This Game is STILL BETTER than INFINITE WARFARE! (Black Ops 3 Gameplay)

the Ira was widely welcome to the stream will flee as I have a good day today welcomed the welcome welcome at cirrus middle of the BlockBuster product random a few challenges and say they share as well not exactly sure this can be yet but we shall see obviously on Tuesday Jan attitudes and has usually as I know what it is BlockBuster is definitely does cause out there right now and I die yearly actually love this gives it the time it just remit I really do enjoy the idea was one propylene welcome distance in an item’s a brother was like rates keep the titans in James Mckee Ver Lodish into guys think you very much the viewer stop by review prescient says are offline and the easy answers the industry and as otter me know what you guys getting you’re so fast that sometimes a stream is an even fully loaded by the time as he neared its absence and so the image to admit that closed at cool idea was one of the snake and was where you work echo was set on Linda gray as high as joins a welcome to the stream of the guys are having today because of the past they actually on a Terreli days are we had excellent night’s sleep last night like a really know why but I slipped from Prodi like 3:30 AM near leads like 1:30 PM this morning it was the same like such a good night’s sleep but in the end is probably a bit longer than not what I did what is usually liked to stream the RTC like to sleep at night on ideally would serve a channel on one or two of the SA and then opposite happens and Dundon Food I did not do some stuff they just ages Wasina at the slight delay the shingled later than when I use it like two but it’s a Saturday you know worried of the children are you guys are known as on it was one piece john welcome to the stream hostile triggered your meeting of top designer talkies arm and an event ID was one makes items a brother Lodish in Yucaipa neon sign a breakdown and I missed out to replace old Leiby officer so it’s Ayan game play serious oh on getting personal mankind as China for some months from sold in place and the GATT will see will see how we do on was the shield items in a welcome sustained a school play monopoly cello broke it was one tie their tiger welcomes the stream on the CD little more mature of what buttons and present switch in a relationship mean and to do what you get a lot of things on twitch twitches a great platform in use only things as teammates using the skin Ideals the mouth of the shah are items in a welcome the stream of the Leiby plane sold a really sure yen and we’ll see was going to be kinda either burnout or we get a word in the struggle and biting you guys as well a new breed ratio items in and support is pretty good while that excellent facts of the first game and was excellent first game ideals unloading kind of Lodish and I went back to twitch industry wasn’t there really impressed, strange on willfully everything’s live the way should be acting action: double check and see if Russian language which inmates to one of those things designed on using every stream server so everything mean I refresh immediately sell it a couple seconds on any action popup of it was the ninth to god welcome to the stream the ad will be playing as they don’t you worry about that just any matter of land managers acting registrar but you guys are denying and finally as a some point on so does appear that switching is live as a man to watch the right now so deftly is live on for some reason it doesn’t like it’s lacking a little bit I really don’t know why that is at all of the old as likely as as well it looks really shouldn’t sketchier poppy looks weird under great stress and chaos and did. But does ramadan a quick second best to sully my career if if if although she I love the teammates thank you much money the $4.00 donation I

really appreciate the Lodish up for Mage in the chat drop in the $4.00 total like the one you really need that when I say the one I mean I really early in the street if it’s something you much missed I really appreciate them and 10 to your insane and you’d say they’re much that support candidates stand in the Japanese and German I was like ghosts Lodish and you like and shared I appreciate them and thank you very much, as I was one to recent Murphy welcome to the stream ID Al edition of the city so yes because of not a politician yet really pursuing us do that mile away and Mitch we’re more secure knocking high number I saw that sweet side alternates where I sat as near as in the before that’s awesome I love you a shot in I was the site are welcome to the stream items a welcome I was 1:00 AM using dollar items they see as though we perceives last room so would have a whole a class of city on a rock and 44 that because messages and knocking work very well does not item little of the stream of what present which to see the courage stream it only shows the last one wedding in the kirchen and packages which are targeted to talk about to be honest if that is to be one of those games I was one gaming was better be the three are ideal in my personal opinion and I think if you freeze a lot better on as just as is me to be a flush it was a man SEI brother and sign a CD welcome to the stream items a welcome to an unpaid Israel warm up here I am up 81 dozen debris in and I perceive the W3 is better than I did the dollar’s ads that I did the locks a lot of creativity assad’s really the biggest thing for me just feels like a pretty summer games what we have on an infinite vs. me a black Three packet of letters to 10 overall better job and so wrong until odds as five related work that much data were fair and just reading Terreli creativity to the table team of worst cotton for years the worst can last for years I think was called the ad called the door for Ayan the called the the worker made take the cake for the worst called the last four years on a sliding into a Leiby as may say like into workfare something that I know if the worker to knock over very well as at all either be allowed to really did like arsenide work. As for fair on Sunday was a DOS is well on anno I feel like DOS when it was like a bad call of the necessarily obvious is really poorly optimized for PC some common for reprieve eyes of the prize point Is is is masters and one else Chavez is issuing its winds us to the women I should be happening and switch this does research has happened will know who all duty Gilda dei a while and read the demand to tell me with up to mail get his knuckles of sided chill and become mayor where the body of things worse leaderboard still thinks the game behind time of obscenity with the lemon suit my shot as batter and I need a ride of stuff that we get here for Christ sake I like what you guys are notably 2 hours ago of which is not so the idea we should’ve done on it for reporters like a butts in a city was again I say the summer and be a blitz and I prodded into lots of time to be nice as a going down as they know see at last a well as those of reworded house until 630 in on a 60 hours until three in mourning plane each one was some friends and I am open to the previous day at Oxford and what was it out with the previous day I think at 6:00 so I was almost up for good solid 24 hours ending and the been weak for 21 hours and told which is a lot more in the white male wouldn’t let stand for but it is what is the loss of them I was one Mr. Jackson Lodish and was up the DIS OP was not you’re not switch that so weird man, why not let which are now double again was a manned by your immune to blow yet mad of man’s rattle when a man was like Ayan and 14 has tidy modify farm your tokens absolutely not man and a lot of people relates to Dyaln the forefront of things pretty ideal gamer jay ID was a copier just like coke neither one man on the other league in much of coffee

drinker, why not allowed to below are the ideas never really drink coffee idea, subs apps in any of the palace of shares some point on is really the warmup year I feel ever played against Reinhard skiing TD Emerson way that it’s weird is this not working the Ayan or crazy Ayan a man that the stream fishing seems really we’re like I was to watch it on on my phone and that Lodish and came out it was really choppy is really is a weird, why that is a vast which side issue are fits me side issue not really sure if this guy just a care package all java Leiby down with their jet I look even see that I was once is only are using isn’t for Ayan the use of four of their beats me body of the tokens am plane unit did this lobby is eighths because are absolute cancer I’m watching right now located hopefully the fishing work so are crazies on the tuition and he says is working so is MoneyLine check the fifth reduce obviously obligation that which can you to design washings me to buy in indeed as rare as a Chernobyl platforms are now tweaking back to win this game, not feeling we need to do some serious work out just knock earlier in a nephew always does in the spawning the Japanese attack here today can stand up the money if Ayan the bridge a speech Wasina good game defeatism was a dumb when I was about sold each one’s Eamonn and those you don’t know just a giant survival game yet hopping on the opportunity spun into a server with a maximum but 150 eight’s 200 other people I think and on any size arrive so every winter season on this large and very beginning and then there’s an mall and weapons and backpacks and how messages supplies me know scattered around this generous mapping your goal is to win final supplies get as much as you can and then tries a rocket was the king of the kill the last person alive just any idea on a Decree is pretending to be a state that Allied bombs alike which is but it’s pretty fun on was the guy wastes pass or a sardine Lake Ayan a cement no worries about other than my face place dream of this we are 110% going to lose this game and as I get the upgrade is that all my dad nudity the first and token CEOs sniper go for it and Dugas this Lodish cancer I designed it were not in sweat of other side and a lot because the matter out alive and leave earlier that was literally can see thank you very much up to the public as much because of a small enough to just run destroyed was once labeled Lodish in has he tried this cluster me I can for 40 local drive center for afterburner Bastiaens double concussion and Robert Rohde classmates we got me an Amish search of tri not actually Brownstein Fabian Tyson said the law for I had no such which I think exhibition point host in that which jack in the DB research is not a guy that’s pretty simple out within your own twitchell tapes last post all the progress at cedars two vs. an age when there’s one that’s full survival and is when its battle reality at the one the one and one that brings everyone plays a lot of talk about his bottle real and asking it to kill Aidid your PC’s that such which yes I do miss I should be issued a red below the stream out onto a generally nothing they’re not they should be and not a shred of them there on every show they are their class a check Cashing under the setup for my desktop and home and my laptop your call attention to given some say on decent giveaway had not yet started forcing the giveaways not be happening and I idea caught as the guys but there’s a lot of stuff going on behind scenes are no worse than it is one big thing that needs to work out here and because the workouts and then

does a decent issues but that says, as those that are not a joke on a second spot on the difference outlet in a way for USC and tell which to worry about that so the GIS were not that we will have a giveaway hopefully next month which the February on a flat network that precedes box and Nellie Azar get what you guys that support the channel like crazy recently and out of the guys something to say thank you, was the end by john Castano welcome to the stream on died in a 76 stitches and hundreds and I have now opened a new media may be a laptop is what is but that’s a that’s a mobile processor I would assume says nothing I can say now think I say that you are goes thanks and I just awesome to me their class and 2 hours I really I really Miss Henry outside Chinese leader for second ball advertising model night but no night by the smacks where my bodies of on the stream ID card was some and welcome to the stream just joins it was a plodder G Lodish emitted a person in your right to own Jesus did not sit and write out that if the yen matter as nightline is that my body’s is the bottom was much and advertise much wear out what you plan PC won the college men it’s a lot easier for new plan console on this and because my plan console what our plan PC where the college I was a lot of frames and the reason for this because I’d be playing on a PC and also be streaming into the same time of one home Ayan two PCs I’ve won the handles the streaming in I’ve won annals of the game and I wanna play PC Sellers may some of these are ideal thank you much sniper for the host and prescient think the sport courses that Ayan adding a real other route has needed to give away more than one choose the gift card gas mask Robbie is fond of doing dollars to design of making a lot more fun of us on the watering stopper and honesty of like we less people in here than any team , says the week beginning with the destroyer in a store and given these guys do Sharperson the spotting him and I really wish I had more lethal streaks of the assistant was knocking in nicely direct support should limit everyone goes to the haunted a guide and best reaction time I falter in stimulus thank you much good as they pursue them and I was until a theme Lodish into a brother items intended and women to the wraps the Oregon economic a cheer UK me if you should finish running back close and you die as cancer out when trashing again after Lodish to explode as having some serious insisted that a paper should a list of our way we shouldn’t have any issues course is evident at either outside millennium and this one does retain sees us right now when guys literally destroy our team did these guys are trying your boss of what is everyone to win this game this morning dew and Wasina Saturday but for real so I had just go for dark matter for a second time of four for second time it’s funded I’m numb and dark matter was such a grind the first time did I know that would be so much work to go for the Ayan became a thing of the points that that polite finally just did add that welcome back its maiden heightens a brother has some watching a wedding the yellow while gaining that’s a pretty savage and their brother and three senators Michael and my team is ready to get these tags man is I’m certainly not picking them up are no shoe week that nice else that already has seen that the bed the NEA and other apps to question and this just became even more cancer than anyone says that the reissue leave the plane of yours and operators in and legally one more game and on the party of the guys on because ladies lobbies are now look retries on a need all the help I can get some U.S. hop on

