NO COINS!「Super Mario Odyssey 🌙 CHALLENGE」

here we go off the rails don’t you know it’s time to fail ourselves it’s a fillable video like you never knew huh boy is it gonna be tough well merry christmas/hanukkah boxing day viewers depending on yourself of course and this is Philips YouTube welcome everybody to my next super mario challenge video now this is this challenge my old man on my last challenge let me let me clarify my last challenge what I did was a top-down game that was that was a challenge I came up with myself this one however I found um by a content creator known as helix snake I will admit his video on this was definitely not family-friendly but if you guys are okay with that I recommend give me a watch because it’s actually hilarious a zero coin run in Super Mario Odyssey is it possible yes how far can I go well we’ll have to see we’re gonna be starting a brand new game brand new from new how far can I get without collecting any coins it’s time to learn also really I’m just gonna be skipping cutscenes cuz you know we’ve seen this oh yeah please please yeah I keep keep to monetize my videos with your cutscenes in general music there’s such a good music for how much you have to do monetize my videos alright so here’s the thing about this game this gives you a lot of coins I mean no coins period no coins regional no coins normal no coins at all I won’t lie I have no idea what to expect for this other than extreme frustration I know I’m going to have to save a lot and I’m going to have to focus because I I’ve never even attempted thought of doing something like this I know so many things in this in this it sorry about that friend I know so many things in this game give you coins in fact they’re going to force them on you like here I’ll save real fast just to show you what I mean if I throw capi wrong never mind none of these give coins what a weird day something in Mario that doesn’t give you coins you got to be careful of everything and you’ll probably hear the anxiety of my voice a little bit but uh we’re gonna see how far we can go without capturing any coins capturing any coins you can just become a coin and infinitely spend yourself that sounds horrifying there’s gonna be coins here don’t travel down the middle of anything by the way like everything I do I have to avoid I’ve done rather I have to avoid anything that looks important like right here go around the outside there’s probably invisible coins somewhere all right become the Frog oh no so if I’m not mistaken there’s coins right up here yeah they’re coin rings okay I also can’t jump on any enemies okay okay okay okay don’t touch me I’m sterile that’s okay make my way downtown over here save every five seconds we’re gonna be saving this game all right make a flip another flip I see the Rings we are aware a God resides within my body he’s a poor God will this give me coins hold on hold on hold on hold on will this give me coins it does not give me coins never daddy I love the voices in this game and they’re too cool why don’t walk on top I’ve been playing this game so much man you don’t know what’s that’s a trap you don’t know what’s gonna give it to you I think we’re safe cleanly jump just make it over beautiful that’s right don’t bosses constantly drop coins to that’s okay I think this is a one space boss no oh no no real Cappy Cappy you cannot this this game just became a

minefield we cannot approach that side oh jeez ha escalation I can’t I don’t want to risk it please come closer got him easiest money me they’re mine and mine we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine okay good good you’re good if you get a flag twice you get coins this game has like a code called you that heart don’t pick it up just go imagine Isaac get forced to pick it up because of where I stand oh all right this is good no good start good start good start it’s got a save immediately as soon as I enter the Senate next area are able to collect moons I think that’s like pretty vital to playing the game yes you say easy money but you can’t get any coins I’ve been cursed by my fate I say easiest money yet I want to avoid the coins chat you’re not wrong in fact I believe that’s what you call being right too many cutscenes man alright so we can get this once after I save okay okay okay okay okay I got the process in my head give it one of those give me a triple jump will this work as I want don’t hit any other blocks please it’s all mome let’s go with me man as long as that moon isn’t a coin it’s fine by me I was we watching the UM early footage of super mario odyssey um like before we knew Kathy was a thing and it was so weird to see Mario running around without eyes on you know his head he just felt lonely to me for some reason I I kind of liked that it was neat that that made me feel lonely because it made me value how much you know Cappy has been there for me right now it’s cool um alright so I think we’re doing okay Todd that’s not where I was going actually I’m not sure if you could tell but I was going to the left you might be actually be able to skip that cutscene I wonder that’s alright that’s right for now I think we’re still okay how are we going to get wait hold on with the Dino with the Dino can I break blocks whoops without it hurting me Dino skip Daniel I’m glad I learned how to do the Dino skip because it saves me so much time whenever I start out over something as it as like a challenge will I get a coin where we are fine hey okay boys no that’s okay data management load what I have to do I’m confused I saved how do I backup how do i backup estate how do i go to the previous a file what how i go to the previous a file who I have to keep creating new saves oh no I have to go back to the menu I have loaded another file then reload the old one oh oh you’re right you’re not wrong no wait I don’t want to leave that I didn’t want doing that no load well there goes the run I was having before about top-down Mario luckily that wasn’t like a mean file or anything that’s okay that’s okay it’s good I just have to get to a playable section and I can get back yes thank you thank you I’m gonna this is okay okay I understand I understand look look it’s going well it’s gonna be a little bit of like it’s gonna be a little bit annoying sometimes that’s okay you were truly failable look Jack I think we are in

