12/20/2020 — Colorado M4.3 next to drill points — Rare ILLINOIS Fracking earthquake + Japan M6.3

hello hello everybody it is 1 13 p.m central time on the 20th of december 2020 it’s sunday here in the united states hope you’re doing well we are here to talk about seismic events and it’s been several days since actually recording an update so i’m actually recording this and i looks like i’m going to upload this to youtube of all places so let’s get going if you’re new here we’re using earthquake 3d the program and we have a combined feed of the usgs and the emsc coming out of europe we’re looking at about 48 hours where the older earthquakes are marked in pink and the lighter earthquakes are younger they’re marked in white and then the earthquakes that are raised high off the globe just for new people these are deep earthquakes or deeper they’re down below the plates or at the bottoms of the plates and we watch the deep earthquakes because there’s a shallower larger earthquake effect that usually happens next to the deep earthquakes and spreading up out and away from the deep earthquakes so for instance we have a cluster of deep events right here and you’ll notice i’ve got a letter d on the map it’s been on here for years it’s a spot where we watch for new deep earthquakes to occur all the way over here in the west pacific at the pinnacle tip where the pacific plate makes a bend going over into the solomon islands here in papua new guinea so it makes a u-shaped bend and goes down past new caledonia and back up to fiji and well a bunch of deep earthquakes have struck here next to fiji and tonga additionally to top it all off a major cyclone blew through this area over the past several days so while the area is being buffeted with a huge tropical system we also have a series of deep earthquakes down below the location spreading out and away from the location we have a five going down across the kermadec islands and going all the way down into new zealand where we have a 4.5 at kaikoura which fulfills the warning for the central part of new zealand after the south and north part of new zealand moved last week so all of new zealand has now shifted on about a mid-range four level in the last week north island south island south tip all the way down to the x and of course the 4.5 you see on the feed here now we have an open area across about a thousand miles maybe even more i mean that might even be the distance the united states is across maybe just a little less huge area open no earthquakes in the last 48 hours now on the other side of the open area we have a bunch of earthquakes again so we have a big open area where on one side we have energy deep earthquakes and a 5.1 we go over here and you’ll see a series of other deep earthquakes that happened several days ago and we have another letter d right there where the deep earthquakes happen of course where we watch for that and we have a 5.2 so deep earthquakes and a 5.2 on one side deep earthquakes and a 5.1 on the other it’s about the same size where the middle point if we go around the bends of the plate comes in somewhere right about here vanuatu eastern solomon islands or north of new caledonia i would watch that middle point still for something larger than what’s on both sides to strike in the next several days we call that middle point the fulcrum point like a two arm scale where we have a balancing weight on both sides and the combined total of the weight adds up in the middle aziz check it out guys 2.6 coming in on the edge of the craton or one of the edges of the cratons that plural make up the plate across australia but new 2.6 comes rolling in and just a few days back i don’t know if it’s even on here anymore i know the usgs didn’t cover it but small earthquake came in up here a three point something earthquake again up on the northwest edge i think a new earthquake also struck down next to perth or at least in the southwest portion of australia but i don’t know where it was a few days ago and i just saw it rolling by i wasn’t doing updates taking a few days off a lot of stuff going on in the world you know the last thing we need is more earthquakes right now look at the equal spread of fords going across over into indonesia and the equal spread of fours going all the way up to japan we’ll get into japan in a second because that’s the largest earthquake of the past few days a mid-range six to low end six low end to mid-range six we’ll call it that came in on the northeast shores of japan last night or

this morning international time but you can see the spread of fours and the highest we’re going is 4.9 now why does that matter look over here to the east another 4.9 well wait that’s 2 4.9 and wait there’s another one up here right in the middle of the whole hot mess another 4.9 wow look another 4.8 which originally was a 4.9 that’s a lot of 4.9 wouldn’t you say it’s like four 4.9 equally spaced ah look at this one a new one just a new 4.8 a new 4.8 just struck right in the spot where i’m talking here it went in 1907 utc 10 minutes ago a new 4.8 to 4.9 struck there so it’s a lot of the same sized activity and again 4.8 4.8 4.9 4.9 4.9 4.9 all the way around and let me show you what we’re going around this this spot here the red lines so 4.8 4.8 4.9 4.9 another 4.9 and another 4.9 all around the edge of the plate boundary going up to japan were the biggest of the bunch came rolling in last night or this morning again international time just a few hours ago and it’s 6.2 to 6.3 let’s get all the other smaller earthquakes out of there so you could say the 6.2 6.3 is really sandwiched in the middle or on the north middle point of the plate boundary where all the energy down here pulled up and we’re striking up here along the most famous earthquake zone on the planet and again that’s the coast of honshu japan or northeast of the coast of honshu japan south of hokkaido again where the big ring is or circle is here from the usgs so that’s a pretty noteworthy sized earthquake i i think it is the first six to strike in japan in a little bit they’ve been flirting around with the upper five level for the last several months additionally to top it all off the equal spacing of these earthquakes around the whole plate boundary indicates the push came from down here let’s go back to the map one more time the push came from down here where all the deep earthquakes are hammering up on the underside of the plate spread up on the west side spread up on the east side re-pooled back together here where the plate boundary comes together like a letter h shape on the north side think of this like a river two rivers that come back together and the stream or the flow recombines into something greater where they reconnect over to the west we go over into japan or out of japan or did i say the west the northwest we go out of japan and we go over into siberia russia mongolia china nothing going on across two continents that’s odd because we’re really going right up to their borders at this point and we go all the way over to europe and but there’s nothing reported across these areas and i’m here to tell you most likely if we had them incorporated into the usgs feed or the european feed we would see small earthquakes reported if they reported them i mean if the russians or the chinese somehow were reporting small earthquakes across their countries to the general public which i don’t think they do but if they do it’s very limited we would see a line of earthquakes going across siberia and going across china re-pooling back up over here at the takalamakan desert what like happened last week for instance you don’t see the earthquakes on here now let’s see if they’re still on there hold on yeah you don’t see them on there but last week right here they did report two 4.7 we zoomed in on the 4.7 and one was directly below coal-fired power plant like five kilometers down below the power plant and the other location was an oil gas storage drill point location in the taklamakan desert both 4.7 both at man-made locations drill points basically they may even be doing geothermal at that coal plant guys now 4.3 striking at the tip of the arrow that’s right in the middle of afghanistan and then going to the west we are again quiet across iran we get right up to the border of iran we got another 4.3 now just wait a second we got a 4.3 on one side and a 4.3 on the other two of the same sized quakes now what would you do if i told you those two points are actually connected let’s go show you so 4.3 here 4.3 here now how are they connected well we go down across the plate boundary to the south to the number seven shaped carlsberg ridge that actually goes out into the ocean but you see it comes back up and goes to the north but both of these are on the north side of the red line and usgs doesn’t have anything connecting between the two at all does it no red line there the red line goes down through south iran well i’ve shown this a thousand times but i’ll show it a thousand and one now we’re going to go over to the mid east and we’re going to look across iran and i should just turn off the borders and labels and places just so you can see a little bit better this is iran and on the north side you’ll see the mountains and on the south side of course you see the mountains too usgs plate boundary goes down to the south down to the number seven carlsberg ridge but on the north side you’ll see the mountains do the

