fact there is a couple of out who is doing this and pretty soon I will be visiting them and showing you guys how they do it and they also teach classes they do! So it’s one of the farmers here in the area that sells in the farmer markets that sells the micro greens, they usually sells at the hinder sons I have only seen them on this side of the town a few times but I am going to get out there and make a video and share it with you guys so you can do it too because buying some seeds is super expensive to produce the food that you have to buy I mean micro greens are like 2.49 at trader Joe’s right down the way just for few ounces so that’s incredibly expensive when you take some seeds for little pennies and turn it into food that’s fresh food that you are harvesting that’s more nutrient dense because as things are cut and shipped and process nutrient level goes down I have a question Yes! Where do I buy my seeds? So where do I buy my seeds so a lot of things I start in Las Vegas are actually I buy it from the Starks so one of the other things you know when a Gardiner talks that I have giving in pretty soon but especially if you are a new gardener I recommend you don’t mess with the seeds for the most part unless you are sprouting if you are going to plant a regular soil garden then just start with a little starter plan and be assured of a higher level of success because sometimes things don’t germinate if you are new to it you don’t do it right and it’s not going to work and then you are going to have

success and you are going to get turned off rather just spend a little money and buy a the plants that will do well for sprouting seeds I got a place like there in south Florida that will ship you organic seeds, other things like you know sunflower seeds you can just get black holes sunflower seeds at Wal-Mart that’s sold as bird seeds and that will actually sprout and grown to sunflower greens and that you can huge I don’t know 50 pounds bag for like 10 bucks, there is a lot of resources available in Las Vegas for learning how to grow there is a lot people giving classes, they have master gardeners that will actually help you out you can call them anytime for question and they will give you information you need so that you can be successful too Another way besides actually growing you own food is finding and forging for wild foods so if you live in an area where you can do that or take a hike up in the mountain where it’s not contaminating with toxins and pollution you can definitely do that de-align or something that that bruise relatively well you can forge that you can just literally de-align seeds and throw them out and grow because they literally grows a weed Another thing I actually harvested locally I was going to bring some tonight but I didn’t was dates, so dates palm grow here in Las Vegas many of the landscapes trees you see are dates palm and right now there are the time they are ripening so the last trip I was in Las Vegas I climbed a date palm and harvested a bunch of dates and dates they are not cheap they are 4 bucks a pound and I almost harvested at least like a 100 dollar worth easily just 25 pounds no problem Next I want to talk about the raw food I will be eating in this day are the sample menu day I have so let’s go over there next and we will go over that stuff, so this is a standard day as an example not to say you should eat that every day but if you want to eat in that exact combination that’s probably great but I want to encourage you guys to eat different food based on what you are going to get on a good price and then make something that’s going to taste good for you, so the foods we are going to use today are young coconuts non-organic, bananas organic, frozen cherries organic, baby kales organic, apples organic, cucumbers not sprayed, coli greens that is the thing I forgot from my garden they are better than organic, celery , hot pepper , carrots, tomatoes, vocami seaweeds, pomegranates, avocadoes, zucchinis scotch and some of miscellaneous herbs from my garden so I have all the different prices here I am going to go over all of it but I will pass it down to see where I got it from and my favourite places to shop at town for specifically organics number 1 I like Is sprout formally known as sunflower market if you go on a Wednesday there adds begins on a Wednesday so you have double add day so you will benefit from the last add day and the upcoming add so if you go there and get everything on sale you know you will be doing pretty good on the prices you know in generally I don’t buy too many things that are not on sale in my personal life unless it’s something I really want, another place I really like is Costco they generally have a few things organic for the most part all the time organic spring mix organic spinach and now they have actually organic baby kales and organic carrots they also have hothouse things like hothouse peppers and hothouse cucumbers that I will get if I can’t get organic ones for a good price, right now they also have organic apples and you know in a few months they will have organic blueberries like they normally do like they also have had organic strawberries and raspberries you know in a past few months sometimes they have also some Costco have celeries and broccolis as well and it just depends on the Costco like one Costco might have more organics than the others and I don’t know how exactly they do that In addition I got these guys, these are frozen organic blueberries, I like cherries because it’s a very nutrient dense food with a lot of different anti-oxidants in there and that’s another thing I eat beside from nutrient density I eat for anti-oxidants Another place I like beside from the farmers market is the 99 only store or the dollar store, so this at the dollar store is for a dollar, this is 9 ounces of baby kales that’s about a little less than 2 dollars a pound, at Costco it was like 2.66 a pound which is still good but it beats it, that being said you know not every dollar store always carry organics it’s like whatever they get in the shipments so sometimes they have it sometimes they won’t and I do go to multiple 99 only stores to find the stuff I need and just I kind of like doing it, the other thing they also had he herb blend salad and that’s once again organic and I got different blends from this size of box either its spring mix or spinach al different kinds but this is 5 ounces per dollar so 3 of these will be about a pound so it’s like 3 dollars a pound

of organic greens and they are pre-washed so I like that a lot that saves me some time in the kitchen so I open it up and put blast it through the juicer or put in the blender or put in a bowl and it have an instant meal that I have to wash and clear the dirt and all kind of stuff and they are really inexpensive so 99 only store, other than that I fill in with trader Joe’s, in general trader Joe’s is lower price than whole food like they have organic apples that I bought for 2 pound bag for a dollar 25 cent a pound which is pretty good sunflower beat it with 99 cent a pound on sale So what we are going to do today is how I normally eat is I have several meals during the day maybe 3 or 4 different meals and its always different and its always one or combination of these factors, so one I can eat something in whole so I like to do what’s called mono meal, mono meal is one you eat one thing at one time and you are totally happy and totally full, so a friend the other day mono meal the tomatoes I don’t know I could do that if that my was my garden picked and they are really delicious or you can just mono meal that’s another thing I got this week so this was actually from the dollar store too and these are 1 pound of compari greenhouse tomatoes so these are not organics but they are greenhouse grown in general when they are greenhouse grown they use IPM integrated pest management which means it is a controlled environments they don’t generally have to spray, they don’t have these herbicides because they are only planting what’s going to grow and no seeds going to get there to germinate and the bugs they only spray at small parts if they have to they only gets in if they open the door or its come in with a plant or something, the dollar store also had these small packages of cherry tomatoes by the same company that are certified organic as well Yes? I call the 99 only stores the dollar store because that’s the best one, some of them have produce and some of them don’t, the one I go to is in Decatur’s the one on spring mountain and the one on like Tropicana fort apache so those are the 3 I go to regularly some of the other around too in town, the one in rancho has a fairly large produce section actually I got organic oranges there before actually So one of my meals is mono eating a fruit and today my mono eating fruit was like one pound of grapes, organic grapes they are about 2.50 a pound in sunflower and I have another meal a smoothie today and then I also had a juice so that’s what I had so far today but on this day, the example day we are going to do umm so ahead of myself here, so ways of eating are usually mono meal or just eat food whole whether u want to mix something or not I just like to eat one thing at a time in general and then another way I eat beside a mono meal is I have a juice, if I don’t have a juice then I will have a smoothie or I could have you know like a salad or a soup which is kind of a combination of some of the different things so I would be chopping up things and juicing and blending things so every meal i have the opportunity to do a couple of different options you know whole food blended or juiced for the most part, salad will be kind of whole and I am just going to juice which I want to do I get up in the morning and generally I like to drink something more watery like a juice or maybe a smoothie because we just woke up and specially in Las Vegas you are probably dehydrated just from sleeping because the water is evaporating out of you and that’s another point I really want to talk about is especially in Las Vegas, it’s important to eat food in your diet that is going to give you water you need so you don’t have to drink extra water a lot of the cooked foods actually cooked the water out of it and the foods are actually dehydrating you and dehydration can be a cause of many illnesses so by simply eating fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that have higher water contents it’s going to keep you hydrated naturally that being said here in Vegas I also do like to drink about 32 ounces of water right when I get up and also before I go to bed to ensure that I am not going to be dehydrated So what we are going to on our sample day today is we are going to make a smoothie and these are the ingredients of the smoothie, 1 coconut and some cherries and some bananas then the next thing we are going to do is we are going to juice and the juice is going to be some carrots some cucumbers some apples 1 hot pepper and a whole bunch of greens we are going to put 9 ounces of these greens it’s here and then I am going to use coli greens which are actually free because when you are growing your food you are not tend to pay for it, instead because I forgot you see some of these herb blend which was about

