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♫ Waking up before midnight, I’m as confused as the ocean ♫ ♫ The stars forget to shine ♫ ♫ We were children ♫ ♫ We’ve been children born on this boat ♫ ♫ The ark that people talk about is like a small boat ♫ ♫ You could hear whispering through deck ♫ ♫ Its flag sways in rainstorms ♫ ♫ But humans’ endless disputes ♫ ♫ push you and me to two most distant sides with ♫ ♫ heresies, extremes and abandoned regrets ♫ ♫ When have that thousands of thousands layers of color ♫ ♫ quietly blossomed through the end of dark night? ♫ ♫ On the top of clouds, ♫ ♫ that ray is like a crown. ♫ [Magic Star] ~ Episode 20 ~ Thank you May I ask if your lady boss is back? Why are you looking for her? I have something urgent If she’s back, please let me know immediately Based on your accent, you must be from the capital, right? Are you her friend? I’m not I won’t hide this from you We’ve never met before Why did you come from such a far away place to look for her then? I’m looking for her to help me save someone How do you know she’ll definitely help you? She definitely will Who exactly are you? If I’m not mistaken, you’re the lady boss of Casual Guests’ Inn, right? This is the only way I can think of I’m begging you! Please get up! Please get up! Does he really look exactly like His Majesty? Now, his face has become like His Majesty’s He’s no longer able to regain his original look Unexpectedly, Ding Song has mastered such a powerful witchcraft Moreover, His Majesty is also currently in his hands This matter is quite troublesome Saving His Majesty, do you have any good choice of person? I do have two I’ll bring you to see him first Where’s he? It’s bad. He must have escaped In that case, he definitely won’t be able to go far Let’s look for him everywhere Hurry up and chase after him! What’s the matter? How was it? His pulse is slow for a while and fast for a while His pulse feels alive for a while and dead for a while I don’t know what’s happening, either I can only prescribe some medicine for him to try Okay Xiong Fei, how is it going with you? We’ve seen A Ji Ya What did she say? She didn’t say anything Bai Ze A Ji Ya is indeed a member of the Illuminati The Magic Stars and Star Chart are taken away by her – It’s unexpected – There are many more unexpected things This old man is actually her Teacher Now, he’s the only one who knows the whereabout of the Magic Star Do you believe now? How can she treat us this way? I… I’ll go and get the medicine Bai Ze, since what happened has already happened,

you just have to accept it The Magic Star and Star Chart being stolen this time indicate that we need to have a reassessment We’ll discuss further when I return What’s happening? What’s happening? I’m sorry. I’m sorry, little Biao Zi – Zi Su, what should we do? – I’m sorry Yuan Shuai, quickly bring me a warm towel! Quick! – Okay! – I’m sorry It’s fine. It’s fine. Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid! We are all here It’s fine. It’s fine We are all here. Calm down It’s fine If Elder Jiong Ye really has a son, how could he not be tormented by this strange illness? I want all of you to search! Even if you have to dig the ground deep, you must find the Magic Star! [Time to Illuminate] With respect to Elder Is there something going on? Your humble servant saw Gong Zi Xu’s subordinate, He Cao, entering Elder Jiong Ye’s room just a while ago What’s so surprising about it? He was rummaging inside there as if he was looking for something What was he looking for? Elder Jiong Ye is the Teacher of Gong Zi Xu and A Ji Ya Also, A Ji Ya and the Magic Star have an intricately connected relationship I’m afraid that Gong Zi Xu has intentions to hide it from you and look for such a thing Hence, He Cao didn’t really find anything Am I right? That’s right Just to make sure, I already sent my men to check on it again – Come. Look. New and good – Excuse me. Excuse me. How was it? – Did you find anything strange in Elder Jiong Ye’s room? – Yes It’s the same as it was before There’s nothing strange It’s just that after taking the medicine, his whole room became a mess Are you sure that A Ji Ya has something that she hid at Elder Jiong Ye’s room? Although we haven’t seen each other for three years, I still have the confidence of knowing A Ji Ya, Elder Zhao Ran has orders These people must be brought alive – You can leave now – Yes A Ji Ya What is it? I want to ask you about the Magic Stars Since you like to know it that much, then I’ll just tell you The Magic Star isn’t with Bai Ze and the others It was taken away by me Take away? Where did you hide it? The Magic Star currently isn’t with me Don’t make guesses anymore Is it with Elder Jiong Ye? A Ji Ya, why do you all want to obtain the Magic Stars?

