September 2015 forecast & political analysis with astrologer Kathy Biehl

hi everyone and welcome to astrology symbolism and myth my name is Denise Ross and I’m your host for this intriguing new series each month I interview a different astrologer who lets us know the upcoming astrological forecast but in addition to the monthly forecast we always go a bit deeper we discuss how astrology can help us become more aware of our own psyches we talk about the various symbols the mythology and the archetypes that help us define our lives and hopefully through this show you come away with an expanded view of astrology and how it can be interpreted and used today our guest is kathy beale she is joining us via Skype from New Jersey kathy has pursued astrology since her junior high school years she has studied formally at the houston institute of astrology in numerous workshops with leading astrologers across the country and in addition to this she is an attorney a freelance writer and a performing artist she is very diverse very articulate and she has a fabulous sense of humor so let’s say hello and welcome to my friend kathy beale Kathy thanks so much for joining me and how are you today and what are we going to be talking about and oh great today and I have got scads of pieces of paper in front of me so you just point me in a direction and ask a question and we’ll go all right that sounds good why don’t we start with the these the forecast for September what are we going to be looking at what are the big the high points that September is going to have for everyone September’s a major gear shift month as we get into it more and more we will feel a sense of life being different than it has been for the past three years or so there’s a sense of things starting to calm down things starting to make sense things starting to stable now I’m not saying by that that there isn’t still going to be upheaval and turmoil and a lot of craziness but we’re moving out of our foundations being blown up or imploded beneath our feet and starting to figure out what will we’ve already been starting to figure out what we’re going to do about it but now the cleanup and the rebuilding gets real there’s an extremely strong atmosphere of back to work back to school detox sobering up the party’s over I have lots of phrases for it and it’s not just because we are going back to school and back to work it is because Jupiter the planet of expansion has entered the sign of virgo for the first time in 12 years he’ll be there through September of 2016 and as he moves through this sign he makes major contacts with a number of other big influence excuse me influences in the sky and one of them happens this month and that is the first of the two eclipses in the month so we have a major planet changing cycles couraging us all to clean up in fact I have a video about jupiter in virgo where i basically use cleaning my house is a teaching moment for what jupiter in virgo is about but it died so that’ll be in place at the fall equinox and right before the fall equinox we have the first of the eclipses of the fall which is in the sign of virgo okay so that’ll still be resonating when the equinox rolls around on the twenty-third and this eclipse is the second one in the Virgo Pisces cycle it started this year in the spring it is bringing things around again from 97 and 98 and there is a reboot or resetting forward motion in all areas of life having where Virgo falls in your chart but it will have a lot to do with resetting boundaries rethinking reorganizing turning things back into something saying in October virgo is going Jupiter is going to make an easy aspect

to one of the two cosmic change agents Pluto one of the two planets that’s been causing all the turmoil of the past three years and will be feeling that building this month as Jupiter of Planet of expansion is beaming into deep level shape-shifting and metamorphosis but also building new structures that’s a few of the things and there’s more it has been Venus the planet that rules what we desire relationships ate any money or what we value has been retrograde since the middle of July she starts them with a September in a conjunction with her cosmic lover Mars in the mid degrees of Leo helping us fuse in fire in a loyal fire fixed fire this is stable influence helping us fuse inside of us that awareness of what it is we really want and the drive and the courage to go out and get it so it’s a massive fusing of the male and the female impulses within each of us it will also play out as some relationship development I guess it’s a nice I to put it and that will be going on that week or that’s the first at the end of the week she goes direct and she stops the retrograde so that’s part of the status report on what the Venus retrograde meant for us and that’s always a time and at the end of the summer this year was of revisiting what was important to us in the past people from the past show up things that we once thought were important old old friends things with money situations float through our mind we went across them we run into them and there’s a sorting there can be a wistfulness there can be a realization of oh I’m glad that’s gone there can be a reconnecting in a desire to take it forward I’ve been seeing this as massive soul retrieval finding parts of ourselves across the timeline and fusing that together and then early in September moving forward with that kind of read committed within ourselves and that’s still not the end of what is happening so do you want