ENG SUB【忘记你,记得爱情 Forget You Remember Love】EP03 | 神秘人为芊语买下钢琴

♪ Lost memory of the past ♪ ♪ Can’t change how we loved each other ♪ ♪ My heart only beats for you ♪ ♪ I’ll protect you from all the storms ♪ ♪ Even if there’s no miracle ♪ ♪ I’ll walk through fire to hug you ♪ ♪ Cuz we’re meant to be ♪ ♪ Till love finds us again ♪ = Forget You Remember Love = = Episode 3 = = Money Bag Grocery = Spring is the season when everything thrives Try to plant a seed and let it grow together with us Peanuts we eat are seeds Catkins are willow’s seeds I never thought one peanut could yield so many… Aunt, is Qianyu here? You’re here for Ye Qianyu? She’s delivering goods. She’ll be back in a while Would you come in and have some tea? No, thanks Nice car you got here Handsome, what do you do? Me? I travel all year long Not some kind of decent work Traveler! You must be rich… In mind How old are you? Are you married? I’m 26 Not married My daughter, Qianyu, is 24, the beauty of the village She can be genteel and tough Do you want to consider about her? Chen, I think you’re too eager Hush! Taichu! Ye Qianyu What brings you here? I come by to return the cup Glad you’re back Thank you Where else do you want to go? I can guide you No, thanks. I want to go around on my own I’d better go Bye-bye Bye! Bye-bye Bye-bye Bye-bye It must be Chen’s enthusiasm that frightens him Chen, what did you say to him? Nothing particularly I had a blind date with him on behalf of you Let me tell you Don’t let any of these rich men slip by Are you listening to me? Really. Do you hear me? Listen, to these rich men, next time, you must… Hey! Are you listening to me? Daisy! Daisy! Breakfast! Yunyi, Junhao!

Ziqian You’ve decided to get engaged? Good luck to you Ziqian’s been leading a married life ages ago He attends Daisy like a wife Junhao, let’s start out at 3 p.m. from the company Sorry, Yunyi I need to go to Guanmei Fishing Village But we need to order the gown and suit soon Otherwise, it’ll be too late Go for me, please Me again? Would you let me go to your wedding for you? You think too much Just try the suit I’m not going Ziqian All right, I’ll go Morning, Mr. Shan Wait! Wait! Wait! Hold on Wait! Wait! Where are you taking this piano? It’s sold Su Liyin! Su Liyin! What? Ye Qianyu, what are you howling about? What is this? Didn’t you promise not to sell the piano? The customer paid the earnest money Today, I got the final payment For what reason should I keep it? Didn’t you say you’d raise enough money in 3 days? Where is it? That’s why I came by This is all the money I got It’s 4,200 yuan. Take it Keep the piano, please Ye Qianyu, are you kidding me? I promise I’ll make up the rest soon Give me a week No, 3 days will be fine No way Take it I can’t let you sell it Ye Qianyu! Get off now! I don’t allow you to sell the piano! You’re being perverse! Yes, I am. So what? Get up! No, I won’t! About the ITA representative, what have you learned? All I’ve learned so far is that he’s a travel celebrity on Weibo with over 10 million fans His nickname on Weibo is Flying Blade But on his Weibo page, there’s no showing face on all his photos. So, I don’t know what he looks like The ITA guy is here to make assessment He’ll come to Guanmei Fishing Village Pay more attention to visitors coming and leaving the village OK Yes, I’m being perverse! You get up! No. No. No, I won’t! Get off. Get off Stop it. Stop making a scene What’s going on? Uncle Li, Ye Qianyu is stopping me from doing business Help me talk to her Qianyu, let’s talk about it. How could you… As long as Su Liyin agrees not to sell the piano, it’s negotiable I will sell it today! Are you getting off it or not? No, I’m not! I won’t! Stop. Stop it Come on. Stop it You two, give me a sec Let me make a call The texture is too bright Mr. Shan won’t like it Change the color to black You do have his sizes, right? Mr. Shan is a regular customer The latest sizes we know are from a month ago If his figure remains the same, I’ll place an order with those sizes Remember No wools in his suit He’s allergic to wools Yes. Got it. We’ll pay attention to it Ziqian, do I look good? Great! You look great in every dress Miss Fan, let’s take a final makeup photo OK OK, smile

