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namaskar i am Prakash astrologer presenting you monthly forecast for the coming month of April recommendations predictions forecast task of the month for each and every sign from aries to pisces let us start with Ares you do a factor of k2 and retrograde Mars you’ll have a considerable mental stress aggravated by domestic problems sometimes professional problems after a lot of struggle your monetary gain monetary wealth will be there but expansion will be sky I after 14th of apparent however the domestic trouble subsided you quite a lot and you will experience a monetary success but you have to be extra cautious extra careful need a position of Sun and k2 coming in yon sign Aries it also been in contact with highly professional people person in position of high power and authority but you will experience problems in all the matters related to property or car Sun and Saturn have been first house and 7000 and histology we say that some septic joke so you got to be careful about your disease and making strategies about your choices how you presenting yourself any diseases know every decision laying with your profession personal life marriage relationship business partnership investment future prospects if you’re living in any kind of conflict you must sort it out and develop a base of understanding is there are any reversion factory developed or lack of communication develop in any kind of relationship you have to be a part of a solution not a part of a problem you have to sort out all the communication problems health-wise you must look after any sharp pain in your lower abdominal headaches or sewer depression to ask of the month for any so ever the red sugar to the temple a time to time do we suffer on the look on your forehead feed seven underground Bali two birds ares you have to make sure whatever you do don’t go into panic mode and if there is a lack of clarity or lack of understanding then you got to take advice from an expert parents mother father or as vicious you have to prepare yourself for any big change of foreign traveling but if there are any issues with your personal life you got to resolve it with a lot of passion not with aggression not with mad temper no no Taurus Taurus for the coming month a month of April due to transmission of the Lord chakra to the house of profession you’ll experience problems in complic complications in your task performs whatever you want to achieve in your profession you have to work hard for you gain for your success but one thing is very clear all you are active more your creative more you have attitude to get up and do more you’ll achieve realizing your name and fame whatever you want to achieve you can achieve it this particular month you have to be very focused very creative please do not rely on any third party whatever you want to achieve but whenever you involve in any important project use yourself initiative this coming month month of a profit oras you’ll be accompanied by host of major business related problems sometimes the problem linked with texts via T custom bank manager you name it can we keep getting income but at the same time developed various source of revenue generations all other opportunities live with your profession you’ll be much stressed mentally have a lot of inner turmoil will be running around for you nothing some time sometimes too much very unnecessary unplanned events will also eat up into your finances around the end of the month Ares around the end of the month Taurus for the tourists you’ll have increase in your luxuries items like a car property comforts rise in success rise in prosperity you will have ample opportunity for happiness but your

health will have some issues look after you any issue it will lower abdomen below the but no belly try not to be very impulsive and think before you act more you lose temper would you become rash impulsive more you spoil things health wise Taurus we must take care of your feet any issue with blood circulation legs depression you have to be very careful about it if you need it dawg any kind of a help must go and see the doctor task of the month photos time to time to read rice whole mean otta and sugar to temper you must keep six solid silver balls in your bag in your pocket if you going through any presentation any important business meeting any interview you must take this six sort of silver balls with you all the time good luck now we’re going to talk about gemini gemini in the month of april from the 4th to the 19th april especially around the middle the lord of your house mercury developing negative aspect which were harmed wealth a fact you health mentally or physically increased you expenditure beyond your limit and too many domestic issues it will be like it that will develop a mental stress you have to be very careful about you approached about your decision-making strategy there’s a danger of an accident behavior of an accident or behavior of an accident prone after 20th of April you’ll get some sort of a relief and also stand to get a new car new property lot of new Lux’s will be there Gemini be careful in your business dealing in all the choices and decision-making strategy you have to be extremely cautious and very careful before you make any important investment related or business related this is it if you’re going for any kind of a loan for any kind of investment you have to think long term not the short Gemini behavior of a deception a person who will deceive you teach you we have to be very careful if somebody will come along and sell you any kind of a dream this is not the time to buy that kind of dream this is not the time to have any emotional or aggressive approach this is not the time you should think with your heart this is the time use your common sense Gemini whatever you do make sure you do not start to involve any conflict at home or at profession health wise you must take care of Europe town just the very sharp