Salesforce for Intranet & New Extensions

hello welcome to our webinar for Salesforce internet and new extensions this is for customers to understand better how they can better use the Salesforce my name is ray lake and sales director for finishing services real estate and nonprofit and with me as Dorothy Klaus who’s our sales engineer for those sectors today we’re going to cover what you already have today so I want you to understand how you can use in sales forces part of your internet strategy and explain what you already have new existing licenses and also learn about some of the advanced capabilities you can do with with what you have today and also some additional extensions that you may wish to take advantage of what we’re coming today is really focused on internet but to be honest most of what we’re going through also applies for partner communities and customer communities so most of what you’ve seen today you can also apply for external facing organizations people I’m so gender today is obviously will cover the importance of an internet so explain why housing organization look at the Salesforce perspective on that which is around employee communities doe will take us through a demo both basic and advanced view of internets and then after that we’ll some other extensions in the latest release Salesforce prevent monitoring you process builder and lightning connect and then also go to a summary and a QA as we’re going through please feel free to ask me questions as we that they come up there’s a box on the right hand side pink on your screen we can just sort of typing your questions blanch them during the Q&A and any that we don’t get to we’ll just follow you directly to give you you can answer I will also run a poll in a couple of minutes and just asking about how you’re using energy meant today it wouldn’t be a sales presentation without safe harbor statement so basically all this says is some don’t buy sales for shares on most of this presentation make your own inquiries if you choose to invest in Salesforce if you want more information please get our website where this is covered so our focus today is on the communities area as you know you have a full platform now for customer success which covers sort of cell service marketing analytics is a new part of the platform now obviously all your custom apps and communities is really what we’ve been going for a couple of years but it’s a really great our platform re important for our customers today we’re going to focus on employee community but as I see a partner and customer communities pretty much the same thing so let’s go to a pole so I was jump back we’re just going to curious us to so how you’re using Internet today so you just help me so you just need to select do you have an active internet today yes we do or no we don’t we just let it run for a few seconds just see how this is flowing so results are coming in currently running about two-third years and one-third no just let it go a little bit longer three quarters view of voters give it a couple more seconds okay well love will stop of that so what’s interesting for those results is sixty-seven percent of you said you do have an active inch in today and thirty percent or six we spent said you don’t we buy much later on how we were using Salesforce for thats all i set up whole bit further sort of into the into the broadcast so important what you doing in trenton a you sort of understand some of this but but really the whole point of an internet is to have an organization-wide resource which has content and tools and power to employees it’s a single place for people to go get everything they need both to get corporate information to enhance collaboration but also to enable business process important part of it as well so active internet is not a static it also enables you know simple business process huge productivity enabler for your employees obviously they can carry out their work more efficiently than get access to the tools they needed and information that at the time they need it and that was you to undertake presses a lot faster collaboration obviously is very important not just across some you know geographic areas but also functionally across different silos so between marketing the product team and sales and your service delivery area also access to specialist resources to get quick answers to questions or any value added advice you might need as I mentioned the ability also to automate routine tasks okay that’s an important part of it as well so there’s a lot of basic stuff that happens an organization which sits in spreadsheets or manual tasks or those sorts of things which could easily be automated on sales forces pop your internet so employees can easily make things happen and i’ll give you a couple examples in a second there are four kind of see as we talked about for communities as content itself obviously which saw your corporate content and information or specialist content that that your employees need context is critical so what’s important internet is you can go to the internet and get information that makes sense for you for your role at the time that you need it so context is critical connectivity obviously access all the information that you need both information that may sit in Salesforce or information that’s its external either Salesforce and I’ll

see the key things collaboration so employees can work better together leverage each other skills for a better result for your your customers you have some example uses of an Internet I mean this you know this is just a checklist of about twenty there’s probably a limited you know hundred plus little ways you could use an Internet I key things are though for policies and procedures so you can publish your corporate information obviously share you know she files those sorts of things employee directories and profiles are important so you can look at you know who are specialists in particular areas and get easy access to them obviously sharing corporate users important training and certification big part to clean the financial service area are very important to be able to sort of handle that effectively events calendar is very important also in the nonprofit space for important belts or manage all your events and those things coming up corporate dashboards those sort of things some of the things are interesting is things like travel approvals expenses those kinds of things always little automation things we create a simple form get something approved and all this route route sign for approval referral social groups product platter or all those kinds of things and the other big thing is things like performance management and HR related