a dollar so that’s all intrigues the price to 14.22 a day instead of 13.22 and let’s see that’s going to be the juice and finally for dinner you can make a salad on my last talk that I gave here is to how to make a soup especially when some of the greens don’t tastes as good as it used to so we are actually going to make a soup for the dinner so this is basically my 3 meals during the day and also you can do some snacks if you want some other things but our soup basically is going to be made out of these tomatoes and herbs some croutes and avocado some pomegranates and some nuts and seeds and so hand this out one at a time you see you can only go over the list how I made it so this is the food you are using and this is if its organic or not and most of things are yes and this is the source where I got it from and this is the overall cost like the coconuts I bought 10.99 for 9 because if you buy for each it’s more expensive and then the cost of a dollar 22 each if you look down the cost of each item then most of it is a dollar or less some of the things cost more, number 1 the processed raw food that I told you guys not to buy if you want to eat for cheap so this is for a dollar 50 per serving now we are going to use it cost a dollar 50 you can substitute like a more sea vegetables instead of it, I like to use it for its unique flavour this gives and I am willing to pay a dollar 50 for that but if you are not you can definitely leave it out, another thing which is pretty expensive is the coconuts everything else you mean you will be pretty amazed at the prices over here so I will hand that out The next thing I will pass around to is actually this is from, so how many people have been there to, so is a website where you can its free you can punch in what you are eating on daily basis, it will tell you like how many calories and the percentage fat the carbs and the proteins and all the other nutrients is in the food so you can ensure what you are getting you need to stay healthy you know a lot of people teach raw food and teach you a recipe and they haven’t done the nutrient breakdown of it, they will just say eat this, some of it very high on like the nuts and seeds The amount of nuts and seed I recommend for a day is right here, with these nuts and seeds and these vegetables you are going to meet all you RDIs as you will see when I pass it around and this is not a lot of nuts and seeds to make this easier I just say one or two handful at the max and that’s about as much as in here this is approximately one ounce of sesame seeds and like quarter an ounce of brazil nuts and that’s not pretty much but the nuts and seeds have specific nutrients like the Brazilian nut are very high on selenium, selenium is hard to get challenging to get in some other vegetables the reason for the sesame seeds is specifically for the zinc because zinc is another thing which is difficult to obtain from fruits and vegetables unless you eat in an absurd quantity Another thing I want to talk about is we are also getting a little over 2000 calories I think, 2200 calories on this diet, now I actually didn’t account for juicing of vegetables I actually put one pound of carrot yea some of it is coming and we are going to get a lot of juice might change things a little bit Another thing I was curious for its days 1 coconut is for 270 calories and that’s from this chart and different places I have seen different amount so I am not sure that’s completely accurate either, but nonetheless it basically shows all the things we are eating, here 2246 calories is the total amount of just the food here for 13 dollars and 22 cents so I will pass that around This next one over here goes over the USRDIs in a numeric version you know it shows that there is no B-12 there is no vitamin D but everything else we are getting all the nutrients we need, pass that around This next one here is I like little better actually this is the that’s pretty much the same but this actually have the bar graph so you can like on vitamin-A 888% of the normal like that’s a lot more than you know a 100% so I mean most of these items the 100% lines over here in excess of the different you know nutrient in this diet This last graph is a pie graph and this pie graph actually shows you the calories coming from fat proteins and carbohydrates and alcohols because alcohol can’t provide you calories, zero calories coming from alcohol and you know the fat calories are 24% overall now

