Virgo Worklife Reading, July'16 Tarot Prediction

this is a work life ringing for the sunshine grow book for the month of july in this reading I will be taking out personal yahoo how’s your current work situation what is your inner ability and doing the work you do in whether your inner ability needs work and tuning in regards to your business if you’re doing business or whatever is your line of work then how the external environment rewarding you or how well are you received by the external environment what are the opportunities coming your way if any what are your strengths and the challenges you should look at overcoming in the month of July now I am also going to take out some additional cards where I’m asking is what is the understanding or perception you have about your supervisor or what is the opinion you have in here about your supervisor and foodie or she really is as a person and whether there is a significant difference in what you think he or she is and who the person is your supervisor in reality then what is your understanding about your colleagues and union with your colleagues and who they really are now once I’ve taken out the set of cards I am going to see whether you are going to maintain a good work-life balance in the coming month of June so let us see what is the guidance for you also please note vago that this is a general reading and not everything will look like food all of you and whatever may apply will vary in the intensity so first I’m asking is cause your work situation what is your inner ability how’s the external environment rewarding you what is your strength your challenges then what is the understanding you have about your supervisor or the boss and work who is he or she in person will then what is your tuning with your colleagues and who they are in actual in reality sorry so now you all go it’s looking like some of you are going through a little bit of a tough phase but overall you’re waiting for a reward or some kind of a growth to happen as of now you are just playing a wait-and-watch game it’s possible that you’ve been given way more than you can handle in your situation and while you’re upset you being let down you are not giving up so your work situation is telling you and you are choosing to be positive you have chosen to believe in the fact that cook things are going to happen to you and whatever that you want will come along it’s just that you will want you want to endure it and you are not willing to give in as of here but this energy tells me that you are already feeling very very stretched and it’s not too long before this stretch can just snap and you may just call it quits so verbo if you’re feeling your situation is work situation is getting little difficult or out of wind you may totally want to discuss it out and I am also seeing that some of you are just looking in one particular direction and focusing on the work it’s just as if some of you are just looking up the hierarchy or the top management that look I haven’t even so much thing and going through so much difficulty oh you might as well some send some rewards or acknowledge my devotion and loyalty now the mistake you’re making is it’s okay to have been hard it’s ok to have not from your lessons you don’t necessarily have to look up in one direction so your career is not just guided by in one particular company or an organization it’s okay to look around if you get good opportunities as of now your devotion and commitment is just holding you to your job and even though things are not working out asking sorry as favorably as you would want them to I am just seeing a bit of holding on to

enduring it so you’re not really wanting to give up as of here it’s a good and Hodgetts good to get satisfied that okay with my endurance things can change and if I can be bit more patient maybe I will get the reward that I’m waiting for so it’s a good energy but you may just not want to be so devoted that you are unwilling to look at other options that may be coming along to you now what is your inner ability your inner ability is you want to create something very very solid in terms of money for yourself and creating some great financial foundation as of now you’re very let down by your financial situation and the fact is you are feeling as if you don’t have any concrete plans or you don’t have anything concrete that will keep getting you money for the rest of your life or you haven’t found the organization or the kind of work that you can do where you can you sleep with peace and money still going to come be so as of now money is the priority with you and you would like to go in search of an employment or a business where you can make something very credible and solid for you here so who you are also someone who believes in the long term you don’t want to work in a company a few years or do some business for some time and then maybe start all over again and then again try to create some kind of a financial foundation you want your work to create a very steady stream of funds for you and you are okay if it will take as long as it will be so as of now there is one of dissatisfaction internally that you have about not being able to make the kind of money you want to make some of you may have just lost a bonus or some money you had wanted or expected that did not come along so in your overall work situation I am just saying this is a person who’s feeling little bit down because of the financial support or help or bonus that was supposed to come as just not come or has been just left high end right so you are very keen ed looking for something that will work out in terms of money for you for the long term now what is the how external environment rewarding you so go go you are very very gifted so you are ready mentally sharp and the guidance and getting is you don’t have to really depend on someone else or check out lot of job offers or situations if you can think through you can create tremendous success for yourself purely out of thin air now that guidance is coming for you purely because of your ability to endure it you see this is a man who’s devoted and enduring if you can put your mind also into this that how can you be devoted in there all the difficulty that is coming and then think through your situation is something very good coming your way for some of you I am just seeing a job change or very rewarding to opposition coming your way very quickly so there is a promotion or some kind of relocation with very hefty bonus coming your way so just get ready and I am seeing this happening very quickly within a couple of months so this may come very very unexpectedly but the good part is it is going to happen with your faith restored that yes the top management that you were willing you are having fainting is going to reward you real well it is also possible that some of you may just find a very great solution to your situation and just create something so capable that you are going to feel very rewarding now how you will do it it is telling me one of the ways you can create your situation very very good for yourself is by talking to people and the people who matter so you may just want to go and connect with some experts in your field and share with them how good you want because your communication is going to take you places and think include plus i am seeing some kind of a very good at hefty reward coming your way in terms of new job or probably a business that may be wanting to start people who are looking at starting a business and feel that you’re at the verge of closing down and there is no money it’s telling

