Animal Sound Song | Kindergarten Videos for Children | Cartoons Videos by Little treehouse

Let’s make some Animal sounds come along Oh no The hungry little Duck goes quack quack the Rollie pollie Hen grunts cluck cluck cluck The Horse in the stable go stay neigh neigh neigh And we all say The large lazy Cow sings Moo Moo Moo While the dirty pink Pig goes Oink Oink Oink The sheep jump around going Baa Baa Baa And we all say Woof Woof Woof say the happy Puppy The cat runs around doing Meow Meow Meow The clever little Monkey get Chatter Chatter Chatter And we all say The angry big Lion goes Roar Roar The scared green snake goes Hiss Hiss Hiss The sleepy old Owl goes Hoot Hoot Hoot And we all say The come white Goose says Gobble Gobble Gobble The Donkey and the farm goes Hee Haw Hee Haw The Frog leaps away going Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit And we all say