Hey guys! Welcome to Inspire to Cook! Summer heat is here So today, I am going to show you 10 coolest (epic) recipes you must try this summer We are going to do some Watermelon Pizza! Nutella Hot CHocolate Banana Sushi And I am going to crack my eggs in it We are going to do some hot dog pizzas the fusion of Jello and Marshmallows Super Ice Cubes/Fruity Ice Cubes I am going to show you how to make a Watermelon Cake! Tah-Dah! Let’s do it! #1. Watermelon Pizza The main ingredient we are going to need is the watermelon of course And any fruits that you have I am going to use some strawberries Kiwis And of course blueberries The first step is to cut a slice of watermelon Just like that Then cut it into pizza slices The next step is to cut up the fruit And again, you can use any fruit And you can cut them into different shapes You can normally cut the strawberries into halves But since mine are pretty big I am actually going to cut them into 4 pieces And of course we need to remove the greenery Next up is the kiwi fruit You can peel it different ways Today, I am going to peel it just as a regular potatoe just like that My watermelon pizza size is pretty small So I just need 1 nice slice of kiwi And I am going to show you why! So I am going to put it right on top of the watermelon pizza And I am going to cut it just the way a pizza is sliced There you go So each individual slice will have a little bit of kiwi But yet it looks like 1 solid pizza And finally, we are going to make it rain with some blueberries Just like that Doesn’t our pizza look like a beautiful, beautiful flower Just inviting you to eat Look at that Tasting time #2. Spiral Hot Dogs And it’s time to grill You really don’t need anything extra than your hot dogs or your wieners As well as some buns And the only extra thing that you need is 1 skewer We are going to start by grabbing 1 wiener And putting a skewer through it Right in the middle If it doesn’t work out the first time, you can take it out and put it back in No problem And I am going to grab my wiener and put the knife right through the skewer And I am going to start slowly Twisting it You can put it on the table like that, this way you are not going to cut your hands there you have it Then you just take out the skewer And there is your hot dog I am going to turn it up to high/medium high And I am going to let my grill pan to warm up a little bit You can do it outside if you would like though I am going to put just a touch of olive oil (any should work) Just a sprinkle Once you feel the pan is warming up, you can grab your sausages and through them on the plate The beautiful thing about the spiral hot dogs They will never curl up on you when you cook them so it’s actually much easier to cook as well Once it’s cooked on 1 side We are going to turn it, and we are going to turn it 4 different times So it’s nice and crusty on all the sides And at this time, I am going to go ahead and let my buns warm up By setting them up like that I am going to go ahead and flip them over When it’s about ready, I will grab my bread and put it with the flat side on the grill And while you are cooking with your friends, I am sure they are going to be impressed with this You definitely will have something to talk abut while cooking out We take it off the plate And look at that Don’t you just want to grab one of these And put it on top ooo It’s going to be so delicious Try it! #3. Marshmallow Jello Rolls You need 2 main ingredients A pack of jello, the small one 85 grams And you can use any brand/ As well as 85 grams of marshmallows (same amount by weight) And to make sure it’s not going to stick, we need some cooking spray Let’s do it! We are going to drop our 85 grams of jello in our container followed by half a cup of hot water And we’ll stir it up If you are making normal jello, you are actually putting two cups But it’s important that we put only half a cup of hot water in it And we’ll stir it up Once our jello is thoroughly mixed in We are going to add the marshmallows And we’ll make smaller crumbles out of them So it melts a little bit easier If you use kitchen seizers, it will be much easier to make smaller pieces out of larger marshmallows Our marshmallows are in and we are going to take them in the microwave for 30 seconds this is how it’s going to look And we’ll mixing it in very thoroughly Once it’s all melted and in the same consistency We are going to grab our cooking spray And spray our pan And we are going to transfer our marshmallow jello in the making Right into the pan And we’ll shake it to make sure it spreads evenly 45 minutes have passed And we take this baby out of the fridge And we are going to make sure it comes off the pot And we are going to go ahead and roll it up this way Look how beautiful it is on the back Doesn’t it look like a cool, gummy edible warm Well, we are about to make it into slices We are going to grab any thread, just make sure its not out of your garage And we are going to go around it And then just push it all in Just like that You see how nicely this dental floss cuts