examples and will you have some of that a little bit later on as well so we consider study on this it’s quite interesting to see that and most surprised I guess in a way that companies you have the effective internet are a lot more successful and in particular what the studies showed is those organizations which have better collaboration across silos and better information sharing we’re able to increase your revenue by doubts or twenty four percent and drive high margins in the order beta sin so definite value in making sure employees more successful kind of makes sense this is all about giving them the tools to be able to do that you think about corporate internets today they’re pretty much static almost the moment we’ll do a polymer minutes to what you’re doing but um but pretty much is just information is published it tends to be out of date it’s not kept up on a real-time basis it’s just information just pushed out there it’s not personalized any way two people use an intranet and it’s it’s just access to links there’s no real empowerment employees through automation and the other part of it is typically sits just my web browser it’s not really available in mobile device so the key is we want to make it available everywhere for everyone if you think about our world today from personal point of view most of us have smartphone apps and we access in real-time feeds we have sort of information any text in the news we need we can just go and get it we’ve got various apps that we use and we’ve got the search for information but in our corporate life we tend to not have that on on the mobile now hopefully most you using Salesforce one for mobile so at least you’ve got Salesforce running your mobile device but all these other information sits in the internet should also be made available and if you use Salesforce to to enable information to enable your internet you can push that information on to the mobile device today so this look at how we did have evolved to get to the need for communities so initially we have websites just a place to sort of publish some information that’s okay but it’s very kind of static you guys get out of date as we know it doesn’t typically work on a mobile device then from there we moved to portals and pulls a little bit better it was more topic-based give some real time information and those kinds of things but typically there was lack of personalization the information intended to be siloed across different different departments and there was typically no automation at all as part of the portal then finally we have this other sort of technology that’s come through which is for mobile and social and this is where officer we’ve got information on mobile devices and that’s all fine and we used to that sort of mobile social world at a personal level but tends to be disconnected from the business process and we want the ability to actually take action from on mobile to sort of see information same thing we don’t want scyther information what corporate-wide information enables us to do to do our job effectively so with that said selfless decided to correct employee communities which really emerging of all those technologies on our platform to empower organizations so that can connect to information in real time and to give a lot of people that place one place to go to information they need we’ve invested pretty heavily that in the past four years so as you know we do three releases of years so for four years we’ve been working on communities and we strongly suggest that you take advantage of an investment you only have the licenses for it and if you just use it you’ll get greater value we continue to enhance it we’re about to release our spring release which has additional features for communities which will update you on later just you’ve got the product and then we want you to take advantage of it so let’s just go through the key parts of the employee communities so first thing is mobile the key thing there is the engines available through your web should also be available on your mobile device so if you’ve got salesforce1 right where you have cells was won by definition the other push or your internet content out through through salesforce1 the beauty of this as well because it’s through

sales force one it also inherits all your security rights so in terms of corporate information who has access to what have inherits through your normal security profiles and it gives you a very safe way to push information out but empowering employees at the same time collaboration is critical so a number of you’ll be using chatter we’ll cover later whole point here is to be able to collaborate on key topics and on objects that are important to the business accessing experts is critical so you have social profiles people and then you can go to those people they can run their own chatter groups so you can have collaboration around experts neutralization so you get the answers you need quickly viewing and sharing information is critical obviously all information is available to you both sort of corporate information that’s pushed down on salesforce but other information that may sit outs salesforce as well what’s critical is it from a single place you can add it you can access all the files you need and ideally with some sort of search mechanism to go and get everything at your fingertips Manning the content is really important so you need the ability to drag and drop and push them to me now quickly standard sales force capability here which allows you to manage and maintain your your pages and quickly update them as you as you need single sign is important part of it as well and so you want your employees be able to go to a single place and sign in once and then get access to all the information they need whether it’s it’s in Salesforce or other places and finally it’s not of empowering employees you want to give them access to all the apps they need to do their work not just information special apps to mail them to carry out business with some automation so we’re going to do now is from a demo point of you look at two levels so we’ll start with a basic internet which is around publishing exiting files you know basic collaboration blogging managing tickets and the bill it provides the level of self help these are all standard Salesforce capabilities you know files chatter you have Universal Search obviously cases and identity is part of that as part of the product from there Dorothy will then take us into advanced Internet bubble status immoral or sophisticated capabilities around process automation looking at corporate metrics using dashboards and reports performance management to be part of that so you can track