New York Yankees @ Los Angeles Angels – MLB The Show 18 Real Upcoming Game Matchups Series

[Applause] thank you guys for tuning in please make sure to check out the video description for all the details about the game we are under the lights this evening as we get you set for another edition of baseball on MLB Network ought to be a good one here between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim going to be an interesting contrast in styles in this one it’s one of baseball’s hardest throwers goes head-to-head with a top finesse arm next Garrett Richards the California born right-hander is on the mound then please act what do you got hey Matt I’m a big fan of Garrett Richards this guy stuff is unbelievable 95 to 97 miles an hour would sink and sometimes that fastball he throws it has a mind of its own sometimes it sinks sometimes it cuts good hard vicious breaking slider this changeup has gotten better the key to Garrett Richards it’s staying healthy and if he’s healthy and brings his a game he has a potential to throw a no-hitter every time he takes the bump first pitch of the at-bat and a cold strike on the game’s first pitches we bring you this one here tonight that’s a good omen strike on the first pitch rounded to the right Kinsler’s therefore it grow too late and he’s on with an infield single to open up the ballgame so striding in Aaron judge hey I know everybody was on their toes right there from the pitcher to the defensive side leadoff hitters are known for this find ways to beat the ball into the ground and beat it out and get on base now they have to keep him in check let’s see if they hold the runner close that was a classic 2 hole hit or move right there given his boy a chance to steal a bag gotta be honest in today’s game you don’t see too many guys take that pitch time for a look at our umpires in this one behind the plate is Earl Hendricks pedir Oh Earl Hendrick see he’s not a guy that gets a lot of complaints by either players or pitchers he’s a pretty good umpire yeah Dan Earl’s got a great track record in his sport he’s pretty consistent and overall he’s been a fair outlier with that here’s a look at the Yankees starting lineup what do we need to know about these guys for this evening’s matchup on the road dearö focusing on this lineup Matt one thing jumps out at me they are gonna have to be good at situational hitting the guy on the opposition right now on the bump has been throwing the ball great he’s not going to give him anything I know in today’s game everybody’s trying to go deep but I’m telling you a good hit and run taking that extra bag today might be the difference between winning and one ball no strikes the count two balls and no strikes the count to Stanton Gardner base runner at first with one out man there’s the first strike two and one don’t know for sure but I think you may have been taking their thinking his teammate on first what’s gonna be on the move and it’s fouled away working through the punch-out and the old friend got him swinging to throw not closes he’s in there with his golden days so he can’t make contact they’re on strike three but meanwhile the runner on first take second year with two men away digging in now for the Yankees didi Gregorius runner in scoring position with Sudan spin in a throw back to second and the runner back easily first pitch coming here it is fouled away might have been cheatin for another fastball trying to get the head to that one early pitcher pulled the string with a nasty breaking ball and had him a little bit out in front Yankee shortstop behind in the count 1 & 2 you know Maddie I’m not surprised by that pitch raised the eye level a little bit maybe we get something bouncing in the dirt

right here swung on and missed and that’s the final out of the inning one left for the Yankees it’s the Yankees nothing angels coming to bat on MLB Network and striding in as the second baseman Ian Kinsler now to get things rollin in the home half of inning number one [Applause] ready with the first pitch here it comes flying toward right-center and this will be a base hit for Kinsler outside a home runs nothing fires me up more than watching the good baseball player drive the Bell in the opposite field talking about hitting the inside half of the baseball that’s exactly what happened right there and when we say inside half of the baseball imagine the ball coming to a complete stop halfway between home plate in the pitcher’s mound and then cutting that baseball in half and highlighting the inside half that’s where you’re trying to take the knob of your bat or the hands to that spot and carve the inside half of the baseball with foul here’s wing animus here and he’s behind an account now Owen – beautifully thrown splitter right there hi 80s down in the zone looks like a fastball coming in and then it just drops off the table you can get a lot of swinging strikes with that set to deliver on nothing in – here it comes and he wasn’t going to hit that one with an or the strikeout and there’s one guy stepping in Justin Upton and if you remember he took home a Silver Slugger Award for Al outfielders a year ago he set and the pitch stopped the weakly to the left the second for one turn throw is in time how about that they do turn – and it gets him out of the inning around the horn they go 5 to 4 to 3 to