Fated To Love You | 命中注定我愛你 – Episode 22 [VOSTFR]

Previously Previously Subtitles brought to you by: Fated to Love You Team@Viki The love that you deserve. Thank God for letting me see you again No It is to touch you again Xin YI, are you really willing to stay by my side? Before your eyes recover, I will continue to stay by your side and take care of you Chairman, this trick of yours is just excellent You stepped back to advance,right? You just easily made Chen Xin Yi stay by Director’s side The two of them go through so many tough times to be together They’ve gone though so many hardships I hope Cun Xi, this silly boy, can grasp this opportunity well, But it’s unfortunate that Director can’t see Otherwise everything would be just perfect This is just too unfortunate You’re a wrong This fall of his is just great It’s great that he has gone blind Now that he can’t completely see right now, Xin Yi won’t be able to leave But it’s not like he will forever be blind God treats our Cun Xi so well Chairman, you have such great intelligence I really hope that the two of them can finally come to a happy ending this time round Yes! Xin Yi

Xin Yi I will never dance Waltz again. I don’t want to see that person ever again. Take it as I’m begging you. Please leave my life. Even if this is the case. I still won’t believe you. Anyhow, we no longer have any relation with each other. Chen Xin Yi. But right now, I no longer have any feelings for you. Don’t leave me… Thank goodness, Xin Yi is still here Aren’t I too unlucky? My eyes have actually recovered after just one day If Xin Yi finds out, Wouldn’t she leave me immediately? It wasn’t easy to have such an excuse to make Xin Yi take care of me I never thought that my lucky days would be over so quick Cun Xi, you’re awake? What is it? Are you feeling better? Xin Yi, I have something that I want to tell you What is it? That My eyes Wait for me Hello? Dylan? Congratulations on finding your Xin Yi How about you? Have you and Cun Xi reconciled yet? We haven’t reconciled completely Why should I talk about this with you? This stinky snail Why we you telling Dylan that we still haven’t reconciled yet? Since you two haven’t reconciled yet, I think you should leave with me first Teacher said that he wants to display all your art works at B.Z. Gallery’s annual celebration I think he wants to officially introduce you to all of his friends This will be great opportunity to establish yourself in the art industry You must think this through Don’t miss out on it Could she really be thinking on going back to Shanghai with Dylan? This won’t do I have sacrificed so much in order to keep Xin Yi by my side I must not let Chen Xin Yi leave me I know that this is a very good opportunity I also want to go back to Shanghai But Cun xi Xin Yi, where are you? I can’t see anything I’m right here I can’t see anything Okay… All right Here, stand up first Stand up first I’m… I’m so scared Hello, Dylan Cun Xi can’t see right now I have already promised Cun Xi that I will not leave him and go to Shanghai with you unless his eyes have fully recovered I really thank you for your kindness I need to stay and take care of him Bye bye Are you all right? I’m very scared, I can’t see I can’t see anything at all – Don’t leave me – Don’t be afraid I won’t Ji Cun Xi suddenly can’t see right now? What trick is this idiot trying to play right now? For the sake of keeping Xin Yi here, I have no choice but to continue to act blind I must find a way to settle Xin Yi with this opportunity When she is pregnant with a baby again, I won’t have to worry about her leaving me then Cun Xi? Cun Xi, what’s the matter? Why are you laughing like a fool? Xin Yi, I want to say that I’ve done so many stupid things in the past to make you angry but it’s really because I love you very much So that’s why I did all these things If If I do something stupid again because I love you, you will forgive me, right? Of course I will Cun Xi Cun Xi Didn’t you have something to say to me just now? What is it with your eyes? What I wanted to say was Since It’s only temporary that I can’t see right now

staying at the hospital won’t help Why don’t we just come back for regular check ups? It’s not comfortable for you to lay on me and sleep anyway That’s true Okay I’ll tell Grandma and Xiao Zhang to come pick us up then It´s my Mom I haven´t been home all night Let me go take this phone call Cun Xi I´m going to take a phone call Hello? Xin Yi, you didn´t come home last night. Where have you been? Mom is very angry, do you know that? Chen Xin Yi? Where have all your memories been buried to? Is Ji Cun Xi following you around again? Let me tell you You two are no longer in a relationship If any relation should happen, you should wait until you get married It´s not like that Mom. What are you talking about? I´m in the hospital right now It´s just that yesterday Anyhow, something happened yesterday Cun Xi has been diagnosed with a very rare case of Dyssynergia