Crystals For The Zodiacs: The VERY Conscientious Virgo

Pease Christmas son here would be and we are back for another Christmas for the zodiac and this week we are featureing the very very very very conscientious virgos and I chuckle because you know virgos you guys are known for being extremely aware of every little thing at all times and you know those who are less kind than me with accused you being critical or analytical which you guys are however it serves a purpose it’s great you guys are wired which we’ll talk about in a little bit but I just call you super aware and very conscientious so this week is about you guys and I’m actually going to focus on a couple of chronic things that you guys experienced I’m as your zodiac so I’m actually gonna give some very good tips and crystals for some things that I know that you guys are prone to all right but we’ll get into that so virgos you guys are born between August 22nd to September 22nd you are ruled by the planet Mercury so you are one of the two zodiacs that are ruled by that particular planet which is the planet of communication um so you guys are all about like contracts lists you know read things that are written down you know you’re all about things being very clear you like you like clarity I’m tension to detail when it comes to written words so you guys that’s what you’re known for you are mutable so you are a sign that goes with the flow very moldable bendable you know easygoing for the most part I’m not always but for the most part when you’re balanced you’re very easygoing and you are represented by the virgin in the zodiac and furthermore a big part of your sign is about being of service so you know one of your mantras is I serve but the other mantra too is I analyze so that’s what you guys are all about you know that’s what you’re all about that’s what your function is so you know you guys have a lot of very endearing traits are you very loyal very analytical which makes you great organizer there’s great people there you know pay attention to detail you’re gonna catch those things that know that nobody else is gonna catch you are very hard-working you know pretty awesome work ethic which is pretty common for the earth science all the earth science are very good with work ethic Capricorn and Taurus is included you know but you guys and you guys enjoy and you respect hard work Myrtle’s you guys are very practical you know very disciplined so even though you guys are emotional and kind of sensitive in the heart area and you’re still gonna you know be very practical with your decisions to the point of a lot of times a lot of my verbal friends and clients have this tendency to make pro and con list when it comes to making like major decisions so that is a testament to your head or your tendency to be practical your very objective so you know you’re always gonna see situations or view a situations from a very neutral or objective point of view very quick-witted you know very very quick-witted and a lot of that has to come out with your personality sometimes to the point of being sarcastic so a lot of virgos you guys are tendency known for being kind of sarcastic and your communication that has to do with that quick wit and you guys are frugal so out of all the earth signs you guys are the most frugal and and the most balanced when it comes to to your money so what are your challenges yeah your challenges is first of all you guys are fussy fussy fussy fussy as hell and what that does is it translates of being anxious you know and you know kind of prone to being worrisome and that has to do with that overanalyzing so when you get in your head and your in your and your ideas start to spin you can’t really you know connect with your emotions when it comes to making decisions or you can’t really kind of get out of your head and more into your heart space what it does is it tends to create a certain level of anxiety so what I notice about my Virgo friends and associates and clients is that you guys are very much prone to high levels of anxiety you guys are very self sacrificing um so you know that has to do with you or need to serve or to be of service but what it’s once up happening is you know it causes you all to put yourself in situations where you know you’re in toxic relationships or toxic you know situations and that’s just the opposite into the negative end of that