agreement that when you press save you think you would know I guess it would just automatically save under like a thing already know like it’s alright it’s alright I’m I’m okay with what we got I’m okay with what we got now options data management load this one hey we’re in it now we’re back in it okay okay so now we’re back now we’re back go okay my heart so don’t grab the moon that will give coins now but weird white how do I save this how do I save this data management save new file save so now I’ve created two files interesting I think I understand what’s going on it’s a little weird but I think I got the general synopsis of what I need to be doing alright I’m ready man I’m ready to go on my Odyssey take one out the challenge is possible there is a force point at some point apparently not that being said I’m not gonna like you know work too hard at it oh no it is one point whatever it’s okay so here a save where did that save though pull a home what did that save on I want to I want to do data management saves if I’m not mistaken yes yes ok data management saves ok what it’s all of this isn’t it that’s okay it’s all that it’s I can’t dude I know skip well let me just chest it’s all that it’s true but I cannot do the Dino skip that’s okay that is okay okay but what does that mean so we can’t do Dino skip so we have to do the side area Dino skip is also evil maybe but I think I feel company my doing it so now I imagine if I break those blocks I’m gonna have to get coins so go around like this easiest stuff easy stuff in the game go over here triple jump over these guys we’re good at this I am a little bit nervous about what’s going on over here and wait till you come over here it’s perfect just please don’t you dare fire ok he is fired but it is not picked up a point oh no I just realized I have no idea which blocks here are the good ones so I guys I just bounce back and forth between to save files interesting weird but interesting I guess I have to do two saves one on the current one on the other one strange ok so I can’t touch the Goomba oh no it’s just a guess that’s one x-23 the wobble four or five none of those were coin blocks I’m actually amazed got me it got me alright bring it back bring it back bring it back oh we all the way back here this is actual insanity oh because only seeds by the checkpoints of course it does reverse reverse one two three bring it up here this is okay no this is okay I’m understanding of understanding

the formula I won’t lie it’s a messed up formula don’t pick those coins up I know about how like mobs will accidentally pick up coins and stuff all right watch you skip that Mario’s gets crushed by rocks how did I do this before I think I remember what ones I used all right this one was fine this one was fine fine ooh don’t like breaking any extra don’t walk no in fact don’t save double save make sure we don’t have to do that stupid portion again data management save I can’t believe I got tripped up by the stupid plant all right here we go go around you so you are also gonna try and give me coins aren’t you all right no worries I can handle this I think hello buh buh buh buh duh buh buh I love the barking noise in make it’s so cute alright that’s actually no problem I don’t want to be near you anyway alright I can / I cannot break you during that time easy easy done speed run boys they just don’t walk near her and this is the easiest fight in the game I see those coins I realize my proximity to them bring it in dead do dead oh my wall motion did it you all you are already dead no not that way not that way ahh I’ve lost my tension it’s it’s we’re still fine we are still fine I’m trying to skip I cannot don’t walk on the coins I know they’re still out there get sanaya there anyway whatever poor triple move triple moon do you know this needs to be called a grand moon I find I find that back meat alright sounds good to me sounds good to me in fact this is looking pretty good now what am I doing with the multi moon obviously putting it on there but I need one more don’t I so drop what stop it freeze everybody clap your hands nope data management save other profile I know what’s up I know what’s up I already know what’s up cuz I know I’m gonna just hit one thing lightly and all of a sudden that will be the moon and I believe there’s a moon I can get over here I can’t think of any coins that I would run into trying to get it not there I can’t get those purple ones but there was a moon here down here maybe maybe I do not trust this situation at all in fact I’m fairly confident this is impossible that’s okay bring it back let’s bring it around there is one in the rocks I wasn’t sure if it would give me a coin let me just keep going this way I’m surprised I made that jump I’ve gone too long without a coin just appearing I see a hat thing down there a hat door you know what let’s go for the Hat door let’s go for the Hat door hello knock knock it’s my hat can I get a movie here can i acquire one it’s looking real sketchy I got a test I got a test can I hit you without getting a coin nope this is this I know I know this is a failed run this is a move move Mario Mario okay