end the threat more baseball on MLB Network right after this next for New York Gary Sanchez the American League’s Silver Slugger behind the plate a year ago too high that time with the innings first pitch hits ball one well fans of the art of pitching are in for a treat one of the game’s big-time flame throwers faces a top craftsman here today and you’re going to see two mindsets from both offenses Dan facing the power guy he’s gonna come at you he’s gonna pitch to his grace and not your weakness and on the flip side the Vaness guy is going to try and keep everyone off balance and I want to see what there’s a swing and a drive hit well out to right field and he’s gonna make the catch on the warning track of fine running play there for the first out and he will scurry back to first as he’ll think twice about trying to move up here’s how the Halos they’re gonna line up on defense and let’s take a look at second baseman Ian Kinsler Reinders in our sport a leadoff hitter that creates problems not only with and we’ll have to leave it there as the play is made here to end the inning no runs on a hit no errors and no one left will go to the bottom half of inning number two and we are tied nothing nothing here’s Albert now in past meetings with Tanaka he’s a 333 hitter first delivery to him on the way a swing and a shot hit down the corner and that nearly broke our scoreless tie instead it’s a foul ball one strike two pools behind Owen two now and right into the shift he has some trouble with it and they’ll have no play as he reaches first base safely and now for the angels colqhoun first offering on its way a swing and a Miss and that’s what you call establishing the inside part of the plate it’s strike one here’s the o1 line drive base hit and that runner will go no further than second is there are two aboard now now

with the plate Santa Cruz are get to take his first cuts here he set here it comes hit softly on the ground to third one there back to first but he wasn’t able to set his feet that time as he gets knocked down and they only get one well he definitely rushed himself on that return road at first there and he threw it away they got the force at second and the runner didn’t advance so it’ll just be scored a fielder’s choice from the belt the pitch this is in the air out to straightaway center Hicks is under it and the play is made but this should be good enough for an RBI as the runner from third tags up and he will score on the sacrifice fly as he’s in with our first tally of the ball game great job there by this power hitter known for driving the ball on the ball park does the job right there with the sac fly and brings the run home [Applause] in now Andrelton Simmons he takes his first cuts in this one with a man at first and two away he’s ready here’s the first offering grounded back up the middle Gregorius to his left he’s there for it on the second for the for SAP so it’s one run on one hit one error and one man left on base digging in Miguel Andujar he’ll start things out against Garrett Richards as we get the inning underway one ball no strikes the count [Applause] but fastball is just sizzling up there one and one one one back up the middle taken in by semanas throw to first in time and the leadoff man is gone to start the 3rd stepping into the box number 25 he stands in for the first time in this one slap hard the opposite way and that’s into the outfield for a one-out base hit don’t sleep on the bottom of the order right there he broke out home ambush tactics first pitch basketball middle and he’s able to drive that for a nice center the fastball here is he’ll take a look at ball 1 1 and own runner at first here one man out then Wow a very high strike but a strike nonetheless and it’s one in one runner fouled off – two balls and two strikes now now a bluff here as he steps off to looking back at first takes strike three called on the fastball couldn’t pull the trigger and there are two away for the game riding in once again Aaron judge Hill looked to bounce back after striking out his last time up get out towards second taken in by Kinsler he’ll whip this one to first in time and that ends the inning Yanks leave one they trail this one one to nothing so stepping in Martine Maldonado as we move on to the bottom of any number three [Applause] ready to deliver here’s the first pitch very weakly on the ground foul ball however strike one Maldonado I’m here in his age 31 season he was selected in the 27th round back in the 2004 First Year Player Draft I know this guy wouldn’t go into the category of superstar but to grind out the career he has being drafted where he was my hats off to him after that swing you just got to reset yourself you still have a strike to work but you need you can’t be thinking about how silly it just looked on that last pitch and that’s out number one so the base is empty here with one away and that’ll bring in the second baseman Ian Kinsler here comes the first pitch now a swing