loyalty that you guys have virgos are shy you guys are very shy but there’s a certain thing with that so what I’ve noticed what verticals is that there’s either the introverted Virgo which is the anti-social can’t be around a lot of people doesn’t really do public speaking you know there’s that Virgo or there’s the extroverted Virgo which is you know likes to be around people like go to parties you know and things like that but with both was all sides you guys do tend to be a little shy and that has to do with the challenges that you have been through solar plexus and that self-confidence which is another challenge you know is the solar plexus it is a self worth and is you know the sense of power or willpower you guys are overly critical and extremely uptight so you know this is something that I noticed with with virgos you know but it’s because you guys are analyzing so much that it doesn’t allow you to fully relax in your environment and relax in your setting and so it just kind of creates a level of just kind of like you know all work and no play you know just uptight you know just not really you align yourself so you loosen up and have fun you guys too needy pessimistic and I’m not something I noticed tubercles is that you know there’s a there’s a tendency to look at the glass as half-empty as as as opposed fool you know and I think that has to do with your tendency to overanalyze things and so you would but that’s what you’re designed for you’re gonna do design to notice every single flaw and everything you’re designed to notice flaws it’s just period and so you know because you know of that there’s a tendency to kind of expect everything to be perfect and that’s not realistic but but because you know you are prone to desiring that perfection it creates a certain level of pessimism in your view of the world you guys can be stingy so that’s the other aspect of the you know being frugal is I’m being extremely extremely stingy and selfish and that’s what the imbalance you know the imbalance of the frugal energy a lot of times you got to know for being interfering and so because you want to be of service to others there’s a tendency to kind of rush in and want to help in situations without necessarily being invited in and so it comes across as being quite interfering and lastly you guys’s biggest challenge is impatience you know so you’re not really known for having the most patients with other people specifically and so you know it creates a certain level of attention in relation to your personal relationships with other people a lot of times it’s just because you know there’s an idea of or an expectation that people should be you know where you want them to be regardless of just wherever they’re you know they’re at so impatient you guys don’t like waiting for people you don’t like waiting for things and you kind of want what you want when you want it now as far as Crystal recommendations honestly very much you guys don’t need much you know despite your challenges the reason being is because you know your challenges are pretty focused you know it deals with you guys if you’re being too analytical you know being in your head it’s just you know stressing yourselves out or you know challenges with your solar plexus and even like verbals you guys tend towards intestinal digestive problems that stems off from solar plexus issues our imbalances are blockages so those are pretty easy challenges to address using you know Christel recommendations another strength that you guys have is that you’re one of the few zodiacs I can actually work with all four elements earth air fire and water you can work with all of these without creating any any imbalances on your part however the two elements that work the best for you are crystals with fire element and crystals with earth element and those are the ones that you tend to be attracted to so I just have four recommendations for you and these are gonna address you know your anxiety they’re gonna address your tendency to overanalyze and they’re gonna address your intestinal digestive challenges and your solar plexus issues so the first is actually one that you guys tend to be attracted to is agate um agate is a form of chalcedony and which is another way that quartz forms so it’s actually a silicon this is a silicate family and agate it’s funny it’s usually one of those crystals that if you can’t figure out what it is it’s an agate it’s kind of like your go-to right as far as classification is concerned but it’s so common so common it’s the rock that you find in the rock bin you know it’s the ones with a little geodes you know the circles and geo clusters in the middle it’s got the bands that’s how you can tell what the agate is and so you guys will love agate you guys are

completely attracted to it it is an earth element crystal and it comes in all different forms so there’s Moss agate there’s you know black agate red agate versus you know all different types you know of agate agate has a hexagonal crystal formation pattern and it is tied to the moon and so this is another reason why burgos tend to be attracted to agate is because you know again like I said you guys are represented by the version so you’re very much you know Burkle was very much a feminine zodiac and so anything that has to do with any goddess energy or moon energy you guys tend to be drawn drawn towards and agit is one of those so is gonna do everything you guys needed to do you know it’s gonna protect you first of all it is gonna clear clear your anxiety it dresses any it addresses any tension it relieves anxiety anger intention right so all those things that you guys you know tend to be prone towards and agate addresses that and it helps to treat any issues that are tied to the stomach the uterus the lymphatic system and the pancreas a lot of those challenges that verticals you guys tend to have agate agate is gonna it’s gonna just that in and do that for you and the next crystal that virgos tend to be attracted to is moonstone someone stone is another crystal that is connected to the moon however it is a water element stone rather than a earth element someone like the agate is and it’s also a form of feldspar now I’m gonna do a disclaimer because a lot of people will use moonstone and for yoni eggs and moonstone is not really supportive of useful for you and the reason why is because the hardness isn’t hard enough it’s porous so pieces of it will will break off you know so if you’re using this uni and that could be a potential health hazard but also to because certain types of moonstone have aluminum aluminum in the chemical composition which is also a health hazard so my disclaimer is that you don’t want to use most yes but you know for for meditation you know for gritting and for having around the house it’s great for that thin stone calms your emotions you know calms tension stabilizes you know the mind stabilizes the aura you know it is it enhances your intuition you know which of course it can connect it to the moon and connect it to water and goddess energy is definitely gonna promote dreaming you know you know your your intuition you know psychic sight all the bad again women soon is another one that you know assists with solar plexus issues so the digestive system the kidneys the liver and the pancreas it also helps with any reproductive you know female reproductive issues and it stimulates the pineal gland so that is you know again connected with that intuition and that moon that moon energy now the next one I recommend I don’t recommend this one often because it’s an extremely strong energy however when I notice about virgos is that you guys tend to lack that fire you know you guys don’t let your have Leo in your chart or you’re on the end closer to like you know August 31st you know or like in the August you guys are you know for the most part you guys won’t have that fire and sometimes you need it you know sometimes you need that extra kick that extra push so high right now pyrite is a fire and earth element its crystal it is an iron sulphide you know so pyrite is also considered fool’s gold you know it’s that you know fake gold that you seem and you go to Crystal shops like that metallic brassy gold stone that’s pyrite I said it’s an herb and in a fire element and it is masculine energy so that’s the reason why I don’t always recommend pyrite however like I said some photos you guys are so like in that goddess energy that you know there’s a an imbalance and connecting with your divine masculine as well so you know pyrite is good for the verbals that you know are you know a little bit too passive or that you know might need a little bit of like that masculine push that masculine motivation that masculine you know projecting going on and getting you know like that hustle and bustle that you know the the masculine energy brings in pyrite will definitely help with that it also so supports the solar plexus you know I’m gonna take a moment to really kind of just really hone in on the fact that you know burglars you guys are a lot of support with their solar plexus you know I don’t see any of my zodiacs that have as much of a challenge of protecting that third chakra as you guys do and it you know it translates in so many ways it translates and you know being in relationships and on top aren’t healthy you know toxic relationships it translates into you know having a lack of boundaries you know not able to set

