Pool School: How to Program Your Pentair Easytouch Automation by Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio

you all right mommy let me introduce myself if you guys haven’t been here first off thank you very much for being here I really appreciate it it means a lot to me means a lot to the company we care about you guys at times so the reason we do this each and every month we’ve been doing a pride a year and a half it’s just to get you guys familiar with how your pool operates I know my guys met with you we give you a blast course in 20 minutes 30 minutes or an hour and be honest it’s there’s way too much information to learn in 20 30 plus we’re all excited to turn our lights on the water feature is something but the thing is here is you know we just want to get with you guys and each class I’m going to go over different you know topics so um this one today I’m certainly go over how to be you scheduling you know just a basic operation of the control panel how to set your speeds and then I’ll go into out of heat for heating purposes you know for heat pumps the gas heaters how to turn that on and off so other piece of good information um so definitely welcome you guys for for doing our first 2016 hope you all had a Happy New Year of course um just want to say hi to everybody that’s online thank you for being at home with us listening to us today we have some people from Goodyear some surprise and some Oracles so definitely thank you guys for being here so I’m gonna get started a few guys are ready for us um and I’m basically just going to go over this control panel so for starters let’s just whenever you come to this control panel here what you want to do for starters is just always hit this first button here and this is going to be your menu button what that’s going to do is that’s going to generally get you into the main functions okay so the first two buttons you’ll see is one the menu button which is up under here and then you have your main select button now once you hit the menu button that’s going to get you into the specific menu guide and then your options are with the up and down arrow over here so for example if I wanted to go down to lights I would hit my down arrow you see the little triangle on the far left now I’m moving that little triangle up and down there so for example if I wanted to go to lights I would press the down arrow go to the lights and then I would press select does that make sense okay so before I get into the menu let me just go through all of these buttons so first off you’re going to see your main menu which is auto at the very top left now this is going to be your main screen so any time you guys make any adjustments for your speeds and adjustments for schedules what you want to do is once you’ve gone into the schedule into the speeds when you’re complete and you’ve already made the changes you always want to go back press this menu button until you see your main operation screen which is the actual auto which is has your air temperature time of day and so forth so that’s always your main screen you want to get back to once you’ve made the changes okay so that’s that’s real quick that’s what those buttons are so as here is your F button and then you’ll see one two three four five six or seven what that means basically is depending on the size of your control panel we have what’s called an easy touch four and what an easy touch four is is that gives you the options with the F button one two and three if you have an easy touch eight it gives you more options you would then have the functionality of the buttons four five six and seven and all that means is that gives you more relays more auxiliaries to operate more equipment lighting landscaping stuff like that so it just gives you a bigger broader option so normally most poles you’re just going to be the F button one two and three but if you have labels above button four five six and seven that means that you have what’s called an easy touch eight and it just simply gives you more options the bigger the pull the more equipment you have the eight will go on that basic pulls like what I as you notice this is just an easy touch for and so I only have the top four buttons labeled so with from left to right we have the filter pump that’s just a main filter pump and what that’s going to control is just generally the low speed so anytime you come out to your control panel and you press the filter button what

that’s going to do is that’s going to run your low speed on your pump and that’s also going to be the button that turns on or powers up this all system if you have a salsas okay does that mean system is off everything is I just want to come run it for a little bit correct and now I hit select or just it no just just the app button now that’s just it on now to turn the pump on just like so so we’ll come over here we’re going to press that F button if you notice what happens is two things under auto you see how it says pool now okay before it is say nothing so if there’s nothing under pool or nothing under aatul that means that there’s nothing running so if I was to just wanted to turn my pump on I would just walk over here press the F button that’s going to kick my pool on low speed okay now what that also does if you notice just to the right of pool it says 70 degrees okay that means that the water is 70 degrees that’s your ambient temperature of water that’s in the in the pool at that time okay the number to the far right would be the number that you set to heated at so let’s say for example you wanted to heat the pool on the number on the far right would represent a number or temperature that you would like to pool to be heated at and I’ll go through the heating app so just give you that information auto pool underneath that just means that the pool is on the first number next to it on the right is the degree that the actual pool is the number on the far right is the temperature that you have set for the pool to heat if you’re reading it underneath is air and and to the right air temperature and then time of day one thing I highly recommend is a lot of times we go out to a lot of pools and the schedules are coming on at 10 o’clock but they’re supposed to come on at 8 o’clock well the only thing that’s happened is the time is off okay so if something’s kicking on but it’s not kicking on right on time always check the time below because that’s majority of the time that’s the problem and it just could be a short power outage that’s you know allowed an hour or so to lapse so always make sure whenever you keep this on that you’re on the right time okay so let’s let’s start now now what I did is if you notice I just press the filter button and basically what that does is gives me the light above the filter and if you notice that’s turned on I’m salsa over here okay so the only buttons the only buttons that actually are turning on the salt cell is this F button and this V button okay G now V button will not it will not be needed whatsoever unless you have a spot so if you don’t have a spa basically this F button would be the only button that you’re going to turn on that’s going