there are some people I recommend a high fat raw food diet, if you are eating a recipe out of many raw food recipes you may be eating 50% fat or more and I don’t advocate a diet that’s that high on fat, just because it’s a raw fat doesn’t necessarily make it a good fat that being said I would rather have you guys eat a raw fat than the other fat but we want to keep our fat calorie down there and some raw food diets like the 80/10 10 diet which recommends the 10% fat which is basically no avert fat so they are not eating nuts and seeds and they wouldn’t probably eat coconut or maybe some of them not even eat a avocado because it’s too much fat as parker tells you our brains are made of fat we should be called fatheads it’s very important besides eating fats in your diet in my opinion we also need to eat right kind of fats so the kind of fats today are the coconuts and the avocado and some of the nuts and seeds here and another thing which is very important is to rotate the kind of fats you are eating to ensure you eat omega 3 rich fats including the chia and the hemps and the black seeds also very important Another thing that’s not often talk about also is if you are on a 80/10 10 diet and actually not eating any overt fats your omega 3 levels of what I have seen will be in a pretty good range because leafy greens have high omega 3 but the problem is when you eating other nuts especially in large quantities that can through your ratio out you know of you omega 3 balance which is very important balance in my opinion, and let’s see fat 20%, protein 8% and a total calorie over getting a 100% of our RDI is 68% so pass that around so those are the all different hand outs to show all the nutrients you need from the 13 dollar 20 cent that is pretty basic anybody could do that just take couple of hours to do that, I don’t always do that I just know if I eat wide vary diet mostly fruits and vegetables and some nuts and seeds here and there you are going to get what you need and it’s also very important to rotate the food, don’t eat the same food day and day out So I guess we get into doing the recipes now, the fun part, so how we are going to use these things, the first thing we are going to make is a smoothie and you guys get the sample of some of the stuffs see how can I arrange this So the smoothie is going to be a very basic smoothie, I like to make smoothies that are either like a green smoothie or a fruit based smoothie and it’s very simple a lot of the times I use the coconut because coconut to me is a rich source of water, natures purified water, it’s also high on electrolytes cline sadaclines which can be anti-aging for my research and instead of drinking water I rather drink you know water from the foods and coconut is a food that has a lot of water content so we are just going to take a knife here and cut the crust of the coconut and today I am using a Thai coconut, based on my research Thai coconuts are actually dipped in with sulphites and fungicides called ferma benzoyl which is also used as a anti warming drug so for that reason I keep the plaster on it I am not touching that and another question that happen is people say because it soaks the nut in there if it goes through and penetrate the hard nut and I have seen testing of that fact and most of the people say no, in probably my opinion say no that being said I do also try to include a lot of Mexicans coconuts instead of Thai coconuts so they are available at a place like the Mexican markets in town that’s called Mariana’s, but they are more expensive than the Thai coconuts so I like to rotate once we got this we use this knife and this knife is from the dollar store too so with dollar store knife you can easily open the coconut that’s chunk full of water so besides the water the most valuable part to me is the coconut meat, that’s where the most calories are, you know for me calories are not like super critical there is more important to me that you get a lot of nutrients, I mean if you are eating a lot of food with nutrients you are probably going to get your calories as well I think a lot of people tend to focus on calories and that’s maybe not the necessarily the best thing to focus on a lot of the standard processed foods are really rich in calories and low in nutrients we are going to focus on the exact opposite that’s what the nutriotarion is, high nutrients low in calories that’s where the leafy greens

shine So for example this morning I made a smoothie similar to this but I used instead of fruits I used greens so it was a green smoothie, alright so there is all our coconut meat, next thing we are going to do is to put in a few cherries there is only a few ounces of cherries these are just frozen cherries you know in one of the things you will find is I don’t tend to use a lot of frozen foods I tend to use fresh foods and I actually don’t use a whole lot of dry foods either, especially in Vegas just dehydration lives out here and we are going to put food that raise our moisture level and not subtract from it, if you eat dry fruits or cooked foods you better drink extra water you know to make up for the water now the foods going to pull out of your body because it takes liquid for your body to process and move all the stuff through you, otherwise it will be very painful for you to go to the bathroom for some of you guys it might be painful, so here’s what we are going to add 4 bananas, these are organic bananas, the organic bananas price varied a lot in Vegas I have noticed like some place to as high like as a dollar and 19 a pound and at Vons I got it for 69 cents a pound that’s almost like half the price so it does pay to strap around In general at Vons I like to buy the organic bananas and when some of the others don’t have celery then at Vons is the least expensive for celery and then if they have things on sale they have a little club card thing which gets you pretty much good deals Also in the summertime I like to use more frozen foods the only thing wrong with frozen foods are is they are frozen, they still have the water content or dried food miss the water contents so I would rather use frozen than dried, also frozen food will make your food a little cold so this is a good thing in a summer time when it’s too hot outside okay so can I get some these samples out On the frozen, does that kill the enzymes or something? So the frozen does reduce the enzymatic activities in my opinion reduces some of the nutrition’s in the food for that reason I always recommend fresh fruits generally all raw but if you buy frozen vegetables generally glance before they freeze them in my opinion they are not considered raw it’s still much better food than something else you may eat instead freshest is the best is what I like to say So instead of coconuts, I use coconut water and coconut meat as a base you could just use and make a juice you can use you know tomatoes you can just blend a whole bunch of tomatoes as a base I generally like a fruit base and I like to use wholefoods you could use water if you wanted to I would intend to use apples or a produce item that I got inexpensively this week so you know carrot juice base, tomato base or a cucumber base, apples are 99 cent a pound, I could use an apple base but that’s another step you got the juice and then blend it up with your greens or if you have a blender that powerful you can just literally put an apple in the blender and just blend that up, it’s going to be a lot thicker than this but that’s definitely up to you, so that’s what going to go around here Ok john you are using a lot of calories as bananas and you say I don’t mind the fat content because you are right the brain has a lot of cholesterol, not to mention your heart protects your body that you are using 2000 calories a day isn’t it quite a bit? Yes right another chart that I actually didn’t print out because you have to put in your size and weight and it says that I am eating 2000 calories a day but I am burning 2400 calorie a day based on my activity level so I am still a count negative that being said it depends upon your specific needs and this is my example day doesn’t mean you need to do exactly like this you know personally you might want to reduce the number of bananas you might want to put 1 banana instead of 4 because 4 is a lot, but this is what I need to survive because I don’t want to get too skinny and weak like many raw fodders look like stick figures, I think I look pretty healthy and some people I think that are into raw food they look like guans maybe they are not eating enough calories I don’t exactly

know I won’t drink naked juice because they have so much sugar? Well right yea I mean the things is when you have your own appliances a blender or a juicer you can make things like this the next thing I am going to make is a juice and you better sit down when you are drinking this juice because this juice is not going to be sweet it has a total of 2 granny smith apples and granny smith apples I tell you guys are not definitely the sweetest apple and this is pretty much going to be green juice because It almost have almost a pound of greens in there if I brought my tree Cali it will even be stronger which we are using herb mix not quite as strong so yea you need to tailor what you are doing to your specific needs you know I recommend for the most part for me I do eat a lot fruits and for many people that not might be such a good idea but you need to get your calories from somewhere and you also need to figure out based on your activity level how many specifically you need Yes! One the list there is 2 sources I never heard of it before sure! , SF super and Winco, so Winco is a supermarket and they are on like north Decatur in 215 and there is one on the hinder son and that one I just put that on the list because I got these avocadoes that are not organic for 28 cents, so they have a limited 10 I could have bought more , but this is a lot of calories for a little money that being said you know there are another way to save some money is actually buy things conventional that are on the clean 15 list, anybody knows about the clean 15 and dirty dozen? So the environmental working group that’s put together a list they do this every year and they do a survey of all the conventional produce items and you know the residue and pesticides it contains and so avocado for the most part being on the clean 15 which means the least amount of pesticides residue on them that being said you know I also did buy organic avocadoes this week and they are 99 cent each so 99 cents versus 28 cents I mean at the store I got it of which organic avocadoes at sun flower for 99 cents for each and the non-organic were 78 cents so for me that’s a no brainer, non-organic for 78 or organic for 99 ok john vow you the money the organic one probably have more nutrients and they taste better so that’s what I am going to do for 20 cents difference you know when they are collar on the price you know all these guys are on the clean 15 list, good enough for me, the other one you mentioned is SF super, SF super is an Asian market its right on spring mount Decatur and so that one is a big Asian store and they have a big produce section mostly its non-organic I got pretty good selection of the seaweeds, another place for seaweeds is actually better than that is the international market place on the Decatur On your chart you’re fat % is 24 is that average for you? So you know what I like to say is my fat % range is about 10 to 25 % that’s 25 % is the highest depends on the food I am have available you know right now we are getting into the fall/winter and there are not many fresh fruits or a wide variety of fresh fruits that I would like to eat at a pretty affordable price I mean I can sit there and eat a lot of bananas and apples and then I can lower the other calories from other foods but on this day I just worked out to be about 25 % so I recommend from 10 to 25 % obviously it’s going to vary If I want to eat a low sugar diet is it hard to get enough calories that way? So eating a low calorie diet on a raw food diets can be quite challenging because then you are probably going to get your calories from more fats because that’s what they really contain fats or the other option which you can do partly is if you want to do carrots or not because they can be quite sweet especially once juiced you could do a lot of juice and that would ramp up your calories I think I figured out once I pretty much need about if I get about 2 gallons of juice I get all of my calories but that’s 2 gallons of juice that’s a lot of juice I don’t have a problem with that buy many people might, another way you can do that is by sprouted grains so you can do something like sprouted buckwheat and not gluttonise grains and you know they are more calorically dense but still there is definitely a lot of greens I think the much smarter thing to do is just do 80 % raw and then include some cooked whole vegan food some steamed beans some steamed vegetables if you have I would rather juice them or some steamed non gluttonise grains in my opinion will be a better idea I mean I do all the raw thing I have been doing this for 17 years now 99.999% this may be unrealistic for most people actually I don’t advocate that people do an all raw diet but you know doing a lot of I am incorporating here and then by getting

