Another WELKER?! 📣 🎊

three two one okay well just uh got back from the lake house uh been gone a while and uh back in the saddle again and i have with me my grandson andrew say hello all right awesome all right yeah he’s here um helping me run this thing run this sprayer um as you can see by the size of the weeds i think we’ve been gone a little bit too long uh it didn’t take long for this kind of time of year for the these uh weeds called kosha to get pretty good height on them i’m actually traveling over some manure that we had spread um so and it’s a former crp ground uh that we took out a couple years ago so there’s uh quite a bit of growth in especially where the manure is because that really makes things grow so but anyway but we’re putting on a chemical that uh will burn down pretty fast the kosher for this time of year anyway yes so we’re trying to to get some things done because uh we’re gonna be gone for a couple more days this next week and then we’ll come back and then it’ll be uh getting some of the harvest equipment done so but i’m actually spraying on uh some uh the ground that we took on the sea took out of crp which is part of the original homestead where my grandfather homesteaded back in 1912 and uh this this part here is actually his brother his brother came up or my great uncle came up back in 1911 homestead at a 320 and 320 acres and then encouraged my uh grandfather to come up and homestead the other 320 on this section uh but my great uncle didn’t really care for it after one year and uh he said why don’t you just take care of my share five years you can you can uh buy it from me so after five years on the homestead act if you made improvements and actually if you were there about i think nine months of the year it would become yours and that’s what my grandfather did he got his 320 and then bought this 320 ended up with uh 640 acres um but it wasn’t quite like the 640 acres from where a lot of you guys are if you’re in the midwest or even across the ocean uh this is a little harder land a little tougher land a low a short soil profile uh very narrow good soil depth and uh so it’s uh one reason why we had put it in the crp but and it’s also a little bit rough uh because we plowed it took it out of the crp and uh we’re bouncing aren’t we ouch your head is uh is uh finding out how solid of a mine you have anyway we’re uh going to get locked on the next path got the headlamps done and now we’ll just start spraying back and forth okay i think i saw a rabbit jump up uh he ran into an area so kobe didn’t catch him so we’ll just have to wait for the next uh rabbit fortunately uh that rabbit didn’t get close enough to attack us so we’re too concerned but uh kobe what do you think hi kobe are you looking all right there he goes yeah i see him out there probably oh he’s out there probably almost uh half a mile now chasing that rabbit yeah he’s getting getting a full workout today and i don’t think there’s any social distancing between him and the rabbit except for probably 400 yards um i don’t think he’s gotten close any closer than six feet so he’s he’s doing good he’s staying within the bounds laid out so we’ve got another uh part of a load left