to kick on the most P okay now if it shut it off yeah as soon as you’re done let’s say you want it off you just simply press the button and then what you’ll notice is the light above it goes away and under Auto pool with the information goes away okay so that’s just how you turn on your low speed the next one button one is simply just pool lights pool light would just be on or off it’s just that simple and I’ll go through the menu of how to use colors and so forth but but as of right now that’s just an on or off button button number two here is the cleaner button now what cleaner represents is your high speed so you have a low speed which is filter button then you have a cleaner button which is your high speed normally we only have to speed set for your pump and unless you have a water feature of course but so you’re gonna everyone’s going to have a low speed everyone’s going to have a high speed low speed just for water circulation high speed is for cleaning only same circulation of water just different speeds different pressures okay um and then of course number three it’s just simply a water feature button you have a water feature now this these can be changed around in any direction so your yours may say water feature here and pool light here it’s not a big deal no difference just just I happen to label it that way so this button number three is your water feature by okay let’s told you can try the water feature go through you can but just remember each speeds are set so if you ever want to run a water feature speed it’s good to turn everything off first then go to your water feature because then it will go right to that speed but the problem is is let’s say your water feature speed is lower than your high-speed okay so what happens is if your high-speed running first you’ve got a real high speed then you turn your water features on it’s going to naturally go to the higher speed because the higher speed takes priority does that make sense so the best thing is anytime you’re turning a water feature on or off shut everything off first make

sure everything is completely off then turn your water feature on and then it’ll go to that particular speed that’s designed for that size water feature introduced over your filter on yes just remember when your pump is on your filters on right when you turn the water for your first vegetable no no that’s all in one button one button pressed so when you go to turn your water feature on you press the water feature button here that turns the pump on that turns the valve for you and turns your water features on if for example you turn your pump on your water features does not come on may have too many rotate about but majority of you if you have a water feature like it mine I have the sheer descent I press one button that turns my pump on for me and that rotates and valve automatically for me and my water feature comes on okay at that speed what if you just want to eat a lot of your own belt you can’t the pumps got to circulate the water for you to create the oilers oh so Oh exact now you may have a water you know and that’s the tough thing is everybody’s backyard is different so there may be a little bit of differences but just remember that if if your pumps not running nothing’s going to be working because that pomp has to take the water out of the pool and then or through the actual RPG but but just remember though if you have your water feet if your pools is on high-speed make sure you turn that out first then turn your water features on pause okay so so we we know the function of these again these are just on and off presses this is just on an off tournament manually on or off okay I’ll go over the programming next one of one of the most important one of the most important things here is this mode button this actual mode button here and what that does is there’s three functions to this mode button okay again we got to make sure that this auto is staying here okay but if you press this button for some reason what happens is see this these two buttons here are pretty close to each other so what happens is there’s three functions to this mode button there’s Auto the service and this timeout okay let’s say for example you go to turn your water feature on or your pool lights and all of a sudden from your remotes or from your iPhones if you have a screen logic things aren’t working okay the first thing you want to do is remember always come back to your main screen here which is the main control screen and this time it doesn’t say auto it says service okay what that means is you somebody has either you accidentally or so a pool guy has accidentally put it in the service mode which kills all communication to the control panel okay now what that does is a lot of pool guys do this they’ll put it in the service mode okay then they’ll press the filter pump on okay just like so now what that’s going to do is it’s still going to operate the pump it’s still going to turn the salt so on but what in service mode once the buttons press is press indefinitely until the button gets repress off so that means in service mode nothing’s controlled from the remotes only from the panel whatever is pressed on the panel will stay on 24/7 until somebody manually comes over and turns it off okay um so if you ever this service in this in the screen here you want to go immediately over here to this mode button press it until the very top says Auto okay so now you have one other function by pressing this button and it’s called the timeout mode and cool guys like to use this as well what that does is let’s say he put a chemical in your pool or you put a chemical in your pool and you’ve got to run out okay but you want the pump to run but you’re not going to be here to make sure the pump turns off you can press the mode button put it in timeout and then you would turn your pump on okay now the only problem with this is when you’re in service or timeout your pump communication is done so now you would have to go to your pump itself and turn the pump on what happens is a lot of cool guys like to do this because they’ve put a chemical in your pool they’re trying to leave and they’ll put it in the timeout mode they’ll manually turn your pump on okay by going to the pump that’s going to run for three hours okay once three hours is up what happens is it automatically puts itself back into the auto mode okay so in timeout is not necessarily a bad thing because in three hours everything goes right back to normal all the scheduling goes back to normal all the functionality goes back to normal and then you’re back in the auto mode does that make sense to everybody so just remember if