your fat calories down by doing you know some cooked beans which are very high on nutrition and some of the non-gluttonise grains might be probably a very good idea in my opinion It’s much better to sprout your beans and then cook them a lot of beans do have fight heating things which needs to be broken down by heat and I have a friend that sprouted kidney beans and eat them raw she got really sick so that’s not fun there is only a handful of beans lentos and mong beans there is another one that you can sprout and eat them raw so I am talking about the most part when I am talking about beans you should sprout them and cook them to get all those anti-nutrients out and the whole food locally they have wide selection of beans now so you could probably those cool different beans and what not, another thing you know I grow runner beans out here and that grows in a when it’s not in the middle of a summer it’s doing quite well now this time of the year and I eat the little beans part of my plants The non-gluttonise grains so milet and quinoa beans would be 2 good ones teff is another one I believe amaranth right Okay so how did everybody like the smoothie I didn’t even try it myself very good very good! , yea it’s quite good Yup I normally don’t like I am not anon on measuring everything oh 3 ounces of cherries I just take the bag over it up and dump it up whatever it lands in there but I want to prove a point with this and sure it can be done under 14 a day so I am kind of tailored everything to how I wanted it Alright the next thing is going to be fun it’s going to be juice and this is where you can really start to get a lot of nutrients in so now since I am using omega bird juicer and I do need to mention that is my business I do sell juicers for a living and I do have a lot of videos on you tube on explaining how to select the best juicer for you and demonstration of all the juicers if you don’t have a juicer and considering buying one because every juicer just a little bit different just because this one is my favourite juicer doesn’t means it’s going to be your favourite juicer because the best juicer for you is going to juice the best the things you want to juice the most and for me what I juice most is it does really well in here and its very convenient as well A lot of people may have a this typical injection style machine that’s a kind of which has big fast spinning blade probably 3 inch wide you can probably juice this in 2 seconds in there and you know things like hard vegetables and the hard foods like the carrots and the cucumbers and the celery even apples, those juicers tend not to juice the greens very well so that’s why I recommend one of the slow juicer because they are going to get the maximum nutrition out of the leafy greens which are the most nutrient dense food on the planet so in my opinion those are the most important things that we should be juicing So the question is what you do for roughage and fibre so when you do make a juice yes you remove most of the fibre but there is still some fibre remains especially in this machine if you don’t fill to the juice out it lose a lot of pulp of the juice that being said I am eating other meals in my day besides just the juice meal so we are going to have a soup that’s going to have some roughage in there you can even make a salad and I eat mono meals of fruits all these fruits have fibre you know there are people who go on literally juice diet for a period of time for several months I know a guy actually started his juice diet in the beginning of this year and up to like august he is been only living on juices to me it looks like he can probably juice a little bit more but you are still doing fine I mean there is people that go on water fasts I just heard of Loran lockman speech earlier this week he helps people with water fasts my dad went to a health centre for 30 days you live only on water and you still have movements just drinking water believe it or not so well fibre is important you know if you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables you probably going to get enough I have had any constipation problems myself eating this way one of the thing you will discover if you do chose to live this way unfortunately my mom hi! Mom if you are watching, she doesn’t like to eat this way, john if I eat the way you do I got to go the bathroom like six times a day and its inconvenient I want to say I want to go one time a day and constipated all the time maybe that’s why you are so anal sorry mother! It’s a truth I seem to tell that out in my you tube videos hopefully she generally doesn’t watch my videos hopefully she won’t watch this I wonder I will be in anyways alright