where the lateral support of his retinal artery blood vessel has been blocked because of me Yes Anyway, he just can´t see anything right now He has gone blind So I´m at the hospital accompanying him right now What?! Ji “Zhun Si” has gone blind? How pitiful Why has my fair daughter gone to someone else´s family to be a “Quill”? Mom, please don´t say that All right, I will go home with Cun Xi in a bit because I have promised Grandma that I will take care of him for the time being What did you say? You´re going to stay at his house? Don´t do that. It´ll be ery bad if the news get out to others Let me tell you You don´t need to explain to me I´m coming to the Ji family right now Okay, goodbye Hello? Mom? Mom, we´re going to the Ji family? Do I look like I´m joking? That parasite was clearly very lively yesterday How did he end up being blind today? And your little sister is a fool What if she gets tricked again? This won´t do. Let´s head over to the Ji family Mo, let me tell you From my observation of men, I feel that Ji Cun Xi is very sincere towards Xin Yi this time It is because it´s your observation of men that I´m worried What do you mean sincere? I think it´s more like you´re sincere only to brand names Yet you squealed? Hurry and go get changed Just wear your Channel What should I wear then? Go get me another set of brand name clothing for me to wear Okay My Mon said that she will be coming to see you in a bit Okay Xin Yi -Okay – I´m very scared I can´t see anything at all Don´t be afraid Be good…good Don´t be afraid Don´t be afraid. I´m right here Mom, it´s so impressive They are really from the upper social class Really…this is so luxurious This is how life should be Mom, the door is opening You clap I clapped and the door opened? Are you serious? Let´s try it Let´s hurry and go in Otherwise, the door might close in a bit Mom, look There´s a pool You can do a spa here Spa? I forgot to bring swimming wear Let´s go, we have to get our swimsuits Wait. What time is it already? Yet you still want to head back to get your swimsuit? Let´s go. We´re going to catch a person Mom, you used foul language What do you mean I used foul language? Catch the man Cath…the “man” Yet you wanted to do a spa? Hurry It´s really not bad My in-law, welcome This is your first time here at our old place It´s not funny Mis “Xi Wang” Zhen Zhu, let me tell you I do really want to become your relative, but that Cun This one is even bigger than the one that came to pick us up last time It´s so beautiful. And it´s also this kind of red Here, let´s open it and take a look Qing Xia, the door is broken It´s broken Mom, this is a new design With this design, you won´t bump into motorcycles when you open the door – So this is popular right now? -Yeah Are all the cars in Taipei like this now? They´re all like this now It is more safe like this. It won´t bump into others like this Do you like it? Why do you ask? Of course I like it We have about 20 cars Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple We have them in all styles If you like it, you can pick one out and drive it home Is that all right?

No need to be so polite We´re all family There´s no need to hold back Come, Xin Yi Come over here Don´t hold hands Let go Who´s family with you? Mom, don´t scold at Cun Xi like that “Don´t scold at him like this” How else should I have said it? Thank you That´s too much We are all family They have already signed the divorce agreement How can we still be considered as family? Who are you lying to? Miss “Xi Wang” Zhen Zhu, I´m not here today to I know Stop pulling on me – Let me tell you -Chairman I have prepared the tea and snacks Qing Xia! We are here on a serious matter. What are you doing? Can you be a little more serious? Okay Don´t be angry Here, drink some tea Let me introduce This tea is the award winning high mountain organic tea It´s 460,000$ per catty Furthermore, the water used to make this tea is monuntain spring water exported from Switzerland The taste is very sweet and pure No to mention, award winning high mountain organic teas like this usually costs 500$ for one sip on the market One sip costs 500$ We should drink more of it in a bit This tea Wait Don´t think that you´ll be able to bribe our hearts with this tea I, Chen Lin Xi Shi, have talked a lot already, so I´ll take a sip I´ll just drink a little bit Yes Let´s go upstairs Let´s drink tea and eat some snacks Okay I´m not afraid of you. Let´s drink some tea first Let´s go Let´s drink tea You guys still need to move out? This way – Here – The snacks are here I´ll help It´s okay. I can do it Can I eat yet? Of course You kept hanging onto it You´re so hateful In-law, have some tea Excuse me. Yes – Is it good? -Wait Did you think that you would be able to bribe my heart with tea and snacks? You guys haven´t Cun Xi Mom, I´m sorry Are you calling me, “Mom”? Don´t…Don´t call me that Mom What are you calling me for? Don´t blame Cun Xi like this It´s because I kicked him down