Aquarium Friday Fun LIVE

right yeah baby my life is this thing on hey everybody I never know when it starts so I just have that really awkward moment in the middle like we’re trying to talk to a girl and you’re gonna say and you can hear yourself talk that’s something better how’s everybody doing happy Friday a beautiful fish tank freaks you this episode is brought to you by Dustin’s fish tanks comm go Dustin’s fishtanks calm today for a free driftwood Friday that’s right folks a free piece of driftwood with any order on your purchase with your purchase today only that’s right completely selling out right out of the great health great I can’t talk on the commercials hello whoo what’s going on everybody is everybody having fun yet I got it in seven to eight what is it 728 1080 I’m in 1080 yeah I’m in 1080 so you can see how I haven’t shaved I’m actually proud to have shades never thought I’d have facial hair I’m supposed to be talking about fish tank stuff though right what’s up what’s up you folks how you doing everybody doing good everybody feeling good beautiful Friday can I bring you the hardcore Friday the yelling what’s going on who I got people from Cleveland I need a one if everybody can hear me okay if you can just type one I pride if you’re watching this later I’m sorry this is just how I do it I have to go through the rants and make sure everything is good how’s the audio there microphone Cheka mr. Andrew we good Andrew does even though I’m good I’m paying this dude to sitter you don’t even know the audio he’s sitting I think that was everyone’s in it hey Andrew come help me got a blesses chop that’s the reason by the way then I’ll add videos are good can everybody say we love you Andrew Andrews the guy headed in the videos look at him wave yell do we need it I forgot about we got it I got it just letting edit that we need to put in the video about your wallet for this weekend forgot about that but uh yeah Andrews the man can everybody say Andrews awesome great house what’s up you guys good I’m gonna let some more people come in what’s up from Cali I got Cali people I got any Seattle people out here I had a blast with Seattle we love you Andrew the ladies in the place Andrew they’re saying yo they’re saying we love Andrew we want or that you can’t have him cuz he’s mine he’s all mine everybody good where’s Josh josh is I wish I knew where Josh was josh is a wild man I can’t tell you where Josh is josh is a crazy individual he’s my pet lie and I keep him in the green house and he’s doing good Andrew they’re loving you in the comments I hope you’re seeing that Wow I’m just gonna let Andrew make the videos from now on everybody wants to know about the green house everybody wants to know about the green house can I just let the story tell itself do I have to ruin it for everybody hang on shut up over here so today we’re doing a QA Friday style I got Andrew linking up stuff gutentag from Germany I got a lot of stuff to to discuss though a lot of stuff happening and people are asking some questions so I’m gonna talk about the history of D cuz somebody brought up some historic moment I’ve also got something special in this tube right here something in this tube I look bad but I got something in here to show you all and yeah I’m excited Friday’s Friday afternoon I’m gonna go home might get some Fazoli’s with kids yeah let’s do that so what’s going on so let’s go it’s like a scary soap opera you know story it is imagine living it it was a do her overfished own story mad if you were me I am Josh and that greenhouse lair was actually real life it’s not fake it’s actually happening to me and it sucks so yeah um let’s start somebody asked about RMS aquaculture if you’re from Cleveland – you are a Cleveland Browns fan you from northern Ohio I love you because I have to and I actually used to work at RMS aquaculture up in Cleveland on Engle Road Ralph Mike and Steve and I think Ralph is gone well Mike and Steve are still there and they’re good people so go check them out they’re on Engel Road and I buy some plants from them support them they’re good folks and then yeah I worked there and worked there in the summer between cotton or not summer the other winter I worked in Cleveland during the winter which is why I’ll never live no to the Ohio River again because it was freezing cold and miserable and I worked there in the winter I live in my buddy Owens house who had a front osa I need to link that up for you all and if anybody can do me a favor can you share this can anyone share this would that be possible to share it if you care it if you care could you share it but I lived in Cleveland I lived in Lakewood and and I will never live above Lehigh River again in wintertime because was way too cold and it was just miserable my car

barely start but when I worked there I was in between the semesters in college so I’d like this one classrooms off for now then there was a skip it wasn’t offering in the class and a graduate was offered in the spring so I took that I took that one semester and I worked at RMS aquaculture and it let me tell you that first and foremost it was a cold reality of just how much I actually needed a degree cuz making you know I don’t know what I was making like six bucks an hour or something bagging fish was never great and and then I went back to school and finished and got my history degree and then Here I am that’s the whole story as as quick as it gets so I’m glad everybody is hanging out here and doing that first time live from UK cool all right we have some good questions coming in so I’m going to address them thank you for the share cool so one of the questions somebody had asked is my tap water comes out at 80 parts PPI partner is that right some they’re staying there they’re parts per million is that the TDS I believe is 80 is that right you told us off solid just 80 and that’s really really really low I want to back up and talk about total dissolved solids it’s gonna get kind of nerdy if you can have lots of claims to show you not really I’m at work because my wife and kids are home and it’s not fair to them to do live streams but um yeah so total dissolved solids are what the what is in your water is dissolved so doesn’t tell you what’s dissolved but tells you that stuff is dissolved this is similar to the conversation you can have about par value which Park tells you there’s certain measures are certain elements of the spectral composition in your lights but doesn’t tell you which them so tes it’s kind of same thing doesn’t tell you what exactly is in your water but I like to run my TDS high so I run my TDs about a thousand and I was just on Seattle and it’s my understanding that they have TDS is like 28 and I’ve got a video coming out with Dean the master fish breeder and he talks about how he breeds dis Gary breeds ramps in that low pH and some of you all might have seen the RAM video I did and people were commenting and I was actually some good correspondence in that video but why don’t keep ram’s dwarf Rams and the deal with that is they they don’t like the higher dissolved solids which is part of the problem that people have been here so so too what you want to do to increase that is you want to add either some gh boost or some KH boost I like to use the