same thing they make a bend like a flowing river across north iran going up into georgia and russia this is the caspian sea here we have uh tehran the big city right in there on the south of the caspian sea anyway the mountains go around both sides of iran so getting back over to the usgs plate boundary map i think they should have like a dotted line or something indicating that there’s actually maybe an old plate boundary or maybe it’s a uncharted unknown plate boundary there’s a connection point between these two spots and that’s the mountain ranges that are folded and bent the same way that the southern mountain ranges are and in the middle it’s flowing around this block of the craton or block of the plate that makes up the pretty much whole mid-east and the mountains really do look like they’re flowing like a river over a long time and maybe they are wouldn’t that be wild now once we get over to europe you’ll see this backwards s-shaped band in eastern europe covered in trees these are all mountains as well and the triangles indicate where there are volcanic locations marked by the smithsonian now at every bend in the plate we have a volcanic location shed basin east eifel going back over to the bronte back down around to the south hargetas and go back down into greece and turkey down here to the south where we all know about the volcanoes at greece and turkey now looking at the plate boundary you’ll see going through greece and turkey of course we have the w-shape plate boundary marked by the usgs but on the eastern side of europe going through romania bulgaria ukraine belarus poland nothing right it’s just white on the usgs map but we go here and you’ll see the mountains certainly make a certain shape and that the volcanic fields marked by the smithsonian map out the bends in that shape this is the interior craton edge of europe we have a crate on edge in the united states kind of looks almost the same but it’s turned on its side i’ll get to that in a moment but we have to talk about poland poland got it now it’s a magnitude and a half under what i worn for i was looking for up to five but instead sorry drinking my coffee but instead we get a 3.5 to maybe upper three at the most same time around the same time today in the last 24 hours a 3.3 to 3.5 struck over in eastern romania now wait a second that’s two of the same sized earthquakes and like i said going up through poland let’s go back to google earth here over into romania up into poland that’s the craton edge and it’s threes going across the greytown edge instead of upper fours to fives which means there’s still energy trapped down here in south europe that has not escaped out and we’re pushing with the same-sized earthquakes across eastern europe again romania on the s-shaped bend over to the east maybe i should turn down the rings a little there we are and poland and we warn poland very specific about poland and where to watch southwest poland right there so we’re a magnitude and a half off now check it out going down across over to western europe on the pyrenees right here the mountain range that goes between spain and france another same-sized earthquake 3.4 so 3.3 and 3.5 on one side of europe 3.4 on the other side of europe both on the edges of the plate boundary or the craton edges and then to top it all off right in the middle in the last two days 4.1 earthquake came rolling in down here at the south boot tip of italy right next to mount aetna mount aetna’s down here on sicily and mount etna has been putting off big blasts over the past week and a half or so then to seal the deal that the middle of the craton’s moving a same-sized earthquake exactly the same size 4.1 they both struck the same day a day and a half ago two days ago now this one was a day ago so day day and a half ago and this is at albania greece border we had warned albania montenegro greece we had warned italy up to the north which we talked about last week but now same-sized earthquakes are right in the middle two four point ones in the middle mid-range threes going around both sides of europe you’ll notice also that another earthquake struck next to the sixth from this past week up here east northeast of yanmayan island the tiny little island here jan may and j a n yan okay yanmayan island and we have svalbard up here to the north where the international seed bank is and on the mid-atlantic ridge that pretty much cuts the whole plate in half goes all the way up here to the very north pole where there’s a super volcano right down below the north pole right here 60 miles long 30 mile wide crater right below the very north tip about a thousand miles away from the gecko ridge summing it all up going back over here the largest earthquake of the day

japan six point three equal spaced fours well four point nines come on let’s just call them all fives that’s really what they are a bunch of fives down to the south re-pulling back up to a six up to the north that’s really what just happened a bunch of deep earthquakes here also that tropical system which can have an earthquake effect electromagnetic earthquake effect with the big storms but not getting into that right now and a spread going down to new zealand over to europe like i said equal spread of fours on the south side going to the middle with the biggest of the bunch and then going around the outside edge of europe all the way the only thing i didn’t mention is the others three something what is that a 3.1 striking down at the canary islands these are the azores out here where the x’s these are the canary islands down here to the south and we’re right there in the middle of the canaries with the mid-range three speaking of mid-range threes south africa now i would just like to pull the info on this because i just have to see if it’s a shallow earthquake or what botswana botswana africa let’s go pull the coordinates and just go see what’s there there might not be anything there it’s right at the border between south africa and botswana and it’s not every day i got to look up earthquakes in africa so people were asking me by the way why don’t they report earthquakes out of africa and that’s just the question of the century they do but not all the time it’s like i don’t know what’s going on there a whole continent without earthquake activity come on we know there’s something going on there okay what do we have around the area let’s turn on our places our borders and labels just to again okay there is the border between the two countries botswana and south africa oh man look at the crate on edge whoa volcano hey we’ve got ourselves old volcanism here lava flows yeah let’s just make sure about that hold on oh yeah okay old volcanism i’m talking these are so old you wouldn’t even really call these volcanoes they don’t even have a place mark on them but that’s what this is we’re on the edge of a craton too which i like i said about the european crate on the folds and bends in the edge of the plate get a load of this get a load of the ancient volcanism that makes this up what do we got going on here well that’s a lack of lift that’s a it’s gotta be that has to be a lack of lift a bulge in the plate caused by intruding magma from an ancient dime long ago it’s not it look it’s ri it’s rising it’s a rising dome it’s not an impact crater or anything people might say oh look at an impact crater yeah no no that’s not an impact crater that’s a bulge a circular bulge in the plate we see these in other places i could show you some of these in iran for instance almost look exact same on the edge of the plate boundary though or on the edge of the craton boundary and africa is made up of i don’t even know how many but africa is made up of several plates or several cratons and that’s where we are that is so interesting i’m gonna have to remember that the big volcano that’s not marked down in africa at the botswana border okay now let’s jump over across the pacific go over to south america same size earthquakes and i mean the exact same size what were we dealing with over here 5.15.2 right there’s the 5.2 there’s the 5.1 some deep earthquakes and some mid-range fours going up to 4.9 and look at what we have here a 5.2 coming across a bunch of earthquakes in the ford upper 4 range going as high as 4.9 and 5.0 and it’s x marks the spot the south sandwich islands which we talked about watching for a flow to go down to a couple days ago actually five or six days ago i’ve been doing little short updates online on twitch but i haven’t been saving them so i guess you had to catch me live to talk about this but we were talking about the volcano villa rica that had come back alive down here in south chile and that we watch all the way down here at the southeast tip of the plate boundary and villarreal is right back up here so if we get an eruption in the middle right here in between where our earthquakes are then we watch that’s a sign that there’s force flowing down underneath the blade so it’s the exact same size movement on both sides of the plate and let me show you both sides of the blade on the usgs map here again going down across new zealand and over to the west and jumping across and going down across this fracture zone down to the south and over to the east both sides of the plate spreading out equally which would mean that we’re due for 6.0 range activity down in south america just because on the other side of the plate equally across into the northwest japan is moving and we’ve seen it back and forth by the way we’ve seen a back and forth between japan you remember the day kyushu got hit

