Kathryn (Kathy) Wight Faught's memorabilia – 23 July 2014

okay okay so i start with it with each person i do a little chart a little genealogy chart you can tell right nothing high-tech about my materials then i will go to the genealogy whatever the latest format is that I have received and sometimes I’ll have several different formats person and then I go to a a personal history that looks like there may not have been a personal history on this person but there are pictures so then I go to pictures this generation and group of ancestors pretty much it’s okay there is a but that is of a other lady of an Aunt Betty that our grandpa white that your dad and I we transcribed his Diaries oh he kept referring to this Aunt Betty and finally I was going through these one day and realized that’s it that’s the one they kept talking to so then here goes I kind of go all the way Janelle Fowler gave the engine sometimes if there’s a cover letter I would put that in there and then whatever genealogy and pictures and there’s a little brief sketch about her life but that’s how I go back and and in some cases i will have well and not in every in in some cases it all cases between the generations let me find you an example say Thomas Grove mm-hmm I have okay here’s one this is a tab that happens to say these are my fourth great grandparents so I will go through and see that’s where we’re connected with Lyman white right okay okay and um not directly him but he is he was already would be our fourth great oh right okay yeah he’s a brother exactly yeah cancer his father would be our third great-grandfather but he’d be a fourth grade uncle how that works okay and then behind him I have the people who would be in that generation and fifth great-grandparents and it gets a little slimmer as it goes back that I have whatever I have now this to me is kind of I had this and when my dad passed away actually when mom went into the nursing home right we there were some boxes that mom had kept of and dad had kept of grandpa white businesses that the candy store really yes yes the Hollywood candy store in brigham city and the ice plant and ice and called plan and so and of my dad’s things so these four books are my dad your grandma brain and then we go to grandparent of my mom she’s got to then here is my grandparents and you could say I have an end cap on each one so that you can tell who’s in the book and I’d have fun putting some pictures represent those that are in there right um hold the white coal truck for grandpa white and the farm for grandpa Grover oh yeah okay shows up Leon was my dad’s dead hope there’s his genealogy his 40 different versions and and then before I think I got into his story there happens to be a place for my uncle Irving who was a game warden out past the gold spike more genealogy channel did beautiful genealogy autograph right and so I would put anything your dad or Janelle would give to me an obituaries one of my ass because it falls under that grandparents and at one point I wrote his life

history oh and i think i think this is the one I wrote insert a jack white clarification by sage your mom yeah um somewhere in there I hope that I had done that and then I could put in pictures of some of the ancestors homes this was a bar grand father and his siblings grandpa wife but I guess it’s not in any specific wonderful order it as yes they arrived or how I get them or if they could come in any logical or like I’d try to put their youth together middle years together and then beyond that you can tell a lot of these pictures were from Carl and some were from Jimmy O we were blessed to get all that they you’ve been giving to us and sharing it okay you’re okay this is actually this is what I’m excited to show you this is actually a receipt from the Joseph L white and Sons call a nice plan a shell book now if in that box there were several of these I shared some with your dad and with Jack really yep I don’t know what they might have done with them that what I had x extras archive shared with them and your fault came back from Brigham City one year and they had picked up these programs hmm and I thought and and they came to moms house and they were talking about how what a wonderful trip that had to brigham city and handed me this as a souvenir and I looked at it and I said did you study this picture right here and he said no that well there’s the Hollywood candy company that our grandfather found and our father worked in he got the the cayenne pepper candy made and took mom to a show on april first consider in the middle of her own she could get out of that theater anyway um treasures like this um oil paintings okay our fought our grandfather white yeah as a young man and young father worked in Merrill’s lumber mill okay the old box elder high school he often recorded that he spent that they working on the frames for the windows for the high school or the door frames because there were hundreds of them i’m guessing right well this is the picture of the old box entered high school that he worked up so anything like this goes into this book i have some letters and that’s in mom’s handwriting and and more life stories on him and pictures and someone who can tell some of it is repetition now this is something i don’t think you know when Justin and Debbie were living in the town house and they wanted to get married and I I knew that those thoughts were in their head and went up to um to you Todd he wasn’t quite sure how to face his family but I was excited yeah they were going to a family thing and all that was going to do would be reinforced anything right with the family and we went up to peach days i had bought in louisiana on a trip with bob a whole bunch of t-shirts in this color peach color okay I designed the Hollywood candy company motif and then on the computer just and refined it for me and then I made up these iron on weave in it are made of these and we all wore t-shirts to peach days of the Hollywood candy company on the front of it it said proud descendant of Joseph antamedia white because he was also right okay so here’s some more receipts sucks um anyway you get the idea is you’re going through your dad thinks I had boxes come in here okay I keep foxes of plastic sheets okay