Ziqian Let’s take a photo together I’ll pass Come on I’d rather not Come over here – All right – Come on Be brighter, both of you Good – Thank you. – Thank you Ziqian, I like this dress so much But Junhao prefers white I think this one suits you You can discuss with him Forget it. I’d better choose the white one Jinzhi It’s me, Donglu You’d better come. As fast as you can Well, Su Liyin… Su Liyin and Qianyu… They are fighting Yeah, yeah. Yes. At Su Liyin’s piano store Right. Yes You’d better hurry What’s going on? The truck in front blocks the way Forget about her Take her and the piano away! No, you can’t Don’t take it away You can’t No! Please don’t Don’t! Su Liyin, I beg you Can you please not let them take it away? I beg you I can’t let you Liyin, take this What’s this? I hate Ye Qianyu She’s vulgar and stingy She fights with me over food every day And she’s not pretty like you But I really can’t put up with what she’s doing I can’t put up with it, either But Shengzhe, it’s not enough And mine, too Mom, what are you doing here? I called Jinzhi to come over It’s still not enough Su Liyin, please Can you please not sell the piano? This is the only thing my mom left for me I promise I’ll make up the rest in 3 days I beg you. Please don’t sell it Please I… It’s not that I’m being unreasonable It’s just I accepted the earnest money I’ll have to pay double if I break the deal With the fine, this is far from enough Aunt, take the money Qianyu, don’t make it difficult for me Uncle Li, talk to Qianyu for me The client is waiting for me I can’t keep doing this any longer Qianyu, why don’t you go back for now? Look, with these people and the truck here, the traffic is jammed Passengers behind there must be angry Don’t make it difficult for me No. I can’t! You can’t take it away! Qianyu Don’t! It’s OK. It’s OK Qianyu I can’t. No! We’ll think of something Uncle Li! Uncle Li! Uncle Li, tell them to stop, OK? – Let’s go back and work out a plan. – No! It’ll be OK That’s the only thing my mom left for me All right. You’re fine Uncle Li It’s OK. Let’s go home and think of something, OK? I don’t want to! All right. All right You think I would believe you again? If you didn’t go against your word, I’d have bought my mom’s piano back It’s OK, Qianyu Don’t be upset When we make enough money, we will buy it back OK? How about this? I’m going to cook your favorite braised pork OK? All right. OK Don’t cry. Dry your tears All right. Put it down here Over here What is going on? Thank you Ye Qianyu, you’re so lucky Someone paid me to send the piano here for you Who bought it for me? How could I know?

But as soon as you left, someone contacted me and paid double the price to send it to you When did you meet a man so rich? I didn’t know such a rich man It’s all right Anyway, the piano belongs to you I have to go. Bye, aunt The piano is mine But… Who bought it? Yes, who was it? Was it Taichu? Taichu? It’s the cabriolet guy Where do we put the piano? In Qianyu’s room. Put it in Qianyu’s room Second floor Put on my coat armor and take the cabriolet guy down Is it too gaudy? Remember Tell him you made the cookies by hands Fighting, big sister! Get me a rich brother-in-law and be generous with my pocket money Go! = Guanmei Hotel = A pair of threes A pair of fives A pair of eights A pair of queens Why don’t we change hotel name to Card Game Fight the Landlord? Ah, Qianyu Are you in love? A pair of aces Qianyu, you look pretty today Do I? A pair of twos Pass, pass Your turn Qianyu, there’s no need to dress up so carefully to see us Humph, I’m not here for you Where are you going? I want to meet Mr. Taichu Don’t bother. He went to the beach Why do you all come by for Mr. Taichu? You have another single, outstanding young man here Cut the nonsense Who else came by for him? Oh, it’s Liyin Whose turn? Come on Taichu, I made these cookies myself Take a bite No, thank you I don’t like sweets. Thank you Can you move aside, please? You block my camera Oh Ouch! My foot hurts like hell! What’s up? Taichu, I think I sprained my ankle I can’t walk. What now? Su Liyin! Your house is on fire! Really? Yes, so is the store You’d better go back now! Oh, didn’t you sprain your ankle? How come you ran so swiftly? Are you coming with cookies, too? Not at all I’m here to say thank you Although you say that a lot, all I can reply is you’re welcome By the way, do you want to travel around? I’ll give you free guide No, thanks. Someone else is taking me out See you Someone else? Someone else? Who? Qianyu, you’re back

