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hi everyone I welcome to the session by Intellipaat so all the businesses use CRM to manage relationship with the customers effectively but what is CRM CRM is customer relationship management it is a software to manage company’s relationship and interaction with the customers and potential customers in this video we will learn in depth about what a CRM features of CRM later on we’ll move on to the various popular CRM systems available in the market then we’ll see CRM job profiles and lastly CRM professional salary before we move forward kindly subscribe to our Intellipaat YouTube channel so that you will never miss an update from us every day we upload high quality videos on latest technologies and also conduct live interactive sessions if you are looking for end-to-end Salesforce training then Intellipaat is just for you the link of salesforce trading is given in the description below without any further delay let’s get started CRM is just a business strategy to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers right so any customer who comes up to you you want to actually convert it you want the customer to buy a product from you right so a CRM will help you with that but wait I am talking about CRM right here what is the full form of CRM you must be wondering so CRM stands for customer relationship management so basically your relationship with your customer okay so how well you gel up or how well you deal with the customer is what CRM is to be in touch with CRM right so before CRM your data was literally unorganized you could find it here and there on your desktop on your server or on a database okay and you had to manually update the address book not only the address book anything else which had to be done as I told you in the previous example you had to do it manually and then again you had to schedule any even that is possible manually by going to the calendar or marking it in your physical calendar as well but with CRM you can do that directly on the dashboard also if you have any client communication that is that is needed to be done you had to write it down on the notepad or some excel sheet or somewhere which is like very messed up everywhere and then the to do disk list to-do list had to be arranged some where on your notepad right so all these things had to be all of them were actually unorganized and with CRM what you can actually do is find all of these five or many more things in just one place so in just one dashboard you can have everything that you want so that is about CRM but what are like the main main features of CRM so first of all you can obviously contact the management now every time that you contact a lead right you want the lead to be converted so you can if you are a customer support executive you can directly go ahead and check the lead status and contact it next any analytics that had to be done anything as I showed you in the dashboard anything can be done right on CRM and that is a very big feature of CRM as you can see without any code without any particular calculation or anything you can actually find it on that dashboard next is interaction tracking well using CRM you can actually interact with your customers so you can have a particular time line said that okay so this customer asked me to talk to me after three days at so-and-so time I can directly do that and I will get a notification or an email or a message from CRM saying okay you need to talk to this customer about so-and-so things right also lead management can be done very easily as you on one single dashboard you will be told okay so many leads are there and you need to convert them today and you can completely do that work so no manual work is left here only you can count you have to concentrate on generating your leads and making them buy your product and the most important thing that I’ve been talking about is dashboards right so that is a very very very big feature of CRM because of everything works as on dashboard you have so many reports and – reports and analytics right so these are

the features of CRM and I know by now you’re so interested in learning about CRM further so what are the popular systems which use CRM like sorry what what are the popular CRM systems you must be wondering so the first one I would like to talk about is out of so many there there’s Zoho so who is your using so these days though is also a very well-known CRM system so ICICI Bank is Holdings and intellipaat itself like we also use CRM in today we also use Zoho CRM particularly in today next is HubSpot HubSpot is also a very big CRM many companies use it such as Accenture Trustpilot and SendGrid so all of them use HubSpot to maintain their leads and have good customer interactions right and I cannot forget the number one CRM which is the Salesforce so guys Salesforce is the number one CRM and it has topped the charts for so many years I would say for the last seven eight years I have seen CRM topping the Gartner charts so CRM has been used by Spotify AWS toyota and American Express and so many more so all these companies they use Salesforce to manage their leads so CRM as a whole thing is something which is very important for every company and almost every company wants such a product in their company if you are looking for end-to-end salesforce training then intellipaat is just for you the link of salesforce trading is given in the description below alright so what are this job roles which CRM provides so CRM has so many job roles that it can provide ok let’s look at a few job roles so before I talk about the major job roles here are the levels of job roles or access roles which CRM has so the first access role is representative and individual contributed access ok so this is the basic role this is the basic access role for anyone who is working with CRM so I’ll be talking about a few job roles under this access rule again next is the manager and the director access so here if you are a manager like Sales Manager Marketing Manager you would be in this particular set access rule thirdly which is the highest level is the executive and administrative access rule well as the name suggests it is the administrative aspect of a CRM right and it is a very very high level job role access role basically and it has several job rules so all these access roles each level has several job roles included in them ok so let’s look at the access sorry let’s look at the job roles for the level 1 which is representative an individual character access so the first job role is sales representative so as a sales representative if you are using CRM you can actually track any customer interactions you can keep contact information up to date as I told you guys you can actually mention the leads delete the leads convert the leads or whatever the status is you can actually do that so you have in a single place all the information that you need about any customer right and then you can produce a codes and contracts and at one place all of this is possible right next job role offer access level one is customer support representative so if you are customer support representative you can manage support contacts for individual accounts and have all the information there for you to work with and along with that you can identify power users or high-value customers for special deals as well so regular customers you can provide them special discounts in everything right talking about this second access role is manager and director access so in this level well again as the name suggests manager so you have several managers under this profile right so as a Sales Manager you can track individual and team metrics right along with that you can delegate tasks to individual sales representatives you can distribute them and you can actually without right them somewhere else you can directly