right need to drop them into my books I’ve got them I’ve got extra types of fabric that I use for some of my own personal journal book ends that i’m going to show you later now dad’s gets a little more complicated because he’s more in my lifetime bit more we have a lot of photo albums too okay in this dad look at my dad’s our letters but that’s here’s his certificates to dance minh in the priesthood and letters that he wrote and with his sign company here’s i have some of his business cards from that okay and that probably came from the box i opened up then Molly gave your dad some and he probably share you an envelope with the white sign company just newspapers you open it up and there there’s some lows ads from when he were wearing lowes hardware which is easy to confuse with the lowes now because then it was oh gosh now now my mind is better than the confused old pictures business cards my dad upstairs and lows he there he actually took me up there wasn’t he major the upstairs was vacant and he was able couldn’t believe he could get into the room he had used to create all of his signs and a lot of that stuff was still there from him um yeah it seems like some of it was but that picture was taken years ago when he was in the business and I don’t know who took George a low my dad did a lot of the sign painting on some of these trucks and you’ve heard the stories of the Christmas window display the view and inside of the stores and I have some of the actual photographs from that time this was magazine is some significant these are some of his actual original the hands from George a low yeah um judge Appel white and Sons a letter from your ever loving father Joseph felt white so that was to 1927 since right after Dan this morning mm-hmm and anytime you want to come and spend some time but they do you think I’ve not meant to keep them away from the family I I caught kind of figured it’s my stewardship there’s dad’s boxelder pimp from high school but see it can go in here right it can’t go in and off again when i saw all of those boxes that mom had and i didn’t know what to do it that I thought if I ever want my children to get any meaning from this at all right it’s got to be organized so they can know who it goes to and what was going on at the time I don’t know if they ever will that they hear that watch right and i have taught this in relief society and i have a couple of friends who’ve used me as a resource to organize right there are things just see the next like it’s worth north american right and his tall society some of his design book people’s federal bank book might have been from when they were paying off the loan on the englewood house epic fail they paid fifteen hundred dollars to the house or something like that dad heard that like tripping or two thousand yeah western when his dad his mother passed away this morning saturday two o’clock

come if you cannot surely think that but I guess what I’m trying to say is this you open up all of this stuff even if it’s bulky even if it takes you a few notebook you can put it into something and whether you your kids ever they may never that’s the nose yeah hope ya or somebody else in your family here’s some insurance title insurance papers that Dad had kept along with getting magazine article isn’t all of that so anyway you get an idea of what I’ve done with ancestors it’s no secret that I’ve been keeping a diary since I yeah I know okay and I started doing it even when I was in elementary school but it would be kind of when we were going on a trip like what element me to Canada when I was Pam I have a little diary so mom had given me a diary that she had kept from the time they moved on from Ogden came to California and I don’t know how old I was I’m sure it was a preteen that she gave me this little spiral notebook that just had one liners a date and what happened that date yeah and it inspired me because I thought okay here’s my Diaries to hear I get wordy and then Alabama computer and get even worrier yeah the trouble is I put some of my feelings in there may be some of my feelings my kids are gonna get their feelings in there and and I thought I need to make this so that they as a reference so I used my mother’s example and the last few years bob worked for you an account he wanted me traveling with him a lot I would take a few of these i bought a ream of rural paper when school was starting yeah took that with me and 300 pages later I had finished a highlight list for my Diaries now the exciting thing is as I took mom’s little book and it was just a small book but i enlarged it i took it too it wasn’t staples but place like staples right because we didn’t have copiers at that time and i enlarged them and i decided to put her in with my book my highlights list took off the year hers ended Wow so we have a all the way through all the way through from 1941 to present is a history of our family because I write important things with Jen’s family dip his family Bob this starts with actually monch words i’m going to i was using this as i was printing out pictures so that i could get names of towns and thanks to write on back to my pictures and that’s something else I believe them pictures need to be written on yeah date yeah because right Bob’s mother handed me a lovely album and if I hadn’t have heard so many stories over the years I wouldn’t have been able to write or have any idea okay this turned out to be the beginning where mom kept her her journal there’s even some depression food stamps oh the Russian state repression stance can I start out with all the things that inspired me to write including Henry big leurs journal that gave the world the date that gold was discovered in California because they’re written and he was a cousin of of my tongue my grandfather yeah so that’s kind of neat and the diary of anne frank i read that and that is fluence me sure also and then of course i get wordy with an introduction here’s my own personal genealogy which is at the threat of my books which makes sense and and then a map of where I lived this is how mom’s little diary was this was folded up so it was only that size and very tiny but my mom always wrote tiny if you remember I do yeah a little bigger she can finish