me to do you want to ask I’ll give you one more piece and you can tell me what you want to explore more I can’t chip four pieces of mercury goes retrograde okay three or four times over while communication it’s an optical illusion it looks like it’s traveling backwards when viewed from our planets because of a change in the relative orbital speed and Mercury retrograde Tsar always the time to pay more attention to communication and how we get around it’s also a time when technology tends to go fluey when people misunderstand each other when stuff goes astray when you end up in a traffic jam with you there was no reason to think it would be there you start out driving in one direction and you come to and realize that you’ve gone to a different city very strange things happened under a Mercury retrograde and it will be retrograde starting on the hold on 17th so we’ll be through the month won’t go direct until until into October so mercury will be retrograde at the equinox meaning that that energy will be part of the chart and still carry with us through the rest of the fall it will be retrograde in the sign of Libra which has to do with lationship I’ve already mentioned relationships so we will be revisiting and thinking about and refining in our minds things that we’ve recently experienced discovered encountered like we get constant review sessions these days and even that’s not all Wow oh my gosh flips on the 27 a lunar eclipse which ends things and this is the final eclipse in a cycle on the relationship axis Aries Libra eclipses started last year and they have been helping us reset well and shut down a lot of things having to do with what we have accepted in relationships what we believe to be true about what happens between people and this is a replay of 95 297 and there will be a major sense of again relationships of okay I’ve come to the end of the line in certain ways that I’m seeing things certain things I’m putting up with the final eclipse will be in Aries so it’ll be very individuating me me me me me yeah okay so that was like in 30 sec what you want me to elaborate on what are you curious

about let’s start by elaborating on this Jupiter into Virgo because I that one’s going to last that’s going to be with us for quite some time and so you know what is that going to mean generally maybe give us a little bit more about the symbolism of Virgo and the Jupiter itself and when these two come together what we have to look forward to the coming year we get again that’s with us I mean I loved it when Jupiter was in Leo this last year psycho yes yeah i loved it i absolutely loved it was I you know the creativity and and the fun and things just for me it seemed to lighten up and now this may be true or not the Virgo everybody’s thinks it’s very meticulous it is it’s that down to work it’s what you do on a day-to-day basis is this going to bring is this gonna burst everybody’s a little bubble or what will we see the next year the image that came up with for this earlier in the summer was it’ll be like one minute we’re sitting around partying in the next minute we’re crawling on our hands and knees looking for our sunglasses in our car keys um Jupiter okay let’s start with it Jupiter Jupiter is an expansive influence he’s the head God he’s the guy in charge he could do whatever he wants and if you know from mythology Jupiter had no compunctions about fulfilling his appetites if one wasn’t enough no no no I call him be more and more more influence bigger is better he ups the ante of any action he gets near interestingly between now and the equinoxes and I don’t have the exact date unfortunately he’s going to be meeting with the asteroid Juno who is his mate so one the female power that matches and blocks encounters in Juneau represents um the marriage partner of and the one that kind of holds the trump card and I I’m so sorry I used that word but the card the winds uh yeah so again relationships we’re going to be thinking quite a bit about perfecting analyzing being discerning about boundaries between people and how we go about things so pause button one long-standing process that we have been in for several years has been rewriting our relationship rule books so that we are not so much thinking in advance of oh I gotta do this to get the other person or I have to posture myself this way but instead getting much more honest about what we want and who we really are and conveying ourselves with greater honesty and resonance with much less of a inclination to put up with stuff simply to keep a relationship alive much greater awareness of reciprocity this is bringing more power into what happens between two people there’s more of an honesty and there’s more of an ability and in a starting point of this is who I am this is what I can give this is what I need this is what I need in return do you have it oh okay you can do this you can’t do that I’m not going to be mad at you because you can’t do that and maybe this is what you know redefining what relationships are so I I think this is part of the process interestingly with this now that’s a good segue into Virgo virgo is the intellectual earth sign it’s these earth sign that’s ruled by mercury so it brings a contemplative chewing experience to everything Virgo looks at any given situation from a point of view what can make into absolute felix unger territory being a fussbudget looking at not just the glass is half empty but others a chip in the glass I need to fix this or oh my god it’s dirty or who won’t even like this glass putting it away so what I’ve been telling people with this is to look at it in terms of the glass can be replaced the glass can be refilled if you find yourself looking at you as that clarity use Jupiter’s expansive properties to say how could I make this better not picking it to death that there’s a chip in the glasses so that’s kind of a segue virgo is there so interested in self-improvement there’s an interest in health in doing things in a more

