[ENG/INDO SUB] Weekly Idol 471 ONF Full Episode

Hello, I’m the host of Weekly Idol, – Eunhyuk! – Hi, I’m Kwang Hee (We’re Eunhyuk and Kwang Hee.) I’ve lost my appetite so much, it feels like I’m chewing sand – I’m losing so much weight – You’ll be in trouble I might become a skeleton But you’re already a skeleton – You don’t need to worry – Why not? – To stimulate your lost appetite, – Yes the idol group with so many masterpieces is here I can already feel my mouth watering These idol singers are skilled and are getting better every day They turn your hearts on and off just like their name These all-round idol singers have a lot of masterpieces ONF, come on out! (ONF) It’s so good to see you – Hello – Hello – Hello! – They’re so – Hello – Hello Welcome – It’s been a while – It’s great to meet you Come on in (HYOJIN) (E-TION) (J-US) (WYATT) (MK) (U) (ONF) In 2, 3. Lights on! Hello, we’re ONF It’s the third debut anniversary of ONF on August 3 (The third anniversary of ONF’s debut) (Be careful with your ears.) (Guys…) – Third anniversary! – Third anniversary! I have a feeling that they don’t need us You should at least give us time to bring in the cake (Be careful with your ears again.) Everyone Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations On the third anniversary of ONF (Congratulations!) Thank you Congratulations Please say a word to your fans, FUSE, that supported you for three years If it weren’t for FUSE, we wouldn’t have existed We’d like to give all this joy – Yes – of our anniversary – to FUSE – Great – We love you! – We love you! – Among FUSE, – Yes “Chang Dol” is – getting popular – Chang Dol? What does it mean? When E-TION stutters – or shows his clumsy side, – Yes FUSE uses this word – Chang Dol – Yes E-TION, why don’t you show us the opposite of Chang Dol today? All right We’ve come to Weekly Idol after a long time And to celebrate our third anniversary, they’ve prepared a cake That’s Chang Dol! – That’s Chang Dol – He’s turning into Chang Dol – We take this with gratitude – Yes – We’re very glad – There’s the second Chang Dol (The second Chang Dol) We’re going to enjoy our time here and make The third Chang Dol – Oh, my – Make memories Make memories to E-TION has failed – He’s become Chang Dol – What’s wrong with me? That’s one of his charms His ears got red – Now – Yes the master of Korean, Yuto, will – say a word to the fans – Properly – Yes – Properly Yes. We’re making a comeback with “Sukhumvit Swimming” – in August – Yes This song suits the summer perfectly And you’ll feel cool right after listening to this song Not just the title song, the other songs are really good too So whether you’re FUSE or not, I hope you would listen to it once (You speak really good Korean.) Chang Dol is Korean, but someone who’s not Korean just spoke better Korean What are you saying, WYATT? (He also turned into Chang Dol.) (WYATT became Chang Dol today.) – By the way, – Yes I heard that ONF will come back on August 10 – August 10? – Yes, I saw that But our show will be aired on August 5 I think someone scheduled it wrong It seems like the managers made a mistake No, there’s a rumor that you’re ranked in first place on a music show if you make an appearance on Weekly Idol So we had to rush here We’re going to get the energy! We have to be ranked in first place First of all, I’m touched – Me too – They came all the way here So is your comeback teaser not released yet? – No – We haven’t released anything, but we wanted to announce it first on Weekly Idol – For the first time – For the first time ONF with all the K-pop masterpieces has – returned with a new song – Yes Please introduce what kind of song it will be I’ll do the introduction He’s so cute Do you have candy in there? I had my wisdom tooth pulled out (I had my wisdom tooth pulled out.) Oh, I’m sorry (He was just too cute.) I’m so sorry That’s not what I meant You just looked too cute You had to tease him for getting his wisdom tooth pulled out He’s in so much pain – That’s not it – And you had to tease him We’re telling his wise tooth extraction for the first time Wise tooth? – No, wisdom tooth – Right You look so cute

Anyway, our title song, “Sukhumvit Swimming,” is about enjoying our time – in Sukhumvit of Bangkok – Yes It’s also a song in which you can see the more refreshing side of ONF Get a taste of ONF’s new song beforehand Let’s watch it before anyone now (Go to Sukhumvit before anyone.) (“Sukhumvit Swimming” by ONF) (Weekly Idol) ONF is well-known for being good friends with each other – Yes – I’d like to know the secretary to having good teamwork for three years – Secretary? – No. Secret Did I act like Chang Dol again? (Kwang Hee can’t escape it either.) – It’s contagious – Yes, it is Right – You can’t help it – I should be careful We talk to each other a lot When there’s a problem, we try to find a solution to that We’re also very playful We get really playful with each other – How do you get playful? – Well We do funny faces – Doing funny faces? – Yes – We make each other laugh – Making