with the big earthquake south japan several years ago big crack went right across the whole island the same day within 24 hours same sized earthquake within a few points of each other i mean like it was a seven in kyushu and it was a 6.8 or whatever right down here in ecuador then the next day it happened again there was a big earthquake over here next to solomon islands and then there was a big earthquake over here off the coast of mexico it went back and forth like a tennis match several years ago now i’m not saying that’s gonna happen now but i would think that there would be something not 7.0 now a couple years ago i would think now we’re talking about something at least a magnitude less in the six range but the middle point here was the spot that we would watch so north peru south ecuador right in between our four sets of arrows we have two arrows pointing the south two arrows pointing to the north the andes mountains the flow goes around over to the north central america last day and a half europeans reporting earthquakes usgs i don’t know what to tell you guys if you’re using the usgs site you’re just going to look at this you’re going to see a big blank across all of mexico and that’s not accurate let’s get a sip of my coffee while you think about that so if you have to combine feeds from other countries to get the info right on our shores 4.0 striking in the gulf of california threes going down across south central america now at this point we should go check the volcanic ash advisory center and see if there’s any new volcanoes in central america south america even in the west pacific so west pacific for instance south japan sui nizajima just blew up with a just small blast four thousand but an explosive blast clue chad’s going up at kamchatka peninsula in russia fuego and guatemala popocate patal in mexico sanjay in ecuador saban kaya kluchevskoy fuego kluchetsko it’s just a repeat of all the regular suspects that we normally see on the list i look for oddballs i look for new volcanoes to show up if there’s any kind of increase going on we’ll see new volcanoes that we haven’t seen on the list before or in years suddenly pop off with a new blast that’s not happening right now instead it’s all of our usual suspects that are just putting off moderate size blasts now that could change in a moment’s notice i don’t forecast eruptions at all i just look to see where the oh hold on one second i just look to see where sorry about that uh where the eruptions are happening and then that lets me know where there’s a big increase in seismic getting ready to take place so if there’s a bunch of blast happening somewhere no duh we watch for seismic compensation after that because the magma chambers shift and move with a large expulsion of contents from the chambers that then causes a plate shift if you have enough of those and we’ve seen that happen before okay venezuela got hit with a 4.7 going across the little arrow there right there on the northeast tip i guess is that that’s still the andes mountains going over to the north side of south america but we’re now a day beyond my seven day warning for the east caribbean i warned right over here in the east caribbean going from venezuela up to the northeast tip of the plate boundary coming out of the caribbean for a 5.5 and instead guess what hit nada nothing zero zilch and that’s odd that is extremely odd we would normally expect the flow to go across and go out to the letter x’s which usgs doesn’t have anything out here in the mid-atlantic ridge we have our two exes and they’ve been strangely quiet for what two weeks now maybe even longer meanwhile the flow we have a bunch of eruptions going on across central america popocatepetl fuego teleca talika nevados day chilean or no i’m sorry nevado del ruiz volcano reventador and sanjay all across here erupting earthquakes going across here and they get over to about here and nothing over to the east that means we are building up in power over on the east edge of the caribbean and we have tension between our two exes out in the mid-atlantic ridge and where the energy is coming across right now you can see it so between the two is where we watch and that puts us right here between the x and the energy coming across but everybody back behind it so puerto rico for instance i would expect the number of earthquakes in puerto rico to go up and i hope i got this right because if i’m wrong it’s going to go right into puerto rico i think it’s going to go out to the exes it’s been long enough the tension’s building it should break in the east caribbean and then go out to the

exes i hope i’m right if i’m wrong it’s gonna go to the swarm spot in puerto rico and that’ll be not good so let’s just or hope i’m totally wrong on all this and that the energy’s going into maybe a volcano there that we don’t know about that’s gonna send some activity off and it won’t hurt anybody and instead it’ll just send off a new blast from a volcano we haven’t seen in months or years over in the eastern caribbean which does happen from time to time okay united states here we are it takes the whole update to get to us the reason it does for new people i’m not trying to drag this out make you watch the whole planet you have to understand that we in the united states usually get the flow last the energy starts where our deep earthquakes are goes out over to europe like i told you up to japan like i told you and over to south america like i told you straight out and away from where it hammers in on the underside of the plate now once you get beyond japan we have to go up around over through alaska and that follows the plate boundary to the north let me show it to you on the usgs map here starting here where the deep earthquakes hammer up we spread out and across straight across path of least resistance reaching out to the north into the south hence my two giant arrows going across the pacific here but once we get up to alaska on the north side we go around past japan and look what it does the plate boundary makes a bend and goes down into the west coast of the united states down into the juan de fuca fracture zone that has these sawtooth shaped jagged edges which really those jagged edges belong to the pacific plate so this energy is coming up goes into the plate once it gets up into alaska it hits the north american craton which i have a good diagram of here been showing it for the last 10 years and on the edge of the craton we have a few features we have the accretionary belt that goes all the way up into alaska we have the deformed craton that’s marked in purple and that’s at the california nevada border and then we have the interior craton edge the more stable portion as they call it and that is from colorado basically all the way down to the south in the united states and all the way up the east coast so the energy comes in from the northwest one more time craton edge northwest let’s compare to the earthquakes in the last two days there we go so a line of threes and a line of threes and in between the two line of threes right in the middle in the middle of this big open area where there’s no other earthquakes 5.0 in the middle the biggest earthquake in the middle on both sides just again like a two-armed scale where we have weight on both sides that accumulates in the middle this is more like a wave that accumulates in the middle and we get the bigger earthquake in the middle now it’s not that the bigger earthquake in the middle caused the earthquakes on either side and it’s not that the earthquakes on either side technically caused the earthquake in the middle that’s not what’s going on here the earthquake in the middle and the earthquakes on both sides are all caused by a greater inundating power or force or tension i think very low frequency or ultra low frequency so like this is a wave pooling up in the middle and i can show this to you in an example of a standing wave in a laboratory let me show this to you here so a standing wave forming in a tank of course a tank of water and this is low frequency and both of these tank sides are one of the tank sides i don’t know if it’s both of them or one of them are pushing in and pulling out from each other so this end is slightly moving in and out and that end is slightly moving in and out or one of them is and it’s pumping more energy into the tank and instead of becoming jostling chaotic waves these combine and form into organized organized standing waves that get more power or more amplitude in them the higher and more powerful the wave becomes as you pump more energy into it now notice the spacing on these and how the biggest of the bunch is in the middle of course as you know with a wave and we get back to the earthquakes and the same thing think of this like hammering action on both sides and the standing wave forms in the middle across thousands of miles and the earthquakes drop off along the peaks of the waves or or the trough or valley of the wave as it goes across amazing right okay united states lower 48 will get into hawaii last aloha guys hey you know hawaiians just just hang hang tight there really quick or what do you how do you say that raw chill all right u.s i think we should talk about the largest earthquake in the last day and a half across the whole united states which is directly in one of our warned areas colorado and oklahoma were both warned and instead colorado and the kansas oklahoma border got it

so what’s at the colorado border well first of all the craton edge goes right down through colorado now wait they have this listed out of utah don’t they aren’t they tricky ah the good old usgs a surface earthquake but not a blast or is it let’s go see what’s at the colorado utah border where they triangulated the sucker from utah but it’s in colorado and how do i know it’s in colorado here’s the coordinates from the usgs here’s the state line the star is where the earthquake is again guys i don’t know what the deal is with them but let’s back this out to show you on google earth there is coloradi and i used to live out here guys not here but in colorado here’s the earthquake epicenter and look where the earthquake epicenter is coming in next to a drill point now these look like saline ponds but i’m not quite sure i am sure there are tanks here and pipeline and some kind of pumping apparatus and it could be well water they’d be getting water from this some water purification maybe they have a drill point there maybe not i labeled it as fracking since i don’t know exactly what it is and it’s got tanks and some kind of saline ponds there it also has power lines running to it now paradox califor california paradox colorado is the nearest larger town so i don’t know why they wouldn’t triangulate it from paradox and again that’s an iffy on the fracking location there but certainly there are drill points there of some kind and drill points are the main fault no pun intended so the fault of the earthquake i need to show you something else that happened south central colorado it wasn’t just western colorado these are two sets of earthquakes in colorado in the same 24 hour time period this is somewhat rare we go weeks without earthquakes reported in colorado at all so to get three in a day let’s go put the coordinates in down at south central colorado which i just showed you again on the craton diagram here look at colorado it goes right through the continental divide the craton edge right down through here where i’m getting ready to show you now this is where the largest earthquake in the last 150 years or state history took place trinidad colorado had a 5.9 earthquake that they downgraded to 5.4 back in 2011. let’s again show you where we are here’s southern colorado there’s the border with new mexico and on the western side here right over here we get out into this now i don’t know if you’ll see it but let me zoom in and show you a closer zoom in on it ah there we go see these ponds lined with black liner and you see the pump and the tank well these are pumping operations now i think they’re doing mainly gas here now these are gas oil gas pumping operations and they’re well known again these are very well known out here and there’s some more of the pipeline where they put all the gas and oil together and put it out i guess several miles to a refinery of some kind and you see how many pads there are these are not campsites every one of these is a different oil or gas drill point some of them actually still have the jack or pump which you can see in the proper angle of sunlight like a sundial but every one of these going all the way across the whole area is a different drill point now once we get down into new mexico they don’t have state regulations that put protective covers over the jacks or pumps so you can actually see the shadow of the actual jack which proves it’s oil like this right here for instance in colorado they build a shed around it right that’s what we were just looking at the sheds and the ponds in colorado and on the new mexico side of the border you get the straight up oil well without a shed over it state regulations right okay so we’re on the edge of the crater we’re at other drill points in south colorado and we’re right next to drill points over in western colorado whether they’re for oil or gas or water or geothermal they’re at drill points now once we go over to the east over into kansas same thing drill points same with down in oklahoma drill points and that’s not even really too controversial like i should just be able to tell you that you could be like okay yeah i heard about oklahoma and kansas and the drill points but if you haven’t let me just pull a coordinate and go find the nearest drill point for you so you can see how close we get sometimes we’re right next to a well other times we’re just a couple miles away and they can drill out by a few miles several miles in many instances or we have old drill points where are we here mcconnell air force base again see this gets me in all right this gets me into where i don’t want to go look things up because we get next to an