efficient way in a more organized way in a more effective way and boundaries are an ongoing issue with Virgo one thing that will be that is integral to the Virgo Pisces eclipses which will be feeling this month is the dichotomy between being intact in yourself and complete immersion in the human experience Virgo and one end Pisces awareness with an immersion in the call on the other end so we’ll be focusing more and more this month hitting the reset button on ground rules that we have a little magic circle we’ve drawn around ourselves and how intact that is the adage of good fences make good neighbors comes to mind with this and all of this I’m going to encourage people to think about how different the world has started feeling since the middle of August more and more more and awareness of well that’s a mess well I think I’ll clean this up well I’ll take care of that and you’ll find that the more that you address that lingering annoying of clutter piles in your own life like oh I’m going to tidy my kitchen today Oh gonna deal with that going to deal with that of the more you’re thinking is going to start doing the same thing one big issue that goes with this which will also alert people to is increased awareness of what you’re consuming so detox which has been the big fad for the few years last few years even bigger if if there is stock in either nutribullet or Vitamix I would buy it because things be really really trendy but not just physically paying attention more and more since it is ruled by mercury to what you’re consuming with your mind what you’re what’s happening in social media I’ve been on a tear of unfollowing people on facebook if one person you know one too many times put something really disturbing in my feed they go like I have no I don’t care I don’t care if they’re really close to me they go out of my feed because it’s it’s important to pay attention to what we are habitually exposing ourselves to and be discerning about that and you’ll notice more and more that your outlook will become more positive Jupiter and expand and become healthier Virgo if you are discerning and mindful we’re go about what your media diet is and the conversation topics that you have with people on a regular basis there may be certain things that you just decide at this point in your life you cannot afford it is too dangerous it’s like eating a piece of food that you are incredibly allergic to the reaction that it will have to your whole energy system so I be incredibly about mental boundaries and emotional boundaries as well with all of this that can be amazingly beneficial on a long-term basis and that really kicks in this month and especially with the solar eclipse on the 12th or 13th depending on where you are a solar eclipse any eclipse causes the sky to go black which means things can change things leave I equate a solar eclipse to the lights going out at the end of a scene or an act on stage and stage crew sterk scurrying in moving the set around and new characters walking on the lights gradually come on and you look and go oh this is what’s here and then you move forward always forward motion a solar eclipse can take six to nine months to play out so between now and March will be seeing the playing out of these new boundaries these new ways of thinking about things and remember Jupiter does whatever he wants so moving from your own health and your own best interests ends up benefiting or affecting but it does will end up benefiting everyone so no more just deciding for yourself oh I have to do this because this is my child or this is my spouse or oh this is my boyfriend I have to do this for him and then being pissy and resentful that they are not appreciating what you have this glorious sacrifice you’ve just meant for

them stop it okay so now with the to eclipse ‘as we have the solar and then the lunar and assigns it they’re in and then right in the middle of that we get mercury going retrograde it’s between yes mercury goes retrograde and then we have the equinox and the equinox so between that what is that two-week period hmm what can we expect within those two weeks well a sense of now we start rethinking and or maybe not rethinking so much but there’s a there’s a get serious feeling to it because in the middle of happy saturn moves into Sagittarius Oh didn’t go forward yeah well sach is already moving forward but it’s been slides into ok I’m going to be really glad to see Saturn get out of Pluto it hasn’t made me happy so to see Saturn going to sach that’s fabulous so yeah we can talk a little bit about that too wait that’s 19 for everyone it’ll still be in um it’s at the like the last gasp of Scorpio at the Virgo eclipse and by the equinox it’s it’s zero sach oh right on the equinox fabulous well it’ll have just just have moved into it I just have an exact date for you but with these things you start feeling them in under there Saturday’s is another major cycle it’s it’s the planet the influence of order and structure and rules and the status quo and on a personal level Saturn’s the guy who wants you to eat your