BESTE EBIKES 2021: ROTWILD 2021 R.X750 mit Brose Antrieb 2021 90Nm Fully MTB mit brachialer Kraft.

the 2021 models are from rotwild arrived with a large engine quite a major automotive supplier from germany from berlin and yes there will be this engine built it wasn’t just around yesterday but big engines are already there a very long time and now no one has left the beautiful saarland also big in the program delicacies tear you right we had already mentioned for 2020 decided that he would like our bikes do and would like us then also has the As far as motors are concerned, place them broadly all established systems want ours customers and so went the looking for going about manufacturers with great courage but actually came to one result of what was already clear and are then in with the boys of red deer the one where I ended up so that’s yes that’s a So no small series manufacturers millions of drivers but whole selected beats im a bit price down that the rx is here a little harder so we say then have three in the sweater area vehicle classes that is more like crx and re differs fundamentally by the spring travel the area of ​​application in the rx here we have now that we in space mountain area with 150 mm in front and behind and offspring 36 at the front that re what you have in the next life that he has again the thicker fork but to that rad we come to talk later and here you just see them again beautiful details so simply the lard there’s something in here in the frame the what the brain lard okay or but yes hear switzerland returned to switzerland which is in the frame we will show in a moment but we take the battery apart that you can see how beautiful the whole thing the complete frame is made of carbon but not only the frame so it is basically the entire frame made of carbon and the rear end made of So carbon really made sense carbon chassis and esd it was for him said at the council now actually works at first a bit inconspicuous, however looked at the details so we have to see im up here control head we have double-walled carbon are integrated into it here then also the inner trains everything with individual train channels with it everything is neatly laid we have with red is always mandatory so-called real four joints is called the so the joint sits in front of this selection Otherwise it doesn’t end like that There are different building concepts behind the so-called supported steered this joint often sits here above and that would mean that yourself the rear axis orbit around this Hauptspringen camp is turning now Such a wheel elevation curve simply one circular path in that the joint is here we have this movement in here the circular path around the main jumping camp and here a freely reported council elevation elevation curve it is know and philosophy asks one manufacturer do so and so you can do many things well to construct but the real four is more steered of course a little somewhere more elaborate the good old real many handlebars and that means you can tell that you two-wheel mechanic are there so called horst link yes it means house sounds funny pack it safely or is natural he actually as I pick up but now it’s good for them Brake is therefore nice here have contributed to the development this left so now come on hit the ice dingeldey stack she means we have a sandwich brake in a sandwich construction with an alu core and javascript one the brake pads it’s just about that better dissipate the heat when braking and you and you can then on top of it the brake pads can see clearly strength look from above well, ideally it always works some construction is a a bit obscured but clear Well of course mine are down the rescuer does not react to me had bought twice the theory xt circuit yes nice wheels dt swiss somehow loves red deer is exactly us So we have an impeller side here always dt swiss but you have to say that this also did a really good job made and did relatively early on e-bike specific wheels on the brought to market you just have to see the wheels are real with me heavily burdened both the spokes tension on the drive side is then activated but also free running more safely the free run this saving sounds you have to put the power of the motor away and there is so dt swiss is very consistent went there the impeller put everything it says appears here for britta, so to speak, hybrid ok impact more there we are claiming the stars the wheel sets for the strong e bikes claimed here that means I don’t have a me yet also have a date but is still standing I don’t like it luckily it has me exit so far but that is now too certified over the over the crowd had seen was then in the last years the track was broken because clear because a lot of bike you get into the almost