the hill that his eyes have turned out like this I have the responsibiliity to take care of him Why have I given birth to such a dumb daughter? When he was fine, you kept rejecting him Whenever something happens to Ji Cun Xi, you give in immediately You even agreed to be a surrogate mother 2 years ago And now you want to be a “Quill” 2 years later? Mom! I am very sincere towards Xin Yi this time Sincere? Haven´t you heard before? Sincere will only bring ruthless love Let me tell you, “Zhun Si”, in my heart, your trust is already bankrupt I have no trust in you Mom, don´t say that What´s the matter with you? When he was perfectly fine, you didn´t love him Now you don´t want to leave him? Will he treat you well? Anson, help me call Douglas Chen Tell him to help me draft a contract to transfer all my liquid capital and real estate to Chen Xin Yi Director, you´re joking, right? And also transfer 51% of my Mo Fa Ling shares to Xin Yi From today onwards, Xin Yi will be the biggest shareholder of Mo Fa Ling Enterprise If anytime when she is not satisfied, she can fire my position as the Director From today onwards, my life will be in Chen Xin Yi´s hands Mom, this is even better than winning the lottery If I lie to you again, I will be kicked out of the house and become a beggar You can trust me now, right? Cun Xi, are you crazy? Well said In-law, you´re absolutely right Xin Yi has suffered a lot in the Ji family This little bit of compensation is nothing Anson, go make the phone call There´s no need I left my cell phone in the car Anson, hurry and go make the phone call Anson, we have a telephone in the house All right…There´s no need to call

Ji “Zhun Si”, seeing that you´re willing to give your life fully to our Xin Yi, I know that you are serious this time But let me warn you This is the last time that I´m handing my precious daughter to you Don´t abandon her again I know Mom What do you want to say? If Mom didn´t test him this way, how would Mom be sure? My in-law, you really have your way Your acting is so amazing You can definitely win a Golden Horse Award as best actress My in-law, you don´t need to say that I´m not even a professional actress I don´t even know how to act What do you mean best actress? There´s no need Supporting actress will be enough Oh right My in-law, let me tell you I came here for a serious matter Xin Yi told me that Cun Xi´s retinal artery blood vessel has been blocked But let me tell you You really have to believe me I have learned how to do traditional massages before I´ve learned naprapathy before You must believe me I´m here today to help him unblock the arteries so that his eyes will be brightened, and then he will be able to see again We´ll have to trouble you then, my in-law We´ll have to trouble you Please don´t be like this We´re a family. There´s no need to be so polite Come, hand me my tools Come Put it here Look Come, hand me my tools Come Put it here Look This is This was to stabilize the patient when they were getting therapy to treat their sickness then this one is is this is when it gets too painful while treating his sickness My mom will use this to clip his fingers to divert his attention Ok Then this is? This is when the treatment gets too painful again My mom will use this to stuff his mouth to let him bite it What about this one? This one is– This This is the most important one Do you know what this is? You know my son in law that Wu QI QI That he grew hemorrhoid this was what I used to help him clear His hemorrhoids cleared out just like this Really? My in -laws, Where will you be using this on our Cun Xi? Just there I just knew you would say that! No where did you think I was going to use this? It’s no ”there” It’s the bottom of his feet Let me tell you Western medicine can only help him up to this point We can only rely on the intelligence of old methods You must believe in my skills I am very confident in my skills really My son in law’s eyes are my eyes My eyes are his eyes Why? because he is my son in law yes you are my eyes ”…that helps me taste the changing fours seasons.” you are my eyes ”…that…” Stop acting We’re being serious . come on Yes My in- law I will leave Cun Xi’s future in your hands Please don’t say that just leave it to this stick Okay’ come My first therapy session will start Here , hold him down well Hold him down Excuse me My mom is very good . -No hard feelings, okas? Cun XI , Why are you shaking ? I.. i feel a bit cold Cold That can’t be .The temperature is just right What do you guys understand? I already said before Cold hans and feet means that his blood flow is not circulating well If it’s not ciculating well , we must This won’t do What should we do ? It’s very simple We just need to help him fix that If it’s not corculating well this won’t do here This is very good .It feels good He’ll be fine after we help unblock his arteries Come . Foot Foot.. hurry Xin Yi ,actually What is this? Actually, my eyes What about your eyes ? Ji Cun Xi !