vegetables could better early take care of yourself pay your bills dress up when you go to church and go jerk when Saturn moves into said Terry well said I moved into Sagittarius on the twenty-third of December last year here and then at the end of May it scooched back into Scorpio for the summer to give us the opportunity to clean up loose ends from 2013 to 2014 having to do with reciprocity in a big way and the big scary stuff we don’t like to think about of debt intimacy sharing sex right yeah oh yeah axes that’s that sort of thing as he moves that when he even gets into sad it’s a very strong feeling of the mid 80s or back oh really ended he entered Sagittarius in 1985 okay and Saturn in Sagittarius will on a big level well for everyone it has to do with I think you’re a reality check about what you believe to be true what your life philosophy is and how well that you’re actually living it or not living it we will see the impact of theories on actual life so policy could be part of this uh it does have to do with a political theory with the political system with the legal system with big media with our attitude toward and relationship to people places and things foreign to us notice no but it Wanda says travel but notice that immigration right yeah being violently how about higher education as well yes is this will be I’m hoping this will be the time when you know as a nation we kind of look at this higher education and education in general and and hopefully make some changes in those realms well we’ll be seeing the real and tangible impact of what we say we want and whether it’s really they’re not now on a personal level there is a there will be a long path for the next couple of years of being shown where there is a disconnect between what you think to be true and how you actually live like you should use and to take responsibility for the world view that you espouse all right you might notice that in big media there is an element of oh I’ll just be judgmental recklessness about a certain level of rhetoric that is rampant these days and I think we will be seeing people being called the task for the real world ramifications of incendiary talk and very sudden reckless talk right what happens when you say various things yeah yeah taking responsibility for the theories

that you build about how the world works based on all the data that you take in is a big issue so that’ll be infused in the equinox chart because Saturn will have just moved okay just okay just recently moved into sedge so a bunch of things causing us to become aware of what we say what we think and the ramifications of thoughts flying around so an emphasis on healthiness of thoughts of healthiness of boundaries sounds like borders doesn’t it yeah but there’s just a lot of different ways coming at it with a big relationship twist to the whole mix with the Aries lunar eclipse bringing to a close a previous way of how we relate to people previous chapter in our agreement our ground rules this this is this is the month where we finally feel like life is really different we’ve had moments the past 33 years of this is not the world I you know mama told me even my mama did not tell me there would be days like this like rats is too too strange and now we stop and we realize okay the game really is different it’s permanently different what are we going to do about it this is the month of moving into what are we going to do about it right right right yeah so there’s just seems like those last two two and a half weeks of September are going to be very very intense and set us all on a of a new road a new path different direction it’s something that’s already been building and brewing maybe there will be more of an element of awareness of it weirdness of what’s already there and seeing there is definitely a focusing and of an efficiency so instead of doing 15 things may be doing ten maybe doing seven maybe bringing your definition of your world into a smaller focus tighter focus and right going forward on that okay and with it with the Eclipse the one with the thing is the Aries Libra so about relationships but this can be relationships it may not necessarily be with people depends on where this falls in your chart is that correct I mean it could be the relationship you have with money it could be the relationship at work at the relationship with animals is that true or not true that’s an element of it but there is also of the how you deal with people in those areas that’s a part of it so okay across your money access your money and somebody else’s money or your joint money there will be a change in the way that you approach things the change in the agreements that you make involving those things and people are involved in this okay okay that makes sense so so with whatever area people are still going to be involved in it because of the Libra and then it’s you personally because of the Aries right there’s some point in that and that is happening with Mercury retrograde in Libra so there is possibly confusion there’s possibly learning things you didn’t know it’s a good time to go back over do want to slide that in with a Mercury retrograde there are people who yes she could go I have to go to bed for three weeks news I know I must continue but it’s a good time to take anything in your life and stick the two letters are e in front of the verb so go back rethink investigate or gonna reorganize finish old business so if there’s something that you needed to be saying with someone something you’ve needed to set up