I reckon that you’ve heard of the legend about the Magic Stars You might feel that it’s quite absurd But I believe. I want to use the power of the Magic Stars to revive my father. Let time travel back But right now, I have a more definite goal I want to let the people who killed them suffer retributions Okay. I get it Three years ago, you left the Illuminati not because you rebelled against the sect, it was because of this. Am I right? I’ve never thought of to rebel against the sect No matter where I am, my heart has always been with the Illuminati A Ji Ya, don’t tell Elder Zhao Ran what we’ve talked about today Do you understand? Elder Zhao Ran has desired the Magic Stars for so long He would never let me off I will not let anything happen to you Have you ever doubted the teachings of the Illuminati? How about the young children? Can they? Set out! Yuan Shuai has already gone to cook the medicine Are you still being sad about A Ji Ya’s matter? I am being sad for myself Zi Su, I’m sorry about what happened before Older Bro Bai Ze, I didn’t put it to heart I just hope that you won’t just listen and believe just one side next time Think about it more Don’t let your emotions dictate you Oh, right. How is Elder Jiong Ye? I feel that the current prescription might not work What do you mean? Based on your medical skills I am suspecting that the source of the poison inside this old man is not that easy Right now, only he knows the whereabouts of the Magic Star No matter what, we must cure him How is it? Qian Meng, I love you. If there is a next lifetime, I want to meet you in another way. Don’t look anymore! Hurry and leave! Older Bro Fei, you seemed to be very worried about that Illuminati old man All Illuminati people are not good people That old man doesn’t know anything Although he is a member of the Illuminati, he probably isn’t a bad person Say, what is your opinion about his illness?

I don’t know, either Right now, we can only hope that this medicine will work It should be more or less fine already Be careful Let’s go Triple Illumination God! Gods and ghosts in Heaven and Earth Yao* hour has passed (* 5 pm to 7 pm) The curfew starts! Let’s go – Hey…what’s going on? – Go. Go What are you doing? Hey! Why are you – Customers, we are already closed – There – Search that part! – Stop your nonsense! I’m asking you. Where did those group of people hide? What people? Our shop is already closed Where am I going to look for people for you? Lord Gong Zi, we’ve already checked upstairs and downstairs, there are no people We also didn’t discover any secret passage Here. One more mouthful Just a bit left You’re really good So bitter No. You must drink this all. You must drink it – If you don’t drink it all, you’re not allowed to go out to play anymore – Right Come. Come. Hurry and drink it Come. Last mouthful Greetings Lord Gong Zi Lord Gong Zi, he knows where those people are Where are they? Owner! You bastard! Don’t move Mister, this way please Let’s go How do you feel? Do you still feel dizzy? Do you remember where the Magic Star is? Don’t rush I want to eat some filled buns At this time, how can there be anyone selling buns? I just want to eat buns! I just want to eat buns! Yuan Shuai, go make some I’ll go make buns – Go this way – Let’s go, quick! You actually were able to find this place?! Nice to see you. Nice to see you I finally was able to see your three’s true identity But…your friend is not that reliable Or else, we really would have to waste a bit more time You turned yourself into Zhao Ran’s lackey Prepare to die! Be careful! Why is he perspiring? Zi Su, what is going on? It must be that the poison in his body is pushing the medicine out Zi Su, do you remember that it was written in the collection of books in the Palace? What was written? I can’t remember it that well, either But I think that Elder Jiong Ye’s situation is a bit like evil magic entering his body and not being poisoned So hot! So hot! Elder! Elder! Where is the store’s waiter? Hurry and ask him where the source of the town’s medicinal springs Okay. I’ll go Older Bro Fei! There is trouble! Hurry and come help out! Let’s go Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com Hurry and go! A Ji Ya! Bai Ze! A Ji Ya!! What are you doing?! A Ji Ya! A Ji Ya, it’s me!

