President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Meeting with the Filipino Community in Hong Kong – May 13, 2017

Amber’s Nikita not exceed or less a Qatari Sylvester Abellio see depends secretary Delphine Lorenzana see Finance a Qatari dominguez a champ Rossio foreign affairs secretary manalo sosamma maha subpoena 10 guides and Alisa kitabi Sylvester Bell Yokohama not a sangani Pond Road bingo duty attend a macaron Jana Sangh hotline you seen a subpoena 10 para Samanya OS w z– Musa Antonio Sasabe a new manga reclaim no para a dead egg add Mahara tink a Pangolin Rodrigo Duterte Nachiketa Nadine Athena nandito see presidential spokesperson MS Toa Bella siempre sia incoming foreign affairs secretary Alan Peter K eat alone at sea budget secretary benjamina joke no so Samoa pakka hot oito been given at amatis amant karina Naju samosa p.m. peachy my cook


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ugh for my whoo boom bah what son dolly I fumble it moony-eyed Molly he comes looking Salama [Applause] so we were treated to an unexpected do it thank you very much at this point we would like to invite his honor Honourable Carlos Dominguez the third secretary of finance you Sorry Sorry ladies and gentlemen it is my great honor and privilege to introduce the President of the Philippines Mayor Rodrigo Duterte [Applause] [Applause] maraming salamat po po po po by Horta first of all I’d like to thank the government of Hong Kong and China for this warm welcome in my stopover from Cambodia check upon Cambodia Pokemon taco for the meeting with financial for Economic Forum para una casa pan pero tayo Hong Kong Joseph Laguna they say go below Pattaya and I am on my way to right after this meeting with you I’m going to proceed to begin for the one belt one Road this is the strategy of president sitting pin for the prosperity of maybe in this region the ASEAN community and throughout the world mainly because I think there are about 21 heads of state attending this meeting and I was one of those lucky to be invited and I’m sure that Papa Papa and I mean Don would really be how to improve the economy for the world today to allahö upon Mesabi accept my profuse thanks to China for helping us out remember that there was a time long export not in para hindi natanya Brito and all of because America Japan honey Obama and China were not really not really enemies or hostile but not on proper things maybe you go wrong agreements but any polite community vasila Machado rapport and not until after I declared that I am wearing away mug split the law and chart my own independent agreements regarding trade and commerce so anybody would want to talk to us and I had this chance of being invited to China I had a talk with mostly the officials and President Xi Jinping and mainly also because of that South China Sea

let me explain don’t also bilateral meetings with my cabinet members or introduce them later at table I was really frank with them sobbing go I come here in this spirit of friendship and goodwill voila anything is in you except that I’d like to be a price or it’d be in form of whatever happened to the quality of our exports cuz a hindi ananya tea not a gap and for one reason or another it has something to do with quality and yet before we were doing all right so it boils down to really relationships country to country people to people and all because of geopolitics apartments of ego I come here and you must be a price also conscious of the fact that we have a conflicting plane you’re claiming China Sea as yours and we claim it as ours also and as a matter fact we went to Ecore international body to settle these things and we want the arbitration para sabi KO I will not break bring it up at this point in time because it would not be proper since I am here as he guess Elena Mendoza Ponte Ponte career Musab another China’s some people let us put it aside in the mean time and let me just just ask you why can’t we export the country and there’s so many words a toll on Tirana boy don’t not really miscommunication but if pulling out maybe because we are identified with the US and I said that I would like to chart my own course of course I’m a friend we are refrained of America we have so many things between us historically and now but I have to think of my country first at this time because I am the president and I said our banana when Apple Alana and the pineapple industry had stopped planting I’m a banana not Ian nobody was buying and so we had to dispose the inverter a Morra just to earn something out of what we planted and we were smiling to each other and the conversation was good and at the end of the day he said we are restoring your kota sex import slamming you can export now beginning maybe next week and so we’re back at the Leon it has improved something like my 2 billion 2 billion dollars now listen a Swedish woman and the Madonna full swing that I own so you know pineapple was a shortfall in the target that X was because we had to stop planting to see the nobility in volume and now it’s back to where it is and I’d like to target in China for standing up like we are a country which is agriculturally based and one of our strongest points would really be export of agricultural products ya know on an Iranian and we are honored with the invitation to be a part of one Road it’s up to Rollo the old China you know

the travel a Marco Polo okay up in the gun untie be nice that will be over journals what is the wash with money and their evil public lending the financial firm the outside and Sabah cool – lumen Kamini no my booty and today we have promised it’s so many things and pneumonic grand maybe Sabina I love big I you know really that the China would build two new bridges traversing passing and that’s a lot of money there go on unit I will be free [Applause] and helping us with in so many others that if there is really a revival of the robust economy before I don’t know it’s part of our history was that but we expect that something Patil increasing on tourism both from the rest of the ASEAN countries and China they’re back they have lifted the prohibition what’s really very sad is that on Mindanao because it is below the Typhon bail which would have perdition who produce more for exports we were a little bit in in turmoil because of the arrival of Isis that’s what I was afraid of initially when I talked to the military many months ago when I had the first command conference with amanecer data but we are talking to the in pH with Jim Atticus Lana but it’s not really again something which is in insurmountable and as a matter of fact I have opened the gates of government to turn left and as a matter of fact I have invited Lisa Massa of the Commission on poverty pavement pochamma Pena is upon ex-convict Pannonia ramos semana de março so Marcelo terminal at lot of them say peppery Mariano is de dar and CT guala also was in prison for many years during the martial law regime so sorry gonna know sub silentio sometimes there is a media Midway sanitation exchanged words but again we’re back because you know I am a precedent for peace I cannot be oppressed a wartime president I cannot afford to fight with anybody especially to wage war against my own people so whether we like it or not Allah Allah Lisa an that an apostle open ago and I just released what 14 prisoners from believe it NUMA communist an and convicted now this issue of