sodium carbonate from our friends at Fritz that I’ve been using with our with our Africa import now the deal with that when you’re mixing that stuff up is that you want to make sure that you have to put it up like this even the lights behind me you have to you have to mix it in a separate Cup because if you pour that directly into your tank your pH is gonna skyrocket and then settle back so you want to do it real real slow and I recommend just dissolving it in water and then slowly adding in just a little bit at a time because fish hate pH links and let’s remember folks that our pH swing this is when I use the bicarbonate end the gah-gah boost not so much gah-gah boost but definitely the bicarbonate a pH of 6 is and then verses a pH of 7 the pH of 7 is 10 times more basic so like a pH of 6 is 10 times less but 10 times more acidic than a pH of 7 so you never want to mess with big pH swings with fish now if you got just plants plants can handle it generally speaking so yeah so to do that I would get the gh boost or the KH boost I do sell the sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate actually on my site and yeah that’s what I do and yeah you get free drift anywhere almost like today well back to the pitch thank you okay so 380 is fine somebody’s talking about TDSB and 3 creating is cool like I’m it’s actually when it comes out of my tap and then I raise it up from there with my big water I had a huge water and you’re on a hook you guys like with dustinsfishtanks t-shirts I got them on the slide – can you find those and link those up brother yeah cool what all you want to help folks which I can hear you guys talk I wish I could just be like a hundred people yelling and I could yell back you’re way cooler than just reading comments not that I don’t like your comments all right any tips for getting rid of hair algae ah hair algae is the worst and hair algae is the worst because it can spread so what you want to do with hair algae is you know once you turn off your lights step 1 turn off your lights step 2 increase your water flow stepped and the problem with hair algae is that you get it when you go to clean it you might spread it because you’re spreading spores everywhere so I like to use a toothbrush like this this is a toothbrush right

that’s toothbrush and you get like a little scraper on the end here and you scrape that and then you suck it with the airline tube out of your tank so you have a little piece of airline tubing that comes out and then you have a scrub or a scrub brush or a toothbrush and you scrape it then you have the slight that going just a little drips life and just enough will piss drip and now that will suck the extra extra hair algae follicles out of your water so you will not get it all over the place here so how does that help you here well people want to talk about the greenhouse I can’t talk about the greenhouse too painful you know I had to let go and give you medics on that video after watching it is it safe to buy fish online absolutely the problem with buying fish online if you’re buying fish online I do recommend Imperial tropicals I have been at linked through their location and seeing how they do it what they do it and guys are ridiculous my fish from there also my boys filmed us and sent you but beautiful tropical does a nice job in doing it forever and the problem of buying fish though is this they go from like the someone who loves them and cares for them and then they’re trying to go to the hand and someone else whoa I got a super chat hallo Thank You Ben I’ll get to the super chat in a second the problem of buying fish is that you have somebody involved that’s not a fish loving person you’ve got the US Postal Service or UPS or whatever so so that’s the problem because you have to do with the post office something happens somebody leaves it in a box or whatever so you really want to understand that and you got to work with us the supplier the fish – like if something happens with the mail you gotta let them know right away if they show up dead you got to work them because understanding they’re doing their best to get you good fish just like I own plants or whatever but if something does happen you gotta let them know right away you gotta filed a claim with UPS or whatever and just let them know what’s going on uh so what’s going on Benjamin says had an awesome time a tree fort in Seattle thank you taking time to chat with me and my girl you definitely made our week aquaria it was great stuff – thanks but great talking to you man Ben you’re the guy we took I took outside we talked I made your girl stay inside till Joe secrets that’s you I remember talking you man I talked to a lot of people man was fun I’ll tell you what though man traveling sucks but getting there being getting not getting there – like freaking do you guys ever understand like that night I miss my flight miss my flight God knows how that happened I think it happened because the lady I said she goes I thought she said to me she was at the gate I’m standing at the gate and she goes are you getting on this flight and I said yes shook my head I’ve had four dogs Jones five o’clock in morning and I thought she must have asked are you not or you’re not getting on this white or something like she asked like the negative and I should my head yes she walked the door and I watch the plane fly away and get to Seattle until 10 o’clock Seattle time one o’clock my time and I ate the leftovers everyone I was beating for dinners food for dinner I ate off other people’s plates for dinner after not getting into one o’clock my time miserable but I had fun I just don’t want to travel but I’ll be in a speaking of which – I’ll be in Colorado next Friday l am I saying this time next week I will be landing in Colorado hey homie can you plug this in for me yeah battery juicer yes I’ll be caught that that says what you’re Stradlin sucks I’m apparently booked to be in Colorado next week so I’ll be in Colorado for the Colorado not a color import not a Colorado cream excited call rocky mountain sickness I’ll be there hanging out with them so any Colorado bro they’re Anna’s will hang out it’ll be cool hello everybody what’s up ah cool yep let’s see here what else we got going on here what’s up everybody y’all doing good cool Micro snails tiny ones hundred of them all right you got tiny little snails all you got to do with the cool all you got to do with the snails it well first of all it’s your responsibility for what you put in your tank so if you put something in tang any gitanos because you didn’t properly dip your tank you didn’t do like the pre-emptive like I don’t want anything on my tank so I’m gonna dip these plants and I recommend you use five milliliters or bleach in a gallon of water and dip for kind of five let’s go dip them down there and that’s how I would roll with that but then from there if you get them in your tank I’ve heard you can use a piece of spinach and you put the piece of spinach in and overnight the law climb on with the spinach I don’t know why that is must be something in the spinach so if they enjoy but that’s what I’ve heard you can remove that and then I go to autumn or there’s always say to loach I want talk about loaches though not all loaches are created equal i like clown loaches but they get too big I like butea angelicus is a good one I do not like skunk loaches skunk cultures were created by Satan himself and they’ve got the little and they’re just mean angry a fish so do not mess with those but so yeah good question there oh