something’s not working correctly take a quick glance at the panel make sure it says auto ok if you how’d you do the time oh just by pressing this mode button here sorry the question was how to get to the timeout mode and if if you look on this box here this auto service and timeout and it’s just by continually pressing this mode button here and it’s this mode button here so again you come out for one for some reason nothing’s working you see it in the service mode you know that’s not the mode to be in you’re going to come over here to this mode button like so and you’re just going to press it twice to get you back into auto and then once you’re in auto all let’s come back to normal all scheduling gets back to normal and you’re back in business things that make sense is that after the three hours I don’t have any time out and some cool guys use that and there’s nothing wrong with it it doesn’t hurt anything it just puts you in standby for three hours and then it shuts everything off and goes right back to the normal programming and normal functionality realizes okay strictly for pool guys or let’s say for example but we’re working on something and we don’t want you guys in the house to turn it on while we’re working on something sometimes we’ll put it in service mode just because it kills anything and then that way we can do our repairs and we know something’s not going to get turned on okay but again when you’re done always make sure this is in the auto auto mode okay the next button over you’re going to see is the V button and basically what this V button is is if you have a spa this is strictly for the spa function now what this V button does is it turns your spa for you it rotates the fouls for you and fires up the heater for you all in one button press ok so if you do have a spa anybody have a spa in here okay so if you don’t have your remote or you don’t have the iPhone let’s say you just simply go to this V button press it one time just like so and what you’ll notice here is under Auto it says spa okay now remember what this number is what’s that first number me ambient water temperature in your pool or spa right now so be in that we’re in the spa this is the water temperature in your spa okay the number to the right of it is what the water temperature that we’re asking this pot to become which is a hundred degrees okay now if you notice when we press this spa button in the top right here you’ll see heater okay and what that means it is is that this number on the right is bigger than this number because you’re wanting this number to become this number does that make sense so heater on the top right you’ll see and that just engaging the gas heater also with this heater decal here you’ll notice on the far right over here where it says heater you’ll see a red light above it because you’re asking for the heater to turn on okay so if you’re by the builder power you get the people in the spot will click on at any time any time yeah yep at any time so once you hit that spa heater it’s a one button press and that’s why we like this system it’s just a one button press it turns everything on for you and fires it up to temperature and I’ll show you how to how to change the temperature here very shortly but anyway so here’s your main menu spa is in the mode that we’re in 70 degrees is the water and the spa heater we’re asking it to heat at a hundred degrees and that’s why we have the red light over here above heater because we’re asking them to heat okay and then when we’re done of course on your remote or your iPhone would be better to turn it off but again if you don’t have that you walk right over to this control panel and you press your B button and what that does is that shuts the pump off that rotates the power back to the pull mode and that shuts your heater off okay now um in spa mode is the only time the spa here will turn on automatically okay it’s the only time it’ll automatically turn on if you’re wanting to heat the pool you’d have to manually go into the heat menu and turn the pool heat on and I’ll show you how to do that okay any questions with the just basic controls here with with the buttons real quick over the far right okay you’re going to see three three little three amp fuses okay now these are just like any any other type fuse that are out there it’s just a safety scenario and if anything is wrong with a particular item that fuse will pop out okay now what these four fuses do are it runs all the electronics from the top left and all the electronics meaning all

of these top features and functions in this little display here okay so if for some reason you see this little 3 amp fuse we’ll just white not the whole button but lastly swing out like this and underneath it’s all white you’ll kind of know so for example if you ever come to the control panel or something’s not working take a look at the control panel if you don’t see any power there could be this little 3 amp fuse that just popped out on you okay I recommend pressing it in one time if you press it in and it holds and all of a sudden your screen comes to light fantastic if you press it in and it pops itself right out you make it call the presidential polls there’s something else going on there’s a reason why the fuses pop there’s a reason why breakers pop you know or trip somethings made that happen but what happens is in this state we have a lot of lightning strikes right and so there’s what’s called ground fault circuit interrupter all that does is that can trip very small fuses and stuff like that so you may just have a trip from a lightning strike or a ground fault okay and that can pop goes so um the next one over is you can’t see and I apologize it’s called the valves and that’s the same scenario there may be something wrong with the valves and that would trip that little that little deal most of the time or two wire type things stuff like that the next one our relays so for example if you have any trouble turning things on here and this popped out try the press in one time that may fix it right there in there for you and then the fourth one is what’s called the intellicoil let’s say for example you are over here you press your button like so but you don’t get any power on the cell it doesn’t light up okay you may just have a pop fuse over here that you can simply press in if your lights come back on your cell like so hey we’re back in business everything’s good if this stays pressed out let’s say underneath here is this in teleport if that does they press out give us a call or something going on the cell okay so just a little precaution stuff but I like to at least show you what those are that one was resolved yes missus chlorine no no that’s strictly powers up it’s this little chlorinator so if I don’t have that three book you only have three absolutely so but it’s just good to know because you know of course things happen when do they happen Saturday night Sunday morning when no one’s around right that’s when things happen so if I don’t let you know about that I’ve been feeling you so just always keep an eye on a little stuff like that so if you know you don’t see power on something you know just check the faceplate make sure there’s nothing that looks like it’s that out of the ordinary you know tried resetting it if the reset one time doesn’t work give us a call I’ll get out figure out what’s wrong okay any questions so far we’ll keep moving all right so the next thing I’m going to go in it what’s call schedules okay and what this does here is when you press again everything you want to change or go into the programming you’re going to start with the menu button here