The best of Chrome games | Chrome Developer Summit 2020

SURMA: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to [INAUDIBLE] It is Jake explaining words of my choosing to Paul He cannot say the word, he cannot say words that rhyme with the word, and he cannot draw the word, or make sounds, he has to describe them Are you people ready? JAKE: Ready to go PAUL: Yes SURMA: Off you go JAKE: OK, if you want to– you’ve got passwords for websites, but if you want to make it more secure, you add this in PAUL: Https? I don’t know JAKE: So you login, you get an SMS or something, and that’s called? PAUL: Oh, two-factor TFA, two-factor authentication? JAKE: Yes, yup, you said it OK, the fans of Vim really hate this text editor PAUL: Fans of Vim Emacs? JAKE: Yup, thank you Oh, OK On a joypad, you’ve got the analog sticks, but you’ve got another thing there to do directional stuff PAUL: The D-pad JAKE: D-pad! Thank you, Surma OK, so at the end of a line, you will sometimes leave some punctuation Like, if you’re doing an array, you can miss one of these out on the last [INAUDIBLE],, but I like to leave them in there PAUL: The comma JAKE: Yeah, but if it’s– PAUL: Comma JAKE: It’s kind of just hanging around there, isn’t it? It’s sort of like– PAUL: The trailing comma JAKE: Almost It’s kind of like hanging off the edge there, isn’t it? It’s just sort of– PAUL: I have no idea what this is JAKE: So if you were holding on to a cliff edge, you would describe this like, wow, I’m really doing this thing PAUL: Hanging? JAKE: OK, so it’s got two syllables The first syllable is something like an American would say if they’re not– they’re not wanting to properly swear, so they’ll say this PAUL: Oh, man, this is not a good explanation I’ll be honest with you JAKE: OK A comic book character in the UK, it’s a Scottish comic He’s desperate PAUL: Dan JAKE: Right PAUL: Dang Dangling JAKE: Thank you very much Excellent PAUL: Oh, wow! Dangling comma, come on JAKE: So you’ve– you can call these in JavaScript PAUL: Functions? JAKE: Yes, but sometimes– sometimes you just do that straight away PAUL: Immediately-invoked Functioning Expression, IIFE? JAKE: Yes, excellent Thank you very much OK, so we have a dot window– you’ve got the window variable, you’ve got the self variable A new standard was made to join together what– PAUL: [INAUDIBLE] JAKE: Thank you very much All right, so if you were, say, in the late ’90s and you really wanted some music, but didn’t want to pay for it, you would use this software PAUL: Kazaa? JAKE: Oh, nearly Keep naming them PAUL: Oh, what was it called? Ah, no, it begins with an S JAKE: No, OK, here– so if you had a very short sleep, what would it be? PAUL: A nap Napster JAKE: Excellent PAUL: Thank you JAKE: All right, so we’ve got Chrome, but if you want to use the nightly, it’s called this PAUL: Canary? JAKE: Yeah, excellent So if you’re starting a project with a set of files, you would call it this It’s also the name of a CCS framework And all of the sites look the same because they all use this set of CCS PAUL: Bootstrap? JAKE: Correct OK, so we Blink came from WebKit but WebKit came from? PAUL: Konqueror JAKE: And what was the– PAUL: KHTML? JAKE: Yes, absolutely And we’re out! [SIGH OF RELIEF] PAUL: Oh, wow Some of those were absolutely [INAUDIBLE] SURMA: I’m like miles away, but I could basically hear you sweating JAKE: So difficult PAUL: I was really struggling with the dangling comma I just couldn’t– I couldn’t think of any– SURMA: I thought you were an [INAUDIBLE] PAUL: I’ve called it the trailing comma [INAUDIBLE]– JAKE: Yeah, I call it trailing comma, but dangling comma works as well Yeah, that was a good one PAUL: Wow SURMA: I’ve looked it up That’s what the rule in [INAUDIBLE] is called I’m just saying JAKE: Oh, fair enough Fair enough PAUL: Today, I learned SURMA: Well, chaps, well done PAUL: OK, we’re going to play another game of Charades Surma is going to be describing to Jake As always, he’s not allowed to make any kind of noise, draw words or letters in the air, or mouth the letters, or any of that kind of stuff He has to stay completely silent and describe the word of my choosing to Jake I’ve sent the word across to Surma, but he hasn’t seen it yet So he’s about to see for the first time, try and describe it– for one of the better term– to Jake and Jake’s going to try and guess it Let’s get ready Gentlemen, are you ready for the contest?