in a deep and [Applause] and the angel leave [Applause] certainly a tape measure shot there as we take a look at it with our show track technology 111 miles an hour was the exit velocity so it comes as no surprise that it carried as far as it did [Applause] and here’s the centerfielder Mike Trout [Applause] swinging and a long drive again this one to deep center back-to-back jacks [Applause] [Applause] well he’s given up two long balls in just two and a third innings of work so it seems as though they might have his number here not sure how much more the manager wants to see he needs to turn it around quick if he wants to stay in this one for a while here’s Justin Upton now so though after the first pitch and bounce it into foul territory hopeful one here in the early going and now pitch on the way high fly ball out to straightaway center after it is Hicks but he doesn’t have a chance it’s over his head around second he’s on his way to third the relay slow and he’ll get in there safely and you have to like a center fielder that’s willing to sell out and go for broke there but you just can’t make the play as the ball sails over his outstretched glove and by the time he tracks it down it’s just too late for him to hold the batter at second standing in now Albert cools as he puts it on the ground to third Andujar brings it in and that’s the second out [Applause] Oh ready for another chance Paul Calhoun a base hit in his first trip from the stretch swung on but fouled off to the left [Applause] Tanaka pauses oh one on its way line to the right side but a foul ball and he dusted him off the plate that time some mind games being played now it’s 1 & 2 right side lays out but he can’t make the play and it’s through into right and that’ll bring home another as they open it up to a for nothing advantage now hey there’s a clean base hit right there dear Oh to drive that runner in from third base yeah he was telling the boys get it ready right here I’m gonna walk home on this one that was easy to read through the hole and he was able to take his time scoring from third into the box now Zack Cozart is a swing and a high pop-up Walker waits on it and the inning is over [Applause] back with Mark DeRosa and damply Zack Matt vasgersian and leading off the inning the big right-handed sluggers Giancarlo Stanton [Applause]

ready to deliver here’s the first pitch fastball and he swings through it to fall behind you know we saw these guys around the cage during batting practice and they told us they were gonna be aggressive I think this is getting a little ridiculous they better watch themselves if they don’t start putting balls and gaps this guy’s gonna find himself in the 8th in and cruise it swing and a Miss on the slider and he’s quickly behind nothing into now on Owen – I don’t think we’re gonna see any more hittable fastball if we see one at all it’ll probably be extended out of the zone or at least that’ll be the intent [Applause] here’s the Owen to swing-and-a-miss is here an the fastball right by him for the first down well he certainly wasn’t intimidated on the mound right there he had to stare down a really good header and instead of working around the zone he challenged him with three straight good pitches I like that he didn’t give his opponent too much credit [Applause] here’s didi Gregorius as the first pitch to him is in there for a called strike one comes into this at-bat over one in the ball game into the windup here comes the Owen one and he founds this one off classic changes speeds right there through the hitters timing off got a late foul ball interested to see where he goes now and another foul ball no runs three hits and two errors for the Yankees to this point [Applause] another row to home a great pitch there is he couldn’t get extended on that one and he’s down on strikes for the second out really good pitch right there so you’re moving the ball all around the strike zone and then what do you do you come in that’s a hard pitch for any hitter to do anything with just really makes it difficult to get that bad head out into the box Gary Sanchez as he takes strike one on the fastball here no balls in Australia first two men in the inning have both gone down via the punch-out so we’ll see if he can fare any better [Applause] a one pitch on its way and he chased up and out of the zone is swinging to this boy he looks strong up there in the mound this inning he’s got a chance to punch out the side and order and against the middle of the order to now he gets on top of one year and chops it foul right at home plate here comes the O to pitch and he struck him out is 7th of the ballgame and that ends the inning three up three down three strikeouts not too shabby don’t touch that ready now for LA Luis Valbuena wait don’t be the one to lead off against Masahiro Tanaka no infield shifted to the right here’s the first pitch lifted down the line in left and this will fall but it’s a foul ball been a real big struggle for him so far on the mound four runs and only three inning so it’ll be interesting to see if he can settle it at all and make some adjustments or if this start will continue to run down hill and quickly there’s one down to lead off the frame digging in to try it again Andrelton Simmons now here’s the pitch [Applause] the short hit hard the boy is with a sliding stop what a play well that was certainly worth another look was show track he made that play look easy but the sliding stop is anything but then he rifles the ball across the infield to complete the out