I do have I’m fully stocked and snails thanks for linking that up dude I am fully restocked in snails so that’s good it’s a fun time I uh I’m enjoying that here who we got in here hello what’s up I’m a snail rancher puffer and snails hello people are asking me about the carob see rise old fiber mats for under the substrate I’ve never used anything under my so troop of dirt so I could not tell you do I like yellow cheese yes yes I do what do you think about using bat guano earth castings instead of Kim Kim fridge I’ve never used them I’ve never used any worm castings people talk about that all time I’ve never done it would you like to see what’s in the tube this is a fun one with the free driftwood Friday I have on sale my little small I never pitch my lights but I figured might as well it’s time any order gets any order it gets a free piece of driftwood you can actually pick it out too if you go to my site there’s a pop-up you can pick out your piece so that’s kind of cool to check this out it’s my standard double LED it’s actually left and uh these are no nonsense I’ve got people who have done reviews on them they’re real reviews too this is my standard double LED this is a 12-inch fixture now the reason I have these 12-inch pictures because I have the contest and I got a couple left but this is the 12-inch standard double arrow some of y’all have been using these and oh I forgot to mention Rachel yeah Rachel sells fish – she does a good job let’s see Thank You Christy um so yeah check out Rachel Larry tell her I sent you two but um this is my standard double LED yeah and it’s got 48 LEDs in so I’ll put it down for pound against any fixture and I’ve actually got the 12 inches on sale because I got a few overstocked but what it’s got I don’t know if you can see this it’s got red and white LEDs you can’t see it cuz all in there anybody using LEDs here hey for some reason those links aren’t working dude so I wanted to show you how many LEDs are in here Christy’s got two LEDs so there’s actually 48 LEDs in here Dustin’s selling too much sell out there’s actually 48 LEDs the Reds and the whites and I like that comment thank you Darrell the LEDs are they’re better than I can explain yeah they’re fat man I mean they’re made they’re made to grow plants do they have and fancy timer no do they have like a lightning effect no let’s see here do they have an act no do they grow the heck out of your plants yes they do which is why we have like 20 of them are on the greenhouse supplemental lighting so I got these on sale for 69 bucks which is discounted but this is a twelve-inch I’ve got them every size and if you need one that’s a custom size just let us know I need a buy the next size up so if you need like a 70 inch ear by the 72 and say you need a need one so you say you need a 70 inches I’m gonna kind of exactly now there are no returns on them now all my lights come with a 60-day no BS money-back guarantee you don’t like them send it back if we do a custom cut there’s no returns though so just know that but yeah you can somebody’s asking can you rig up a controller yes you can rig up an apex controller the problem with the apex controller they do come with an inline dimmer by the way you can go 25 I don’t have them with me but they go 25 25 50 75 and 100 you can ring up an apex the problem is the apex fire is on and then then you can dim it from there so a little bit different there um let’s see here what’s the purpose purpose of lighting effects yeah I never used it I don’t know it’s a good question couple of all anomalous Oh what’s up girl a couple of old anubias plants with a rhizome rod and same different tanking idea what can happen anubias I knew because I found that anubias rots when it goes in pH swings or in a really low total dissolved solids because you got to think of new mystic Africa and that’s what I would say is probably it’s going to do a lower Pierre lower total dissolved solids so it goes from like a 1200 – yes like a 300 that could hurt it that’d be my guess ah somebody’s asking about speaking of lights do you use the green you know you wouldn’t want to use the green you wouldn’t want to use hardly any of the green these are made with whites and reds because that’s what plants see I don’t have my spectrograph on here I would show you guys the spectral composition it’s I need to do the lighting video and you put that on the video cue we got to do a lighting video at some point I’ve done I’ve done a million webinars on it but I’ve never done actual like YouTube video about it so yeah static girl you’re awful sad girl you’re always on top my answer your question here she goes yo she goes D I’m pretending you this is how you talk yo D you got any small aquatic plants look like a small tree I’m thinking my aquascaping a mountain aquascape yeah I got some really awesome Java for java

moss right now it would be pretty cool I’ve also got some if you’re go in small trees you really want to do like java java moss would be my role with that ask Josh to female greenhouse we might have some small brightness that would look cool um dr. Graf I’ll get you that you guys trust me I’ll do a video on lighting blow all your minds I need some java moss yeah you get free driftwood too and you know if you’re trying to do a set girl you can pick out your driftwood too so if you wanna do like a tree effect you want if you can pick out your driftwood that work for you that would be cool right you would like that I’m we’ll see here what’s going on want some rare plants um little later on Dustin’s gonna have all kinds of crazy stuff coming in so stay tuned for that green house saga spoilers there’s no green house saga spoilers today um I can tell you I have another meeting with another city in a certain point thank you for the super chat you got it I have another meeting with city those are always great right meeting with the city have much people in suits telling you how you can live your life that’s wonderful and that great this vide this weekend’s video is insane Sunday Saga video isn’t the same it’s the most raw video I’ve ever done Andrews edited it to make it even more raw I actually just get entirely naked in the video and cry like a little girl not really alright what else we got here 6500 K 4 foot LED shop lights have staghorn algae BB 8 hours a day what can I do to get rid of it ok if you got black goo dolls you probably got too much light on for too long and not enough water flow I recommend you do a blackout and then hydrogen peroxide I’ve never I don’t do it off definitely like once works pretty well on BB a so that’s what I would do um let’s see here when are you gonna go to Borneo Dustin not soon enough ah let’s see here want to see this see here I mean from Pakistan I have a question about planet tanks yes that is the purpose of this livestream is to help people with their questions sorry I look so angry when I look into the camera I don’t I’m not really an angry person unless it’s in the morning I having a coffee or run