employee performance and make you have goals which are shared that’s you which are public that shared or private goals all about empowering the employees to do more and so they’ve seen a place to go for into an automation of the database sort of work Dorothy let’s hundred you will look at internet Thank You role ok so I’m now going to take you through a demonstration over internet capability starting here on my screen with the app launcher so cells was offers integrated identity services for all your employees because of your partners and your customers to enable them to connect to all their apps from one in the same place and this can be on premise apps or mobile apps or web apps so here for example I use a sindhi skirt you know easy access to all over the Salesforce internal apps but also external apps should such as Gmail effects and the work day for example but today we’re talking about our internet capability employee communities so let’s go see what it looks like here I have a custom page to provide our employees with a one-stop shops for all the corporate needs so this is very important to empower employees to help themselves as they can be more productive more engaged and but also more motivated here they can get up access to quick links where they can access documents or other apps whether whether they are internal or external we also have a collaboration feature of course in intranet suit each other and shadow groups and this is very important in terms of breaking down silos within the organization and enabling this communication collaboration between all of your employees on the same page our employees such as Cindy can also track or the key metrics for example my training progress here they can also get an added lens view of the status of the cases or approval request and and of course also I review all of their files and all files shared by others so let’s just start by discussing a bit more around collaboration and this is very

important again because no legend information tends to be disseminated across the organization and so it’s very important to provide your employees with a way to bring down the silos collaborate communicate for better outcomes so you created a future work so we’ve got a training and certification celebrate for example well please can come and review some content of the nine courses but also get feedback from their colleagues and provide feedback themselves we also have a product development schallenberg so we’re product marketers and product managers come together to work on the latest products we also have an annual conference chatter group about the next annual conference in Hawaii where event organizers can send information the latest information about the conference and attendees can share all kind of tips about the best slides the best hotels the best restaurants for example I’m and here we also have an adviser and broker form chowdhury and I want to show this one a little bit more detail so that’s where you know advisors or brokers but it could also be volunteers in the not-for-profit sectors or people within one department come together to share tips tricks ideas and best practices so here for example are more experienced advisors or brokers can answer the questions of the new employees or can provide our kind of advice and it’s a lot more powerful than an email because once they advise been provided in the chair over if the questions been answered it remains therefore I want to see and benefit from in the future we can also see that he is a training departments posted a poll and to ask about the best topics for the next enablement course and the marketing team is also posting documents informations about the latest products and promotions for example now I think what’s fascinating about chatter and a group like this is that people have never mentioned to others that don’t even know of each other’s existence can collaborate and get in contact so here you know for example if i I’ve been talking to cindy but i don’t know anything about her it’s very easy for me to find information about who she is what she does what the specialty is and also find a contact details I can see that cindy is a 15-year financial services veteran I mean she also loves helping out from a non-for-profit organization and eating out as well so I’m in a very quickly penalties information and I can also see that she’s been endorsed by appear as an expert in financial planning and in mortgage broking so now what if I need to find a resource a final planning expert within my organization for example I can simply use the global search tool and search for financial planning and here not only can I find experts in financial planning within the organization I can also find all kind of other resources such as files and articles on financial planning and now whether you I have a question for one of these experts or I want to pass them at least I have I can contact them very easily whether it be Cindy Eli or Casey so it’s really important to empower your user to find all the resources they need um maybe files or people as easily as possible so now in the next section of this demonstration I want to show you how you can leverage Salesforce case management functionality to match internal cases so you know whether you want your employees to turn every am pleased to request and things from uhit more your IT team or your marketing team or any support function you can do that from the employee community as well so it would be an example of a case that was logged by cindy she’s requesting a last three pay streak this case was submitted to Dorothy in HR

or payroll who’s gonna help cindy out and Dorothy can do that very easily and by leveraging the chair feed on this case record so from him um you know you can upload all hannah files in the context of this request and it doesn’t matter where the file is coming from the file could be stored on the hard drive of the computer or it could be stored in salesforce or even in sharepoint because now with files connect it really gives you a one point to access all of your files so yes i did sell sharepoint and now you can unlock all of your data in sharepoint like this pay slip for example sushi airport files connect um and it’s really obviously powerful to be able to access all of the file wherever their farm but also with federated search I’m you can now search through all of your SharePoint data or SharePoint files from Salesforce so very powerful feature here so I hope that helps you see the power of collaboration around um structured processes and so it really helps you put you know make your sharepoint files for example more social more mobile and in context of your processes