normal bicycle were developed power on the e-bike simply not withstand i my group we have a motorcycle racing the talk of 90 newton meter of torque because you how much that is and must all be the mechanics which is actually still for the normal bicycle was developed enduring is of course not always good so the engine is perfectly integrated is beautiful namely, he can no longer be seen at all as I am clear that has already been the case here optical bit this production, however when he gets the bike a bit of that side you see what he comes despite magath that you are completely full carbon said is except the cover plates which are conscious held as aluminum black to cool the engine you understood aluminum correctly yes today get off the bike again then you show it from below like that whole looks because who the big one engines and not know so great really one of the really big ones manufacturer from the automotive sector and yes the integration is perfect that means there is nothing planted on it that it like a piece like a piece and there are just those too carbon frame manufacture that there so beautiful I’m all on flashed because to the battery again briefly so say we have here mandatory 750 watt hours of battery separate something it is really almost unrivaled in size there is a quick charger with ten ampere best four a half there and you only have two charging times hours here is the carbon on the battery that is also called the shell and the carbo right exactly that is from the middle you then had a model on the pro this carbon cover on it instead normal plastic I show you just like that let’s see that’s the typical attitude because it’s actually meant to be a bike there you ride the bikes through the load through or oh yes now really either way that means here roughly on the seat post still come to speak once yes tell me also again dependent on the equipment variant had this like that called pins seat post inside which is characterized by the fact that she fully integrated in the frame is the uses the frame as a cover, so to speak for the mechanics that means you see so here only that it was there before so to speak and there are six millimeter steps is the lowerable one and now this comes really cool who is attentive he is asks now, of course, okay like I have him there on the length of a leg simply there is a lever here you are already here again like this times a lever now can’t, so to speak adjust to my two things lock again that was it and that it was and now lower the seat post stop only in this area okay okay that means even if i ride the bike lend for example that is becoming more common times occur at the campsite then can just set that exactly can just adjust and it has other advantages over many hydraulic seat posts the can you be lowered with his then lift the saddle then drive So you can get out of here the wheel has turned in the retracted position raise and in that the hydraulic actuation honestly, that’s simply missing basically less maintenance I also have a seat post with me so pins that drive out it has three positions here in 6 mm position no hydraulics, that’s the way it is if you have a hydraulic seat post used to the stepless 1 spring there are some places with these three positions is the hard to get used to so me personally don’t like it it’s just that they are just not broken we have ne here too here i have to say he gave me that I had a certificate at the beginning bit bothered because I am concerned with these services I’m not used to but again we’re talking about 6 millimeter steps so used to there you get to it very quickly I always have it after the second trip noticed we come straight on display So just the geometry from above nothing square is even the handlebars red deer that means straight march holds still then i show straight the logo on the front is the handlebar red deer and and since it has here we say this areal thick top tube what we above so really this cobra head right thick band is now let’s go to side and from the side profile here only as a whole thin is another power detail So I think it’s just great, the price will be of whatever is here here we are at the pro model there we are now at 8499 yes if you times a mere eight 1499 euros too much to have But now so many are doing this over so job makes more and more jobs job means i am an employee pay gross wage and it would be dated to me gross wages deducted from employees employees get gross wages and that bike so the bike rates per month are deducted from the gross wage correctly and not and not far away from each other it is a salary conversion yes it will the leasing rate is based on the gross salary deducted in this respect, the gross salary is less taxed and this difference is one savings that are between 27 and 45 percent depending on earnings and tax class yes I can do it on the gross deducting wages that is what many do there Framework agreements there also have their own videos closed because I’ll say that

is now just now 800,000 euros for a bike but that is for many of them new inventions a very sporty one elements that means many are sporty go and move to download i say so I had already led to that there many people really spend more money on it spend a bike like you did before maybe have imagined remember then but very quickly what a pack that really always has everyday life there So fitness is all about fun leisure activity or purpose Trips can be done in the council drive quickly and wherever and experience it often we that people have the first e-bikes easier than entry-level models then really take hold the second time Get it right because it’s just because the purchase price makes it easy just having fun doing nothing like drive without or euro it goes first thought when we met that there is no longer such an influence so worth at the beginning of 2011 made the first e bikes were already there ok had to come out on the market but somehow now I do have nothing else but e she often had bikes in her children’s area or I am now talking about myself personally children’s bikes so you still have them yourself not just just as up here, yes we do come back to the topic very briefly circuit the circuit already sees unbelievable from whoever is a shimano here shimano once is 12 times that is then yes now enforced with these simple circuits for so friends the all of the