Throttle Body Cleaning To Restore Idle Quality

their viewers and welcome back to the self-made hopper channel this 2002 ford explorer sport trac here today it’s got the four liter in it four-wheel drive about 220 some odd thousand miles on it too and it came in last week I think it was no yeah it was last week so yeah but we could go it ain’t red the guy had dropped it off and he was heaven and has been having some problems with some intermittent stalling but very occasionally you know a couple times through the week drives to to his word goes get off the highway lets off the gas you know Co sucked the extra rat gets to the top car stalls pops at neutral immediately starts back up no engine light no drivability problems or nothing you might go to the next stop sign it might stall there it might not it might idle right down juggle a little bit like it’s gonna stall them and flare back up and then you know it might be fine for the next several days so you wanted me to look at it I grabbed you know scan tool the other day feeling benefited out took it drove it monitored some data pits just to see what it was doing and to see if I could duplicate the problem you know to help this guy out and you know you drive and drive and drive and you look at stuff and you know you check some preliminary you know visual inspections you know we’re looking at fuel trends we’re looking at idle air control valve we’re checking to see you know does EGR stay stuck open you know when it comes to stop and make it stall oh gosh you know there’s so many things that can make an engine stall so we look at all the you know pretty much all the basics I’ll be honest we think around like a top I mean it it ever even you know juggled one time so I guess with that being said I you know I you know fiddling with some stuff you check TS BS you know you use your scanner your bi-directional controls and you open and close EGR valve you know it kind of gather some information you know Kenny EGR valve make it stall well in this case no couldn’t I could open 100 duty-cycle the engine ran like crap but I can never get it to stall so you know that rules that out now you come out under the hood you give it you know after you’ve checked some stuff you give it the wiggle test you know you just kind of look at things and you know wiggle some harnesses and see if you can duplicate it but in this case I couldn’t but one thing I did notice and you know I was actually just talking either about this on the phone too is when I was checking the idle air control valve checking its function you know its ability to control its command and value when it would get down around if I remember right the other day wasn’t like 30% or 40% it would stall the engine and with that many miles on it it kind of you know leads me to believe and you know I even also thought that you know perhaps you know the throttle bodies you know really coked up and you know the idle air control let’s say for example he pulled up to a stop sign idle air control dips down do you know 30 40 percent as he our pants come down maybe hangs slightly and then all of a sudden you know tries to flare up and it’s you know it’s too late Scalzi engine so Denny rate the purpose of this video we’re gonna take we’re gonna put the scan tool in we’re gonna see if we could duplicate that problem if we call it a problem we’re gonna you know take it out on our control valve we’re gonna run it down to a low value see if the engine does stall check out the condition of throttle body clean the throttle body and then recheck the values of where the idle air control valve is is positioned you know normal warm engine idle which if I remember right it was about it was in like the mid 40 to 50 percentile and then we’ll clean the throttle body and see if the idle air control valve moves it moves to a more closed position you know giving it kind of more of a latitude of adjustment and then will give the vehicle back to the customer to let them drive it and see if the you know if the stalling problem persists and if it does this is you know value we can take out of the equation because we know it’s not you know cause from a dirty throttle body and I hope that makes sense but a lot of times when we do intermittent diagnosis or you know things like this we can’t redo placate the problem but it is a real problem that really happens you know short of just driving this thing for hours days days is you know you do something simple like this you know as mass airflow dirty you know it’s quick it’s easy to cost anything other the time one thing you don’t ever want to do is just start hanging parts on it once once you sell a customer apart you just you just married that car you’re going to own that thing till until the day you figure out the problem and in this case this is you know simple maintenance item it makes sense you know it’s a plausible repair and you didn’t you didn’t really put any parts on it that’s kind of where we’re at loud truck warm up load a disposal