unbeliever others yama top leaders nella curvy lady TM stone spouses we had dinner in my office in in my opinion but i do not leave there a commute to the other side of the everyday they say and Melkonyan Bosch Tassimo [Applause] they don’t wait for nightfall or darkness to move arrived LSD cinema manga then Jesse mr. Brown mr. Brown me was one of those American officials occupied mal Canyon at the time we were under the first from the Spaniards then to the Americans let’s say I don’t say that it’s a dark side of our national development was identity and our history not it’s not it’s not a fun to be and therefore four hundred years under dis pioneers and fifty years under the Americans and of course the leave of the fact of the land but all Okinawa and in ominous a drama sorry but that’s why I do not kind of I just go there to Cup meetings and signed important state documents and I go to where Nemo or sustain actually it just is more wrong not taking it off stage yellow part open akhenaten Logan go it’s a he there’s a forum room and it’s a Salah but don’t think of a pagoda Naga so no more time but at least stand on a marina : rambling to medium Ithaca and the sea only could go young Barack’s and psg so we won’t go gonna let nila roam around Miami marina ceiling but I’m sure it’s a by the speed of the Sony the rats who can do that so adorable so we can hang Athenian I go everywhere I went to the Middle East because and I was very frankly them so Saudi Arabia Qatar Patti marine that I’m here to just say hello to you and to look after my countrymen but you know what shall we go I have it we have a national interest Marimo Daytona millions of Filipinos and I’m here to look after the interests and it is the national interest of the Filipino people sorry kamijou mikoto cohesion Middle East Oakland nila patola no no no no Filipinos a vegan people eat aunt Ella McClendon dito so I will come here whether you like it or not because I have so many countrymen here and I would not just sit on my ass and watch them being Isis kaze no son of amon-ra but from who lo they have migrated to central Mindanao so we are talking to the malf we are talking to the Emily left on hindi ko kya no shop in humanity Arista young Abu Sayyaf who one of them was adopted as the parent chair person and chapter illness Isis and gents I mean there are on so we got we heard about you know full of entire yet non do my thing when the last one was two non paronella but on drama here the lower the remaining one so Elena tongue jet noggin so eight and by the

time that we have now a working air force baboon Jetson perishable Osama pillow to nothing you tour the entire less than brief over the Philippines and show you where Peter para algo Salaam Okita and on Filipino young baboon Jetson attend if fifty and I’m using it non cozy and revolutionary Grogg a medium air assets Lumumba providing a gamut properly I have to deal with them as harshly as I could ever be just very dangerous so yeah long sauna without terrorism and drugs have been a Sanatana because you’re on talking terms with the revolutionary funds Valen asana except on Drogo and it’s an ACN statement now certainly mine and even Trump yesterday said he would resort to harsh measures but no Nissan Donna Presidente kept on reprimanding me just icing me in public – Oh golly casino mayor of Luna an issue Callaghan Pina Pattaya Davao basket nominee de xalapa time [Applause] a human at the God above all a minion Manalo Avoca Presidente I may or Sabich o mundo de Bona bloonan right after Marcelo maraming kidnapping holdup Laden because four arms were indiscriminately given to anybody who would claim that he is an ALICE Amasa or anticommunist so post marshal Oh hallo slack knocked our table number L Johanna unless Pattabhi Nidal wanna say double the garlic money Nguyen so I’m proclaim item massive uber no Ito no holdup rape datura soon applet I said for you mayor and I am building a city do not destroy the vowel because I need the money to fund government supplies sir my mistress our health lab and you just no no you round column Paloma biodome el negocio Dido say we go mingle oven and double Akiyama DRA vista do not destroy the future of the Philippines you should not be Nana in debt I owe my Amin al Qaeda get that knee toe to toe Lola Akashi go wrong savings who can sustain me in hospital first class make obsidian that medicina no seven months after that I go kaput Lana golonka and unpayable you miss well shall we go eat – you asked me not it will be no para la mean epitope was labelled eNOS along onion is Shabana new tapas mugging gone guna but can doubt go Sinan Subhan Allah Subhan Allah who are you cinemas biomedicine opposed Hospital ko a vivo POC numata yo cinema Billina casket go cinema billion and Loper Janissary Mauryan una coming to tapas chemical both the devil is demeanor Lister Hodgins a memorial maybe apollomon cervical cremation Kanaka Mahalakshmi Reina Montano yet single young cremation cinco millas de d tone amo so she know by a chakra mission go Ana bucket up against the bus known a chaplain Ito nikolayevna jamming but it took until Abu khattala to say one third