now still in these topics of this topic of crane processes and automating processes I want to give you examples of how you can use custom object in Salesforce and to make you intranet lot richer more dynamic and more engaging so you might want to empower your users to register for train and certification within you employ community all of time off request or log corporate travel request but let’s have a look at training and certification here so our users in the once to register find internal training holes and you can do that resilient easily by filling this phone where she wants to register for coaching for success cause at the end of the month and so in a few clicks not only has she registered for the course put it up it has also been submitted for approval to her manager automatically and if the manager needs send it to give him more information or her more information and to justify this training course they can collaborate through the chatter field and also Cindy will be notified in real time you pond approval or rejection of a training request so again just you know really focusing on the power of price of adding processes and collaboration within your employee community or intranet to finish I want to show you how you can also add performance management when it was in you internet by leveraging work are so here I use a silly can very easily review all the Thank You badges she’s received from her colleagues acknowledging her great work the chicken also track all of the goals whether their organizational goals or personal goals chillstep for yourself and you can track all of this in real time in the winter identifies area of weakness that she needs to work on she can also set a private coaching areas where she can work with her coaches or mentors of fellow colleagues on taking her skills and performance to the next level and of course all of this is I mean managers also have visibility in all of this so I hope this has given you a good idea of how you can leverage sales force as an intranet to make your employees more productive more engaged and more motivated I’ll now hand it back over to roll next item is really interesting and what I think we’ll do is just quickly run another poll keep the interested on just understanding of who using Salesforce for your internet today so we’ll just put that pole up and just take a few seconds just to answer them so currently running strong okay so

strong waiting on no little little bit on yes let’s just let it go a little bit longer yeah I go that’s pretty clear so much of you voted yeah so so what’s interesting is over ninety percent of you saying you’re not using Salesforce intranet today and less than temper set are doing that it’s very interesting I’m let’s discuss one with Paul then the other question would be is are using internet on your mobile devices but given that you’re not using on salesforce I think all know the answers to that but let’s just quickly run that pole so now if you voted him coming out very strong no no no yes is at this stage actually very interesting okay 011 yes that’s good all right so let’s let’s stop it also interesting same things over roughly ninety three percent I like using internet on mobile and a very small number of you are all of one or two that’s very interesting okay thank you so that’s so so for me that says a lot okay so about two-thirds of you in the previous Paul was saying that you’re an Internet today but all that are your slither are using using Salesforce to enable part of your internet strategy and almost none of you using internet dream mobile which is obviously where sales force can help you this there’s all kind of different ways that you can do an internet so Dorothy was just showing you one example of a layout you can use Salesforce layout or you can use visual force or you can take other approaches to to design your pages here’s some examples on the screen one bottom left is from marsh what they do is the publisher information bottom writers virgin up atop is one of our arm it’s actually demo example and off the left is in my BF all different kinds of feeds all different ways putting together it could be fee-based it could be content-based depends on the design approach that makes sense make sense of you also what’s interesting we’ve touched on it briefly in the demo that directed is you can extend your internet out to complete employee orchestration so you can actually manage employees from low to go from sort of hiring process through to onboarding ongoing training as they as they go through and they’re the creative element right through right through the separation I mean this is probably topic for another another webinar but it’s just an example how you can take the internet to the next level and really empower employees across the organization and have a very useful intranet tool or so quick HR tool really based on what you have with South sports today and using some of the custom apps on the yellow ever exchange okay so that covers Internet let’s let’s just look at some of the extensions that relate that they relate to that some of it a bit more in maybe not as much but process design or enlightening connect in particular I’ve also fall into the internet category and so Dorothy let’s go if you let’s just talk a bit more about a bit monitoring the extensions okay so starting today about talking about event money trees so really to give you visibility into user action and behavior for every one of your Salesforce application so as well do you often ask yourself oh I wonder who is logging in and from where I wonder whose view the exported data I users compliant with a security policy well now with event monitoring you can track everything you use of you download or export and then you can adjust your governance policies accordingly I’m and after you collect and analyze all of this data using analytics tool you we’ll also be able to see how your application is performing when it’s being used or not and in term make changes to improve your user experience and your adoption the second extension we want to talk about today is the process data and the prisoner really takes the existing workflow functionality to the next level by enabling you to create more complex processes that make more complex processes faster so um it’s all point-and-click functionality and you can for example now and automate the creation of an order upon closing an opportunity or you can automate an approval processes you can serve saving a travel request for example so um things that before you had to do with code you can now do using this very intuitive and visual process build up and that mean it is for all types of administrator new or advanced administrator so let me now jump into a