differently something you’ve needed to clean up with another person this is a really good time to do it so those are the positives of the Mercury retrograde again yeah we always look at the the negative but mercury retrograde is just it gives you time to as you say rethink look at things at different wave you’ve always done the same way this way this way it’s given you time to switch it up a little bit and maybe have a different perspective right apps lutely and with jupiter in virgo you’re already going to be looking at things in a slightly like how can this be better way hopefully that’s what we’re telling people this is what we want them well there are some people who are gonna go overboard on oh that’s wrong that’s right well you know when you see that thank you yeah friend just spent a month in Los Angeles with a bunch of people who if she if she had a bad experience somewhere and dared voice if they go love and light with this under cars are

you buzz phrase for annoying correcting language right yeah yeah yeah absolutely ok and so let’s see with is there anything else in September that we need to know I mean again the big ones Virgo and Jupiter and the Eclipse azhar going to be major it’s a busy month and Mercury retrograde on top of it Saturn’s going forward it is a busy month about what I what I want to clarify about eclipses is although there can be very sudden events that occur right around them particularly on a collective scale uh these are these are not events it’s not like a switch flips and it’s a one day thing or you wake up and go oh there’s a solar eclipse in my chart today probably it takes a while to play it out okay okay that’s good to know so on for quite a while so you know don’t phone me on September 14 say that thing happened to me on the twelfth and the thirteenth well some reorientation did and probably you hit the power up in the mario kart game and on an inner level or something in your life rearranged itself and you will be shooting in a direction it might just take you a while to see it and it might be one of those hindsight’s you know for months you look back and it’s like oh ok ok thinking just time gives you a little perspective to look back again the hindsight yeah and said and September will be a month that in retrospect will look back and go whoa that was the gateway wasn’t it yeah yeah this is the gateway right yeah yeah we need to get in some mileage on us before we can put it in perspective so great anything else you want to say about September before we dive in to have some fun with politics yeah let me look at the okay at the equinox chart very quickly there are two things okay actually a couple of things I want to mention about it there is a sense of faded pneus or we are now on a path that’s going to stick with us for a while and it does have its ears in Sears in a new or a different way of going about things in relationships okay and as we get into the few weeks a few days later with the Aries lunar eclipse there is a sense of the new internal paradigm for what we want in a partner and how I want the partnership to go playing and subtly so that that’s kind of in the offing with the equinox chart because it’ll be strong in a couple of days there is a possibility in the equinox chart it holds the possibility of rootedness of groundedness of our thinking clarifying and kind of sobering up and getting a little calmer and more mature about how we want to go ahead and do some things so even though there are aspects to it that are going to continue a sense of stuff being out of our control and new things breaking out with the you know the the with with the being in the middle of two eclipses there is a sense of we’re looking at things in a more realistic way or more grounded way or figuring out how we can bring our insights and our changes into something that actually affects our daily life and the plane out of our relationships okay with these relationships they can be romantic relationships they can be sibling relationships they can be business relationships I put any type of relationship so we’ve got to keep our eyes open or perception and our radars up about what relationships we’re possibly struggling in during that time and pay special attention to that well we could see that we could start to feel that our approach to it to the whole topic has well and truly moved into a new arena that we’re renegotiating and restructuring our social contract okay and especially and again with the mercury retrograde so some people that may come back into your life that you had a certain type of relationship and now things have just completely shifted and it’s it’s it’s us that has shifted right and after you know when we shift everything shifts exactly yeah when part of the system undergoes a change the rest of the system rearranges itself to make room for the change right okay that makes sense absolutely so with all of