air force base or next to bunker facilities it gets a little troubling what do we have going on right in here do we have anything of any significance nearby the highway that i can just look up easily without getting myself into too much trouble and yes i will get shut down if i go and find something i’m not supposed to we’ve zoomed in on missile silos we’ve zoomed in on training locations i’ve even caught directed energy weapons going or satellite beam downs going down into military bases so yeah we try to stay off the controversial side i don’t see any marked drill points around this but i am right next to the air force base so i’m just going to move on vlf guys vlf but let me prove the drill points to you because again if you’re a new viewer you’re not going to know what i’m talking about with the drill point let’s go down into oklahoma and get one from there quentin oklahoma so again you’d have to understand how the military relates into this it’s not that they have an earthquake machine but there’s a byproduct of very low frequency communications between military facilities a well-known byproduct an earthquake effect that happens from the communications that very low frequency okay where are we we are down here in beautiful oklahoma and like i said there’s going to be drill points all over the place down here there’s 500 000 different drill points across oklahoma here’s the oil well at the center of the jack that’s not for this isn’t for cattle or for farming and they’re all over the place down here the drill points that are that is uh we can just go down the go down the roads and you’ll find more and they put protective berms around the tanks now on purpose state regulation they used to not to they used to just have a out in the middle of the woods kind of thing going on here and you can see they do it with stones sometimes though that’s in case anything leaks out usually there’s no leaks though down to the south there’s more and you start to get the picture for how many there are once we zoom around the area a little bit you start seeing a lot of tanks a lot of pipelines a lot of pumps and you can see where the clusters of gas are it makes sense there’s clusters of gas here so look what they’re doing they’re drilling out this whole crescent shape here but let’s turn off our borders and labels and check this out remember africa at the start of this update where i zoomed in in the folds and bends in the plate you remember over in europe where i told you hey uh we’re on the edge of the plate over here in romania here we are in the united states and here’s our s-shaped bend i told you europe has an s-shaped bend and ours is just turned sideways through the south but just like in europe it’s making folds and bends and on the folds and bends there’s apparently a lot of oil and gas and hence our earthquake coming in right next to all of these drill points 500 000 different drill points across oklahoma going up into kansas now it could be that up in kansas it’s not related to the air force base that there’s an old drill point at the location i don’t really want to take the time to go look that up let’s go over into illinois really quick because we got an earthquake right across the river from where i’m at if you don’t know where i live i’m from missouri missouri sorry depending on where you are in the state it’s either missouri or missouri i’m kind of in the middle point i could say it either way okay sorry about that just had a little cough there so over in illinois is there anything over there in illinois that we need to know about well let’s first turn on our borders labels places back it out here’s st louis again for reference my location right over here and here’s the earthquake now wait wait do you see what’s right here hold on actually let me search it we’re less than one county away from the giant air force base here where they built dueling airports quite literally we are right next to it guys so i wonder again i’m just wondering this is out loud wonder if i’m coming in within a county of a large air force base on multiple earthquakes on the same day that’s odd especially in illinois where there’s not much else over here now a couple counties over to the east there are drill points for oil and gas and i already have a lot of those marked i don’t know if there’s any more down here in south illinois i would have to go check and see oh wait there are there’s a look at this there’s an oil well right below a set of high voltage power lines i had no idea there were oil wells this close to st louis

oh man that is just i’m marking it i’m marking this one wow okay well they added more and we can go right up here and go to the tank there’s the tank and the pipeline’s going to go through here too where there’s one there’s more now these high voltage power lines here here’s another tank right there that’s not for farming guys that is not for farming where’s the other oil well right here there’s another one i i don’t know if that’s oil uh gas so i’ll just put well could be either could be both okay how many are there again where there’s one there’s more there’s a whole oil patch here just over east of st louis my god that’s just begging for an earthquake on the new madrid seismic zone this is the new madrid seismic zone north side going over to the wabash valley seismic zone i don’t think it’s wise to drill this oh my goodness well you find out something new every day so we have high voltage power lines here that come down right next to the drill points and again i’m thinking there’s probably some more down here if there’s a few right yeah yeah yep got a pipeline well that’s a pipeline hold on let’s find where the where the well is right here i wonder if we have a street level on this where i can actually see the well at ground level let’s go see inquiring minds want to know and we haven’t even gotten into the west coast this is my neighborhood guys this is my neck of the woods dang okay they don’t have a street level no wonder it’s out in the middle of nowhere but let’s just see if we can see something we got a farm right there beautiful well i’m not seeing very much they should have like oil pipeline markers that kind of stuff oh yeah no that’s fiber optic all right i don’t see any wells in this street level so let’s just get on out of here but i gotta look again if i see an oil patch 50 miles from my house or something a county and a half two counties away again if i’m i’m right here and they’ve got an oil patch right here and the new madrid seismic zone is here’s new madrid the town of new madrid is down here south of cairo there’s new madrid and this is the n shaped bend of the new madrid seismic zone and you’re drilling the hell out of it on the north side going over to the wabash valley seismic zone my goodness gracious well we have an earthquake there over on the east edge of the craytown over in eastern tennessee no drill points there but i gotta look it up just to see if it’s an explosion or a blast no it’s a 23.5 kilometer depth down on the east edge of the north american crater so that sums up the midwest quakes starting over in western colorado next to a drill point going down to southern colorado next to a drill point going over to oklahoma all across oklahoma drill points and it’s questionable up in kansas we’re right next to an air force base we go over here into illinois and we’re next to an air force base and we’re next to a drill point again finally we have one lone quake that’s not next to anything except for the edge of the craton now west coast united states first of all we’re looking at about 48 hours worth of earthquakes i’d like to look at the last 24 hours this is going to remove a few off the feed but we really need to see what’s moved in the last day so here’s the 0.0 and greater feed for the last 24 let’s get another sip of my coffee as if i need any more right okay 24 hours worth of quakes starting up in the northwest two and i have to look them up because they might actually not all be earthquakes well this is tempico washington tampico that’s an odd name for washington isn’t it that type of like orange juice or something ah okay let’s go let’s go up to the northwest and see what’s here we’re north of the octonum ridge structures which go west to east but they’re further down to the south i think pretty sure but these aren’t close enough for that oh wait we’re right next to a hydroelectric power generating station and large transmission lines high voltage transmission lines going out from the hydroelectric power generation another set of power line earthquakes i mean that was right over in illinois too i mean the power lines were there too i forgot to mention that so wow okay now let’s go up here and look at the 2.7 in seattle ravensdale washington and if we go really quick and just look on the usgs map you’re going to see the same earthquake here’s the 2.7 here’s the seattle fault going over to the west into the olympic peninsula