write them on a particular place and have it they’re saved with you and and there’s several other roles for that next we have the CRM marketing manager so you can track all the marketing aspects of your profile right so you can refine strategy of marketing funnel based on lead to closed conversion so whatever marketing strategies are required you can use them to close your conversions okay other than that you can oversee quality marketing automation to works to CRM workflows that can be done also guys next in the third of the topmost level we have executive and administrative access so the CRM analysts any CRM analysts is someone who is the top level and is paid with hell lot of money so CRM analysts are actually the ones who provide reporting and analysis on the CRM data so whichever data which has been received and they can actually analyze it so they’re actually analysts along with data can export data into business intelligence software for greater analysis while combined with other finances or supply chain metrics other than that they can audit data for cleanliness and process improvements so a lot of things which a CRM analysts can do right next CRM administrator know CRM administrator is basically the owner of CRM of your CRM so basically any source sales or a CRM administrator has several people or clients under it and our representatives under it who he actually manages okay so he is the one who builds custom sets for special use cases and he is the one who builds and maintains workflow for individual users he’s the one who is going to create a user delete a user give special access to the user and several other things okay also a CRM administrator is the one who set who is the one who sets up and monitors information flow within your CRM and with other business critical systems right so that is what a CRM administrator does along with that if you are more into developer based rules so a CRM developer you can actually become a CRM developer where in you can create a CRM of your own or you can work with any of the CRM companies to help them integrate other things along with the present CRM that is possible or the other or anything extra that needs to be done in the present CRM they have along with that CRM Solutions Architect it’s someone who will guide the CRM developer certain things so you can actually create new aspects of new things that you want to have in the CRM many objects or ideas anything that is and all of that is actually told by a CRM consultant or you can become a CRM consultant again so all these three roles are a very nicely paid and are very profound these days other than the previous rules right so talking about the certifications since Salesforce CRM is like the number one CRM in today’s scenario here there are few certifications which say Salesforce provides so Salesforce Service Cloud consultants or Service Cloud so sales force along with CRM has several clouds right so it’s about that and then you can become Salesforce technical architects as Salesforce administrator all of which is related to CRM right so these are the average salaries that you can see so if you are a junior CRM developer in India you can get somewhere around six to seven lakhs and whereas in the United States you can get around $90,000 whereas if you are a senior CRM developer with an experience of say seven to eight years or more that you didn’t get approximately 35 lakhs in India that is so high and that in u.s. you can get or somewhere around 147,500 $that is a lot right so these salaries are very eye-opening and I am sure you will want to learn Salesforce or CRM because of these salaries right so before I give you my final thoughts I