that is a failed run I already know the outcome of everything that would happen there skeleton costume yeah we’re never getting it at this rate I already know the fate of me if I dare to to disturb that area alright let’s try out this rock the rocks in here even myself out go for it knew it I knew it that’s okay loaded back up load it back up I knew it though I called it okay understandable completely understandable that’s a coin Oh Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada oh wow well that was convenient easiest game in the world easiest game in the world now we have done it we have completed the first area without collecting any coins power up the Odyssey wait what’s the challenge no coin it’s a no coin challenge be careful of invisible coins I don’t know where to be careful of them frankly also do you guys like having the chat on screen that good if it’s annoying I don’t want it I don’t want to impose here bring me bring me over I’ll wash you’ve gone through to eight to throughout two kingdoms nice alright alright Chad is good alright cool it’s never too sweet please no thank you Matsuda sweetie good yeah make sure to look out for the invisible coins alright what if I hold down on the camera if I can get the camera for yayan let’s see let’s see all right Tippin sweetie hey I can’t get too freaked out well I found a glitch in Mario Odyssey that is also repeatable now that is cool all right one area found where are we going now free up up up up I already know what’s up I already know what’s up I already know what’s up good we’re back in it does this footprints sounds good to me Cappy right now I think I’m really on a roll all right I remember see here’s the thing I get a little bit of like riding on the shoulder of shoulders of giants because I remember oh don’t hit that cactus don’t you dare cuz I remember I like I said I’ve seen this challenge in so in another youtubers video oh good hit don’t fall for that don’t fall for it I’m namely the youtuber helix name so I know some of the bad spots only some of them though just from his video on it otherwise this is just a normal run out I’m Mario so far this is not that hard where am I going I am I still have to go up there okay no problem I want to make sure I didn’t have to go around it or anything okay look I’ve gotten lost in here before don’t get those coins don’t get those coins do not

can I stop in this game I can shore up welp this is going to be tough this is going to be tough well let me get to a shakin yeah I know this is definitely gonna be very hard no no this is definitely to be very hard alright alright running back in it run back run it back right back out really that got me you can’t kill mobs yeah I know I know I can’t cuz they will just keep giving me coins wow that was a hard turn that’s the one thing I don’t like about rolling sometimes it gives me um sometimes it turns me or that turns it makes me crash into walls where’s Abby love Gabby’s voice they actually really nailed that voice don’t habit Julie I wanted it don’t you know what get that do a double save cuz we’re about to do something very annoying data-management save I’m gonna get this this down beautiful beautiful alright I’m gonna have that down pat I’m sure of it Wow didn’t realize you get up too high meat I kind of want to break that box for the moon we’ll see if that’s net I’ll try to remember that that bought that box in case I need it yeah okay well that’s okay simple simple simple don’t – don’t you dare hit that block all my gaming instinct from the past X amount of years tell me hit that it’s a going against your instincts it’s really this is not okay what I am witnessing here okay I can dock them I can duck them up they clip through my hat a little bit but okay good um yo but how whole line this doesn’t count for the right eye I want to just assess use this lost life as I just want to assess what I have to do to get past that whatever I’m collecting the corns for days now I just need to know what I can do is there something this is the moment here stand on the end of the block oh boy our first actual impasse I know dude our first actual impasse you can clam on the sides I actually tried to climb on the sides a long time ago when I was doing this alright we’re back here are you kidding me that may actually makes me mad that also makes me mad that makes me even madder frankly try before loading unfortunately I don’t think I have that luxury because I couldn’t even tell if I wouldn’t have gotten the coins or not all right I’m gonna try and go from the outside they’ll be frank I don’t know how I’m doing that maybe a bullet bail I can leverage myself like certain locations and go from there also before I forget let me just get this cap you looks suspiciously at my moon let me just get that real fast I don’t have any coins wait okay bam bam bam don’t load save okay we’re good we’re good we’re good we’re good we’re good I know bullet bills can’t go up I’m just trying to think how to get get hello