boundaries or porous boundaries and sometimes I able to respect boundaries you know sometimes they’ll translate into depression like a little power lock it like a personal power on the other side I’ve known so many virgos to have you know pen creators you know to have kidney problems to have you know liver issues to have indigestion you guys are known for having ulcers and hero ladies you know and stomach acid problems acid reflux like so you guys are so effects this is so important to protect so when you need that you know pyrite will definitely definitely offer that you know and then on top of that you guys are sensitive to energy so pyrite is a protective stone and gonna clear your environment from you know pollution it’s gonna you know it’s going to clear your aura from you know you know negative vibes it’s gonna new any muck you know or you know the attachments that might have come into your aura so back that’s pyrite definitely support and lastly I have another fire element crystal for you guys it is actually not a crystal amber so you know answer is really cool I don’t personally work with amber a lot because it’s straight fire and I don’t you know you guys see my little video you reduce to I talk about why you know we don’t need that but or why I don’t need that extra fire but amber is actually fossilized tree resin so it is it’s connected to the Sun and it is fire element amber protects the second third and the fifth chakra so it’s gonna protect your sacral it’s gonna protect your solar plexus and it’s going to support your throat chakra because again like I said you know virgos you guys are shy it’s a lot of shyness translates into you being unable to speak or truth or being unable to you know effectively communicate you know what is it you want to communicate so the amber world will support that to support you in that amber cleanses the body cleanses the environment it draws disease from the body it supports the nervous system you know so you know you know anxiety you know that you guys have you know amber will definitely just clear that out and eliminate that all together it balances both hemispheres of the brain um alleviate stress you know it’s like I get like I said you guys you know we’re known for stressing yourselves out so amber will definitely take care of that it promotes patience so it will address you know that that impatience that you guys are known for and it clears depression because like I mentioned earlier virgos you guys are prone you’re pretty prone to two bits of depression so amber will not call it that out so that’s it like I said you know my very very very conscious Virgo video it wasn’t gonna be long it’s gonna be just very direct and straight to the point which is very much a Virgo energy thank you guys are very directed straight to the point so this video is for you directly straight to the point next week will be Libra you know you guys are on deck and in the meantime you know I’m here for any questions comments you know hit me up on Facebook and the gram send me an email my email address will be in the comments or the description you know underneath this video you know I’ve been getting more more people reaching out to me so I love that I encourage that social announcements I am hosting a retreat in Atlanta Georgia in October a weekend meditation retreat so if you want to go to my website and events the information about that is up I’m also publishing a book so the complete guide to crystal medicine will be due to release in the fall and September to be back and done but it’s arguing for pre-sale you know for those who want to grab it now it’s up with the special presale price so you know you’re starting to publish the crystal book as you guys have asked me to do so I am definitely excited about that and that’s pretty much it again these are very generic videos you know very surface level you know generic you know just to kind of get you by but if you really want to know details specifically to you know your own if you want to know I got excited about the book so I got me tongue boy tongue boy tongue tied but like I was saying if you guys have any specific questions about your own case or your own natal chart give me a buzz I will do consultations if you want to specifically know about your natal chart I suggest you reach out to shaman hands I’m gonna have his information in this video you want to astrological meeting he’s definitely it he is on Instagram as spirit Science Institute and he is now on Facebook under shaman hands so hit him up for the little chart readings hit me up for any crystal consultations and I will see you guys next time for the

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