each other laugh? – We say: “You look ugly.” – “You look ugly.” – You guys laugh at the same jokes – Yes I’ve known the members – of Super Junior for 16 years – For 16 years? But even now, when I’m with one of them alone, I think: “Do I really need to be alone with him?” Right We’re not young enough for that Does any of you feel awkward when you’re alone with a certain member? I have two members who I’ve been always awkward with (WYATT seems nervous.) Really? (Also him) I know who they are Who? MK and I are the same age as him We’re the same age – They sat far away from each other – Yes That’s why We’ve been alone a lot of times, but we didn’t exchange words – We were close at first, – I see but at some point, it was like MK built a wall between us You’re making me look bad! I don’t know why I thought we were close, – but then he built a wall – At some point? There must be a reason Did something happen? – No, it’s not that – He really likes HYOJIN only – Really? – He moved onto him What do you mean by moving onto him? There must be a reason for that – Maybe WYATT did something wrong – You must’ve made a mistake What would it be? Tell me I usually hang out with older members So I’m used to hanging out with them Actually, it’s possible to feel awkward with a member of the same age But you feel more comfortable with them over time – In the future – Yes I’m actually okay with him That’s because we’re not talking at all – You don’t talk at all – Then that sounds – like you’re not good friends – No, it’s not that I’m saying I feel comfortable That’s why you need this segment It’s time to learn more about each other’s feelings It’s to make the idol groups watch the show when it airs It’s called “Hug Me.” Earlier in the opening, we said we’re going – to take a peek at ONF today – Yes So we’re going to run “Hug Me” – specially customized for ONF – How? – We’re going to show ONF – Okay a preview of the questions Yes We’ve completely kept them a secret so far But this time we’ll show you 1 or 2 letters, so guess the question based on the letters – Okay – Okay Okay. Who wants to go first? Who usually goes first? – WYATT – WYATT, do you want to go first? Who will go first? I’ll go first because he chose me Okay. WYATT I’ll pick purple It says the first four letters of the Korean alphabet – Ga, na, da, ra – Ga, na, da, ra Guess the question based on that only Ga, na, da, ra I can’t explain it “I can’t explain it”? Now take the paper off and show us the rest Don’t let your members show it (I can’t explain your thought process.) What is it? I just have a bad feeling Ga, na, da, ra Ga, na, da, ra, I can’t explain it Who’s bad at explaining? (WYATT stands behind his friend.) He picked MK who’s awkward with him Yes Okay – WYATT, go back to your seat first – Okay Tell us why you picked MK Well, I can’t really tell what he wants to do – What? – What? I have no idea – I’ll give them another clue – Okay He makes a lot of mistakes He makes many mistakes? For example, he breaks whatever he touches – He ends up shattering things – He’s clumsy Yes. He’s clumsy

Yes. He’s all thumbs What has he broken? The doorknob in the training studio When he tried to play with a mic stand, he ended up hitting the air conditioner above It went through the ceiling We always have a member like him – Right – in the group Those accidents usually happen to MK Yes. It’s interesting Okay Why don’t you guess the question? Ga, na, da, ra I don’t know. Korean? Grammar? Ga, na, da, ra, I can’t explain it – I’m used to the feelings – I got it No. I know the question Who (Chang Dol…) – He forgot – Wait Who is hard to define Well, I don’t think so – The most unusual – The most unusual one? member It could be good or bad – How is he unusual? – In what way? WYATT seems unusual now They’re similar This move is unusual MK, why do you think WYATT picked you? – Because we feel awkward? – Awkward? So he can’t define me Okay. Anyway, we can’t tell you the question now Really? – I’m so curious – You should watch this episode – MK, do you want to go next? – Yes The red one That’s the preview of the question – “How would it be?” – “How would it be?” I get a feeling How would it be if you become the best? – It could be anything – Right How would it be if this person became something? (How would it be to live your life?) (The big kitty is scaring them.) I don’t think it’d be me You’re right He’s coming this way They all have strengths Okay. I got it You’re wrong It could be about your weaknesses – It’s too late – It’s about strengths – It’s too late – It is – I get the first question – Me too What’s going on? It’s quite fun. It makes me wonder I’ll pick one now It’s not you. It’s him I knew it! – They’re cute – How cute Why did you pick U for this question? I was jealous of him at least once Answer! Who he wants to live as for a day (His eyes dart back and forth.) It’s not that He got it right, didn’t he? Maybe it’s not, so keep guessing Keep thinking, E-TION How would it be if I lived as his little brother? He’s the youngest