don’t jump on it take the hit Mario this is scary I see the coins I see them below me shimmering I’m so mad I have to go all the way back okay okay now it gets a little weird maybe I can climb out here that does not seem to be possible let me try it our time that did not work out well al oh I’m gonna die this is annoying understandable Oh No and I can’t even remove the cacti hold on I tried perhaps I shouldn’t do this next to the cactus No okay got it no ha got actually got it come on that’s a good landing Mari I will admit do I just have to do this oh no what was that no I’m playing with fire here I like that weird double chop I’m doing the game has cursed you nah man this is an intended difficulty I definitely can’t straight pocket I need to like get perfectly to the side got it not really Oh No that’s okay that’s okay there’s a there’s some furry p-chart over here I got at least use this to heal myself up you should not die look I’m trying to not all right over here how do I live how do I eliminate this obstacle I’m so mad not actually that mad a mad cuz I’m frustrated here we go look at least we got a moon we got a moon because it that is a okay we should double save you are not wrong you being me my internal brain by the way we’re like sixty people away from my all-time viewer hi tell your friends about this yeah give me give me that double save over here how on earth why is it not possible yo is it not possible I actually had a walkway I actually had a walkway hear me out do those 10 have a 10 don’t jump I’m bad okay no I wasn’t looking hello

there’s nothing I can do here right not not but just by being within its presence not like I don’t even have to be on the block it picks it picks it up okay I wanted to test it I needed to test it that’s okay ten ten ten ten it’s okay you can make an exception no man no way it’s not what this is about this isn’t about exceptions this is about victory this is the first major impasse just tell it to go away and move I didn’t try that I mean you’re not wrong I didn’t try that yeah Mario you’re real proud of yourself aren’t you we got a coin I’m not sure if you guys saw it but a bullet bill has broken a block resulting in busting our wallets busting our bank a bullet bill broke a block resulting in busting our bank of zero of being broke busted our broke this way you can make that into something interesting can’t you become a bullet you can but for what reason I need to I need to make sure I didn’t good I think get coins okay what am i doing don’t do it what did I say what did I say don’t do what I said he did it okay okay what happened buddy go back okay because it’s loading Daniel good stuff um nice nice one Daniel this is not a linear game remember that is it possible to collect enough moves around the world that I don’t even need to go on the tower is it possible oh this is like no no don’t do it to me it’s a good blessed day all right challenge accepted mooom challenge out accepted speedruns don’t go into the tower oh you know what you’re you’re not wrong here we go oh no ice levels without collecting coins oh this is gonna be fun all right that load save okay because you have to get the items I think I do not believe that is true from speed runs I have seen you can skip major things I said that’s gonna give me a coin what lie I was kind of scared alright we need to be optimally Mumma fishing but there’s one up there I believe that’s all we need to worry about oh no um wait no no this is actually fine I can do this oh this is not cool go go

no don’t put me back at the beginning don’t you know it’s gonna do it to me it’s gonna do it to me I know itself it’s gonna do it to me it’s gonna put me all the way back ain’t it always gonna pull me all the way back do it to me I dare you I dare you oh I did it to me teleport to checkpoint you’re stopped you’re not wrong thank you I forgot about that I forgot about that that’s okay a plus say it looks so cool hey plus a plus so let’s talk about what I just died to Quantico died there is one over here too this is a ring I can see it easy easy that also means I hat dude this is like deluxe dark moon oh this is obnoxious it just air stall I don’t trust that there’s not coins on these we have done it is there any other thing I can collect here it looks unlikely hey look guys do you think there’s a move in there sorry coins down there good good double save double save oh no alright good activate that it’s a 50-50 isn’t it which is the right one just double saving case play it safe play it save okay right here it’s easy alright now you fly no no no double save this is important data management save all right all right whoa hey before gaming with the $1 thank you very much I appreciate that sorry jacksie it’ll be 30 coins well that’s kind of awkward give it he’ll never receive that much ever um so Jack see stars are out of the picture or moons y’all what even do i do then there’s a mum up there okay interesting map this all out perfectly I might be able to do something with this yeah cuz I can make this into a arm where am i I’m good I’m going the right way I can make this into them into a UH a boom we have the main max moves it feels so weird whoops did i mean to do that dude optimal speed strats optimal seed strats all right now you go over here hmm it’s a double moon the game didn’t expect me to be this good missus oh there you saved alright that will grow nicely that’s that’s two moons in time alright good good good you’re good now next location what and where this is a really open game it bothers me

