This week in Bitcoin- 4-3-2020- Hyperbitcoinization, Money Printing, Halving, Plague, The Dutch

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to this week in bitcoin today is April the 3rd 2020 strong hand conviction long term thinking I’m offended by selling ok we got our guests to your Simon is here Anders is here and has is here hey uh before we go on though I do want to dedicate this show to a long-term longtime fan of this show a Bitcoin holder his name was tor you’ve heard me mention this guy before he was from the LA area I mentioned that there was a big fan of our show who had brain cancer and it was tor unfortunately I just learned right before the show that he died back in February so I’m dedicating this show to him and his thumbnail there’s a picture of him in the thumbnail with me he actually knew Anders also we were we he came to Anders event in in Los Angeles and he was a great guy he’s from Baltimore originally just like I’m from Baltimore originally and he had a very strong hand definitely and this is a lesson for everyone out there he did know that he had brain cancer and he knew you know the life is short and he planned it all out with his family so you hear these stories about people dying and that the bitcoin was not passed on but tor did pass on the Bitcoin to his family his family is taken care of and again I just learned this right before the show so it’s the show is dedicated to him and it is a coincidence that Anders also knew him and is on the show today so tor this is dedicated to you man and you will be missed you were a strong hand and you are an example of how to properly pass on the Bitcoin to your loved ones so let’s get into the current events here this is this week in Bitcoin welcome to the show everyone we will start with a tweet from Anders which is money printing is that money printing is taxation don’t hold fiat currency hold Bitcoin so hacks what do you think about that quote in in relation to what is going on out there in this wacky world that we are in I agree I agree completely it is it is a hundred percent theft so there’s two ways that the government can rob us inflation and tax and and it’s all theft as far as i concerned but I love money printing every Bitcoin er should love money printing because you know when when they were flouting the idea of you know we’re gonna we’re gonna be spending four five six seven eight trillion as a stimulus I said fire up those printers and make me rich so I think I think every Bitcoin secretly wonders secretly hopes for more and more money printing that said though it’s a it’s going to be a huge burden on society you know in a greater context to have to repay this back later in the future so this this particular case is a tough one because it’s a money printing for the sake of a public health crisis but the public health crisis should just might just be a cover since it might just be the the pin that pops a bubble of unsustainability completely unrelated to public health it is it is quite a time you’re living in and who would have predicted whatever six trillion or whatever has been printed so Anders you’re you’re here any night dates and it was your cut your quote that I read we were talking about Emma all sorts of money supply before the show what’s what’s your take yeah so I believe I read that the money supply in us is thirty trillion dollars which kind of makes sense we’re in the global money supply including m1 m2 m3 which is like number one is just actual notes and coins and then m2 it becomes like what’s in your bank etc but if you count everything global it’s 100 trillion I believe in us I read it’s 30 trillion so when you create 6.2 more in a matter of a couple of weeks it

essentially will create that itself more than 20 percent inflation it doesn’t happen immediately it happens over time but printing more money doesn’t create more value if it did we could print a hundred million dollars to every single citizen give it to everybody we you know everyone would be rich we didn’t have to work anymore that’s just an example of course you can’t do that it doesn’t create more value a money system as I like to call it has a certain value right so if you print more units it’s just each unit will be worth less but it still has the same amount of real value so this essentially means that you are diluting the value of the current dollars clearly so anyone who’s holding cash is being robbed well you know around 20 percent of the value of that not immediately over time as house was saying you know the situation is is special it’s there’s a health crisis so maybe it’s necessary but nevertheless it is stealing value and then you can you know always discuss you said is it a good process is not but you’re out stealing value from holders of of cash here and now all right is this the first step you’re still a big believer in a hyper Bitcoin ization I guess it’s looking a looking like you’ve got a your point is stronger these days isn’t it and thank you thanks for bringing that up and it will get stronger so you know I’m a strong believer of Gresham’s law where when when you have more money in your pocket you will always spend the one that you consider less quality the less good first because you want to hold back you know what you want to keep the one that you consider has best long-term value in a situation like this where I mean you have dollars I know you believe in that dollars will still be around for your currency will still be around to some extent I mean maybe you change your mind I don’t know but I just believe that because more and more people will realize that bitcoin is a better money you know people will be using that dollars first to the extent that eventually which I believe will happen after the next having nobody wants to hold it anymore and and we you know we we go into hyperinflation and and that essentially is the other coin of the other side of the coin of I per bit pranaya station and the reason I say I mean we all agree that bitcoin is the better money right um I want to state a point why there can’t be any better money than Bitcoin because then people don’t have to think about you know manera is that good or litecoin is it good because it has a lot of time and everything really force up for commodity to be money because it’s always been a commodity that’s been money and and bitcoin is just a digital commodity first of all it best need to be scarce being a hundred percent tapped unlike bowl where we can still find more being a hundred percent cap at 21 million means it’s infinite cap right so that’s the first thing nothing can be that then you need Portability and divisibility durability and fungibility which essentially means privacy it’s infinite portable you can walk through customs with a hundred million dollars in your brain alone just in your memory it’s infinite portable it’s infinite I’m sorry it’s infinite divisible it’s infinite durable and also it will have infinite privacy you know we already have point join but once we get snore and a brood and lightning egg or ignore that working together it won’t be traceable so and all those I mean on the important properties of money what money can be compared on it has infinite max value you really can eat it at the same time because it’s decentralized and at digital it’s also permissionless value transfer you can transfer to WikiLeaks you know which you can’t do with dollars for instance so it’s emission less value heat transfer and also it’s uncomfy scalable you know we know that but I’m just I just wanted to highlight that it is infinite value on all of these dream