nam hollows a nap now o fw acid rogue that’s the disobey of government sir we go Putin and one at a tiny needle messy bun Banja Papa comet mananitas Samantha sometimes da-rae pues silicic more manila para la Macapagal baron you you Vina Bustos 1980s here’s a big one on the president Iago I am hearing an atomic bomb a human rights of Plato Enquirer oh okay oh not Billina [Applause] reliance photofit eh bien para para lintel Germany vulva Oppo me Perico see senator Caetano my per arranging deposit Oh Atmaram upon a bar which is geudaero lat an abs-cbn tan captain tank Upton Tonga in denim and Piniella Bastian Bernard go I say last minute rahmatullahi pure animal england from internal table indeed I was Nativity national figure again McCulloch Bongo at least some Filipino international new Dembe Ellen Ellen a fella you don’t know final opponent certificate of candidacy so long as I do not give a Great Recession rating for pipe or by Blanco mission three so now alone will be big i but the only last minute now last oh if you suddenly went up by 36 or 34% like that thing an emperor asoka Mota josé Mesa Mesa become a propaganda echo with body no you see it Oh bye Angela bye you you you you you then got the Lupus name you you know than enough sir-sir so cable Skype cable nella you know something love about Camille’s available so Clemmy Sabina Aleta namine mistakable not gonna stop soon those know what butin EOS Ali Saleh empanadas language and poor protection oh yeah sorry goal upon possible a mistake overcoming by a Naraku go shopping in we are tapas enemy or appear upon service anymore okay so Daniel why can’t I be Lopez una no joy yeah partying Amata Cana Patil who see yes Allah so tell so sorry location

we never we never play on a little danila a Poe Carosa been a para para brahma committee knock upon in Parratt opposition days a memo didn’t one woman prefer to refund now you no longer look to put down in album he put kind of non-optical another us a problem buh-buh-buh-buh even a drama in yo-yo mama Alamo kya luckily whooping muna some arrows abou heiko no more young paragon Sabine zabaleta Patong NOP maneuver the non-test contagion so it Enquirer Alamo Enquirer come oka Babu is I mean Gannon Allen Pocomoke editorialize coming mama Lhasa Boober no copula magnin economy Lana Tessie Paris abs-cbn Paulo Kremlin candidatos aruba’s donggun Leon nuna Punahou alum panini of my long johns omekata Deborah Tannen my lanka organ young Vinney ty Pargo sky trophy no in a know P solo subpoena tapas Seto Noah Rafi no naka Sawa na my array it aussolas see Prieto for 25 years right new evolved for another 25 piers now expire nilin Solana Coco Coco Lichter Johnson Lama Rama tiller hindi neelam property not expire now do Matenga so Supreme Court kayo beta 1 Alamo Kanagawa CG forensic electa I am Oh Melissa propiedad a tournament they and I’m burning did you disarray you workman important until a woman wala say no because that would really be a constitutional crisis as a darling and I’m Supreme Court legality Tehran Supreme Court bucket Indy implement bollocks a good pair no improper perdy and my are a Philippine National Railway pardon jean-claude juncker Dylan owner I own an Ellen I beguile a top post upon Tanana Markinson Sanko forum shopping Nikita’s a llama and itõs a Cordoba penstock issued anonymity our own stopping anybody including government from retrieving the property kya am Filipinas oligarchy talaga you mama yemen and genuine la mañana pero como Selita say la Carla Massino al cana da me Tito nella preeto Antonella newspaper autonomous abs-cbn Kashagan Ito connect grant Ava put tongue in and a new hidden tiny neon number wala and respect of Isaiah hey I wanna own a president they know say put tongue in and then you singing ok Dhammapada Obispo no ole ole cramming religion determine Eva Marin ba boo boo top non-branch dito glisteny Rodrigo [Applause]

whoa lumber wall that you mug and I’m [Applause] training for a sacristans paradin on tapas comme cela imagine a van Hani Gloria Arroyo locking in among Montero Mitsubishi that’s graft and corruption there is a separation of church and state there is a provisional not knock traditional a provision that no money of government can be spent even a single cent of apology we are an Indian católica nam Abajo Joseph Simba on chibok are never dangerous mo Chiu yo Dunnigan Sally bro middle acaba bomb fault our secret Andrew Luck Neto returning bishops conference you Samora channel libro not pana old altar secrets Janabi Allah bestows on Dogana ASSA personal oneno best jelly return of the altar of Secrets 9 bitola concourse pages in mechanic’s the lower a Misawa that law on Tibetan Hotel in a bar serving borassi mayor Duterte Manto and India Co party hvala oppose a chihuahua the canina permit upon liquid rig eating anything in jungle you know some form of tunnel vision baba alone rocky Papa Allah shall I own a sill be we go tip but the booze moxie apart on you is all you know you Oh you you you you [Applause] you bonito conga you you Takeda Nolan cansado Mokomoko no no yo Rococo car here you the mocking Buckland president in the Haryana see will be self it it’s a one go Brahma Baba bellow vellum Epis a passion on you but this can be bought saw online annoy-o-tron altar secrets and suck it nah circuit current you parabola upon corruption you you you know okay Yamazaki diversion Takeda