I am Bai Ze! Get lost! Hurry and come with me! Hurry. Hurry Hurry and go! Go! After them! Hurry! After them! A Ji Ya Let go! I have to kill him A Ji Ya, you stole our Magic Star and our Star Chart, and even tricked our feelings, what really is your reason? In your heart, what are we?! What do all the things we went through mean?! A Ji Ya, were you not telling us something? If it’s that way, since everyone is here today, just tell it to us clearly There’s nothing to say to you all Towards you all, I have irreconcilable hatred A distinguished scholar Too bad, you are a villain clothed as a gentleman Stop spouting nonsense You aren’t something good, either Why are you afraid of him? A Ji Ya, since you already know your unfortunate real identity, then why don’t you tell them? In the past, the Heaven Strategy Envoys were decreed by the Emperor to steal the Magic Star from King Salin King Salin also died due to it If that’s not irreconcilable hatred, what is it? I am going to kill you all! What imperial decree? What death of King Salin? What are you saying? What he said is true In the annals of the Heaven Strategy, I’ve seen that file In it, there were recordings of that day’s mission A Ji Ya, sorry Bai Ze, don’t say some sorry for now What really is going on? Could it be that my Royal Father really have anything to do with the death of A Ji Ya’s family? Aren’t the Heaven Strategy Envoys revered heroes? Everything that they said were true A Ji Ya These are all matters that happened in the 15th year of Emperor Cheng Maybe it was Heaven’s arrangement Can you forgive all these? Dream on A Ji Ya, for these matters, give us some time to talk about it with you amicably Don’t let these matters destroy our relationship Those friendships that you are talking are just fake Stop looking for excuses to get yourself out of this You all are my enemies A Ji Ya Good. Good. Good Such a good scene indeed Looks like Heaven Strategy Envoys’ duty of guarding the Magic Stars was indeed passed down to their descendants Then may I ask you all to come with me and return to the Illuminati to tell the story of the Magic Stars to Elder Zhao Ran Take them down! Who dares?! They are my men! Go. Go – Bai Ze! – Hurry and go! What are you still waiting for? Chase! A Ji Ya You won’t let me kill him. What’s the point of me coming here? He will die sooner or later

But it’s not up to you You must come because you have to bring back the young child to Elder Zhao Ran to prove that you didn’t betray the Illuminati You are still submitting to the glorious ideals of the Illuminati Of course, if you can say the whereabouts of the Magic Star, that would be better The Magic Star isn’t with me Gong Zi Xu said that it’s with Elder Jiong Ye Let’s go Go! Move! Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com Hurry! Hurry! Let’s hide here. Hurry! Hurry up Hurry! Hurry! Let’s go. Hurry and go I won’t go anymore. I can’t walk anymore No. We must go I am in pain Zi Su, check his pulses It’s okay. It’s okay How is it? This state of an illness is changing too fast Old man, you must not die Zi Su, hurry and think of a way Okay. Don’t panic I’ll think of a way – I want to go to the back of the mountain – What? If I go there, it won’t hurt anymore – It won’t hurt anymore if we go to the back of the mountain? – Right Then what do we do? Are you sure? I’m swearing by the buns, that if we go to the back of the mountain, it won’t hurt anymore Let’s hurry and go to the back of the mountain – Go to the back of the mountain – Go Let’s go Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me! Bai Ze This place looks so high-level Are we really unable to go out this time? Hurry and think of a way – Come. Come over here – Lady Boss – Throw this dirty water out – Come Lady Boss, what’s going on? He was already injured like that and you were still able to save him, weren’t you? He is quite fortunate to meet an imperial doctor His life is indeed saved but his face…I’m afraid won’t be saved You already haven’t slept for a whole day Come over and wash your face Here We’ve finally past the most critical time But why did he commit suicide? He used to be living well. But now having a face of the Emperor, right now, he can’t be seen anywhere I think…he must not like…to be living like that anymore Lady Boss! Yes. Coming! I’ll go outside for a while – Lady Boss! Hurry and come down! – What is it? There is a letter here What could that be? It wouldn’t be that the bandits have gathered again to rob our town, right? If that’s the case, does he need to inform you beforehand and isn’t afraid you’ll run away? Then what do the drawings on there mean? Right now…I know where I’ll be going Xiong Fei, how are we going to the back of the mountain? It’s impossible to enter through the front gate