how open is I know there are moons hidden within the ground somewhere things over here if I am not mistaken oh I could go into the shop there is one in the shop it’s over here got it nope easy dude we are racking it up there’s one over there too it’s funny how crazy this game becomes with moves after after you reset the file and then all of a sudden you find that there’s just moves hidden everywhere anyway let’s get back into that so there are two moons I need to collect right now how okay you know what I see one up there and I see a bird that flies around next time I respawn I’m making my way towards that burb do that’s potentially a double moon alright get that good now we’re going to double safe we’re gonna double safe look this upcoming section is gonna be annoying I’m not gonna lie no save alright come alright let me just refresh us beautiful let’s see what we got a deal with here so frankly I can only assume both of these but all ice pillars have a coin at the top I can wait a minute wait a minute no no no it makes sense to me I know what I need to do I know what I need to do bring me it doesn’t make sense to me I thought I knew wait a minute no that’s okay I’ve made a mistake all I have to do is load the other one and then resave that’s like actually a okay that’s like actually a okay but I don’t think I’m in the wrong I do not think I’m in the wrong save other one okay here we are yeah we’re back in it we’re back in it so first of all ready speedrun strats here we go I know where I need to be I don’t know how optimally to get there I’m so mad burp burp no I just missed the burb I tried to get him I know there’s a burb flies over this way how’s it going chat how’s it going mari is a little bit cold understandably this texture is so nice anyway burb return return to me I need your moom will pay see out we need this bird man we need this burb once they approach we will be in the money so actually this is a good time to ask so so here’s the thing don’t actually start exploring that’s probably gonna be the death of me I’m gonna find a moon or find a coin so here’s the thing

next segment was originally going to be minecraft for the switch but I want to know there’s two other options right now this is minecraft for the switch there is a fan voted game or there’s keep doing this challenge because I will admit this challenge is alright so I have a question for you guys do you guys want me to switch over to minecraft for the switch do you guys want me to do a fan voted game or should I keep doing this challenge fan voted fan voted minecraft fan voted challenge fan vote wow this is like really split it’s too much to handle I think I’m seeing mostly fan voted here a rare train could you drop the UM could you drop the the link to the to the straw poll in the current chat actually rare chain would you mind remaking the poll with the addition of this challenge I’m sorry to ask you to do that my dude I didn’t think that this would actually become something that might work for two segments no this burb better get close again I’m getting mad at this verb Mars is chilling I hear it better now mrs burp please oh geez yo cappy’s I like pupils come off of his eyeball gross oh oh oh sorry that aside what are these specks in the air don’t breathe that in Mario probably gonna give you some nasty disease oh it’s off like it’s awfully green shadow that is a flag there it is the burb it approaches where am I going with this do I jump I’m kinda getting nervous now uh bring me burp bring me I can’t look at what I can’t look away I have to focus on game I can’t look at the chair I want to be the chat sweaty palms don’t give me a coin you stupid bird I’m gonna throw my controller I did it don’t pick up a coin there it is quickly before we land before we interact with anything else in this stupid game double save we are on top of the world okay okay yo we are making this happen wait a minute paper we are making this happen oh no it’s over here isn’t it No ah mad ok ok completely understandable right now looks like fan-voted game is about to decimate moderators can I ask you something can I ask you a favor that’s gonna be an impossible point or a possible move can I ask you a favor hold on like not die or not get a coin there we go so what I want to do is ask the chat as a giant collective I remember what game they want me to play could you guys the mods find the most popular game set in chat and make them as options maybe make five options no roblox roblox will not be played no matter what I think other and also it has to be games that I actually own so cuphead is out roblox and cop header out