burrito Mayor Menino ago for 22 years ito Baba a seguro bro Tara report innovation innovation puta Lauren Papa no fiscal reform prosecutor aho but in addition to that I am boots and Pannonia Marcos pan not buy and panel special possible I was one of the top special tan owed by and prosecutors and I used to travel around Mindanao to prosecute monotracer McGovern College an Omaha rank-and-file animal pyramid Lanka says Sabina Ju Nikita – yong-ran and file I know tiramisu Duma I am inspection Callaghan telling the network of trying to atone winner maybe bigger you Nikita Boyan applet and la noche que andan trabajo para reliving mayor Abu Dhabi Parihaka waingunga stoma but they could not have survived about looking congressman Casilla for tapas looking vice mayor upon in dying you know no plans Europe so that is another eight years you know 23 plus eight years ago cannot absorb politics siddhappa in the pompano Navin effect achievement are no Sababa a disappointments marami I only love Cosima Thunder Iowa tapas botulinum regard anima zing zinga voila Diegan here upland tire run young historian endearment upon and enira pero para my tongue it on Philippines it’s ruled by the oligarchs human Omaha mengapa million on pan Hana closely Marcus Aquino then in succession tapas Aquino Naaman Moroni Beto there was a grant of but 200 million o Muslim earn a bit of protein chain new Greek lon Pandu and sannyasa railway perto young-hee in Ksenia Veneto be patient marami akong commitments baba atone I’m in friendly terms with China they began Domini President Xi Jinping and I reiterate the Seneca patella dodona sundar Lawrence ila look the Chinese government we have been there since 1974 sapa lhasa so Iacocca Surpanakha same Elphaba stones crawlers no Papa Delano rotates Union after a break in a new service II and every one every three months Papa little what a sundar load by the way see general disappearin is my National Security Advisor the chip of chief of staff channel panettone Gloria kayako pnina tannins are any evasion sodomy pero de parte de un besito veto sonali Ananya’s and Eichmann Mohammed Amin sir Manila every calendar Kanaka president Lena from the outside maewnam Kyle Alito Republican Earth in digital 19 what 1940 you proceed initial enemy millage and the lowest at Lu Tao Tao of my humanity Ponyo million area home Canova 5 5 10 50 million the pasilla woman beside it a yacht a president in Havana Ananya you know how many lie in a path of above Nabokov Oglala on great pinko is 3 4 3 4 3 poor Brazilian election I got 15 million 6 million was or 16 million some six million KO was mainly

majority function adversely pretty boy Oh my secret oav oboro-dono Geeta Ann Machado coca páramo Fignon William Pagnotta tell Akkad and lapa done by one Allah pada Tina imagine mano mano gusto quinone ecoan second syllable liven the richyallum ah people of the Philippines I am with my beloved countrymen porosus Musa – lot you yeah you [Applause] yeah just give me three years popke and go Pumas okay this one company it says that they would employ about five engineers five thousand engineers Raider with general but only 14 but Stalin and grub and corruption remain upon winner out as a macro pub IAP along a bull Garson acerbic on along resign quietly Cassady netic Don Carini unknown illa rahmatan Dona Ana Clara doctora an iguana Simone hospital panna cotta DeCarlo sevilla – rossabi una mujer que una on Sammy Jo Madeleine para with you just slow down a little bit or just avoided for the next five years or so the ripple is uncommonly long ago I fired it cabinet member limiting Camila seen Aviva you are lying to me lying to your teeth get out of the room you’re fired Romina community member olih innocent osso bucco under tasty stay on hot come on master machine who’s not gonna be au pair have been handy atomic knock out what Nawab gyuma comely color on you sir nyah of course I’m a concern Simon and it’s a legitimate concern actually no well I’m a shadow holiness ah no because Cassini on normally intercept nano do it before sending it to the conveyor up to the tongue so no did Jenna Jenna Jenna moaning even to say if you have been trying to if I’ve been home lately olynyk a simple cosmos am la luna was wo Lambo Kashia Crotona to the immigration you have no business asking going on compare up and shoddy ho I do not want him Elliot Natasha Cannella tailgate on government oh my a maneuver on Oahu vinyasa Cortana tone our TR Onan I don’t know what division is between the Court of Appeals alumna known as a goober no nian alumna new LM Curtin Adama and Johnny top was my own and general amount a of issuing a tiara I said do not wait for me if I’m pissed off Nicholson did the Noonan claim popillia to buy cap impose a mo kamo was a stolen Jana iron in your noggin on Marshall marina Marcello Bustos

intelligence a replica tell court a stupid contract and over no stoppin you delayed the project Mohammad Khatami in hotel top Assam operating at at opposed ITR oneno Hong Kong land abbas kamil along nagoya do not do it now that’s a macaca problema delegate io sabayon concha be hakuto Luisa monopolies patisserie Putin in okay manual again D Tokyo sumo no jargon chemical on anti oh Allah momentous a unit italo’s a bidding animal Bogdan abanda bucket Cynthia she had prepared was appointed as a being it was an another became of Aponte by Yaran Maharaja go click Oh Sooyoung McBee beach alumni Lopilato Machado Scylla don’t put myself in corruption is a solid ruga isidro Kaneda Matata on human rights you stop America the invaded Panama you remember what was the reason because Panama was flooding America with rocks this shanghaied tamanna the sea raiga brought him to New York tried him Darren is imprisoned until they win a war two ERA subunit of weapons of mass destruction what happened forgetting don’t know Walla Walla was a Muslim in a tiny last atom peanut I Neela see Libya or thing among Middle East now Nieto Quintero Rito taro drone is everyone wants my sister Ito bucket when you go inside green oval Domino Quran and Jenna Jenna Malcolm a plural only Robbo we are all from the male race just like the Indonesian and demolition and we have done nothing wrong so ago I tried to I plead fairness for fungus Tony no receipt but I will not allow my country to go to the dogs as president to her mother the human rights I build a country in the apocalypse understand that and no longer I looked after my country boskie ganito long ago I love the Philippines I love the Philippines and divisive it was up Campania why am I here they know why I am here because I love my country and I love the people Philippines and especially the beautiful Filipina young Klopas canasa mama 5560 Bacchus Akali gender Saguna DJ Anakin baba yaga delito it indigent adazi in dying civilian success DNA says it’s lower against women get it again Harappa Robin I am a detail um plan on a meaning Bieber she babbled Billy secretary bill you is from Isabella he was the he was a cabinet member of a US Secretary of Justice not tapas Nandita Sargon it asila column terminal official any operatic approve Indian derogatory oak along harmony Sakurako a dormitory oh yeah uncle mitya CSI as I do like from Bob you poor economy angela ocurro Mikko Hirvonen cuartos he s I know the one who I was talking like as if it was really referring the American community here am i sir mr. president even there and the

