mailbag Monday #85

today’s beer is Lamp Lighter amber ale from TransCanada brewing right here in Winnipeg you would be forgiven for thinking that’s a reference to Bachman Turner Overdrive taking care of business but I’m sure it’s just a complete coincidence so today is gonna be kind of a special mailbag because I got two things that came from some of you guys to my post office box but first I’ll start with the stuff that I actually ordered here starting with this one which says LED diodes surface-mount Reds holy hell tiny those look like 0603 that makes sense well somebody said they were gonna send me a circuit board that they designed that took six or three LEDs and other components but they weren’t gonna be sending the components because they hadn’t didn’t have enough on hand or it would make the shipping too expensive which is completely reasonable shipping to Canada is frightening ly expensive especially for international so now I’ve got those 0402 0603 0805 1206 SMD pre soldered micro LED white red blue diodes 20 centimeter line 13 colors green yellow RGB orange pink I got these from Suliner I think the name is dollar 44 Canadian for a hundred of them or 19 in American pennies and yeah it looks like they’ve got quite the assortment hmm 0603 RGB wow that would be ridiculously tiny anyway I got the 0603 red for under hundred pieces of them oh and here’s a handy dandy little chart okay nothing we didn’t already know the 120 degree viewing angle that’s may be useful clear lens but it is red and it’s between two and two point two volts well like it said on the package nice nice nice little beer. what do we have here we have electronic sensor the next thing in hmm those don’t look like sensors at all you’d be excused for thinking that those are resistors but I don’t think they are I think these are in fact inductors yes 0 r1 micro Henry 10 micro Henry hundred fifty micro Henry okay so it’s just an assortment of axial inductors again just shop stock it’s always handy to have the basic components and increasingly as Buckham boost converters and constant current drivers and things like that start crossing my bench and I start playing with them inductors can be much more useful items at one point you know they were only really a common thing if you drink RF but yeah they are quite commonly used these days 120 pieces 10 value color code wheel inductor loop inductance kit quarter watt put one micro Henry to 1 million rhe I got these from cc100 eight-six and there wasn’t any shipping when I bought them and when I bought them they were $3.26 so as always I’m gonna provide a link to the one that I bought but use the search terms and look around sort by lowest price first you don’t necessarily have to buy from the same person that I did there’s often a better deal available and what else we got from training here it says flashlight yeah flashlight okay wasn’t sure if that was an e or not but I’m pretty sure that’s this flashlight it is a little flashlight okay well keychain flashlight okay rubbery kind of stuff here on/off is like that it’s actually got batteries in it batteries included okay kind of a what do we call that cool white LED okay and let’s take oh that’s why it’s got batteries in it and that’s why I bought it it’s a rechargeable flashlight well that’s a nifty little thing mini USB rechargeable LED light flashlight lamb pocket keychain torch a waterproof I got this from princess one triple five I paid two dollars and sixty two cents for it with no shipping of course an assortment of colors yeah whatever it says it’s rechargeable though it is led not convinced that it’s waterproof not sure what this is all