the things going on in September you and I take a little lighter no not on if it’s be lighter note or not but and talk about some politics we’ve got a you know presidential election coming up in over a year it’s still a long way away but it just seems like the media has been having an awful lot of fun with all the candidates and there’s quite a few of them so what is your I guess that first question is what is your take maybe not specifically on each candidate which will go through a few of the candidates but just that the i guess the process itself or the the political system are you believing that it’s it’s changing trying to change i look at that as the Saturn Pluto Pluto and Saturn that breaking down that foundation things need to change get different what is your take on just actually the political system because it seems this year that it’s very different than previous years it’s very overtly different than previous years what all across the board we are seeing where the uranus pluto square of the past three years has been pushing us as are the two change agents and they have their the what have been completely changing the foundation that we’ve built major aspects of our lives on as this is happening Pluto is very slowly moving to the spot that it occupied when the US was created oh that will not happen until about 20 23 I think of what we are witnessing is a huge emerging of a change in first off how the political process runs that plays a propelling role in a change in how this country is structured so we’re seeing seemingly random radical rebellious influences coming to the fore refusing to even acknowledge the earlier ground rules including the Constitution there are numerous candidates who are making assertions and sending things out into meat to the media that people are buying that are absolutely misstatements of what is possible under the law or what’s even a lot you know what’s allowed what the power of the presidency is numerous candidates doing this that’s one thing and then we have a two players who are just two in particular who are absolutely refusing to play the normal game one of them is getting incredible play one of them is getting incredible klappa crowds and isn’t being treated in the media like he has much of a chance but interestingly his chart is linked much more to the equinox the other person’s so what we’re seeing is people coming in who aren’t playing by the rules who are making up their own rules that’s very much Uranus in Aries there’s kind of in some cases an absolute dictatorial streak also Uranus in Aries I’ll just point out that the last time Uranus was in the sign of Aries which is the captain kirk sign the my way I’m going to you know Patrick Swayze my way to the highway from Roadhouse just leaping and then thinking about it the last time it was in that sign was in the 1930s which saw the rise of major dictatorial figures all across the country the Conte the globe excuse me for varying reasons strong figures taking charge that people looked at ok you you solve this problem so we’ve got that coming so there’s the loose cannon rogue element to that and it’s still showing how it’s a lot of the what’s happening now is pulling up the corruption the ownership of the system by big business yeah and bringing things to light that are that are also not just that end but the terrors that underlie a lot of people’s existences and thoughts and fears and prejudices that are still in existence I will point out that Neptune planet of illusion and sacrifice

is in recent years moved into the sign that it occupied during the Civil War and lo and behold there are all these beliefs coming to light that seemed to they’re contesting of what the Civil War was about fighting that it was even over that’s one they’re all these battles all these different topics that we have intellectually been proceeding since the late 60s on the basis of these are solved and they’re being hammered and hammered hammered like no not they’re not big segments of the population refused to acknowledge that things are any different and they’re trying to take things back move the game board around so this is all going on and all of these factors are coming up and will influence this election like crazy like crazy so the the most vocal of the candidates is a mouthpiece for a lot of this and he absolutely is he’s claiming he’s an outsider but in some ways he is in some ways he’s not okay so let’s talk about him then and get his you’ve got his chart we’ve got his chart that’d be Donald Trump correct that would be Donald Trump uh I don’t really follow this kind of stuff astrologically or pay attention to it but at the leo new moon in august i noticed what degree it was and I thought of this is fascinating and I looked at his chart and he had at that time an astrological configuration called a grand trine being set off in his chart by that a moon he and connecting to Uranus and airy so he’s part of the Rebel loose cannon I’m going to just do this I don’t care what you say the crown jewels are attitude and it it played into Mars in his chart which is in the late degrees of Leo and his Sagittarius moon a sad moon is here there can’t pin them down are going to do whatever they’re going to do they can be very very jingoistic and it opposes his geminis son Gemini can be many things can say this can say that can leap around can be very hard to pin down so a full moon baby Gemini Sagittarius uh can say something one day and then refused to even admit the next day that it said it hmm so that’s fun I find that interesting he was born with and his his birth time is verified he was born with the ascendant the sign rising on the horizon at the very last degree of Leo almost the last couple of minutes of Leo which is so he presents himself as I am The King it was on when he was born it was on top of the fixed star Regulus which is royalty so he just exudes inherited power G he’s the son of a major real estate developer he did not build his empire he inherited the beginning of it with Mars the planet of shove right on top of that so what I see going on with him jupiter in virgo is moving through his house of identity he’s just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and more grandiose as difficult as that is for some of us to imagine until Jupiter slams that full moon and that’s the one thing to his as Saturn moves through into Sagittarius by about November it’s going to cross Lilith in his chart not something I normally pay attention to but Lilith his Adam’s first wife who among you is not aware that Adam had a first right Lilith is the ultimate feminine power cast aside and you know the thing about a woman scorned and what that is dot dot dot I think there will be massive paying the piper when that happens and we will increasingly be seeing the real world ramifications of what he’s been saying as we get into the fall once Venus goes direct and once Saturn moves into Santa