UNITA like balls before the flight for real and they need all the systems and it was little gizmos Of the tragic loss and Dino fast enough to buy with QuickDraw perks a scavenger baskets in blah suppressor guideline goal and I get from a truck class it to me dizzy detecting jacket and a scroll by men and women seeing it so add the sesame over on the boards where checking for the class idolizes us and I would add is to define savaged and precede and EDS logic of an all you define them but where I will console slaughter of the pews for endowment of his kidneys and pizza roles you did I wish I could mean a little busy street near now you know Lodish inning and try to pose some new study rattle the issues but still if I if I have free time and just know that I would make a pizza rolls by some of the free time and a Dana goes good it’s called he is how I sees as the hope is menominee all the OP in this I can get from any class ever know is right now what all the way of ado and each you’ll know huts higher than other Ayan and spas was afflicted idea was that a ring of talent items and a people cry because it was supplied us with people in Asia can even play the game are a common is the server is on because only servers and Japan treated think about it as, suck all those using called the defense that I really set to die a sliding every little bit yet 36 kills 11 deaths with a nuke with a class at 10 and the problem and off one G’s as clutch and white and just lie there as box and the plays in the spots longer to be a hundredths of a city on a node is right now he is forcing the console that I have that I can really like I say leave for busily consulate one has a right now I saw revenue for the one should I should try to assure try to find that I had is pure be in a hole in my Uncle Salk R’s all be out of upon as the doors and no worries that if your wedding ring of Russian be spent time with family and I love your mushy money saved but just same and if undecided ideal Krimsky they froze mission to the brother I appreciate and thank you for sport in disgust through a lady said the guy was good and I see are some of the responsibility for their own actions signed be enough he added as allotting had a deal like when I play cotton socks to be made of all attended by some time she does have to be real now, jenny like you know all of them Ayan surreal and so genuine public sometime just I come across people that are just good of the game and just erase and I’m not once people read noted: the crowd like wholly crack has an ADP two roles in your life time in more daddy of bonnie peace force I can play Josh Atwood some and Lodish invaded if I had the money to buy ever so would be as appears four I would that be great unlike the neverson impulsively 1% as of their own fog at read exactly as extended ideals one: G gates but I need an address name like black irby eight HLI cannot release Belli Ki Lodish or seven word, go for their it’s on ball by lack of unintended black a guess as ready a connector on Wilke a is that there and what chill teammates can be for me the ball like that fishermen are ready all that coarser in an innovative tool cheese as a permit the ball better stop it , just run the ball is so freaky of data that he never need pepperoni pizza roles are did opportunity were with the shafts of a chef making four era, I’d actually were about personal downstairs eyelids and lee was the second while there’s a lot of people

wholly crack I can see any token simply not watch missions in and say they do get some inserting that they watch my stream you want (if you’re watching and on any can redeem this tokens hopefully soon for fallback cents where a custom greetings all I could stuff ideal has just a jew of mind just a net worth a falls on the same day I was bored of the added as a birthday is work if I thought utterly knows are serious indeed a right there a stain same young men your birthday falls as in Dearborn as pretty as pretty led us to see how works Simon discovers: thank you sincerely might seem that our winning as 20 times as much as any I really wish you’d better shake some of Norway where you from matt’s Ayan from the United States a matching to make your announcements and the East Coast announced its shape use for PS for pro on a CD and tar decision I would I would say probably just read your piece form and I mean, really know what good games in the coming up now to be in for Kay says you’re just think of the now called before case, now it’s a cool idea but I can imagine a called the higher resolution at a gym teacher was a high resolution you get more lag and staff and be more issues with a time crunch for canning need for key display Ayan a potentially lead as it is for parade is a catholic for Kayla Satterlee the man if are in for my own person is a sheep and streaming out anything like on a table for payment for specially about 108 PM and a Sony that is just a just be overkill for me as a living out here for Finland nice from Carries were ideas from all of us are watching a sermon outside take your current location in the world knew where that’s all mine cheese us stands range strip year’s CY registers that ball out of 10 disk someone aim has cream pie just follow the stream has cream, I appreciate are follow thank you very much welcome surprise army ideals one strike at Seattle from Canada finland’s Ireland all the way of California and I use of Norway U.S. obvious post the stream yellow thank you have this cream pie frozen stream I appreciate I guess grimes got was a man beginning a fork a socks I determine the store to play on into the plant any GATT sure the dusty lane release of that mail from streaming like societal is, from issuers point of view you know you need forgiveness literature to which has seen other expensive as it is right now on the not so even if you had caught even if you have a consulate supporting it so you’ll sit down to display it in a UNITA screen they could support for Kay of genocide and IDs the joint anyone as a seed Oki absolute grow as the spark in hennessey’s bet all my god wonder that is new for Wisconsin nice to the year no like that and I sow fear their budgets and Ayan comes in with that such changes brought try not to have ideas I close games was a man on a fissure from Wasina right acts on IP eight LS games I’ve seen Eamonn swear on time in your yard dedicated support for I appreciate and three she stunned by unsure if you’ll voices are running if I played a smooth ride to the head niceties were teammates is moving the boys and young player what it’s not you is that you meant to gently work on laptops a camera and laptops sparked by Callison human I live in every dog has nothing whatever to get two legendary as do the sounds pretty sweet only down the stack of Dundon site on ash into outplayed about with the fateh Ali Prada army but I’ve been watching uses a second year two video my other counties squad ring squadron at eighths Na man died deathly remaining squadron as a nighttime Ins Leiby the eye deftly know the name squadron as that seems same and squadron is that’s up as an old name and used around for a lot

whole wheat flour at two as insane yes he pronounces pretty easy on its easy to support Grady awesome an Ira I appreciate that thank you very much a krinsky think of a faulty brother I appreciate and I appreciate brother welcome surprise army thank you very much for sports in and I appreciate a lot thanking their bare their lunch nothing so that a KB down yellowing king and the bears come in with a solid $4.00 donation I appreciate brother thank you very much he says that this country majors Terreli undershooting console the audacity to watch to see as major to see is better than Koch also high cap and puts the cavity and I appreciate their design know that you love me and I love you I appreciate the support as always make the taking of the bears spammer just a bare stamina chat for that solid $4.00 donation for dollar donation as 24 dollar donations they won permission one from there you guys are awesome I appreciate continued support thank you much as I love all of you receive their thank you much and I was the judge was perl heightens enables one on awry and calendar item welcomed the stream i.e. the cap to listen and I know you love me I made the I get you an idea together quite a bit now is the only one of the ever challenges to level that you actually of the still of fragmented I think eminem and at the Ramona ward not what I have a donation women as a major donations suffering and a four domination 24 on the nation’s one from each month and are those guys of the aisle of open skies digit at a special attraction to as well because he’s incredibly sexy for some of the streams just said yes and as a rock and ice in the contusion to daylights to do and make that but no lights to short make the most of it I love ensured its great it’s it’s a motivating share, as at some of the word overtime and I need to realize it’s so all these guys are these guys is captain 21 seconds I was in detention eagle harden up a bow tie, censorship rather add to this game of acclaimed substance that the cocaine to get a repeated I died in his right eye Terreli zero in overtime and now I need some ID’s some support a Gemini as type one in the chattering of the orleans’ 10 when the jets at 2:00 PM contribute as the eye morning if I should have altered the shuttle and its image, Balinese try run support for somebody be better at dawn chair protecting my teammates of my guns kill them in the else that might add that she that they’re at the ball as easy all on we dns ways we we did the best we possibly can in a situation and we switch its eye has it is my daddy for life thank you much the faults in and I appreciate a welcome surprise army thank you for sports in and I appreciate a lot that you very much all the guys that I’d won the javelin lied to me and Terreli lied to me makes me wanna cry as 10 rushes real research and I suspect thank you much I sees as they appreciated is not used our cameras and Wasina and medicine as you I mean life in Wasina the very beginning because of the team and was just like yellow on you know he was like sparking tennis’ day one has scrape by following Saturday’s you see the dry place ESI don’t play CS man know I got into the game now I really get in the game I can play Leiby is my dad is using the TVA no words can see no reason out of publishing in tomorrow’s one of the life of another power to have most likely so it is of watching TV in that time that a complainant are eight as promised reasons and I need leaders for now so was gets underway on open site has actually enjoyed on my session right now first five people Ayan here’s the bottom of the plane when has is my daddy for light they keep roast missions in and I appreciate welcome to the hosts army the Bridgford playwright is such an ideal rights case might begin rights of Xbox right not Xbox and cited has review my custom of series duvall’s a long time ago Crovo leak wrap down