member, but he’s tactful – When we’re taking a video, – Yes he studies the camera angles – and edits the video – I see Before we shoot, he brainstorms ideas – as if he’s making a PPT file – Yes. Like a presentation Really? (An actual video made by Director U) The Yu’s are good at everything Yu Jae Seok and U (He’s a Yu Jae Seok of ONF.) It comes to that I should’ve been born as Yu Kwang Hee It comes to this – U, pick a question this time – Yes Pick a question, U I’ll pick blue – What is that? – “I feel like.” – “I feel like.” – They all sound like lyrics – Yes – I know We often quote lyrics (I feel like you own my photo album.) (Who takes up the most of his photo album?) Let’s see He’s giving a performance (Dancer U turns his time to pick into a dance.) He’s indeed a good dancer (It’s a piece of spontaneous art.) (E-TION takes up the most of U’s photo album.) What was that? I’m sure the question was: “He must’ve become a fool.” – He must’ve become a fool? – Yes – Are you sure? – This member must’ve become a fool? I feel like he’s already my little brother Something like this? – That’s good – That sounds possible Does U always treat you well? He treats me well and nags me a lot too I make fun of him a little – Then he tells me to stop – How do you make fun of him? – Your face – Your face – Your face – What? – Don’t tell him – What does it mean? I just make fun of him saying: “Your face.” E-TION! We used to do that as teenagers It’s just for fun – We said nonsense – Hey, you look good today Your face – Where did you get those shoes? – Your face – Who made that bracelet? – Your face – It just doesn’t make sense – I know I didn’t expect we’d do this on TV U, tell us why you picked E-TION for this question Well, E-TION takes up the most of it Really? – For real? – Literally Yes. It’s for real – He asks me to do that – Really? That’s one of the reasons I see He asks you to do that a lot He feels like he’s a slave I feel like I’m his slave – It’s “I feel like I’m his slave.” – You’re right You’re right On the day before we shoot, U picks out the food for all of us He asks: “Guys, are you going to eat some too?” – He’s very considerate – Yes Who would do that for you? – I know – You’re the real errand boy – You’re an errand boy – He is You’re the true errand boy

Lastly, E-TION, think about why he picked you He feels like my big brother because he takes care of me You can check the question when it airs – This time, E-TION will pick one – Okay I like orange “With”? “With”? I’m in love with you I don’t think that would be it (I’ll fall more in love with you whenever you do this.) Who is like an orangutan (A member who is like an orangutan.) He was like an orangutan just now (Unlike an orangutan, the question is very touching.) – Something popped in my head – Out of the blue? It’s hard to guess with a “with.” (The selection performance starts again.) (E-TION distracts him and then suddenly gives him a hug.) What is it? I want to get it right! In my perspective, it was so surprising – that he did what he did – Did something make you think so? for me Do other members not know about this? They were there with us and they didn’t think it was a big deal But I gasped What did you do again? I gasped: “Look at him!” I want to work only with you Not with other members? Are there more clues? – Tell us about that incident – Right. You can tell us now It’s about samgyetang – Samgyetang? – Samgyetang? – It’s made with chicken – Yes It’s the best part – of chicken – The best part – It’s my favorite part – I see That’s enough. I got it J-US often gives out good food Even if he likes the chicken leg, he’d just give it to you So the question is: “I could live with you.” “I could live with you.” I could live with you? – Chicken legs are the best part – He’ll give you everything Yes. It means he’ll give you everything I could live with you – “I could live with you.” – I can see that J-US is nice – You’re right – Really? – He’s cold but sweet – Is he cold and sweet? – How nice he is – Where did he come from? Each group has a member like him, but you just don’t know of it (There must be one in ZE:A too!) Lastly, let’s have J-US guess why and move on to the next question I do think it’s associated with chicken, so maybe the question is: “Who he can give up…” “a chicken leg for”? Now J-US will pick a question – J-US! – There’s yellow and green I’ll go with yellow What is it? “Bye.” The clue is “bye.” “Bye.” (Hey, don’t make things tasteless.) HYOJIN hasn’t been picked yet so far – Me neither – Why do I feel like you were? Let’s see – Is it me? – No No? Who is it? I want to be picked – Do you want to be picked? – I don’t know why, but I do Right. It makes you sad when you’re not picked – Yes – I’m fine with not being picked – Let’s see – Why don’t you do that to me? He made MK sad – Okay, MK – Are you sad? MK gets a hug from behind – Really? – Is he picking MK? (He doesn’t know the question, but he’s very happy.) Hey, be careful Watch the wisdom tooth Be careful I just thought of when MK first