Boys Alone (Social Experiment Documentary) | Real Stories

Boys Alone How protective do we really need to be of our children? and just how dependent are they on us? What would happen if children were actually left to live alone together? Ten boys from bushsharfishseer(???) were chosen to live by themselves in this house for five days Aged 11 and 12, none of them had met beforehand The house and garden were filled with toys, games books, and paints The kitchen was stocked with food Cameras were put in the bedrooms to monitor the boys at night and during the day there was a camera crew in the house The crew didn’t speak to the boys and only intervened for reasons of safety The first the boys saw of their new home was when they arrived at 10:30 one Monday morning It is mine! Oh this is lovely! -See that shot? Did you see it? -Yeah -I’m going upstairs, mate -Oi, wicked! Oh, this is great! How do you know my name already? There was a bell the boys could ring at anytime if they needed help They could speak to the production team, a nurse their parents, or to a child psychiatrist, who each ahd met beforehand They were also free to leave the house at anytime Upstairs there were two bedrooms a larger one with six beds The smaller one had four Hey Hey Hey! look what I found!! Ten cameras have been left out for the boys to use George was the first to take a picture There are also ten water pistols It was daniel who ‘d got whole of the biggest once the ice is broken, everyone began to introduce themselves What’s your name? – Mark Then it was time to check out each of the skills The boys couldn’t believe the freedom they’ve been given and for the first hour they just ran Michael was taken to task for throwing sticky pop corns all over the carpet George!! but soon everybody was trashing the place Is it to see what it would take to make an adult to intervene?