long time ago that play FIFA I donate state and Simon try to make a siesta stream I really should tendency is to stream in all honesty did like I’m glad you’re really really likes us go so I added in the game at as USC’s people in here was the LAN hop manages to be just as Moffett was sore points and use recon some broken some basis in the field has let I’d sell us to stop back in, type of establishing the steel and restarting this to be safe is using the dangers as can join after Ayan a crash like that or never happens my dad is watching the matrix nice stream and shot see brother thank you from asp or a stream of the plainly delight as I go home and I know what you do and I like it is very popular but like I try to plant and played a template mall agenda pleaded a NT a plane like 3 hours and boasts an Aliso Lawson uninterested in assists Mrs. So bad in so that of bob Ritchie was a man welcome to the stream of pheasant and Ayan to our guest register as class and so all stroll for much winning track plascencia sweetening we should make this a series of legal action thing we estimate some at class of such I know for certain game on of an idea is there for Switzerland wolf I think Mr. Wong was one before that nothing’s gonna have to keep it down has is Xbox funded 10 jobs and dropping a $5.00 donation I appreciated thank you very much you’re an absolute legend thank your continued support it was a puts you on the donation the board to odyssey saying he donated $23.00 to the stream and that’s awesome say are sold on the number four spot I appreciate sport and thank you very much continued support you’re insane ISO once again and one you guessing, but my session your first five people getting here of the people out play was ashes and a sham seen the first class citizen to me-gases and loan will finagle and those classic dinner and we’ll see how we do and we should mention action is lashing thing what you guys Semicon said states where let’s do something like class and lights and will form or whenever and then on yet and then like if I didn’t do with your class and I like a war two dozen points as my dad and I did you really cool down to get below QuickDraw stock rectifier below QuickDraw on stock hour premiere lot that permit the on the Wasina when he was rapid fire at Ayan of QuickDraw stock rectifier you go to john Waite QuickDraw not great tennis stock quick draw a nitrate rapid fire jet engine for Parks we go out afterburner Bastiaens and ongoing cash and aberrant Bastiaens Dundon with a concussion at john let us get me of any cheese six, let me join reason map library and simmer for one more person as anyone else to join up on status next person hopping from your every Sunday as Lodish into the U.S. are awesome can get a bottle as we get jobs and stamina chat for the $5.00 donation I really appreciate man you’re insane thank you much for sports the brother you’re awesome automated a nice for their nice you’ll box thank you much for most machines in and I appreciated was one ICS at 10 I sees as a two and the ideas of the classic he wanted me to be a penny a point where I don’t I get the check is the type in the channel score by anonymous and I will feel the actual use it does offer directors of more tokens for readers up the Puck that as a slick as much Wiley three lights we only have three likes the stringy Prodi of more than a few refresh the page by this point the shoe impression of more than three months because watched mission by the way me to go out and rob like I really appreciate and USC the job and watch the stringency of the time getting be a 31 likes an issue as of right now I appreciate as yet the data party it’s actually

a rusher why you should I take down and yes six people here know any of this party today is a lobby the crashed and it’s a crash that then you Gotta be kidding me were you on all 17 I was a 55 on this count forever designed never pursed each service account and I said is pressed easier downstream sites on one level 17 a citizen of Ayan as a nobody to crash and is any any guesses and some of doing anything wrong boxes my daddy’s my debts Ayan and looking a message of request by sonic U.S. and Canadian guys was in the progress of exhibition play Pua send the check and Eamonn Pua sending I accept all from aggressive as me so don’t be shy should be from a quest item roster was a man welcome to the stream you using classes may I consulted the tatar play many come on this cake and much easier as the Leiby bodies crashing a wide interest and it’s really frustrating up we like it there was one of their us where bear creek on message me on answer in that manner something you’ll Jordan 31 thank you much for that ball team and I appreciate your welcome to the pro his army thank you for sports in and I appreciate a lot think you very very very much a site be applied to RT game for an amen so anybody got a full six and party so on the play with these guys like a gamer to 83 and on top of this medical sounded suddenly some all that were added in a result you read in a you’re very very well, had three CNN thank you and others and their streak some are now the speakers were low level all my god what became a king of Arizona $8.63 saints, streaming CS majors lied to my forster’s because I’d rather watch paint dry cap a dare I appreciate the nation once again between the king of their stamina chat was an amazing amount that I appreciates for that’s the second donation acids in and you’re awesome I love you even if you’d rather watch the dry ice soul of you be for sport and as if that one bullet is going shut the war there all that he could get a oh my god guys are going off when of all Jesus move only got ready scavenger yearling real quick I don’t see any team was a man was a man welcome the stream yen EC guy standing in the business and the generated as a city that’s a second donation of the day running at all, get a status that Jesus us are we in Orinda left off if you set sender and shall be taught me Josh Adam and until then there’s the Kings of the escape 24 actions will have this isn’t as weapon uses well yes all U.S. are all stating that the very much in the chat is an actual entomology as pretty lady actually not a lot jimmy Caan items in a welcome the stream towns: offering a voice a night scene into DOS this is how we do is that we do subscribe to classics and this is how we do it for online scavenger weary perl a locked on primary gunfire one for this for this account and the killer era that stated it does not feel I told someone I hear yellow you know that slipped again and neither of them now it does not feel like there’s out five people in your knuckles leaders three know what data baby I had a message in message their declining student on the pew fallen in an acting ideas are

bound students every issue should be listened in message on pretty easily as Kobe shooting Dugas downstairs where they call the sound was already at it was one any hacker Lodish into a brawl forcing a shot brother welcome the stream and bassist of my appreciate he’s right in that corner null image your apps and we did was go voice has to me for a watch, they do I do every man to stop by ended a prescient welcome back to the stream items in and on what if I don’t volume but I told my parents to see you would fall on a mission when you can see all what if I don’t follow you but I don’t want my kids to see all low likely mean that the DM and ought to be an Irish and I am the same ID was one of the Burroughs daddy as the best season in a scene coming here so far today welcome to the primus ends in to reach of the nuclear guess a settled in that manner novel, she grown my teammates drop in nuclear’s like this much and I might see stop and here’s a mean old and blown down those way to the Aetna menu this action would again and I see our failure Halle and how one of the season and did not see the Ayan just saying the buses name of the day the solemn said does as that some time to Wasina sponsoring a shoot only god we are totally in the spawning a eyed as one of 15 streak right now it’s only at this meet only get this young team is enough are pointing as the 4 Oh I see are so Ackerman only crowd much longer than a loan browse all home and no I thought we had something going there guys I think I could’ve been a nuclear we probably have the time I’ve seen as a standard 0.3- 10 noted to be let off the game wholly crowd wholly crabby when absolutely off I’d rather like you think you’re even severs a really appreciate that thank you much for sport you’ll think us very much for a 43 likes machinery prescient of us are awesome by George is saying about that would be a little better to put your face team that operate the Ayan a man of the thing is I use is overly for each one see one as well as money and this is easier to apple or reading quarter on bad you know that you guys would like in the upper right ankle design these are life all along the streets is set in breathing when the deal is just make another overlay and move it down to the lower left think we’re on the DS can see this court yet the upper reading portfolios but we guess would be blocking and why would the block meetings until it which is enjoyed by Prodi should change that approach and I need to go yes on weight@averaging messages that was on the modem was of NAZI Niguel man eight thank your son by now I appreciate and opium today on a submission. Appreciate them and I see sasser’s mike lasted eager classes holiday as a really good class and the only thing going thing out of my classes well is out probably drop a nun and classes so that, what a drop the own job done: the concussion

and put on for two greeting from scavenger on their maybe I’m not mention any deal with no end in that store in a near on so I need to be known to do a much in a state with this class again returning in another game play with this Audrey Maclean another class five now on Santa Ana three and one on order and that facet of the braves that he was one and Lodish streak as a class absolutely yes is the class I was running with guest on Sunday as any other classics you once we get me of me she said to me right now of his own product as a backup as lobby of Terreli is getting me offer want, these classes state as we did me and we’ll just like brother was a play video games these costs and we’ll see how well we can do will charge of a nuclear see how we can do ossify john Jordan to be out of her slide at the Getty shielded to do as Wasina will be completed in the anytime up Leiby the room and on how can as you when I Press about these activities: your dns none in cinema is running into the house because I know I’ve never personally started Ayan with anyone I just know that when I did Ayan something is in the upper right hand corner of my instruments like top of the litigation one that’s a fair back and just respond on as I knew I was a solo game are welcome to the stream did items and has 1/2 to go but I love the game player paucity of three I appreciate them and thank you thank you much to stop by adding one and these cannot base may be identified eyebrows ousted as really give another four and Dugas class insurance Foley got no no no no no sold them and they worry that Ayan that I am a man to launch me get back at least have a 90 day ended ideals that are even welcome to the stream was one of these ex titans a JOS e.g. lively Xbox when I do not brother and scioli up his form and because of it, yelled as many idea, people yelled as you part of me as you guys need to know that not just pop link this quickly does not miss games, not last very long in U.S. Na pup and a scripted plays by hostile trigger was a man welcome back your city of three I appreciate them and thank you appreciate brother I try not be as good as free as I possibly can be with this game today can fires else really do this class into your really expect that when it comes two out for king like rapid fire classes but day like this is good deal was a bright Lodish insane and items in a welcome ideals one joke items in a welcome the stream no logon is so live and sees us do when this team Cisco offline desk as I’m not seeing on ages shows me the only one of the two channels is connected for this chat new clock and maybe some new plot man a number of offering a long and the vehicle must give students a size and it can’t deny give you a hold of you but at Seattle debut on PCR pews for ad on PC match on PC is the only one at a time for the money that kind of love doing it can’t get to some only Ayan Leiby when of 15 years some of the promenade and I sold for Chile I can do any that concept which socks as I do I would really like two but missed nine of one that : it may be less Colby was go out for the sole gamely recommended yet I appreciate that and thank you for a stop by and thank you so the more for recommending then prescient as I see the cool Swiss precious simply by word of mouth man the best we spread we drop a game we could wrap and degraded as this is all in the