me if you can just think through your situation you will actually surprise yourself by creating performed success so don’t give up on your business yet because if it is not working out it’s probably you have not put your heart and mind into it so there is a bit of thinking that you need to do and your situation will change dramatically if you haven’t been working for quite some time you are going to start something on your own and this is a very beautiful energy it’s telling me that you don’t have to wait for some opportunity you walk up to you you have a gift of mental ability which is so strong that you can create success purely by thinking and understanding how you can work with the environment around you and make the great deal of success for yourself so lot of thinking is needed but this is all a beautiful energy just telling me something great is coming and it’s on its way and you should reach you within a couple of months it’s a very beautiful and Muji where some of you may have already gotten it also some of you may have got enough offer to relocate with the very good bonus and all kinds of privileges really what is your strength your strength is you are very very intuitive Go Go you can just guess people by talking to them it’s a great strength here now what you also should do is why you can guess people out purely by meeting them or seeing how they are you may also want to put this into communication and tell them why you think the main thing for being with them it’s quite possible that sometimes you just pull back because you have sense something is not right with the first so it’s possible that he or she may not have done something to you intentionally and you may have pulled back purely on your revolution so it’s good to just speak up and clarify the gap because it is looking like people continue to wonder why you have pulled back or why have you become little different and you don’t choose to clarify that with them so it’s a great strength to be able to sense people and energy around you and be so intuitive but you may just want to also tell them what is bothering you and if you can really change the situation what are the challenges you are not thinking out of the box nor do you are just gained a of getting up going to work coming back and whatever else in your personal life that needs to be done now if this energy is not in place you will you will have you will always be dependent on what you are getting from the external environment so if you can overcome this challenge which means to have the ability to look within find the 38 is siding you and continue to work and with on your tenants no matter how small that thought or idea man look but if you can devote lot of energy into this you’re going to surprise yourself with the kind of success you will create you see I am seeing such great success cards in your reading and July is looking like a big month to me because it’s a good news which is coming to some of you in July and maybe in following months as well so this is a great energy too hard and in challenges it’s telling me that if you can tap on to your creative side now some of you may wonder you probably don’t know what your talent is or you can’t you don’t you know maybe you never realized it and you probably have decided somewhere down the line that you don’t have anything that you can work with then you’re totally mistaken because your challenge is you’re not internally reflecting and finding what is it that works for you and this is a very big content for you mother maybe you should be devoting a good of your time just being with yourself and understanding what is it that you can do with your talents and ability and you can start a fresh or create something totally new and all by yourself because there is a great success waiting but it’s in a challenge so this energy is coming in a challenge it’s telling me that will not happen on it as of now so what is your perception or understanding about your supervisor you feel some of you have lot of respect for your supervisor you do believe that

he or she is quite talented and probably everything is just a flick of a finger away from them so you don’t look up to your boss or supervisor but you also feel that they are dealing with much less than what you are dealing with so somewhere you also have great amount of disappointment with your boss that they probably get away with the very less work for any less accountability then what you are held responsible for now some of you may just feel that your supervisor is not available you see this man is not is looking away and he’s not really turned around to have a conversation so some of you may feel your supervisor or bosses absolutely not available he or she has great talents and your process and understand the fact that they need to take that in now this is what you think here so this is how you believe your boss or supervisor to be who is he or she in reality well you are quite right they are he or she is very talented and they seem to be enjoying the good life and I am chasing a lot of prosperity and happiness some of you your bosses in a very different situation than you want just troubling there is more money but your boss is rich and there’s just money really want him or her so they have their work to do and they have really made sure that they have a good life so your boss or supervisor really has a good life and but they are not paying attention to you you see this lady is also this rice is a queen she is all focused on the money in our hands so it is quite possible your boss call your supervisor is a little bit self we should only thinks of himself or herself and doesn’t extend the kind of support you would like to have so you may be right then you feel that your boss is not available and doesn’t take that much active interest in your group you may be quite right when you came that way what is your tuning with your colleagues or what is the understanding you have about your colleagues so you see your colleague cells the very very positive people people you can connect with people who are helping you to be in to bring who are helping you to bring the best out of you so you have a foot tuning with your colleagues and they are all very positive so you are very happy with to your colleagues are and you’re great union would think so it’s a good energy that you are getting along with them and you really look up to some of your colleagues it’s telling me that you just you have these couple of friends or colleagues at work with move you like to always hang out with purely because you look up to them and their positivity in great energy you who or who is he or she in reality well they are very passionate and they want to make things happen for them real bad so your colleagues are very very passionate about work just about as passionate as you are which is you’re so devoted and you are enduring it all so is your set of colleagues so you all seem to be on a very similar wavelength and the fact that you look up to them it’s making things quite good and easy for you so people who are doing business one thing you should be doing is you should be communicating with your team members more often it’s looking as if you just know that some people some employees are not doing it right but you’re keeping it to yourself and it’s not going to him and if you are going through some solid money problems in your business you may want to think about this solution out of the box and you will be able to fix all your money problems and whatever the difficulty that is going on at your workplace in your business here because I do see great success and some of you are looking at relocate or expanding your business and taking your business to a new geography you will do absolutely great so these are some very good set of cards now the question whether you will be able to maintain a good work-life balance with so much endurance and not communicating what is affecting you or what you’re sensing from others is telling me that work-life balance is going to be quite a challenge so you will have to very consciously Virgo take time out for your personal self and you should totally do it some of your metals want to take a solo trip over the weekend and just connect back with yourself and see what is if that works for you because creatively there is quite a bit and a ground that you need to cover and really find what is that

passion that can take you great lengths in your career of him Shh looking bit challenging in terms of work-life balance but you can always schedule it better and take time out for your personal cell so this was your reading will go for work life for the month of July you