about it obviously came from China anyway it says it’s a half what USB rechargeable LED flash right half what LED multiple colors available 25 lumens it says it takes twenty to thirty minutes to charge and it’s got a 70 million power lithium battery in it so let’s bring in the power supply and the little charger doctor thing here and see what it charges that I got five volt set on there so if it’s charging it’s drawing like eight milliamps according to this guy here which is nothing actually that’s just the charger doctor huh why doesn’t that guy want to charge interesting it’s fully charged already let’s just try it straight into there no that’s not really taking a charge and it doesn’t seem to draw off the off the power source when you turn it on there it’s on no negligible hmm is this a crappy little one that doesn’t actually recharge you even though it claims to can you say future teardown I knew you could and now is where it gets exciting because I got a couple of things that you guys donated to my mailbox my post office box here the there’s a there’s a link on my about page if you don’t want to freeze frame it anyway this came from Scott in North Carolina and he paid way more for shipping than anybody should be expected to and man I really do appreciate it no matter what’s in here you went out of your way it’s got a note I like notes we got here a small note a couple um included a various breadboard like prototyping boards they were designed for myself for cheap PCB host manufacturing easy to leave cheap to get produced there’s three sizes one should do a small terminal block for power on it most of them have six columns of holes there’s also included two breakout or breakout boards for nano pro mini and some of the node MCU boards Wow with various different power and pin headers that’s awesome that is very cool let’s let’s take a peek at these guys so what do we have in here wow there’s a whole bunch of boards dude so what we got here so these are you basic kind of proto Bowl prototyping board there it’s all through holes and these are let’s see these are laid out with strips like that going all the way around for power that’s cool and oh yeah I guess I could have told that from this side so they’re laid out in columns nice through hole with big pads on them so there’s a couple of those one in white and one in this neat I guess that’s the natural green when is this one mini pro breakout v1 so okay so he’s got that’s the mini pro I assume that uh Pro Mini kind of thing let me just grab a pro mini okay so he’s got ground voltage and signal running across both sides here so you can with with these little rows of three here you just plug some header pins in there and we’ll strip to three and then you can plug DuPont extension cables on or you can plug servos actually straight on there that’s slick and then screw terminals soldered onto there that’s a cool little board what else we got here this one is a nano breakout it says for some reason they don’t have any nanos that have pins soldered onto them right now I must have used them all that’s d13 up there which means that guy would go on there and it would do the same thing same kind of breakout anything that’s cool and anode MCU do I have one of those is that the no down to you that he was talking about that’s a different one yeah I don’t have that particular variant of the node MCU but again it’s got the three volt in the

three volt and 5 volts their power in things laid out nicely those are some nice boards man that’s a nun board okay ah that’s just the larger version of this one okay in a pretty brew and a couple in white those are very much like a solderless breadboard layout only you can take your your circuits straight off the breadboard and put it straight onto there and so in in exactly the same way out just pin for pin eat a fruit I think has something called the perma protoboard which is similar to this but this one I think has a couple more pins on there couple more holes which is pretty slick he said a couple of those and a couple of larger ones which are yeah 35 by 6 yeah cuz the the normal breadboard has five pins so this gives you an extra pin across plus then the power running around the outside and yeah it loops around so you don’t even have to run a jumper across from one side to another like you’re doing a breadboard cuz that’s done wow man those are cool thanks for sending those along these are gonna show up in some future projects thanks again Scott I’m gonna have fun with those and thanks for watching and and actually Scott is also in addition to this generous donation he’s also one of my patreon supporters man I I just can’t get over it when people are actually digging what I’m doing here this is cheers to you guys that’s great okay and the last thing in today is also something that came into my post office books this came from renard flush shop i hope i’m pronouncing that right in Salem Oregon so I’m thinking this might be a sample from a store or something oh yeah so Dean and Kirk okay I contact you to do before with Wi-Fi board that he designed that allows control of pixel LEDs like the ws2812 from esp8266 now I got a Pio box they decided that they’d send me some cool a couple of board kits and a programmer kit for the esp8266 module and they got some links to their stuff there okay hope you find these useful well thanks guys let’s take a look what’s in the bar in the bag it is in fact some kids so looks like – that one one of this okay Renard plus a reefer okay ESP flasher so what do you species those are ESP Oh once okay with that eight pin sure so that looks like it probably plugs in there and then this guy probably plugs in there okay so what is this guy ah a ch3 40 okay that makes sense so usb-to-serial to this guy and capacitor or some resistors and re sit in the program switch aha I actually got some of those ESP OH ones in my last mailbag and I commented that they’re a little inconvenient to program I may have oversold that a little bit just because I’m kind of green at programming these things but looks like they’ve they’ve taken care of some of it for you and giving you the reset and the program button so you don’t have to jump or pins and stuff that just does it for you huh does that have oh yeah it’s got a it’s got the pin socket for the ESP that could come in handy just for the ones that I brought that I bought as well cool so let’s take a quick peek at these other ones then you got in here there’s the board there’s I’m assuming that’s the that’s the ESP oh one esp8266 – is 0-1 i guess you could call it some screw terminals a hinders and capacitors and stuff what is this chunky boy here 7805 okay that’s a 5 volt linear regulator that makes a certain amount of sense yeah what else we got in here ah there’s another maybe that’s a 3 volt regulator there yes it is there’s my 3 volts okay so there’s 3 volt regular a 5 volt regulator V in pixels out ground data in V Plus pixels like it said in the note is ws2812 or similar there’s where the ESP goes ball on to their something the passives a