properties you want to have on money and when you have something that is in the infinite valuable and it already has the network effect it has it won’t be able to change like the world has to have an apocalypse or something like that for me even to think that there’ll be something else then I totally agree with your your tweet I don’t see how anyone in their right mind can can flock to the Fiat at this time and this is the time that people should be waking up but I think I mean the dollar is the best of the bunch basically and so III agree money printing is theft money printing is taxation and that’s I mean when this whole panic has started and Bitcoin price crashed I mean the first thing I did I bought Bitcoin that day that day whatever was bloody Thursday whatever it was called so I do I assignment has been psy he’s going he’s gonna have a lot to say about about all this because you actually just you had a tweet thread called Bitcoin charcoal or daimond so I mean you can tie some of that into what Anders said but your thoughts on the money printing first okay well well I agree that that I mean you see all around the world that the escape buttons are being pushed and which is money printing and we see the Chinese doing it we see the Europeans doing it we see everyone the way it so all over the world we’re tackling the crisis just by printing money so so we’re taking care of people so this is really short-term decision making done done done to save the bunch and there are good reasons for doing so I think in terms of if you are a government what do you want to do I mean you’re saying to people sit down sit at home people lose their jobs so so you’ll grab a tool that you would not generally use but the fact of the matter remains that that you increase the supply and there’s one supply not increasing at all and that means that from a relative perspective it’s clear that you’re going to get an increase in the Bitcoin price so so I’m completely on with you on that although if if you also look at the history of Bitcoin you can see that where our monetary environments are unstable there’s a likelihood that governments will be forbidding the use of Bitcoin so the sort of cash would be that if this if Bitcoin becomes too strong some governments might say well it’s now completely prohibited to I mean and of course there are other countries you can go to and such but but I see this as sort of a deus ex machina an outside thing that may also occur I mean they’re they’re breaking all the kind of rules in terms of money printing and such so so why not also so so in the worst nightmare would be that basically there’s a huge money printing going on then you forbid Bitcoin and then you hurry up with the central bank digits occur see and you push people towards the central bank digital currency and and you’re pushing towards a thing that they don’t want so that’s my worst nightmare and the the the the nice dream division would be the one where we don’t over regulate Bitcoin we just accept that it’s there and we leave people to choose and we can see the effect of having a robust system alongside a system that is completely moving off the rails so so these are very very interesting times you need and and I should also say to all the viewers and listeners that that has family in this illness in this crisis take care be healthy stay healthy and be very cautious I mean these are stressing times and my heart goes out to everyone who has a family or relay related people that that that are ill at the moment so I just want to say that and then we’ll move on to the Bitcoin stuff because uh it’s it’s yeah it scary times yes and I I do want to say that all these guys if you want to know more about them they are all linked to below all their Twitter’s are linked to below and various tweets that they’re mentioned in so speaking about well going going back to your country to the Netherlands uh uh and this crisis that is going on you noticed and that they tried to sneak something in there didn’t they in it with them no tell tell tell the world about this because this is very interesting because you know that there is a real illness out there there’s a real virus out there but it’s government’s can use this as a time for overreach and a lot of people were

pointing to a lot of examples and you have a real I mean crypto example here yeah so the situation in the Netherlands is the following where we’re still in a discussion on legislation on crypto basically there’s a base layer of legislation that was initially proposed by the Minister of Finance that was all fine and then the supervisor the central bank said no we want an extra layer of supervision on of that and that really kills off the industry so the industry sort of battling for a year now and saying well take off the extra layer just give us the basic kyc stuff but not the extra layer for the supervisor so there’s it’s almost in the final stages of discussion in Parliament and on a Tuesday when they were announcing a economic bazooka in the Netherlands they also published a letter to our Senate on on this legislation and this was a letter which basically sort of ducked all the vital questions and and was not really an answer to the questions of the people in the Senate but I noticed it coming online and I started tweeting about it basically taking it all apart because it had all kind of flaws in it and I was doing this in a tweed storm where each time that I did a tweet it hits the Ministry of Finance account and a lot of parliaments people account so while they’re preparing for this economic press conference they’re noticing these tweets coming up coming up and at the end of my tweet storm I’m sort of done with with dissecting the the answer into bits and pieces basically outlining that they didn’t answer any question that was being asked and they’re sort of not telling the truth as to cost of supervision so sort of cost for crypto for supervision what’s going to be more than a regular license for for trust companies like these companies that do business for large corporates and stuff so this was really an over-the-top supervision layer but at the end of my tweet storm someone