but other than that mods do you think you could do me a favor and make a poll of the top five options this is probably gonna give me a coin the in fact I believe all the new percent is gonna give me a coin what I have to figure it out it didn’t give me a coin that might mean blood double save double save I do own for tonight if that is a popular game you know what I’m gonna do I’m also gonna do this hold on during this segment I’m gonna make it so check can’t talk as fast to help the mods out nope nope if I’ve done it on the stream that’s more than fine by all means I will do a double segment of something don’t get those I am actually so mad but I’m also glad that I double saved yeah jack box is fine um Paul has been made bless you Taylor that’s only three options no also I’m sorry Taillow Taillow I cannot do Pokemon that I I knew I was missing something I cannot do Pokemon I can’t I can’t add an episode I got to keep those more a little bit more consistent I can’t like double down on those I’m sorry about that my apologies I knew I forgot one thing in there ideally the top five with um I honestly think it should be five options like I know there are in total five games being asked at least like look I’ll play undertale if that’s the most fan voted game I will I will pull out the undertale terraria I will pull out terraria but that has to be Millions that super voted let me see Christmas Paul ah try to chase the Lynx Chris’s pole is a 404 error good job Chris Talos poll is only two options Chris’s poll is another 404 error it can still be Minecraft at this play actually shouldn’t be because we already Minecraft for the switch and that’s been avoided out bullied it out alright y’all believe in the magic don’t do it believe I believe that this did not give me a coin we’re golden boys we are currently golden we are currently golden where else though what else have we done what what have we not done we need five more moons this is so possible wait a minute I don’t think this is gonna be possible wait no Mulholland first of all first of all wait a minute bird is this the same bird it’s a different error maybe amateur hey come here go go go as fast as possible we have done it there are two you can get from

the Sphinx looks like we’re going to a lot of Sphinx okay links fix pull is active again Chris that is a 404 link once again there really ain’t no home Chris all right over here talk to me my dude you want a ring he wants another how are there two moons I can get here where is the second one apparently there’s two wait you can get to wait what the foreign visitor traveling by car won’t stop this journey ice the moon talking everyone have any say odd five I didn’t know that there were six but one fell off Spinks quiz Kitty ten out of ten that’s such a good name yes yo two more I believe mods have we decided on a other thing how about having everything created how we can create it have we created a good link also I’m gonna say add add minecraft switch and Odyssey to that to that pole there’s no reason why we shouldn’t add that wait a minute wait a minute another one we are one away I didn’t believe it possible I didn’t believe it possible but we are on to something beautiful here will you do all these these part seven please answer me yeah of course I’ve already done it a live stream all those is it over here dude we can just do the moon pieces we’ve done it we have it all lined up wait a minute hold on what what I press I press jump i press jump for the extra boost I’m okay acceptable stolen away works for me works for me it’s got to happen sometimes it’s gonna happen sometimes there’s also something down here which I believe I remember what this is it’s a trap though easy like a spy well I think I got this Oh No that’s a weird song we know I’ve ever done al give me it we have actually done it we’ve done it get me out of here we’re going back to the Odyssey we have done

it the next is complete let’s go to worlds down boys two worlds done I did forget about the moon plants you’re not wrong also go with rare TransLink let’s use rare TransLink that’s a good one Pat the ship is good howdy hey well I guess I don’t even want to fight us all right well good bye dude this is good I also scared that Mario Odyssey and undertale have the same amount of votes I’m not gonna lie I actually don’t even have undertale installed so we would be sitting and waiting yeah right rink you repost the the thing let’s get beautiful right now Odyssey is one more vote then splatoon see if it’s weeded undertale its most votes when i look the last time claimed dord splatoon and odyssey are tied I’m gonna get like three moons let me get like a little bit of this area and then we’re gonna recheck that poll see how it’s going do I hear something oh I hear the sound of progress my friend I hear the sound of reverting my save file my friend I have to redo that cutscene that’s okay that’s okay understandable right now all I see is actually leading the polls is that a double segment I I am actually so mad I didn’t save after I got the last moon where even was it I don’t even remember where was it where was the stupid thing where was it please I can’t even go over here for the thing that’s okay there’s something over here I don’t believe I will get coins over here I don’t believe these give me coins easy move easy move easiest move in the game William Baris knows okay now let’s get to where we need to go okay okay now we’re on the track to something beautiful here now we’re on the track to something beautiful here get over here one two claim activate skip this do poor Chris dude splatoon is one vote away from Odyssey let’s make a final closing of the votes four minutes in four minutes more and then we’re gonna close up the votes four minutes more once it there’s now three minutes more honestly with two more votes in splatoon McCanney I did not mean for the lake Kingdom all right well I guess we’re going to leak Kingdom the Gaddy I’m refreshing Odyssey is still three votes ahead your vote matters yo I know there are people who are watching this stream there are 224 people watching the stream right now and I believe a total of 50 votes 60 votes you could decide what you watch