pain in the chest abdomen area please do consult your doctor please do Sheila duga coach part again and again 4 x 6 x 8 x 12 x 24 times a day it’s very important yoga coverage will give you ultimate production task of the month for Gemini tonight rise to temple again and again Murray 500 rum black salt in the ground on Saturday morning through five dry coconuts in the lake or pond that will help you big time Gemini your ability will be like good as and appreciated by reputable organization at the same time you have to be very careful about your approach if there are any matters linked with government authority custom excise v80 text you have to take your proper advice now we’re going to talk about Cancerian on putting in renewed and vigorous effort especially in the beginning of the month you will be rewarded handsomely you’ll make a lot of money you’ll have a lot of opportunity to make a lot of money you will develop interest in a brand new work area new profession new project new business planning some work that had been stuck earlier also be completed accomplished goal will be accomplished but after 14th April canceling due to your son being exalted you will develop a contact with profession professional people highly professional people prestigious people people who have wealth authority and power people who can offer you a lot of contacts you will also be promoted and gain recognition in your professional field your building will be recognized and appreciated people will advise you whatever you do you do shinee’s daya you will experience bark lack of out sometime too much frustration sometimes too much negative attitude sometime very

stubborn very annoyed not very satisfied morning all the time satisfaction and sometime you can act aimless state of aimless feeling lacking lack of drive lack of motivation but these kind of feelings won’t take you anywhere you have to wake up you go to ignite your drive you got to refresh your vision you got to motivate yourself you got to build up your drive then you will be there on the path of prosperity sex sex haha then you can be on the part of prosperity success and wealth you gotta refresh your vision build up to drive and motivate yourself you must be very careful about any tricky situation if you are trapped in any tricky situation you must be able to render how to come out from that tricky situation if somebody organized a trap please do consult your loved one you expert your consultant to sort it out you got to handle every situation very carefully cancerian task of the book right whole moved on pure key to Temple try to have your meal in the kitchen if you can can Syrian they should be a balance you must you have to create a balance between your profession and Oh partial life and professional life if there is a state of illusion or lack of understanding or lack of clarity oh you are all over the place mentally then you have to take interview of yourself then you got to stop everything and count everything from the start to the end make sure you have to be mentally are there before you make any unique commitment otherwise you’re the one or face all the music good luck now we’re talking about Leo all my lines due to sun being in the eighth house your work will be stuck and task nearing completion will be suspended you will experience a health problem if you have any blood pressure or heart problem all you’ll end up in a dispute and lot of disagreements with you loved one that you relative with your friends from the 14th April onward due to sun travelling to your house of luck in your destiny house were experienced the fruit of your sweet success fruit of your hard work fruit of your all the efforts you’ll get the support from a close relative you’ll get the support from a highly professional authority will help you in completion of important task for you you will do well you know you will do definitely well there will be a new business of new romantic opportunity new business and relationship opportunity always come together whatever you do leo make sure you must be very polite honorable in your world of speech health wise you must take care of your eyes lower abdominal and back there are any back pain or sharp in the lower part of your body must concern deduct task of the month folio try to do lot of audit they had this total part again and again is very important especially if you’re going through any technical problems with custom tax VAD code you name it help you read wholemeal attitude up to do organized kelapa shaday to temper especially directed in the longer your time is very fine but you have to make sure how you are using this productive time this particular time lawful do not have joint venture a lot of you have you might have an opportunity where other people will help you to achieve something dignified but my dear friend here you have to watch your order speech make sure you’re not going to hurt anyone’s ego pride honour with your words be very polite be acid as risk Allah then you’ll be there talking about Virgo from the 4th April do to you mercury entering into lowly house pisces Pisces and mercury don’t get along with each other ysis mercury is almost negative or trying to connect you’ll experience personal professional problems useless running around mental stress highly expenditures lack of money you name it lack of peace of mind and