transmission cooler lines on well I get the vehicle information entered here kind of take our dish for reading and then kind of our before and after and that will Jack didn’t have any codes when it came in the other day what we’re going to do I know it’s not warmed up all the way as I will speak man just get up here what we want to look at Oh – you be good now wasn’t having any fuel trim issues there anything today when it came in so we can we can look at our idle air control valve here they give your little problem now we see we’re definitely not that warmed up that may not matter too much to us we can see here our idle air control valve hanging around 57% so that’s that’s a good ways open I can’t really say that I know normal I would expect it lower than that I’m going to guess 20s to 30 percentile not a pit I pay a ton of attention to I’ll be honest with you but I do remember I think we took we dip this thing down it doesn’t like going down to 40% and I would I would think that you know with a clean throttle body it would continue to to run you know with just the airflow going past the throttle plate but I think this thing’s bypassing more air than it really should be we dropped our rpm right right down there low we can see our idle air control valve it’s responsive down to 40 we get down to 30 and it really doesn’t like that Tippett we put in here definitely stall this thing’s barely running and that 20 that’s that’s the end of story we’re at taken oh man sighs then we get down to this throttle body click it on my go we’re gonna have a look at it see this may be totally normal we might be way way off on our thinking here but got a handle look make a make an effort of it – she looks a little dirty so here’s our throttle body obviously up top we have our idle air control valve which bypasses air through a port up here in the top of the throttle body which you

can’t really see with its camera angle we can see the serrano plate it’s super nasty and there’s actually usually an amount of air that will bypass the actual throttle plate you know so that way it’s not forced to all go through the idle air control valve up here that’s what we’re going to do is just simply clean the throttle body not not a huge process this little guys plastic so you want to make sure whatever cleaner you use on its plastic safe and I think in this case I’m a sort of cleaning it on the vehicle I’m a just taking that yank this thing off real quick that way we don’t worry about getting all a crappy intake and listen sing puke and coughing we start Oh yuck throttle people’s looking a little bit gross we’re making my bike looks pretty dang corroded Wow that’s where a simple job could get kind of kind of ugly rats half on just broke the corrosion free there we go yeah we went they’ve got a half mile of tape on and the other thing taped up from you must be it keep see wiring harness from going in its in the fan I assume or something man they use like these big self tap and wood screws get a get a ratchet to get those bottom two Oh I like Ford’s it got built in little parts trees here I don’t know I’m not saying anything I’m just making an observation no fightin time on this one they’re supposed to be picking this thing up in about half an all right I really wanted to do this come on sake of knowing here we go we’re gonna got a reusable gasket so we’re not not real worried about that we do however have to get it out of there I don’t want to get it off slather it up with you know sea foam but like oh I like how gross sad thing is you can actually feel it catching a little bit when you go to open it so let’s go scrub this little guy out and then retest our theory see we’re in the idle air control valve and this is where the idle air control valve bypasses its air so normally air flows past the throttle plates if the engine needs you know more or less air depending on engine load it bypasses through this hole you know via the idle air control valve right here in this opening and this thing it’s pretty gross because you see the EGR valve dumps right here and you know also thanks get high and I think the technical term is throttle body coking so anyway and make it up yeah Oh EDD parts washer what I have found when in doubt award the wisdom here curb cleaners you don’t know if the throttle bodies you know coated with its special special coating and it can’t take the oh I see the irregular carb cleaner seat foam my seat foam is pretty mild however does a spectacular job on cleaning carbon I guess as it’s designed to do so that’s why I usually choose to use that and I’m gonna go get will get your favorite little toothbrush I’ll simply pour some in there really the rest is rest is history intended kind of do what you got to do so you’ll see that the seafoam works extremely well now if you accidentally put in something you’re not supposed to then it takes off this special coating or whatever it is and allow us the throttle body to bypass

more air than it should now you’ve got to be by the neck throttle body because typically the federal air control valve won’t be able to overcome that by closing because it can only block off so much air then you’re up the creek I should say but we can see here and we’re starting to get some color back to the throttle plate I’m gonna continue on scrubbing you can see that whole process is pretty pretty easy let’s finish wiping it off I think we got it pretty pretty clean Springs are so polished a tricky hole but I say if it was a metal throttle body I knew it wasn’t coated I knew some uh we’d all classic carbon shell cleaner course a little bit of brake clean but on this better safe than sorry what that offer it goes wipe off our gasket here a little bit kind of like these gaskets they’re always reusable until they’re not then you got to get a new one so we’ll put this back you’re gonna cork down our cables back up our throttle position and get our mass airflow sensor hook back up and we do our test to see if we’ve made some improvement no improvement a little improvement or we completely screwed it up and now we have to buy a new throttle body my fingers class is when everything plastic plants are like glass again T now we gotta use wood screws to put stuff together what I’m the kid over thinking made out of cast iron now probably true but I also didn’t run two hundred thousand miles of little maintenance spray that bad things just don’t we can’t you here we go let’s redo our test now when we start this thing and me it may hit a high rpm because it’s going to go off it’s you know off it’s a learned memory and you know should quickly recover with some cards you know when you clean the throttle body like particular on electronic throttle body Mandy if you don’t do a relearn procedure women think tomato hai for an hour it gradually come down particularly on the GM’s those things are you know they’re a disaster clean throttle body on but we just do a you know and I don’t relearn kind of get a match where it was where we were all right to rethink our data see you later ovals around 50%