Tereus and where I mean that’s already we’re already starting to see people getting whipped up to do running around screaming at Hispanic individuals to go back to their own country when there are US citizens there will be there will be repercussions from some of his language I honestly don’t think he has the stick-to-itiveness to actually claim the nomination and take the job but he’s serving a phenomenal purpose it’s phenomenal role in blowing up the way things have done have been done right right yeah okay so now who else do we have a chart um think the other one that you were thinking just kind of under the current Bernie Sanders is that how you’re talking about yes I am very surprised we don’t have a birth time for him so I can’t give you his ascendant however he has three placements in Virgo Jupiter planet of expansion now in Virgo in October March and then June Jupiter is going to cross his son I don’t think he’s going away um it’s in December februari in August Jupiter is gonna cross his North node that’s his relationship to be public that’s his path of destiny his relationship to the collective and he has an Aries Moon he has the moon where Uranus has been and Uranus has been back and forth but so he’s got Uranus on his mood and his moon is conjunct Mars the ruler of Aries this man is a fighter this is like he’s got he’s got like an internal combustion engine that just makes him fight he does not take no for an answer and with Uranus on top of that and continuing to move across that anything could happen with him but I will mention that he’s the only candidate who has a link to the equinox chart his uh his uh mercury his communication skills right on top of the Sun North node conjunction in the equinox chart so you know the media may not be reporting much on what he’s doing but his message is going to speak to more and more people and get across more and more and more whether it completely outside the normal political machinery so he’s he’s he’s showing a different way of doing things from a different angle right and there’s two if people outside the normal system of that what you used to and doing it in two completely different ways different place Sanders has mercury in Libra so he’s a born negotiator also he understands how to fry even with his Moon in Aries which you know you can kick you in the teeth with that kind of power but with them with mercury in Libra he understands the need to phrase things in a way to phrase them in your opposition’s language to negotiate to get people to come to the table to get compromising to say things in a way that people are going to grasp not speak not not inflame them he doesn’t throw fire bombs at people and make them go out and harm other individuals he’s actually trying to restructure the social contract yeah very very interesting so now then let’s look at somebody who has been in the normal political system I don’t if you want to call it normal but the system kind of what I call old school has been there is doing it the same way there’s no change Hillary Clinton what does her chart have to say for us first thing I want to say about her chart is that it’s not known whether she was born a.m. or p.m. at birth time is known and it changes the vibe completely uh I am going to go with the a.m chart because that gives her scorpio rising and has a number of things on the set on the Scorpio ascendant which would account for a people hating her so much making her a projection screen from I mean people are scared or they associating her with death and with murder and was scandal whether or not she has anything to do with it or not and she might I don’t know but but that would account for the fact that people have really strong reactions to her the other birth time gives her Gemini rising which is just to lolla london london and i’m sorry i can’t go with that so if we if we go with the earlier chart the earlier time several really important things uh she has Jupiter moving across her mid heaven which is the doorway to your public life and moving through her