tweets to me hey guy the where’s the letter I can’t find the letter anymore so they took the letter offline and waited for a week and only to publish it then so this was really sort of makes you one there was this administrative mistake or was it basically using the crisis to slip in a piece of legislation or discussion that you want to sort of yeah well while everyone’s paying attention to something else just to move this one along it’s unclear which of the two but they took it offline it was gone for a week and now they put it back online and now the industry has officially sent a letter to the Minister of Finance saying hey guy your first your first proposal a good a good proposal and then you started putting on this extra layer for therefore supervisor but now you see in the budgets of the supervisor how much it cost it costs more than other licensed entities well we only have a registration how can a registration be more expensive almost one and a half times the one of a license of a Trust Company so so have a look around look at the corona crisis we are still employing people but if you move this forward with an extra layer it’s going to be a hard time so so give us a break take out the extra layer of the supervisor go back to your to your own original proposal and let’s move forward basically that’s that’s here there and we hope all the Mellon’s hope that the Minister of Finance comes to its senses because he said well I’m gonna throw ninety billion euros at the problem here to solve to solve the employment problems that will occur due to the corona virus well he consoled this one easily without paying a cent just take out a couple of rules and we’re there so we really hope that that’s gonna that is that he’s waking up to reality and it’ll be sensitive to the argument I want one of the things I want to point out in all this is that you made a difference you who you called them out and that that was a good thing to do and so those of you who don’t think you can make a difference here you can make a difference social media it can you you never know what you can do and the thing that is disturbing with this is that during the times of crisis you never knew know what governments are going to try to pull so keep an eye on everything we we’re entering a time of surveillance definitely surveillance for the good of the country everyone’s staying digital surveillance and a lot of big pointers aren’t into that type of thing second up yeah that’s really true this is the time to really pay attention because this is time that all lots of stuff which sneaked into legislation so so not just crypto regulations a lot of kind of regulations we really must pay attention there pass down in Australia where you are any examples of government overreach or anyone trying to sneak anything in digital surveillance or do you want to talk I didn’t ask you about

hyperpigmentation so with the with the surveillance thing and overreach we’re having a problem with basically neighbors ratting each other out and and our rules are becoming well it’s kind of draconian and it kind of isn’t so like I’ve been going to work every day you know obviously you you can’t build a building remotely so so you know ll the way we do things on site has has changed a little bit there’s lots of there’s lots of professions that are kind of business as usual but for example like I cannot see my friends so it used to be last week that you could invite one person that’s external to your household over for a social event and now you can’t invite anyone unless they’re a carer you know that your girlfriend can come over so relation you know people in a relationship are allowed to see each other good it’s in terms of it’s a disaster in terms of social distancing now with regards to like hike of mechanization and money-printing and whatnot I sort of take the the actuarial cold-blooded economic view so so what’s the cost of a life roughly around about two million dollars so and I’ll tell you how I tell you how I got to that number so America they were expecting three million dead if they did nothing so they spent six trillion to save three million lives so there you go each life costs two million dollars according to the US government if you want to break it down that way and I think you know I don’t know if they take that approach to it or not but this particular amount of spending if we’re to believe what the government tells us is to is to avoid is to avoid death from health and then the subsequent knock-on effects you know the economic knock-on effects I don’t I I don’t really have you know a ABE robust solution to offer governments for situations like this this is something truly unique with that said I fully expected them to eventually sometime in the next three to five to ten years to print trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars because eventually you know the the debt the debt based the built on debt structure of our economy was always a house of cards built on shaky ground so it was always it was always going to going to tip over but this this is the best opportunity for a government to step in and say only we can save you and you’re gonna have to do this this and that to be saved and you’re just gonna have to to wear it with a brave face otherwise you’re gonna be fined so the fine social gathering here in Australia are up to eleven thousand dollars if you’re out without a reason it’s a thousand dollar fine so I guess police actually stop people out for being if I was walking on the streets of Sydney like I was back in October and I didn’t have it could I be have the police stop people like that just walking around yep so you pay a lady in Bondi got fined for sitting on a park bench now the police commissioner came on TV and he said I’m personally overseeing these fines and the ones that are bullshit I’m putting a line through them but yet like Australia was always a hardcore nanny state now it’s a now it’s a nanny state enforced with draconian fines but there are there are a lot of industries that have been left to operate business as usual and we’ve dodged the bullet effectively Corona is over here we’ve bent the curve it’s fine so they’re gonna lock us up till June the 30th and and then and then you know you said you’ve said a lot here you said and a lot of it is disturbing we first of all count that like button people but you just got the world view of everything but that you that you’re living in informant nation I mean it’s cool to be an informant now I mean that is ridiculous that I just discussed me it’s it’s you know they’re contributing to