just a great play all the way around [Applause] stepping in now Martine Maldonado oh and here’s a drive well hit out this straightaway center and off the batter’s eye for a homerun and impressive shootin Henry’s for you [Applause] dead center and the lead for the Angels grows now to five nothing [Applause] so that was the third homerun for these guys today you know dear Oh looks like the boys are dialing long distance from the batter’s box so far yeah the pictures aren’t fooling anyone today damn let’s see if this trend continues here’s the second baseman Ian Kinsler squares it up and hits a bolt to left-center Gartner is there and they go down in a hurry here as this side is quickly retired but the Angels add one more to their lead and it comes via the solo home run worth through four it’s now a five nothing halos lead stepping in and ready for another shot Aaron Hicks he starts off the inning against a guy who struck out the side last inning how to get to him here I’m not sure Matt that they want to stay as patient he’s been throwing a lot of strikes they might want to start swinging a little bit earlier in the count ready to deliver here’s the first pitch there’s a knee-high pitch that catches the zone we were expecting a pitcher’s duel in this one but it’s turned into a bit of a lopsided contest so far tanaka hasn’t had his best stuff today well veer oh this is the case of where it looks like the power pitcher is winning out this afternoon overpowering stuff from one side on the other hand in control pitcher that’s having a rough go it goes to show you why everybody’s so enamored with velocity when you’re a power guy you can miss over the heart of the plate and you don’t get that solid contact as a finesse guy if you’re not spot enough damage one and oh the count [Applause] lift it into centerfield under it is trapped in there are two gone now here’s Miguel Andujar now two away in the inning and Dan it looks like this could be another 1-2-3 inning form yeah he has really found a groove on the mound it’s been impressive to watch it’ll be interesting to see how long he can keep this dominance up [Applause] first pitch of the at-bat on its way late that time for a strike he’s looking really great on the bump right now I mean it’s been a while since he’s allowed a base runner and he just jumped ahead of another hitter right there one ball one strike the count [Applause] this is hit out to right does he have another 1-2-3 inning he does eight in a row he’s set down in the side is retired one two three go the Bombers need to get it going soon it’s five nothing here’s the center fielder Mike Trout as we move past the halfway point in this room and begin the bottom of the Phil and here it is missed with a slider into his wind-up here comes the one Oh takes this the other way too right that gets down and he’s got himself a base in so it’s a good start for the Halos as their leadoff hitter reaches base hey just a nice piece of hit right there he’s able to keep his hands inside that ball stay Square as long as possible and feed it into the opposite field for a base hit here’s Justin Upton now he tripled earlier making him 1 for 2 in the ballgame ready with the first pitch here it comes

flying hard toward right center and that finds some outfield grass hits a base in trout ignores his coach he’s jugging for home but no he’ll put on the brakes and head back to third some guys just way back and watch that first pitch go by no matter what once the cows make the pitcher waste a few pitches but when he serves up a fastball like this on the first pitch it’s hard not to go after it and that’s just what he does he jumped all over it comes the Yankee skipper on his way to the mound and he’s looking to the bullpen here so it would appear that’s all for his starter tonight so he’ll depart after working just four plus innings says this will not go down as a quality start that’s for sure AJ Cole is going to have his work cut out for him here two runners in scoring position so they’ll try to leave they are here’s Albert now he hits here in a spot where he might be able to put this one out of reach yeah that down five another run across here four very well put the nail and AD this is now a six nothing ballgame for he had to be sitting on a fastball deal right there because he pulls this one it gets the barrel to it to drive that runner in from third yeah Dan you can tell he was sitting all over it you don’t get to a fastball like that without knowing that’s coming nice piece of hitting qual Calhoun will stand in now he pulls this one into right catch is made runner tagging from third and they’ll extend their lead even further as the run from third is in to score well that wasn’t your standard sound like it it was him pretty low and hard so it wasn’t a given they were gonna send him but they did and they add a number to the run column digging in once again Zack Cozart he got under one and popped out his last time up first off ring on its way swinging a ball line down in the left-field corner but this is foul near the sea hey he looked like he was a little bit out in front on that breaking ball right there the body can go a little bit if he was able to keep his hands back a little bit he might have been able to do some damage with that pitch I had him fooled as he swings through the curveball to down ready once again Luis Valbuena he got on top of one and was a groundout victim last time oh and one here it comes a little bouncer here it comes on