you’re going to simply press that menu button one time uh and then you’re going to start to see your main screen here your main setup of functions and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to use the down arrow and we’re going to first off scroll down to where it says schedules just like so now once I’ve seen the word or the operation that I want to adjust then I’m going to press the select button okay so it’s menu to the to the main menu it’s the up and down arrow to find what I want to adjust okay and then it’s the select button because that’s the part that I want to adjust so for example if I wanted to go to lights I would go up to lights like so and then press select but this time we’re going to go down the schedules because that’s what I want to show you how to adjust then you’re going to press your select button okay now see what that does is that puts it into the schedule rating okay now what you’ll notice here is on the top right where it says spa there is zero programs that’s good we don’t want a program for spa we don’t want the spa coming on every day at a specific time okay there’s no reason for that so what you’ll notice is underneath we’re it says pool you’ll see a number one okay so let’s say for example remember pool represents low-speed cleaner represents high-speed as the only difference okay so we’re going to go down because we want to see what our low-speed is doing so we’re going to down arrow to low speed and we’re going to press the select button okay now what that’s going to do is if you notice from top here is there’s one of one scheduled you only need one scheduled okay so if this says 2 of 2 that means you have 2

schedules I’ve seen 9 of 9 and the customers going and my pump on and it’s off and it’s all on that cell but I don’t know what’s going on it’s because we’ve accidentally added some schedules there I’ll show you how to delete those but for right now you only want one of one ok so remember it’s just like a time launch or stopwatch or anything anything that’s blinking is what can be changed thank you so for example I have this set up right now at 10 o’clock at night it’s going to turn on and the off time is 8:00 or morning ok so every day at 10 o’clock the pump turns on low speed and it’s going to run till 8 a.m. so let’s say I wanted to change that 10 p.m. to midnight okay or that 10 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. what I’m going to do is I’m going to press this select button ok until I find the until what see how now it’s the schedule that’s blinking if I press it one more time now there’s the time blinking now remember whatever’s blinking is what can be changed so once you get the part that you want to change blinking now it’s just about the up and down ok so for example if I wanted to change that to 8:00 p.m. I would simply press the down arrow twice just like so ok and then always remember whenever you’re done menu menu menu back out to auto that make sense okay so let’s just go real quick I’ll go I’ll go back to it so there’s your pool we’re going to press select button and you’re going to see one of one and then there’s your new I’m eight to eight okay now the biggest mistake that we all have made including my cell phone we started this game is instead of pressing the left right away we got handy and pressing the up arrow okay so here’s what happens if you don’t press select right away you accidentally press the up arrow okay now you see what that did it’s automatically given me a secondary schedule we don’t want to schedules we only wanted one so just by a press of a button I’ve already added an 8 to 5 schedule so remember I have my first schedule at 8 to 8 now I have another schedule at 8 to 5 a day okay so let me show you how to fix that so if you have a 2 of 2 or a 3 of 3 or a 4 or 4 you want to get rid of them down to 1 and 1 because you only need one schedule for those B ok so what you do is you press the select button one time and where it says mode now it’s going to be scheduled and we want to change that schedule we want to delete it so we’re going to change that schedule to delete and then we’re going to press select you see how now we’re back to 1 of 1 that’s what we’re looking for so remember anytime you go in here and you press your select button 1 of 1 is blinking the first thing you do if you don’t want to come over here you want to go right over here to your right arrow and select it and select it again until you’re on the number because really the numbers is all we’re going to change the time right so there’s no reason to change the schedule because the mode is scheduled and that’s what we want the time is all we want to change I’ll go through one other thing real quick is I normally never put minutes here I just leave it a standard solid time so if it’s 8:00 I don’t do 8:05 or 806 I just don’t so what that represents is minutes so this is your off time okay so 8:00 p.m. or 8:00 a.m. sorry if I wanted to change that I would just use the up or down arrows to to change that from whatever time I work ok I highly recommend the best thing you can do is call your SR ApS find out what your on off-peak times our work your pump around those on peak times trust me they love to make sure that you’re paying more money at the prime time right soon as we get home we want to do laundry we want to do dishes we want to do everything else that’s when our high rates are you know and we end up doing laundry at midnight we don’t we don’t like that you’re gone but that’s what happens so um but but you understand how the change of time okay the next function underneath that you’ll see SMT WTFs and that’s just the time that’s just the actual day’s itself now let’s say for example as your as your press and select here if you’ll notice if I keep going here you’re gonna see Sunday start to blink right now align over the day means that’s the day it’s running I highly recommend to run your pool every day okay don’t do a Monday Wednesday Friday in this state is just not enough that’s too much heat and you need to run and circulate the pump every single day as I do okay so I highly