mid heaven I’m not ruling out or getting the nomination I’m not ruling out her getting the office with this actually Wow and there are others other astrologers saying that uh because the September eclipse happens in her public life it happens in her 10th house and uh yeah it’s pretty that’s pretty major she’ll have saturn moving uh well she’ll have saturn moving through her first house because her ascendant is in the two-thirds away through Scorpio so as saturn’s already been there as in the first house but as it moves into sad it will cross Jupiter in her chart in about two in the two-thirds of the right before the equinox and care for the equinox but cross Jupiter so she might take control of things in a big big big way or who knows maybe these things that keep being brought up what scandal of the week will just get bigger and bigger and maybe there’ll be some ramification but i don’t see that stopping her campaign at all she’s got pluto in the second house of personal resources of the system is behind her she works in the system with the system threshed yeah yeah out which it may take to get a woman in the White House at this point I don’t know yeah which-which have a few minutes left it having said that with a woman in the White House it was one question this is just coming from nowhere to get your thoughts on that that as you had said we are seem to be rediscoveries and lesbian and with marriage equality and all of that and it’s such a positive such a positive where is it that with women and women’s rights and all of that that we just keep hitting a block wall that we’re we’re repassing things that we thought we had taken care of forty years ago anything ester logically is it as a nation is it I think that has a lot to do with the hammering away at Pluto in Capricorn I think I felt legislation was put in place that didn’t match a lot of the emotional development and that there are certain parts of society as with racism suddenly being the flavor toujours that are that have been just tuned away and too annoyed and they’re just a festering and it’s coming up in a bad bad way the fact that this was legislated the fact that and I honestly the fear of the feminine astonishing and I would say this Venus retrograde really brought a lot of stuff to light about that Venus retrograde at the squaring Saturn in Scorpio for part of it so it brought the utter terror of the female right feminine to light like okay this is all nasty is still floating around in there and that’s another thing we’re going to work on it’s so funny I’ve seen a mem float around Facebook about okay now that now that we’re no longer now that the gays aren’t responsible for everything anymore now let’s now it’s and there’s like this list so yeah which one are we going to cross off next yes so there’s wit with the with the terrors that are coming to light are there not that they have been not that they came out of nowhere they’ve been there it’s like monsters under the bed or in the closet are coming out and they have a voice and these things have been there they’ve been festering okay and they it’s the last gasp of things that haven’t wanted to admit that they’re there because honestly Millennials I am not seeing I’m not seeing these types of prejudices across the board and Millennials especially I agree I agree yeah males treat women differently that age group like they’re all pack animals running together in a pack that’s a generalization but yeah and it’s very true i agree with that and that’s what gives me hope and that’s where my thinking a politically thinking like with hillary clinton i thought you know i just do i don’t think she’s gonna be able to pull it there’s still something female that i don’t know if it’s time yet I mean of course I think it’s time for a female it’s always been time but be I just I don’t know that’s one that it just seems we just keep getting bashed back bash back bash back Oh other

terrible of you know I brought you into this world I can take you out don’t have time for one yes all together all right yes what we’re seeing now is an activation of a seed that was planted in the late 60s in the late 60s between 65 68 around that Uranus and Pluto work conjunct in hmm what sign Virgo which is where Jupiter is now and so now that they are squinted that they’ve been squaring and they’re going to continue to travel in this challenging aspect loosely but they’re moving apart but still they’ve been squaring for the past three years which forces action they have been forcing action on the values and the new vision of how things could be structured that was planted in the 60s oh very interesting so that’s a big thing that’s going on now and when you do that all of the decay and the fear the festering Ickes come out right yeah for airing I’m just a little concerned about how many people they’re going to really seriously damaged before they get calmed down exactly right yeah so it is kind of close to the end of the hour is there any last loose little ties or we’re good it’s it’s all about Virgo it seems bird over go oh I’ll leave it with this seemingly try very meaningful statement which is remember when you took it on the airplane you’re told if cabin pressure drops to put your air mask on first right then deal with your passengers if they need assistance that is the overriding image with this it is not a healthy self-regard is what is called for now taking care of yourself now is utterly necessary to be of use and service to the rest of the world great well that sacrifice yeah or I’ll sit in the dark it doesn’t yeah well that’s a great note to end it on I want to thank you so much for joining us as I said it has come to the end of the hour here on our astrology symbolism and myth program I want to cab thank Kathy and I want to make sure that everybody knows her website which is empowerment unlimited dotnet that’s when make sure you get the dotnet on there get on her website it is filled with fabulous articles a lot of podcasts get on her email list so that you can get her email that comes out every week and find out what’s going on I also want to thank my crew here at RV TV and I was want to thank everybody for watching be sure to watch us again next month so goodbye for now