RC Boat Video 2.AVI

as a beautiful day out here today I was out here about a month ago playing with my remote control boat and using these cams aids just for the fun of it and I thought you know what it would be a blast just to hook a camera up on the boat so here is a camera a little video recorder i got off at ebay for 88 cents how to china twelve dollars shipping and handling it’s got a little micro SD card area did not come with the camera cut a mode here for pictures or video pull plug in area for the USB to charge it power button video start record button right there and the stop and what i did was i attached a bracket that came with it to this little boat I got from harbor freight for about forty dollars several years ago and this bracket came with the camera the video camera and what I did was I just stuck it to the top of this boat with some double-stick tape so I’m going to set this camera in here just like this now it’s adjustable so I’m going to on the boat runs up a little bit like this so i’m going to set the camera I but like that I think that’ll be ok we’ll give this thing a try the first video I took when I was just up here playing around I call that RC boat video number one the video that I’m taking right now with my cam shades i’m going to call video number two in the video that comes off of that boat if it does i’m going to call video number three sorry i see how this works from the boat on test it everything works ok now I’m going to turn the camera bo camera on power K the powers on you want to lose my little controller there I’ll turn the power you so small hey sweet it’s recording now the red lights flashing on the top take our angles okay no send this out to see how it handles rock they already rounded my boat on a rock here we go my camera’s not water pigs I don’t know how the motors are going to interfere with the camera stability the boat seems to be okay some choppy water that’s a pitch there that looks good i think i might have to tilt the camera back a little bit let’s go out along the shore and see what it looks like I put a 8 gigabyte micro card in there you should be about one hour record time I have a 4 gigabyte card in these glasses i’m wearing right now which gives me a 30 minute record time but i don’t know what the battery life is on the little unit on the boat see we can go over those decks as some

ducks out there I don’t know what the Ranger this is either so I can still control it there goes the docks and I know that that camera has audio imagine that motors and sound pretty loud the side here to see if the pit I think the cameras a little forward I took it back just a hair let’s see how that looks Oh chilly out here today they just seem kind of weird okay we’re going to try that here we go too much fun for 88 cents I couldn’t believe it let’s see if it’s still recording as you bring it back I see a blue light flashing red lights recording I’m not going to edit any of this video so you’ll be able to see everything I see you know I think the pitch on that camera is right now if there’s interference on the video I may have to put tin foil on it underneath that cover if those motors

are giving it any magnetic interference this is actually way too much fun little choppier than I wanted kind of breezy out here you you actually it might be a little more stable in the back of the boat could you look like any moisture is getting up on it you look I grounded her nice it’s only my sins little bit so our family lines ought to be but it is good okay that’s her my etsy success was not video yeah it’s free streaming along they’re pretty good

the next thing is to see if i can get a remote control helicopter try that out okay that’ll make it easy Oh this is hanging reverse looks like it’s still recording Shh a lot more tongue and I thought we’d get a little moisture on it hope I was pretty well sealed up it actually came with a rubber cover for it and another holding bracket and a pocket clip which is surprising okay well that’s enough of that because it’s just so dang cold out here hearing those geese or if they want to land on the water shut it off shut the boat off shut that

yeah I think top hits ball better turn better popped it out too much water on it yeah the shell works out