Let’s take the smaller road I am an Elder. How can I take the small road? I want to walk through the large road Hey Don’t you want to go to the back of the mountain anymore? – Want to go – If you want to go, then listen to me Let’s take the smaller road Let’s go. Go Old man, to accompany you to the back of the mountain, we can be said to have climbed mountains and walked through water You must give us that little golden star Fine. Fine Really Rabbit! Rabbit! Hurry and help me save it! Hurry! Rabbit Let’s go, go, go – Hurry – Slower Old man, what are you doing? – Hurry. Hurry. Think of a way. Hurry and save the rabbit – Lower down your voice – Put more energy on it – How can this hit it? Where did you get that slingshot? Hurry. Hurry. There. There No. Give that to me Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! – So great! – Okay already. Lower down your voice Let’s go The little rabbit is hurt The little rabbit is so pitiful So grave What to do? What should we do? See if there’s some cloth to wrap it a little bit Right. Hurry. Hurry I have – Tear it. Tear it – Here, Zi Su – Come It looks so painful One more So pitiful – Look how pitiful this rabbit is – Old man, we’ve already saved the rabbit You should go with us now, right? Enough already – Let’s go. Let’s go – Let’s go Let’s go now Reporting to Elder, our Red Clothed Army saw Elder Jiong Ye earlier going to the restricted area We dare not make any rash moves May Elder tell us what to do Restricted area? Why must he go to the restricted area? Go to the restricted area and find Elder Jiong Ye back If needed, you can do some extreme methods Yes Informing Elder, the people have been locked up If you want to see them, I can arrange for it right away Where is the Magic Star? In the tea house and inn, in all their luggage, I’ve already searched all of it No trace at all Then nothing to rush about Bai Ze and Elder Jiong Ye are all suspicious None of them can escape But I am worried that Say it A Ji Ya, this time, wanted to kill the people inside the prison cell I am afraid that she might kill them to eliminate any witness What you mean is to let Gong Zi Xu hold back A Ji Ya But Gong Zi Xu right now seems to have some discontentment already All of this are not worthy to be feared Right now, he has no right to talk me about conditions Only by following my conditions, can he continue having an ignoble existence here Triple Illumination God blessed my Illuminati to last for thousands of years Right now, we are experiencing never before seen setbacks We are only left with Guangming Town When I was still a measly Red Clothed Soldier, there were once only five people left in the Illuminati The Illuminati right now is a product of us five people trying hard to revive it for it to have its glory today! Too bad My two junior apprentices back then have died successively Eldest Elder Chang Ming has been in seclusion for so many years There are no means of communicating with him Even my smallest buddy, Jiong Ye,

developed a weird illness Elder, we can all see your hard work Every year during the offering ceremony for the Three Gods in the Three Sacred Palaces, I would make an oath to all of you! I will lead Illuminati to retake the mortal world that has been sinned and tainted by the secular world I’m going to make the creed of the Guangming Three Gods be everyone’s supreme faith! – Hey, wait for us, old man – Hurry! Hurry! I feel so great! What place is this? Back of the mountain So this is the back of the mountain? Right. So many fun things What is fun in this place? Look. There. There’s even a hot spring So many fun things Woah! Zi Su, let me get you one How come there are so many butterflies? Icy Fire Spring? So this fluorescent butterfly are from the Icy Fire Spring. Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it! These butterflies must be poisonous Ha? How can butterflies have poison? If I am right, these must be the Phoenix Fire Butterflies The dust in their wings will become lethal poisons when they touch hot water So it means they are fine right now Right. They are safe right now But…inside the medicine that Elder Zhao Ran gave old man, there seemed to be some of these powder It is used to hasten the poison Right now, these butterfly powders are falling into old man’s body It can help him temporarily lessen the pain But just like poppy (opium), it can help lessen it now but it will get worse in the future This is fun – Look. So many butterflies – How come these butterflies are so crooked Do you still remember the medicinal spring that the owner of the Mountain Creek Inn said? A bit The poison in these butterflies should be coming from there The butterflies get some spring water then flies Let’s follow these butterflies and we might find the Icy Fire Spring Okay. Then let’s go – Old man! – Old man, let’s go! – Let’s go look for the Icy Fire Spring! – Let’s go. Let’s go. Stop playing already Let’s go. Let’s go – So many butterflies! So fun! – Let’s go. Let’s go Be good and just walk Wow! – We are at the Icy Fire Spring – So this is the Icy Fire Spring? Is this still a medicinal spring? That’s right. This Icy Fire Spring is of the evil kind. It is warmed by the earth’s fire Right now, it can be considered to be a poison spring Or else, there won’t be so many Phoenix Fire Butterflies gathering here As for the medicinal springs down the mountain, only a few poison is in it That’s why, it only has minimal effects Wow! This Icy Fire Spring is so powerful! Where are you going?! Be careful How come there is fog? Who really are you people? How dare you! You are in front of Elder Zhao Ran and you are still not bowing? What an intelligent and quick-witted lady Compared to our disciple A Ji Ya, you are not inferior to her You are Elder Zhao Ran? Yes, indeed We are Heaven Strategy Envoys We are people of the government If you know what’s good for you, tell your men to hurry and leave Still using the ‘government’ thing to scare people Let me ask you. How many people in this world can really scare with that? For our grudges with the Heaven Strategy Envoys and the Emperor, we will deal with those in the future Right now, I just want to ask you two, where have you hidden Elder Jiong Ye? I must take him back to take his medicine Only an idiot will hand him over to you If old man goes back with you, he might be poisoned to death already Stop pretending to be a good person! Don’t think that I don’t know It was you who was poisoning Elder Jiong Ye that’s why his illness is getting worse and worse! Preposterous! I think that you must have done some evil deeds that you want to cover up Don’t get fooled by this yellow-haired monster