I’ve got shaking here it did yeah um but here is how hers turned out as a after I had enlarged all right but and I put her name by each page suffered always be known right that and I always tried to put my name on every diary page every of the highlight so they always be okay back here when I was born in in a box she had all these things from my babyhood good but you can’t keep your big blanket and yeah okay so I to cut out a piece of blanket a couple of older than I was blessed in all right dropped it in between my pages and a way I don’t so there’s there’s a couple of them there’s my my birth certificate now tell me how this applies for there too yeah all of you all four of you kids yeah mom was too yeah brutally yeah and it’s still in existence yes now the California Medical Center been but it’s still better okay back in the days yeah before there are disposable diapers before there were cloth cotton diapers that you dip out in the tried to clean there were wooly things that went over the diaper oh this is before plastic pants that’s what I’m trying to go back to yes it is one of those neighbor called woolen suckers where you as prior to plastic pants over diapers well you know what that’s capable really but how are you gonna keep it but and it’s a little bulky so I tied a little ribbon at the talk and it works I’ve always wonder what the Pioneers did you know for the three months coming across I found this dress Oh jack yeah yep one of my two favorite brothers yeah yeah um my first birthday you could not die because of the war effort still you could not buy fabrics and things so my mother went to a parachute factory on arbor vitae bought a little nylon and made my one-year dress that’s my one-year dress in there forever it’ll last forever if it’s made of parachute material anyway a whole point of this and my brothers at the time where there’s grandpa Grover oh yeah with his straight back and proud posture that’s the thinnest i’ve ever seen yeah well and then here’s some your dad and jack out on the farm oh yeah no bows pictured did you know that Debbie and Justin have these two pictures framed in their guest room really they do not display I got a Cindy posted this one oh really and I I in my facebook and so I just comment underneath you up that’s my dad you know boy inventor USC grad chemical near he always was outstanding in his field oh yeah outstanding she ripped me up on that appreciate after I got my highlights list done that’s all I was gonna do was just the highlight right and then I thought dang they need pictures right then i go through every one of my albums and at that time I didn’t have the Apple program i have now or i could drag and drop but i am typing i had to go through the album’s Pope pictures put him on my oh no it’s gonna hit I did that’s how he did all of these pictures that went through um most of my highlight list Oh was I just I scanned everything here’s here’s some more letters I have letters between me and cousins when I was a child and and drawings but and then after I got through with all of this I was looking in the closets and you know you run out of closet space and in my closet in my workroom were all of Debbie’s schoolbooks ah all of ken’s school books well I had given each of them a full copy of my highlight list and your dad bless his heart wanted to read everything oh yeah yeah and and i took i bought took theirs back and I went through their schoolbooks so all of their report cards their programs from church things that they were in were any meaning and lot of sadly you can’t put in all of your homework but you can put sample right of each year you’ve got to kind of prioritize just a little bit but that I think I accomplished something that very few in the world would ever