what’s your question there my man from Pakistan emotions are part of the game dude it’s hard we got a 3% peroxide not six okay yeah that’s good to know I don’t mess with it thank you Cyn style or Sinan style yeah Friday fun whoo all right so so they asked me some good questions let’s do some good questions let’s get some like real good like crazy questions not about the green house that all comes out on Sunday you’ll see someone good fish questions or some good playing questions or like some a tiresomely jumble questions or one no it’s a really let’s get you some six delicious questions here what you got all right or Co two tabs good I’ve never used them don’t use peroxide blackout for me there you go see here and there’s in a five gallon all day long here we go Ella Ella says I bought land for a motorcycle club had to go out in front of zoning committee because it was a residential area area got Ruiz owned and we got our Clubhouse I guarantee this is Josh calling no it’s not Josh I don’t know don’t answer that but uh Josh knows better cool best fish for a 10-gallon I’m gonna tell you right now so 10-gallon for me you can go a couple ways you can go one cool fish you can go a lot of small fish I would roll with like 15 Yuans added like 2 per every other week to figure to do a 10 gallon tank do like adding to neons every 2 weeks after the first month so the first month no fish then you add this is dry erase board hands and then you add to that first weekend into and – yeah I like any on slow I just do it hard roll um let’s see here any tips for going crippled and say yeah it likes a little more co2 than others hey what did you all think about those amazing shops out in Seattle the wonderful aquaria you guys like that she’s sending me a present I don’t know what it is and it’s funny because the people uh unless I can get you some white board the people in Japanese she said I’m very proud of this and someone said Dustin is like someone dissed me in some sort of like Japanese Laing where I was like Dustin is like Rose tea or intellectual level arose to basically like told me I sucked which to me whatever like I’m an I’m at the loud American so I mean I get it but it was pretty hilarious though – I see that comment in Japanese and see it translated as like Dustin is like Rose tea or something so how would you end alright hold on so alright so Melissa Byers wants to know about fertilizer and if you make a note that we need to do a video about fertilization and I want to make a note I can’t give away the secret to the video because people will copy my

stuff but you catch that last part that’ll be a cool video I will do that video I’ll do it like an edited video or whatever because you guys like edited videos instead of me ugly in the camera but uh let’s see here called see how could you add fish if trying to get a carpenter Phil let’s talk about a carpet cuz apparently I don’t talk about carpets enough does everybody know where carpeting plants come from I’m gonna get the whiteboard out here comes this is one of my three whiteboards I have this whiteboard I have this whiteboard and I have this other monster ball you want to show everybody what you’re watching your breath alright so let’s talk about carbon plant you know absolutely let’s talk about carpeting plants want to talk about it all right got the whiteboard everybody ready for this this is gonna be yes what Mateo said but no here’s here’s here’s the deal with carpets that everybody who wants to screw up this is the carpeting right here and this is your water line this is the bottom this is a river in nature this is about a foot tall this is one foot tall right here and your plants grow down here and the carpeting plants and they grow in a low carpet and they’re able to grow on a low carpet because they have shallow water so this is a foot taller here now what happens is instead of being in a oh and by the way let’s just go back to this here they have the water is one foot tall and then though the sunlight comes down some line is always red they come and the sunlight hits like this so what do you got you got shallow water there’s also good nutrients in the substrate down here he’s not substrate it’s actual uh you know dirt or whatever you know nature stuff and so the Sun comes down and it’s it and the Sun is going so hard that it’s like down into plants and the plants are able to have all the excess nutrients they need and they’re only going through a little bit of water and it’s no big deal is everybody with me on this wonderful diagram this is amazing I know you all are like oh my god Dustin why are you teaching us in the college level and I don’t know why am i teaching in college I’ll be there so that’s outside then we go from outside to your tank this is what happens there is no Sun zero Sun there is only your tank right here this is your your tank only your tank is not a foot tall your tank is like a 55 or like some sort of like taller tank and it’s you know 18 inches tall or whatever that 18 is that backwards let anyone 18 and it’s thrilled you know it’s taller so it’s harder and then you’ve got this light but instead I having the big old Sun you got one standard junk light you don’t know if you’re smart you got to but we’ll just say you got to you still you don’t have the Sun so now you’re trying to get this light through here but this light is like aunt and and it can’t penetrate is deep because this is deeper tank and then you go down here and your plants don’t have the readily available nutrients at the bottom at the substrate and so it’s a lot harder to grow carpet in another aquarium and it is a nature because you typically have a deeper tank and your light is not the Sun it’s not the Sun it’s hard you don’t use a Sun so what you want to do when you want to grow carpet is you want to have a ridiculous amount of extra news you look up the foreground plants the baby tears the baby tears is on them selling right now is amazing and it is Friedrich for Friday so you want to have a ridiculous amount of nutrients at the substrate now I don’t have a hurry oh this is your gravel down here at the bottom there you go 24 inches tall exactly so I’m talking about so this is your good good nutrients at your substrate and then you really want I like I recommend shallower tanks because the light can penetrate deeper so let’s say this was only let’s get rid of this here and let’s just make this like a well 12 inch tall tank suddenly you’ve got a lot more light penetrating down there super chair that’s it house will stop white boards

