Bitcoin and Altcoin Weekly Review and Market Forecast: 1.4 – 1.10

may contra hit the all-time high price on cme futures but when you look at the gym it’s a smaller number than may contracts this is one of the indicator for that the btc bridge momentum will end so today’s a regular item crypto assets weekly announcement market forecast january 1st and january 10th okay so let’s start so as usual this is my performance strategy so i only argue my asset to the bitcoin and all the arguments which is related to these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my portfolio strategy please check out my other video about my profile strategy okay and then my portfolio as of now last week i sold all the candidacy and er slogan that i held and i got you know past 130 percent return and i nearly an additional investment in kp3r sushi uni ogn and one inch okay and here’s my latest portfolio allocations as of now right and then and then let’s start from bitcoin and as usual btc usd rd chart last week a lot of you know fundamental news came out from the markets because of this news the btc price itself is highly broad and the starting point is this one january 6 the top u.s banking regulator banks are all slides to use poverty blockchain and stable coins so with this positive news bitcoin plus hit the bullish momentum again on january 7 former federal reserve governor now on board with bitcoin another bullish news come to the market so we’re gonna experience another bullish trend here and next day january 8th police officer among five dead after pro trump mobile stormed the u.s capital and this news was one of the key momentum news to keep the bt supplies in the upper side too then january 8th and the bloomberg show said backed one of the major bitcoin fuses marketplace may go public soon then we’re going to exclude another bullish trend here and then you know btc price finally hit on january 9 41 950 but this price itself is kind of in the peakest level about the market and the right before that actually were the experiences on january 8th that trump says new administration will be unorganized on january 20th and because of that this kind of you know pro-trump mob storm in a u.s capital also completely you know eliminate from the white house white house and after that even on january 10th we’re going to you know point some news from e-ram’s tweets that i can accept my sorry about bitcoin btc price try to keep hovering momentum right after the price itself hit the old time high here after this you know euromas tweets we don’t have any kind of possibilities anymore so btc is gradually experiencing kind of correction moments and now on generally 11 4 p.m btc finally hits 32 538 okay so almost around like you know the 10 second price question happening here in the btc market from the peakest level here okay then also we’re going to pay additional to the daily volume already based still these stats also higher than average basis staff which means that you know these plans question moment also serious competition between blue side and bare slide that’s we can confirm from here right then once we get it with the daily chart still i pay attention to the brs breakout and kdj which i told you guys last week so here it’s clear that the short-term trend finally bears to break out to then long-term trend here and then when you look at an appliance here still we need to look at the price here one of the productivity is that since thirty thousand dollars is a very key psychological right on the btc right at this moment and in a bollinger band in this you know middle price range it’s already hit over thirty thousand dollars here in this correction momentum currently happening here in my positions btc price will hit middle line of this bollinger band but this bollinger middle price line itself already got over 30 thousand dollars so even in a correction moment still we can confirm that the btc price itself is keeping the bullish momentum okay that’s what i’m thinking about any of the things i want to pay attention to it’s actually this one so right or before about creation momentum

on the candle chart here the btc formed these numbers here 36 500 to 37 500 it’s kind of works like support line used to be but now it’s time to be a lady sound sign but it’s not hundred percent for sure yet typical price formations on a candle just basis looks like in a dis price line will be the next resistance line okay and the next timing the bt supplies again we need to pay attention to bullish breakout of this resistance line here on a weekly chart when you look at the candle chart here last week price movement on btc looks like correction momentum after btc price breakout this you know key cycle score line twenty thousand dollars here so almost like a one month we’re going to experience an acquired british momentum on december then now we can express the correctional momentum here so which means that i don’t think btc has not completed their british momentum yet it still continues then and one of the things we need to pay attention to is actually kdj here as you can see the purple line short-term trend is now going break out on the long-term side too but still still the tom itself isn’t within one week so this you know power line itself might recover again here currently we need to pay attention to the kdj but this is not a clear signal that we can confirm the bearish trend will come up to the weekly chart analysis itself okay so to me these collection momentum is kind of middle momentum before they