For the sake of keeping Xin Yi here ; you must endure it What i’m saying is That i want to be able to see you for the rest of my life oh please you still have time to confess your love ? here.. lie down Okay,come Xin Yi life up this foot just one look and you can see that his blood circulatin is not very good Here , here ..the towel . Here ,Anson Hang in there I’ll be done very quick Xin Yi , come Life up his foot hight watch my ”yong Quan Xue” ! (yong quan xue means : an acupunture point on the foot ) Zhun si , Let mom ask you Do you often hold it in even when you want to pee you can’t sleep at night , right? Le’t me tell you This is a sing that your kidney is protesting with you Don’t worry .Mom will help you cure it and it will be better inmedialety . Here Xin Yin ,lift up his leg again ”Yong Quan Xue”! Wait ”Zhun Si”, Let Mom ask you you don’t have a heart at all My heart only has Chen Xin Yi I’m not talking about that I’m saying that you should ”be careful of your liver” you should watch more tv Don’t they always say, If your liver is well , your life will be in vibrant colors, whereas if your liver you are soon to be living in black and white Don’t worry Don’t scream Just believe that I’m a professional Come LIft up his leg . Come Hang in there . Ready ”WAN GU XUE” ( this means acipinture pint that is as the back of the head) How was it? Is it all clear ? It’s all clear This won’t do . I really can’t take this anymore I seem to be able to see a bit of light He can see lught ! That’s great ! My in – law, thank you you are a living buddha ( this means to express an extremely kindhearted person) you don’t need to say that This is out of convenience , just llike recycling No ,I mean it’s just out of convenience to my son in – law This is great ! if Cun Xi’s eyes hace recovered , I can go see my teacher in shangahi then Look at you . Really Xin Yi is really going to leave me after my eyes have recovered This won’t do i can’t let this happen Xin Yi , if you must to go Shanghai ; i won’t object but How come your face seems to be rough ? I’m Anson How can this be ? Look , my eyes still have not recovered yet Ok .. come Don’t be nervous It ‘ll be better after a few more treatments Let’s do more treatments It’ll be better after a few treatments How long do i have to go throught the treatment? Every day WHAT? three times daily ? Will i still be alive ? There’s no way of backing down now This won’t do For the safety of my life , I must find an opportunity to settle Chen Xin Yi This is too unfortunate It’s unfortunate that you’re not living here , Mom You have to go back to Jiang Mu Island in a bit , right? Don’t worry . What do you mean go back to Jiang Mu island? Mom already Knew of your situation befire coming i’ve already brought a week worth of clothes to change into Resr assured we’ll give you treatment three times daily Here . hold him down that is great Thank you . Thank you , my in- law It’s decided then Let me make you to pick a guest room there’s no need to be so polite It’s only right . Come Are there any in European style? Of course Are there any with jacuzzi? of course Good Anson ; your hand got hurt It’s fine it’s nothing I’m a man It’s only normal have some scars on my body we can’t leave it like that Let me help you bandage it There ‘s no need . There’s no need for the trouble Let’s go you’re really .. Okay Be careful I’m fine Actually, Did you know that it’s very normal for a man living alone to often have fights with others

you’re so manly I’ts nothing Oh, right Do you want to see the other scars on my body ? what is it ? it hurt a lot , right ? hug this side be good .. good you need to endure it Very good Xin Yi I’m so scared don’t be afraid . I can’t se anything Be good My in-law , come Please come in how is it? This room is so big it’s really It’s so bouncy I’m sorry Let me tell you This is the most comfortable guest room we have All the decorations in here are precious collectibles of time All of it? This is…this This as well Look at this This one resembles my body figure so much you can tell that it’ll bring great fortunes with just one look you can tell that it’ll bring great fortunes with just one look The Ming Dynasty? I’m more fortunate then This as well Look..look at this This bowl This I don’t know This looks so familiar This item I remember This was what Xin Yi said that She wanted to give to Grandma after coming back from Shanghai I remember now This is a present from Xin Yi How could i forget ? Here This is a bowl made by Zhong Shan Long A bowl My in law Look ,there’s a card in here And DVD as well I wonder what is inside This is a bowl made by Zhong Shan Long A bowl My in -law , Look , there’s a card in here And DVD as well I wonder what is inside Dry vines ,old tree ,roasted duck Do you still remember? Little bridge, flowing ,gamblers After all these years, This is the first time that I’m speaking to you again I originally wanted to call you, But i was afraid that i would be too nervous when i’m nervous ,i won’t be able to speak, and i will start to stutter That’s why i can only use this method I’m sorry Fool just recently, i heard about you from your grandson, cun xi, i heared that you’ve been living well after marrying into the Ji family Im very happy for you As for my longing for you in these past 50 years i can finally let it go some people say that we should think about the past more often, as i can let you forget your current troubles STOP LET’S GO Get lost! but for me , after 50 years of endurance, it only makes it harder for me to forget my regret of losing you it’s okay what is your name? My name is Zhong Shan Long how about you? i’m Zhen Zhu. . Wang Zhen Zhu i remember that there was a stage play with a dialogue where the female lead asked the male lead, if we had never met in shangai, what would have happended? in the end , the male lead