recommend each one of these has a line over it and and then that will let make sure that it runs every single day okay but if you wanted to let’s say we don’t want it to run on a Sunday right all we would do is make that s blink and then we would just press the select button oh I’m sorry you would press the up and down arrow now see how that L no longer has a line above it okay so that means that some day it’s on Monday it’s off Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday does that make sense so if a line is not above it that day is not getting the pump turned on so for example if you see hey my pump works every day but for some reason on a Monday it’s not running just double check your schedule make sure that that M for Monday has a line over it if it doesn’t and you know that’s the problem and then you remember we’ll go back in here we’ll press select and then we’re going to remember don’t push the arrows we’re going to left all the way back over until that M is blinking be the Sunday now see here we’re going to go one more now that M is blinking we’re going to use the up or down arrow sorry and now we have our line above M that is back on schedule for Monday hey I would never go into that don’t ever worry about touching that so once you’ve adjusted your times here your best bet would be simply pressing the Menu button once you’re done and just get out of that program altogether and how many times home what are we looking for Otto there is your main screen so now you’re back to home always any adjustments you make in the schedules any adjustments you make in the speed go right back to Otto just so you know that that adjustment is taken alright we’ve got a couple questions here at the very bottom does low speed pump need to be scheduled to run every day even in the winter months when temps are lower one Harper Mike from surprise ask that question definitely I would highly recommend running the low speed everyday but what I do on my personal pool is I actually knock a couple hours off my low speed okay now here’s what I do for my pool and it worked very well I always set my high speed to just have enough time to clean my pool that’s high speed I never ever change that that stays the same every day all day all summer all year round now I want to change my low speed time because I don’t need to run the pool as long in the winter as you do in the summer so what I will do is I’ll go into my low speed and I will take a couple hours off of my low speed only okay but I always leave my high speed the same because I want it to clean the same in June as I do in jail you know I mean I want the pool to stay clean but if you want if you’re looking to save a little bit of money and you want to not as run up your pump as long you can definitely change that the time it’s running as far as longevity goes just adjust the low speed not the high speed okay which is cleaner only only leave the cleaners you know the cleaner schedule as the 3-4 hours don’t ever change that but if you have six hours in low speed go ahead and take an hour or two off with your low speed you know just say that with the low speed again upload a saltwater pool so doesn’t matter what time of day you do that it’s best to do it at night it doesn’t really matter it’s completely up to you I like to run my load feed and this is just me I like to run my low speed first thing in the morning I run a low speed from 6:00 to noon because I have the one two seven one two seven one a nine I eat times on my srp so what I like to do is I like to circulate my water low speed in the morning gets my pull ray right because we’ve got a hot day come then I’ll clean my pool about ten o’clock at night to 2:00 in the morning now that may not work for you now here’s here’s one other thing I recommend for you right I have to split schedules but I have a floater with tablets in my pool okay not because I don’t like salt but just it works for me um but if you have a salt system I highly recommend to keep your times consistent instead of two separate times what I mean by that is what you’ll do is you’ll go in and you will set a one big schedule for your pool and let me show you what I do here we’re going to hit the menu button remember down the schedule okay we’re going to select on schedules and we’re going to go down the pool and we’re going to press select now what I will do is if you have a salt system I

tend to come over here and I’ll set this at 10:00 p.m. at night to run it until 8:00 in the morning okay now that’s just low speed but what I beat because remember high speed takes priority what I do then is I go out of my schedule now and instead of going to pull all the way down the cleaner okay and I’ll press select and let me just let me just set you up at this guy’s real quick aha and once once here’s our high-speed right so then what I do is I take my high-speed and I make my high-speed come on at 2:00 in the morning okay and I’ll run that to 8:00 in the morning okay so you see what I’ve done there so what’s what’s happening now is my low speed kicks on at 10 o’clock at night okay and it’s going to run till 2 a.m. and then the panel is going to say hey my high-speed is beyond so at 10 o’clock at night my low speed runs to 2 a.m. and then because high speed which is cleaner takes priority over anything low speed so the higher the RPM will override the lower rpm does that make sense so then what happens at 2 a.m. my high speed kicks on but what doesn’t happen is my pump doesn’t shut off my power doesn’t shut off to myself so my cell gets turned on at 10 p.m. it’s running low speed to 2 a.m. nothing turns off the pump just goes from low speed to high speed to clean the pool for the remainder of the time until 8 a.m does that make sense to everybody so even though I have a 10:00 to 8:00 schedule for pool there’s two functions in there that’s running 10:10 a at our 10:00 p.m. it’s going to run till 2:00 a.m. in low speed and then it’s just going to change the pump speed from low to high and it’s going to clean to 8:00 in the morning so really I will only have a 10 hour window total but I have both speed set in that 10 hour window but the biggest thing about it is is it keeps that salt cell on the entire time my pumps running that’s what you want you want to chlorinate anytime that pool pump is on now let me show you one thing that’ll kind of tie this in together if you notice my salt cell over here is power it has power is because this light is on this is my low speed right so when I and I didn’t do what I told you we should do is get back in Auto but see when this button is off at my low speed if you notice my salt cell is off over here no power to now if I come over here to my cleaner button which is my high speed and I turn that on now my pump turns on but guess what doesn’t turn on my salt cell over here you know why because the only button that powers the salsa is this F button and the V button so this F button if this is not lit up and powered my salt cell does not get power okay so neither does this V button this V button is not M so my salt cell doesn’t have power so here’s what happens if you schedule it like I say your low speed kicks on at 10 o’clock at night okay and it’s and it’s now turned your cell on and it’s chlorinating 2:00 a.m. the high speed kicks on remember but what happens is is this has not turned off this just turns on does that make sense so now I have this on which is keeping my cell Howard up my cleaner has now turned on because it’s a time that’s set at 2:00 a.m. and then at 8:00 in the morning both turn off does that make sense so now I’ve just combined the times so my salt cell is running in low speed until 2 a.m. it doesn’t turn off all it does is turns the pump on from low to high everything keeps circulating the salt stays on the entire time that’s the best-case scenario okay if you have salt I provide I advise you to combine the time if you don’t have salt you can have completely separate schedules doesn’t matter but that’s my recommendation for you it seems like since we have our pool we’ve never touched this pin and if you put it it starts out and really high rpm yes and let me explain that what it is is there’s a self priming on the pump some of your pools will leave it on and it’s just what that does is it goes really high right away it’s just making sure that pump has a sufficient amount of water and then it goes right back that normal level unless you turn it on high originally so let’s say you press