first half of this out of the game is the first at this game plan update , on TNT, one I knew there was a gun to my right edge to one love to that, too, that quickly enough DNA bells mine and I did not play that well below 18 loaned bill for new guy really should go for nude man in all honesty I really should all got really striking right now as Wasina null could you imagine how sick with a shot of and how sick with this type of an a reload also subscribed I appreciate Joe thank you very much and can do because I had a new credit if we go really are you in second round to death to get the source are stacks of this game obsolete in absolute as U.S Instead of on the DDS remember like show your stats just have me show you must@Austin from that of the remaining seven when you’re flying Ayan scene and just just practice ] and I would need in the tokens so the way tokens were commissioned as a sure word when children and made you watch and then you can use those tokens you can use this opens two was soon hopefully redeem for a fallback and swear on us and custom greens and the chat of my eligibility all I could just so is not all finalize a Seattle, making a video or are you know inform you guys all the stream sometime you’re saying no no no data status means we will do this class at the scene same as service kill the whole hole manner: when the strike that has so that deal was one crash puppy welcome to the stream did items in and welcome welcome welcome was my desk last this may be when a new fever class and stand a conniving getting this class and literally destroys people is class and Lillian Oates Howlett and playing of blocker called the net and like all use of a workfare three thank you much to get only crowd some of my flash before my eyes are there between addition to the spotted owl before sponsors of awkwardly Yeltsin is based on a folding not all the cheese so many people Mano Le trout set a bit off all that the social event glad you responding I’m sorry there because I’m an untried just am trying dating game player and a record as a pot is that I died of Ayan getting into a thing so I appreciated the very much the Iran was giddy all of the Ayan other than once on a watch each event which are the same time Gilchrist as the Leiby domain to speed on a LAN Dashiell actionable platforms are now so would you like to watch and switch for you to a Washington both say yes to stop by whichever one you think is better job when you have a much more is totally NCS IC don’t care a dozen of them in the bed all of the entities doesn’t break these are just a key bring my streets and come on down on the open IE team please thank you letters and used and was key: DBA Wasina the deal was a mango auditions in and the added quickly

wild USC all those guys to sell if not on the one and one of the DC to be a city Brad not really a nine and joined in a three way too much are now below three is way too good for main and it’s way too good for me and my channel brawling people just love the way to play this game are love to watch the planes gained more than more so than at many of which actually understand studio city Iranian forces to it was that this new LNG Ayan Texas racing idea of these is saying China how high are you really was a bad idea to be a zero Ayan even know will this thing isn’t is seen as a delayed shoe it’s really weird job like the other a USB as watching the two jiminy have a job like me to go into the house now that time called Michael added became a unnatural Ayan the nonbelievers and I promise to check out the box for real downer man was somebody welcome the stream is class and so did build roads A’s that his problem was in knowing any easy slogans using below three probably than in all honesty requires very little team very little effort to begin with it is crazy it’s such a good and use the same time his class and the ease of wrecking eighties led fully crack at is literally destroying the AA it’s awesome though it’s amazing we got 50 election issue right now because that’s an amazing like told him I really do appreciate the spill three shinto’s to incredibly well so thank you thank you think you also overture sport on the Seattle had a job like a mystery to have not done so already been trying for hundred like stats begin life for our we got 50 likes so for life for another hour which might play and we should be only a 100 like some may see as the phrase tenure to be about the stream view bottled action ability but some see joke on a shy as a people hears us can I sure the stream of these but when of us can do really hosted a lot GC that came down to be destroyed in 1976 kills nearly destroyed I mustered many NT has a scanner vortex would someday welcome the stream of the summit has a would use a class if you’re using do you should a class it is insanely good it’s insanely good tip of Wasina talk that same square Bost of opening your air supply that was acting as at increase by mock case today Nolte was put on the absolutely yes to be as if anything you want you on suggests me a sparse classes go on to me as this enormous intent to me right now just when I made up with much wear off I’d sit there like in a play with it on the CD right now the guys is because we are in such a good lobby right now I’m in a stadium this lobby and Estanislao be underplayed using the BNP class of the house and and what syntax over a PacBell not allowed into the join a wall of rain is six of the brainy six men to join up so all these guys are playing right now will operate new six people to stop IDs Company sold us and yes, Shamir and it was a piece for yet may she landed at exhibition play Pua send a check Leiby as my Pua send name for me I accept the offer to Cuesta don’t be shy and of the complaint against using they know I’m too much I’d rather be steeply renowned as on the hundreds of us do I need a job is given a guest at some as a charisma that has beaten us that says a renowned as SMS 18,000 kills 260 wins approximately a willingness that environment on to play saint 81.031 loss ratio pretty good 585 score permit and is pretty good as the Idi Ana Cid Liao with issue for three KB but these weapons of their peak was a mankind can see I’m sorry I didn’t I it’s not that I use the aging Breaux you know that I should let range of the game player now that I will be tried on everybody’s cosseted at some point in the stream on a city that arose a matter of points over at this game after used to be in Pua back out to dinner with my lobby some of the

class and see you guys altered its wares sloppy time a class and saw configure great as class and its hand and on, hopping with a brainy six medals will start playing tuition if requested as park rides and Ayan peace and accept off requests and 9/8 as good percent to whether we get those skills quick enough alone has since I’ve written a Abby Sher check your incident Ayan Center at bob Sutton and all cheese us to 88 the key to the U.S. rate is a areas and cannot be very well just about the impure and a isn’t so use that the daily accuracy became and am I didn’t believe it’ll give it a little I use a good deal of my class guy sees as an Lodish anyone prod to do is on a dicey I really cool idea right now this can be an easy being a thing of it like it’s a pretty sure purchasing called the general at am really IDs for like the whole action series like this if you really cool new shower insiders absolutely shots are insiders by wide enough of response means to them, not response you broke better for sex up reserves one’s ever in everybody’s ever some Ya Dia Wasina preserve respond to Soviet I have a sensual on a firefighter Mrs. Magician only semi above messages and into selling bumper like a guy there someone I just like in the back and check it out again here at thank you ever did that was set up a deeply and I guess I wanted will be those close to it as a kid we step as a scout packs of their blackened about killing tobacco chewing tobacco don’t mind if you need I attended what a lot of headaches right as relies on the scavenger and I really do not want this weapon was 188 she welcomed additions in and items in brother title in the final and so what does that for weapon would you have nothing Ayan job anything lived in message to let was ready at a unique our unity surprise so here’s my idea of Zepa global forum we as two weeks of may classes for me and I make a whole stream dedicated solely to just running game plays regard as classics and then if I did a really good game play with your class at daylight orgy as the tokens are some way that or lake Anna brought up a building your game played two out to you to persuade that in giving you credit for the class of the bass, my plan the staffing and ado will stop at stop a stop to stop this as an idea or to make like the whole stream decades alleges classes from U.S. attack to be really cool for level of health astronaut was as you don’t have a field of the update and the Mrs. team goes from 50 to 100 not as pretty cool actually I like it is low fifties of a mission seems not to grind again as pretty good. I sure like to us a really good idea on I get ideas ADM had any sport package to gain fresh just gives people something to get a grant for ms is one idea of the knees after the match tally ended or in the console, to this game as a sign any funny and an eerie a pretty good this game but it is with this I should be used by that system a class of snow not dynamic real wholesome performance didn’t like make everything streamline its Leiby so much better idea of the hold of an idea of the folder idea was last anyone any other leisure data as a couple days ago that while the city setup is that all 10 of the CBO was one-seat welcome back additions in and of my sense to be the first in a city should do nothing in a National League officially started until tomorrow on bass, one action one alike officially start this whole

thing is II do I think I can be such a huge thing like people would really enjoy the ride is interactive yes consider class that is the way for me to begin play like spiced up an interesting dwelling on San Ayan that if you really cool eye condition Cid Lodish things are broken base 88,000 score I get that Aidid anything IDC has won and led mission teams for me were like really confusing might force the guy in the game I know I am innocent I switched this eyes looking weighs about half meeting game and make a montage Ayan montage of my all these good game plays host eclipse forgetting that we could leave us in the same data does not feel it is finally the user as was as if you plant of the 20 sensitive human eye legitimate watch this despond Lokey already in the chat voice no update the soul of us thinking it was the timing and old as you’re doing a good day have come of Mandel we are currently one of your way from 40 viewers I appreciated as those of you who shared on a DSS signature industry months where or on faced a great way that may she does on to lead me to this reason that we Donner summit as I can reach the guys are you receiving is due out if they be as tweed out of the stream of machinery to 8 B ousted attaching as using the highest in the beginning for team all yes right at the added 14 as Redmond and you right does it only goes because the 20 am I kind of Eamonn were free master but none of this game. It’s nice and ciena the king win it all those in a as the Leiby only a 43 people here and I appreciate guys thank you very much as you are sharing the shimmy as awesome treated me with a screen shot are just like tweed out Michie tag mean that we be as Irvine view industry merger sharing it whenever it is they sell fee if you guys watching the streaming to me and I retreated to be let me let idea was some are gaining Lodish in items in and the join the league at meridian here’s the plan and what action to do is as you’re actually tweaking classics me on that bacharach to this configure all the classics as a mule ranch where on size of the time saved up and ready to get the placements on and then what I’ll do is out to sell out new six Encarta joined and was part of a straight face to me let some promises an asthma now buys only a yell at me as 12 at me up his end of this exhibition play piece of the shattered as my Pua sending any more then and we’ll still be shows and if request as I always some progress on China joins us of the way worse men as I saw the first five people and getting in a party two outs playing industrial works DB and all that I called aides insisted the first five people even your man saved any reading the only people that I’m not allowed to join other people were ready in this party with me as of right now I’d read something like the stream Halley ideas are new to the stream may sugar land and drop alike and some have really helps me on us to the rating for 40 likes of Sony Stream yes decide that just in the charity exhibition point he ascended yes IP ascending me as can join my out should even address an issue except it rather a way of reenacting some sorry ghost@ads region last restaurant show no it might seem is one offering a AIDS rates mean is destroying face USC and as scrub off was my incidences primus man of the one we do that I see Sasson on the street pro on a mastery at like us in the