point to find out what’s really wrong actually view is the Romania here even in the dormitory who’s talking English and he what is a beginning kangaroo English and they all although a telegraph but I couldn’t understand ESI he was my roommate during Morello he was forced to flee the Philippines y entonces Ella Stan today cylinder ona Maceda at the same time tayo cylinder law office may be impossible Nia was a gratis because you cannot reveal stateless the donor so Canaan sealer and passport nila dito so it was of no value anymore he was a Filipino but he could not travel because the passport was cancelled in Manila so I could understand a bokken up against a non gratae Selangor a llama America is also a sanctuary or political prisoners saga number o Filipino telegraphy a.k.a long time ago Ramos Selita I think because if I sound a very Minister Richards and probably there’s about Sunday that he I took over to be delivered a sermon on it John be wrong hey toca say gusano mallamma nada I’d like to introduce to you Parimal Amelie no I’d like to introduce first a protocol it’s a Acting Secretary of the Foreign Affairs in the Ricky monado ito kappa butta butta naga we were neighbors and we grew up together and he owns he was the pulp president once upon a time and the Secretary of Agriculture Nagori it to young bright supply from kindergarten to college valedictorian toe and he was also the voice of democracy during our days he was the champion nationwide and I own a Carlos Dominguez desert param I am Anita Silla daddy but he owns Marco Polo hotel ka boom its own Halley Guarini tokuma gonzaga when John Chaput in Milan mr secretary do you remember me so you severe and do you ever Roma research reservation no I’ll give you one pero como survey and a nice meeting your top estate in the media Tania type Donovan see William Provenzano talaga Caleb annotation of the totem of Matias my son Kazama kept on walking open de lot it don’t connect them to Harlow’s particular pocono para way I did not be still around make some acquaintances to Vittorio get up onions Pattinson brush and commit no listen tapas but tapas name is on top oh snap oh so yeah you know yeah hey bring it in and toothpaste god kappa de murillo car [Applause] Victoria Lillian s young but the top was general suppose I look like the basin she said bring it none toothpaste is an Ilocanos Isabella then I’d like to introduce to you our defense secretary

Delphine Lorenzana Ilocano rayon used to be a general assigned in winter now area of Yamanaka Lana then we have ramen Lopez Department of Trade and Industry with two young ito yung masaha manana small-scale and medium enterprises billion and you know bosco phnom penh akamalik is number one Vinny junco is education billion billion Tehran then I know Secretary of Agriculture help in that order I’m open up the booboo Scott Oliver young Paris ah Tao then we have our budget secretary venom in job no no no he was at the budget officer of mrs Arroyo sub you go serve any good era so we go sir put the pocket on no here in Lima trabajo because it is really very good cigar formal it Oh looking artistas Anna Coren co-written abilities – Kira a toy and dinar Marty Stouffer I’m gonna do more passionate on uh video so secretary sparrin booga-booga autonomy artistically renetto see chief presidential advisor on legal Salvador Piniella NOLA religious The Alchemist to Tata a common little awareness on a column would pair oh very sneaky sir Monica under enemy mandhata dos day and also corn indignant oh Snickers got a possum sucks we are lonely but John do I name a mood do I not my syringe on sirop como de cuatro how long we just the opposite you do good noodle good density truffles Bogota was in the unguarded moments for the [Applause] secret area I’m a little teapot suppose you know groaning every channel color yellow popinjay there’s a Pilipinas Basildon andante oh latin characters bundle and Jenna see senator Alan Peter Cayetano with only Cissna see me longing aunt Aggie ksama in ceará I saw my uncle dogged about no no no I’m not joking I put on my ingot of it for you mom now finale but left on travelin okusama telegin cylinder lava never saw such love in my life yo Atocha on again Anoka for many years

see here dispose sameen drow shake entertain and Padova’s Roger Atlanta Bimini no first lieutenant perdón perdón said Kurama no problema nope yeah [Applause] Ferno endemically to human rights I mean you say Papa Don OS NT was he thank you but I don’t wanna her nappy Patang Google de magaz Colosseo Sonia’s demanda in the no.1 daca me um presidential spokesman attend she hernia be Lia geomatica Davao you remember her name so victory travel minister to her toe telegram calibrated he’s a very good man top OC Consul General Wisconsin ma’am [Applause] CC this honest are we gonna stand up Penza anti-poverty travel et moi it’s gonna be so young poor on ANOVA just give me time I during the campaign will happen I just promised that I will just stop corruption if I can tapas oven at i/o here February well in Iran I IOM blue box on yeonbok Vilonia all wo say conciliation asabi not in a bargain by an imbalance bucket Parappa more money [Applause] some entire Camino Nanami or Google or Xalapa sir boskie casino but no train no Hong Kong Baga hey questa shinedor progress in Danza Hong Kong with Omaha or wo middle Asia magnetic Nicole on one sphere you it’s almost a do latrina bargain by earning that opposed own customs but the immigration been a boxer because stop it stop it because I do not like it they are oh my my book lies above noon there has to be a very compelling reason he picks a bohemian random means a nappy pick up my information dwelling syllabus TAS amines and Pella busca in hyah Anil am a carjacker and burello sheboygan opposite in support of all Gunilla customs no filipinas vantika younger no no number granito you seen um kya man Miranda mwah pero be here among area which are indeed menachem Annavaram human dude mama tell you buddy hey como contribute Cabarrus appetite along Abbas state of your relatives going to you to visit you Mahina pasado boom bombs began a bellowing okay Magdalene and Muhammad on gusto you began go Papa you draaga volatile ah-ah-ah it will never stop and I said do not destroy the country do not destroy the country do not destroy the young Filipino lama marinus avec notre dame of marcello yonder door sauce