became a trainee – Okay. That’s enough for now – It reminded me of MK It’s hard Is it like: “Now, goodbye.” (Chang Yun is the creative one in Mangwon-dong.) – “Now, goodbye” is possible – Right – It’s been fun – Now, goodbye Who sings vibrato the best (He thinks of another possible question.) Who sings vibrato the best You’re right! – Who sings vibrato the best – That’s right – He is good at that – Is MK good – at singing vibrato? – Show us Show us the vibrato (Singing) If he sings vibrato now, his wisdom tooth will fall out – He can do it because of that – The wisdom tooth will fall You shouldn’t vibrate I feel this way when MK compliments me When he compliments me, I feel that way so much I get that feeling (WYATT is on detective mode.) Alibi? – Who has a solid alibi? – What’s he saying? He keeps talking nonsense It’s like he’s on a different show He tried many times, but he didn’t get anything right He’s talking alone He came up with ten questions and none of them seems right Why don’t you tell them the two letters before “bye”? The two letters are “stand.” Standby? Standby Stand by me? – What was that? – Do you want to be on standby? WYATT, you should think twice before you say anything I’m sorry We say this to put people on standby Who is different before and after standby? That sounds right He could be charismatic on stage, but normal off stage I can see the big difference (MK’s double life) Who gets ready the latest – Is he later than all of you? – Yes – He’s always late – It’s because he always goes to the bathroom and J-US is always asleep – You’re right – That could be it It sounds quite close to the answer

– I got it right – Did you get it right? – I think so – Watch the episode later – HYOJIN, pick a question – Okay – It’s finally my turn – I’m curious He and I haven’t been chosen yet – Here we go – You want to be chosen – I actually want to – It’s green The word is “keep.” – It’s someone you keep thinking of – You keep nagging at this person (If you keep it up, we’re going without you!) This is fun – It’s quite fun – This is a good game Here I go (The emotional leader is having fun at picking.) That was scary (A chemistry that won’t leave people alone) I’ll pick now for real (He had fun, so he’s going to pick now.) Give me three seconds – Okay, 1, 2, 3 – Don’t do that – They’re like high school students – You’re right – That’s true – It’s because – Our members – From “your face” to counting three seconds There’s a reason I’m having second thoughts It applies to almost all the members – Almost all of them? – Yes – I don’t know whom to pick – In that case, that’s going to be hard for you – Is it MK again? – Yes (Yes, it’s MK.) Hey You’re number one today That’s a triple crown I was having second thoughts between WYATT and MK – You were in a dilemma – You should’ve picked WYATT You should’ve picked me – He was never chosen – I should’ve done that – He’s right – But we have to be honest You’re right I chose him because Actually, this applies to all the members But he’s in a different world That really applies to all of us We all live in different worlds You saw WYATT earlier how he was living in his own world I’ll answer It’s the member who keeps saying nonsense that’s not related to the topic – MK wouldn’t say nonsense – It’s true – He has an alibi – What is it? What do you mean “an alibi”? I’ll answer. It’s someone who keeps bothering other people How does he do that? That’s too real – That’s not what I mean – It must be true Something must’ve happened It’s not bothersome But when we finish our meals, he asks who wants ice cream or if anyone wants to go get ice cream But we need to go outside – and buy the ice cream – That’s right But he always asks you to go with him He sulks when we don’t go He gets upset There must be members he specifically asks to go with – I think so – He just asks anyone he sees That’s excluding me (That excludes me.) – That’s right – I asked you too – He said he asked – I’m speechless That was only one time (You only asked once.) You only asked me one time I’m out of words Give us another clue Yes, give us another one When we’re all together, he’s the only one who doesn’t seem to listen What are you thinking about? I’m not sure either He’s just in another world His mind works differently I think he interprets it differently What do you think is the reason he chose you, MK? I think it’s the member who keeps having weird thoughts (A member who has weird thoughts?) Weird thoughts? Do you keep having weird thoughts? By weird thoughts, I mean That sounded weird Let it go Stop picking on him – This is fun – All right That was “Hug Me” where we could see the hidden feelings of the members of ONF Please watch the show – Let’s go on to the next segment – Yes (Going to the next segment with this joy) This segment opens a new world in the history of idols It’s time for Weekly Idol’s official cute song, “Oh My Song.” “Oh My Song.” Oh, my – We’re already excited – Oh, my So many popular cute songs were born in Weekly Idol from “Be Mine