He is not some good person I think…you two must have misunderstood me That’s right. It was me who was giving Elder Jiong Ye medicine Although I hate him, he can’t die Before, he must not die If he dies, the Illuminati will also get disbanded Right now, the more he can’t die If he dies, how can I find the thing that I wanted? Right now, you also can’t die You and your friends all can’t die I will spare your lives Become my lackeys and help me find the remaining magic stars Elder…next time…you better get out of the house during noon instead Why? Because…sooner or later (literally morning and evening), you will get retributions Take them! Xiong Fei Go! This – Hurry and go! – Hurry! Go! Hurry up! Zi Su, hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Go! Hurry! Good thing they weren’t able to chase us Xiong Fei, if we want to save Elder Jiong Ye, we must find the Icy Fire Spring first and then…must risk great danger, before we can save him But we still have to save him Elder. Elder. Do you know where the Icy Fire Spring is? Icy Fire Spring? I won’t go I want to go home Old man, we risked our lives to save you Can you be more obedient and responsible? – That’s right – What’s good to go home to in that house of yours? Let me warn you You can’t say that my secret chamber is a rotten place That is my home Hey! Old man! Let’s go Ending in prison because of one’s friend, it’s a first time. Wrong. Wrong. If I say it like that, Bai Ze will get angry at me. A Ji Ya is even their leader here. No. I still will get scolded. Ah Are you hungry? A Ji Ya? A Ji Ya A Ji Ya, listen to me Say it Actually, that time Hey, A Ji Ya Our fathers are all dead Can’t we just let these grudges end here? We’ve been through so many sufferings and happiness Do you bear to just abandon all these? I just want to know what is written on the secret files On the 17th year of Xuan Cheng, in the night of mid-autumn, for the Emperor, get the magic star Salin King died because of this He has one descendant that survived The main merit for this belongs to Bai De Ming. He is awarded the Mytical Dragon Medal A Ji Ya! Don’t be rash! Move out! Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com ♫ How long can my friends around me to accompany me? ♫ ♫ I’m tired of hearing those comforting words ♫ ♫ I’m pulled between courage and collapse repeatedly ♫ ♫ I cry out to myself to hang in there ♫ ♫ I’m still awake at 3 in the early morning ♫

♫ I can only expect for a good night sleep but not having it ♫ ♫ If I’m not careful, I’ll be disturbed once I think about you ♫ ♫ Memory has been overturned into a kind of sin ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is wrong but so what ♫ ♫ Loneliness is also just a process ♫ ♫ We still have next person waiting for us ♫ ♫ I’ll remember those wonderful things ♫ ♫ Shedding tears isn’t need ♫ ♫ Thank you for your choosing ♫ ♫ Don’t force myself to give blessing ♫ ♫ Be a mature person ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is worth the pain and so happy ♫ ♫ I need to learn to let go those I can’t part with ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is wrong but so what ♫ ♫ Loneliness is also just a process ♫ ♫ We still have next person waiting for us ♫ ♫ With a little regret, I’m more complete ♫