the surveillance state the the citizen is this is it’s unprecedented and yeah I mean we’re talking about hyper bitcoins I mean this is this is this is bigger I mean that that we’re living in such a compliant time it’s it’s very disturbing very disturbing everything that you said out there do you see I mean the day the government able to pull this off until June the 30th like you just said that was the date yeah definitely I can definitely see them being able to pull it off people are gonna riot look if they banned alcohol yeah my word we’d riot but other than that we’re a pretty chill folk like you know use for us we have never had a riot pretty much in history or at least you know since I’ve been alive so uh I can’t I can’t see it necessarily changing and also who’s gonna go riot like when you can catch her own up that’s the like assembly you know the freedom of assembly it has been people are freaked out they don’t want they don’t want to assemble anymore so it’s kind of been taken away from by the fear fair sir well before before I go to Aunt Anders with digital surveillance talk I do just I do want to get a final word on a hyper pre-colonization from you though Hass do you think it is going to happen do you believe in hyper Bitcoin ization yes or totally I totally believe in hybrid quantization Sophia if you remember my little fish a facetious piece on on the passion of the believers the the Bitcoin religion piece oh yeah thought of the opening prayer I said beware the angel of hyper bitcoin ization and you know and don’t face the angel without holding any Bitcoin because you know because there might be some punishment for you in the economic hereafter and I think we are now in the economic year after very very the economy is now and going forward it’s very different and will be permanently different to the economy we had a few months ago so so as far as I’m concerned we are now in the economic hereafter and hyper decolonization is is not far away I never actually NER Simon straight-up when if he believes in hype of the conversation no I’m not certain today I had a look at the history books of a central bank and I had a look at what happened in 1918 when we had the Spanish flu and the First World War and a contraction a huge contraction leading to massive debts of all kind of governments but those were only sir 36 of those 36 countries in the world so I figured I’m going to look up the amounts and the the contraction the economic contraction and how they dealt with it and I think what I learned was that there was a huge contraction at first just like we are experiencing now then it looked as if everything was okay and everyone felt like well we’re heading back to normal and then you end up in 1929 with a huge huge stock crisis and the 30s afterwards so there could be a lingering effect if you look in history there could be a lingering economic effect that that that we sort of at first may not feel or may not be aware and then it really hits us so what’s going to happen it’s what it tells me it’s very hard to predict we’re now so short after after the the initial shock let’s say we’re only witnessing the first part of the shock we haven’t seen the the quarterly report of a lot of companies we we haven’t perhaps felt the pain fully in economic terms or sense the pain to its full extent so we may be up for even a more bumpy ride than we think we already had and this may create some some things that that we can’t foresee so that that’s where my nightmare vision came in that they will Bend Bitcoin or forbid it or whatever I mean that’s that’s that’s that sort of I’m not certain we’re through the worst of it yet and that me may mean that well in theory I would I would immediately say this is the logic um I think the economic or geopolitical reality may be coming in between to to borrow a bit or

– yeah yeah to mess it up from basically that’s that’s but that’s that’s just my two cents I mean Anders any any thoughts on that or the surveillance state we’re entering yeah I took a few notes here while I’m an in-house was talking because there’s a few things – just wanna give if my take on I think was Simon who mentioned that this is the needle that bursts the bubble and I think exactly it that’s what it is it’s the everything bubble as we’ve been talking about for a couple of years that have to burst sooner or later and I think this is is that and to tie it up with what Simon just said because action look also I went back to try and figure out okay how’s the stock market gonna react now went back and look at Dow Jones during the Spanish flu and and I I saw okay it’s not too bad but then I realized that we never sent pretty much the entire population the world almost the world population into quarantine many people have lost their job will have lost a huge part of their income so spending is going like everyone is feeling uncertain about the future and and that they drop spending to a minimum at the same time even the US government I believe it was munchkin a munchkin as I call him that that even even from the government mentioned and usually they don’t want to paint a negative picture right that mentioned that unemployment in us could go as high as thirty two percent so in in my opinion it’s just a matter of time before we are in that depression and not just a recession and I think this is going to hit a lot harder than the stock market reflects currently I can’t believe that it went back up above twenty thousand and I would not be surprised to see how at fifteen thousand or even ten thousand because I think that that’s you know once quarterly results will come out with companies all of a sudden have lost you know like a very big percentage of their income it that basically takes away profit i I think it’s going to be a lot worse than we think another thing has mentioned them you know the price and life of exactly been thinking about the same thing that it’s kind of a taboo normally to talk about how do we price a life because we could always do more to help people in in in different with different diseases or whatever but at a certain level government stop spending so how do we actually price a life how do we out what’s what is the government willing to pay to keep someone at ninety Li someone at a dear life someone at seventy alive and and and you did a great calculation and and it’s a it’s a high number that this time around we’re willing to pay two million dollars but at the same time as a friend of my guy Bennett mentioned we may not we may reduce this three million people from dying in us but there’s gonna be a higher suicide rate now because people are gonna be put in a very terrible situation financially there’s gonna be a lot of people who can’t pay for their living costs so that and other you know reasons to die because of a normal life stopping you know so essentially the price is even higher for life I think and and and the last thing I want to comment on is the thing Simon was was saying about you know it it it one might become illegal and and and that could hurt Bitcoin for from taking over IIIi think this the same thing will happen as anytime our government has banned anything and that is it doesn’t go away like alcohol during Prohibition and it went alko did not go away drugs the last fifty years where where the US government has spent trillions probably fighting drugs and drug dealers and and all of that and around the world governments have been spending a lot of money fighting drugs the drugs are still there if you want they are more expensive so what happens actually is the price goes up on these things alcohol was more expensive during the 20s rocks are more expensive because when it’s illegal and the person who’s dealing it has a risk of going to jail he wants a premium for working with that