let’s get the juice in here John is you juice like you take out the core part just saw you pulled the twig off? Yea absolutely so you know as long as core doesn’t have any funky stuff and this is an apple that’s pretty fresh doesn’t have any moiled in it I am going to juice the core up some people will might be concerned john you are going to juice apple seeds in the apple seeds contain cyanide and you know every nut and seed may contain some level of anti-nutrient this is so in the nature animals aren’t going to sit the whole apple because they make them sick you know I personally have been juicing apple seeds from a long time and I haven’t have any issues if you actually look at the health food store they probably sell something called b-17 or laetro they basically sell aimen cornels which are basically high in b-17 and that’s what in these guys so you are getting small amount of it when you are juicing things like apple seeds as long as you know eating a lot of them I personally think that’s not an issue but you can do your own research if that concerns you, don’t need a diet just on apples I don’t think it’s a big problem Why do you cut the celery if you are going to juice it so with this specific juicer every juicer has it pros and cons with this particular juicer if you don’t cut the celery because they have a long string that they will get stuck in your teeth it will get stuck in the machine and the way this is set up it clogs it so aside from this juicer many other juicers you don’t have to pre-cut your celery and if I do bring my coli greens from my garden I also have to pre-cut those because they are baby greens they are nice and thin and not too vibrant I don’t have to cut those up so that’s another thing I want to mention is its far better in my opinion to purchase baby greens like this instead of this baby kale instead of large kale I never want you buy at dollar store its probably less expensive like this and number 2 its pre washed as I mentioned but number 3 it’s a lot less vibrant and also this stuff is a lot sweeter how many people had the baby kale so it tastes a lot better I don’t know about you I just don’t like to take a bunch of kales and eat it nasty but these kales tastes good and you are getting the nutrition’s in the kale without having to taste bad So next I am just going to go ahead and turn this juicer on and start juicing so let’s see in this juicer it’s very important you rotate the produce you are putting in some of the juicers you can just put in anything heavily just whenever you want, with this one you need to put in you know your leaves first then followed it by something hard so now I am going to use some of the herb blends over here and these are the some pre-washed weeds, another thing I like to do is do a variant beside just juicing these items I might juice some so this is some money saving technique here if you want to save more money instead of just juicing it all it might be good to juice a lot and juice the cheap stuff so in my opinion like the carrots are pretty cheap celery aren’t too expensive you know the cucumbers and the apples but I actually take these greens instead of juicing it up I actually I make a juice with that stuff and then take the greens and put them in the blender with the juice or instead of juicing it you are going to blend the leafy greens to make it a lot thicker because you are going to have the fibre that’s also going to fill you up quicker so you want to feel full quicker I personally want to get the nutrient out of it and get the most nutrient density I can so that’s why I tend to juice instead plus I am a really stickler for good quality produce and you know want some like a lot of the produce I grow it myself in California which is very high quality I don’t mind eating it but when it doesn’t taste as good as I used too then I just prefer the juice to get it in What model is that juicer? So this is the omega bird juicer is that a commercial juicer? It’s not a commercial juicer this is just the home juicer the omega bird this is called the 330HD, yea this machine really does a good job especially on the leafy greens and the product is really dry as compared to some of the other machines and this is my current favourite juicer the main thing with this is that for the most part a lot of juices you have to sit there and have to push the stuff in on the leafy greens you don’t have to push it but on a lot of the other stuff is to actually drop into the machine and it just takes it in and juices it right up so the main challenge with this machine is it does make a poopier juice and as u saw it you need to pre-cut some of your vegetables

or it will jam up so juicing is one of the easiest way to get more specifically in vegetables, I prefer to basically juice my vegetables but blend my fruits this is for a very important a lot of vegetables like a carrot you know has hard vibrant material so we will not be able to extract the nutrient out of it so the juicer does it more to us because if you think about it our bodies is nothing more or less of a juice extract where we put something in and it comes out one sides comes a solid and one sides comes a liquid so that’s what we are getting in here we are getting the solids and the liquids this is an easily absorbable state already that the juicer did for us without our body really having to work that hard Another question I get a lot is also if you are juicing fruits like we talked a little about earlier you are going to get a more sugar hit and you know you maybe want that because the sugar you get from the fresh fruit juices is way better than caffeine hit from coffee of course right but it is probably better to not put that much sweet so that’s why juice the vegetables and not juice the fruits I do blend my fruits because when you blend your fruits you are retaining all that fibre which is going to slow down the sugar hit you are going to get Always like to teach my class the theory of good, better and best you know you all want to try and do the best if you can’t you know all this the best will be the vegetables juice maybe you know better would be a fresh fruit juice and you know worse than that would be maybe like a pasteurize juice and then worse than that a coffee and a soda so you know how to do to the coffee and the soda the option are coffee and soda or the fruit juice, oh fruit juice has too much sugar well not the option of soda that’s way worse but the option of vegetables juice you know A lot of people have this I got to do the best or nothing and you know life is not about the best or nothings there is always going to a compromise you want to always do the best you can if you don’t have a juicer you know just get a blender and blend all this stuff up Another thing that comes up a lot in my talk is john why I should blend and why should I juice fruits and vegetables blending versus juicing but a lot of people say john is it retaining the fibre good and you know my 2 sentence on that is there is a therapy you know called the Gerson therapy how many people know about the Gerson therapy so a handful of people so many people know that on the garrison therapy they are feeding you fresh juices actually made up of mainly carrots and apples and that’s actually fairly high on sugar but they have been healing people from things like cancer for many years now they don’t give those people blended apples and carrots now why is that because if they did because if it worked I am sure they would do that instead of actually using a specific juice of the neuroma juice to get the results they have been getting that’s because this is literally fully digested in a lot of people that may have compromised digestive systems, juice is one of the easiest thing to get the nutrition ado so you know I see juices as like a healing food What’s the quantity you use? Right! The other thing about juicing is I started out with a pound of carrot and a pound of cucumbers here almost a pound of greens and two apples and I mean I am turning all this food into a drink that I would drink in one siting, in general I drink about you know maybe 32 to 64 ounces of juice in one sitting and that’s good Another thing I mentioned actually in the promotion the one food I eat that keeps me satisfied for hours is the young coconut because it has the electrolyte rich water and also some of the fat in there so if I make a smoothie like this will be good for several hours Lemon and the orange in the juice? People can add I would add lemon in my juice but I wouldn’t add orange to this juice because I don’t like to mix my fruits and vegetables in juices generally the only thing I would like to mix is I would add a lemon or apples or pears but in general people make juices with all different kind of ingredients and this just gets like too complicated, I like to keep my juices recipes for 5 ingredients because if you start throwing everything in the kitchen sink you could make really nasty tasting juices especially which are made of all organic ingredients and it can be quite expensive and not taste good and you are like I got to drink it because I made it you have not done that before so that’s why I speak from experience I have a standard base juice that I use I

