Sonim xp7700 xp7 teardown disassembly Battery and display replacement

all right I’m going to do a video teardown and disassembly of the sonim xp1 phone this one is a damaged unit here this one has been completely reconditioned you can see everything is completely clean around the screen the buttons this one’s sold now this one’s unlocked this one here has a damaged screen it’s not supposed to look like this so I’m going to show you how to take this phone apart there isn’t a single video out there but I’m going to recondition it and so these are my tools here all right so the first thing you’re going to do is we’re going to take the headphone jacks apart and a SD card slot apart okay the next things remove the connector on the back connector port you okay and all these components can be cleaned individually all the screws are the same okay the next important step is removing all these plastic plugs now these are all specific they need to go back in the same holder not universal so you need to put them in this place and keep them organized and these will be cleaned individually as well these are unique not only to the side but they’re the same position – and these are the watertight plugs okay really help you if you had a small screwdriver pull these out we can get inside and get them see how much easier that is to get in okay so now go ahead and do all these screws are all the same and doesn’t matter what what position these go in so you can just take my own clean them this back cover is on one unit

you okay so the cover will lift off okay now inside here you have your vibrator motor this thing just comes right out so you can replace that you have your NFC connector NFC this is your charge port here okay now this gasket here will come out and it needs to be put back and it goes back a certain way it sticks to the board so watch this so this gasket here comes off this is your this gasket is a watertight gasket it needs to be cleaned and it goes in a certain way so there’s a little slot right here and it will match right here so it’ll go back that same way after it’s clean so when you reassemble it that’s how it goes the gasket here you can remove it and you can notice there’s a lot of dirt on it and you just take this and you can put it in a tray of alcohol and then Pat it dry and when you reinstall it it will fit perfectly so what I do on these back covers is I’m going to take a toothbrush with some alcohol and I’m going to clean around the edges I’ll clean around the edges here and then blow the center pieces out make sure that the contacts are clean with alcohol and I won’t put any kind of alcohol here here and then the back I’ll clean this with alcohol and the magnetic charging port and then I’ll do the same thing right here I’ll clean this with alcohol and then blow it all out and then put this away and then what I’ll do for cleaning here is I’ll clean this piece out here all along the trim you can see there’s a lot of dirt right here okay so the battery replacement these are fantastic batteries and it is glued the housing itself double-sided tape just pulls right out there’s another cable underneath the motherboard here okay so you can undo that double-sided tape and then we undo the matted board

here to get it out and then you have a really massive loudspeaker loudspeaker is massive it’s incredible how big that is is the different size okay so right here in here you have a LED notification light you have your speaker that’s one unit so it doesn’t come apart I’m gonna carefully undo the antenna the NFC top buttons push the top buttons carefully undo that this is a head core headphone jack see if the motherboard will come out all right there we go on the motherboard pops right up assume card tray okay so the screw is unique here and it don’t need to take the other phone apart it wasn’t this bat wasn’t very bad so there’s a bunch of screws hold mess down here up here do those okay so these are the same okay that one’s along too okay now we can get to the battery pattern is going to be two flex cables so looks like this might have wireless charging no it’s just single that wasn’t the battery that was the charger cable port it’s a huge battery 4800 mah this is actually a big battery okay so that’s how you replace the battery could have been a little easier if this was the battery cable right there and then this was the cable that went to the charging port that would have been a little easier okay so looks like we have our

batteries okay so looks like to get the screen oops put that there with this one looks like to get to the screen you’d have to undo these bolts here Amy there take the camera out sealed headphone jack should pull out which it is so we have our sealed headphone jack there okay it looks like we have a screw there pull that out and do this flex cable here and there comes our loudspeaker I think is huge then you have your LED notification light up here you remember remaining antenna you all right all the Flex cables disassembled let’s see if it possible it does guys coming up can we get another antenna under here here we go and there’s your main IC board right there so we have your front camper camera and your proximity sensor looks like there’s no water intrusion on this board at all so we have dry board okay so this we hear was for the front display you can see that this cable broke here okay this was for the display and this would have attached to the side of the screen looks like the looks like it had a cable that came through must came through wrapped around why it’s pretty damaged so there were two cables I know there were two you had to vent two cables yep here’s the other one this one’s upper one so this is for your backlight here yeah this is unfortunate that this was all busted up okay so your backlight cable would be right here so these would be your two cables for your display it looks like one of them was ripped off right here and the other one was ripped off right here so this would be your backlight and this would be your main display your digitizer so that’s unfortunate there so that’s what those two are so replacing those this was how you would replace it so you have your cable here and here on the side and then it looks like you would scrape off the adhesive here along the sides see that like this okay so you do that all the way around

the phone up and around and then when you get your new digitizer it should have a thump trim around here that you remove it feed the cables through stick it down and then we’ll reassemble the phone here all right so that’s pretty much all the maintenance you would ever need to do I don’t think that you would need to replace anything else I’m going to prep clean and prep this phone for the next user to be able to do this so if you’re watching this video hopefully if thumb you’re the person that’s buying this phone you see how to take it apart but this phone will be fully reassembled go ahead and remove the charger port here okay so that will come off here and then the other Idol come off there don’t need to remove that but all right so this is your disassembly of the sonim xp1 I will be providing the two tools necessary to disassemble this kit just these to you so you’ll receive these two and this looks like a Lumia speaker a Microsoft Lumia speaker this is your earpiece speaker here interesting here yep that is a Microsoft Lumia speaker interesting all right so there you go I’m going to reinstall the everything and clean this phone up for sale and it will be able to turn out as cleaning nice as this one here so I don’t thank you for watching