we’re down to 10% now we’re down to zero so our idle air control valve it’s fully closed and this would be you know would be considered our bypass there now we’ll let the what we’ll do on this Ford I think on a Ford II I don’t know if we have any minimum airflow test or not here taking a Chrysler we do is change it so I afford it we reset the keepalive memory I believe it would reset our learned idle I think that flies I net we’ll see here as the engine starts to kind of take control relearn well we’ll go back and look at this value see where one hole is the one we started six sixty percent something like that quite happy now look at look at the difference we have here we have a desired Idol that was that in here rpm desire there we go that way we can still make sure we’re the realm of pasta you know realm of where we should be there’s our desire I believe that like that so our desire is 656 we get a min/max I’m just gonna take it a little while to kind of relearn itself you can see our idle air control valve slowly coming back down our desire is 656 right over here why it’s real close I mean this is good you know 10 rpms either side of the desired 6 652 670 will say average that’s good we can’t ask for much better than that see we bypass air it’s still just can dip below the desired goes down about 600 that’s wonderful we still got to hook our cables up here to the throttle body but we can see what we would consider our idle screw so this would be our our base idle screw on this on this vehicle we can actually look that stuck up where we closed idle air control valve all the way and set the minimum airflow rpm by jumping that screw you’ll you’ll look out here on your missions label and it tells you you know not adjustable CMS PLC manual we can certainly look that up but it’s never been tampered with as far as I know so we’re just gonna leave it but I think it’s real obvious based on our on our test here and our test results and we have a confirmed fit and the idle air control valve seems to be very responsive see right 22% that’s wonderful I was thinking it would should be run out on why I said initially I seen you know 20 30 % was kind of the norm see how it responds

that’s able to achieve the desired end I think it’s a confirmed repair I guess we call that well there we go that was a fun little little test now it’s a pretty short video and the shows you know cleaning the throttle body what kind of changes you can have and it also shows that it is possible you know the idle air control valve was to go too low or stick low that it could have caused this guys symptoms which yelled symptoms we’re stalling and the good news is if it doesn’t fix it no big deal because we got hardly anything into it other than some time so we’re not too concerned or worried about it but it is a variable that we can take out of the equation now because we know that other control valve works and Oh throttle bodies clean we know what it’s not sometimes to figure out what something is you have to figure out what it’s not and kind of narrow it down that way there we go they’re avid viewers quick and dirty super easy repair oh we call repair but good assumption and we’re able to see that once the throttle body is clean that it can bypass enough air to keep itself running and that’s one thing that we can take out of the equation now on this intermittent stalling problem and a good possibility that it then it may fix it but if it doesn’t oh well we know what it’s not like I said sometimes that’s a really valuable piece of information and it’s just it’s just as easy to do this thing back customer let them drive it than it is you know it’s driving aimlessly until the problem becomes more persistent and you don’t want to hang parts on it never hang apart on it always verify it and always be careful before you go Dushan air down with some carbon choke cleaner or brake cleaner which doesn’t cut carbon Burke I’m going to cut carbon you need carbon choke cleaner throttle body cleaner special throttle body cleaner seafoam something something like that that really cuts character make sure you know what you’re working on you know don’t put it on plastic then all of a sudden have the plastic disappear on you and then you got nothing so hope you guys enjoyed the video check us on Facebook and Google+ leave some comments below if you want to kind of carry on a conversation or what your methods are on intermittent stalling problems and how you like to go about solving those and what your methodology is there and we’ll get some good conversation going so just remember viewers if I can do it you can do it thanks for watching