probable thing probably end up signing on to Barcelona Bell’s and nestle double, and that in that game player there really a nice little feed or local pro slow down here law, one you already know what indiana’s downplayed you absentee action if request of the ascendancy, she accepted a automated class free bear BEI you see archived on the CD-ROM that’s where I seek a light sweet and the river that on some of the show Eugene and I guess any Rancho teammates against Gramm said Jeanette Pua seven I guess was that this will go before being killed a touch of each of the lives of us to do you get 1507 sank a grassy wastes congrats and bury my long thing I’m cited on toast of protestant and if I message just type in the jag end of the audio see it this time decided upon clicking into different shots are now would need to get to it so tricky back and try to track of boldest readable I was caught at a dock killed Eamonn to watch; that would actually really cool that what should be really cool Valerie like the awesome to leave alone here action brought those guys out there were a net those go closer your eyes only that it does have a class of the one the tryout of sweet Simi it as a class that you on the water trap issue to me on an issue check out yellow a I appreciate login for tree of the stream and I appreciate that can simply titled dropping like industry and it is now while simply type manager so Wasina she brown was one and out of your system Ayan all but thank you very much pro thank it is you’re dropping like addition I appreciate on old as a legal and seed in next class industry and settled in for bob Sony music is one of us is a 48 Reds’ class all busy with the Manual simply tying what sun Gro welcome the stream and what sounded on see is a thing of the added the adding of the 40 drives and lots of forsaking in use at one outing to play all of the some like it are awfully back some accounting don’t have right now which, socks is anyone else on the class of the money use up these uses class on dingo, and that the at the annual loss for the only our Macs else we ought to go fast link a rapid fire QuickDraw rapid fire in QuickDraw those two rebounds as well on it was once no way to Boston to tell you what I told him two out the dead on Elia said Elsie of the dead has one cities giveaway work and I’ll play on hold for a null OPS and cities get honors of the stuff for doubt has on the preferred opinion of 220 or caught my duty to for COD or not a man is really a team to the city eyes really enjoy doing all you to think so I decided it was like some of my calling IDs is one outside on sold to the city of just a shot into the Disney may be interested and NCI you can see a feeling that the lucky like it needed just to move on to do some announced on the citizens of the logical ices class as coming from rats Mr Ayan on swears is when try this one out Wasina we do on Jason Torrez on to raise was a man so much verified me how you do I agree obsolete and a long time for sure not to know that on the back and a Sunday Ayan ice pro minds on isolate say that if even a city on sat down like a month just me to let off the ice insults in an exhibition a jet of title the top in the game and see all right so Monday’s close Lodish and therefore takes getting here but our guys did as you want of a near an untenable my session as in the first the first letter for Pua leading here as of right now; it’s a constant quest are

not seesawed as a fair lead on the senate was maybe 10 I appreciate guys up recently as one put me on so bear Beatty said in a detective classic in the chat and I just hope you’ll see is all scroll by the forget what is so on is earning a week and said to me there be like if you can trust NT and Serrano did as you type and size will be listed as obscene and a citizen, not just rely on the city only thing if U.S. are just fine with me to at last game of appreciate the averages: back out and not join up money actually some steelhead because user myself to red tape and picture this idea began working on three for life to three CNN thank you I was one of the guidance in an is this role deleted their pitches at why can scroll openly them and is like I just prices can be easier to you message in excel at all in one place scrubbing the event is in bad as it does do that on edison’s to dingo rapid fire events in the status of a quick on ways as they say the semi nonce not because it is a big bosses to someone else’s and eating up a Santa Ana just can be run second baseman of the act so get the dingo year mount si get the Dino on rectifier in oak ridge of stock rapid fire even though the draw in stock any one of a concussion of them in for perks to one a day on the one 8th offer only one of the concussion, frank and so what purses and one of the on hold on a stupid bus passed and sent over clock run tempest fast Anza over clock to dozens of o’clock in the tempest spite our intent is not as if I see the reality is configured as leave from the front end is to limit set this up by season as six people in your boys as good as night’s game going on tonight at two Clausen said he and ½ to make as much that will see the destroy them as a navy was for my daughter’s I can see these new messages on it was one GTE Regis titans in a welcome to the stream on the players Unicef mean absolutely acting as a shaman progress in peace and do the access point peace in the shadow of the TSI peace and until the session if request as I accept everything has essentially to check out by brown should be able to odds are hazardous found out I was watching the stream winds and 20 minutes I would say about the giveaway sauce and simmer for the giveaway on hold for Ayan a man was funny way of old together as a site for doubt you’re talking about this morning of German was a kid Lodish Stream was one pack a punch are items in Breaux of its Aussie was a man should even a quest Ozzie Nabi should accept abreu of leading a naked man at some comes on-stream U.S. pack a punch argument again put over thought I’d Asheboro attaching out one giveaway there was a giveaway planned for today that were displayed on hold for now octane gas to win some and items a brother welcome to the stream would schedule Ayan will wear remedial wishes to be axes to grind away the largest of the Nazarene a eye Lodish are at stake think you have no worries me odyssey that story was so awful way I figure out a new way to have one on city on a just reams on little more seamlessly to do it is as of right now the way it works is isn’t very some with all its relief rushing to use the city so does identify can knew I knew nothing anyway super health of the DNA in Liberia of less than a summit on teen taper season ended up on their streams and how did as awesome decliners guys are all doing great I mean their their personal Terreli a quality counts and honesty of 10 I know guys and I really feel his own during our that says something several big

taken to buy has as its which we check the party is made on issues of the men as carrots AR a noncitizen plane but to canada’s game buddy attaching Coach Eastin Ayan see this carrier only crowd that is free to be out of the notoriety as highly of the great ideas and he’s a great guy using karnage to just let them as Lodish, given the cancer in a van all chewed Michael was slain digitally blocking the guiding and seem intimidating because we don’t have an extra dummy arrested as middle of town again have ruled that the area was the are rattles in eighty’s on CMR Schatz was sending welcome the stream: Ayan eight seniors omitted will think you town Ayan accent is a promise to use that anyone Xbox 199 AM on appears four old cheese the Weizmann ideal for AVI and I appreciate that faults in a welcome surprise army did thank you for sport I appreciate a lot the very much a O whiskey bottle your boys it’ll really ran a 17 to a wholly trout were going off the nose when I favored on zinc of history Dugas gun is incredibly good a memory like first write like back my first are using the study was so easy job because women and the dow’s Absalom and it a real person to send someone to come: I was never come with the tempest on a young men your voice is so cool up a free CD thank you you did shooting this open is really weird I Gotta get lack of awareness I appreciate, someone was a man guilty of marsh adds thank you much the faults in and I appreciate that brother welcome surprise army thank you Mr. Sports they do not appreciate a loving you very much a chain and food chain and no known what I was lucky that was seriously lucky grass and one millions of years I appreciate them and I appreciate thank you we just waiting to see that on today and beliefs as a pretty priestly Boston and I do appreciate the congratulations and think you only got back to back it leverages are not ruled out on does anyone else in every year to use read this as I would say to Senator Jeannette what Mr Messaging and all the way no way in no way brawl all my gosh began wholly crowd fully crab I should be dead were a sinister answer to a state 26 and two to be dropping games are not as though I wonder any wonder shoot is null and if richer voice only add I does not limit for setting is games than any before we can get a deal wasn’t a seat and a Lodish into a brother items in an welcome the stream will have my ticket tax for anonymous is not worth it I know all god me chills other demand said Tony was a brother welcome the stream teammates any kills the area during a hearing on the loan that lets them to get hung back I get me in and I think it did the golden Kaplan said Tony I appreciate them and how we choked that Soledad did you guys like the decade to demanded he was one of the state and some other wine of the pews for a moment he is for robes when the college I only have one computer with me

and it’s a laptop on so the Jetta playing streams and a lot of the same time again really bad frames for mission called is really bad but I plan to use for action really good quality few guesses a laptop solely focusing on the streaming on impulse and played more guys as well get a decent and joins us live in them and Leiby a wide smile us and we’ll do that Russian everyday few guys of his image of me and the Wasina really close to perl is something the others as an aid is not an eight two guys to be said to total came back and assess the book and I had a like a classical to use this class and Britain is really good is class and as hell and did grow like the game are 1 to 3 hear me from IP destination unlucky and 1 to 3 ID never use name and betrayed PC can’t the Nazis still play PC, every now and then but most seem ready play fee as any plenty of peers for just as you the stream of his continued at 120 th I won 26 Melvin died as always happens@@that a person Hasan people’s accounts against EO in its Nixon signed our RE a bomb attack for an hour now I’m sorry goes to the guys on the scene and new guises, said the humidity Azteca messaging I don’t see it just just typing and honestly please us will back up pretty far row on one backed by Tennessee and am somewhat seen us message post body in the last thing you said mendoza’s but the giveaways on hold and you said on any said OA lee on low list and read this please read this and then scroll back down here weakness is the type of offering out on psinet is not seen it grow of GK remains any one team irony is not it can’t be hundreds of a sitting out play was in Santa Ana such an event on the land of a supply job here or a LAN use a classical or 10 guys since even get another related game play is not a switch to other dingo classic that someone like to be in which I didn’t complain about as well I was a manger for like Lodish into a brother items in and save one of the Shipley was a sampling assessment of the full six men party was under no I realize he had blackjack and I realize that IDC ideas for buyers of Aidid men us all of my very hard and many checks whereby Perot was a terrain open for this game sets a I appreciate anything to 29 era of depression make the best loans for you when you close final misspelling years of those allowed funding suggested us bad the dough Yago says as awesome and as such are the really cool brought relief that I can’t I can see many enacted before it is a staff ID three games this which sells police are doing that he had an RTD switch parties which some saw signs every now and then when I play with and citation: three games without Wasina sums it all back out and play with another set as united in the business back to teh onslaught that had just iraq may raise guess he’s right down here Brown’s writer Rick Donnelly all although I just wasn’t there as global ways that this get all that stuff and I does it was back there did these enemies of the debate ran 3 yards and 1/2 to me at the boss the walls are saucer boys them by how much longer to the streaming bear on the release early and end up running be shooting for, and half hour so be my guess up in the half are denied us and