happiness due to shani sarswati your mind will be naglee very restless very very agitated annoyed well go think very carefully before you speak we have to watch your conduct watch your behavior from the 20th of her apron due to position of multi traveling into the eighth house auspicious work will be suspended but with the support of your children and family will also develop a source of income and in form of aggressiveness and in form of out-of-control behavior can be self-destructive health-wise you must take care of your throat neck lower abdomen and any issues written with blood urine and bladders task of the month of work flow eight kilogram rice in the flowing river that will balance you out try to time donate bananas ooh temper especially if you’re not feeling well mercury this particular month apron can be a tricky month you have to be very careful about your conduct about your behavior there will be a few professional opportunities before thirteenth of ever you have to watch you act whatever you do how you do make sure you are not going to involve yourself in any kind of conflict or legal conflict have to be very careful now I’m talking about libera due to Venus going into the fifth house despite being tough circumstances you’ll get wealth monetary gain financial gain moles you active oh you are creative all you see your rice more you’ll active and creative more you’ll achieve after sixteenth of apron you’ll go into business trip you have a problem with your seniors at a workplace you might end up in it is having a dispute with your work colleagues or seniors with your position of Venus exalted on to the eighth of ebera all the auspicious work of your family will be completed you will be achieving whatever you being what are you about you whatever you are supposed to achieve libera you got to be extra careful about your marriage about your relationship if there are any misunderstanding or repulsion factor developed or lack of communication in the relationship and you got to address the situation very carefully any kind of stubborn attitude any kind of aggressive behavior lonely spoil things so please refrain from these kind of out-of-control behavior issues labrea please do take care of your flow of income and shut down any kind of fruitless expenditure if you have borrowing money from the bank or Building Society or any friend you have to think very very carefully Phylly bruh task of the month please do feed people sweets at public places mix good and whole moong dal and flow in the flowing river try to use milk and yogurt during shower as a shower gel time can be tricky libera this month is make or break a mold you active all your creative all you will achieve there are any technical problem laying with customer excise or any kind of final penalty or punishment you have to take care of that matter very seriously and do consult you expert time to time Scorpio the Lord of your horoscope Mars is retrograde moving toward the house of source of income development 11,000 due to this you will entertain thoughts of changing either your job or becoming self-employed or launching a new business or launching a new enterprise new project only ventures due to shanece ah recipe you will experience a problem in your business flow of income some time too many expenditure too much debts sometimes financial stability can go out of the window you have to be very careful about your debts will also experience in domestic turmoil and considerable mental stress and lot of tensions financial situation can cloud a lot of your situation and creating quite a few issues for you Scorpio if there are any legal matters or technical matters then please consult an expert take a proper advice and handle those match matters very carefully if you receiving a letter from Jackson be

eighty address the nail at in a very proper manner Scorpio health-wise you must take care of your feet lower abdominal task of the month or Scorpio do donate rice janatha to the temple again and again school for your time can be very tricky but again and again I have to address one thing look after his flow finger look after your deaths financial backing and expenditure this is not the right time to overspend or making over commitment regarding your spending plans this is a time to count your pennies and watch your spending but your partner’s help will be there your families have will be there by that you’ll be able to accomplish something dignified good luck Sagittarius due to Sonny’s third side will experience mental stress but despite suddenly changing circumstances you’ll get opportunity for financial gain professional gain cooking some money or making somebody will get into a disagreement in the course of give and take in your business but you have to handle the situation very carefully you must be very careful in making any financial deals the majority of your time Sagittarius will be expanded in useless task you got to watch your acts if you are involved there are in technical matters with tax via t-code then you must be extra careful health-wise Sagittarius you must take care of your lower abdomen any sharp when did you learn lower part of your body below the button of your belly you will have an interest in religion religious task of participating in lot of religious events or organizing a religious events task of the month for sagittarius time to time donate five kilogram rice to Temple whole meal at a temple time to time donate five kilogram rice whole meal arta whole moong dal and pure key to temper try to wrap 500 gram black sesame it’s in a brown woolen shawl and keep it in your loft Oh keep it in your bed higher than your own hat for sagittarius time is very productive a lot of things are happening regarding your personal life as well as professional life but all the professional decision you have to make with a lot of care and attention behavior of certain financial gain which would be fine but at the same time beware of a huge financial setbacks you have to be extra cautious behavior of any kind of financial reception people will try to cheat you rob you or try to sell your dream to making or cook some money out of you have to be extra careful Sagittarius now we’re talking about Capricorn Capricorn this coming month of April and your business there will be a man he ups and down too many fluctuations there will be increasing your source of income and wealth your Spanish will be in occurred on religious task but after 14th of April your Sun and Saturn enter into particular combination exactly opposite to each other we call it in astrology some subtlety