know much longer bullish momentum on a btc that’s what i’m thinking about okay one of the key things when i recognize that about you know what was you know kind of key indicator that you know this kind of short term bearish momentum will come to the market is actually this one wrapped bitcoin burns outpaced minting for the first time in december so ranch mark itself is a newly minted wbtc and a blue color here is a bond wbtc and then wbtc these days is a very critical you know defined products for trader or any kind of default user who’s going to make money on you know crypto space burma eventually bigger than orange mark means newly investors we’re going to meet the wwdc it’s smaller than those people who are completed the contract itself this indicated for me that you know since the bitcoin price itself is showed up in a huge british momentum on a december so a lot of traders recognize that it’s kind of good timing for them to solve their btc actual btc and make money and then looking for the you know next chance to start their wbtc contract for they know defy business opportunity in a crypto space so this is kind of to me kind of for this signal indicator for us to recognize that correction momentum bitcoin is pretty close and the next fundamental stuff over market cap and btc dominance rates market cap plus 21.7 percent last week also hit over twenty percent sales still super bullish week last week too but when you look at the btc minus late it’s minus two point twenty two percent last week was also minus one point eighty three percent so which means that still the key driver of this market cap growth itself come from arkan markets then once we’re going to look at the usd price it’s pretty clear last week newly issued usdt is plus 11.5 percent super raj increase usually you know crypto investment space those money goes to our coin because it’s the usd not the field money most of the btc money they’re gonna you know take the capital from fiat money not the usd team okay so from this stats the things we can learn from here is most of the market cap developments happened last week come from our coin not a bitcoin then cme btc futures one month price difference average as usual january 10th is plus 483 super british last week was 281 so still plus 72 but since we’re going to currently experience in price credential momentum so this number itself also goes to minus next week too but one of the key things i want to pay attention to here is actually this one main contracts and june contracts may contract hit the all-time high price on the cme futures but when you look at june it’s a smaller number than may contracts this is one of the indicator for that the btc bridge momentum will end within a may not a june then in my analysis also the bullish momentum

bt supplies this year will end in may this year and another stats from cme btc futures open interest plus four point three percent middle increase and obvious volume plus 222 huge increase so this is also indicate that you know how they apply screenshot momentum especially competing in bliss side of the other side it’s so harsh right now that’s the things we can run from here right and last one btc hash flight mining competitions johnny tense difficulty updates and it is plus 10.79 percent why because btc price it went up next time in january 21st i think this stats is you know it goes down the reason is currently we’re going to experience the question in a moment i’m going to beat this applies that’s why okay and another key stats we need to pay attention to is btc transaction fee so journey test is 13.9 per transactions and then the things i want to pay attention to is actually this one last time the highest score is 55.16 on 2017 almost the peak six timing of the bubble moment over the bitcoin all right all the time this you know price itself also the ford indicated that end of the bullish momentum of bitcoin because once this cost goes up value of the bitcoin itself as a daily use staff it will be getting worse because of this in a higher class number here but to me this number is not that so critical because bitcoin is digital gold not the currency treasury reserve assets to protect your assets from the inflations or hyperinflation stuff so from this perspective actually this cost is not that a critical moment but a lots of lots of investors consider that you know this number itself is heavy you know influence on instruct value of the bitcoin itself we should keep paying attention to this number here okay and the next one great scale investment bitcoin positioning giant tests almost no change and then even the btc pricing hit the highest score there but also like since btc players expressing kind of no bearish trading right now so these stats won’t go after next week too that’s what i’m thinking about okay the price position says after the third harvey so here’s my positions 150 thousand to 200 thousand in march to may 21. okay the interest point on this analysis is this one so they predict december 31 2020 it’s gonna hit forty one thousand dollars then now generally nines it’s gonna hit 41.950 and this line itself of their predictions okay and they got to predict april 18th 2021 btc hits 100 thousands may 12th it’s gonna hit 387 thousand dollars here then after that you know we’re going to explain the crushing moments after the hardening as usual but key point is btc price is catching up these predictions in a lobby way like this way it’s pretty interesting okay at a google some trend amazing things happening