tennis is insanely difficult easement Dugas to his weapon is so weird to 11 literally didn’t know what I ended my danger of missing a Ayan 1,000,000 visitors that many played perfectly as bad timing hit server was my Pua send on 10 exhibition play Pua senate chaplain in IP ascending accept offer requests that goes for anybody guys do what should be from a quest don’t be shy accept every from a quest exhibition play piece of the Chapman Eamonn Pua sending off or Exxon said have an Xbox Natalie get his foreign and IPC of a set play one PC games as well as teammate if Jesus it sent a shot is Donalee at 5000 kills and 10 did you get the holiday with nothing where all these enemies in my teammates are so good in the cleanup house and I came in donating I can barely breathe myself look at this as BASF and so radically so slick it’s crazy nothing’s not its title fights about the mix a sense a study of the state of those ages eight and sterility that I was looking me they’re related errors will be handed I really wish I was getting intent is needed is such a cool weapon to watch people use people are so actor with it people can be so actor with a tempest and like the way the chain tell CNN broke it sets a good feeling within it’s so good is almost easy but saint ISO argues my opinion, I think Eamonn sagal Sprewell to be a sitting Niger as we had a a son did risqué what all my daddy died in a tough marriage of money and by Jesse was 1. commissions in and of us one-heightens a Ayan du fat mind if I do it in front of us Lodish are to be manned 1 minute you Fabri not a guy just not really on AIDS, we’re that you told me of a CIA I really care in a on has eyes back and welcome back in a welcome addition to a Brother King Abdullah would be what I’ve done in Sinai really begin with the ones I’m thinking of doing like a stream at some point the white image would be one viewers in the lead medical practices of the dead are really fun the Lodish and as you guys are enjoying issue as well Nationwide and job like I really appreciate me as do that on U.S Allies for fish remains a time so thank you very very much of it and check and see me nice round of the steamer no Terreli at 20 people watching with 59 lice guys I appreciate support so very very much a geyser in saying thank you much problems as Ross and all PC places on a welcome addition to the brother itemizes a friend of Mr. Nixon’s Italian action right now you’re watching your watch me read on stream except from a quest just so you notice if you have that peace of mind to know that it’s a cue from across to Donalee 12 years old Mr Maniac as awesome and Alan Siegel mind when AG as ours us watch industry might recognition age appropriate so often ID variable starring as you guys as can probably tell the job swears every now and then but very very rarely as in a pretty stream circumstance me like really has started a little weird mood to drop swear words as Wasina different as a vacation away brawl now You’re only tool to lucky energy I idolize viewers in each of our pretty out pretty young

but on the sauce and the guys are on the officials for mushing really appreciate like fishing and subscribe thank you much can have a really pursue them and for some reason as a new loan from a class on a line on some of the best in this live in a middle and run with this other guy no class that I believe: Disney was a ghost it was easy to be the use of the sock, many ugly but never known outside them running with his class of Renault of the Airport exit onto old boys on my PC and is little devil just 19 jeopardy and I suggest that I did see I did see this isn’t an analogy to renounce his appointment of chicken of the stream of Asheboro coach were up just a I watch it audited my full undivided attention as its again today at these Mater Dei estimated at the net is legitimately can’t load notification like that I can’t even low different Wasina again alone insist please wait edges never loads and it is an error on watching this a bench and I were someone else watching this GATT lucky so what he was watching in the Southampton, or that is to absorb the on the little league as a curly watching a stream as of right now you’re like just as we like you can’t even if the guy like your home address place of address on air like you’re on like a time when the time in as many as watching is one of the pretty cool the disgust ideal man ago OP at the DC Board now studio city broke Kansas I wasn’t the welcome the stream and all oh my god login is watching in Kansas says: what began as watching England GATT will be to place and Pennsylvania is my last game prize for a washing machine I appreciate that Dyaln see this as a mine and depreciate out 1015 Nebraska off old son UK holland’s 11:13 AM boxes Leiby human 10 oxygen as of this game as for some reason this is not accepting an unrelated this game so I can either click your mouse and he is for you can then it requires a little bit like Ide of a third party like adapter called AM, some for the lessee of the keyboard messages work natively is not supported by PlayStation on in a city is, scummy thing to do a likable see this is committing the game on but to be like to be a city edition half a block of getting really mad on finding a really mad because they think like a digital Verdes and likely to be a cinch is one more convoys is unworkable with what comes to outlook and state gaming associate the first person shooter says why I run it on beaches may simply more interesting for me and I can be better for you guys on the Leiby will see is getting an unfair advantage in a woman killed by Lilia one death as of right now so seem eager to get here in the job nicely game plays a lake city and so it’s a pretty off its Terreli offer no actually know oh my god and the whole flow from eye has the douche a suitable to make that was the channel is something I don’t think about doing the names of the Leiby will like really be into Lodish out series of some sort and a sack and definitely something I can do in the future may actually like it I get the most of the nose cone Kelly Agnos Gundy optics companies and saying topics to be is literally demand at ivory team back to twitch stage and the problem I seems over Nevada State shot watch live in a stream get some work done to the tallest as an amazing deals squadron E’s was outmanned what is out what Jesus all Jesus and began as a recent days lie down to lead the late I appreciate as the nation’s inner you guys are awesome us ashore loss for today really do I really appreciate the first like half of its lending and connects of the word and we are innocent and yet we deserve that effect on stage at both the senate bill Johnson Pua three as 69 kills by an account in the same game do if I die 69 kills and the senate on TV and john’s you know what I do with my lives abroad as I promised my career right there abounds be like a lot for getting this whole you to copying silks and I’m just

getting up proxy for sticking with ended average steward intelligence Terreli I appreciate brother thank you I appreciate them and thank you very much I really love you, to trial focused opera by Terreli in karnage tell you I ended up one of those fake ease and actually in karnage and the dow’s action late we got that still raise the bee dropouts as pretty cool wasn’t your delegates for 17 Jan it says ashes are in central time in your hour behind me some of the East Coast so make sense makes a whole lot of sense EO all that will make as an aerial insert the week and destroyed original another would put of Pasco to get has a shadow easy as the topics can begin a shutout I really don’t know what I did my life I probably to us if you had little to do that be on any one hell of an opportunity when it tough to get optics company give me a shot on the whole Leiby Dyaln has a Wasina dns unaffected and Dyaln 22 kills no lies my controllers broken prayers for you did my keyboard right here on product a snap in half and gravel beds that in just snap, gone for good bread stick and be so so upset you like the class I really do like the class and yet you get bidding deal on a seal the deal class of stack and 44 class and to buy IC sosnik a development that that would literally destroyed to a brother the staff acting on it, the door right now is no one else Ayan and Daigle by Denise Ely seven based on what’s a prescient demos Terreli to be better than double the ground are IP I made only $30.00 the drop in Newark at saint Pat’s incentive right. Its world domination of a right are lazy germany’s us to run support of the watch my channel as incentive was read: two is worried if I drop annuities in only 30 bucks to some of the middle for me and got the middle of the stadium unit of the nation’s real unlike as an editor locked levels of 48249 close than halfway there I was one of the dns and a Tulare reliever duties at all souls like taught things like billing run around like this and I would try sack Bosco was a man welcome the stream was class and when used gross are now receive a set from a question quite a setting of request I can I can send us an inquest the U.S. has me from a quest. Makinson propose some races as was lovingly injured although the reverse the shock and awe straight pass rate I likes you’ll thank you much much to me and I appreciated master gaming what somebody welcomed the stream there is a shock and I thought the reader was at logged off a nonleague runs around the island for Ayan 1000 point in my thoughts are as jenny heroes limitations as was like 88¢ 2.8 something I believe and to bring users can class so we sell tickets to watch for real Terreli its readers the robot back to reverse the runtime estate pass rate and the shadow here or players and the players are now so hopefully when these guys get me hear us on hoping on try see the two of two fly capture the Seoul games guys don’t miss the spawns two too hard and you guys know I can really screw things up at the ready via 30 bucks to drop a nuclear was too weak and if while steady stream of the GC five master derides you yes Ailey other PC the Ayan play and a longtime Jesus arterial we may need a planeload were closed for some of the NT will see at the discussing like a pretty good readers that monkey shots a minority share our ties are now has much at once punch at a name will above all, huge trapping and the like what I can’t stop investing and to call off as a policy messages he and his message is pretty frightening and on using the

data are China since of this market looking to the city like ally of us watching me to Jim ACS: AA, streamed out is a dressing for surgery was wondering that usually the resting from surgery for a while Digital’s the months since he’s been in surgery is a decision as to do some different ways to get a ravishing accepted recent series of renown team in the Guinness pond of woody get a purse teaching you get from an unlocked something which is pretty awful you can use that banned any time a keeper stage on Friday continue to perceive which is really really helpful and really nice on I love using from the locks are super duper awful I we see them were licensed as a need and we hit them the street after street to serve more laws and was co should not litigation costs we really money we’re now must I really want nice to lock up one and these guys are good ID one chance that the Aussie be a job and you the only all you can be one more chance after this game site at one more chance after this game I interesting ages to one more chance that this game if I’ll get this game should a more aggressive for kills and those are to resume their judgment servers akin to an already spawns arm and a strong back here if it is about 80 Z it’s been a steady estimate only add a word in a slump was Oreille 10 and at the guy has a gaggle have agreed in a region of the plan to give your pain and I will gross eelam and best of my brother prescient USB as tokens are frozen are they really like my crack 47 was some a welcome the stream on as the strings did, why does really really strange they should be frozen issues to be getting points I’d otani 44536 was a brother welcome to the stream items in and has slowed my tokens are frozen would have the satellite weapons so when you travel and so on the tokens that was a tight and accused Jackson it was a brother welcome the streams in and items aided not it is a good rule the value down I feel their shots really the right now we’re just getting kind of lucky with the sauna , security for no these guys and a respond by yellow suspicious and a containment is suspicious me grow Lodish insane and thank you much for sports a brother I appreciate that did welcome surprise army thank you for sports in and I appreciated thank you very much thank you so bizarre broke and they really they should be broken off check that out of it said that over a on 10 did that in a supply ship CD on CNN and just copy of government assigned a suspicious I read like the two bits and pieces says like perfect instead she did a skater was so helpful but I’m stunned some design of one leg and sodas and have unlocked and in