to do and then also be social distancing away from this field and probably this prayer for a while so that’ll be fine so anyway uh let’s uh keep rolling and see if we can find kobe he’s tired i’m gonna have to go and help him up can you make it oh you’re you’re that tired okay come on let’s try it again let’s try it again oh you’re tired aren’t you okay let’s go come on put your leg up okay put the next one there you go i think you got it now are you gonna chase the next one are you gonna go chase the next rabbit all right well kobe you’re gonna have to move over on this other side because i need to get out that pedal come here another fun time on kobe looking out the window and something just arrived to the farm let’s go check out and see what it is oh man look at this thing all i can say is it’s got some yellow on it and some red what is it sweet we got ourselves a 13 inch 92 foot and it’s got a conveyor on the bottom drive over i believe this is gonna be fun we’ve got some nice new bins that’s gonna need a nice new auger thank you agi thank you west steel for uh giving us this opportunity is all i have to say and that truck comes with it right no it doesn’t sadly it doesn’t but i wish it did i like i like that truck already it’s kind of nice all right let’s unload this thing aren’t you supposed to be pouring concrete yep do you guys recognize this guy right over here they were nice and brought us donuts today do you recognize this guy over here that guy’s fab shop came over and they delivered this and guess whose truck this is is the guy that poured concrete jimmy yeah they decided to bring it over so thanks guys i think we should take a look at this westfield auger so what it looks like they’ve given us for an opportunity to try thank you is they actually have hydraulic controlled so you can swing it out it actually has a drive over pit which is conveyor on this end but then it looks like it’s got an auger that runs up to the top and then you got a 13 inch that goes out this direction over here they’ve got a hydraulic winch to lift it up and down which is sweet so you really don’t have to do any pushing anything crazy i love the backbone on this thing it’s really stout so you don’t have like with ours what happens is as you’re putting it in the bin you get it set up just fine well as you fill it it starts to kind of bow and sink downward so then if you have like let’s just say you’re four inches from the top of the spout well if it starts to load up with grain and sink down it’s just going to squat right on top of the bin and you don’t want to do that so we always have to have it way above and then if the wind blows it starts to sway a little bit and then it goes back down i don’t like that i wish ours had this backbone instead of cables but most of them have cables i love this type of setup the a-frame i think that’s what they call it because what it is is ours is kind of like a scissor lift and it works awesome but this i believe has more structure i would say this thing is pretty stout and simple for the most part but i actually won’t know that until i get to run it but a 92 foot auger is a little longer than ours ours is an 82 yeah 82 foot so this is gonna be nice to have a little extra length um we just have to watch our corners when we turn around we don’t hit stuff but i guess what are we gonna hit around here there’s a few things we’ll hit but yeah this is awesome um i think we’re gonna have fun this year and i hope you guys can experience some of these toys and see what the what’s out there in the market if you’re looking into augers or other things maybe let’s give you an insight what to buy and what not to buy all right let’s get back to work whatever that means we’re standing here we have an issue we have to figure out how to fix it it’s me well it could be him but that’s not the we’re not we’ll solve that later that’s that’s not let’s go on that’s not a priority right now we’ll have other things going we might have to use that cherry picker and one of the can-ams that has the winch on it i think our pump and our pump house went down so uh let’s see if we can get that thing out of there we’re gonna make ourselves a can and tow truck unless can-am decides to make one before me but i think this is gonna rock pretty well all right let’s get to work it’s pretty sweet to see that uh the p-crop is looking phenomenal right

now the wheat crops looking good the chickpeas are looking great in fact for the conditions is just it’s amazing absolutely amazing we’re not really a lot of rain right now it’s kind of like last year a little over five inches or so more than last year but it’s been cool weather it’s not very hot out um it’s by the saving grace that we’re able to have a crop this year hopefully we can get it off the field and into the bins you never know what might happen with hail you never know with hail part not hail but fire and we don’t want that right now so what we got going on here is the pump inside the pump house that we use to fill up the trucks on the side here and also to pump it over the hill into our farm something happened with it i turned it on the other day and it was pumping over on the other side and then a couple hours i went to check on the cistern to see how it was doing and very little water was coming out i knew something was up and i was like oh no the hose blew it’s probably filling up water in here great came over here open the door and i smelled something not great don’t know what happened with it but the pump won’t kick on and it’s seized apparently so what we got to do and i wish we’d decide this or designed this beforehand i wish we put a little hanker right here that we could put a crane and lift that pump out of there it’s fairly heavy i’ve pulled it out before and i think i’m gonna work smarter and not harder so we’re gonna take the cherry picker stick it in here in this little hole we gotta run the winch from the side by side all the way down into that hole hook on to it and pull it out sounds easier than actually is but yeah it’ll work out pretty well now before we take the cherry picker and put it inside here i’m gonna crawl down disconnect the pump make sure everything’s ready to go because getting in and out of this way is getting kind of a hassle that cherry picker in the way crawl down with pipe wrench and away we go now that we’re inside here there’s a little bit of water in here because something’s been leaking you see they’re on that pump housing and uh i got a hole in it we actually had to pump this out a little bit because it was kind of full of water so i got one of my wonderful little uh boots on they’re cute aren’t they you can’t see them anyways this right here is what we got to get out of here it’s got some weight to it so we’re going to try to like i said work smarter and not harder so i disconnect a couple lines bring it over here we’ll bring the cherry picker in bring the cable in and use the winch to pull it up then we can take it back to the shop and find out exactly what happened to it okay i got uh we drew straws i won scott’s leg arms is down in the hole and all i have to say is uh oh well you know on second thoughts i’m gonna just man handle this thing out of here we don’t need to go to all the work we’re trying to get that cherry picker in here and use the winch we’ll just do it the right way this is work harder than smarter so let’s just make this happen all right and stretch we’re good let’s do this so this is the pump right here that we just pulled out here’s the other one we have there’s a smaller one this is meant for a little higher pressure this is meant for volume we ended up not using this one we end up using this one because it produces a lot of volume and it pumps it over the hill but something happened in here i’m guessing i don’t think it’s electric motor so we gotta look at it what do you have to say we’re all pumped up about it to get it back in because uh i need a shower took the pump housing off we found a rock inside of it but i actually took this out uh two years ago yeah about two years ago because it was leaking and i took the welder and welded a uh patch right there on that cast housing you’re really not supposed to weld on cast but i did anyways and it held and we’re looking at the impeller you know what we’ll probably just end up getting a whole new you know pump electric motor seems like it’s not seized i don’t think that’s the problem but uh yeah now we gotta figure out what we want to do and see if they got parts let’s call around and see what happens we found that rock in there and it could have been a combination of a couple things the rock could have stopped it from spinning which then made the pump heat up or the electric motor heat up and uh fry this thing or the rock had nothing to do with it and there was a leak in there filled it up and this thing actually had a little bit of water in it so when i kicked it on let it run it was running but then it started shorting itself out so we plugged it in that electric motor’s junk not gonna work we’ll have to get a new one but for