you could shape the face of reality we are still two minutes away from the I’m not gonna look at the polls how do I vote oh how to vote oh can we get some more links in chat ririn thank you save double save wait Chris are you still posting your link no Chris don’t post your link it’s confusing we’ve already established a little link one final poll with just Mario in splatoon that sound unfair I don’t wanna drag this on too long should we do that whoops I did not mean to fall all humor that request do you think we can do that real fast a quick to a quick poll no no competition in links let people who voted for like undertale and stuff get their their pitch in thank you guys thank your mods don’t this coins everywhere this coins everywhere I can feel the minefield I’m scared of that Bush that’s okay yep I figured I figured they’d ban gin load this is tough man load oh my gosh brutal over the lake sounds good to me men purse if I had a boat I’d probably say splatoon so what tune sounds fun right about now easy jump that is not what I was hoping for right here hard jump I probably didn’t need to make that jump now I think about it that’s okay fish never have to worry about the air look they actually have to worry about the air a lot that is how they die a lot of the time actually Cathy very insensitive you you know frankly get that easy so everyone go to Berens new link hole I mean carefully drift around this no okay the imagine load oh boy all right and we rolled over a trans link our Nestle tune is dominating I’ll give it four minutes same as I did for the last one I didn’t do my little kick jump come on now Mario walk with me my dude I’ve been playing you for a while here oh now I’m just getting mad now I’m new now I’m like slowly losing my grip on reality easy and suddenly our grip on reality is back no wait go back up here wow that’s close do this here’s what I’m thinking do the zipper don’t get the coin that I know they’re baiting me in to get this one instead yes splatoon is winning now oh I wanted to see it I knew I wouldn’t be able to make that to be perfectly honest alright dunk down more more where’s the fish I need your assistance I need your efficiency all right now it’s fine restart I know I lost a mum whatever Daniel why’d you attack it I wanted to go faster

so I began swinging the controller I was like okay cool meat don’t make me gain money from their deaths is all I’m saying I’m fine with taking over people’s brains as long as I don’t financially profit from it Amar’s a little bit of a weird game got him that’s one seven more to go over here I swear man that feels makeable I know I’m like actually the furthest away from it I could probably be feels makeable get another one alright mr. fishy boy oh I can’t I can’t I would be a fool get that save if I got the fish I would have to somehow somehow navigate through uh what I’m looking at right here this maze of coins as the fish it seems fairly impossible officially impossible all right up here is there anything I can gain so anything I can gain it does not appear to be so nothing over there I could go for the pieces I could go for the pieces here you can do it as Mario by ground-pounding your no no you’re actually right I’ve done it before as Mario by ground-pounding thank you chat for reminding me let’s go I have done this before I take damage but I recall this this is a nod and no damage run game transition time oh that’s true let me get this move well I’m there’s a moon behind you walk now it’s not the time we can still make this owl wear captain toad I desire your help we have done it let me jump on his head twice Oh slow motor still in ten seconds that’s probably important to state Thank You pancake for reminding me of this and now we also have one back here somewhere back here I thought what’s there boom over here what maybe it appears once the moon thing is there weird I mean I guess that works all right double save let me check the polls if Mario’s still on top we’ll continue this if splatoon is on top we will take a five-minute break and be back with some splatoon save oh my goodness me what is our timer flesh oh wow yes will do and he’s like really ahead sounds good to me let’s jump on over to splatoon thank you all for watching the Super Mario Odyssey challenge section of this we will be back with more Odyssey another day but for now let’s wrap it all up with a little bit of splatoon – I’ll see you guys in a little bit 5 minutes 35 minutes woo