here so bitcoin compared with last week plus 29 68 huge increase the gold minus two 75 usd plus 35 east plus 2 and 4 so golden clothes will come soon and this stats also kind of for indicator for us that propriety switching point transition point from gold to bitcoin as a digital gold for treasury reserve assets as an anti-influential investment this is also my primary reason that why i you know keep this stats analysis so it’s finally golden course timing will come soon great then one risk asset market cap ranking generate tens bitcoin right now is between facebook number seven and ten cent number eight so quietly number eight compared with last week one link up great and the one richest person ranking john intense so currently number one and jeff pezos ceo of amazon and satoshi nakamoto is five links up last week because that number is 23rd but now it’s 18th then now it’s higher than jack mar found out alibaba here great progress and this money board also historical things happen here in the golden market too so last week on january 5th once gold price hit

1948.82 gold price is clutched so gold price could not recover higher than 1952 on november 6th so still the bearish momentum the things we can learn from here so 1847 is current price investment transition happening here from gold to bitcoin and the next one u.s treasury retainer real eat carb push back again so plus 14 percent it’s gonna minus zero point ninety three percent and the main reason for this stats here is white house turmoil because of trump but now this problem is completely solved in my predictions this number itself is pushed back and minus again from next week okay the next one is nb500 index about new jobless claim on january 7th almost no change and a u.s armed improvement in december no change so still they’re going to keep the british momentum here okay and this is also pretty good for bitcoin investment or crypto industry itself because a lot of written investor can maintain risk own mode then currently the risk level of a bitcoin or alcohol investment is higher than stock investment so once we can keep this kind of you know risk on mode on a stock investment a lot of it investor allocate their extra assets to the crypto asset market bitcoin argon stuff so it’s quite favorable for us okay and the same thing happening here on the nasdaq too then u.s economy events january 11th january 15th same as usual january 14th new jobless claim then from here key news updates first one is kobe 19 as usual so total infection number is plus 5.25 percent it’s a little bit improved because last week was 5.8 and death rates also 4.5 percent last week was 4.8 percent so it’s literally improved again now we are in a third spike with the kobe 19 but lots of you know governments try to take a control our economic activity right now so this stats is improving okay and here it’s a one of the critical analysis i want to tell you here this time we can learn the critical analysis from the internet first things i want to pay attention to here that nasdaq is a leading market for the a lot of internet companies right and then they got to hit the bubble market score on 200 match their one five zero 48.68 this one when is their next timing they’re gonna get over this score after the bible burst was 2015 on april so internet took 15 years to overcome the bubble market over their industry developments since its inceptions but here’s a blockchain 2018 generally they’re gonna hit the highest score in the buffer moment 449 billion dollars here then three years later in january 2021 finally hit over 860 billion so blockchain only took three years to overcome the bubble which means industrial development speed is five times faster than that of internet that’s my analysis then since i also experienced in internet industry and also i incubated a blockchain crypto industry since 2014 in japan to the global i also feeling that blockchain industry development speed is much faster than internet this stats finally convinced me that five times its actual number but when you look at the a lots of you know alcohol and project developments or technical development on this industry five times in a fastest pace it’s not a questionable thing it’s not a questionable things i think i can naturally accept that so from an investment perspective we have to think about like this way especially compared with internet stock investment okay this is very important and the next key news why joe biden three trillion dollar stimulates package could add flow to bitcoin rally china’s sees bitcoin as insurance against earth certainty as we know that these days a lot popular stock analyst or economist or investor they’re going to start and say that bitcoin is a great investment in this arsenal econo environment in a global basis