JAKE: Yeah Yeah, yeah PAUL: OK, on your marks, get set, let’s go You’re welcome I just [INAUDIBLE] face JAKE: Disappointed Surma Two words First word String? Yo-yo Spiral? Circle Web Web Second word Web bundle? Web package? Oh, web– so that’s like build? Web builder? It’s not a bundle of web Web tools? Web– Web builder? Web construction? PAUL: (EXCITED) So– JAKE: Web constructs? Web– PAUL: Keep going! JAKE: Web construction Web constructor Web builder PAUL: What is he doing? JAKE: Come on, give me another clue You need to work on– that’s your fault, Surma, not mine That’s great, I can insult him and he can’t even talk back It’s like, Surma, you’re really bad at this You’re dreadful OK, so we’ve got– are we doing back or butt? Butt Second word– second word is– PAUL: More versions of the word “butt” I think he’s going for here JAKE: Web bottom I mean, I only know the rude words Web– oh, yeah, you want a rude word? Web arse? I am really not getting this! Like, wait, so we got– OK, so we’re talking– we got a big old web arse A web arsenal, a web– I am not enjoying myself right now! PAUL: What would be an American way of saying arse? JAKE: Web ass PAUL: Right What’s he doing? JAKE: Web ass– web assimilate? Three syllables Web architecture? Web ar– web– web ass Web– I don’t know! I hate this! I’m not having fun anymore This was fun before I’m not enjoying this OK, [ELEVATOR MUSIC PLAYING] Web ass– PAUL: Wait, wait, he’s got JAKE: No, I don’t I’ve got web assem I’m kind of like repeating what you’re saying Web assembly PAUL: Yes! JAKE: No! PAUL: Oh! That was– JAKE: I hate everything because that’s so obvious now [GRUNT] PAUL: An emotional low point or high point, depending on who you are I would like to say well done, but I think well done, Surma We’ll leave it there OK, so it’s time for a Wikipedia race The idea is fairly straightforward I start Surma and Jake off on one particular page of Wikipedia and I give them another page that they have to get through by clicking on the links around Wikipedia So the starting point that they have here is the Chrome disambiguation page on Wikipedia So this is the Chrome page, so if you just type “Chrome” into Wikipedia, it’ll ask you which Chrome you’re talking about, and that’s where they’re starting They don’t know where they’re headed yet I haven’t told them But you’ll be able to see on screen both of their browsers and the idea is the first one to get to the target page wins Does that all make sense? Are you happy? You clear? JAKE: I’m not happy, but it is clear PAUL: I was going to say you’re clear, not necessarily happy All right, the page that you are going to go to– and I’ll be obviously watching along and all the best to you both The page that you need to get to is Empire State Building JAKE: Oh, thanks, mate SURMA: Oh, OK JAKE: OK, right I’ve got a plan PAUL: So Surma’s straight into the browser JAKE: Yeah, yeah PAUL: So is Jake Have a look at it JAKE: Yeah SURMA: OK PAUL: And you’re allowed to search, apparently SURMA: Yes, Control-F is allowed JAKE: Yes PAUL: OK SURMA: All right, so this should have– JAKE: Empire State Building, right? PAUL: Yeah, Empire State Building

SURMA: [INAUDIBLE] park So if I remember correctly, the Empire State Building is in New York PAUL: It is, United States Surma’s got a great plan here JAKE: Yeah, well I’m trying to do the same thing SURMA: Done PAUL: Surma has arrived! JAKE: Oh, mate PAUL: That was good work SURMA: OK, from Margaret Hamilton, your target page is Arctic Monkeys the band PAUL: Arctic Monkeys? JAKE: Oh, my word SURMA: Interesting first choice there by Paul JAKE: [GROAN] PAUL: Jake, come on, you must have– OK SURMA: I see JAKE: Why do some of these not have links? This is really annoying me PAUL: Ah, I’m not even sure what would it would be– JAKE: This is upsetting I haven’t even left