your low-speed here and you’re thinking well that’s going to be my low speed hmm everything goes on you don’t wait that’s not low it’s just a priming feature and just make sure that your pump has a sufficient amount of water to circulate properly then it will go back down to its low speed however we figured out that if you have water features right the little jets the water features those don’t like the priming speed they want to be right at their perfect level so then what happens is if we leave the priming on it goes more way over and then it comes back down does that make sense so if you have a specific water feature that we don’t want to get too high or cause any issues we’ll just disable the priming speed okay and it just on particular pools you don’t necessarily need it it’s just something if you want it so for years it probably works good I would leave the priming on but you can disable it yeah you see it is when I turn to jets on yeah I have to turn the water feature on and then I turn my Jets on and that turns to what feature off it was real yeah something backwards there is something a little confusing there see basically our feature first yeah yeah and you may have a setup to where you have it to where you need two functions to operate something because some people have they’ll have a water feature and then on that pump they’ll have another function that will work with that so then sometimes you’ll have to turn that pump on that gets the water flowing and that sends water to let’s say a water feature but if you want the second feature then you’ll have to hit a secondary button that’ll shut that water feature off and open up another feature so it just depends each pool is a little different changed you can’t and that’s that’s the best options but really you just want to make sure that you know what if you have a water feature yeah you can have your water feature speed with let’s say a 2000 and you can just kick on your high speed which is cleaner right because that’s higher than a 2000 it’ll go to that water flow but the problem is is it works if you have like a regular waterfall because it’s not a big deal because you have that extra water but if you have like little plan or pots a little spill with pots or little deck Jets you don’t want that high speed because it just way overshoots everything you know understand so that’s why we set a specific speed to where when you press it it’s a perfect flow each time okay but we’ll have to go over some details again each pool is different so it’s kind of tough to correlate just equipment on the same thing he’s wanting to encase on it before yeah because it actually do two slopes if it’s going to the for mine the starts real fast for about 15 seconds three to five then it will seem like it goes into the cleaner modal speed and then it’ll get on to them I just passed it just depends if something’s engaged to turn on that’s all it is but let’s say for example nothing’s on you go to turn your low speed on by just pressing the F button and it goes up real high I wouldn’t worry about it just let it you know let it do its thing it’ll get down to the low speed that you’ve originally asked for that’s it um your best-case scenario again though if you’re looking to turn a water feature on make sure everything’s off first again high speed takes priority so whatever is the highest speed if whatever’s been pressed that high speed will overwrite anything that’s under it water features are always going to be lower than the high speed cleaning speed so for example if you turn your water feature on you got this nice waterfall and then you go over and hit your cleaner button the cleaner button has more power more flow more speed it’s kind of all it’s going to do is put more water out of your water feature make it really nice makes it really nice they don’t want you because you want a nice little triple right Cormier ten dollars oh there’s a lot of speedy vertical Edwards no none that we set it basically on the high speed volume so in low speed you’ll still get the flow you just won’t get that as much as a high speed but it still working like it’s still yeah it still works exactly the same in low in high but the pressure differential is just just pretty much the same so most viewers as I speak what’s the big difference the only difference is low circulation very slow moving water and low speed the lower the speed the more particles that the filter can collect the higher speed the faster moving more pressurized water that’s what pops the heads up really gives you that clean yeah it must be these still will they just won’t have

the you mean they won’t let water pressure so people will dirty on us I see yes low speed is just to circulate that water it’s not to clean the pool it’s not to run the vacuum around it correct all that does is just take that body of water slowly moves it through the filter puts it right back to the pool just ever so elegant you know nice and quit it’s not technically cleaning it’s just turning the water because you have to have within 12 hours is the national standard to take your body of water through the filter within 12 hours to be sanitized okay properly sanitized it’s just circulation of water so back in the old days we would have eight hours it would run high-speed for eight hours right well your pool is clean and three so why are we running at eight hours way up here you don’t mean you’re losing money so the beautiful thing about these big variable speed pumps are we’re just going to clean it as we’re going to make that window in high speed just enough to clean the pool three hours four hours and then the rest drop it down when it’s low it’s saving you money less wattage less amperage less money you’re paying so for a saltwater pool you just do the four four four four if you have a salt pool though you want to make one big window remember one baby or our free traffic and just going to happen what about in the heat of the summer do you need to have a opportunity pair of the day because you know gonna cost it’s awesome money in a lot yeah is it going to be an issue that not have are circulated during the day but not at all because you’re already sanitizing it through the night and you’re planning it to mech so it’s kind of prepared for me I don’t have the coordinator so that’s why I split mine I run my I like to circulate my water in the morning right before it gets crazy you know before it gets the heat and then what that does is it Turk circulates all my chlorine make sure that my pool is kind of prepared for the day then at night I clean it right if I have a salt system I would combine my time to where when it turns on it runs the full eight hours let’s say and shuts off for the rest of the day and then the next day does the same thing so you can run the eight-hour hundred-year very hot weather