port coordinates paste and search and we will see what’s here another set of major high voltage power lines i guess this is going to be supplying the city of seattle oh whoa whoa whoa dang look at that have you guys ever seen it wow well yeah you got power there unlimited power do it okay that was the dark lord impersonation the sith as we go down to the south oregon no earthquakes over to the east over into idaho a cluster still in central idaho above the magma chamber for yellowstone but yellowstone park itself not a single micro quake even now there are tremors that happen in yellowstone every day hundreds of them sometimes even thousands but those are tremors we don’t have any fracturing going on above the magma chamber much anymore last week there were dozens if not more maybe even a couple hundred small earthquakes as cracking or breaking was taking place in the faults up above the magma chamber for yellowstone but since then a flow went across the plate colorado oklahoma kansas texas all started to move on the edge of the craton and then the swarm died out at yellowstone so tension was created up here on the edge of the crater and then it was relieved a new push is apparently still well not still taking place a new push might be developing here very soon on top of the previous push that was taking place we’ll call it that the previous episodic tremor slip let’s go look at the tremor map and see what’s going on for yesterday the 19th zero tremors oh the plate just stopped moving no the plate never stops moving ever there should always be at least a handful of these small little tremors every day let’s go back a day to the 18 zero who are they kidding okay go back to the 17th three days ago 20. i’m here to tell you if the plate ever actually stopped shifting completely like not with a single vibration across a three-state area we would be dead the next day okay so if it goes down to zero that’s an outage of some kind that’s some kind of technical outage or they’re just not capable of picking up the drummers for some reason now but i don’t know about all that i’m just here to tell you the plate never stops shifting ever moves every day all right so no earthquakes in oregon no tremors in oregon no tremors in washington two earthquakes yesterday in washington no earthquakes today in washington no earthquakes no tremors no nothing totally quiet day off work yeah nothing suspicious there how about no earthquakes reported across canada either all in canada all the west coast united states hmm once we get right down across the border of california though all of a sudden there’s earthquakes again it’s a miracle now let’s go up here and take a look shingletown california mother nature just picks back up in california all of a sudden i would propose to you that there is a lack of reporting of earthquakes as opposed to the whole plate stopping and there being no seismic activity for a day now well i shouldn’t say no seismic activity they got one earthquake reported up here from today that that’ll be their excuse they’ll be like oh we reported an earthquake what are you talking about dutch there’s one right there i’m like yeah one yeah okay hey whatever let’s go down to the south into shingletown see what’s there here’s the earthquake epicenter we are at the edge of silver lake volcanic field in northern california on the edge of hall butte to the to the east we’re to the west of that and we’re to the south of silver lake now silver lake let’s read it lava flows from two isolated cinder cones northwest of lassen peak blocked drainages forming three small lakes the cones lie southwest of bernie mountain and west northwest of mcgee peak so there it is it’s old it’s from the ice age of pleistocene right on the edge of it la tour butte you may remember if you’re a viewer of mine from two years ago when all the earthquakes broke out around la tour and then within a short period of time a bunch of fires broke out all the way down across california right around these areas where the earthquakes were taking place so that’s where the 0.9 is over to the west 1.7 coming in right on the edge of the

plate again let’s go up here northern california here’s the plate boundary san andreas goes down across the coast goes down to southern california obviously and we’re right on the edge of it right where it comes in from the juan de fuca fracture zone where there’s no seismic being reported okay once we get down here to this stack of earthquakes it’s a stack of earthquakes it is a swarm but the magnitudes on this are low we’re all in the zero range a bunch of zeros striking here just little vibrations really you could call them tremors why is this tremoring why are there small vibrations happening here in a cluster let me show you all of these little pads go to different drill points on the side of this volcanic field here’s clear lake volcanic field mankinchty in the middle and on the south side all of these drill points to get steam and the steam takes via pipeline up to the turbines and the turbines turn and provide power for the area electrical power major high voltage generation there so what’s up what’s up we’ve got high voltage again how many is that that’s like three now and it’s not like these high voltage power lines are everywhere because i just looked up a bunch of other locations and there are no high voltage power lines let’s go over to the east shall we we’re just going to look these up all the way down through california over here east of lake tahoe see where it says carson city nevada we’re eight kilometers west northwest of it of carson city i’d say we’re really near south reno and we know what’s in south reno or at least i do and my viewers you guys probably do too here steamboat springs volcano volcanic field and guess what they’re doing at steamboat springs let’s zoom in and show you they’ve drilled into it again to get steam to turn these giant sets of turbines and these are big and they’re all across here going down to the south so another spot where we’re at a volcanic field where they drilled into it to get steam to turn electrical generating turbines and then spreading out from there we have a series of earthquakes and we may even be right next to a series of high voltage power lines here that are coming from that directly right along the road maybe that’s a guess but either way i always look within 40 miles of a large volcanic field and we’re right on the edge of lake tahoe but wait lake tahoe and up here to the north pyramid league the geothermal field right here i just showed you on the north side of here we have another geothermal field at the needles funeral field and geysers at the needles going into pyramid lake and in between the two the giant oval shape which i think personally is a super volcano that has just been missed by professionals it’s lined with volcanoes we have two deep basins on either side we have two geothermal fields on either side almost equally spaced and this thing gets hit with earthquakes around the outside edge of it that’s what’s going on here over to the east too east by northeast let’s go pull the coordinates here it should bring us in next to soda springs volcanic field and let’s see how close we get these are coordinates from the europeans so no biggie it’s just missing a decimal point that’s all there we go yeah okay well hey way way way look where we’re at we’re at another geothermal location which is also solar geothermal and solar these are solar panels but they’re not reflecting that these aren’t the kind of mirrors that reflect into a hot point these are geothermal turbines again wow mage and we’re right at the foot of black butte volcano an ancient undersea volcano back when this used to all be underwater wow okay another electrical generating station that’s too many now that’s just too many too many something’s up let’s go over to the west yauntville california right along the san andreas or no actually we’re right to the east of the san andreas east of napa valley san andreas is the thick red line here’s napa there’s vodkaville or vacaville and paste search look it up inquiring minds want to know and so do i so let’s go look together shall we and there’s napa wait a second is there anything else here

i’m just curious again with that with the amount of high voltage just makes you wonder is there going to be some kind of giant electrical generating station here sorry i didn’t mean to hit the microphone well there’s not we’re directly on the fault what is this water water filtration is that that’s what it looks like looks like a water treatment plant of some kind right there okay let’s move on i i wouldn’t think that there’s any relation between water treatment plants and earthquakes unless they have some kind of deep drilled well there that’s feeding the water in then it could oh wait hey look we’re right next to a place that i’ve never heard of before fetters hot spring agua caliente doesn’t agua caliente mean hot spring or hot water let’s look it up never heard of it before but if we’re right next to it fenner’s hot spring is a census designated place name agua caliente translates into english from spanish as hot water referring of the hot springs historically found in the area well that kind of changes it a little bit hot springs well that’s on the south side of geyser peak so wouldn’t you think that maybe there’s geothermal up in here then i again it’s a guess maybe that’s what that is because if these are geothermal fed and it’s just not place marked like this is being fed geothermally somehow and that’s what giving it its color or something that could be and if it’s a geothermal hot spring that’s basically taking us right into the cause of the earthquake it’s a weak point where magma is down below heating the area okay this is getting into this is getting to be an interesting update let’s go across the bay rolling wood california at a five kilometer depth let’s see where we are again in relation to the faults and plates tectonic plates u.s faults oh we’re right on it the hayward isn’t that the hayward oh man let me get my fault names right here hayward yeah okay hey word fault and we’ll put the coordinates in there we are we have the big power station over to the east but we are on the hayward directly i wonder if there’s anything else here nearby what is what do we have well i mean if you’re on the hayward fault that’s pretty much a guarantee that it’s related to the hayward fault it’s one of the most famous faults on the planet at least in the united states like it’s in movies it’s in james bond of you to a kill that’s actually a pretty ironic movie isn’t it have you ever guys ever seen james bond of you to a kill with richard moore wait isn’t that his name ah whatever more the uh bond and it’s got christopher walken playing the bad guy and his name zorin flying around in a blimp they engage in a battle on the golden gate bridge here but zorin’s evil plan was to take the oil wells and pump them full of salt water which in the bond movie they say in the movie that’s insanity to pump salt water down into the faults or into the drill points because that could induce earthquake activity which would set off a big earthquake and the plan in the movie was to flood silicon valley so that zorin could corner the microchip market and tech tech market and and bond of course bond gets with the bond girl in in the movie and she’s the usgs scientist ah anyway it all takes place here and they they plant a giant bomb on the hayward fault to trigger an earthquake that then floods that causes a subsidence here which then lets the bay to flood in anyway why is that so ironic what is fracking pumping salt water down into wells with chemicals to break apart the shale to release the gas ah nothing go wrong there let’s go over to the east and go check out this 1.2 clayton california now this is so ironic because this the spot we just looked up was called richmond heights and i lived in richmond heights missouri which is so weird again you zoom in on the location it’s just called richmond heights i don’t know if you saw that when i zoomed in that’s so weird because now we’re going to clayton i lived in clayton missouri