quick demo so here this is a process build on em and you can see it’s very visual very intuitive and I can go and create all types of actions some of these actions you could only create with a workflow role before such as you know updating a record or an email alert you could already do that but now you can also do other very powerful things like creating a new record automatically you’re posting to chatter automatically or submitting records for approval all things I’m sure a lot of you will will take advantage of and erotically with the ability to do that through code as you click not going ok and now we’re going to cover the last extension which is lightning connect some gin integration and generally the most complex time-consuming expensive part of a Salesforce implementation so what if you could easily create real time integration to any data source in minutes i will now winds light and connect you can do that I’m but it’s even more than that it’s enabling you to unlock your back office system and display it into Salesforce so putting in putting your back office and data in the context of your customer data in Salesforce I mean basically the diet isn’t stored in Salesforce it’s instead it’s just reference in real time I’m and that means you can also leverage the food power of the salesforce1 platform so for example you can now view this back of his data three cells was one on your mobile device and you can search with this external data and you can also even collaborate on this external data so how is this possible well it leverages an industry standard called or dollar which is now commonly used by lots of where vendors such as oracle NSA p and if your current system don’t have another endpoint this is not a problem as we all of this is still possible by leveraging one of our middleware partners such as a bit of yourself I’m so now I’ll pass on back to roll neck Dorothy so so we’ve covered off for internet and also some of the extensions that support that let’s just talk a little about just the licensing side of it just so you kind of know what you have today this is what what you might need so so the bottom section of this table shows what you have is part of the standard Salesforce license whether it’s sales and service the e and by the tissue and all your unlimited or or performance edition pxe you’ll see that you have access to all the base employee enablement obsolete CRM application objects you can do tickets and self-help unless you have force of course and then the extensions we’ve been going to like files connect blind man connect in a bit monitoring they’re just additional options that that you purchase overcame is included with performance edition so we’re going the other direction if you only have chatta chatta gives you the base employee enablement as you would know you can take your existing licenses and expand it across to other employees by going to mex just chatter or the employee help this blood community license so let’s say for example you have 200 people in your organization today let’s say 80 of those people are using Salesforce if you want to enable the internet capability of Salesforce it’s already available to the alien people already licensed but for the other hundred and twenty people you would give them a combination licenses depending what makes sense for what you’re trying to achieve at the most basic you would give them chatter free and which gives them basic employee enablement and that’s saying you can do today you just provide chatter out to additional additional employees if you want those employees to be able to collaborate on the account and contact information then you do hear the chatter plus licensed and then from there we extend out to employee communities on play up this country and what employee community that you do is provide full collaboration across the organization for all employees including the ability to log cases okay which is a very important part of it so you manage your IT an HR tickets and procurement those sorts of things through the through the community so that gives you a sense of the general kind of license type if you want to just helped us go and leave

everything good employee help desk which is very specific to just blogging tickets but without the other collaboration come up to you you know what makes sense if you want to get more information on this please just talk to your account executive they can help you think through what the right license type is for you and what you already have today in terms of empower all your employees across the evaluation so just to round this out in terms of being successful with internets a few things are important also the first is providing a complete solution to your employees which is around full collaboration providing all the content they need access to experts those kinds of things that’s very important part of obviously and you’ve got to make like a one-stop place for people to go to so the whole idea of having internet or an effective internet is that employees don’t have to hunt for information that I have to log in and out of different applications I do they go to a single place to work with same sales force as part of that and then we build access all the other information they need so sales force will automate all your standard sort of CRM and sales service marketing capabilities around many people custom apps as you know but what the internet does it feels all the gaps and around there in terms of other content and information that people need and ability to access specialist resources the other key partners as well is mobility so by definition because you have Salesforce everything within Salesforce is available on your mobile device through salesforce1 including where your internet content and as dog has shown you it’s not just internet content assets in Salesforce its content that’s available through files connect for external repositories such a SharePoint or through lightning connector to access actual apps such as for example essay p or whatever you can make those apps up here that impressions that appear as if of your mobile sales force environment it’s quite an impressive capability to other things which are really important if you’re going to be successful than internet key is employee adoption so it’s very important to you know the design the way the employee is going to be happy and the other part of it is continuous improvement so very very important that internet that you don’t let it go stable you need to have at least a resource assigned to it monitoring it all the time looking to enhance it all the time and best practices with an Internet is not