little transistor there okay huh that’s a cute looking little board let’s see if there’s any information on their website just quickly here so this uses the ESP oh one yeah we knew that as the brains can be configured to run from either 5 volts or 12 volts input to drive either 5 or 12 volt pixel strips okay ooh it can talk DMX that’s interesting I assume from the control side to from the like whatever is on the other end of the Wi-Fi that’s interesting I’ll have to well I don’t have any DMX stuff here at the moment that’s a world that I want to get into playing with a little bit but right now is just kind of out of my price range and other than dicking around with it on the channel I don’t have a real world application for it so and here’s the other guy rendered plus ESP extreme flasher Wow there’s where the reefer came from okay so they’re not necessarily Qing Chun fans um so yeah there’s there is in fact the board that we got so here’s the manual for the thing which is like a 20 page PDF Wow bunch of stuff about how to use it playing there’s a schematic of the thing cool so I got the two switches one of them connected to GPA of zero so that’s the one that puts it into programming mode see ya if I remember correctly you have to hold that down while you power it up or something some kind of Voodoo like that to get it to go into programming mode and this guy here goes to the reset pin then rx the nth D come from okay that’s fairly straightforward and then this over here is that seat 340 board neat okay you know here’s the manual for this where our plus Wi-Fi pixel board kit thing ah there’s two different versions of it which one did I get looks like I got the 3.1 version okay what they’ve got both of their versions in this manual that’s nice of them a bunch of information about how you might want to use it and stuff like that some links to other stuff Bill of Materials oh wow they’ve gone all out even if you want to just buy the bank boards from them and populate them yourselves they’ve that’s cool and there’s a schematic of this guy oh and even a suggested outdoor case yeah I guess if this is intended for Christmas lighting control cases will be important and while a case doesn’t get any more basic and simple and completely functional than that that’s excellent obviously you could 3d print it but this is just a good option nice guys and then assembly instructions again a 25 page manual that is a great set of instructions I even some basic soldering huh those instructions were those checkboxes and stuff that reminds me of some of the really good quality kits that I used to get back in the 80s like from no Heathkit it was kind of the pinnacle of kits and this sort of reminds me of that I mean that came with a big printed book but nobody sends paper around the world anymore it’s all PDFs wow this really is something that a beginner could probably deal with I assume that’s their target audience is somebody who’s not not full on electronics a lunatic like me well there is the contents of today’s very interesting mail big Monday let’s just quickly deal with the transit times 34 days for the LEDs the flashlight thing took 31 days and the inductors took 31 days as well 32 days sorry so and those came from China of course and a special thanks to Scott for sending these boards that he he made up ultimately he made them up for himself and I’m not sure if he’s gonna chime you in the comments or not they look like they’d be really convenient little boards to play with and I’m interested to use them in some upcoming experiments and projects and thanks to Dean and Kirk for sending these things over it’s pretty obvious that there’s gonna be some upcoming video an upcoming video or two assembling these kits and and playing with them and try not to drag it out

over like a 10 part series or something stupid like that like some channels do but you know it’s probably toss these guys together in in one video and then maybe if I’m quick enough putting them together or play with them in that one otherwise I’ll explore with software a little bit and play with them in in another video so yeah thanks to these guys for sending me this stuff that is so cool of you I’m still blown away by that thanks to the rest of you all of you for watching thanks to my patreon for their support to help pay for this kind of stuff here this little keychain thing is going to be its own tear down video because I don’t understand why I I doubt very much that they sent it with a hundred percent charge in it it’s good enough self discharge a little bit so I’m gonna try to figure out why that battery is not charging I have my suspicions that they might be just playing stupid games and misrepresenting it but you don’t know until you tear it down right thanks for watching comments and questions down in the comment section as usual links of this stuff except for Scott’s boards cuz he’s not a company and he doesn’t sell them unless he chooses to put a link to his Gerber’s in the comments that’d be cool um yeah don’t come down in the description as usual thanks for watching I’ll talk to you later it’s pretty good beer too