nothing into almost a worm burner as he misses on a low fastball ball one the 1-2 misses for the second ball well he kind of got caught chasing the first two pitches out of the strike zone but I think he’s caught on to their game a little bit right now two tough pitches that he took with two strikes and now the count it’s 2 & 2 here’s the pitch on 2 and 2 and there’s a pitch that just misses the inside corner good running count right here three balls two strikes two outs runner on first he’ll be off to the races on this pitch swing and a little tapper that goes foul so he stays alive with two strikes the next three two and a good at-bat that time as he lays off for ball four and as a result that’ll move a runner up into scoring position now with two away that was a great battle right there he tried to get him to chase but he laid off some really tough pitches and got a walk got a tip the cap to the batter that time stepping up now Andrelton Simmons and we’ll see what he can do here two on two away two home so far this inning hoping to limit the damage here’s the pitch high fly ball out to straightaway center taking it in there is Hicks for the final out of the inning so it’s two runs on three hits no errors and two men left on base we’re through five here at the ballpark it’s the Angels seven and the Yankees nothing digging in for his second at-bat number 25 and through five turns at bat they’ve only mustered a total of three

hits not terrible but they’re certainly not firing on all cylinders well it’s getting a little bit too late in this game that this continues like this in today’s game with so many dominant bullpen arms you certainly don’t want to wait until the eighth or ninth to try to wake the bats up [Applause] ready to deliver here’s the first pitch a high fastball is in there [Applause] the wind up and the oh one and he lays off for ball one one on one the 1-1 waves and misses for strike number two I don’t know what it is I don’t know if it’s his wind-up I don’t know if it’s just flat stuff but he’s getting a lot of swings outside the zone and he’s having a big game the one to his fastball that misses and he struck him out and that’s eight strikeouts thus far man this guy’s on his game today not only when he’s throwing strikes how about the amount of strikeouts what’s even more impressive all right no walks up to this point so he’s pounding that stone what strikes and he’s making these hitters swing the bat [Applause] here’s Brett Gardner now as he will look at a first pitch fastball for ball one a hit and two tries for him so far [Applause] popped him up and he’ll stay with it to put it away as they get their man here for the second out how about it here’s big Aaron Judd here comes the first pitch but swing just gotta try and straighten that one out no runs three hits and two errors for the Yankees to this point one in one this offense is going to have to find a way to get going it’s happened in the past every team goes through it where everyone seems to fall into a funk at the same time everyone needs to relax and not try and be the hero and just start getting a leadoff guy on their way able to miss a tick behind a good fastball and he’s got himself another one as he picks up strikeout number nine here and the side is roots riding in once again Martine Maldonado went deep last time up up here’s the first pitch to him swinging to miss just out in front of that fastball into the windup here comes the Owen one flying hard toward right-center that’s in for a base hit and he’s 2 for 3 there’s another line-drive leadoff single right now I mean they have an unbelievable scouting report on those pictures today they are finding barrels they are not trying to do too much guys are staying in the big part of the field and hidden everything on the screws [Applause] standing in now Ian Kinsler he swings and groves it to shore there’s one on to first and they get him both to Ventura down on the means in the ever dangerous Mike Brown first pitch coming here it is and that one just missed outside here’s a perfect situation two outs bases empty power hitter at the plate he ain’t looking for a single and hope swinging a

drive to left by trout this one’s got a chance oh my gosh there’s a beer there silly woman just made it was very close and now hold on just a second made it you can see comers gathering near third and it would appear that they’re gonna discuss whether this in fact stayed inside the foul pole and I would guess that after all the discussion they’re going to go inside and have a look at the video replay and that is indeed what they’ll do as we’ll take a look and let you decide for yourself all right the video review seems over and the home run is indeed going to stand so the replay will uphold the original call and that was a case of better safe than sorry and now Justin Upton sent out to straight away center field Hicks is under it and the inning is over angels do get one however on the Mike Trout home run part of the order three four five coming up to start the seventh it’s now an eight nothing ballgame back here at Angel Stadium of Anaheim this one pretty much all over but the shouting as we check our game summary to see how we’ve gotten to where we are [Applause] Giancarlo Stanton now navigated infield in the overshift here now the pitch tried to check it