Automatic Cobblestone Generator – Minecraft Tutorial

hey guys Dooley to your welcome to a new video this is a tutorial on how to make a fully automatic cobblestone generator using blocks redstone torches redstone redstone repeater piston glass torch water and lava so let’s get started we’re going to count eight blocks vertically 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 once you’ve done that place your piston that count four bucks 1 2 3 4 and place another pistol then count 2 blocks but this time using bless all right then when you’ve kind of two blocks on the last block place one block pacing that same blocks and it’s confusing right all right now we’re going back to the first piston and we’re going to create a little platform right one two three four and then 1230 I all right wait wait a second actually let’s make it four okay it’s going to be over here four by four makes sense all right we are going now to play some glass over here next to the piston one block to block create a little entrance like all right then it’s going to be three blocks of me long two three one two three makes sense all right so as we said two blocks high will leave a space here nearly two blocks spaces all right and now we can just continue same thing leave that space and on the left on the edge or the vertex of the platform close it all up then we’re going to first of all go to the back of the piston then place a redstone torch all right then over here on the second block placed lava then just close the less because this is one step right now as we’re here we’re going to cover it all the glass all right so from that thing from this height we’re going to continue with glass okay just cover this match n plus all right you understand why okay you need just to make a little haul for this for this area because that this is going to be where the water all right let’s just take this one until replace the one so continue in the platform over with the Hall of water all right so now as you created a haul for the water and see there’s no way the water is going to escape but why are we using glass just to make sure you can see I’ll be okay to make it prettier just filling the edges all right things I was going to look gives this hard enough need to explain the locks like it’s going to be it’s almost three by three Larry yeah 3 by 3 cool it on hall or passage nobody like to call it and then we’re going to place the bucket of water on the glass on the glass block right above the

piston now but we’re going to do to prevent any now it’s prevented from having any problem but go back to the under the piston and place a redstone torch this way we have almost done something pretty cool all right okay so you might notice that the video seems a little bit different so the video is going to be totally cut up I’m gonna have parts where I cut the video and go see how the generator looks like because I’ve already built it and it’s very hard to remember it exactly so basically what we did this part is extra but it doesn’t affect the generator anyways now all right so since we already have this platform we are going to please one block over here and we are going to count 712 okay so seven starting from this one listen we want to want to rate 45 okay delete this one let’s make it an odd number equivalent place a block on behind it so that’s one two three four five six and seven we’re gonna create a little bit of a ring so count 29 for me or 30 including this one what’s a third I didn’t place this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 on that page 21 24 and 25 26 27 28 29 to 30 okay let’s make sure that the 30 quickly 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 and 5 and 6 27 28 29 all right 30 so now count again 1 2 3 4 5 6 270 now just connect the end and you’re good to go known if you can’t over here well here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to create a very big ass with redstone timer ah so what I want you to do is on the corners of this ring place redstone all right you dumb that now place repeaters but make sure they’re all facing this way now not on here don’t make it like that all right facing the direction of its just gonna be okay if you’re facing this way it’s gonna be right straight left and then I mean then backward so this way all right so this is gonna take a little while all right just to make sure that so I don’t see people oh okay and maybe he did something between the cutting of the video all right I didn’t do anything basically it’s just that the generator is very hard to remember and this is my second version i had another version but it was a on the land version did a lot of space for the law of on for the water so i came up with this one so now what we want to do is set the repeaters on maximum delays and unless one tick to take three things okay and

36 or 48 74 I just set it to the alley all right I’m going to just cut this video so it doesn’t take much time so I’m back and as you see I’ve set them all on maximum delay i just to show you i click one is going to be in the beginning right so they’re all on maximum delay just to say that i didn’t do anything okay so the same thing good platform the Christine all right okay and I’m back so once we’ve done that here’s what we’re going to do under the corner of this redstone that is next to the generator stores we are going to make a little bit thin be over here all right is reason for that okay so there is what we’re going to do you’re going and set this one maximum delay once you’ve done that we’re almost good to go all right so here’s what we’re going to do next okay we’re going to create search so after you’ve created this little 90 degrees two by two by two I mean two by two lines one Finley arm we are going to next to the first repeater on this side one block another block above it then I block above it and a block next to it and break this one and then block next to it and block above it and break this one just to save Bloch’s all right okay and now place redstone okay I need to go one block further some place a block knocks it and above it and yes we go so here’s what you’re going to do you’re going to create a second it’s going to be a five by three platform all right one two three four five two three one two three four oh wait a second is something if you pack make sure the width is 3 1 2 3 all right okay k is gonna be one two three four and five then this is a common one between them six one two three once we have done that been going to create place a repeater maximum delay Peter maximum delay repeater maximum delay redstone repeater next from delay redstone repeater maximum delay the Peter maximum bleh Peter maximum delay and then we are going to place redstone and now from this torch place a block under the torch and connect it to this little buddy over here this is always going to look like all right then place your place right so in redstone redstone and finally a repeater on maximum delay so now so we’re back again now how do we test this thing all right first of all in front of this distant and then below it is a little nice slide 1 2 3 blocks you want other blogs even one is going actually 22 alright so now to test out this thing from this quarter please God and then I’m going to want you to place a redstone torch but you need to break it as soon as you see all these light up all right or actually as soon as you see them all light up then we need to break it all right and boom okay they all little okay so this is probably how it’s going