marushin Toto long if you are asking me if I’m very happy being president am I in ordinary proud of being a president I’ll give you an answer from the heart did a departure cane at this time of my life I should not have really in a possible line nobody was Cassie Lata candidato lip-service Lanka Robson lot lol as a put tongue in a puppet anguillan owned a big hotel party on druga but nobody was mentioning about Mindanao the community remain cold of the boo boo behind only Tosa Pilipinas now una khmer Simba an airport Ponte lon so I’m excess skin on Guantanamo Toto promises go then one I remember if you were watching the presidential debate that it was in the us-led Latino to come in if you would allow the boreal of Markos competition as study queers guilt at low possible end there so no piranhas a Libyan summer course finnaly bingo look you know mama you Union your bra I’m in school they are go by owning new Union decide and a UFO below so classy though you know in appetite the little tongue in and talk me no more wrap up at the bar a hey The Salvation / – no no pray who know me I mean in the mids of three three people this always God there was a log on Apollo hood hood Ghidorah post in dicta Post Road in big is gonna you know come in easily at the Naomi the toy and attend a homecoming certain unity by every Friday mass Ian tapas you are conveniently Oh total insanity coming hot dogging hippo memory to toe and he in epoch una pareja what are your sins our path know this you see so on the bone animal Cassell I know but ax a what come on come on not holding I went to the room of D D major and I lifted the blanket just a little way Milan come I know got going on Donna wanted to say what’s inside that’s wrong Taraka me excited another does he need book and then I she was she was think again she was awake I ran out the room and we did you to the bathroom and after the bathroom he went to sleep no I will again lifted it tight

here and I went to the bathroom again I’m I’m not fond of lying because I do not have an obligation to lie it might really be liniment bestows Gustavo llama llama no waiting on Libya NATO paid the soya sauce now potato Emily Baskerville Emily so you know you know historian on book I go yeah you should reach the first and for a longshot a toll on human a bright boys attend a on own dinner hot capital consider to be human socata de Bono predict torian’s Valjean see the Kinoko vanilla for Padre no T so unit Oh mommy okay I will be back in Hong Kong to talk to you about that book they were having lat hello’s London cabinet members go through Ilocano my room bang apart not against Allah my own recipe goes on Oh Apatow marami energy guru Ilocano savvy go para Nanette element of coup d’etat huntin and injure Mosul Allah oh did I you know l’m forget my paper go away so I think most of you are polyatomic I have to fly to Beijing wish me luck but one thing is very certain actually China in all good faith once to help us young a Chagas yellow onion hey along Misiones mullah Mustafa Toluca me marami Emperor and the generous generosity of the leader the purpose Allah Martin littell so oh I hope everything will be talked about not a beginning you have enough pero sagrado enough Nino medio unknown and wait that time omok Paso plateau as it is now Magan Donna and I know nothing Dona Ana Paula and give us time to Papageno coming mine is really tough Perelman Palanpur right so I invite people to invest and Aachen is the job generated the turkey Bustillo again ito misaki Nineveh in three years log stabilisation MVA on median drugs meteo Matata pacient boost robo’s mo putin then it on corruption taco unlock rajan

Lenora No we gonna put that stick the presidency itself my life on my own telegin Pratap Iranian and if overseas employees with Monty venom vs. employment certificate into another neuron eyeball Pam I didn’t go overseas overseas employment certificate Ronna air gostoso the least intervention suborning no number no Aoyama I mean regular song and a partial and my opponent fw bomb laboratory Erie aqua her queen Postel olana monopod Elenin Soldotna i love you illinois sola tuba sebastian has a novel Sabine on Google in a volunteer coach connects alanya Ebola at IO blessing humor you importante tellurium corruption Mahalo Ilana and kya ganito ha ha get me corruption tile Lupino Rainey indicated nicosia cannot just be you just be assertive Pokemon bi are Montesano all the Bible’s license in my magnetic ostensible Karina puta Sabino put in the mobile goongala wing and put them in a media table sampling kita Tito you know cuz it cuz imma take a simple Gangnam police police police reagent polishness believe God known be assertive you know taco I am a passerby organizer input biggest winner a sampling goodnight but an InDesign where paper type of wave back up car engines Sebago full a simple anymore when a bomb your mama she nepali i’m baba i do you know Paloma close it up anyways a little bit about what town in acid cool mo doing driver me up in holy water up in all you get a yo buddy Napoleon buh-bye hey Meera Malik young Babu Sonia don’t have done no indeed a form of borovo lon now in the pocket Pusan Palin casino she geuvânio novel the Baba temple in we go by a seasoned Palermo but whatever your clam acog of the