environmental technology is eliminated and you also have the power of the motor can do more has the power suppose that not directly with one it has to do with the circuit and cadence so translation and we should choose that as with normal bike but this type of circuit has even with a normal bike without electric drive already established and with the e bike anyway so now there is details here is for example on the brake discs are also the signal transmitters for the speed integrated exactly So have the speed sensor of the is back here at the end of the selection hidden are hard to see and on the other side looks in mini components so heavy i think i ok has to grasp simply says it usually it always has somewhere sat here in the chain brace Save this magnet that falls now stop here that the magnet of the magnet is a brake disc with a trainer the sensor is hidden behind and is but also protected because we at the original positions because one most common flaws that here these original save magnet twisted or did you lose and then stand There is no longer everything is integrated the trains you have even their own channels in the carbon are let in so it is you as well a mechanic is just that good recorded because his concern with trains last years were modern everywhere but not every situation made sensible and if you hold your fingers for two hours crooked shitty train to change what a wearing part is not funny and that have become so reasonable solved okay that means you can get through there So there are separate channels for it i say now the bike is new but if you move it properly and then we talk about thousands and thousands of switching processes and at some point it is best since it is always right there A red deer wear part has also become But given a lot of effort Train driver as straightforward advice as possible lead because that is also a factor viii stiff or maybe one circuit is just because of it how many tight radii, if any sound train makes you don’t always have the curves massive friction in the train from the train yes and that’s what they tried to do avoid and come my father will soon there will be a lot going on difficult after I moved it myself but I’m not good at it either yes fox is in here again so here we have 150 millimeters great with the rx and then too compared to what in the last video presented that earlier twentyniner wheels we were the ones here mixed tires front trend in for good about rolling over obstacles and rear 27 5 plus for maximum traction with the width sometimes that was so unceremoniously let’s see that’s how it should be explained anja you have to you absolutely have to now it goes with the mirroring because I always get very close Show that first, that’s how we start so we explain so we have here you can already see different colors underlaid as different support stages now we just had them here range of what so four pieces of eco tour sport and bust you can use the app you can connect to bluetooth here you can even level the support to a certain extent to the percent stop what you said to yourself that me I really want to lead now in the eco is very weak of the support today from 20 to 10 percent down that leaves So do everything at once we have another extra video again extra with it, of course also prepares the apps from the mobile phone on top of that you see exactly what you do document can change and so on keep it up, of course I see that below so you’ve tried the batteries ultra high performance yes 750 watts you simply have hours of capacity clear that the strong engine pulls of course a little more but we can already with ranges of 100 calculate kilometers realiter what the highest level that is then here the what was the book anyway so then you have to do it yourself

I’m just seeing how that springs that’s just a show of the carton so chassis is set there no longer give the parallelogram a mistake we get away with he makes her a little softer yes that your prince pi kibek is the Pig back is all about this piston rod you immerse the damper that he had to separate the damping oil normal to confused the oil is be compressed and the spring characteristic curve is progressive in this pg Beck is only starting with one starch nitrogen filling with it the oil can only dodge briefly as background because there are these fumes stop with and without if just after behind shows how things are developing the second joint was just that one this time try looks that is accurate overall a mistake because it’s short mentioned that is now it has that this point is independent of the stop moving yes that means pure from the design point of view i can now here my bike elevation curve is free calculate it’s about drive neutrality etc. so that would now be lead far great pharma with that one briefly look, I’ll accompany you on his long way we will be with fabulous 3 km h experience that you always see you’re on turbo now or what or letter and what has happened to me personally now notices you just have the bike am there I of course that one through mine origin from the download area what geometry and handling of the council is concerned I feel right at home here and I usually have to keep my bike on only build this way that is that fits well fits in advance you want the bike yes also just sell so it is or Does that really mean why I do mine is always I mean everyone is different from the proportions and also in the areas of application for me everything fits perfectly here I would have been to the bread then actually exactly so that until 176 will be but now the