especially because of chronic shock things i want to understand here that these are the kind of fundamental momentum that bitcoin price keep the bridge in super long term okay all the time we need to pay attention to who’s going to start to say like this way especially those investors who are going to see the negative comments or critics for the bitcoin time to be a supporter of bitcoin it’s a great indicator for us that market developments bitcoin is getting better and better the next news anna sweetie wu said bitcoin could flip gold’s trillion dollar use as financial hits this year i totally agree with this as i already explained to you guys on the google search trend that search trend itself is a foreign indicator for us that we can recognize that how they know a lot about the leading investor recognized there is a propriety transition happening here from gold to bitcoin as financial hitch investment staff okay and the next key news my mayor opened exploring allocated one percent of the city’s reserve to bitcoin this is also another great news to the market the reason is these type of actions especially some of the states on the u.s all the time accelerate the post dollar error on a global economy then bitcoin all the time play a key role for this issue not only about the private companies such as microstrategy but local government itself start to rely on centralized financial system but they’re gonna start to rely on the decentralized financial system such as bitcoin or altcoin which is a great oscillator for us about blockchain industry market development stuff unesc news grandscale removes xrp from the digital large cap fund also another major crypto wallets joined growing lists over exchange hurting exarpy trading again i all the time told you guys that we need to eliminate all these type of garbage coins from this blockchain industry within this year we need this why because in a moment of our coin market developments or entire blockchain you know market development staff we need to eliminate these kind of garbage coins and xrp is typical one because they focus on feel missing out of the market in a formal market so they try to sell their software to their banking industry it’s completely meaningless to develop this market in a healthier way i completely admire these kind of action stuff okay and the next news ukraine chooses stella foundation to develop its cvdc legality infrastructure for stable coins i fully understand that cvdc market development stuff is kind of you know great accelerator about inside blockchain industries itself but still it’s a formal market feel missing market just like xrp targeted market it’s kind of very sad story that finally instead of foundations decided to seriously focus on a cvdc market but this is one of the critical reasons that why i’m not gonna investment in xlm token seller foundation crypto assets okay and the nsk news mark cuban says he will run presidents if btc hits 1 million dollar in my predictions it’s going to happen after the 4th serving 2024 so let’s looking forward to my cuban you know we’ll be in a u.s position campaign and as usual this formula is what we’re waiting for right now so more and more retail investors recognize crypto economy has much larger potential than u.s economy crypto economy experiences exploitation growth and to realize this formula what are we waiting for is second nixon shock since 1972 okay and from here earthquake and let’s start from eat the as usual three major births project stats from and almost there is no change since last week okay but the key things we need to pay attention to right now is ease transaction fee currently johnny cash hits 7.44 but last week actually hit around 16 this stats hit higher higher it’s kind of a huge burden for the market development of the deep fi especially for the dex and the decent lending market when you look at the e-splice all the time we need to pay attention to these

stats developments and at the same time this stats also huge influence on other defined market development staff too let’s pay attention to this continuously okay analytic news institutional rocket fuel could soon boost ethereum sets marco investor dan piero i completely agree the idea within this year when you look at the bitcoin already institutional investors such as microstrategy square or even miami you know federal states already coming to the bitcoin market next target is east and this can happen within this year is you know individual rocket frail to the east also boost up defy market too because a lot of defined project is active on ethereum ecosystem okay that’s what i’m thinking about so that’s also another reason that the why we th market development staff it’s huge potential in long run for this market development stuff that’s what i’m thinking about okay anansky news brock one cto and co-founder down rama resigned so actually i already sold my ease holdings just right before this news come to the market i i don’t know anything from this news but since you know brock one take the centros approach you know open software development staff so these lost is huge influence on their software value develop itself in long term okay then to me it’s kind of very commit you know to me you know i can understand about the why that you know decided to leave eos because an ether is too powerful in a bus market we gradually recognize that ethereum is the only ether will be the single most dominant player in the market that’s we can create that’s the we can gradually confirm that and that’s also typically happen in a software investment staff okay and the next one you need swap dex market so generally tense trading volume competition between central exchange and dex almost no change but as i told you in previous slide this is transaction fee so we need to pay attention to this kind of brilliant training volume stats the open staff for this measure you know dex project here okay and another next project the rx they are key news update so xerox protocol prepares to launch its most powerful updates so it’s going to happen this in april to summer the first major update about this one compared to version 3 xb4 improves rfq gas costs but as i told you each gas cost is one of the major issues for the dex market