Attorney/lawyer Boy, I just can’t help but go ahead and try it umm Let’s continue Look how beautiful it looks I am not sure what I like better, the heart, or the warm part of it You can actually go ahead and unroll them right into your mouse, just like that Insurance/Banking #4. Best Breakfast Sandwich (you are watching Top 10 Epic Recipes You Must Try This Summer) Through the ham on top of it I am going to show you how to put the best spin on the regular breakfast that you are probably making at home already It’s going to taste extra ordinary And it’s going to look so beautiful and is very practical to eat Let’s do it! Looking at these ingredients you are probably thinking: ‘well I know what he is going to do’ But we are going to put a super cool twist to it The ingredients we are going to need today: two slices of bread As well as 2, pook-pook-pook, eggs 2 slices of cheese And some ham I am going to use the brown sugar ham We are going to start by taking the bread and cutting a whole in it Of the size of the cheese Approximately, it doesn’t have to be precise Just a square like that Maybe even a rectangular There you go, same with the other bread And we are about to take this diy creation to the cook top I am going to set the cook top to medium, medium high And drizzle some olive or grape oil on it You can use canola oil if you prefer When the pan is nice and warm, we are going to through the breads on top of it with the even side in the middle I am going to out couple more drizzles of grape oil in it And I’ll crack my eggs into the bread slices Your wife is going to be super impressed with that You can put a little bit of sault or pepper on the egg if you’d like And through the ham on top of it Just like that, to make sure it fits in nicely You want to make sure the ham fits in to the square we cut though And we put the cheese on top of it You wan to make sure it comes off And it does Then we are gong to grab our other parts of bread And put on top of it Squish it in just a notch The smell from the ham, the egg and the cheese is beautiful umm We are about to flip it over umm Nice and golden You wan to make sure the other side is nice and golden as well So you can put a little bit of olive oil And give it a spin Make sure the middle of the bread gets golden on the oil as well And it’s time to take it out Your wife is going to be impressed You can decorate it with some greens And then just grab it like that And take a bite But if you are real macho You take one on top of the other And then you take a bite Unless you are married Then you have to share with your wife So what you do is you grab a couple of toothpicks Pink for her, blue for me Of course the better part goes to her And then you cut it right in the middle umm You cut from the middle to the corner, this way it will stay nice and fit umm Look at that The yolk is nice an runny. The cheese is nice and melty Then you take this breakfast sandwich and give the best part to your wife And eat the rest #5. Super Ice Cubes (AKA Fruity Ice Cubes)…(you are watching Top 10 Epic Recipes You Must Try This Summer) Everyone knows that you need to drink 2-3 litters of water every day Today, I am going to show you how to make it exciting The ingredients we are going to need are pretty flexible It’s basically any fruits you have laying around in your house We are going to use the strawberries The blueberries As well as some citruses Lemon and oranges Some kiwis And some raspberries We have washed our small fruits And we are going to cut up the larger fruits Like lemon And I am going to make small pieces out of them We are going to do the same with the oranges Now that we cut up our citruces, we are going to fill the fruits into the ice cubes And before you fill it up with water You can take a small piece of lemon And sprinkle it everywhere with lemon juice And it will give the ice cubes a little bit more flavor Once you filled in the fruits, you simple fill it up with water And it’s time to take it out from the fridge You see how nice and frozen it is And you see how cool it looks We are going to take itout And put it in our glass I took them out, you see how cool the loook You can actually see the fruits really well You can through a couple of them in the glass or bottle of water And they look just amazing Look at that umm Don’t you just want to drink that water attorney/insurance/banking #6. Banana Sushi (you are watching Top 10 Epic Recipes You Must Try This Summer) Are you stressed out at work or life in general? PMS symptoms getting to you? Well today, I am going to show you stress relieving, completely delicious and super easy to make treat you can do at home I am going to show you how to do banana sushi Just the sound of banana sushi makes me relieve my stress already The ingredients we are going to need today are very simple Some bananas As well as peanut butter And sesame seeds, roasted sesame seads Optional items are cinnamon as well as cocoa

Coca Moca And Cocoa Powder The first step is to select a few bananas And you want to take out the straight ones, not the round once on the outside But closer to the inside, they tend to me a little more straight And obiusly we are going to peel the bananas first We are going to get rid of brown endings And the next kitchen trick is going to be super simple I am going to grab my smaller skewer And put it through the banana Because my banana is not flat, I am going to start form the side And just to make sure it goes all the way through There you go Because the bananas are slippery inside, I am going to grab my second skewer And put it just a little bit above There you have it This way, it’s going to be easy to hold and ti’s not going to slip off Next step, we are going to grab our peanut butter And I am going to put it on with a fork You see how easy it is to hold on? I can lean it against the cutting board And we are going to easily apply the peanut butter on the banana Just like that We put our peanut butter in, next step is to apply the sesame seeds I am going to apply them gently like that Very easy, very naturally The other variation of healthy banana sushi you can do Is with cocoa powder I put the cocoa in one of those tea strainers And just shake it up Very thoroughly And you see how nicely it lays We are going to flip it over And then we will take our knife and cut through the bananas into sushi pieces And the best part, you get to eat the ends Right away our dish is completely cut up and ready Doesn’t it look like super cool sushi Well there is just one problem I don’t have those sushi sticks But oh well I am just going to get my skewers And I am going to use them just like those Asian sticks I will take one of those peanut butter banana sushi pieces umm #7. Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich (you are watching Top 10 Epic Recipes You Must Try This Summer) It’s going to be cheezelicious! And you can easily do it at home ALl you need for this is a little bit of butter Cheese of course And I am going to use the white bread, you can use the bread of your choice Of course, we are going to need the actual pan The flipping thing to flip it with ANd I’ll use a little bit of mayo I am going to use the home made mayonnaise we’ve done in the previous video First thing to do is put the small pan on the cook top And turn it on to medium/medium high then I will grab my two pieces of bread And put my mayonnaise on top of it And we are going to go to our pan Then cut a small piece of butter and through it on our frying pan Make sure it’s hot so it starts melting right away And take our first piece of bread and put it with the mayo side down And we are going to through about 4 pieces of cheese You can put 6 depending on how much you like it And we’ll cover it up with our other piece of bread With the mayo side up You wan to make sure to keep the heat on medium to medium low When you have the sandwich on thepan As it helps the cheese melt proportionaly Before the bread starts frying too much We’ll let it fry for a little while Until one side of bread gets a little bit of a color This recipe is very simple and you can do in any weather, you don’t have to go outside to grill it, so why not One side looks like it’s about to be done, so I’ll pick it up And flip it ANd if you didn’t grill it enough on one side We can come back to it and flip it and grill it again umm You can smell the cheeselisiousness of this sandwich Alright, it looks like the sandwich is ready We”ll put it on our cutting board and let it rest ANd I’ll cut it along to make it look even nicer and to make it easier to eat Or even in four pieces Umm Cheezelicious! The bread is crunchy, the cheese is melty And hot~! #8. Nutella Hot Chocolate. (you are watching Top 10 Epic Recipes You Must Try This Summer) Nutella hot chocolate really doesn’t need much introduction Weather you need a midday pick me up Or you just want some comfort drink It’s always exciting I’ll show you how to make 1 cup, if you need 2 or 3, just multiply the proportions And you should be good to go You really don’t need to much for this Just one cup of milk The nutella or any hazel nut cream I am also going to use some cinnamon ANd marshmallows Small marshmallows I acutally chopped up the larger ones But you can substitute them with some weep cream ANd of course we need a pan to warm it up in ANd a cup to put it in when it’s ready First thing is to turn up the heat to medium/medium low We can start with medium And switch it up to low as we go And we are going to pour in the milk in the pan ANd we are going to start mixing it right away

As it’s warming up Our milk warmed up some So our recipe calls for 1 table spoon of nutella Well we can’t violate it I just like it a little bit sweeter oops And I am going to put one just larger table spoon of nutella ANd we are going to continue mixing it Umm Well the milk starts getting the color of chocolate And I’ll share the secret You can just get it to the temperature that you like ANd pour it in the cup But I’ll warm it up until the milk is going to start rising And then pick it up from the cook top The milk is going to be so much more creamier And so much more hot chocolaty like As you see the milk is becoming much fluffier so it’s abut time it’s going to start rising You can actually hear it starts boiling a little bit It starts coming up a little bit So you pick it up and start mixing it It became very rich and fluffy So we are going to pour it into ou cup If you could only smell it So it’s time to out in just a pinch of cinnamon mix it up just a notch And then you through ether the marshmallows or the whipping cream on top of it ANd it looks amazing I tell you this is the best comfort drink or pick me up drink you’ve ever tried Super creamy True hot chocolate Nutella hot chocolate not one of those powdery things you buy at a store #9. Hot Dog PizzA. (you are watching Top 10 Epic Recipes You Must Try This Summer) Time to grill And what’s the easiest and everyone’s favorite food to grill of course some hot dogs Well today I am going to put a very cool spin on the hot dogs ANd going to combine it with a pizza We are going to do some hot dog pizzas Let’s do it The ingredients we need today are very simple We are going to need some hot dog buns As well as the actual hot dogs ANd since it’s pizza, we are going to need some pepperoni Not really sure why they are not called mamaroni But oh well As well as some mozzarella cheese sticks