to try and come up with you know everything in one go the idea is just progressively to push things out maybe do a department at a time or do particular content areas at a time get those things available to everyone and then over time to aggressively supplement your internet so it involves overtime every two to four weeks a you might be pushing out new content enabling turning on your features doing those things and that way you just progressively improve the capability on feedback from employees you conditionally supplement that to really ottoman pay a great internet capability so in summary an internet resort out one place to work and that’s the key right you want employees go to one place hunting for information or losing productivity because they can’t plan with a needle down of access to the vibe right resource because you have sales force it’s very quick to set up if you already have it today so it’s just a matter of turning on more of what you have a two-thirds you have an internet but only 130 of you using Salesforce it’s part of your internet strategy so the opportunity to weave some of the Salesforce capability into your overall internet strategy we do all the heavy-lifting right we’re doing continues releases heavy investment in R&D in this area please take advantage of you’ve got it anyway as part of your license we’d like you to see you get more value by using those those capabilities there’s also have Exchange Act available such a certain line of water coolers worth checking out which also provide additional capabilities as part of an intranet key is those is to limit your existing investment and then to take that and extend across the whole enterprise of low-cost so hanging employees on with employee communities very cheap to do but what it does is gives you send away and capability across the across the enterprise don’t forget that initiative also involves coordinating stamp it’s not just about content it’s also about the level of automation that gives employers the tools they need do their job effectively and find me accessing ass to external content so from a single place using federated search you can access all information it’s both in Salesforce and outside sales environment sharepoint value but other other repositories in the future so with that said I think what we’ll do now is head to go to a QA and I see that number of questions that come through so we’ll just sort of work our way through those and between Dorothy myself will answer that so there’s a questionnaire from Duran in relation to lead two counts and other links showing on the panel or left hand side can they be disabled we don’t want everyone be able to see that yeah no absolutely so um I mean in an intranet context people could have different types of licenses knowing that some of the people I in part of the internet might also have a serum license

like sales cloud license and therefore these people will be able to see it they leads and opportunities but others and that are not involved in the sales process want and on an employee community life satisfied before you do not have access to leeds and opportunities and even if you had a license where are you have access to the subject you can obviously restrict the access leveraging roles and profiles in Salesforce okay thanks another she’s from Joanna’s relation to Google Drive so question is can manage you’ll drive in the same way that we use in SharePoint yes so that’s a very good question and so at the moment it is just SharePoint as of the next release which is a spring 15 released during a couple of weeks my understanding is that it will be also onedrive I stopped for Google Drive it’s definitely in it’s definitely coming as to the time frame of that don’t know exactly yeah so we’ll look at the release notes for you upcoming releases and expected Giants just on the Krishna bunnelby the idea that we will want to connect to an increasing number of external repository open sir next yeah okay some other questions here around security so not to know judge on the speeches that I have security model work sorry if I’ve got such to yourself and Salesforce how does it work also my internet department well i mean it’s it’s exactly the same thing so you’ve got the restriction firstly based on your license and then it’s just defining the organization wide default as we call them enrolled and profiles to give users access to only what they love to see and one is relevant reason ok another question on time dude woman from and well my type that it kind of depends ok it really depends what what we’re looking to do I mean what’s important to have a strategy of what you’re looking to do with your internet as we sit through the through the webinar and the demo yes you would have a lot of capability today so you can actually turn a lot of things on straight away and then progressively improve that over time what we find is that an infinity sign has never finished you’re always adding to it boys updating it you wish to new ideas what can make your employees more more effective so it’s a month it’s a it’s all ones one shot exercises to continuous evolution situation but because of the agility of Salesforce every day if you like that every say two to four weeks you’d be like pushing out updates to enter an increasing its capability over time another question here actual some general relation to process builder is a standard on pxi presentment performance edition or as Nick applies its cost actually let’s open aggression up for process build across all or all editions yeah so as long as you’ve got workflow functionality which is e and above an apposite issue Enterprise in the burb you get access to process builder it might have to be enabled in your old sir Sir by talking to you account executive we can get that organized okay alright so substantial just so enterprise edition in addition or performance edition then you are enabled with some accessibility may just turn on but you have authority part of you of your license another question is coming from gary asian relation to with files connect and share point does this also included office 365 yes absolutely so that’s access to all the office yes so that so i was connected to office 365 in my demonstration but on premise is available as well yep okay um so that’s promotion outfit for questions if you have any other questions that come up please feel free just to reach out correctly to your account executives also talk to your partner as well in relations who may be using your internet you know taking what you have today and enabling a ball and want to thank you very much for your time today and good luck on using Salesforce for Internet thank you thank you