Song,” “Yamyam Song,” to “Oh My Song” by the Cuteness General Hyojung, who is from the same company as they are (Precious cute songs by General Hyojung) But in ONF, I heard there was a hidden helper in Hyojung’s cute songs Someone must’ve helped her Who is that genius? It’s me – MK? – Yes I played guitar and worked on it with her impromptu That’s how I helped her Without MK, there wouldn’t have been any cute songs by all our idol singers It wouldn’t have been possible Thank you But I’m not so familiar with the “Yamyam Song.” Can you play it with the guitar for us? I’ve prepared for this Is that so? Show us It’s the “Yamyam Song.” In 1, 2, 3. Go They say I look pretty when I eat – Yamyam – Yam And also say I am the cutest (Singing altogether) My chubby tummy It’s pot-bellied (My chubby tummy) It’s all yours from now on (A sweet, acoustic version of the original “Yamyam Song”) It started with a soft atmosphere

as an acoustic version I’ve noticed Eunhyuk wanted to do the “Yamyam Song.” He was getting ready for it Show us! Let’s go We’ve only heard the instrumental version until now But let’s now listen to Eunhyuk’s “Yamyam Song” with the guitar Go for it (I need to calm down.) – You need to ask for music – That’s right All right. I’m going to do it I will do it (J-US did the “Yamyam Song” first.) Please give me music They say I look pretty when I eat Yamyam! And also say I am the cutest Thanks a lot! My chubby tummy It’s pot-bellied Oh, no! It’s all yours from now on (It is just so adorable.) I’m learning from you once again – I mean it – Yamyam As I’ve heard, there’s someone who’s the best in being cute in ONF – It’s HYOJIN – Me? He’s so good – HYOJIN is the cutest – He can do anything I heard HYOJIN acts cute – when he sees a particular food – Food? So we’ve prepared this for you Bring it in – What is that? – Look at that That looks delicious – It’s a croissant – What is it? (Think carefully.) FUSE said they wanted to see your cute croissant If HYOJIN does a good job, we’ll give it to you – Go for it, HYOJIN – You can do it I’ll try to win this croissant for you Show us your cute croissant Please give a bit of this croissant to ONF Give us all of these (My name is Jean Valjean from now on.) (In sync with his cuteness) Are you going to give it to us? (Listen, HYOJIN I’m going to buy a bakery.) We’ll give this to ONF now – You can have it here – Thank you – Take one each – Yes – Can we really eat it? – Yes, go ahead You can watch your members while you enjoy it Shall we try the song today – played with MK’s guitar? – Yes – Shall we go with the cute U? – U Let’s watch U (Loving you) He’s already acting cute – Are you confident, U? – I’ll do my best Please play music (Please play music.) You’re so pretty Oh, my Oh, my He has a dance for it I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my Why don’t we date? What do you think? (We should date right now.) Just give me your answer Tell me that you like me He’s good – He even made a dance – He’s a choreography genius He has potential This is a touching segment where you can see your idol group’s past and present together It’s a project to reminisce about your idol group’s past It’s time for “VS Project.” Let’s find out which past video of ONF is waiting for a 2020 upgrade Let’s go check it out (They start reacting.) I think that’s a rehearsal room – Is that our company? – It’s the monthly evaluation – Monthly evaluation? – We were preparing for it There are two members That’s (Recollecting the memories) They look like twins (These two are moving like twins.) They’re good That reminds me of the past (Memories are coming back.) They look cool They’re so good – That was cool – It’s great – It was awesome – Who are these people? – Is it the two of you? – Yes This week’s “VS Project” is about the leaders of ONF, HYOJIN and J-US I was surprised I was surprised after watching that But I’m even more surprised that it was the two of them It’s a surprise. How was it? – They danced so well – It was so cool That could even pass for a highlight of an awarding ceremony (Good enough for the highlight of an awarding ceremony) – Can they compete against D&E? – They’re so much better

Really? You don’t mean that deep inside – I can see through you – D&E is cool just the way we are (We’re cool even when we’re not doing anything.) Okay, I agree All right Do you remember exactly when that happened? I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was 2016 – Four years ago? – It was before your debut – It must’ve been right before – Yes You watched your pre-debut video How do you feel? They’re good It’s like you’re talking about another person I think he’ll win if we had a dance battle now I also think he danced better then than he does now – I agree – Don’t say that I heard HYOJIN and J-US went to the same middle school – Yes – You were in the same class – Really? – We’ve known since seventh grade – You joined the same company – Yes This almost feels like – you’re a group of fate – I agree You were friends since middle school and you