And some shredded mozzarella cheese, or any moist cheese that is good for melting In terms of devices, we are going to need some cooking foil And a pan to put it on Before we do anything else we preheat our oven to 360 degrees So it’s ready when we are We are going to start with the bun and the secret pizza sauce All I need to do is crack my bun open ANd apply some pizza sauce on it I am using fully cooked hot dogs but if you need to cook your hot dogs, you can though them on the grill or on the frying pan And make sure they are cooked before you put them on I will cut my hot dog but not all the way through So it cracks open but stays together And we will load it up with mozzarella cheese sticks Look how beautiful it looks alrady And then, shape up the hot dog with the foil just like that Just get to the corners of it like that Twist the ends you wan to make sure I looks kinda like a bouat ANd it’s holding the shape of the hot dog ANd we are going to let it rain with some cheese The more the marrier, I love some cheese For each hot dog, yo need 4 pieces of pepperoni Because you are probably going to eat one ANd simpley lay them out on the hot dog just like that Beautiful And it’s ready to go into the oven If you are cooking mutlitple hot dogs, you can lay them out on the tray But because I like to over load mine with cheese I like to make boats like that, it holds it in much better So we are going to put it in the oven After about 15 min in the oven, we took itout And let it rest for a little So it’s not super hot If you put the hot dog pizzas in the oven, you can eat them right off and you don’t have to have a plate if you could only smell it, lets give it a taste Umm attorney/insurance/medical/banking #10. Watermelon Cake (you are watching Top 10 Epic Recipes You Must Try This Summer) Who doesn’t like themselves some good, fresh, cold watermelons Esspecially on a hot summer day But today, Iam going to show you a super impressive way to serve a water melon I am going to show you how to make a watermelon cake Let’s do it The best part about this cake, it doesn’t require no baking It doesn’t require any skills ANd even a child can do it As a base, you need a nice round watermelon As well as some fruits for the toppings I am using some strawberries Some kiwis and blueberries And we are going to use the cool whip for the cream There are different ways to make it I am acutally going to use a special cake shaping thing As you can actually even it out with the cream The first step is huh! Go ahead and take the top of watermelon off You wan to make sure the top is of the size of this round thing You don’t have to use it, but if you are, make sure of that ANd we’ll flip the watermelon over ANd it will be our base And we’ll take off the top Make sure you are safe when cutting watermelon And holding your hand right on top of it So you are not cutting your fingers with it If you are not using the round thing You can just start cutting the sides off like that But since I am using it, I’ll stick it in so I know where the shape is Just like that And I’ll start cutting the sides of the watermelon off

This is how it’s going to look ANd I’ll apply my round thing It’s much easier now that the boarders are gon Once it’s in, I”ll cut off more of the watermellon ANd you can eat the leftovers And push it in even more into the watermelon As level as we can And cut off the bottom portions Look how beautiful it looks already And we are about to out some cool whip on it You want to make sure to taste it out to make sure it’s good Pretty good The way to apply the cool whip is to grab some You can do it with a knife or spatula and you want to make sure the watermelon is wiped up with a napking ANd we’ll do it from the bottom to the top Just like that And we are going to go all the way around it And we’ll put it on the top without touching the corners So we’ll just apply it Next to the corners OUr cake base is ready so we’ll sit it aside and cut up the fruit I’ll start with blueberries and put them right at the base So it separates the look and looks beautiful I’ll improvise with the decoration and cut the strawberries Not all the way through, this is our center pieces just like taht You’ll see why we need to do that ANd we’ll spread it and put it as the center piece They other strawberries I’ll cut into 8 pieces since mine are pretty large ANd I’ll cut it in half first and get rid if the greeneries ANd cut it in half again And again in half Again improvise, but I’ll stick them in just like that on my watermelon cake ALl the way around Just like I am cutting a cake ANd here as well In between ANd in between we’ll put blueberries 1 and 2 You can put any pattern that you like And I’ll slice my kiwis pretty thin ANd I’ll make small cubes out of them Making stripes first And then cut them as a checker board Just like that ANd we are going to sprinkle them around the center piece Tah -dah! Doesn’t it look amazing? Look at that! And I didn’t have to No Bake nothing. I didn’t have to whip anything I just cut a few fruits And put the cream on, that’s all ANd the taste is going to be amazing, I know that So I’ll make a small incision I am really hesitant to ruin this beuaty But I have to Let’s do it CHECK. THIS. OUT! You friends are going to be so impressed with that Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video, Let me know in comments below what you think ANd I’ll see you next time I am off to eat it Inspire to COok Inspire to Cook Inspire to Cook inspire to Cook