pretty much used it tonight my juice base is what usually be out of 1 or all the items I am going to list is cucumbers, carrots, apples, romaine herbs, zucchinis and that’s all I got cucumbers I got celery and I use those as my base and then I will add in just some leafy greens and then might add in some lime and some ginger to spice it up, Another thing I like to add in is actually one hot pepper For the next thing we are going to do for the soup base is going to be tomatoes, so these tomatoes were a dollar per 1 pound and one again we are going to throw them through the juicer now as I mentioned earlier you could throw the whole tomato in the blender and just blend it up it will make little bit different texture than I would like and one of the thing I like to do is I really like to play with the textures you know if did put the tomatoes in the blender it will be a lot more thick but I don’t necessarily want that thickness and the other thing I saw actually a lot is you know my mom trying to get me on this one is john you know there is always studies that shows that if you cook your tomatoes you get more likely protein out of them and if they are raw and that’s actually true but the problem is you can’t compare if you juice them because the problem is if you are cooking your tomatoes and getting more like a because you are breaking down the fibre cell wall but the same time you are cooking your tomatoes you are also losing some of the nutrition in there because of the heat of the enzymes but if you juice your tomatoes you are also going to breakdown the fibre and you are going to get even a higher level of absorption Yet another reason I want to juice things to remove the fibres of the walls to make the nutrient more bio-available for us that’s a great commend but I don’t have time for research You know I am chart full of knowledge over here, yea I will encourage you guys to actually I don’t speak to often about it in Vegas we do it about once a month lately but you know I have an overall 1200 videos now on you tube so in every video you are going to get information like I am sharing with you now and usually I prefer shorter formats and you could have it running in the background if you are making your juice and like I will be editing my videos and this morning I was actually editing my video that I am going to upload actually I already uploaded it today, just like play in the background and do final edits just to make sure it’s alright while I am doing this it’s a great thing to do to multi-task The question is, is there a big difference between organic and non-organic so you know Stanford came out of a mess study on lately about you know that organic food is not more nutritionist than conventional food and kind of really upsetting me a lot lately because how they do the study is they take existent studies out there and combine all those studies to one mega study just to show the results but the problem I see with that is another thing is I don’t necessarily like to live my life with these studies because when they do a study it’s not always that accurate unfortunately, the reason why is because who is paying for the studies to show organic is better than conventional a lot of the conventional growers and big agro businesses that one promotes pesticides use and you know chemical use and they are to show that there product is better than the organic product because they are going to sell more because of it because of it they will sway people from buying organic so you know who’s funding the studies is one issue and the other thing is I can definitely tell you from eating the food I mean we don’t need a study to tell what tastes good and generally when something tastes good or tastes better those are the indicators of nutrients in the food So the difference between an organic and non-organic avocadoes oh it’s huge, it depends on the grower like you know organic means it doesn’t you know they can’t use chemical or fertilisers or pesticides so you know when you eat something non-organic you may be getting basically in my opinion anti nutrient and toxins bringing it into your body which now your body have to work on its spanning so why do that if you don’t have to number one and number two I mean I could talk about for a long time I will try to be short number 2 is that you know organic farmers and conventional farmers use different kind of fertilisers to feed their plants so conventional growers may put on like PMK fertiliser made from chemicals made from petroleum made from natural gas I don’t know about you but I don’t want

to eat things based on petroleum products because that’s not natural, organic growers will use things like compos and manoeuvres and more natural things which are naturally occurring in nature and build their soil fertility that way and a lot of studies I have seen especially being a home gardener myself show and my taste buds proves it that organically grown foods especially high minerals density food which is a whole topic I am not going to discuss today because that’s taking your diet to the next level and most even organic farmers are not even growing mineral dense food you know tastes much better, the big problem I have with organics versus conventional is that, with conventional it’s like they can use anything at least with organics they can’t use these really toxin things just because its organic doesn’t mean it’s going to be nutrient dense because there is no standard of say as an organic farmer you have to put this much compos which adds fertility back to your soils you have to use things like beneficial microbes like fungi and bacteria’s and residuals to your soil to basically those things break down the things in the soil to make it more bio-available for the plants so they can bring it in or you may use things like rock dust which adds a trace mill to the soil because our top soils are de voided minerals these days so there is none of those rules so at least with organics probably the best you can do unless you grow it yourself and that’s why I am a big fan of advocating to grow your own food because what I grow far exceeds from organic stuffs Based on my research and my taste buds and doing breech testing so we are going to add the tomato juice we just made into the blender because we are going to blend that with our nuts I talked a little bit about it earlier this is literally all my choirs like 1 ounce of sesame seeds and those were the seeds and we are going to put this much a quarter ounce of brazil nuts in there now instead of eating the nuts whole like many people do and you can definitely go out of control and scooping nuts in your mouth and eating them I have a really good video I went to my brother’s house here in Vegas and he has an Oman tree in the backyard and I harvested all the Oman’s out of his trees and filled half a shopping bag and then I actually took the Omans because they comes in a husk, I take out the husk and just going to crack the nut and it filled up one of these jars about that much it took me about a half hour an hour to harvest and then even longer to shell them and get them in there but with the add in a ball pin you could open the ball pin and before you know it you got a whole bagful and you didn’t have to go through the process so in nature we wouldn’t be eating a lot of nuts and seeds that we have to spend a lot of energy to get those nuts and seeds so that’s why you mean I like to focus on eating things because in nature we could pick it as much zucchinis as many apples we want as many leaves we want but we wouldn’t eat that much nuts and seeds and many raw food diets especially recipe books they like have nut based pate and that’s very high on fat in my opinion not super optimal So the other thing I am doing I am going to blend the nuts and seeds because when you blend it up with a high power blender it’s going to fractionate and create more surface area so you will get better digestion so I am going to put this on high so alright that’s our soup base nice and creamy soup base with the tomatoes and a little bit of nuts sometimes in seeds sometimes instead of using the nuts you can use avocado especially if you want to lower your cost I mean the nuts kind of get more expensive but the avocadoes are much less expensive so actually I made a really good soup the other night with tomatoes and avocadoes base and some similar things, some similar things that I am going to show you guys now So the next thing I am got to do is one of the things I really like to add to a lot my recipes are the seaweeds especially if you are not getting mineral dense food like we are talking about even farmers and organic growers are not growing it at least the seaweeds because they are grown in the ocean has mineral and more importantly they have trace minerals in there because all the minerals existed on the lands are in form of rocks and they broke down and gets washed out into the ocean that’s why the oceans has the trace minerals now so these are like grown in the ocean and they have a lot of trace minerals in there so this is available at the SF supermarket we are just going to go ahead and pour it in a container for what I like to do is soak these guys first you know I have used this before like this but they are pretty hard and crunchy so I like to soak them first and let it expand and this amount of seaweeds here lying in the bottom you are going to be amazed at how much it turns out in here in just a few minutes while we are working on the next project here The question is about soaking the nuts so the reason why they say you should soak your nuts is for the enzymes and inhibitors, enzymes and inhibitors are actually anti-nutrients and they are not necessarily good for us so