to be I need to see if it works because if it doesn’t oh god do tonight to do a lot of melaway yeah test up why okay so here’s what we’re going to do no delay over here no delay no delay just keep the GUI on the last one hopefully it works so you can continue what okay and the hard part is all over so remember no delay whatsoever on here just keep the delay over here now let’s break no actually so since we did already three over here let’s count ten more one two three four five six seven eight nine ten let’s counted one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen thirteen good good good all right 13th block one block to break both of them and actually place another block like this one on this one and then a piston of me alright so the 13 no 13 walk and don’t do is just something now from this point of intersection we need to create in line until it reaches the cobbles the this pistol so I do that I’m going to create a little bit of stairs so place a block to break it down good enough let’s place another block and break it put one alone so you’ve got a little bit of stairs now this is also 12 then the 13 one block higher and the 14th one other locked higher base one next to it and replacement for you you just to test this out in its right ok let’s try ok so this is gonna be red star over at stone and red sand then repeater repeater start there Peters from all will be good turnout Peter repeater repeater repeater repeater repeater here set them to maximum delay on this one doesn’t even matter but I like to set it to maximum delay so we can have a little bit of impact and hold the piston for a while it doesn’t do it instantly yeah we good to go hell yeah now let’s discover this up with glass next in the same house that covered it also Blass this isn’t necessary but just to make it look just a like a final product all right lock now we’re going to create a little path like the one we did up like the 10 like the one we did with the water all right so is that we going to do it just keep placing glass until they touch the ground we’re here they’re just for the corners I like symmetrical stuff so would be nice if you do that will it cost you so much class if you’re doing this one survived oh okay then more over here now on the this glass what Reagan employs a piston a mini person like I know what did we do here we created stairs we’re going to create some more spin right place a

block under it delete this one Haven place block under that one to the right to the left over here and delete this one same over here plays a block in front of it and you need this one is I was going to look like then no need to delete any this place up like that all right to do don’t breathe just place it next to it hey I was going to fly and all lonely for repeaters alright so we’ve reached this point which is pretty close to being all right so now here’s what we’re going to do you count 13 blocks are confronting this glass block all right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and 13 okay now that we have 13 blocks our journey has come to an end or has no break the 13th block and place a piston okay then what we’re going to do is extend the redstone one block to block three blocks 45 Peter no joy one two three four five repeater no delay no okay once you reach the second repeater count 1 2 redstone blocks than one over here so that’s how you have to do I don’t know why but that’s how the new Minecraft work next to the piston place a block and then 13 from here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 in this way now let’s just cover up the redstone so you don’t break it and this is not necessary let’s okay now that we’ve covered up the Redstone our product is now final lines all right just do this and this is where you can break the cobblestone you like all right now just place torches around the place so monsters do not spawn okay just doing this until the cobblestone reaches you still trying to make time run quickly useful in there right so over here space some torches sleep it look good the order on the other side of anyways so torches torches do the same for this because this is where the darkness is going to be or if it’s if you’re building a nun server I say that you charge people for this cobblestone and recommend them to watch the video all right please now maybe just some money for recommendation basically saw it she did like the three over there whatever no just we’re not following a certain pattern emerges until it’s hold up so this is a good for my example so when we were done lighting its lifetime monster suppose spawn Oh something’s funny just some more torches over here torch torch Oh let’s watch it carefully ok what’s happening oh ok something’s wrong I think people

this was supposed to push down right now ok why is it pushing awkward alright so let’s try to make a little bit of changes hmm exclusive great this I was working okay here it is it’s working somebody’s in closing okay place the Redstone a minor change after this is not working with indy generator I created it was working itself here’s what we’re going to try and do it you create a so we have it for bought then we’re going to click one two three four mech them for buying whatever Tyler we’re gonna be the standalone turn over this one but we need the current I mean the redstone turn to be very short we want to light them let’s see how this works out great all this you do not need it anymore ok exactly okay cool now check whether it’s working or not and then interval is really all right it’s good it’s working same just need to create this little timer and it’s good see on the next video in sign or d minor changes it’s very hard see you