so if it’s made illegal I believe that the price of Bitcoin actually will go up and and also assignment was mentioning a bit I think you know with what what is it hundred eighty countries we have around the world I’m sure that at least a handful will see it is there a paternity to get a lot of wealthy people coming to their country and becoming a more wealthy country by saying hey big bones okay here and you know that’ll bro both bring directly wealth it will also bring you know workplaces jobs so III don’t think you can stop it kind from becoming money of the world because when it has infinite maximum value on all these properties of money it’s you know fighting Bitcoin from taking over as the money of world is like fighting the gravity of a black hole adjusting possible that was a good line down that like button sided did you have a look like you’re trying to say something there it’s some of andrews’s points yeah well well I just a brief mention so I mean I made this sweet line about Bitcoin is in a charcoal or diamond so basically what we’re talking about now is one of the angles which is Bitcoin as a store of value or as a coin but if you look at Bitcoin more you know in a number of varieties in a number of ways like an infrastructure a processing technology with price discovery features you can you can look at that at a number of angles and the bottom line is it’s a it’s a public good and parole sort of everyone is good in choosing a single angle to talk about Bitcoin so you can talk about the economic angle or you can talk about for example if right now I I think that bitcoin is sort of a very good price seeker if I want to know in the morning how my stock exchange in Amsterdam opens up I just have a look at the Bitcoin price and have a sense as to where the market is so so there are a number of angles that you can have in looking at Bitcoin and I think the the governments of the world may be overlooking a very relevant feature of Bitcoin which is that it has a public good function and everyone is distracted by although the the the talk about criminality to talk about all kinds of stuff with Bitcoin but we have to respect the fact that it’s a public good it has a number of very good use cases particularly for people that are excluded from the financial system so so there there’s really more to Bitcoin than than one single angle and and yeah so that was a thought that I’ve been expanding on because because I really dislike the fact that governments try to put it in one corner and push it away or make it go away which is which is something that’s that’s doesn’t you don’t do that with public goods so I’m really for a re-evaluation of Bitcoin in a broad sense that’s basically what I’m aiming for now that’s a tweet the charcoal or diamond tweet it is linked to below people can read the hole is there anything else you want to say about that thread because there was a lot in that threat yeah no just just leave it at that and let people have a look and responded to the threat I mean I the diamond Bitcoin of course it’s a diamond worth mining meaning the public good worth cherishing rather than fighting or forbidding okay okay very very good let me let me get back to we have a question from the audience here real quick from Guy Bennett actually who’s uh Anders mentioned this is a complicated one I don’t know who who can handle this but we’ll read it out what do your guests think of Bitcoin as a hedge against anti hoarding laws ultimately banks will limit the amount you can hold and withdraw from their institutions anyone have thoughts on that one yeah okay take away go ahead house yeah stop hoarding Bitcoin is it’s not hoarding Bitcoin stop hoarding it no stop it’s not okay all right come in supporting it okay commence Anders yeah yeah I mean totally agree with with Harz and it’s it is a hedge against the printing it’s it’s a hedge against a a bail in like they did in in Cyprus where they I can’t remember it was twenty or forty percent of whatever was in

people’s bank account the government took it because they say we need money and and you know you never know when that’s gonna happen again it can happen in any country even the richest country I don’t think it’s happening I wore the point is that there are some people that are saying that the United States might do a bail in why would they do it when they could just print the money I don’t expect the bail in the United States I just know you know you might be right but other countries yes other countries what that by not yeah sure let me know about who got to do a bail in Lebanon did it is about food and it’s a Belgian yeah of course why not and yeah I think if you know to to secure yourself about potential like if the government knows that you know some money in your bank account or all Bitcoin on an exchange if some of the money on your bank account comes from Bitcoin or or you have Bitcoin on an exchange and they you know they have your table I see information your name and everything they you know they could make a law going back in time and saying hey this is this is hurting our country we’re gonna confiscate it so you know to do answer guy it’s it’s no it’s a hedge against these potential laws to hold it yourself in your cold wallet all right let the you have Simon do you have anything to say about that yeah well you could you could broaden it up I personally took out all my stock from the US because I my feeling was that the geopolitical situation in the US was so in stable that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was going to be a freeze of my assets so I took them all out to Europe and that’s that’s a regular stock portfolio basically not taking a risk where you have the idea that governments will start to intervene with capital controls and yeah that’s well yeah I could see the United States passing some law because of the virus saying we have to freeze all foreigners assets or anything that that was a good move on your part huh I’ll say that but that’s the cool thing with Bitcoin you don’t have to worry about that type of stuff under your own government doing it yeah indeed well let’s stop we’ve we’ve got something coming up in May called the halving and it can’t be cancelled there are some people calling it the quantitative