dif the same town names across the whole state that’s weird where are we here we’re at a quarry is this some kind of cory blast 12.7 kilometer depth no it’s not a quarry blast but it is next to a at least 500 foot deep quarry filled with water i wonder are there anything is there anything else nearby some kind of radio tower there but that’s again we’re 12 kilometers down inside of the crust right next to a quarry wouldn’t you think that quarine right alongside of the most famous fault on the planet probably isn’t the best idea surface perforations can lead to seismic activity think of it like this the fault’s already there you drill down in or break in over the course of a kilometer or a mile and create a weak point at the surface like scoring the surface of a piece of stone and then applying pressure to it let’s go down to the south southeast of monterey bay and take a look here 2.5 1.6 pinnacles california right off of the san andreas coordinates tell the tale of what’s there and i think we should have some place marks here nearby by pinnacles since this is a regular spot to get it on the san andreas you can see the diagonal line of the san andreas it goes in the mountains themselves all the way down to the east-southeast and you see there’s a break point here the mountains kind of fan off over to the east don’t they and over to the east you see what i have marked and these are confirmed oil wells oil and gas tanks pumps jacks pipelines connect across the fields at least four of them in this field alone then we go over to the east and there’s a few more oil and gas mainly mainly oil i think but it branches off it goes right over to the east and you can see it in the mountains branching off the fault that branches off to go over these but let’s go look at the usgs map see if they have it marked they don’t it’s obvious it goes over to the east when you look at it from google earth like a ramp going off the san andreas and at the end of the ramp are all the drill points then we go down to the south let’s carry on the earthquakes down to the south 1.4 0.9 small again san ardo california tectonic plates us vaults you’ll see we’re right on the san andreas but look what’s over to the east you see it says kolinga why are we going down to here it’s just stopping it doesn’t pick up anywhere beyond that all the way down to the la basin so we go down here to the south we stop at more drill points and i’ll prove that to you i’ll grab the chord oh look at the coordinates not even going to say it not even gonna say it we’ll just paste them in and go look not impressed i’m not impressed here we go if you did my birthday i’d be impressed you do that number it’s just so run of the mill these days it’s a blase number it’s been adopted by a bunch of weirdos over here to the east kolinga and kolinga’s been drilled over and over again thousands of times all of these are oil and gas wells and the oil patch is huge it goes up to the north and just keeps going and going and going all these little black splotches on the ground like ants on the ground different oil wells and there’s a solar farm right there that is a little solar farm right there but other than that all drill points all the way down and we keep going down and further to the south and the drill points carry on just tens of thousands of them at this point by the time we get down to here so our drill points start pretty much in earnest at kolinga kettleman city kalinga right up here thousands of them start and that’s where our earthquakes come down to and you’ll see again they don’t really have it marked let’s let’s just make sure i want to go check and make sure the usgs doesn’t have this marked yeah see this straight line of the san andreas see this they have a fault marked over here let’s see if i get a name on it nunez fault well that’s not really going to help but you can see it on google earth that coming off of the san andreas going over to the east again another set of mountains so there again they’re like off ramps on the highway the other one up here to the north is more visible it’s so obvious but again if this is the highway this is the off ramp and the earthquakes are taking the off ramp over into the valley to the drill points that are perforation points they’re weak points that it heads over to

so we just looked up all the earthquakes all the way down california’s coast down to here so far we already looked up the ones up at the california nevada border so let’s go to the california nevada border central california and go down to the south look all these up i’ll just tell you right now all of these locations here volcanoes every one of them right next to one so here super volcano long valley caldera here mono lake over here to the east a series of volcanoes starting just next to aurora bodhi greater and then ending over here to the far east over next to monte cristo hills volcanic buttes down to the south we’re at the big pine volcanic field just south of the super volcano did i say all of them are volcanoes well hold on there’s one over here to the east that i don’t quite know what’s at the location ah let’s go look it up and go see what’s over at tenopo i i’m not quite sure what’s over here don’t you want to see i mean if all the other locations are volcanoes and i can prove that to you but what’s here well thunder mountain volcano but there’s also a few other here things other things here nearby lunar craters and goblin knobs over to the east black buttes thunder mountain there’s monte cristo over to the west so is it related to the volcanoes yes likely it’s related to this to the volcano here thunder mountain since it’s right next to it wouldn’t you think the magma chamber down below is somehow becoming perturbed which is then leading to seismic activity but i do have to inspect and see if there’s anything else nearby just in case i see some old farm fields and a few old roads this is proof there’s not high voltage power lines everywhere are they right let’s go down the road and go see yeah those aren’t high voltage there’s no high voltage power lines for miles around all the way down to the south that’s a road so the only thing i would think it’s related to is the volcano right next to it and it’s ancient these volcanoes formed when this was all underwater you can see the remnants of the ancient ocean still over in salt lake city the great salt lake but you can see where it used to go to the great salt ocean used to expand all the way across nevada all the way up to the north up into idaho and oregon it all drained out by the way through the grand canyon shh be very very quiet you scammed away shh that’s my steve irwin oh my god is this steve irwin a first nation no quiet you’re scared away all right volcano now monte cristo hills where all of these are that’s a volcanic center mono lake and long valley and big pine let’s just prove to you that those are volcanoes in case you don’t know about them here’s monte cristo hills volcanic center where the 12 mile long crack in the ground form this past year 6.5 earthquake struck first then at the same time a 12 mile long crack in the ground formed here going pretty much west to east then over the past couple months new outbreaks over here at this quarry location right here on the side of this old lava flow there’s an old set of quarries don’t look like they’re even getting used much there’s like collapses that happen across the roads it kind of let you know there’s no real quarrying going on there now but the surface fissure fracture started over here at monty and went all the way over to the west and now we have the earthquakes breaking out at the man-made pit points like i told you over in california or anywhere else where we have these quarries we have quarries the earthquakes can seek out those like perforation points or scoring points in the surface of a piece of stone mono lake long valley big pine let’s carry on here’s mono lake volcanic field the earthquakes coming in right at the border right here at the edge of mono lake long valley caldera oval shape super volcano 1 000 cubic kilometers of melt down below it and the earthquakes are coming in on the south edge of the caldera and well right here just north of it they’ve drilled in to get steam to turn the turbines to provide more power another one let’s go down to the 0.4 alone earthquake out in the middle of nowhere in nevada indian springs 9.4 kilometers down in the crust