told the female lead in confidence , ”if we had never met in shanghai, then 10 years later, we would definitely meet in Han Kou if we don’t meet in Han Kou 10 years later , then after 30 years.. or 50 year later, we would definitely meet somewhere abroad” Zhen Zhu, these lines truly represents my heart’s feelings I think whether it is happy story or sad story between us, there should be an ending what do you think? if if you want to see me, this is my address do you see? if you don’t want to see me, and only want to hear my voice, this…this is my MSN This…this my MSN And this is also my email do you see? if if you don’t want to contact me, it’s okey you just need to let Cun Xi Know don’t worry i won’t come and bother you i will put your ”shadow” here i will put your ”shadow” here that’s it i’ve never seen a man who has such deep emotions My in law at least you’ve had a romantic relationship when you were young it is already in the past what do you mean in the past? what do you mean forget it? you can’t be like that you have to think about it It has already been more than 50 years Have you never regretted it ? have you ever thought about that when you sleep, and when you pull up your blanket, it feels cold when there is no one lying beside you? have you thought about that? you have right ? let me tell you Right now ; God is giving toy a chance to let you guys meet again if i were you i would fly to Shangai immediately to see him it’s Shanghai right? shanghai,right ? right go and see him yeah In law are you saying that since i’ve made Zhong Shan Long wait for 50 years, i can’t let him wait anymore, right? yes in law should i take the plane to shanghai tomorow morning then? OF COURSE That is great i’ll have to trouble you in taking care of the house my in law , rest assured you can just leave Mo Fa Ling to me manage no i’m talking abour Cun XI Do not worry . just go when you come back from shanghai let me tell you Cun xi’s eyes would already be recovered really? Really i’ll have to trouble you then you don’t need to be like this we are all family ,right? it’s what you said yourself but when i saw that romantic story of yours just now, it reminds me of my romantic past as well Really? yes let me tell you what coincident was that the man was called Zhong Shan Cun every time he saw me, he would sing, the high and towering mountain the high and towering mountain really? really? yes he also said to me that this song was a written for me really? wait. i think his name wasn’t Zhong Shan Chuan i think his name was Zhong Shan lou he even gave me a bowl as a gift he even gave me a bowl as a gift it was like that it was that , The high and towering mountain does it feel better now? does you foot hurt? what do you think? 3 massages a day i think the time my eyes are well, my legs would be crippled you’re talking nonsense Cun Xi, how come it’s so hot? you haven’t turned on the air conditioner? i think it’s broken Anson has already booked an appointment to have a technician come tomorrow really? Since Cun Xi can’t see anyway, taking off my cardigan should be all right

so there are benefits for being blind Cun Xi , How come your nose is bleeding? it could be because of how the doctor said that i have too much extravasated blood, so it’s probably a good thing that it’s flowing out now really? how come you’re boiling? come let me see Cun Xi, how come your other nostril is bleeding as well? Maybe it’s because of the treatment from today, and also because the temperature is too hot And I’m too heated Really? Let me help you wipe it This won’t do What should we do? It looks serious I think I should call Mom over to take a look I am burning with the fire of sexual desire, only you can help me extinguish it No Our first time happened under the dark I don’t want the second time to happen in the dark again I’m certain that I won’t mistaken someone else as you again. Come No I insist we wait until your eyes have fully recovered Because I hope that you will only have me in your eyes to compensate for the imperfectness of our first time Xin Yi there’s something that I haven’t been honest with you about Actually, my eyes have already It’s time Xin Yi there’s something that I haven’t been honest with you about Actually, my eyes have already It’s time Mom Haven’t we already done that three times already? Why are you here again? Don’t say that Mom wants you to recover faster so that’s why we are doing over time going after time today This is sponsored by Mom out of family love Family love Everyone Mom Mom, cut Mom knows We can’t sing about family love at night Why don’t I sing another song? I’m joking. Come, Xin Yi Let’s give him another treatment Okay I don’t want to Come…leg Yong Quan Xue Xue It’s killing me If this continues, my legs will be crippled before I can even settle Chen Xin Yi Dylan, come in You haven’t eaten breakfast? Let’s eat together What is that Dylan