Wait How come you’re so soon? He doesn’t need a guide The cookies You have to give the cookies to him so that he can tell you’re clever and deft Taichu doesn’t need cookies Plenty of girls wait to make it for him Let’s try cakes next time Don’t waste your time. He doesn’t give a toss It seems the rich man is hard to handle I need to work on my strategy OK, go deliver the goods. Hurry! Go! Hey, invoices are in the car Just rent it to me No, no, no. I can’t I can raise the rent Listen, it’s not about the money Do you know how dangerous it is in Dolphin Island? We’re responsible for your safety – How about… – Li! Your water! Ye Qianyu Taichu, what are you doing here? He’s imploring me to rent a boat to Dolphin Island I dare not to Dolphin Island? Why do you want to go? I heard there are white dolphins So I want to prove if it’s true There’s no dolphin in Dolphin Island anymore Why? That is a long story But I’m busy delivering goods now Why don’t you take me along and tell me about it? OK Come on Good Qianyu, your clothes are torn Torn? Where? Where? Shoulder Thanks Let’s go Once upon a time, in the water surrounding Guanmei Islands, there were plenty of white dolphins They usually lived in the water around Dolphin Island Back then, Dolphin Island didn’t have a name When fishermen couldn’t find their way back in heavy mists, they followed dolphins’ songs to come ashore Let me help you I’m OK My record is 4 barrels These things are pieces of cake Granny Zhou, your water and rice I put them on the table See you I don’t know you’re so tough I am I have strong arms and King Kong’s shoulders Let’s go Dolphins were fishermen’s best friends Never would anyone try to hurt them However, they disappeared all of a sudden In memory of them, the fishermen named this island Dolphin Island There are lots of submerged rocks around it Incidents often happened to fishermen nearby The fishermen believed it was because they lost white dolphins’ guide Few people dare to go there now Two Roasted Goose and Rice for Su Liyin One Braised Pork and Rice for Li Donglu Rice and two toothpastes for Wang Xiaoquan Two packages from Zhang Daming Two hours of cleaning services at Yang Xiaojuan’s tomorrow Why do you take so many jobs? This is my way of survival 10 yuan for a take-out 2 for a package 100 for an hour of services The more you do, the more you make What do you make so much money for? I was going to buy my mom’s piano back Although I don’t need to worry about that now, my late dad left me with lots of debts I have to make money I even think it’s wasting time to sleep Is the mom you mentioned Mama Jinzhi? No I have two moms Mama Jinzhi is one of them My biological mom taught piano But she passed away My dad owed a lot of money for her disease

Later he took me to Guanmei Fishing Village After we came to the village, we met Mama Jinzhi Shortly after they got married, my dad passed away So Mama Jinzhi raised me and Shengzhe Moreover, Mama Jinzhi not only doesn’t abandon me, but also undertakes my dad’s debts You must think she’s stingy and snobbish Actually, she’s a really good mom I can tell you’re all kind-hearted people Why don’t you work each day? I… Travelling is kind of my work I envy you so much If I’m rich, I’m going to travel around, too Don’t envy me In fact, travelling is a process in which you discover yourself The more you see, the more you find about yourself So, that’s the reason you want to go to Dolphin Island? So I must go to Dolphin Island OK I’ll take you there Aren’t you afraid of submerged rocks? I’m afraid of nothing I’m as bold as a lion since little, OK? There! Have a look How is it? Is it too pinky and dreamy? But Yunyi likes it Do you remember when she was little, all her things were pink? She’s still a young girl with pink dreams But she never dressed in pink when she was little In my memory, her clothes were all simple in good taste That’s because of you You change her preference What flower do we use tomorrow? White rose, of course Why is it not lily of the valley? White rose is too plain Yunyi likes it I find something I think you know Yunyi better You know what she likes, what she likes to do and what she wants, which I know nothing If it’s till now that you find it, it proves that we weren’t close in childhood Ziqian, why do you score 90% in almost everything? You’re serious You could make it to 100% I don’t want to be someone like you How horrible it’d be to have two Shan Junhao? But the nature of competition requires two persons or above I don’t want to compete I’m a social man You’re a solitary man But now the solitary man is getting married And the social man is still single Then don’t get married if you don’t want to Yunyi has so many wooers, anyway Don’t worry I won’t give others any chance Junhao Yunyi Junhao, let’s rehearse on the stage OK Let’s go Ziqian, your parents passed away But remember, my family is your family Come on Come to uncle Uncle Shan Sweet girl,