absolute in a two hour window for solid a piece of fish sufficient now what I recommend you do is once it starts cooling up take an hour off your low speed it’s not going to hurt yet you saved an hour of run time you saved an hour of energy right two hours off and if you start to see a difference in the pool or you know it’s all of a sudden it was crystal clear and I take a couple hours off and now it’s starting to look a little cloudy put your hours back home you know I’m saying because it needed that turn but yeah I just your times um or the winter and then add your times back for the summer coat I highly recommend keeping your high speed the same only adjust the low speed times so the math whether this is key to the several people depends on the body of water the rule of thumb is one hour probably 10 degrees 10 degrees a very typical book under go reads out 10 hours 120 outfits in our element is a little bit undersized I would run for hours high six hours love always float so it sounds like boys for three to four hours yeah vacuum about three hours we’ll clean that pool pre did and I’m just talking a basic everyday play pool I’m not you know we’ve got sixty we’ve got an $80,000 we call the lakes you don’t mean it’s it’s a big pool in three hours that tool is not going to clean your mean so they’re going to run six hours high-speed and maybe eight hours low-speed you know I mean they the bigger body of water the more usage you have the more you have to run the more you have to chlorine but standard pulls like what we have and what I have eight to ten hours is max you know again three to four hours tops for cleaning and then the rest low-speed so with this old cooler before that was getting too high is it best to cut the time of the little speed or cutting up cut the output of the salsa always keep your time it’s worth it folks to run your pool trust me people call us up hey my pools not looking good and ain’t doing well it’s looking cloudy we go over there you run it in for two hours well that’s not going to clean your pool and that’s not going to chlorinate your pool in Arizona Arizona is a different demon folks let me tell you it’s you know I wish most products that we go over you know it’s set up for worldwide let’s say while Arizona is a different scenario it’s you got to change things a little bit differently in Arizona you got a chlorinated heavy you have to run it a long time you know I mean we’re Michigan you can cut the time in half you know that the weather is totally different you know

and you have to chlorinate a lot less you know in Arizona high high heat creates algae or chlorine you need you know it means more run time you need what about our three months to if you do the dust I recommend if you see it coming kick the pop off let it run any gonna have you on I’ll take the high speed on get things circulating get things moving right now you don’t mean so on all that dirt that comes in to pool is already getting tossed out and putting a filter for you that makes sense so it’s that now it’s running flat from eight morning to 5:00 in the afternoon yeah that’s when the heaters running as well yeah so in the heat of the summer should we change that and let it all absolutely because use your off-peak try to set everything up on the off-peak time you’re going to save money for one now here’s here’s a different case scenario let’s say you have a heat pump and you’re trying to heat your pool for a heat pump well that’s not going to work at many so what I do with those as I set them up to run all day long what you’re heating it it’s different than just a normal everyday schedule if you’re trying to keep the poor and keep it heat you’re going to want to run your schedule first thing in the morning and shut it off right before the Sun sets run it all day long right because you’re trying to heat it totally different logging if you’re not heating it just run it when just just the times that you need to clean it and circulate it but if you’re heating it total different element you’re going to want to run that you know that the full day and then when you’re done heating go right back to your normal scheduling does that make sense or if the pumps off you can manually turn it on let it run all day let it do its cycle it’ll shut itself off in you next day you turn it back on manually I do that for some people too it just depends on if you like to go in the schedules some people are really good like if anywhere he went in January first it was really cool yeah we try to give it a decent temperature deep swimmin with a gas heater heat pump yes so you want to kick it on you know right when that heat pops up in the morning you know 7:00 a.m. but you want to run it all day till about 10 o’clock at night shut it off at night right right when the you know the temperature starts to drop you got to go off of the temperature with a heat pump so you want to use the hottest times of the day run it all day long every day while you’re trying to heat it and then when you’re done heating shrink your schedule back to normal so for heating is totally different okay and I’ll go in more depth in the heap for you so let’s get back to this real quick so everybody feel a little bit better about the schedules just a little bit you kind of get it there and again here’s the biggest thing biggest thing I can tell you is don’t be afraid of mucking it up get in there press some buttons if you bugger it up call us we’ll walk you through it but the thing is if you’re afraid to touch it and a lot of people are they really are but what happens is you’ll never get it if you’re afraid to touch get in there charged with screws there you go yeah hey but the best thing is is the second three third time you do you own real easy and it benefits you to learn because the more you adjust it they’re more money you’re saving and stuff like that with you I have some mega timers so take time in case I just want to turn on and walk where or ever let me go to an edit of stuff that’s what we perfect let me go through the egg timer so in your in your schedule you’re going to press her again we’re going to schedules menu button we’re going to go down here to where it says schedules okay and you’re going to press select okay we’re going to go down here and let’s say see how this pool light says zero I want to put what’s called an egg timer on this and this is what I did at my pool I press select on the pool light and I’m going to change this from none to new first and then I’m going to press select and then see how we have one of one scheduled so right now if I left that like that my pool lights going to come on at every day at eight and shut off at 5:00 p.m. okay so I’m going to go one farther and I’m going to press the select button until schedule starts to blink and then I’m going to change that from schedule to egg timer okay now once I see where it says egg timer let’s say for example I want this pool light whenever I turn it on to come off turn off by itself in two hours okay so then I’m going to go over here press select and I’m going to take this down from 12 hours to two hours now let me tell you if you have kids this is a beautiful thing so now you see how I have one of one under pull light the mode is egg timer and egg timer is