we listen bro I use white boards for teaching – oh I love it man white boards make everything easier so now all of a sudden you got the swelling’s tank and now you’re jamming now you’re just rocking and rolling and you can easily get that gone so that’s what you got understand folks is that when you’re trying to grow a carpet you need to have a lot of light and you have a lot of good nutrients and you need to be able to get that light down to the plant word can somebody just type words say word or yo Eric thank you for the super chat of five dollars you with me everybody with me where negative word thanks dude it is with me he’s got it cool yeah ah here we go everybody wants to know about the greenhouse does the city want more revenue for them or is the woman having the city on her side maybe the members of City Council members in her hood um I don’t want to talk about this this lady but I’m gonna refer to in the bill burr sense of the word when I say she is a lady lady and I’m not gonna talk about anything more at that because I’ve got another meeting with the city and I don’t want to make anybody mad there’s a video coming out on Sunday can y’all wait just give me a break guys be in a good mood continue the positive energy that is this live stream instead of being upset talking about something that people are angry about something that’s been sitting baking for 12 years why do you all want to talk about some negative stuff huh why can’t we just keep it positive you know keep it happy today on Friday beautiful day everybody with that all right cool so we had a good question about substrate let’s continue all right oh we got a good one here I’m having ammonia problems I have plants in a ten gallon tank 15 fish dirty bottom tank set up about two months what should I do all right well Chris Burnett oh brother you got ten plants and you got 15 fish what size tank because this bro you got to give me more info you’re gonna get the whiteboard treatment right here keep it positive everybody we don’t be talking about negative about people who the crust REE nothing but to kill somebody all right and give you all some more advice here with the white boy whiteboard Friday wish I had some sort of rhyme with Friday oh I do free driftwood Friday ho all right let’s talk Chris you get the question here when you get a phone call while watching Dustin’s live show yeah that’s right no whispering okay great oh it’s a hundred twenty-five gallon that’s different dude you got a hundred twenty on with ammonia all right so let me give you guys the biggest tip and I’m gonna give you this tip and and room and this is done this is the advice you ready if you can learn this everything will be easier for you and it’s this oh not that I mean it’s this advice right here okay I’ve done this with the white board before I’m going to do it again some of you all just don’t seem to get it so I’m gonna tell it to you like this this is your aquarium okay Chris has honored 25 gallon aquarium let us draw Chris’s aquarium because why why not as I flick all of you off see that using the middle finger this is honor 25 gallon aquarium this is a 125 now you take away one thing from this entire rant it’s this these are your fish okay now my god raw fish look at these fish everybody’s fish looks like this these are amazing fish can I get a like for these fish can I get a share for these fish and care about these fish neither your fish right now these fish what are the fish to go home had a long day a long week spent too much money on doing free different fried and you’re watching your fish when you do your feed your fish right up here feeding them and what happens with fish the fish poop don’t boom boom boom boom boom this is ammonia okay Monia and loan you okay things nh4 but whatever and uh ammonia okay now what happens is this we got the ammonia and that’s your Mona your mony as high now here’s the thing most people run their aquarium like this and they have like two plants in burrows case your name is umbrellas Chris but I’m gonna call you bro um bros Casey has ten plants and 15 fish okay so he’s probably got a couple plants down here

whatever the problem is this his fish load these are the fish and these are his plants okay these are the plants his fish load not even taking the caps off I’m getting crazy his fish load right here is greater than his plant load see that play with me on that fish load is greater than plant load you know take the wife out to eat lady glad you love a big bill alright so when your fish load is greater than your family what happens your life sucks it’s not good it’s not easy because unless you have a really really well-established aquarium substrate just one other conversation you’re always you’re not gonna have enough plants to eat and absorb the extra among there’s a conversion here it goes ammonia and nitrite nitrate but basically when your fish load is higher than your plant load you’re gonna worry about ammonia now here’s the rub as though I roll on all my tanks when you have the other one two three four five six seven fish and you want it to get balanced you want to be like for this this is how you wanna be you want to be like bounce crane yeah that’s what you want that’s what you want but in order to be balanced you need to have a ton of plants and if you could take away one thing from this I wish I had some more caffeine more water rant it’s this when your plant load I say it’s all time when your plant load is greater than your fish load everybody understand the greater than symbol to greater than your good okay when your plant loader Jigga’s I like to run a ten clance to one fish this is totally generic rule just making it up but it’s dumb rule everybody wants it you like that move Chris you don’t you that’s it so if you have one fish you need like ten inches of plants for that one fish does everybody understand that that’s why when you have those big jungle tanks you don’t have to worry about em on you have to worry about nature because you got all these guys because guess what plants eat the nitrogen very basic they eat it it’s all right here and then the trick that I found is if you have a really good substrate down here the plants can eat whatever they want and they have all the readily available nitrogen and it’s over you have a wonderful tech can I make it any easier than that heavy heavy plant load light light fish load gradually start off with a lot of plants not a lot of fish and then the opposite of this just to show you guys how this goes is that sometimes the sea doesn’t have enough nitrogen in his tanks in his greenhouse cuz I don’t have a lot of fish in there so does anybody understand that did anybody did anybody everybody feel Dumber then I make anyone feel dumber I hope I didn’t was that good cool cool everybody good good moves everybody likes the moves good did anybody get that thank you for the the bill burr take the wife out love bill burr won’t ask good luck in the greenhouse love and live techno Tuesday all nice see that Andrew they love the techno Tuesday man I’ve got new beats a text when I’m when I’m driving and I’m listening to techno with headphones on illegally I text Andrea like dude we gotta add this to techno tech for Tuesday so don’t worry Cobra Kai I like that you like that Patricia Thank You Patricia good everybody good oh yeah oh you oh yeah mmm cool so that was a good question thank you Chris was that an amazing answer I feel like I feel like we’re closer now me and you Chris so let’s get some more good questions here the whiteboards ready to go we’re ready for you did I mention we’re having a sale today now only 15 times uh hey do me a favor look up these plants that Josh texted me and link them up these are everything that he’s about to link up is from Josh we’re giving you the Josh hot pics all right what else we got you feel smarter good any advice on feeding vegetables and a planted tank blanch remove seeds I don’t do it I just use fish food to be honest with you I got to get your shirt where your website sale on shirts yo Bob James I got shirts on I got t-shirts on the website I got every size dude you gotta hit t-shirts I’m gonna make Andrew link that up too um what else here questions super chair and no answer Oh Oh big text what was the question dude I can get that hold on you give me money in an answer question I think you just said I won’t ask luck on the greenhouse Oh any chance you could answer my you could answer my