l go so now yes I’m just between the biggest mine is preceded by the big boat but here a big 176 and you’re also built roughly normal I’ll say your upper body a bit longer than normal at once completely normal that’s strange for me what’s strange with me that’s nice yes i could as well as animals there was one training or does it just come now comes now so we have both my boys in sales and even the mechanics are still open red deer training they are now just now it’s just the red deer really cool so it’s fun So actually some already sold 30 percent of the advanced wheels 33 of 10 mr kuhl manager only has two weeks so officially we have it is neither officially known until now given anything else and still are already wheels away so I was amazed because I mean it is already now not exactly the town hall now 100 monday sells people questions anyway already nationwide with the an we do great videos explain it a bit you can let the bike ride completely huge I’ll say private parking where you can you can drive it for free parking is important but pro driving right so we have two options have of course basically could all bikes that are in our shop can sit on it can a parking turn a test lap though say now a product works here we have real test bikes above them can rent a weekend again Switzerland can take specific things with them Intention to buy the 650 model year 2021 we are in buchs that is located in saarland between you could say luxembourg and saarbrücken okay should be between salut in saarbrücken now holds people said now do not know where but is okay and with your shop up there is the one people come from all over germany over here you have a really big shop inside and we are actually in the mkc in bous the opening times Tuesday to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. this here is also a sold program ie the caj gave me an incredible amount of money given that advertising for him we’re doing it this year 54 there can also be four but definitely do a whole time and has had to develop massively you could say you could do one like that here live out your dream a little the world’s best for me a few times briefly and let’s say the store because now you also have the workshop you have greatly increased your own people in the workshop can adjust space is a big topic something very important parking, yes parking was seen now just before really ours biggest problem because we have to see not clear we have a lot of customers the of course also the ones for repair e bikes come to us and they stop mostly on the back of the dream carrier but you can move a block once I’ll drive up front

receive up here the others are still red pictures we have we will now we will soon be the beautiful red one still show that here is that is that it is 750 and the rwe she 150 is then almost in the middle between the 1st between the reader of areas of application from spring travel we have the right longest suspension travel that’s just that enduro that it down and tell me that tour in foil as rc briefly i have it understood so here is the rc 750 there if it is then we have that here all mountain that means I can do that use anywhere that was exactly the legend wollmilchsau and when it’s downhill again want more heavy with even more travel Reserves depend on the price of each according to the equipment variant it is here please brother is there again 7,080 degrees then everyone is sorry that is the core model is exactly the entry-level model okay that were short now show yes that’s a shop now is really busy you have one gigantic start in the back the camera always remains to show you briefly We also like to show you in tool and of course the whole we have ergonomics for our employees invested properly was me too important and of course clear within seconds plenty of space here in the invite to take a test drive if there is should be really crappy outside because that’s a good thing because of it master letter thirst actually kfz master mechanic and there are many perform for two-wheeled vehicles said said yes also a motor vehicle depending on the broadest sense we cleaned up shortly after a good ending to the workplace na also he becomes his own and tidy but of course now you have to be clear it now looks like it has season won’t be a miracle either chopped away and now about the offseason to drive so a little quieter should be completely cleared again but I think it still is acceptable yes absolutely me absolutely so daylight is important you have one own real name no longer the sale bothers where the wheels run through the top 400 park i don’t have it but counted hundreds of parking spaces and you have great opening times namely Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m it was worth it on Saturdays until 4pm also to do yes absolutely we are the only bicycle dealer and say it was before then we had Although the whole one trip there yes yes I still have the blue one really ok We now have de among the smaller ones dealers as well as the only Saturday open for so long and then have that closed what we just one We only had the advantage then once for us personally but two days to and can work up on Mondays and that is easier for customers too instead of before we notice Wednesdays and on saturday half a day we say that had set the best times and the Zimmer has been around since this year and so through many thanks to you paid content pays us for making the videos doing is also a very important topic the development was done book back how the boost back to natural makes it the camera on sky