doing here? He is giving Grandma a ride to the airport Sit You guys can talk I’m going to help Grandma What is there for me and Dylan to talk about? What are you doing? It’s not enough to that you’re trying to steal my wife, so now you’re stealing my breakfast too? What? You’re not blind? I knew it You’re coming up with all these weird tricks, right after you heard I was going to take Xin Yi to Shanghai If you weren’t so keen on taking Xin Yi back to Shanghai, would I need to use such trick? Isn’t using such a trick to make Xin Yi stay by your side too “low”, Director Ji? Furthermore, you don’t have the right to stop a woman from chasing her dreams It’s my freedom to chase after my wife however I like It’s none of your business Moreover, I helped you once You owe me once But I never agreed to help you lie to Xin Yi Word of advice. I suggest you be honest with her

Think about it. If she finds out that you’ve been lying to her You can rest assured I have already prepared a ring I didn’t get to give it to her last time, but I will definitely put it on her this time around My in-law, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of my house then And I’ll leave these two kids, Xin Yi and Cun Xi, in your hands Don’t worry. No problem Consider yourself lucky to be able to witness my moment of happiness To be honest, this trick of yours is… “Lame” It”s none of your business. Keep quiet Look at you today People really need to dress themselves well You’re so pretty You look so different Xin Yi I’ve poured you a cup of milk Drink some first Thanks It stinks Has it been past it’s best before date? It’s past its best before date. Don’t drink it Don’t drink it… I’ll pour it out Wait I threw my ring in there, what are you doing? Ji Cun Xi, your eyes Cun Xi, you can see now? When did you start to be able to see? I was able to see yesterday Yesterday? Xin Yi, where are you? I can’t see anything. I’m right here. I can’t see anything. Okay…all right… Cun Xi, how come your nose is bleeding? What I am saying is… That I want to be able to see you for the rest of my life. Why didn’t you tell me then? Didn’t you see how worried I was? That’s not what I meant I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid that I was afraid that if you knew my eyes were fine, you would leave with Dylan to go to Shanghai That’s why I You don’t trust me? That’s not what I mean It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t trust myself I was afraid you would leave me for someone else if you went to Shanghai Furthermore, I originally wanted to tell you the good news after I succeed in proposing to you You said it yourself, If I make a foolish mistake because of loving you too much, you said that you would forgive me No way! Furthermore, did you plan to propose to me with only a cup of milk? Who would want to marry you? Flowers, bending down on your knees, surprise, romantic candle light-dinner You didn’t prepare a single one of these No one would marry you Goodbye! Xin Yi Ji CUn Xi, you are so stupid You’re so “snoopy”. Really I’m so angry What do you mean “ah?” Xin Yi, wait for me Why do I have such a stupid grandson like you? Let me warn you Before I come back from Shanghai, you must settle everything with Xin Yi Dylan, hurry, we’re going to be kate Let’s not bother about them Hurry Take care, brother Oh right, remember, next time don’t pretend to be blind and use a cup of milk at the same time Why are you still here? Rubbish Only I can help you now Ju Cun XI, you are so stupid You didn’t get that my sister was hinting you how you should propose to her just now? It’s no use She doesn’t want to marry me Are you deaf? She just said, Bending down on your knees, propose, surprise, and a candlelight dinner Not one can be missing Furthermore, you owe Xin Yi a love confession Let me warn you, if you don’t succeed this time, you won’t have any more chances Yes..How could I not think of that? Anson! Hurry and help me send a bouquet of flowers to Xin Yi’s house And also help me book a restaurant for dinner tomorrow Thank you Da Jie, thank you You’re welcome Let’s eat breakfast Okay Mom did I say everything clearly just now? Yes, it was very clear Bending down on his knees, surprise, flowers, and a candlelight dinner Not one can be missing Yes I’m so tired Mom What? Wait What is it? But Cun Xi is so stupid Do you think he got it? Rest assured Didn’t you notice that Qing Xia didn’t come back with us? Let me tell you, Qing Xia is my spy

Mom What’s a “spy?” A spy Oh…spy Yes, a spy Don’t worry You are really too unbelievable If you want to marry him so badly, why didn´t you just agree to it just now? Why did you pretend? That’s not it What is it now? He lied to me about his eyes being blind and I didn’t even blame him for that How could his marriage proposal be so simple? I waited 2 years for this moment Of course I have to be careful That’s true So you’re not leaving with Dylan to go back to Shanghai? If I don´t get a sincere love confession, I absolutely will not go back That’s the right thing to do Mom What is it? Mom! What is it?! He lied to me about his eyes being blind and I didn’t even blame him for that How could his marriage proposal be so simple? I waited 2 years for this moment Of course I have to be careful That’s true So you’re not leaving with Dylan to go back to Shanghai? If I don´t get a sincere love confession, I will absolutely