poly molded who you runnable clashing justicia it or let alone the most easy to put on you know but reading Byakugan okay so Polly who Paulette you know because some girl etcetera mm-me bucket gonna do no one hostage a number over by you know can take you long say you tacos de la Orana an ugly pass an interest bola [Applause] heyo up day without la la la no on telemarketing no good Ali Ansari mr. Robie Yamato la linea is a pion hey ba ba ba ba ba and chipiya the register jaribg I am NOT registration yeah listen Changsha licensing some opera into sin beta you look lined up for it and a licensing Tommasino del C del gizelle toc general Galvan take some orange team oriented general and Reina Scylla demonic mandiboy Chief of Police yeah Selena Akhil olavo hollows poro military military and Solana yen in the Manolo well on problema John say it’s an open salami Toyama in Matagorda Tsukuba in the length in Doolin I am trabajo Pakistan a las doce in the in abemolik and dullness my special we go dismiss summarily dismiss potema director Cassini on Parker Department departamento Neela one Manchin no Naga putih Chantal one mantra nyan Naida one month transportation one month DTI one month director Baba 15 days for Gaza 50 in this página tapas tomahawk that one say 8 8 8 8 young young it a tapa sabi mo atone say director oh no pen pal doc odine he and colony mo c 1 del across this is directors president apt on yahoo Nahanni hon general Wapato ago tapas become a bigger gonna address movin gusto mo tamil manya another sample in mo somebody who only Greek llama man Mira in interest let’s say someone’s 38 times some polymer guru Lak telegram Wendy movin on and voila Mijares administration put in a new hydrographic ending of a peanut I tell Gandhi no human toy neguin title organic um Italian OCAP big echo Seuss Mario said it opanka upon veo negocio arias marami tamil oriya telugu mckinney get well anyway I’m very happy I am gratified by your presence and this dialogue with us I would like you to know that I am really trying my very best kamila wrong along mayaman because of poor hola a toast romantic they both you

know sama Quian at any until any dule san beda up oh but but I know think of yourself want to what if I were to take up the law is a graduate of U P unum coal or namond on Sapporo Angela San Nicola no tow and dinar Mindanao Bato booyah Santa for Korean I know Madeira pruning – very naughty painting dhianeila unproblematic busting Secours a drop o by a guy Oh sugar Adrian people toss a tout a l’heure Akua publicly aside from a salary dolowicz Punahou Mala Mala Mala US official you check Alanna Treasury wanna go you know Oregon tell organism but just to also commiserate with everybody that life is really very hard now and it’s always a no Alan Cohen doctrine green economy mahira kasi Antartica gazebo my mother is him Indra one she’s of Murano Ljubljana Murano but that I could be Shia grandfather could Chinese lamb curry 200 cuz he limps away Nessa poking it slim neato it’s Lum so name of Julian we Presley see popcorn and the transients Oklahoma Nevada jolly it was a pretty liberal billionaire Union too gaudy young valedictorian dimensions and better he was already billionaire during how student this market but the Tony Mowbray said to me coming in my box key and we do hurry up to be Buddha telomere poro poro Angela but kinda you know laude bitte Garrett kabocha squash club convenient too gaudy from Lorien Salalah no no pero Sawa and juice it to mob right it has a traumatic [Applause] submit divisibility by Flamborough see Johnny valedictorian aqua me do sweetie know Telugu nakita gradova todo todo el on an intensive miscibility 5w plugin on warning is between we take along 180 Ibrahim kita naman Kamisha book sequiny r o0 c gr l KU basketball pas de villiers well anyway that time a point there’s a commonality of sentiments here we are hardworking we cannot afford it luxurious life we have to work to send our children to school it’s hardly both ends meet for a certain but give me time give me time three to four four years o catalog attire I am zero pinnacle I would have solve almost all of the problem but just be aware of your rights be assertive if you are confronted with graft and corruption and atone Drogo that opposing because it is not faith it is not a natal trabajo para a nut nut in laguna KO you expect them to be studying tapas materially it is not real k italian food japan kita because i will not say I will not allow my country to go to detox with that kind of situation our mana three to four years put in a veil coroner invest in something in a moment a girl I’m taking off papito

malapa terminal airport in the german saguru Dorito páramo I am behind Hinton against Allah dawn and I will have a two day I mean every hour I’m gonna be but hopefully something will come out good from this journey but I mean Sonam thank you very much mr. president ladies and gentlemen again the President of the Republic of the Philippines Rodrigo Roja Duterte that concludes our program for the evening we’d like to ask everyone to remain in the ballroom and wait until the president and the cabinet exits [Applause] but my Bible I wanna harm fine home some of their not ha ha ladies and gentlemen I’d like to ask everyone to stay in the Grand Ballroom of you leave nothing ha because mother I begone ha for up slow I love little penis I love Oh how come after this program I would like to invite everybody for some light repast outside the Grand Ballroom in the meantime let’s stay in our places and wait until the president exits the building what a song bye-bye I think you put me I make I’m digging by the coholan will they go to their taken son I’m healing young patients now I think manga by an OFW action opinion romantic Lohengrin ha ha ha on at maybe beginning at the Pago Pago patina Pavelich Manasa filipinas a team dynamic trabajos abroad Atma Lily Lily Antonini pabulum with regal determinate octopus Enya and love and Contras giggle Drogo at my tingling up Alabama holla love and Segrest and corruption you need money pummeling 2:30 semana PDT no no one but a taco maybe some bones Mahalo Anna man Anna Keeton Eden Bona Dea lingo p.m. no a champ a fin about Nadine Liepaja Nando de empresas a la Maxima or FWC lavatory NASA porta Sakai young administration so metallic ooh naughty Posada Martin and pcoou on our TV MPTV Roger number on Consulate General of the Philippines Filipino volunteers community organizations para pasar ting immunity la Papa goose apne Panguna rodrigo duterte semana OFWs vetoes oh ho ho a topo ibague Purina funky big a poll a Naldo administration some hologram contribution no oh f WC d de Maupassant invisible mundo para mean salamat po Mabuhay mana OFWs Mabuhay Amba Ambika Tina’s a focus erotic nacho selamat oh hello you okay now poornaath poornam commission on