the skills and Terreli of letters to broke obvious that I was coastal schools go a bit of a weapon here would have another that would add the Lodish us for off irony offer now we know they are details can call and you’ll learn what somebody welcome additions in the eye location problem cap that if I was playing smart that counseling cap and will attend yellow here think you’d see me thank you thank you thank his goals up now restless and a sliding one spouse was boss which was what the sponsor aid gets hostile servers price rid of the service tells me of any streets and cry and we are forcing response hard not telling tales that became a all that see any servers product until may do not like me because I talk too much snow buried nonstop that all men we talk about it by odyssey about or spun the guys don’t is because unlike you, is not the reason trust me as an operation definitely froze and USC guys are earning any new tokens are now, as you read a lot of the red this game as but like access fees are frozen actually we’re doing is really strange us again after I we play hide any other nation and abroad been some other stream of not miss on the image of the reasons given an unsolicited only 30 bucks a fine job that nuclear budget that was last only needed , grant the Cisco kid going to lose and muscle, some as well : Lodish and four of them commonly applied where two more games guess maybe not in this game is what all actually stop on by a team in senses gained 81 more chance when I got one more chance to try and drop of a nuclear if I drop a nuclear is audited $103 yes outbox donated $103 is the top high is a nation ever done after it opens and closes while we check them were mile citizen wine online effect I know why yet crashed which is where Zoe a crash the action in leaving checker points of all this back as or for some another station in working for us on by the Asheville checkpoints no sign of that be at the militias alleges crash for some reason are 8 minutes back and Jennifer I did for why Wasina visual gainer was a man welcome the stream did IP even if you can lurk in honestly just upset the answering your what I was joking seeking singer Jochen is broken so I-one talk about many of Terreli string of all due to events which enabled your watch me to those of years watching it switches one when you’re watching the two extreme every minute you watch the stream you donate that you’re giving one token for the minute you watch the stream on the menu can use this tokens to on soon were the only two dozen believes a sentence for fallbacks and swear on online custom in custom messages niche at all that good stuff she were stuck in the same lobby I insisted of these guys on a remote write-downs game play the we’ll see will see these guys are pretty good at Wilson Islam as these guys

are pretty good a mass of routed it all was the host running it was a level 1000 at last I know these guys are pretty newbie though some told us in this Leiby browser date ideal the liking of my were freed us are being used data stream out I thought ID and all I see like in this couple times and playback initially have enjoyed on the like yet a time and Bator for – the single regained me how to live like this as I feel really bad on compensation oh, stationed as just as any way to Artie mitchell’s points where I live a live wire that live on the East Coast United States and Harry Xu minute event which a user Connery stream G’s is cutting its place as though I can say the search of research and make some sense or in a slave to see a really good bowl at the white sox of shunted by free see somebody and we like the battle of 1000 was like a reckoning other day and Ayan are there in Wasina love 1000 are someone else you and that of a 1002 Du Rhone off the like someone was the center team that was a string of the no money as was like we be as is actually destroy me the summit as an elected off when it’s your brother’s body showing his stomach, have a brother man to jokes and you will get a fair tomahawk me do these guys and Ayan knowing is how this focus here Long known Dugas of Islam is in been an out that a class of attackers a summit meeting of college, says it is below revolution if I can just buy get these guys are trying hard than a year no bidders again this point is that another’s of gottman these guys are no one is held grow cool E John only god and stuck it in the spec that every wish I had a Irish and hear from the streets and I really do I should remain a Tennessee and as an aside, now we workable that now these guys know, innovative oddity, for me I should have is a passionate is a nation that is are in a coal mine got action of the update, which is all this out As you go to Rio year ago no enough: two of them to just like it hasn’t quite right now that I see libra makes a mime and Ayan resign over a million if these guys in Terreli another shock chairs and on asset into it sounded like they did at them know the strikeouts a libra meetings we’ve as I really well right now is they add milk was a scant this old god boulder CIO’s given that was given to were seeking try your voice whenever they give up on the call Wasina appear another VIP understand sort of both views to use Carlos has a jacket was a brother welcome the stream and , say these reps to deficit arrest and extra work a back then was gummy with his captain jack’s Perot in rebel violence

and ease back into his run inside an illustrator Monday and deliver evolution TV ad hoc and we we sat there for, say she all the guys are watching the twitchell guess the despair for, station for points we sat there all young Carlos please don’t say simply that the gem and actually visiting Boston a huge issue due as Tuesday in and day out of your solely about if your kids that are you today and Carlos has ejected please we’ll even minimally them and by has a subtle watch slashing you do when Soviet 70 Wasina 70 likes as 70 Wasina 70 likes for dead; a son and a 10 by really was added and specials on 10 when I see Mr. Dundon trophy systems which is actually super awful I know that’s if you are my stream of what the ipsilon as really helpful radio no move to that’s why so scared of the specified a man dead when a Shana Peete that that was too risky acting director so easily new 10 again as a kid will stop that is for now the delegate header token, station absentee not know where he was not done for 100 minutes there is no way of soap is a dive in and day that he paid well as a number of edging down and we will stop the nuclear he written some closer to a really good this came to the nannies these guys at a later stage of the knots of wind as it was any those guys of the tool marshals and another using make it easy this treatment never say never the boys of eagle super offer now we can sort out this breezy store and am not a tough old jack could move all my god action would have a friend as you to visit was accepted from a cousin of a plain ASCII Brochure except it ’cause won some and some may have minor time Saddam and all ’cause that’s oxman the release of them several 20 factories are proposition 20 times business rose and 20 minutes IDs 25 of us all to effect of these redskins owner of the than a watch that wishing 25 tokens and sounded as the sun bear out as a pretty fair of some of my crack yesterday said on at it with the guys in Wasina since the jacket that Carlos he said Ayan word and so we just know that’s just not this couple days there’s two worsening the site was a just and not tolerate of that word and see where the gentle Lady Nancy words more freely use and other regions and stuff. But it’s not as slick streets with the usage and homage to my stream of Zionist electronic that type of stuff as an intolerant in just not on a binge is there to offensive into drama Tricia Slayton and rectify my opinion that there would have these guys are so knowing Australia has the best in Riyadh last release the views

of what we should again together has yielded a number but we should deftly should choose and Pua three together something and I’m not sure you’ll Alex VOL Ayan thank you much for politicians in and I appreciate welcome surprise army thank you for sports a brother I appreciate a lot of Salinas are referenced two on is a reference to laid out the gas, many positive move in a model of our guys of DNA Dole and the industry Donalee guys take U.S. initiative going as images to keep streaming of 71 likes Mr. Right now that’s amazing on raised was on a welcome the stream items in the of the gambian trio, Zealand is a plan of playing in and out of Leiby little ended never watch that wishing 25 tokens and only years of points 25 buyers, ceo of U.S. 20 factories and watch the tuition and Stephen Perkins I keep going to go if you’ve submitted soon and the month for over 2 hours and as he could keep going to a phenom silent shootdown and you’ll raise T7 thank you for the faults in and I appreciate welcome to the primus army I appreciate the sport and thank you very much I visited a better connection more wife Lodish into both platforms for is it the same of the streaming just want a slow you to bring haberdashery noble 540 sissy mission in just one in which I really like ivory she was a fantastic service for rowing boat to teaching in your twitch so I highly recommend inspections it’s free on the beach and both huge event which no charge to wishing to like two different which channels work to do for you to jail someone’s been at the summit you begin to pay for purchases and one outs a free service so on the season one hit box of you to switch on in NLG a beam up periscope litigation that as many as one is lazily have one of the service edition into an uncertain when he uses RE Stream just open up a global their super hopeful its great key streaming below revolution will teaching and as a touching on what to go Majidova identity as I went on to play two more thing about out of place our core domination of the Aussie says ready to go to wrestle to go into on double back out dough is a national and restart his party so we get up for renewal six and partying yourself as what a joy to get me up and will play right now legal and except from a question of buddy and enjoyable the society of apply to know edessa from request so she progressed exhibition play Pua send a check against the Pua sending should if request and I’ll be sure two out are simply as kitchen and drop a new pro I’m an IDC try the travel tax key plank as much to do is as long as the best as the performance of Bihac from day one Tito can stay for 40 more minutes for off a U.S. along a cell on it I might need some compensation and broke below what compensation for protested them appreciate was a replay with mark last game senators and marketers to watch the stream, fort accepting a splendid you to all my share ideas for a decline of nearly today at his backup for right now might be going to key guys but you wouldn’t mind is backing up New York I’d see china’s new people in years and others were blockaded to one and joined into one play so on it when my back and outputting a lot to me and Wasina people as well I love you any of the two ’cause lieutenant duff you I appreciate everyone knew some into the stream and elsewhere you guys are amazing and on a subscriber’s Raza right now we go and check will hunting how disgusting for their 15 minutes site server their 15 minutes guys we’re curly for subscribers away from 18,100 I really Purcell sports league as you’re amazing for some saw some guys are watched machine and you are enjoying it a subscription way as always be there as pre she added we are for one person answering else was a joy not be she landed at the sauce and U.S. Senate scenario of us is that we do a full six and I said so the

school was the goal is to poke as much for the Ayan change my specials character did not be remiss, on me as think inside the mosque in a cycle of may when we get that of the digital 34 war machine I guess it just uses his conduct focus our knees, but beginner street sprig of the action of the folks from using the best choice is the reigning masters a message in a car or on that day receives a database of choice I can joyce’s as Max ESI is really a full six and so no one else unfortunately people to join a two guys watch additional when you are enjoying a like reading is of course as was very much appreciated the full resolution you waste can stand and deliver evolution and if they were summoned as I can talk to guys named as a Nike said that’s my computer so I can I’m fortunate to talk to us I’ll even tried in Utah nine Brawley ChinaTown attaching a area boys was date of issue to let me as PC not to get personally wish to make it easier for me on a lot easier for the stream to is we have people talk one times in below the arctic Austrian the game plan at work for you , reporting from also were just like you’ll even tried any time you leave for some beaten back into the town torsten use of news about his liberal if he is live 1000 sharp as good as your wonder others even really care but yet can get 36 people watching as are all amazing thank you very much taller sport us a great USC we were tears streamed BlockBuster in which is awesome edu ITC offset the renowned for this game starts and deliver news for just a nice problem to mix to grow a curly no Pennington address as a renowned and so the shaman from a quasi are excepted will battle to get as gate action only uses canned 44 plus for IDC assassin Dugas class and so if iraq’s and I thought I was much more insane click as I saw the jump over and owls liotta I just get slide show shot in as oaks either from setting and I did any of the fast lane and this is some point but the identity as long as a September of last year some anything I can get it still see what the title role as a long time away from you should not leave about a woman I see the basket As unfortunate that is not good at least as a try really hard on SCSI to dispense and our city tournament due to open from the sponsor of the behind you are so frustrating the detriment we lose cells lament that it was one trap Lodish and a brother items in an unlucky sevens of this and a Lokey said Tom event began have them and war machines and the rest of the ageless for the other day that mean nothing to use us and I like me honestly if you watch my stream in the drop like Summit Mater Dei City law and some said that’s all I’m saying so Jc after some reason than your from a present about city should be another from a quest are something on I should be only one exit a pretty easily , go to miss that, although team era and school than a reason investor is the only whether to recommend that hard in backless identify after an arty but shots in as the only weapon that made sense of the night ended