debuted together I’m curious about your history We were in the same class in middle school But after middle school, we went to different high schools I started to learn dancing in tenth grade, and he started to learn singing I went to his academy in twelfth grade We took the audition together – We passed together – Really? They didn’t mean to do it together, but they met while they were headed for their dreams – They had been connected all along – Yes These two friends worked hard toward their dreams for a long time – Kim Hyo Jin and Lee Seung Jun – Yes It’s time for them to shine as HYOJIN and J-US of ONF now Let’s start the “VS Project” for ONF now (Starting the “VS Project” for ONF) This is making me nervous (Going to back to the beginning where they had the same dream) I’m nervous (Their members are also nervous to watch them.) (It’s been a while, but they’re still perfect.) (They’re the best WYATT is doing it again.) (They are like pros during practice They practice the most too.) (A performance made from the sweat of these two) (I need you to complete me.) (I want to be a leader to make the group shine.) (I believe we can make it.) (Our leaders are amazing.) (Nothing is impossible with effort We’ll do it until we get it right.) (The result of long hours of hard work) – Wait a minute. It’s not done yet – They’re not finished yet (ONF is so good.) (Their imagination has become a reality.) – That was nice – You’re good They are incredible Your skills did not rust at all They looked so worried before they started I tried to understand why they were so nervous – But they were so cool – It was awesome The members agree too – Yes. They were awesome – Yes They jumped out to them because they were so proud of them How did it feel doing it again after a while? My body aches – You danced so well – On the other hand, it brought back memories of the past I remembered once again how I felt back then (They were 14-year-olds dreaming of the same dream as singers.) (Hyo Jin and Seung Jun supported each other for 13 years.) (They’ve been waiting for this day on August 3, 2017.) (They are the glowing members of the shining ONF.) (I’m HYOJIN, the team leader of ON.) (I’m J-US, the team leader of OFF.) (You’ll have more overwhelming days in the future.) (We’ll become one.) (Weekly Idol) We received a list from ONF of what they wanted to do in Weekly Idol The Game Research Center was turned upside down because of it Our Game Research Center is so busy these days These were some of the items HYOJIN suggested playing a game of not speaking in honorifics J-US suggested playing tag with blindfolds

WYATT suggested playing “Scream in Silence.” MK suggested guessing the item inside the box E-TION suggested “Cham Cham Cham.” – What’s the last one? – U wanted to play “OX Game.” – “OX Game”? – That’s a bit – Isn’t that a game for old people? – Yes, it is This is the most classic and simple game we’ve played on Weekly Idol What made you pick this game? It’s a game we enjoy frequently – Really? – Do you play these at home? We played that game recently That’s right Another game we used to enjoy as trainees was – hide-and-seek – We did it blindfolded I see You know what our Game Research Center is like They’ll research night and day if that’s what our guests want – and come up with a perfect game – That’s right Today, we prepared some amazing games for you to enjoy – Are you excited? – Yes! We need to divide you into teams We are aware that there are ON team and OFF team among you But one team is creating controversy among the fans – Which team? – It’s Min-Kyuns and Not Min-Kyuns – How did they find out? – Really? What kind of teams are they? You know how I’m not normal They know it already? – I’m normal, – You’re special but at times I’m not normal and the others get drawn to it – To your charm? – Yes That gathering is called “Min-Kyuns.” The members are HYOJIN, E-TION, – I’m not a part of this – and my favorite student, U He’s denying it They sometimes deny it To put an end to this controversy, MK should decide which members are a part of your team – and declare it officially – You can only pick two members – That’s right – If you’re not picked, you’re out? You’re officially a part of Not Min-Kyuns – It’s finally official – First of all No! – No! – I didn’t pick you – Okay, thank you – I’ll pick you Why? You hate it so much That made me want to pick you Okay, E-TION is on that team It’s great that you got picked – Only one spot remains – I’m sure you all want it But he’s an elite member for sure So I have nothing more to teach him – He’s perfect now – He graduated! – Yes, he can build his own school – Thank you (The star pupil has nothing more to learn.) (Thank you so much.) I won’t pick him I’ll pick J-US (J-US enters the team just by standing next to MK.) – Move over – Okay – Those are the teams – I’m free! (Min-Kyuns versus Not Min-Kyuns) Since the teams are now decided, let’s start the game The first game is a mix of what J-US wanted and what E-TION wanted It’s a mixture of “Blindfolded