have really um I thing is somebody who’s turning his country’s or an after but uh it’s doing genealogy training this would be really interesting well I have a lady in relief society stand up because I was telling about how I was orchid I seen my family histories that she says but that’s not nearly as important as genealogy and going to the temple and the thing she’s right but not all of us through we all have different desires than different strengths and different talents and this has been my passion for whatever reason right I don’t know if it is to inspire other people if it won believe it or not Ken’s son Wyatt uh-huh comes over here and he will he loves to use their highlight list that I gave to his dad and go through and see all of the things of his dad’s childhood oh yeah yeah I’m supper here and he picks books and he wants to go right he wants me to sit and explain things with so you don’t know who’s going to get it and how it’s going to inspire somebody but you’ve got an enormous task ahead of you with all of your dad stuff and a lot of it is going to be it’s going to be hard but you got to let some of it go but what you do is you pick out the things that are samples of what he did and things you can drop in a brain you go four boxes of those acrylic sheets yeah and some of them happen he has boxes at the house you can probably got that maybe from what i’m showing you probably so that’s why let me excite you in this okay the last years of your dad’s life it was very important to him to make sure all of us had copies of everything I know okay yeah you’ve got the beginning right you ran out the gym you’ve got the family group sheets you brought the family histories right well you need to do is get some notebooks for your your folks or whoever it is you’re going to have the memorabilia on and put those at the beginning and then add stuff behind there you go you’ve already got a head start he did something like this they said a binder for each year then some years he’s got more than they’re smaller but he’s a lot of loose stuff in the minors okay and I’ve been trying to figure out how do i scan this we can digitize an archive it and share it you putting that might be just wailed and put me put it on a website trying to get it yeah and then just have it accessible so you kids good well because now we’re getting like three four generations behind dad and I was hoping we could create a website scan it and put so anybody could go to anything that sounds very nice and easy no person that’s what I need I thought it’s gonna be just a nap by 11 pages but no he’s got stuff like this like how do I do that and you can’t and there was a guy in church oh god I’ve been relief society in daytime relief society a few years ago and he has whole theme song was get it on the computer you know put scan everything put it on the computer and I wanted so much to stand up and say whoa I’m gonna do this dress I’m the baby dress well not only that yeah you scan everything you put it on a floppy disk or you put it on right thumb drive 30 years ago somebody’s gonna find a box of thumb drives that I can’t plug into anything right oh right rippln to transfer everything I believe in hard copies I believe in yeah what you have organized it then after you’ve got all organized if you have a chilean hours on your time go for it word on computers i needed to do something i could so i can retain what i learned something yes not right so he encouraged me to do my journals good and at the time I thought it’s not going to have as much meaning because they’re not handwritten yeah and to me handwritten was everything ok you find young people now can read handwriting they can’t they can’t they don’t feature it in the school how many of my descendants will never be able to pick up some of these and I mean it’s um so anyway do have this it and you will this is my current diary on each page I have it so that it gives the date and it tells my name so that ever things get broken I mean they come apart they passed whatever you can see that it’s it’s from me right what

what the date is and then I go through at the end of each month and I do a highlight list now when your dad was alive because he was so interested I want him to know what was going on norf am sure i went into more detail yeah yeah so you’re writing to him so i was sharing our family yeah my brother now that he’s gone I need to get back into that simplification again then here’s a year from here I met Bob I think and I was in England ward you can see I just did that I put a date and I put a simple little thing right said the opening prayer in Sunday school mom was sustained as word magazine director and I just kind of that was how simple and I’ve got to get back to that because that’s look at my yeah she cute yeah and this was a swarm day for for beach and a necklace I cup and somewhere I don’t know that anyway yeah that’s just kind of got a lot of greeting cards yeah just oh and we’d go to restaurants after dances did it and I’d have my friend silence see I got it 2 plus I wasn’t the genius that I was conscientious at least you saved it yeah Oh Kim’s kids love to rub into him this he wanted that straight nice dude oh yeah yeah that’s a revelation for parents and now anything you want to add anything I think I’ll come and start something through things you’re going to do that I’m going to go in an attempt to dinner a little bit all right and you’re welcome to