Krenim you know Big Tex what do you I don’t understand what you’re asking dude you gave me five dollars I can obviously answer that Big Tex I asked the question super chat no answer dude what do you wanna know about Krenim I’m not sure what you mean there please repeat your question sorry I got caught up in all this I got I got worked up you got me talking about Bill Berg I’m talking about my wife you got me nervous man hoodies hoodies are out of stock merch is tough because you got a stock in Billy Billy Billy big text what’s your question bro best way to reduce phosphates phosphates by plants usually Cranham what do I know about the Krenim um let’s see here that suck those aren’t linking up yeah Billy what you want to know I don’t understand what the question is though it says any chance you could answer my Krenim that was your question you want me to give you the Bill burr answer on that bro you ever seen the bill burr Philadelphia rant go Google that that’ll make you laugh your face off all right do Tannen’s hurt fish or help doesn’t pencils a bit not really I don’t really care the low pH would hurt a fish Treach I checked on Tuesday how about I have a three-year-old tank do I switch from gravel to unplanted third cab without causing too much trouble all right that’s easy Eric this is so easy this this I might get a little angry at this question Eric and then uh whoever was uh asking the question text with his $5 super chat we gotta come correct on the question there because your questions have not make sense and if I was bill burr reading this on the bill before Monday morning podcast I would make fun of you but I can’t because I’m not allowed to be my community self live because all good people will not understand the jokes so how to move dirty tank this is your tank this is your 60 gallon tank oxides yeah it’s got the out been there odd size your sixty gallon tank this is a Rubbermaid tub that you can buy Lowe’s it’s 20 gallons this is a Seiken tube we’re gonna run from here you’re running you’re gonna siphon before you do anything you’re cycling the cleanest water you can out of here you’re gonna take this 60 gallons out of here I’m gonna put it on here and you’re gonna grab your little Nate you little scoop up you’re gonna scoop everything and you’re gonna put all your stuff in here and if you got plants or whatever gonna float them on top and everything goes in here right and then at once everything is safely in here you’re gonna take this tank and you’re gonna destroy it you’re gonna take everything out but you are gonna have a separate bucket right here this little bucket everything’s better diagram and in this bucket you’re gonna put your graphic is we want to save our bio as best we can then you’re gonna put more water in here or you can take water out of here and put it in the bucket but you want to get this empty so this is all empty and then you want like all as much water as possible into this aquarium right here and then this is your gravel you wanna put it in there and then this is empty and you’re gonna rip this down buck naked buck nasty and you’re gonna ramp it down to nothing and then you’re gonna add one inch of gravel choosing one it’s a dirt and then wanted your gravel on top that’s it I use black Black’s good because you have dirt comes through you won’t see it then you’re gonna drain fill a drain and fill it draining fill a drainage drainage fill it until it’s clear and then what you’re gonna do over here is you’re gonna take this tank over here if you nervous about your fish what am I gonna do and you’re gonna take this down about 30-40 percent and you’re gonna add fresh water into there so you’re gonna give them a little bit of a whoop WC is what we like to call it like to call the water change action do a water change on your guys over here and these guys are gonna be totally fine then you’re gonna let this run for one day 24 hours okay and you let that run for 24 hours then put your filters on or whatever if you have your filters on by the way run your filters don’t run this little 20 gallon tub that you bought at Home Depot whatever things are gonna do is gonna take all this and you’re gonna make sure this is clear gonna add a lot of plants and ridiculous amount of plants because the plants are gonna absorb all the extra nutrients that are gonna be in your water column but you’re also gonna do three to five water changes 3x WC and then that will make this good to go then you’re gonna add your fish back in here with all of this water all 20 gallons of this poop water and then like you know half of this bowl or whatever you’re gonna that’s easy people overcomplicate movement fish it’s not it’s not it’s not TV it’s a lot of steps it’s easy to do they’re good did you learn something all right the Bilborough techno fan you asked the question about Krenim please answer my Cranham questions you guys act like I can read like 50 questions at once is that you’re so demanding we can even talk anymore hey Dustin begin her question here if nitrate left Leo I want to answer your question you feeling smarter all right I’m Way behind big test to ask the question super sad no answer no I already saw that what are floating planets to try it wisteria I’m scrolling down to the bill burr fan Big Tex oh I was living in my character gotcha all right now doesn’t bust your traps here you can handle if you listen to Bill burr you can heal it lady I asked a question about how deep you could plant

the Krenim okay yeah yeah cool busted my balls I can’t bust balls on face on YouTube I’m not allowed I did an entire rant about fake and I lost like a hundred subscribers in the day so I cannot treat you the way I want to treat you right now but um yeah dude plant it halfway down thanks for the five bucks like halfway or a little more and what I like to do with the Krenim town because it’s round town and float is you want to put a little put rocks around it so put rocks around it don’t plant it too far out in some tree all right all right everyday fish keeper answered your question – Anthony ass yo Dustin love the intro what are some common causes of stem rot depends on the plant here come on now we got to be specific using lava rock ad a substrate mix microdose macro dose every other minimum flow near the top of the tank co2 system not you used not DIY brother your Anthony my man yo Anthony if you will you got to you gotta let me know more about what’s going on there do I still make money off of those shamrock commercials now ever since I’ve bet that ogres live in Miami Beach it’s been rough yeah I need to know more about what plants rotten dude you got to give me more info I can’t answer that how many tanks is too many too many tanks is when you have enough and they don’t all look good you don’t like looking at them