want to tell you guys something about Salesforce so that you understand Salesforce better right so let me give you a little demo on Salesforce so guys this is Salesforce platform right so I have logged into Salesforce right now so basically Salesforce has two different kinds of modes so one is the lightning mode which looks something like this and the other one is the classic mode okay and you can sir you can switch back to the classic mode using this icon over here and you can click on switch Salesforce classic okay now here this is the basic version or the basic of UI of Salesforce okay this is how it was when it was created for the first time now let me go back to this lightning experience okay so here you can see this is a dashboard where I told you guys you can see everything in one go right so here you can see on the quarterly performance of this particular person of how much sales was done this is an assistant you have several different things over here now to make it even more easier and interactive you can change these colors of this area in these tabs and etcetera along with that here are the recent opportunities opportunities in the sense the contacts or the customers right and here you can have todays lists that is whatever task is supposed to be done and then events that you can do so all of that is actually here on your dashboard and all of this can be seen right so let’s create an app or let let me show you the basic version of CRM so I’ll head to salesforce.com salesforce.com is also called SF DC okay so I’ll switch to Salesforce classic now if you want to create anything any new event any task you want to have new event that you wanted to create you can add them right there and anything else right so over here if you go to charter there this is a basically community where an you can answer or talk to your clients or you can have another charter group wherein you can talk to your teammates right about a particularly lead or something else okay so you can post any update you can send files create a new event etc so all these things can be done in charter next we have libraries now this is where all my apps and everything is stored so any app that I have any content that I want to create everything would be over here now here I’m showing you the classic version right so if I go to the lightening work experience the lightening version this is the app that I had created earlier now if I go to setup this is the main dashboard that you will see or the main screen that you will see as soon as you open Salesforce right so as soon as you log into Salesforce so Salesforce has free login so you can actually create a new account for free right so over here if you are an administrator like this particular is an administrator account so you can directly go to users so any users that you have you can actually create and use and it’s creating user since I am the admin of this particular CRM so here you can click on new user and then over here you can enter any information that you want so for example I’ll enter Intellipaat then alley is actually comes up on its own allies is a technique with Salesforce calls it you can give any random email ID that you want or the email ID of your user and that actually becomes your username okay and then the nicknames comes up on its own as well along with that you definitely wanted users role to be defined right so these are all the roles that a Salesforce person must have any of any of these can be a role so let me give this as the VP of Marketing again along with that the

user license that I want to give is say salesforce.com free okay and then you have several different options lying down over here mark if you’re a marketing user you offline user knowledge user so there’s several things that are there in this and accordingly all of this can be done and a new user can be made right and then I can directly click on save and okay so so my email ID is not correct so I’ll just go ahead and enter you can actually enter any email ID that you want which actually has to be the real one here I entered the fake one that is why it came like that right other than that you can actually enter data so they’re big objects you can create objects in here you can export data so whichever data you have for example anything data any data that you have on your CRM in can go ahead and export that or you can schedule it right and all of that will come up into a single file everything comes up onto a single file you can use it anywhere you can put it in your now one advantage of Salesforce is that it is a cloud-based CRM right so you can actually use it you can actually access it from anywhere you want be it your office computer your laptop your phone anywhere so you have it handy always all huge all you need is just an internet connection right so are there several platform tools so if you’re a developer all you want and you want to create an app right so here are all the apps which are present or applications which you can so these are all the custom custom-made applications you can also use the default applications which are present in here so let me open a default application for you which is this one which is analytic studio okay and I can edit it however I wanted to okay this is a standard app Salesforce is telling me and I cannot customize its label a label or logo otherwise the tabs and everything I can edit okay and I can actually have it to a particular place so if I want my app to be present at a particular tab for example distances or home or chatter if I want this particular app to be present on charter to make it easier for me I can do that as well along with that there’s several other things which you can do with this app again also you can create a new app so and it is very easy to do so so you can just name your app anything a developer name so you can give your name since you’re creating the app a short description along with that you can create an image whichever image you want it to be on top over here top left corner along with that several colors and other things okay so all these things can be done using this app so you can create a new app right other than that there’s several other things so Einstein is a product of Salesforce so with Einstein platform with an Einstein Plat form and you can actually manage your email or contact support so any support related queries or anything you can do that talking about the events that we have you can go ahead and create a new event okay so I have a few events that are there I can go ahead and create a new event as well now if you are a developer and you are told to create something new different application at a very complex kind of an application you can do that using apex classes as well right so everything that you have in Salesforce in Salesforce using Salesforce you don’t you just have to enter a few tips and bits of things that you need basic apex classes basic code and then you will be up with a very good application right so other than the drag-and-drop options for the application manager over here other than that you can create a new app using apex classes as well like the class the apps that I showed you over here from the app manager where you can create app using drag and drop other than that you can use apex classes to do that as well if you are a developer right so that is about Salesforce right so now I have all like I’m very impressed with

this code of it says how you gather manage and use information will actually determine whether you will win or lose right that is a set by Bill gate and I really love this quote by Bill Gates