the TV area forgive allah to talk my own unit not to talk about Vanessa brewer so now she remains demonic didn’t cook meat over time Malaysia and someday I will reveal it to the Roman no no no time devil is running under video might a rainbow buddy she single yes oh oh come on I said we have to perform separate details let me Nina see to sleep traveling with me debris double school this time wala for previous Lobosco he was always a member of the spoon any bonus will be another second album a sugar mommy

but I wanna do – Brian Young vomiting imposter para tapas in economy remark on solution oh boy oh you’re not really clear in cumin and Jessica mezuzot till Mendoza return Antonio that is a sudden my the by are upon us I’ll be number one you have fish appealability Barnett’s oh you us in our banana community okay next I want you to talk an

expression mr. Benham Sorna there’s a study here in Hong Kong or there’s three out of five of wo domestic workers have an advocate a publication not see the debtors legislator never seen for money if you will correct the inadequacies non-believers are finan serious legislation mr. I will promise as if not bending long not local depending of a Victorian good evening sir sir maybe not only upon hearing your mother’s government not all but most Oni let me talk about the third one one because nothing wrong you’re working for government it’s absolutely I see none so sample position sir however in every employer and I’m again not simply started that is a job that is appropriate to this qualifications one organ martini position Filipino Madonna boy sir can you expand on the OFW back not acquired by enforced on myself any brushes for acquiring it well we are not to be really low Gustavo patio marina separate bureau or whatever CNBLUE’s to Neela red pin a pop pop a sustainable Moses Angela Pumbaa I want the meeting all for themselves where they can get further requirements from government and I told government to go online operation of my as much I know let me get up that arrived and part of it is to pass Congress it cannot be done by an activity fear yours big onion yes yes sir Pontifical on those are too long Sam Allah o fw puts our I in human not slipping waters in Allah I’m full I’m pretty upon my panels and you’re like you but you’re not problema semana recruiter a young Greek broker if I have the cooperation on problem of a volatile we need an agency dedicated just to regulate ketone more equipment and making it illegal to operate independently sons the government participation of the elite the recruitment is will have an essential ultimate again so come on Brooke yes I will go after tonight from 5 6 okay Victor Rosario China what do you hope to gain their respect we we have listened to the presentation it’s all economics there is no advance copy in our hands there is no previous notices of body but they will be taken up there and we get we have to see the cooperate but I think it’s all internal and economic situation in community pakusa peoples are brilliantly bilateral tops yes plenty Turkey and Mongolia and of course China and we are you reading occipital area tectonics I cannot give you the imponderables prototype okay please take C as an ID book and a Triple D be charged a minutes with equal 25 years the focus a whole oh yeah people say no oh yeah so I’m talking about Mara for years poem problema phenomena little bit over see spirit of honesty though I owe a see so several times Nicole Burke oh boy Lila not gonna creepy dramatic mother porn and 12 to 15 minutes miss

and or a single Mulan asleep a hundred nice person Papa’s not happy the postulate satellite to post Amendment immunity you put upon 1 millimeter four years no more than before I’m oh I see but Bangor Python were ever born online kind of but living what are my own origin and certificate no sir marabou online it italic or peril given Poland : an evil we’re gonna tell him I’m 11 fondue la tecnología a teeny popular man Tanaka I may complain my pants about register like a fair opponent okay man I’m bottom 94 ok 11th Poona the salmon but a welcome phenomena don’t be snotty attend the reading OVC ear embezzle Oporto me Kanako pero pero para por sapa papa eponymous kiran own name own Apollo era I can open up okay man that there has to be another reason some realities then I will ask pebble daily of the study I’m not too familiar with the unmissable what what is wrong here what is now so I would ask label to conduct a study I just give them a little me until given up in my tender and blue Monte you can tell of unterminated I will talk excited but I have some pictures of today I hope that pretend to know something which say yes researchers about from Hong Kong news am i under stand for negotiate before China and many other about the possibility of signing a labor agreement about sending Filipino workers in China can you tell us more about this well because they even the this party type I am NOT posted it might be little pearl onions of about Messiah really put the suggestive substance of what the agreement would be so it’s all the policy and the departmental paper you thank you Thank You mr. president so you are certified with Vanessa okay now pour down one of commission on poppy area forgive allah to talk I own unit not to talk about Paris and Brussels now she remains in Germany didn’t cook meat over time Moishe and someday I will reveal it to the Roman no no no the exam table regarding unfamiliar might everybody she single yes oh oh come on I said we have to put on separate details let doing Inland Sea just be traveling with me debride double this time mullah for previous lepers coffee was always a member of the irani bonus will be another beer sir get a cup of sugar mommy

oh so it’s not a joke sir any commotion and if you put your nonlinear behavior yeah boom one of each but you have fish in sarpy la Vida Barnett’s oh my gosh your glasses in a banana peel