the– [NERVOUS HUMMING] PAUL: I’m thinking– SURMA: OK, Paul, has made it at least across the ocean PAUL: Yeah, I’m stuck on music JAKE: I have also– SURMA: OK? JAKE: OK, I am now going to– SURMA: The Beatles? That’s close, but not quite it PAUL: I know, I’m thinking if I can find points of– JAKE: Where are they from, Arctic Monkeys? Are they Sheffield? PAUL: I don’t know JAKE: Yes, they are PAUL: OK SURMA: Aw, that’s some very generous information sharing from Jake’s side there PAUL: It was, not that it helps me because I’m trying to– I’m stuck I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck SURMA: Ah, we have arrived at Sting Also in terms of music PAUL: I know, I know, I know And I’m still desperately trying to think– see, I have some famous– SURMA: In the meantime, Jake has arrived in Sheffield, but it doesn’t seem to be very helpful PAUL: Come on, I mean– SURMA: Spice Girls, also another good choice by Paul PAUL: I was hoping that somebody somewhere is going to reference the Arctic Monkeys from one of these famous musicians SURMA: I mean, the Spice Girls are infamously inspired PAUL: Arctic Monkeys, yes! JAKE: Why does the Sheffield– you got to– I was like why does the Sheffield page not list the bands from Sheffield? Like, there’s loads of good bands from Sheffield They’re clearly not on quite the right Sheffield page PAUL: For what it’s worth, mate, you can get to Sheffield from the Arctic Monkeys, mate You just click it There you go JAKE: [SIGH] See, and now I’m on the proper Sheffield page I bet it’s like– I bet the Arctic Monkeys– there they are [GROANING] PAUL: Well, that was good knowledge JAKE: I hate this game I hate this game so much I’m not having fun SURMA: It is time for [INAUDIBLE] Gentlemen, are you ready? JAKE: I’m already sweating SURMA: I’ll take that as a yes PAUL: I’m already in game mode I’m just concentrating SURMA: All right, get the game faces on On your marks, get set, explain PAUL: OK, oh, Surma This is if you did brain surgery on something to– and then the second word would be kind of– JAKE: Neural network? PAUL: –a bird A kind of bird– it flies at night and it’s known for rotating its head all the way around JAKE: An owl PAUL: Right, that’s the second word And the first one will be brain surgery to kind of– JAKE: Oh, the lobotomised owl PAUL: Yes OK, so standards body JAKE: W3C PAUL: Correct OK, so really old programming language from, like, 1950s, 1960s It’s the kind of thing you think of mainframes JAKE: COBOL? PAUL: Correct This one would be an old way of connecting to a monitor to a PC, for example JAKE: Oh, VGA? PAUL: Slightly newer JAKE: DVI PAUL: Right, and now expand it to what you’d actually call it It is a DVI what? JAKE: Plug, socket, cable PAUL: Keep going– yes, there you go, DVI cable JAKE: DVI cable, thank you PAUL: Oh, Surma! Right, an old way of archiving that you’d have done on Windows JAKE: Oh, WinDraft PAUL: Yes, brilliant OK Right, the standards that you write or your marker pin, but then add a letter on the front Again, a little bit on the older end JAKE: The standard that I write on my marker pin? Like common mark? PAUL: So what do you write on your marker pin? JAKE: A VS code PAUL: No, as in– JAKE: Text PAUL: Yeah, but what’s it actually known as? The standard for writing– JAKE: Common mark PAUL: You’ve got Javascript, CSS, and– JavaScript, CSS, and what? JAKE: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML PAUL: Right, put another letter on the front JAKE: XHTML PAUL: Another one, keep going It makes it exciting and moving and– JAKE: Oh, DHTML, DHTML PAUL: Perfect Perfect, right Now you know when you do thing and thing and thing, and that’s really annoying So this new operator that lets you just check JAKE: Oh, no! PAUL: It’s a question mark JAKE: It’s the nullish coalescing operator? PAUL: Yes! Brilliant OK, Apple have a connector of this type with a–