in its own one into the wind up here comes the Owen one swing and a Miss it’s Owen – there’s another pitch for a striking this guy’s really attacking hitters well tonight being aggressive early on and if he continues to throw strikes like he is he’s going to have a pretty good night got him and he goes down on strikes for the third time what’s your take on all the strikeouts we see in the game today then that was his third tonight and it seems we’re seeing that a lot more these days yeah Matt there’s been a real change in philosophy as far as hitting in baseball today a lot of guys think now that an out as an out a strikeout is just as good as a regular out but we’re seeing strikeouts at an alarming rate baseball right now he’s been doing a nice job out there on the mound but the deeper you get into the game the more the hitters have seen you this is the part of the lineup that he has to be really careful with ball one these guys have got to be frustrated as an offensive unit so far in this one they haven’t been able to crack the code on their opponent but it’s not like they’re getting great pitch stead either this starter has kept the ball on the corners of the zone all game long the ball and two strikes to didi Gregorius wow that was an ugly swing right there and that tells us all we need to know nobody’s picking the baseball up off this guy as mrs. Dan were even at two and two one out nobody on the two – one more time and he swings on top of one here and chops it foul right at home plate [Applause] all even at two and two here it is he struck him out the third time he’s fanned in the game it’s been a rough game for him at the plate couldn’t get the bat off his shoulder right there and he struck out twice before that one so he’s going to have a lot to think about when he leaves the ballpark tonight [Applause] into the box now Jerry Sanchez as you look at a fastball in there on the outer half its own one they haven’t gotten much going against this guy so far this one he’s been pinching well and what are the key numbers to look at first pitch strikes over 70% so far in this outing and it’s fouled away [Applause] looking to set down the side on strikes here it comes he’s got another one here 12 punchouts now in the ballgame and that’ll end the inning so the Yanks go 1-2-3 there on the short end of an eight nothing score ready for another chance

Albert Poole singled home run in his last time up here comes the first pitch sent in the air out to straightaway central Hicks on the move he gets to it and makes the catch for the first out Calhoun will stand in now couple the singles to his credit thus far ready with the first pitch here it comes grounded up the first base line this is foul for the first strand wind up and the Oh 1 sliced hard down the left-field line and this is a fair ball heading out toward the 3:30 sign and he is in the second with a double his third hit of the night while the pitcher must be just shaking his head that pitch wasn’t anywhere near the strike zone but he gave it the old table top and somehow connected with it anyway now he’s standing on second and he even has to smile about that one Calhoun leads on second with one gone in the inning and a fastball there is inside does that one backed him up a bit most good pitchers know that they have to work inside and sometimes even come off the plate to keep hitters from getting comfortable up there I think that was part of the intent with that last pitch two balls and a strike two count now the 2-1 pitch line drive to center field but sadly for him this will head straight to the centerfielder as he puts it away without much trouble for the second out here’s Luis Valbuena now ready to deliver here’s the first pitch drilled on the ground is short taken in by Gregorius throw on to Walker at first and the inning digging in once again Aaron Hicks we’re in the eighth now and nothing’s changed out there on the mound well I’ve been very impressed with how this starters going about his business Pat he’s looked really sharp and it’s hard to know if it’s had any effect but getting that early lead from his offense could have really helped settled him in fouled away I know it’s a guessing game but usually when you flip that coin it better come up fastball at this level you cannot be late right there that was right in the wheelhouse the OH – once more is in off the plate as we head into the later innings in this game I think it’s safe to say that both starters have given their teams a great chance to win here today mark this is a case where the power pitcher one out in this one overpowering moving the ball up down in and out lots of swings and misses and a little bit of a rough go post for this guy yeah he just executed that and across the board getting a head strike one and they able to mix in his nasty off-speed stuff with high velocity fast balls behind it the finesse guy moreover the heart of the plate when that happens that spells disaster and this is on the ground for Kinsler at second throw on to first to God ready for another shot now Miguel Andujar he’s bounced out and flown out in his first two plate appearances behind on that one now behind an account on one just off the plate in high ball one the one to fast ball stays way up that time for ball to here now the two to neither guy willing to give in and the at battle continue another try at 2-2 fouled off hey he’s got four foul balls in this a B right here he’s really making his pitcher grind for everything and he’s gonna add to the total 14 punchouts now is that ends the inning one two three go the Bombers still eight nothing stepping in and ready for another shot Andrelton sermon he flew out in his last