they say soak your nuts to describe the process which is to breakdown the enzymes and inhibitors so I think that it’s a good idea for something like some people have digestion system that are particularly sensitive I mean you could have done this in the morning when you put it out and soaked at least for the day to that, I tend not to do that because I never know what I am going to eat at night I don’t like to plan out my recipe that I am going to eat this soup for dinner, lets soak my nuts now like its dinner I am working on it here comes the dinner time crap! What the hell I do, ok let’s see what I got I go my fridge and see what I got and I just throw some together like I am throwing them together now I mean the best way to do it is to be soak your nuts and dehydrate them so there are always dry and then they are ready to use, the other thing if you soak your nuts like if we put soaks nut into this recipe that were soaked in and drained out it would add more water content to this and that would dilute the content and it wouldn’t quite have a good flavour for me personally so it just depends on, if you are eating a lot of nuts like many of raw food books out there I would probably advocate you should probably soak your nuts because you are eating it a lot but when you are eating literally just 1 and a quarter ounces I don’t think it’s quite as important as it is So the next thing we are going to do is fun we are going to show you guys how to root the seeds of pomegranates because many people have a challenge with that it’s not really that hard So what we are going to do is we need a couple of thing for these a pomegranate a knife and a mini little baseball bat actually this is a pusher of the juicer they also sell these at Asians market for doing something I am not exactly sure or you could use old broom handles stick that you cut down or something like this or you could use a tamper for a mitosis, yea anyways so what we are going to do is we are going to cut these little flower of the pomegranates there and the next thing we are going to do is we are going to take our knife and cut very carefully liking going into a centimetre and just like scorned this all the way up so that’s like what those on the trees and this is the flower and we just scorned it and I like to go around like I was cutting this morning I was doing it sometimes I went 6 sometimes I went 7 times you could do as few as four you don’t want to do too many of them so that’s like one two three four five so good enough, now we are going to cut those scorned we are going to cut this in half and there is our beautiful pomegranates, pomegranates are only at seasons this time of the year, so you guys are lucky you all are here locally then what we are going to is take this and hold it in my hand like this and then we are just going to tap it down the bowl and tap it down pretty vigorously and what’s happening is my hand wasn’t there they all dropout we are just going to beat all the area out of it so you can there it’s pretty clean there is some of the few left in there I will kick those out or beat a little bit more this is just the way I do it that I found that works the best they do have a like special kitchen tool basically to do the same thing but instead of using your hand and you getting all mucky there is a plastic thing you put it on and then just basically do the same thing on why buy extra stuff when you don’t have to, no you can eat the seed and everything you are going to eat the seed tonight actually so yea this morning I juiced it but tonight we are going to is make a soup so in the soup pomegranates will be there for a nice texture and element of the soup so you could use the lemon esters some kind of lemon or you could use tomatoes even you can use a tomato pulp but the pomegranates seeds will add a nice texture and an explosive aerials in your mouth and plus we will a unique kind of tart sweet flavour too to this soup so that’s that we are going to get our soup bowl here and now I can empty up this guy so this is tomato juice with the brazil nuts and sesame nuts blended up into that and start adding some of the iingredients we are going to add all these pome seeds in there now we are going to add some of the other things that we used a little bit of sara sprout, so I like to add the sara sprout specifically for the beneficial probiotics and just the lack of bacillus, they sell probiotics here in many different streams that one of the thing I regularly is probiotics for my health has to work with your digestive system working

optimally and then also in my research with amenity so we are just going to put a scoop in here, also this gives us a little bit added sodium because if you do eat a diet of just fruits and vegetables unless you are eating a lot of Calare you may not be getting enough sodium no I don’t recommend and advocate things like taking Celtic sea salts and things like that because that would way add too much sodium I recommend getting your sodium from foods so at least in this way we get small amount of sodium in here from sea salt and if you look in our chart my nutrient analysis is literally getting about a 100% of sodium intake and that’s mainly because of the sara sprout over here actually because all the other stuff is low in sodium if I didn’t want to use the sara sprout some of the other thing I can use instead are maybe some Chickpea miso I like to you chickpea miso that also has some sea salt in it if you want to get away from all the things that have sea salt I would ramp up the celery my juice celery and put that in with the tomato then we have to add a significant portion of celery to get our sodium or I would add some more sea vegetables you know for the sodium and other trace minerals, what we are going to add next is some herbs from garden so the things from my garden are for free to the recipe where the kale and the juice of the tree coli I forgot to bring see it in my canvas I am going to juice it later tomorrow and the herbs so these are the 2 easiest things to grow on Las Vegas, if you try to grow tomatoes especially in the summertime you will probably not going to be too happy because there is a special technique you have to use, with many herbs especially with basil in the summertime it’s really hard to mess that up, basil grows really well here get a plant and start it out just give it enough water every day and it’s going to grow like mad you have so much basil you will not know what to do with it, another thing that grows really is the chads really did well for me the par coli has done well for me I have actually some of the sages in here the sage is huge just growing crazy and just some other smaller herbs like the tame and rose marries also do well here in Vegas and then the other thing I am going to use was tree carols, those things grow crazy all year long in summer or winter they provide you with a pleather of greens every day of the year, in the summertime they are particularly hot and a little more spice or bitter and then in the winter time about now they really starts sweeting up and these are called primary tree carols some of the tree carols are literally 6 feet tall they have a big stock and they look like a big tree and they just keep making leaves every day of the year standard carol greens you might find at home depot or like Georgia collars are hybrid corals, those thing actually grow for a specific amount of time then they actually flower and seed then they are pretty much done with their life cycle The primal tree carols are different because if you plant them once and then they basically grow for 7 years or maybe even longer I am not sure they say 7 years and it just keeps producing leaves every day of a year and it doesn’t or verily goes out of flower and if it does it will keep producing some of the plants here in the climatic condition they actually went to produce seeds and I let them mature after they are done just continue to produce some more leaves like it never flowered before unlike many regular coral green plants so what we are doing is just dicing these guys up, a really fine here and we are going to add these herbs now herbs are another nutrient dense food to include in your diet and this is how I like to add in a little bit of herbs like fresh herbs obviously freshest is definitely better than dry, some of the herbs are some of the most expensive thing to buy it’s like 3 quarters of an ounce for 2.50 wholefood organic herbs but when you even if you have a window shelf or a patio you can have a little pot of herbs you know grow some of the easiest ones like sage I never have to buy sage again or mint One thing I forgot to juice was the hot pepper so we are going to go ahead and basically add that in real quick for the mixture, so one of the things I like to use is herbs and spices such as the hot pepper spice to make things taste good without adding extra salt a lot of raw food recipes even in restaurants would just add more salt to it and make it taste good when the flavour should be coming from the foods but you know a lot of people don’t use fresh herbs anymore Alright so hopefully that’s enough pepper