JAKE: Lightning PAUL: Keep going, another one JAKE: Oh, a Thunderbolt PAUL: Perfect OK, going back to the standards body, there’s different layers of readiness for specs JAKE: Editors draft? Those [INAUDIBLE] recommendations? PAUL: Perfect, that’s it JAKE: Oh, excellent PAUL: Right, the one that’s up from Uno is? JAKE: Duo PAUL: Brilliant End SURMA: Well done! PAUL: Yes! SURMA: Well done PAUL: You did very, very, very well with those JAKE: I felt like there were some lucky stabs in the dark there, like with COBOL and whatever Like, I was not– I was expecting half the list, like a ton of old programming languages, but, yeah, that was– PAUL: I think DHTML was surprisingly difficult to land JAKE: Yeah, I was thinking like SHTML and all of that Yeah, I don’t know PAUL: But you crushed it with like– SURMA: I did enjoy you dancing around with a lobotomised owl That was very enjoyable JAKE: That was very good PAUL: I’ve never heard of it What is that? I need to go and– do I need to Google that? I’m not sure SURMA: It’s a CSS selector, star plus star It’s called the lobotomised owl PAUL: Today, I learned SURMA: Ladies and gentlemen, we have another Wikipedia race coming up right now Are you chaps ready? PAUL: Yes JAKE: Yep SURMA: Your target pitch is standard deviation PAUL: Standard deviation JAKE: Oh, I hate you PAUL: Right, I was hoping there would be something about mathematics, but there isn’t So let’s go with JavaScript Math and– SURMA: Ah, I see [INAUDIBLE] JAKE: We’re doing exactly the same thing SURMA: Those code samples, very helpful to find other mathematics-related articles Not– PAUL: Yeah, but it’s not really helping because they’re not linked to the word “math” or “maths.” SURMA: I mean, that would be– PAUL: Oh, no JAKE: Why is– all right PAUL: OK, I’m going to try a different language than math SURMA: I see both participants are engaging in wild Control-F’ing PAUL: Uh, yeah This is hard SURMA: We have arrived at Java, which is not that big of a– PAUL: I went to Java and then I came back because I really am struggling Hang on Got to go to standard deviation, right? SURMA: Jake has arrived at Lua, which is also a questionable choice at this point Reading about the syntax of Lua Ah, we are slowly abstracting from concrete languages to abstract concepts Maybe this is the way to go to– JAKE: Why is– right, I’m going off the wall This is it I mean, the Department of Computer and Science University of Cambridge, this is it SURMA: It might lead you to [INAUDIBLE] Who knows? JAKE: What? I– SURMA: Paul is still comparing languages JAKE: OK, OK, OK PAUL: OK, I thought you got it then No JAKE: Have you– SURMA: Ah, looking for the word “math” in the article about MathML That’s– PAUL: Yeah, but that was fine I’ve got I’ve gone to mathematics– standard– oh, come on How did you know I have standard deviation in math– or wait, statistics SURMA: That is a good question Maybe something worth editing on the Wikipedia page Oh, we have arrived Paul’s at statistics, that seems like it’s fairly close The pressure is on for Jake PAUL: Standard deviation! Where’s my mouse cursor? Yes! SURMA: Oh, that was– JAKE: No! SURMA: –such a close call, but it was just fast enough to deny Jake his only chance at winning PAUL: Yes! JAKE: I hate you so much I hate you so much PAUL: Oh, I’m so happy I denied you the victory I mean, oh, bad luck, mate SURMA: Oh, that was a tough– good fight Good fight JAKE: I think this one is complete rubbish So you have to get to the Wikipedia page “landfill.” Off you go PAUL: Oh, rubbish? JAKE: Yes PAUL: OK OK, I’m going to go with– JAKE: I am just like impressed at how quickly Surma moves around pages I can see why I just lost this terribly PAUL: OK JAKE: What are your strategies? SURMA: I’m trying to– oh, I’m not telling