Hide-and-seek” and “Cham Cham Cham.” It’s “Blindfolded Cham Cham Cham.” – Cham, cham, cham! – Cham, cham, cham! – How do you play it blindfolded? – How did you say it again? – “Blindfolded Cham Cham Cham.” – “Blindfolded Cham Cham Cham.” The Min-Kyuns are very energetic for sure That’s the Min-Kyuns – I get why they are a team – Me too – Do you all know “Cham Cham Cham”? – Yes A member of each team will step forward and play the game blindfolded Then an avatar member from the same team will work the hammer and the shield on their behalf Who’s the first player from Min-Kyuns? – MK – He should be the first one up – MK – Who would be your avatar member? – I’ll block it for you – Okay Who’s the first player from Not Min-Kyuns? – I’ll do it – HYOJIN – Who will be your avatar? – I’ll do it Are you ready? The first match is between HYOJIN and MK – Let’s decide the order – Rock, paper, scissors – Okay – Okay – MK will attack first – Let’s go You can do this! Cham, cham, cham Cham, cham, cham (J-US attacks quickly.) (WYATT attacks with the pot one second later.) You’re not supposed to hit people with that WYATT, that’s not how you play the game HYOJIN just got hit twice – Are you okay? – Yes – I’m so sorry – His head is so small, – it fit right in that pot – That’s right – I just got hit twice – That was shocking – Let’s move on – HYOJIN will attack Cham, cham, cham Cham, cham, cham You weren’t going to hit him with that pot, were you? Why did you hold it like that? – Why did you grab that? – I’m sorry I was trying to stop you from getting it This is the last match of the round It’s MK’s attack Cham, cham, cham (Is this deja vu?) – Are you a spy? – You’re supposed to guard him His head is too small, so it goes right into the pot

Min-Kyuns won the first round by winning two points – Nice – They’re ahead by one point That was a great game – Good job – The second players should come up – WYATT and J-US – Please pick the avatar members – We’re ready – Min-Kyuns have chosen E-TION and Not Min-Kyuns have chosen – U as their avatar member – Okay – Okay – Rock, paper, scissors – Nice – That’s good WYATT will attack first – It’s WYATT’s attack – Ready Cham cham cham (Crashing) Nice You need to hold on tight Min-Kyuns win a point. Next round Min-Kyuns will attack Cham, cham, cham Nice – Okay – The avatar, U, successfully blocks it and wins a point He’s really fast – U was very fast – It’s WYATT’s attack Cham, cham, cham (He connects the attack in a flash.) How is he so fast? – Wow – He’s very fast Not Min-Kyuns won two points to win the second round! It’s a close match – Thank you – Take a seat – This is the final round – We need to trust MK I got the hammer. Let’s go – What was that? – The hammer You are the hammer. Block it well Rock, paper, scissors – Min-Kyuns won – E-TION will attack He will go first – Block it well – Ready Cham, cham, cham (He attacked in the blink of an eye.) (He just grabbed the pot.) – That was so fast – He was definitely going to grab the hammer from the start You were too slow You were really fast Cham, cham, cham (He makes up for his last mistake with the speedy attack.) That was good HYOJIN scores a point Nice This really is the final round They are tied with one point each This is the last attack Ready Cham, cham, cham Cham, cham, cham Cham, cham, cham (He blocks perfectly.) Since they blocked it perfectly, Not Min-Kyuns score a point “Blindfolded Cham Cham Cham” is won by Not Min-Kyuns – This is a great team – We’re the Not Min-Kyuns The second game is the game that MK and U wanted It’s a mix of guessing the item inside the box and the “OX Game.” It’s “OX in A Box.” How do we play this game? There is a mystery item inside this box A player from each team will put their hands inside the box The other members will ask questions about the item in the box All the answers should be either “yes” or “no.” I see The team to guess it right first will win the game – Okay – Do you all get it? I’ll ask you a question before we start playing Who’s the biggest timid cat among you? – It’s U – U U will play from this team – What about your team? – I’ll play it E-TION will play for Min-Kyuns and U will play for Not Min-Kyuns Let’s start We don’t know what’s in this box – He’s scared already – I’m sweating Are you? Both of you, please put your hands inside the box Did you touch it? He just stuck his hand in there You need to put it in – Get in there – What is this? – You’ve got this – Use your left hand What is it? – Okay – What is this? We’ll reveal the item only to our viewers The item is Is this it? (They’re tapioca pearls.) It stuck to my hand What is this? We’ll take turns asking questions – Is it squishy? – Yes Is it food? I think so He thinks it is. Not Min-Kyuns? Is it heavy? No, it’s not – I know what this is – Is it small? Yes – It’s small – No! Yes! It’s small! – Nice – He became Chang Dol again What happened? What happened? – No, don’t look at it – Close your eyes! – Don’t look at it – We didn’t see it I didn’t see it. Did you? HYOJIN, did you see it?