hardening I really like that name for it the quantitative hardening so pass your your have you forgotten about the having or do you still have it on your I scheduled it’s the only thing I think about it’s a it’s the car it’s the it’s the light in what a very dark times like why don’t wait for the hugging you know that’s a good way of looking at for the people who are down for the people who are down let that be your light and town that like button sorry I have site I mean interrupt you not just that it finally gives us the chance to put our theory to the test so we’ve been hypothesizing for a while about what’s gonna happen with this having and now we have this external Black Swan event coinciding with this having so this is gonna this is gonna give us a chance to put all those theories to the test and I think a lot of what we’ve theorized will come to fruition but it might it might have a bit of a lag because the rest of the world understandably enough is occupied with other things but a lot of people are using this quarantine time to learn about finances and whatnot and my phone for the past week has been ringing off the hook pre coiners that know me know I’m the Bitcoin guy calling me and saying what what the hell’s this Bitcoin thing because of the the frequency of calls like because I don’t watch TV like I don’t know if people are talking about it on TV or what I like I live in a Bitcoin bubble but it looks like it looks like people people are starting to hear and pay attention so that attention coinciding with a having you know and political and economic uncertainty and all that kind of stuff I think I think the stock to flow model might be invalidated to the oxide look

at you big talker there oh my god please please I totally agree and that that’s what I’ve been doing because that model will work well it breaks down to the upside until which I believe will be after the next having on unless the central bank’s just you know make it happen earlier because they keep expanding the money supply by 20% every year because you need plenty of that makes you gonna do 30 and then we got the you know the parabolic fiat currency curve but that model sooner or later will break down and that will be to the upside and that will be hybridization and I believe that’s gonna happen in 2026 now to the to the upside these guys it’s great you know I don’t believe in clickbait there are all these people out there let’s say 1 billion dollar Bitcoin basically those two dudes just send it without without saying it so I give it I give them credit for that for not being clique baby about about their belief says that’s I’m good I never said million I said break to the upside the next step up I think the model is showing a hundred thousand u.s I reckon it’ll break to the upside of that but eventually it’ll break you know to the to the upside so the next having I think the model value is is a million I still think it’ll break to the upside of that when it when it gets there because what’s a million dollars might get you a Snickers bar at that point like what a good Union Bhalla mean you know what I mean yeah so we’ve just got done or not we so the US has just got done printing you know six point two trillion or whatever it is they’ll be going to Congress now for another two trillion and Stage four you know it’s not like they’re not printing anything in Europe it’s not like they’re not printing anything in China Australia the little minnow we printed three hundred billion adi dollars just you wait till this thing catches fire in Africa and India and the West has to step up with aid budgets I can see fifty trillion in total being printed across the world by the time this is all said and done because Africa are collapsing and India collapsing and all these countries collapsing present a huge geopolitical risk from immigrant flows for example so we haven’t we have yet to see anything I believe these are these are still early days interesting IIIi would have stress uh that my I’ve got the best frickin get guest in in the space they don’t mean to say huge numbers they say it in a very intelligent way that’s what that’s what I love about the breaking to the upside reference there that that’s intelligent that’s why we found that like button for these guests Simon you’re you’re having thoughts well yeah I want to pursue the discussion on on the expansion of the money supply and the effect it has on the value because we think it’s going to be a one-off like for this crisis but it’s the thing is out of the toolbox so each politician will will will think okay well I’m gonna we we’ve used it here before and let’s use it again so so I think the the rules of the monetary game where we used to be very strict will be completely we’ve we’ve broadened our perspective so much with this crisis that each politician that now wants to become a president just says well I’m gonna hand you over and another thousand dollars from the money printing machine because they now see in the world in action and and and that’s that’s also working towards yet what surprise effect of course for Bitcoin and often it’s the same effect but I’m very curious whether we have this I I keep seeing this this mouse that is running running running from a cliff and then it keeps on running although there’s no ground underneath wondering when will we have a disconnect between what should happen and what happens that that’s what I’m really wondering what or whether there’s a lag exactly between between the logic and what actually happens I’m very curious to know well what the logic yeah one thing about the halving and that that that has referenced people even during these times of turbulence don’t expect it to be a magical day it’s even with the last having you didn’t really feel everything that that it caused that the cut in the new supply you didn’t really see it until the next year until 2017 so like for all the newbies out there don’t be disappointed if you know all the day of the having nothing happen nothing is going to happen on that day now what is interesting though that that that Anders brought up if if the you