at-bat ball one read this one almost in books the story was clearly the long ball what are your thoughts on this offense fellas well Matty V I don’t know what your thoughts are dear old but boy when the weather starts to warm up and the ball starts jumping out like this it’s clear that the pitchers need to start making better pitches yeah just great approach no one really chased today really stayed staunch on on their ability to get that pitcher to come into the heart of the plate and they did damage call that a nice clean base hit his first of the game so it’s a leadoff base hit to open their half of the eighth [Applause] digging in and looking for more Martine Maldonado he homered earlier and is 2 for 3 to this point first pitch on its way popped him up Walker is under it and that’s the first out of the inning back to the top of the angels one up now and stepping in Ian Kinsler who hits in four attempts to this point he’s ready here’s the o1 oh and here’s a drive well hit out to straightaway center and that’ll stay in the park as its off the centerfield wall now it’s cut off the throw to the plate they’ll extend their lead here is the runner scores from first make it nine nothing well when you leave a pitch that high in the zone like that you have to expect bad things to happen so instead of a double play ball he gives up a shot to the outfield and that brings the runner all the way around from first to score here’s the centerfielder Mike Trout he grows it sharply to third in time to first in there are two away ready once again Justin Upton it’s been a twofer for effort for him so far in the ballgame become set here’s the nothing in nothing pitch lying hard toward right-center that gets down in the inning will continue and not in time as the run scores absolutely sports that base hit worthy of some show track love and as you see it it came off to bat at a hundred and ten miles an hour that’s definitely squaring a ball up here’s Albert now now pool holes smacks one two left lotsa carry on this ball [Applause] Albert pools a two-run shot as the blowout continues [Applause] into the box Cole Calhoun he’ll take a look at ball one trying to keep it going a perfect three for three thus far [Applause] and he falls behind down to a know this inning really feels like it’s getting away from him out there as a reliever you can’t let that happen nothing you can do about what’s already happened and it’s only gonna get worse if you’re not focusing on the well the plays been made and that retires the side back now at the big a has we get a look there at the great city of Los Angeles ninth-inning set to begin next for New York the number 25 rocky singled in two trips to the plate thus far first pitch of the at-bat 90 nothing underway now is the first pitch is taken for a called strike a wind-up and the oh one way in front of that fastball he’s feeling it out there on the mound just getting the ball and throwing it with a lot of confidence right now got him and that’s number 15 for the ballgame so back to the top of the Yankee order digging in Brett Gardner in his last at-bat he popped out in foul ground first delivery to him on the way and the

first pitch is chopped foul with the plate of strike one faces your empty one man out [Applause] into the wind up here comes the Owen one late one ball one strike one and one a one in one count here’s the pitch I’ll run this one in on him and he can’t connect so he finds himself down one and two now really tied him up on that one yeah clearly didn’t recognize where that was going to end up Matt if I were pitching I might go right back in there the one-two is swung on and missed II got him two up two down on strikes in this inning he looks really sharp out there guys here’s big Aaron Judd he’s their last shot here with two away in the ninth as they look to avoid the shutout yeah and that they just haven’t had any answer for the great pitching so far this one here comes the first pitch first pitch fastball off the plate there in it’s ball one and even though he’s had some success against this guy in the ball game he still knows he’s a very dangerous opponent he won’t want to fall behind him any further [Applause] now the one in one fit now a swing and he pops it up and this should do it Valbuena is there makes the catch and that’s the ballgame yeah and we knew he was in a groove from the first inning and he just kept this thing rolling they couldn’t get anything going against him a dominant performance with a complete game shutout 12 nothing the rather convincing shutout final score the Los Angeles Angels sent five balls over the wall to come out on top in this one Garrett Richards is credited with the wind Masahiro Tanaka permitted six runs to come across in the losing effort so that will put a wrap on things here this evening for my partners Mark DeRosa and Dan please actus is Matt vasgersian this has been a presentation of MLB Network goodnight everybody [Applause] thank you for the beep you