Since you saw it, ask some questions that will guide them to the answer Yes, help them – Okay, I have a question – Go ahead Does it go inside a drink? Does it go inside a drink? Does it? – Yes – Yes, it does (It goes inside a drink?) – I got it – What is it? Gelatin What is that? WYATT I think I got it – Tapioca pearls – That’s right That’s the right answer Go check it (They gather around to watch the tapioca pearls.) Watch his hands You were right to scream I thought it was an octopus That means Not Min-Kyuns scored a point Not Min-Kyuns win a perfect victory! (They win perfectly.) Since Not Min-Kyuns won, they will eat all the food that you wanted – Please bring in the food – Bring it in! Here is what ONF wanted Sweet and sour chicken and spicy noodles That’s right We will be giving all of this to Not Min-Kyuns Thank you There are too many spoons We can take out a few – Okay – I quit this team I was born to be one of Not Min-Kyuns J-US, do you have something to show us? – I have one – E-TION I can make the sound of an old door opening – An old door opening – That’s amazing I’m curious (It’s open.) (It’s closed.) – That’s great – You pass – Okay – Nice – MK – I have one! MK of Min-Kyuns is up for the challenge – I’ll be doing an impression – Of who? Choi Min Sik Choi Min Sik? Yes, from “Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time.” Which Choi family are you from? – That was good – You pass (He joins Not Min-Kyuns.) – J-US, what will you do? – That was nice – Are you going to do it? – Do the pigeon The sound of nature (Give me the food already.) – Where’s that pigeon? – I thought that was real You pass too! – Enjoy your food – Thank you – We can start eating now, right? – Yes Let me mix the spicy noodles for you That looks amazing (Slurping) (Eating) (His wisdom teeth can’t stop his love for the chicken.) It’s so good Oh, my goodness It’s already time for us to say goodbye with the energetic ONF No! It can’t be! Time sure went flying today Aren’t you acting a bit too much? – Can you tell? – Your voice gave it away – I thought I got better – You did This was like a preview of their comeback I’m sure your fans are waiting for your return soon Please say a few words to FUSE You just need to wait for five more days before you see us again Just hang in there We love you We’ll be sure to take care of your summer, so hang on to your hearts We’re also looking for more ways to communicate with you better So please wait for those too We’ll see you soon! ONF is my flower and my light The one who will complete ONF Weekly Idol will make sure to run to the finish line with ONF This was ONF! (We’ll be cheering you on for many years to come.) (Sketching Weekly Idol for the next week) (ATEEZ has come to Weekly Idol.) (Let’s start the spoilers.) (What is Yeo Sang drawing?) (Everyone’s curious.) (They got the answer already.) That looks like a crustacean (He’s good at guessing.) (He doesn’t miss a single detail.) (He’s an artist.) You got the right details He did (What will Jong Ho draw?) (Candy? A piece of paper?) (They watch him worriedly.) (They draw some explosive spoilers.) (They can’t hide their joy.) (Are you curious about the answer?) Sketching Weekly Idol for the next week! Are you curious about this sketch? At 5 p.m. on August 12, Wednesday, – we will see you in Weekly Idol! – Bye! (Thank you for spending your youth with Weekly Idol.)