exactly what it means it’s an egg timer so whenever that pool light is pressed over here whenever light is on pool light now I just turned my pool light on it has an egg timer of two hours in two hours that pool light will automatically turn itself off I love it I wish I had an egg timer for my kids bathroom and the room I put it on there trust me because they’re famous believe in life but um the cool thing about this is it’s an egg timer so you could do it for your cleaner you could just add a secondary schedule right remember I told you how to make – not to do but you have to do because that’s how you get into the egg timer you would just press that uh paddle and then you just got to make sure under mode you change it from schedule to egg timer but what that does is if you put an egg timer on anything you want water features pool lights pool it’s only on the manual press does it go into the egg timer menu so for example let’s say for example you have an egg timer on your low speed okay and you come over here manually press it okay that’s a manual press two hours it’s just shut itself off okay now if I don’t manually press this but the timer picks up right the time clock it’s it’s ten o’clock at night and there goes my low speed I didn’t manually press that on the timer turned it on for it it’ll go through the normal schedule okay it’s only manual presses so one one cool thing I also recommend to is if you have a spa okay you jump in the spa Oh something happens you jump out of the spine boom you’re down in the store that spas running the heaters running its heating that spot until you get back and turn it off so if if you ever have that particular teenagers let me tell you the fantastic at doing that stuff right jumping in the spa and leaving without turning things off and I got again cedar that’s running okay so if you want you can go in and put a timer and an tire on that as well it’s pretty cool can you show me how to adjust as the lights go on a novice tired yeah absolutely so ready menu you’re going to go back down where it says schedules you’re going to press the select button you’re going to go down to whatever you want to put the egg timer on let’s say the pool yeah you want to schedule so then you’ll go down to whatever you want let’s say pool full light or you can keep going see where it says waterfall let’s say I want my waterfall every day when I get home to be on I’m going to press the select button okay and remember C 0 of 0 whatever is blinking once once you see something blinking and that’s what you want to change you instantly go over to the up and down arrow so then you would press this none to new bless you and now that says new you’re going to press the select button and that’s automatically going to give you one schedule from 8:00 to 5:00 okay automatically so you will have now you have for your waterfall you have a schedule you have 8:00 to 5:00 now remember if you want to change that don’t press the up and down arrow I’m going to press the Select until we find the number and want to change as they slept at times and we just menu menu you out correct so let’s say for right now we want our time we want that waterfall to come on at a certain time we’re going to press the select button keep going until we see our time and let’s say we want this to come on at 4:00 in the afternoon okay we change that and then remember select select and we can either leave it from 4:00 p.m. on turning off of 5:00 p.m. and so now you have one scheduled for your waterfall to come on at 4:00 at night and shut off at 5:00 whatever you in your data yes yes so that’s the thing there’s no enter button there’s no anything like that once you once you’re happy with those time whatever is blinking at this point you just simply menu menu menu menu back out to your auto and then if you want to check it menu back down the schedules select schedules go down to the function remember waterfall see you have one there that means one schedule or one egg timer we’re going to select on that and see what it’s doing so we on one on one it’s a schedule not an egg timer and it’s from 4:00 to 5:00 yes it just aerates it I wouldn’t say it would you know freeze the pool or make it extra cold but it will aerate so I highly recommend if you’re eating don’t use your water features because it will aerate that water cool it to a small

degree not very much but it will okay so this is how you do functions this is how you set schedules again I have a pool light and I have a water feature at my house I have a two hour timer on both so anytime I’ve done it myself I’ll kick the pool light on a water feature and lit a fire ten minutes later I’m bored I’m back in the house by the TV and you know two hours later everything shuts off it’s a beautiful thing it really is I had one for my fire pit that’d be great to do the window shut off how do you on the lights selected your color phone perfect real quick we got to wrap this up and I’m sorry it’s tough to jam a lot of information in one hour believe it or not I’ve been an hour so go quickly over these lights menu button you’re going to go down the lights just like you wouldn’t looking for schedules but you would go to lights you’re going to press the select button that’s going to put you into modes or colors modes are multiple colors that means party mode Caribbean American flag requires blue modes are multiple colors colors are exactly what it means colors on so let’s say we want to go to a particular color menu down the lights and press select and then you have your blue green red white magenta and then a hold which would hold it on the individual light but let’s say we want a red light we would just press our select button and what’s going to happen here is you see this light going on and off then what that’s doing for you is that’s finding that red color okay and that’s going to turn your pool right on red now before I get you guys to confused you guys have multiple different lights out there if you have the smaller round light about you a big you may have two of them that will not work off of this program it will only work with what’s called the intelliwhite light it’s the bigger single light behind a pool you’ll definitely know ones about you know seven inches on one scale of about 12 inches versus okay once an Intel abrade light one is what’s called our Q 360 LED light okay both awesome lights but for the function here you have to have it in Telenoid light so if you go here you pick red you go out your full blue it’s probably because the lights don’t link up with the control panel okay again folks I’m so sorry I don’t have more time for you if you have any questions definitely get with me after this and I’ll be happy to answer anything you can or if you have any troubles get with me I’ll be happy to walk you through anything I can but thank you again for being here I appreciate your time again and our fly spot today if you need to make these two hours you know a little bit you get a little bit of information again give you enough you