that I’m not gonna– JAKE: Well, it makes me a very boring video Let’s all just sit here in silence then until one of you finds the page SURMA: I’m trying to go via agriculture, but for some reason– JAKE: Oh PAUL: Ah, yes SURMA: –there is no dedicated link PAUL: Landfill, got there JAKE: What? PAUL: Oh, I’m so happy with that SURMA: Tell me your path PAUL: Yes! JAKE: How did you do it? What was your– PAUL: OK, let’s go backwards I’m going to rewind this I’m actually quite pleased with this path that I went through I went web 2.0, went to JavaScript library, to JavaScript, to V8, the JavaScript Engine figuring garbage collection– SURMA: No way, that worked? JAKE: Oh! PAUL: –so that then led me– yeah, that led me to the disambiguation because it has the disambiguation click at the top So I went to disambiguation page, the top one, garbage collection or waste collection is part of municipal waste management Brilliant, great So then I went to waste collection

and there is landfill and I went straight through to landfill SURMA: That’s incredible That is not a path I would not have thought would ever work, so you deserve that win That was [INAUDIBLE] PAUL: I’m so– JAKE: Yeah, that was absolutely amazing PAUL: –unbelievably chuffed with that one Yes! JAKE Ha, well done PAUL: Thank you JAKE: So we have been filming these little interstitial videos all day and we are running out of ideas and patience So we’ve come up with a final game and what we’re going to do is we’re going to see how long we can not blink for Was that the correct grammar to use? PAUL: Not really, but the words were all there You just have to make them work for yourself Don’t blink, any of us, for as long as possible If we miss a little mini blink, then I’m sure everybody will hold us to the high standards of honesty that we expect from ourselves here JAKE: Absolutely, I’m trying to get in a quota of blinks SURMA: As I was saying, you know how you hyperventilate before diving because it allows you to hold your breath longer? I wonder if the same thing applies to blinking, if you hyper-blink– JAKE: Hyper-blink, yeah PAUL: There’s going to be somebody out there who’s going, that’s the worst thing to do They’ve all completely sabotaged their [INAUDIBLE] SURMA: You just lost three years of your life span or something JAKE: Especially with a big light in my face here as well OK, here we go SURMA: Yeah, that’s not helping JAKE: Are you ready? PAUL: I think so SURMA: Yes, I’m ready JAKE: OK, 3, 2, 1, go Oh, I kind of went for a huge eye open at the start there, which I feel like I might have– SURMA: I blinked [BLEEP] JAKE: Well, you’ve got to be rubbish at something SURMA: Yeah, well, I’ll just judge– PAUL: My eye is twitching JAKE: Moving your eyes is fine PAUL: This is really hard JAKE: Oh, you would think this would be easier than this, but my eyes are like properly stinging now PAUL: Yep SURMA: I just enjoy watching your frozen faces staring into the camera The light, the light is drying out your eyes as well JAKE: It is because– I mean, obviously, to film this, we’ve got like a huge– well, I’ve got a huge light right there PAUL: So have I, yep JAKE: It’s like– oh, I blinked I blinked Ah! PAUL: I’ve still not blinked yet I’m going for– I think I haven’t anyway Oh, there I go OK Yep JAKE: That was the nicest blink I’ve ever had PAUL: Unless I’m much mistaken, I don’t think I blinked there throughout I’ll be interested to– I might just watch that back for myself at some point SURMA: It turns out, Paul, you have a recording that you can rewatch on loop of you PAUL: I’m just blown away SURMA: This might be one of the most uncomfortable GIFs we can make PAUL: Just all three of us just staring SURMA: And judging JAKE: Well, we’re definitely out of ideas then, so– SURMA: Yeah JAKE: Yeah, that’s enough from us [MUSIC PLAYING]