right now what we’ll end up doing is we’re gonna take this pump system right here which is more of a high pressure pump it doesn’t have a lot of volume but it’ll get us by for a little bit we’re gonna implement this in the system so we can run water from the pump house to our farm and then we’ll just have a spout uh coming off the pressure of the city and that’ll fill the water trucks right now until we get a pump order so i got to go over here and uh take off a couple fittings off the old pump that i don’t need and um do a little bit of planning i guess we can say that’s what my dad’s doing right now he’s the planner i’m the doer the little pump is back down in here i gotta tie it up to the tee tighten up that fitting and then i gotta put a rubber hose from here to the other one and a rubber hose from there to there and then plug it in away we go wow i finally get to look down on leg arms i hope he doesn’t spit because i don’t need that right now besides the suction this over here fills with our trucks we have parked outside and then this line here actually runs all the way back to the farm no leaks so far i guess it’s time for me to get out of here we’ll try it well so far no links i don’t see anything and it’s running that’s a good sign right i’ll go spy for a while well it’s back together we’re gonna head back to the farm and see how much water is actually going out the other end into our cisterns but uh all that matters it’ll just keep slowly filling the cisterns and then we can decide on what we want to do with uh another pump all right let’s get going hi i’m leg arms and i’m lady leg arms and we have something that involves a special something for you guys to see what do we have it’s this thing right here what thing this thing this thing not the can-am although it’s pretty sweet if you guys have not seen this bowling ball cannon in action there is a video on this bowling ball cannon and i built it a few years back actually it’s more like almost 10 years ago but we need this thing to reveal what color our child is going to be is it going to be pink blue clear probably green i say we go with clear clear it’s gonna be clear with a hint of cherry but uh yeah no this is gonna be awesome so we’re gonna use this bowling ball cannon we’re gonna put powder in it we do not know what color powder it is my brother knows and he’s gonna pop put the powder in there with a bowling ball and then we’re gonna launch it and you guys will get to experience whatever it’s going to be so this is a surprise for us hopefully it’s a surprise to you guys and start putting your boats on like what it’s going to be gender reveal walker farm style yeah nick already did this once so we need to keep this going on again it’s a tradition now it is a tradition say that again traditionally traditionally traditionally true traditionally there you go so we you wanna go run okay so my lovely wife has created a party with many many people we had hot dogs burgers deer burgers by the way and uh there’s a group of people over here lots and lots of kids and they’re gonna be here to enjoy this opportunity with us and find out what we’re going to have any words of wisdom stay in school how can they stay in school when school’s closed down seriously so yeah when we’re ready we’re going to tell them all we’ll all go over there and stand next to the cannon and uh i think i’m going to have my lovely lady pull the string first and we’ll find out what it’s going to be awesome guys three two one go we haven’t done three two one are you happy yes i’m happy we got a boy so my brother has a girl two boys we have a girl and two boys and two boys apparently this is awesome what do you think roscoe

he’s uh not that amused right now you got competition is that a cannon is that a cannon did it go boom boom boom the cannon went boom huh so you