juice that will really ramp the flavour up a lot the next thing we are going to do is strain these guys out here, remember when I added this it was just in the bottom of the container but look its totally filled up if I had to put some more water in there probably would have sprained it more but there is a lot of seaweeds once again it gives us some nice texture in our soup how many people were in here when I gave my soap class last month there was a couple of people here but I like these a lot because a lot of seaweeds they taste fishy and you know I don’t like things that taste fishy but this seaweed doesn’t taste fishy another one of my favourite seaweed that doesn’t taste fishy is the dolce and also the nary so last night I just used a nary seeps and I rip those up and then put them into the soup that I made last night so we are just going to basically press out the extra water now the water you are getting out here you couldn’t drink it its really good to be poured into your plants because you are also leaching out some of the minerals in here in the soak water it’s pretty good now I am just going to stuff that into I think we got couple of more ingredients left for the soup there so the next ingredient we are going to add to our soup is the avocado here so we are going to dice this avocado then add it for a little more texture and more fat, I want to talk about the avocadoes for a second this avocado is actually from Mexico they are also imported from like Chile and I will encourage you guys to whenever possible buy the California avocado because they have to travel less far so there is a less resources and less fuel and one of the thing I noticed is they are a lot better for their tasting I don’t know what exactly is from Mexico or Chile but they don’t have the richness in them that the California avocado do even if they are organic so in general I tend to buy California ones whenever possible Alright that’s pretty much our soap is done except one last ingredient so I want to use some of the zucchinis a lot of people like noodles in there soup but I have different cutters and pyro slices, some pyro slices over here now that will take this zucchini and basically make long pasta like shreds and strains out of them actually they have the lowest price I have ever seen anywhere on that tool here actually so I like making different textures out of adding different foods and so instead of buying like regular pasta that you have to cook you can use zucchini which are in my opinion a lot healthier than just eating pasta so what we are going to do instead of making the large noodles we are going to make smaller shreds with this little tool that I have here so I mean as fast as you can go back and forth that is going to make those little match sticks like things that are going to be giving another nice texture to our soup, sometimes I like to use a Spiro slicer but it takes longer and this is so much quicker and easy, next time I give a talk I try to bring some of these guys with me to sell I am out stock for them right now alright that’s it, so I mean just an instance we have gone through a whole zucchini you can easily put you know another in there that’s pretty much our soup just going to go ahead and do this guy up now, so this is a soup and I really have been on a soap kick lately because if you are eating a soup you can really packing a lot more nutrition then you can in a salad like you know if I was making a salad I wouldn’t necessarily put 2 pounds of tomatoes in my salad so it’s like mostly tomatoes but this way with pretty much we got all the nutrients out of tomatoes less the fibre of the seeds and the skin and the skin is not actually best part of tomato anyways, a lot of the salad I do make also is like greens and dumb a lot of dressing in them which is something similar to this like tomato juice with some nuts and then maybe I will add the sara craw in there and then just pour that into my salad I don’t actually recommend using things like olive oil and vinegar added as a salad dressing actually I rarely ever even use olive oil and vinegar, olive oil number is basically a processed food extracting fats from the olive I would rather let you guys eat olive and olive tree actually grow here I find some in sun dry at the other day I forged but olives are a great food because it contains the oil

and fibre and all the other vital nutrients in olive itself, also the olive oil will ramp up your fat calorie just like crazy just 1 tablespoon of olive oil is 120 calories so a lot so guess somebody could come up and scoop out for everybody and for dessert I was going to bring some of the thing I have harvested but I forgot to grab it when I left my house with some dates you know the dates are harvested like 4 dates that I harvested for free and that’s an excellent way to you know save money by harvesting your own foods let’s see that’s pretty much it those are the 3 recipes you saw the breakdown you saw all the prices you saw where I got everything from, one again I want to remind you guys you know don’t eat the same combination everyday mix it up find some of the local and cheapest deals, locally resourced food like the farmers market and then buy things at sales get more foods in you whether you got to eat it whole food or juiced or blended So I don’t have I don’t write down my recipes because every recipe I make I just make spontaneously based on whatever is in my fridge and whether I have carrots I will usually make carrot juice and then use that juice for a base for a salad dressing or for a soup but about five years ago I did write down a lot my recipes and I did put this in my book and this book basically have no oils in it and the way I eat 5 years ago which is pretty similar to now, modified a little bit but this book has 30 of my delicious recipes similar to the one you have tasted tonight and I am offering these for just only 5 dollars, if anybody is interested come up and take it I will be glad to take any questions for a little bit and then I have to clean up and get out of here You didn’t mention sprouting wheatgrass juice sure! I did not actually so I don’t do generally for me personally I don’t do diets that much contain any of gluten you know a lot of standard Americans people eat a diet based on wheat and I think that you know I tried to look to nature for answers and if we are adding nature like it will be pain in the butt like to pick that much wheat and eat and sprout and make that being said I mean you know it’s a better food than some things we are not naturally designed to digest the grains if they are sprouted that’s definitely better and if they are grown in a week nest that would be the best so I do eat wheatgrass sometimes you know if I didn’t have full on garden where I grew kale and other greens to juice I will be juicing wheatgrass if that was the only green I can grow because you can’t grow anything indoors but I think there are a far better foods that are better available more sustainable and easy to breakdown unless you are juicing the wheatgrass even in a blender that will wrap around the blades or at least just chew it in very well and spit it out the pulp Yea I sell wheatgrass juicer which looks like a meat grinder you can get the juice out I mean this juicer will juice wheatgrass so you know some juicers will juice wheatgrass and you know people want to find these what I call is magic bullets you know one ounce of wheatgrass is 8 pounds of vegetables or something like this you know to me there is no magic bullets you just eat fresh fruits and vegetables diet you know have wheatgrass sometimes and have kales and carol greens and have a lot of different food because each different food is its own powerhouse of nutrition’s So how do you the like the soup there? Very good loved it! Excellent yea some of the things you saw you can all these and get some of these delicious food for 14 dollars and 22 cents a day and just rotate it don’t make this list every day I liked the pomegranates yea the pomegranates added like a nice burst of flavour in your mouth and that’s some different texture you not expect it and the seaweed is pretty mild doesn’t like taste fishy or anything just has a nice chewiness texture because a lot of people into raw food think you know either got like I don’t know like some leafy greens or something hard not something kind of sponge like that kind of like noodles they reminds me of chufas noodles so it was like those when I was a kid, this is like the closest thing to natural chufas noodles here there is another story I want to mention here is a story that I went to a raw food section and one of the things I like in the raw food section is actually they have these seaweed powders so these are excellent things that add the trace minerals and they have like 4 or 5 different varieties and each tastes totally different so that’s being a good

thing to add into a soup to give it some flavours and also give you trace minerals I think trace minerals are not valued as much as they should be and a lot of people in my opinion is really trace mineral efficient and that’s going to be something coming up in the years to come in my opinion there are more researched and more people will be may aware of this, that was actually called the vocame seaweeds so this is from the SF super market another Asian market where they may sell this for like 2.50 for this little packet or 2 dollars depends where u get it yea that’s one of my favourite for the noodles I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of learning how you can eat a raw diet and meet all your nutrient requirements for under 14 dollars a day and I know some of you guys has made it to it and some of you guys will say john it’s still too expensive well I can’t help you with that you need to get a better job that pays more money so you can afford 14 dollars a day to get some of the best food on the planet so you could live a healthiest life because you are what you eat and if you are putting junk in you are going to get junked out if you put good stuff in you are going to get great stuff out so 14 dollars is not a lot to pay in my opinion, I really hope you guys have enjoyed that episode and learn what you can do in an example day and once again the example day is just an example don’t eat that day and day out, every day you want to eat different plethora of fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds to me your nutrient requirement and be as healthy as it can with the tips I shared in this video now you can do it and I am so glad that I could hear you guys out Once again my name is john kohler with will see you next time and remember keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables they are the best