is everything alright? Sweet girl? Sweet girl? Sweet girl? Uncle Shan, she’s so poor Can I take her home? OK Where am I? This is my home Thank you for taking me to your home But I have to go back and wait for Mom If Mom comes back and couldn’t find me, she’ll be worried It’s OK You can wait for your mom here Your mom will come and look for you Are you hungry? Yes What do you want to eat? We have everything in my home I want chocolate OK Come. Let’s have some chocolate Come on = Flying Blade ITA Certified Tourist Blogger = Junhao, I asked Mrs. Lin to cook Date and White Fungus Soup We need to get up early tomorrow Go to bed early Why are you so interested in Flying Blade all of a sudden? He’s my favorite traveler blogger Is he? I never heard of it from you Each time before I travel abroad, I refer to his advice He’s been to over 70 countries And he has unique insights to each I admire him He’s ITA’s representative Hello? Zhang Yes, it’s me, Tang from Guanmei Hotel Yes, yes. Look, um, I want to borrow some money Not much, 2 million Zhang? Zhang? = Senwell GM’s Engagement Ceremony to be Held Tomorrow at Senwell Hotel = If Shan Junhao disappears, no one will take my Guanmei Hotel away Excuse me Thank you = Welcome to our engagement ceremony Shan & Fan = Only Mr. Shan can afford such a grand ceremony = SENWELL HOTEL = = Invitation = Excuse me Thank you Excuse me, sir The hotel isn’t open to public today Oh, I’m a guest to Shan Junhao’s ceremony Can you show me your invitation? Can you please let me in? Please I’m sorry, sir Without invitation, you’re not allowed to get in OK Forget it. Thank you This day finally comes

My daughter becomes my daughter-in-law Mom, I’m always your daughter With you by Junhao’s side, your dad and I can be relieved Hold on Mom forgot to bring the head accessory I prepared for you I’ll go get it Aunt Jiang There you are. Keep Yunyi company I’m going to fetch something OK You’re so late Yunyi, you’re gorgeous today Thanks I can’t eat chocolate now It could stain my lips All right Yunyi, I wish you happy Yunyi Ziqian You’re here You’re beautiful The ring is made I’m going to fetch it now In an hour the ceremony will begin Let me fetch it for you No, thanks It is our ring I should fetch it by myself Come back as soon as you can Wait for me I will Without invitation, how can I get in? = Qianhe International Jewelry Design Studio = Shan Junhao Good You come to me for it I can’t live anymore

So I have to give you some punishment My beautiful daughter! Uncle Shan Ziqian, where is Junhao? I’ll give him a call to urge him You call him Come, sit down OK Look, you’re more nervous than our daughter Guess whom I saw today? Mr. Sun and his families all come Really? He didn’t answer Call again Junhao has never been late since little It must be the traffic jam Don’t worry We have time Still couldn’t reach him Hello, Rayanna Is Mr. Shan with you? Junhao didn’t answer the phone nor reply the texts OK, got it. Thanks I contacted the ring designer She said Mr. Shan left with the ring for a while Did anything happen to Junhao? He’s never been out of touch for no reason Dawei, go check the venue OK Where has this kid been? I’ll call others Gosh! Why hasn’t it started yet? What’s going on? They have no sense of punctuality What time is it now? OK, I see Keep me informed What do they say? I called all Junhao’s friends None of them met him Where has he been? Gosh! The guests have started to complain We can’t wait any longer Call off the ceremony immediately, in case of unnecessary presumptions Ziqian – What’s going on? – No idea It’s behind schedule Explain to us, at least It’s a waste of our time Director Xu, Director Xu No, no, no Dear guests, we’re so sorry The chairman doesn’t feel well and is sent to the hospital The engagement ceremony today has to be called off Please forgive us What’s wrong with the chairman? Which hospital? I want to see him As for the details, we don’t know until we have the diagnosis report You won’t be of any help there I’ll keep you informed as soon as I have news I’m deeply sorry about what happened today You may leave whenever you wish Let’s go ♪ Distance between us ♪ ♪ Seems short yet long ♪ ♪ Heartfelt words are exchanged in diaries ♪ ♪ There are no secrets between us ♪ ♪ Didn’t get to say I love you so much ♪ ♪ You broke into my lonely heart ♪ ♪ And lit the fire called love ♪ ♪ You drove out all my loneliness ♪ ♪ So that I can slowly adjust myself ♪ ♪ You painted my life ♪

♪ With flowers ♪ ♪ You raised me up ♪ ♪ From that moment on ♪ ♪ You’ve been singing for me ♪