not go back That’s the right thing to do Mom What is it? Mom! What is it?! Where have you been in the last 2 days? You caused me not to have any snacks to eat Didn’t you bring some here yourself? It’s nothing I went to stay at the Ji family for the past 2 days What? Why didn´t you guys let me come with you to such a nice place? I’m sorry But we have already come back, why are you complaining? Oh right Chen Xin Yi I met the express delivery man at our front entrance just now I helped you bring it in It must be from Director Ji Look at it Hurry… Open it up and see See what he writes This is a pretty good drink What did he write? Hurry and read it out My dear Xin Yi You read it so badly My dear Xin Yi let´s have dinner together tomorrow You have to be softer I will give you everything that you want P.S Please be prepared to be Mrs. Ji Mrs. Ji Cun Xi You’re so hateful It’s so romantic He even called Stop reading it Future Mrs. Ji, bending down on the knees, flowers, surprise, and a candlelight dinner are all on stand by It’s English I hope that Mrs. Ji will be satisfied Anson Let me reply to him “We´ll have to see how well Director Ji performs tomorrow then” My legs are numb Chen Xin Yi, you’re going to be married, right? I just received this at the front entrance jus now What? “The Very reliable Health Examination Center’s” DM It says that they will have promotional pricing on it’s grand opening It’s very cheap! There’re health checks A healthy body will give you a happy marriage The very Reliable Premariatal Health Examination will let you feel very relieved before and after marriage It’s new It does make you feel more relieved Let me tell you, you should do a check up before getting married You’ll be more happy later Okay Okay, hurry and go Mom, I want to take the flowers upstairs Okay, go quickly Chen Xin Yi Okay I’m done drinking Mom! I’m going to take a rest. I’m so tired Mom! I’m going to choke to death soon, Mom! I’m choking The Very Reliable Health Examination Center Miss, I’m getting married soon Miss, who isn’t getting married when they come here for a check up? No

Did you know that for the sake of marrying me, he has done a lot of foolish things? But I am very touched in my heart That’s why I want to give him a healthy new wife Next Miss, when can i get my report? We will contact you tomorrow -Tomorrow – Next Did you know that my husband is treating me to a dinner tomorrow? No… I meant my future husband Okay… That’s okay Bye bye Next I wonder what he will do tomorrow Next! Next Bye bye I chat with you very well Bye bye Next Chen Xin Yi, you haven’t gone to bed yet? Come, have a talk with Mom Come sit here Have you done your premarital health examination? You’re certain that you want to get married? That resistance poster at the front door can be taken off now Who made that poster? Who? I did Let me tell you. I bad mouthed him while I was nailing it How can this Ji “Zhun si” torture my daughter I kept bad mouthing him and mounting it He’s such an ignorant guy, so thick skinned I kept talking like that while I was hammering it But he did one thing right What is it? That is using his dark eyebrows and green bean eyes to notice the good qualities of my daughter, Chen Xin Yi, and also wanting to marry her Xin Yi, Ji “Zhun Si” really truly loves you, do you know that? Do you see when i pressed his foot so hard, where his bones were almost going to break, he didn’t make one sound for the sake of having you stay He continue to pretend to be blind He can finally marry you He’s not at loss either for marrying our Chen Xin Yi Mom, Thank you Why are you being like that? I’ve already told you Let me tell you. When you got married last time, I cried when you were like this Let me tell you, I’m not going to fall for it this time I’m not going to cry But even if I don’t cry, your dowry will still be the same I will give it to you again Here, take it But I’ve already told you everything that I wanted to tell you last time I’m not going to say it again I’ll promise you that I won’t cry I will absolutely not cry Yes And after you get married, work hard Work hard to have a baby If you can give birth to 8 to 10 healthy babies, give birth to them all Don’t let the Ji family’s curse of having single descendant in each generation continue to be true You have to be considerate to others You have to be considerate after marrying into their family I know Look how you’re crying now Seeing you cry I want to get an audio tape from your sister Who was that song by? The singer looked like this What was his name? Zhou something Zhou Hua Jian. (Emil Chau) Yes… What was the song that goes ” I have to marry you tomorrow.” “You have to marry him tomorrow.” I already told you that I wouldn’t cry Why am I still crying? But let me tell you You have to marry him You must marry him for real this time “I have to marry him tomorrow.” “You have to marry him tomorrow.” That’s so awful I told you not to cry, and yet you’re still crying Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t cry? No, let me tell you It’s not that I’ll miss you. I I just feel that after so many years Mom really is going to miss you It is over finally I will be very happy Yes, you will be very happy He will be happy to be able to marry you But “I have to marry you tomorrow.” “You have to marry him tomorrow.” “If it wasn’t because you touched me at the right moment.”