know if this is if it’s not over in terms of the traditional finance markets in terms of the stock market andrew said he’s shocked that it went up to 20 back up to 20,000 again and that he could see 10,000 very soon well if if people aren’t gonna go back to working united states then the way the dates line up I mean we could see like a stock market crash like happened the day of the having so that I mean that would be very interesting if we have another stock market crash like very close to the having the it could be like almost like a marketing event for the having like hey this is what’s going on in traditional finance this is what’s going on in in Bitcoin Lance I just thought of that actually when the Aunt Andrews a brought up the the possibility of another another big a stock market crash I did you have anything to add to that Anders yeah I don’t I don’t know if if it’s gonna happen exactly in in May I mean I think we’re gonna go down further and set a new low before we get to me but I don’t think enough stockholders are aware about Bitcoin and Bitcoin having and the effect of Bitcoin having on its price that that are gonna you know sell a lot of stock exactly that day but who knows maybe it works out that way but I think the the fact that the stock market has gone up is a is is what is called a bull trap that you trap the the bulls in the market of things okay i it went up a little bit ah okay now it’s a no the worst is over now we can start buying cheap in the stock market goes up and then it goes further down I guess a crash has never happened in a straight line down there’s always some positive movements to the upside on the way down I think that’s what we we’re seeing right now and and I think we’re gonna go you know further south I’m not claiming to be an expert on that you know it may not hit and it may not hint in 2000 I mean also if we’re printing a ton of money and his house we’re saying Snickers might press a million dollars then that itself will keep a yeah a fall under stocks the real value might drop but but the price maybe doesn’t but I think it will go down to at least 15,000 a couple of other things I just wanted to say commenting on some of the things that was said about the money printing and now that you know it’s happening Europe it’s happening in u.s. it’s all around the world China and it’s it’s really a matter of the countries that don’t print as much money as the other countries well actually its currency it’s not money because money can store value and fiat currency cannot but the countries that don’t print as much will have a harder time to export their goods so it very easily becomes a arms race in printing more so you can like export keep the jobs and really we thought that politicians would try and prevent you know big print taking over hyper epic realization but they may actually be the very people that make it happen sooner than and otherwise in terms of what house was saying with them the model breaking to the upside I mean that’s the one thing that I I personally spent a lot of time looking at these the bull in the bear market and how it revolves around the four year having cycle branded the sample size is not huge we only have two previous having’s however it does make a lot of sense so at least a year before they having an uptrend start and and that’s what happened we bottomed in January 2018 at $3,100 since then it’s been going up again of course nothing goes up in a straight line we’re at 14,000 then we’re down to 38 50 but we are up from the low then the Hat the having happens and what previously has happened is it goes from being an uptrend to be more of a bull market it starts going a little bit faster but you know last year was 90 percent up this year may only be you know above a hundred percent but the real value the real increase in value of Bitcoin has always happened you know near the end of that bull market where it becomes more of a faux mochi where people have fear of missing out because they’ve seen now on CNBC and so many other TV channels other prices going up so you have people buying Bitcoin that don’t know what bitcoin is they don’t understand it has the future but they

just want to you know they have frayed they’re not gonna make money on that like like everyone else and and that’s where it gets steeper and steeper and steeper and I looked at the last 2017 faux mochi the last two weeks approximately it went up a hundred percent their last don’t you double that time one month aprox and it went up 200% if you double that again I think it was 66 days it goes up 300% oh it did so it really gets you know steeper and steeper and steeper as we have all seen I just wanted to put some some numbers on that and and I I think that’s really how it it happens so after they having we get that the price goes up and we start know this is what plan B calls cointegration that within there I think it’s every two years the the price will both be above and below the expected start to flow price a Bitcoin and the way it happens is because of that bull market that keeps going until FOMO that’s when it goes above so I expect that the hundred thousand next that the model says we will go way above that next year I mean I wouldn’t be surprised of two hundred thousand by you know sometimes they can have next year it could even go higher but and and then in the end it goes so steep that there will be people holding Bitcoin that says you know this this might be too much too fast so I want to take some profit or maybe I want to pay off their mortgage or something and and and then it starts going down and then when it goes down all the people that bought it it doesn’t really understand they don’t understand Bitcoin they just see the only border because the price were growing up there are the same people we call weak hands that’s not selling because the price goes down and that’s when you then have the bear market and that keeps going like we saw last time it went on for a year until we and and the price then goes below the the stock to flow expected price I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a peak at you know a quarter million dollars maybe and then it it has a crash down to fifty thousand maybe or forty thousand dollars per Bitcoin until again we can see you know in the light in the tunnel the the 2024 have and then it’s that’s that uptrend again probably you know a rebel last time it was one and a half years before they having it the uptrend starts you know history doesn’t repeat it rhymes you know there’s no exact guarantee for anything but I think that’s still within the model but when I when I claim that it breaks down is when we leave the stock to flow expect the price for good to the upside when we don’t come down to it again because we go into hyper money printing hyperinflation and it’s game over for fiat and it’ll it’ll be Bitcoin only all right I said a lot no no no pound that like button people love love here in predictions like that and one thing you said there and this I agree with is that there will be huge drops in the future there will be that will make the drops of today look like nothing you know we we went down with $4,000 a day or whatever it was they’ll be big in terms of dollars in terms of Fiat drops they’re gonna be there might be a day where a Bitcoin goes by down by 10,000 that’s why you have to have a strong hand people a real strong hand but hey if it’s if the numbers are that high it’s what a world what a world it will be I wanna I we’re getting toward the end of this show so I want to get everybody to get in there their final words things that got left out et cetera et cetera I’ll start with Hastur real quick you tweeted about something called the with the Bitterroot exchange down in Australia what’s that what’s that address yep bitter Ruiz is another what is another auto so everybody knows me is the auto DCA guy and and it’s the hill I’ve chosen to die on so I’m always trying to promote Bitcoin only Auto DCA companies and there’s a there’s a new one now coming to Australia called bitter ooh I’m I’m one of the the beta testers there so far highly impressed low fee Auto DCA gonna go live mid-may so we’ve got a now Auto DCA firms pretty much covering the entire Anglosphere in the US we’ve got Swan