oak they will make you very angry entering into dispute with your close relative or sometime lot of stress with your working colleagues over your seniors all you can start a living conflict at work you have to be very very careful with your professional environment with your professional relationship people will start playing silly games political games with you but you have to be very careful about your words about your presentation how you dealing with those kind of purity golfing’s you got to be extremely cautious and very careful about your family relationship about your professional relationship take every step with a lot of care and consideration Capricorn you got to be careful about your steps in all the choices and diseases you are taking in your profession do consider a long-term future Capricorn please refine your presentation wardeaux speech sometimes stress level can be quite high but you’re dealing with it in a proper manner task of the month of Capricorn please do donate chana dal to Temple feed barley two birds 10 kilogram in the month please do donate money and food to the blind people again and again why don’t you donate money and food to the blind school near by on fourteenth April on Vaisakhi you would do well and do lot

of puja especially through drama shake puddin then that will provide you all the blessings Capricorn time can be very productive there’ll be a lot of running around maybe a change of place or foreign travel any rise in job all rise in status oppressed it will also give you rise in burden and responsibility on your head so you have to be very careful what you’re going to commit good luck now we’re talking about aquarius due to jupiter site Lineker expenditure or religious task religious activities you will face sudden rise in you expenditure but please be careful about your finances about your flow filter a close relative can also betrays you defraud you Aquarius task of yours will be completed due to your hard work your commitment which will lend you considerable amount of happiness financial setback will lead to a domestic problems and arguments Aquarius please refrain from out-of-control behavior and temperamental attitude you will have quite a few opportunities but not depend on you attitude and expectation whatever you do please think long term if fool you speak think long term before you make any commitment make sure overall you must be positive very active very creative frustrations disappointments and ions aggression sad behavior being grumpy won’t take you anywhere mate it won’t take you to the path of success or prosperity to happiness hard work commitment positive attitude determination dynamic spirit that will take you to the path of success prosperity Fame establishment health wise you must take care of your back early issues written with blood during lower abdomen aquarius task of the month floette kilogram river yacht in the flowing river flow full kilogram rice in the flowing river dump 9 dry coconuts in the lake apart wrap 3 kilogram black sauce missives in a brown woolen jumper and keep it in your loft or above your head in the bedroom Aquarius time this particular time we’ll be bringing a romantic union love affection a new rumors was all depend you have to refrain from any aggressive behavior you’ll be fine you’ll be okay now we’re talking about pisces due to transit of some in your horoscope there will be a money related problems and also high-ranking official person will oppose you you got to be very very careful you should really with texts via t goat bank Sun and Saturn will be exactly opposite to each other so there will be quite a few issues you got to deal with it one after another those issues linked with money business profession authorities biases please refrain from any x which you cannot justify so please be careful about your commitments actions presentation all the technical matters have to be handled very carefully you do chemise de a– your business will suffer on account of sudden entertainment-related expenditure due to shannon’s daya your business will suffer on account of certain expenditures due to your anger and impatience a work nearing completion can be suspended indefinitely health-wise you must take care of your lower abdomen especially any infection in the neck or mouth health-wise you must take care if you lower abdominal or any kind of a mountain faction or any pain in the neck if there are any marriage relationship issue then use passion instead of aggression there are any misunderstanding in your marriage your romantic relationship you got to sort out those kind of misunderstanding task of the month for Pisces you must keep you must keep to solar silver balls in your pocket and take keep task of the month task of the month you must keep two solid silver balls and two solid silver square pieces in your pocket through eight dry coconuts in the lake or pond if you can do we a golden square piece with a golden yellow so far around

your neck that way you can sort of not a few issues long-term issues especially link with temperament attitude aggressive behavior you can cool down your mouth so good this particular month can be tested month this particular month can be a testing but you have to be very careful about your conduct about your decision about your choice whatever you’re making tion is high as testing you i can understand that and the same time biases look after your health any sharp pain in your chest in your lower abdomen you have to consult your doctor good luck so this is an now you must look after yourself and look after each other if there are any issues or any problems let me know 100 send me a email prakash at picasa and try to be a subscriber if you can to claim your yearly report a lot of other astrological report about yourself even regarding function we’ve asked to report about yourself be a subscriber take all the benefits to being subscriber good luck i’ll be back very soon next month take care bye bye you