The pitch was too high Wasn’t the pitch too high? Let’s sing lower “You have to…” “You have to marry…” Xin Yi, I want you to marry me today Strange How come every time when I say this phrase, I get a bad feeling You’re thinking too much, okay? Director, relax Let me tell you I’ve taken a look at the lunar calender Today is a good day For you, who’s born in the year of monkey, today is a very lucky day It’s one of the best day of the year Let me tell you, today is a good day to go on a date with friends and family offer sacrifices to ancestors, and take in animals The most important one is “taking in animals” Taking in animals? Little snail It’s considered as a type of animal, isn’t it? Here Make sure you take this little surprise gift with you Why are you looking at me like that? Okay, it’s okay Relax, okay? I guarantee you, I have a feeling that this time, you and the little snail I have to call her future wife of the Director This time, your marriage proposal will definitely go very smoothly don’t worry I have a feeling that there definitely won’t be any problems this time round You’re worrying too much You’re thinking too much It’s my fault I didn’t stick it on well, right? I just need to stick it on well and everything will be fine, right? “My passion is like Mrs. Ji, This is the right “feel”, This is just right You should be pretty like this Hurry… don’t let Cun Xi wait too long Quickly Wait Hello? Hello, is this Miss Chen Xin Yi’s home? Yes, You wan’t to speak to Xin Yi? Hold on Xin Yi, come, It’s your call Hold on… Hurry Hello I’m calling from the Very Reliable Center Your health report is here Can you come to the hospital? The doctor said that he wants to explain the report to you in person Okay, no problem thank you, Bye bye It’s the very Reliable Center, They said that they have my report, so they want me to go It’s okay, The boat isn’t coming for a while I’ll go pick up the report first then meet up with Cun Xi Okay Doctor, is my condition okay – You are Miss Chen Xin Yi? – Yes, I am Furthermore, I’m getting married, – Congratulations How is your future husband? My husband is a very nice man He loves me very much But he’s a little childish Doctor, how is my health report? Because al 6 pm, my husband has invited me to dinner I wnat to tell him that my health check went well About your health report Miss Chen, have you done an abortion once before? No I had a miscarriage a few years ago Miss Chen, You’re getting married soon,

If you’re looking to have babies in the future, you might need to talk with your husband According to your health report, the wound from before has affected your uterus from normal functioning To be honest, the probability of you having a child again is very miniscule Are…are you saying that I can’t have babies? In medical science, there is no certainty, a hundred percent, or absoluteness You can try coming here to get some X-rays of the fallopian tube, and also fluid injection treatment Actually, medical science has been improving by the day There are also other combinations of treatments that you can try out What is the probability ? What is the probability of me having a baby? What is the probability? What is the probability of me having a baby? My Granddaughter in-law and my Goldin Great Grandson who’s in your stomach I want them both no matter what! The Ji family has always has only one successor from each generation, and they all past away at an early age Now you know how thankful I am that Cun Xi has met you When you say that I didn’t want Ji Nian Pin 2 years ago, It is all a misunderstanding I also like Ji Nian Pin In the days to come, we can hold our hands and sit under a tree while using this cup. and enjoy a picnic on the weekend. Or in the cold winter, we can use this cup and drink Jiang Mu Tea together From today onwards, my life will be in Chen Xin Yi’s hands. And after you get married, work hard Work hard to have a baby. if you can give birth to 8 to 10 healthy babies, give birth to them all. Don’t let the Ji family’s curse of having single descendants in each generation continue to be true. To be honest, the probability of you having a child again, is very miniscule… Happiness seems so simple I can almost see it, but why has it suddenly become so far and out of reach? Hello, Dylan Can you come out for a bit? Preview