, to deserve that RBI here though duty mesa and off I love playing with a good teammates you guys are tricking fantastical if you will acquire an event that if a customer tried at brown has I need only more people on purpose but you have to pass a message but you have one passengers like 50 times is neither would even Wheaton salmon and juice ID game live baht you’re not a bottom and your real person and have a body that in my stream on site say that many missing messages man unknown and I’m glad you know that the purpose pro but instead of like honestly I know people do and this is this is much better is honestly and weighs ally me we want to say has risen a suggestion as ministrations menaces for backup to something else I can see that so I just glance over I went to scroll back as your message so just type us to get honestly just just to get an eye can see it did and Sellers bob Dole span that but like you know we’d like a man entered seeing that sweeney’s times and if I can respond in a jeep intentions exacting sometimes you guys send a message out respond quickly in like a span of 5 seconds are some way that and then I will say anything else can you as an issue message so as a citizen by sending DS But please us a hissing is a message has his ministers as a hopeful does and you just outside and again and I feel bad the troll the guy is a troll man dies that old Charles Ewing sir or a stunned back isn’t where teammate and did you adjust and some and you really can respond to messages don’t appreciate them and I tried these are actors possible interactions which is keen and it’s because key and Instinet classic looking on was one of the embossed items in and welcome the stream we are that that’s entry and for reels scene can serve their unaligned fall into this every time I always about the high has can I have mod by Meza last great on fortune am I looking for a new monster 98 and so as I see as a city with a man of selling fremont’s but when prodding and doing is four on is in the future so I misses into the file you to the nuts with your watch many mostly watch me to on all of these at all wheel was assured him guilty in mas thank you much the faults in and I appreciate brother welcome surprise me thank you for sports in and I appreciate the very much on so it’s making the women to announce which is was people reached a certain token threshold Avalon to be like eligible for money will automatically be Monday that the ads like a list of eligibility for matzo some prodding to asset to get in your really interactive I miss about half a precedent and I’m so as far as the two goes estate and senate which primarily watch on on that final minute as renown of differing in Moscow I do appreciate consistency machine and told the guy goes unnoticed you’re usually in here every single string if not every single stream and on top of that you’re the first when you’re a ends a ends use the interactive trouble whole stream which is Dole is still ideals, Baba docs items in and out why the city on a channel I do bring us not for college so which like early and curly in ecology on and prodding a cassette of you sometimes seemed ideal of cotton and set up all my channel on four out of my own set ideal body docs thanks for which the faults in and I appreciate brother welcome surprise army major sports in and I appreciate the Leiby very much because of their house and senate illnesses will only get even as rape of a docs how he ended up as an address your name did the whole the enemies of a folder that if you guessing is that it was of these nuts welcome additions in and say you’re all alone 2 to 2 matching the lead when the koran

and women let what accord on will play will play one more enough record of mine is a sunny days will play one game of record on right now and then, be in the stream submission for 2 hours not the kind of food are saying so someone to do has a point system that is my idea being that was Mr. Idea that if they do one more game how you and do one more game as a one off on a really tight as letterbox Ayan extreme 80 seats taken thank you much to stop by me and I really appreciate thank you a shot by a CME like CNN’s Eugene cha right now we get 73 likes me to pursue the guise of you watching you to go and job like else mean a lot fills your watch that switch to those of your new specially Ayan tool stream of a view to and switched the exact same time so if you rather watch me to ignore my you to which you to dock on such primus dropped so over there on or if you often treated us do as well as neither does not me under two guys did as long as watching a stream of you has a Leiby to ’cause of the team and that has a DVD got an ideal rich where for for like to implement the point system in a stream of confuse which India fudge it like that little points ID like to implement the altar to a spot to work as pointer and maybe watch question of three shells my idea of a preacher about mistaking on could be wrong about that they’ll be as much a new town here I need to be talking a little way like redeemed on its the points I really know your PC and of bob Baba docs and not be seen and no odd deltas and more year Highstein only thing I did these premature East India three act To await water diversion I can begin and is very little creativity and I came into this pointing to see on I really have to split by does it says activity could be really begin lunch every first the thing you to edit unlike the video as a weird and as they were I know bob about some of his form and site for I do play Leiby seek of the Ayan actually using what played a match using won a switch axes and keyboard mouse as you wonder so I came with a mouse and keyboard here says a tall works on so it’s out at a law to Leiby like it tastes way down like the snow and find out they use to board mouse that icq were bused from work and was among the judges in the offense is one more, beware of other is middle of the Wasina matter of zero the BNP and into the GM, which are triggered Isa disappoint the words did you really in and is I’ve had this in the woods and mushing for a long time ago really long time sign a keyboard masses better idea reading and I just I perfected for at the suspect is at the keyboard mouse for three years before action that getting console ally of a way of this console stains on it is likely out overly November and when I got a host of CORBA with a controller so you see more such meet again same for second use keyboard mouse some acid been as easy transition in a night but no guys night but is actual lot like it’s it’s my but that’s my you to a 3 hour play hard core of one in my district again so fast you an idea that an annual brown in a distributed shoot is enacted not use of a non unsure if the if a jury really meant off of the teens resigned free of a stream by pro I didn’t mean it should be enacted israel’s Leiby and leads are any man prostate ideas for nominees in this for a long time ago that older channels like channels other than decided on this you to channel Mr. Channel for three years now been using ultimate which

bosses before I have this gentleman so , his hand and a longtime as the menus and saying that it was all U.N. and proxy you understand how badly plus country Gambia three you how you haven’t done yet I see manages to some practice may be sent to messing up the game are you a feeling really serious interior layout action work and getting better and practicing and stuff I Leiby was a stop on a cop on display like mess around whenever public for me to live in a competitive thing I do at the request of ion at having checked in on a lot, some as automotive industry on Tom Flores and I love you like to be accused of the 1909 but as the name of a pretty popular bought its use in a huge event which many so you see my by without their budget maximum use the actual my butt a single hack was a man does Mitchell two, pro 218 I really like our court nomination a it’s a slow for dummy until nothing and a digital myself sitting in the end of our ad began to show the crime than of Gardena residences and keeps it will only get Diana Diana of these, so we curl day one destroyer your school’s cocaine and if a canister in an assist in a dog , I cannot making cheese as to be three my sister nothing really get aside three often user assamese Eloise sex acts sox in that’s a rough time did as a rough time I would three avenues in an especially in light of a stream someone told me about java nuclear data may be $30.00 is receive a data some like getting punched Terreli, some even more stupid and that my dual wield marshals or discussing a shop charge for someone down a second time state suits food to an end as rapid as rough when it identifies so I thought was given us Wasina miles above the house, I guess is as good at it in a last game is on that to go ahead and get something after this on business and place an ad that closes here pretty soon young guys we are currently five subscribers away five subscribers away from 18,100 city as watching these extreme or you watch the twitching and watch as a major channel I had over to EU to dock, slice prize same things might switch to watch image which channel on an jobless at Nicklaus and you guessed it that day and another man 310 on the other on the other team, you are done every time the two broke a right eye as the city’s means that tell me tell you now decide if it’s if it’s your managers cream and the crane screamed there be no cremated coming as a year and I lay down Ten Leiby can get a guy I had the late notice that would allow people say access point balance of like there’s their spacing balls whites of the anti util city with a keyboard I would be trashed on a scene as is practice I play with keyboard mouse for so long and to stop practice at his ideas of the check and see as a hint came one day this a case about how I came in at least as I has a lead actors play ballot summit tokens like 5 minutes later guy so that for some reason it’s like we’re the delay and are not allowed but Elisa Sohn of the guise of me just be me to speak arrested was with his father service to be lacking a little bit on a

really sure as I was a summer quarter point is to be pretty good yet as long as the record as points to be good to be an issue of the stream chat to you to check and below acting about where now a manager 30 was Lodish in know what is written in 30 minutes Helena should he be over at this game potion wasn’t just as read here I title in the Montes me any monster BlockBuster you talk about like Matson the chat if one level Ayan raid on an unlevel 26 priest each one for the longest time on this account he is for I was only level 55 napper cease all any airstream – like a whisper seasonal battle the fund and the city design superstition your EO fruit of the month old account the house and the PC as little 507 so I just haven’t played out by seven played well against us so lucky Matson Pua three Fremont cells are actually really fun what to do it is like a Cezanne as maps and I love those Cousins I was after so much fun in damage is coming out in the Montana man did it right about agenda stressed and chip isn’t if no luck ran out and the lucky or getting hit with insanely bad of an outside Lokey just got killed by the offer came guarding the guardian IQ, say guardian century is a times and restarting out when I initially tomorrow I’m probably beginning another below three shin guards Ayan are really cool idea for be appreciated Mara says, be doing a better really cool idea for the stream us are really like to think that the demand and Wasina man did, and as I like I did use of these abiding Terreli like immediacy is coming up on when I can indicate an update course and deliver their slash us are lagging and it should be lining out to be a stint as your question on a really huge fan of the IDB Sunday’s pro in all honesty I then he’s honest and uses, Cecil like I like the femur a little these retro finger on formal like I know it just never missing, may I have played a couple times as routine really enjoyed to beech ideal master chains would someone brother welcome the stream and well knew the stream the 20 token psyche of us again next remained as unenforced Leiby hopping offer now Ayan undone wishing for Des Bois on all the machine for the auditioning for a long time today I decide CCS ID like us words at and gather the check us result of soul of my shins us know that I could watch me for while on CE high priest of us to mention today than the guys are all amazing if history was 74 likes that is phenomenal so thank you guys all support for sports a day on his rage against Indians U.S. boxers of the renown eggs in 198 points and soon so thank us all so much for sports and you guys are amazing on the as just an awesome today the donations on the viewership and the classics as enabled an awesome sight better weak Leiby for shin to montrachet see guys on the acting you very much see broke had I stayed at least adding things to use a precedent and on the STB and the stream the CS: job like us and not that’s already on to try to me to be as renewal of us to as many as two on fall might switch see as a way to live when it would be as in step in mind that we now live in a sunny Sunday accessories to be disco is waffling completely Jc Penney was a man Das identity and offline outside implies as you like the guys just to industry right now the other four silly or chili innocent on the land as open and supplied every quit CV get into that it will say as a droplet insane deals to open a four to IDs Alcatel of you guys in the