it’s no longer fun that’s your answer at one point I kept like a 9b at 220 and 475 my basement happily and then you know what I did I had children and I changed everything these are some good white boards right here I’m really enjoying this reading clothes look at this I’ve got this dude right here Mariana just killed it cool what else we got I feel good this feel good do you guys feels good to me I live by the beach most mother in Santa’s dear safe buy from the store yeah just rinse it good or bake it let’s see here my pawns Tom patience grows like crazy when I first Melissa buyers coming through I don’t know you’ll have so many questions I’ve still got like 200 crinum dhyanam I think I lost a bunch of stuff here okay living by the beach bacon dirt basic plants for normal gravel can use moss yes Cheryl Mantell and you can also use anubias you can use java fern you can use all that good stuff dustin are pink plants okay for fish there’s no such thing as pink point I mean are we joking about plastic pink plants are we talking about like you know good-looking Rotella any tips for inaccuracy likes a little bit of more total dissolved solids it’s also legal in a couple states stuff for us to sell uh what we got here mmm you link up the shirts that God was looking for sure yeah thanks dude alright um see if you ever used bald plants okay I got like a thousand red tiger lows bloggers now Big Tex will stop man hmm a la convención in Michigan I only go to Michigan in Ohio when it’s summertime I don’t mess with that winter stuff man I’m too skinny for that I can’t handle it I don’t go but I will never live about the Ohio River again but I could go up to Michigan in summer I’d be cool you plan on going to South America again I do I don’t know when I ever tried growing tomato plant I have a tank like you would put those no it’s not a bad idea though it’s measuring a TDS is married now I’ll figure rap some ooh tang a bomb atomically Socrates that’s ever always right that one I got a better one to hear what would time would you like for me to rap why don’t you pick a rapper that we play that game pick a blue tang rapper and dustin will rapid going your website you were t-shirt noir job moss and bob you will get a free piece of driftwood and if you’re an existing customer check it out if you got even better special bio teacher looking for good plans to grow to students ten gallon tank no limit on budget Oh Johnny you’re in the right spot today buddy – no budget any plan stocking suggestions alright so let’s back up mr bio teacher are you gonna teach your kids properly how to use the right sub shakes I can sell you hack a lot different plants we have good substrate or you use my wonderful growth juice plugs intended um dude I would give him I if I was teaching class hypothetically non-fruit a whiteboard talking to myself I would do a mix man I would do if I was teaching biology I would do a mix of like grass plant grassy plants I could jump over on the sides and that sort of thing and then I would do swords and I would do some natives because you can get LOD in a caress and jungle val and sad and that kind of things in luigia and i would do a variety so you would teach them like the swords and watch how the swords are planted in the melt back and if you were getting for me hypothetically speaking and you said Dustin hook up this Dustin standard combo for 99 bucks or five or six of them that would help me that would be I could mix that up for you and it would be really cool because you could get a bunch of different rioters and I could tell you which to put where and I could tell you a classical table I could give you Dustin’s fishtanks teacher t-shirt to wear it would just be awesome but um I would get a variety plans to teach to teach the youngsters like how they got different ones react with different conditions and like the the transition

of them as well and I would actually there’s a whole lot of conversations about like lighting and let me do it I was bugging by amateur like straight out that’d be amazing does that help for was that – grant ish do you do aquaponics do i do aquaponics um let’s see here yeah I would like to do some aquaponics can’t seem to grow java moss even impossible though even though I thought it was good java moss you know you’re killing java moss I probably should eliminate you from this I’m kidding I wish I didn’t have a budget to consider for my plants so good spit some spit some RZA ha ha ha Oh what’s the RZA it’s an igloo solar panels blast off like roman candles rap vandals stuffy ass like Rahul again you cocker spaniel dogs camp without catalog spit your lights out and leave your brain inside a bong there you go RZA right on cue you did it give me another what anger I had to like that challenge absolutely perfect how can I contact you about that Johnny email Dustin at you like that that’s dude dude I will come where are you like I would teach that class man be in front of actual people instead of a logitech webcam ur Andrews real um would you make a real good teacher I love to I was supposed to be a history teacher that was what I was told I was supposed to do with my PhD yeah Johnny just emails here who’s got another whoo tang nitrate rebel nitrate levels measurable indicate some sort of pollutants can’t do not measure set a healthy water change schedule how can you fertilize add nitrates still no one to do a water change Leo it’s all about watching the plants bro that’s my answer watch the plants the plants look sickly add more nutrients but you guys you want to do your water changes so you get all the nutrients involved yeah I got the reasons in my head now you make a real good teacher thank you go Browns love it all right dusty hate fish fam everybody doing tonight remember to smash that like button thank you Gary aquatic inspector deck Oh inspector deck uh he had the he has an inspector deck has a track on on Raekwon’s Cuban Linx poison poison his paragraphs faster earth to be inspected deck I can’t do it it’s too good it’s to inspect a deck actually I cannot wrap the one that I want to do inspect a deck on the warpath the track seven on Raekwon Cuban Linx it’s like the sickest inspect detect track that I can’t do ODB oh that’s easy oh baby a light roll shimmy shimmy your shimmy shimmy yes Steve netizens on the mic let you take it away off on a natural bar drawn by gosh you were the home and the daughter Brooklyn squad whoo don’t kill our bees on swarm how many men you wanna ask just do a dog but you can’t even touch my skill sorry you ever did an aquarium you use growth you need add fruit so nice Steve man you’re good Steve you know what you’re doing man you do I’ve seen your tanks of Mitchum person I got a Browns hat that I wear in the old you are the main I thank you for all your business dude and we like that ODB don’t–it don’t–it don’t–it a turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn do you guillotine track yes that’s the track dear for the bars good oh please tell me when it’s an hour the wu-tang okay I’ve hit three of the might of the wu-tang clan members I’m glad somebody said it was beautiful Dustin can you touch on whether it’s a good idea to combine a thin layer under your planet tank should I be like flu ball stratum or fluorite you know I’m not really down to uh I’m not really down with mixing store-bought substrates with regular I would just assume you use a little bit of dirt I’ve seen bad things with eco complete and so I would say no I’ve never used I’ve you stratum and fluoride independently but I’ve never used them when in conjunction with other stuff product of the block look Lou tank-tank I’m trying to get a collab going on jism does bacopa need co2 bacopa needs nothing yellow flame likes a little bit more highlight I like my plants roll dude ooh hoo baby I like roll I have 120 discus tank any plants do better in higher temps jungle Bob will do okay Steve nested now you’re the man dude listening at work busy with the vendor stuff fYI Dustin you had and you throw in the here that see that Andrew if you throw in the HTTP /ww to work better okay Thank You Niecy what’s up girl you know any plants that are better for cherry shrimp I mean new to gardenia cherry shrimp or fine with anything really java moss rikiya anything anything all right