this is just the lone one you just gotta look up there could be a ufo there psych yes i just psyched you radical man now look where we are though i do recall this is a location we’ve looked up before it sure is this is doomtown the operation rise line location where they did surface nuclear tests and underground nuclear tests the underground nuclear tests like this one u.s nuke operation waco december 1st 1987 20 kilotons just so many of them i mean we can just keep going you guys are welcome to come in and check these out u.s nuke operation jib what a name may 8 1974 20 kilotons somebody was jibbing it up out there because that’s just the dumbest thing in the world to do underground nuke test like that’s not going to cause man-made faults what’s this one called operation minute steak oh no it’ll cook a steak in a minute september 12 1969 they don’t list the the kilotons on that but certainly that blast will be cooking your steak five kilotons five kilotons oh my god what a name i’m out of here let’s go down to the south and this line of quakes it mimics where there’s a series of volcanoes but we actually start the cluster starts just north and then well the cluster picks up in earnest right next to the volcanoes so i’ll pull the northernmost part of the cluster at little lake and then we’ll just look like five miles to the west northwest of there and that’s where we start and paste and search what is at the location i’m getting ready to show you do you see these lava flows going back to the peaks volcano peak and all its lava flows but we just go right up here and this is kozo volcanic field like i said we go five miles to the northwest you know what let’s just pull the coordinates on that instead of just guessing where it is let’s actually put them in 3.3 kilometer depth paste and search there we are north side of kozo volcanic field earthquake coordinates there rising obsidian domes these are being pushed up by magma from down below what’s the name of this one cactus peak for instance these will erupt at some point in the future most likely here’s devil’s kitchen pumping operation not for oil or gas geothermal pipelines drill points steam the whole bit electrical generation again that’s where we start on the north side of the volcanic field that they drilled into to get electric then a line of quakes going down on the east side of the vault volcanoes at volcano peak and going down and dead ending right down here south of ridgecrest next to the lava mountains and i just want to see how far down we go to the east southeast so let’s go look cyril’s valley of course that’s the triangulated coordinates but there’s probably something else here the only way to know is to look though there’s all the mines over to the east by northeast and over here to the west by northwest are all those military test range ranges now somebody told me that this is where they test rockets i wouldn’t be surprised it kind of looks like it you know where you’d put a rocket in there or something and they you can see the blast radius on that all right that kind of looks like maybe they might be right maybe it is a test range for rockets i don’t know i don’t have a place mark for it but there’s enough other weird facilities that are out here that make me think that it is something to do with rockets it wouldn’t surprise me since boeing and all these other big defense companies do all their testing right here at china lake going out to the east between cyrilles valley and china late let’s just turn on our places see if it has it marked i mean it might might be able to get a place mark on it or something let’s see now weapons survivability laboratory yeah that’s all we need to know let’s move on out of there and go down to the south oh wait wait wait wait over here in the valley a single 1.0 boat fish california good fish paste and search ah yes this is how you find stuff guys you gotta look it up yourself it’s not like they’re gonna tell you they’re gonna go on the usgs site it’s gonna be like at a missile test site facility you’re like no they’re not going to ever tell us we’re right next to where

all those fires broke out and we have an old frack well i have it labeled as hidden frack well there we go okay so old tanks connected by some kind of pipeline i don’t think that’s in use anymore that’s just some kind of old tank apparatus out there but we’re right next to an old oil field that’s still being used today this thing goes back 50 years but all of the drill points across the farmer’s fields here every one of these is a different oil well and it just literally goes across the fields out into the desert through the orchards and then up here to what i would call insane overdrive drilling where we can just look off into the extreme distance off to the horizon and it’s as far as the eye can see drill points every one of these is a different oil well okay and it goes up all of this down across all of this and we go down to the south tip look where we are here’s the valley this is the south tip of the valley of california here’s the san andreas and look what goes right up to the san andreas on this side do you see how many different drill points there are like are you kidding me and i’m not against oil and gas but they did the whole mountain range this way this is what the mountain range used to look like i love showing this because this really tells us what it used to look like so this is you know again rolling gullies and hillsides now we go right over to where they just they started scraping off the hilltops here and once you get over to here the whole mountain range has been scraped every gully top or every hilltop has been scraped and then they put a pad or a couple of oil wells on top and they did the whole mountain range this way and this is the sand end race and it goes right all of these drill points and these spread out each drill point doesn’t just go straight up and down vertically these go out horizontally they can go right underneath the san andreas right up to it like they could come down and go over like several miles and this is again all of this from up here to down at the south tip of the valley going around the bend of the south tip of the valley down around this way back up this way do you see and we carry on up to the north the whole valley in a giant letter j shape has been drilled and the earthquakes come down the san andreas stop pretty much right where the drill points start and then they pick back up down where the drill points stop in other words it’s like a road that goes across and it’s made a perforation point for this to travel across from the san andreas down to the south tip of the valley instead of going down the san andreas it diverts the flow over into the middle of the valley over to ridgecrest over to the desert i think they did that on purpose i think somebody 50 years ago figured out what i figured out and they’ve kept it a giant secret and they know that pressure transfers across regions and that drill points act like perforations are scoring in a piece of stone and that they did this on purpose over the course of 50 years byproduct is oil that the added benefit to this is we will give you permission to drill this all out and we’re using this as a buffer point to attract earthquakes to go down into the valley and over into the desert as opposed to go down to the heavy heavily populated areas down to the south and only when the flow is overwhelming does it bypass that and go down the san andreas so it takes a huge push now to come down the san andreas to cause activity in southern california instead it goes over into the valley like they wanted to and directed it to with all the drill points and that they know what i know and they’ve known it for 50 years and kept it a secret on purpose let’s go down into the la basin and go quickly look up this earthquake up in northwest l.a or chatsworth california is this even really part of la it’s on the northwest side put the coordinates in search where are we going ella boy we’re going on the south side of the alisso canyon gas storage pumping operation and this thing blew up there were a series of earthquakes that came down this mountain range here to the north you see where it says oil wells and fillmore several years ago earthquakes came down and we’re coming down right towards here i started to make videos about the earthquakes coming in the professionals came out and said there was no relation between the pumping operations and the earthquakes several years ago within weeks of that this blew and a

lot of stored gas came out they had to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people and people had instant nosebleeds as soon as the gas hit their nose instant nosebleeds across this whole area as the gas escaped and they denied the relation leading up to the explosion the seismic that was coming across right to it now we’re to the east of simi valley and i’ve got viewers over here in simi valley but i don’t think there’s any drill points here at least none that i know of right across here in the valley so we are actually just south of the drill points and i need to measure to see how far we are i always look six to ten miles it might be more than that hold on no never mind it’s four miles definitely close enough to the storage points and of the drill points had to look it up we have to look them up now i got to address this no big earthquake down in southern california instead it went over to the east went over to colorado dang well you can’t win them all the time guys but it went over to colorado as expected and down into texas but it did not strike down south just north of la on the san andreas let me show you where i warned and where i flopped as is proof i don’t get it right all the time guys i’ll tell you what we warned for again in a second but right here okay nothing here’s la you know going down in the basin and stuff and stuff oh no did i really just get that casual with you folks well welcome into the dutch since house we’re here to have a good afternoon go down in southern california and stiff okay so we’re back down here in the la basin and there’s no activity of any significance up to the north i warned for a 5.5 nothing hit but colorado got hit with a mid-range four so energy is going across the plate it might very well be that i’m just wrong on the time scale and it’s going to take a week and a half as opposed to a week but i warned for a week it came and went now the warnings expired where did the energy go so far it went over to colorado for sure that’s marked by the new four over in colorado as expected by the way we warned for fours and fours came rolling in but southern california still cut off and i think we know where the cut-off point is it’s right up here at monte cristo going across california diagonally down to the coast where again basically right down to here everything back behind it is getting suspicious there should be a break the lack of reporting of earthquakes across washington and oregon it i mean there could be a lack of earthquakes and an actual lack of earthquakes it could be but that would mean something noteworthy is coming then i would think that there’s a system outage of some kind or a deliberate lack of reporting of earthquakes that would be the more logical to think do plates stop shifting hey you know let’s use china and russia for example again do whole plates stop shifting for weeks or do we not report earthquakes in those locations okay let’s wrap it up with hawaii hawaiian viewers aloha aloha let’s go see what’s going on three clusters of quakes really you could maybe even say four if you want to include the two down to the south as a cluster but i would just say three clusters one mauna kea two kilauea three in between monologue kilauea and low ehi okay so let’s go look them up and see what’s there out to hawaii we go three clusters of quakes around what do you know kilauea kilauea here line of quakes going on down here right along the coast and a line of quakes going on up here on the north side of mauna kea all three i believe truly now are definitely related to the middle east earth zone rising now they’re not telling us about a rise though maybe there is no actual surface rise going on then it’s more just taking that energy and spreading it out across the whole island to the other weak points mauna kea mauna loa and down next to loihi the undersea mount out in the ocean now there’s people that are covering this in hawaii that i think are doing a phenomenal job and you guys should check those out i i’m not gonna i don’t have actually even have the names on me but there’s people in hawaii that are covering this on a semi-daily basis or at least a weekly basis covering this not the usgs i’m talking about average citizens that are driving around the area out there uh i think hawaii volcano news or hawaii news on youtube but this is the middle east rift zone the earthquakes are going around it and