developments these days these major updates especially gas cost reduction to critical key driver for them for its growth okay then another major update is this one briefly allows custom on-chain liquidity pools to be plugged in a via standard interface and easily aggregated with all other liquidity sources so there is protocol so seriously focus on aggregating solutions on a dex market just like one inch okay so these competitions also another key gross rival about dex market these days too so let’s continuously pay attention to this okay and this one make it out mkl so landing market updates total tbl finally hit over 10 billion dollar it’s great and plus 23.4 and then make it out plus 22.5 compound 23.4 percent and abe 22.2 so most of the reasons coming from their each stock asset growth it’s radically happened there about you know capital injection to the archway market so this has to know so these that’s crazy show so these stats clearly show that these kind of stats you know include stuff but at the same time great things happening here in mkl quite for a long period of time mkr price itself is forwarding between 400 to 500 but finally experienced a huge breakout and it’s finally they’re going to hit the all-time high on january 9th 1978. main reason came from this news top u.s bargaining laboratory banks are also like to use public blockchain a stable coins so finally a lot of people worried about you know stable coin regulation stuff but now u.s banking legalizer approved discount related approach on a constructive way so this you know means

finally we see that the biggest market growth of the stable coin market on my analysis mkl has the highest potential in the stable coin market if you want to deepen your understanding about this point please check out my other video about mkl token analysis okay and the next one wi-fi young finance so asset market updates total tbl plus eighty eight point two percent huge increase and most of the stats come from this new player here bachelor dow and i’m planning to analyze this project later so please wait my updates okay but in part and at the same time young finance is minus two point three percent and the ram vm hits plus thirty point three percent and why rmbm hits this higher number here is wbtc because ram vm is a leading player about wbtc market again and already key news young finance developer reveals version 2 spectators and most of the updates about actual ui stuff i understand that you know some of the investors are really complaining about you know the strategy development staff and wi-fi about asset management stuff too i’m not so seriously worried about it why because once we’re gonna look at you know anti-chronic activity he’s gonna develop the kp3r and also he’s developing the dairy swap too and once you’re going to you know look at my d2 video about kp3r and deriswa you can see that how the only chromej tried to debuff the you know side effective tool around wi-fi ecosystem especially debuff the decentralized ecosystem for the defy programmer to develop the effective strategy for wi-fi products okay so that’s why and the next one synthetics snx so delivery market updates total tbl plus 30 increase anaesthetics plus 31 percent nexus mutual plus 30 percent and headache plus 12 most of the tbr growth come from synthetics and exercise mutual both are pretty good at the theater so nearly seven saturn h news now running on the theater network this number has nearly tripled in just the past two months as the sierra network grows stronger leading up to mainland three-point joint today here amazing so it looks like you know theater network is a leading player about decent cdn one of my major you know focusing point on my strategy so i put a lot of asset on this project too so this is great okay and this one chain link link thank you news one finance to use channeling plus feed to reduce flashing attack so i fully understand that decentralized oracle price feed is not the ultimate solutions flashing attack problem because dex project is seriously focused on developing the decentralized plastic model staff too but the actual benefits currently most of the player can get is just like this way the backed by proven crypto economics high quality data and probably secure and reliable oracle infrastructure channeling’s time tested and battle hardened price fees will ensure that while finance protocol is resistant to flash strong attacks this is one of the critical reasons that i see the huge potential on the channel link including dynamic nfd2 okay okay last slide as usual the hotel is the best for retail investor to minimize the risk and maximize the return just thinking about oracle investment is just like you know investment in early days of the google facebook and when you look at the amazing traction by legendary angel investor such as peter thiel rita hoffman long conway all the time they’re going to take the very simple investment approach is long-term investment and here’s another evidence for the binance research it’s a bitcoin case but all the time longest holder maximize the return so in this case bitcoin longest holder made 220 return compared with other showtime holder here too so i also basically take the long-term investment approach for the crypto assets still so i also recommend you guys to take that same approach like me okay so that is all this time i also make a lot of interesting video on the crypto on the blockchain space so thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe bye [Applause]