yeah so I’m I provide chaplaincy and frying services to Swan and a bit of advice from time to time has almost total coverage of the u.s. I think only missing two states yeah they’re missing New York I know New York is one of the everyone’s you know New York is a tough one but cash app is is going to be implementing Auto DCA soon as well so I imagine that’ll be coming to New York bitter in Europe Coyne floor coming to the UK very soon bull Bitcoin in Canada I just wanted to add to Anders’s point on Exponential’s so it was a very famous quote by dr. Albert Bartlett professor of physics God rest his soul the greatest shortcoming of the human race is the inability to understand the exponential function and I think this used to be the case two months ago but I think every human now with the advent of coronavirus has has received a comprehensive education in the exponential curve which which will make understanding of Bitcoin easier in theory in in theory it will I don’t know at least now it’s an idea in the mainstream this is what an exponential curve is so for some people this is the first time in their life they’ve ever heard of an exponential curve and and you know the flattening of the curve and peaks and troughs and all of that so I think this might be a good lesson by proxy because yeah it’s all it’s all about Exponential’s in the Bitcoin world that’s a positive spin on the situation I like that again for those that don’t understand DC a dollar cost averaging you are a big deal you definitely diet dying on that hill that’s why every day and I don’t even know I’ve said it and I forget it but you’re an expert on it because you just listed a bunch of countries a bunch of about I mean you should you should make a site that says wherever you are in the world this is where you go it’s my mic pinned tweet this is so even the Indians have an option at with bit droplet so we’ve got we’ve got fantastic coverage now pretty much just Latin America and Africa missing so so hopefully they should get one in South Africa I’ll see what I’ll look into it maybe I’ll stop badgering a couple of the South African exchanges yeah well there’s a lot of big South African fans in the Bitcoin world they’re watching now pound that like when are right Haslam will cook thank you for taking time this morning it’s Saturday morning where you are thanks for being on all right let’s let’s let’s move to Simon any any matters you wanted to bring up that we’re not brought up any any replies you want to say that you didn’t get to reply the floor is yours thank you so much no it’s been a pleasure being in the show thank you for hosting and I wish all the listeners all the best and a good health very nice thank you for returning making your second appearance on the show it’s always great to have you on all of these dudes are linked to below in their in their tweets you can learn all about them and they’ve got links on their Twitter accounts where you can even learn more about them so just don’t just don’t blindly read the tweets click on the links you’ll learn so much all right Anders and you you’ve got something to say probably yeah yeah I mean I’ll try and keep it fairly short upset a lot already but yeah first of all thank you for having me it’s always a pleasure Adam and thanks for hosting this show I really enjoy it so thanks for the invitation also I just want to say about tour that I didn’t know that until you told me just pre-show and yeah that’s very sad he is he came to every single of my meetups and he was just there like a happy the kindest guy you can imagine and and usually a big point is something that you know it’s it’s skewed towards younger people he was a little bit more senior but he was totally you know big mind maximalist wrong hand what a fantastic guy so her sorry to hear that and yeah house mentioned Swan full disclaim I’m a little bit involved there as well but they are probably the best DC a solution in in United States where

the fee is only 0.99% which is unbeaten I believe in us so so that’s and is it kind only of course no other coins and then I think was a great suggestion you had for house with the making the website because something as fairly simple as coin market AB was just sold for four hundred million dollars to finance so us I mean if you get at least half of that it will be well visited site because people would go there and you know try and find out where they can get the best DCA and you can you know list the fees so people can find the cheapest solution and yeah you’ll you know maybe you can make a couple hundred dollars from by then now that’s actually that’s a serious thing you just savvy in motion people be in motion that is it that’s an idea right there because it is crazy they’re putting four hundred million for that well for the eyeballs is what they’re paid for so I mean happy DC any could be the hottest thing and everyone would go there to see where DCA went in my country where I could do it at it’s a good idea I like that man we’re coming up where we’re brainstorming here although this we can pick like Joe best freaking guest in the space well thank you dudes thank you very much it has been a memorable show everybody we do this week in Bitcoin every every Friday so thank you again guests you turn in every Friday follow me on Twitter at Tech ball if you you know we’ve had issues with where the videos appear I don’t know where you guys are watching this right now if it’s taped or if you’re listening but definitely go to tech vault-tec HB alt on Twitter yet that’s where you can be up to date on the whatever the situation is with me and the videos but one thing you can be sure of YouTube can try to shut me down whatever you’re going to get a new show every single day this this week in Bitcoin is every Friday so again thank you guess I’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe to this channel well like this video pound that like I don’t know what dude just people retweet retweet shabbat shalom everyone and again at this show was dedicated to a great guy a great strong hand he will never be forgotten tour we learned a lot from you and everybody plan ahead you never know what’s gonna happen but enjoy your weekend again everybody shabbat shalom be safe see you later thank you everybody here on see