you are great and what’d you do did you sell our tanks no cuz I’m not great at them so much work my daughter wants me to do one how’s Kareem doing Kareem is not well Kareem sad about the passing of Karen I know that video is hilarious I’m glad you guys liked it what else going on here now wrapped all dirty I rap jism I rap dogs but I can’t didn’t I’m gonna decide didn’t wrap expected duck I wish I what up the guillotine track poisonous paragraph I mean I can’t I can’t I wrap inspected deck has got me I even know the song I love it finding out prices adult songs hard pet store issues back to ok I don’t know what that means just playing back open my sixty gallon love advice from some medium like carpet plants I’m still mad I got stuff on inspected their advice on cart medium carpet plants works at warp snares regular baby tears baby church Myron I was amazing my clothes five minutes left which won’t which won’t plant suggests in Leo land purchase anubius coming to LA in the future I was in in late last November haven’t been out there in a while can I restrict flow on a ball valve on a canister filter I would rather see you I wouldn’t want to see you do that I would Ryan ten booth I would rather see you like plug the filter with like uh spawns or something yep you in a hurry to leave us no I got it an hour I have I have children who won’t eat Fazoli’s you know and no one’s talking but imagine if you talk to yourself for an hour straight and use read comments you just didn’t know me of you are actually like I could hear your voice one of these days YouTube will figure out how to add the voice that’d be great you know but for now it’s just like good comments and super chats which are great but there’s just that human interaction it’s missing you know four or four i’ll doing today you know Melissa like what if I could hear Melissa buyers she buys for me she complains about her order we fix her I’m kidding she got the big anubias here I’m saying it’s just different Melissa call you try do a call-in show that’s what I should do it that’d be awesome dude that’s a great idea a call good show I just let me call it dude and it’s perfect that’s a brilliant would you call in press 1 if you would call in to the show and I could just put you on speaker would that be amazing that would be awesome oh my god I just think I just figured out a way to do it a call-in show yeah oh wow a call-in show one for calling show just a live call-in show the audio would be horrible one calling show callin show oh man oh and it’s done dude done dude you you all just opened up the biggest can of worms ever cool I think we got a call-in show I think good I get to talk to people Oh call-in show well we got to think of something we got to think of some creative names of the call-in show man that’d be great he’ll call you’re on the air oh man a college show is too good oh man that’s great that’s great cool I’m gonna do a call-in show dun dun it’ll be like this time of day and I’ll just sit with like water and like listen to people have asked questions have you so much fun dial Dustin boom Johnny can I give you a super chat dial Dustin Bob Merrill would you call in complain about trafficker plants Oh dial Dustin’s fishtanks Dustin do you read me you get such a great idea dial Dustin dial Dustin let’s do it the daily dose of dial Dustin 1-800 in your grill for 800 something again somebody come over the morning I turn over that’d be hilarious Melissa buyers wild ears I’ll tell Josh you think he’s hot and we’ll do it 1-800 dust in his Network 104 Dustin would work that would be it I’m gonna get the GOG 800 number don’t worry cool gotcha done that’s great so yeah all right cool anybody I’m gonna I’m gonna if you want me to do one 800 for Dustin oh I feel like an attorney I feel like a sleazy car one of those malpractice I don’t my

buddies and I should say that uh 100 yo Dustin yeah yo Dean racks we could do all kinds of stuff all right we’ll do a call-in show Amanda crib would you call them with your British for your Wales accent everybody calling in cool all right my PPP pink plastic plants is melting I should learn my temperature how Bob I can’t help you with that all right dial and now we’re sued in the shame while hide sit out done done done dude call and show what day do you want the Colin show how about that what day do you want the call-in show Oh that’d be hilarious yeah a call-in show and then we’ll have just like callers like a hang-up on I’d be great oh that’s so good dude is so easy are you just sitting like drink tea and get calling call us how you doing thank you to call in all right cool folks on that note I think it’s time yeah i think i think that the call-in show was good for everybody involved I’ll call in all right everybody get excited support your boy dumped in the freezer for Friday say you’re on the YouTube and you’re excited about calling show I know you’re excited I’m excited you’re excited we’re excited we’ll talk right now let’s talk about life yeah cool wouldn’t cost you money you have a whole forum set up of channels and chance all right cool Saturday night from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. would be best calls oh my god I would love to do like a late-night call in with just like this just drunk college students that I would just drill because I don’t drink be hilarious every day would be great now see here’s what I found I like the live format but I found that that YouTube just hates it and I’ve got this wonderful editor over here Andrew who just makes me look good so I’m gonna continue to do those hard videos but the college show 1-800 for Dustin I don’t know all right I love you all I’m gonna go everybody have a wonderful weekend support your boy yeah yeah Andrew Blamey over here he’s over here hey there’s my man guys all right cool thanks for hanging out it but it’s just fun seeing just a little creativity is all it takes dile love y’all call this your hook challenge cool you’ll call a call it man julik old man okay go call her love you all right bye-bye Amish fish tanks check out this cord got you Geoffrey thanks for all your questions thanks for all your biz everybody saying bye Andrew love you thanks for all super chats tank on game over bye call 1-800 for Destin