at the top of it so it’s most likely due to magma recharging inside it does not mean an imminent eruption of any kind i think it would take a lot of energy to cause it to blow and that energy would come from maybe oh a new earthquake just struck there as i’m talking okay let’s get on out of here queue up the twilight zone music a new 1.9 just hidden hawaii is i’m talking about it when did it hit hold on 2032 utc four minutes ago or wait six minutes ago all right well anyway the volcanoes are recharging there i think it’ll take a big push to get it to blow like it did last time you’ve got to remember what happened the last time kilauea blew when this whole thing collapsed and it blew up there was a huge deep earthquake event taking place around the pacific plate something like a hundred different deep earthquakes that happened around the pacific plate in less than a month’s time like a phenomenal amount of deep earthquakes taking place then same day that hawaii collapsed cleveland volcano up here in alaska blew same day same day it drained out and collapsed so i would say it would take something similar to that type of event for us to see another eruption but famous last words i don’t forecast eruptions but if i see a bunch of deep earthquakes or a lot of activity spreading across i will certainly let you know in hawaii so otherwise you pay attention to the usgs and them issuing one of these warnings that’s like you have a day or less there’s harmonic tremors and sulfur dioxide coming out that’s when you know there’ll be a blast according to the usgs tilt meters will be going off sulfur dioxide levels will be going up nitrous oxide levels will be coming out of the ground or something and that’s when you’ll know something’s getting ready to happen i don’t know if nitrous oxide but certainly sulfur dioxide would be coming out of the ground do you have an earthquake plan you know after covering all this i think what i’ve really just covered is just a handful of the overall global activity that we should be getting if we could get the information out of china and russia india and i mean if we could get that all you would see even more activity in 24 hours but this gives us a good picture europe’s moving around the outside edge both sides east and west europe with the biggest amount of movement in the middle in the 4.0 range we have new fours coming into europe now that are gonna add up to about a five striking down in greece again but that gets into a new forecast i will get a new forecast out likely tomorrow so i’ll have a new forecast out tomorrow this is just the update this update took a long time because there’s a lot of activity to talk about size wise the size of the earthquakes knock on wood right now is in the 5 and 6.0 range that’s good we would like to see it in that lower range as opposed to a higher range now it could go higher still we have new deep earthquakes that are taking place but this past week we were looking for it to go up to seven and the highest went with six still though that’s still shallower larger earthquakes we had deep fours and deep fives now we have shallow fives and shallow sixes a magnitude higher than what the deep earthquakes are but what happened with that solar storm on the 10th 10 days ago 10 days ago there was that solar storm that arrived there was an increase there was a dramatic increase in the number of earthquakes we talked about it the snare drum picked up and a few sixes popped off after a few days without any but that’s not that big i’ll just say it that’s not that big but the snare drum roll was noticeable especially on the west coast you guys saw huge stacks of zeros ones twos and threes with a an ultimate five striking on the west coast of the united states over at the california nevada border 4.9 that’s what happened this past week with the solar storm but then again the solar storm was not the biggest ever it was the biggest in the last year and a half which is not really saying much because the sun’s been in low mode if you will the solar minimum few solar events few flares few cmes not even that many coronal holes really with strong solar wind even it’s been really low solar for the last year and a half or two years so that cme that coronal mass ejection that just happened was just a moderate sized cme but it was the biggest in a year and a half so it could be the biggest in a year and a half and still be not that big and that’s what it looks like it is now those are famous last words too what if it’s just taking ten days instead of seven

to have an effect right but i base my observations on what i’ve seen in the past or i base my projections on the observations of what i’ve seen in the past and in this case it seems to be pretty low how about all those drill points all those power locations do you live next to a power generating station you might want to have an earthquake plan apparently same with the nuke plants apparently those power generating stations also have earthquakes that strike next to the nuclear power plants you know it’s just something we have to pay attention to it’s something that we didn’t know was going on for many years and this year is the first year that we really figured out that earthquakes are striking next to all these power lines and power locations i had my sneaking suspicions with the nuke plants because they started getting hit with earthquakes but i never bothered to look beyond that now that we’re seeing a relation man that’s wild some kind of electric coming up out of the crust or electric going down into the crust either it’s pulling in either the power lines or pulling the energy up out of the cross calling it causing an earthquake or the power lines are dumping energy down into the crust and causing an earthquake or somehow mother nature is bombarding the power lines which then is going down into the crust and causing earthquakes so it could be solar it could be man-made it could be a combination of the two could be natural coming up from the core of the earth electric coming up out of the ground nonetheless earthquakes that would mean there’s an electrical earthquake connection which we already know there is earthquake lights air glow that happens like the northern lights but from earthquakes from tensions in the crust they call them earthquake lights usgs has pictures of them on their website even okay what was i saying do you have an earthquake planned man i got distracted there do you know what to do when an earthquake strikes you should at least take shelter underneath a table or a desk that’s a no-brainer idea table or desk take shelter try to ride it out if you’re not confident in your structure you also need to have a place to go outside or a pre-designated area kind of like a fire drill where you know there’s not anything around that’s going to cause you major harm or damage if you need to exit the building because you surely don’t want to be running out into a city street with falling glass and things off tall buildings if you could have just taken shelter inside of your building yes there might be falling drywall and ceiling panels and light fixtures but that’s better than falling glass from 50 stories up and facades off the fronts of buildings so know your location please and make sure your friends family loved ones your even your co-workers that you know where to go outside to meet up if you have to now if you’re going outside to meet up or if you’re going to go outside at all you need to have a seasonal specific emergency kit that you put together yourself shouldn’t cost you much money at all a bag that you can grab that has a change of clothes set of shoes seasonal specific first aid sanitation batteries for a flashlight you don’t want to be caught using your phone for a flashlight the whole time think of the things that you might need if you require medicines again that first aid in sanitation is a must extra set of keys extra id extra debit card or maybe even extra cash if you have it but some kit that you put together yourself that you know where to grab it at a moment’s notice and it will come in handy for things other than earthquakes severe weather an evacuation for a fire or a flood power outage even if you lose your car keys you could have an extra set or house keys extra cent the emergency kit just in case i’m just getting a little annoying by reminding you in such a way i have to be a little harpy on this to get people to do it a lot of people just say yeah i’ll do it i’ll do it and they never do so i would appreciate it if you did it whether you love me or hate me or whatever what good is any of that if you don’t survive an earthquake that you could have known was coming or could have been prepared for all right i will be back if anything else goes down much love to everybody and i am saving this and we are going to put this over on youtube for people to watch back finally it’s been about a week love guys peace out you