I'm a pet at dali temple ep 11 eng sub

I’m a Pet at Dali Temple ~ Episode 11 ~ Have you ever thought that you are the one who will go? If I really can’t be with you, then what can i do? Was this the reason, you told me to leave? What are you guys doing? Princess, we we were talking about the case We are talking about the problems of the Dali Temple You won’t understand even if you knew Xuan Yu found some food, so the dinner will be ready soon so I came here to tell you Sorry to trouble you, Princess You wait here I have to talk to you Why? Why did you hug Mo Yan earlier? Miss Bing Er You scared me, where have you been? I was worried that the wood wasn’t enough, so I went to look for some more Don’t go anywhere without telling me from now on its too dangerous here okay, I won’t This is only water, no need to stir too much Our master solved a case easily no need to worry, besides we’ll leave tomorrow We will definitely bring the suspect back to trial We will definitely save all your sisters too There still is some leftover wood, I’ll go get it Sorry to trouble you, Young Master This is all because of you, that Mo Yan doesn’t care about me

And now you even dare to tease him I don’t tease him I just, hugged him a little Don’t think because we’re in a place like this You can be cheeky when I return to the palace, I’ll go and report to the Emperor in order to punish you – We’ll see if you can still be arrogant like this? – Back to the palace? you, alone? Only you alone, here in this forest? Can you stop bragging? I am a dignified princess Nothing can stop me besides, I’m not scared I will report you to the king and queen okay Then please leave Don’t talk Liu Yang’s daughter is really good at finding problems I didn’t know if anything was going to happen Food is ready Let’s drink soup Call the Princess and Ru Xiao Lan here okay – Please drink the soup, Your Majesty – Your Honour, – please start first – Yes Mr. Qing, have some soup Sir, this soup Just take it Thank you sir Sir, eat it before it gets cold Miss Bing Er, do you know martial arts? What do you mean, Mr. Qing? As an ordinary woman, how can I know martial arts? That’s right, sir That’s a strange question If Miss Bing Er knows martial arts, why would she being chased by the criminal last time, instead of fighting him? Right? Sir, You have to drink the soup quickly Who are you? No wonder you are Mr. Qing of the Dali Temple I pretended as best I could, but apparently, you still knew What did you do to them? Don’t worry, it’s just medicine to faint You only need to give me the five color stones and I will release them Or, whatever happens after this, I will not be responsible Hurry and give them the antidote So heavy that you can’t hold it, right? Even though my fighting skills aren’t comparable to yours, but my Yin Yang power is invincible what is happening …? no It’s not a five-color stone It seems that the power of your Yin Yang is not as great as my pet’s Sir, What happened? I looked everywhere but couldn’t find Princess and Bing Er Bing Er is an enemy in disguise You take care of the Crown Prince and the two of them I will go out Miss Ru might be in danger okay This place is very big, only ghosts know the way to return Ru Xiao Lan, she deliberately lured me You contemptible When I return to the palace, I will punish her it’s so cold Why is there so much snow? Important appearance But, my life is more important Which way is the way to the house?

Why is this like the place before? don’t worry Don’t scare yourself this place again ?! it’s okay.you’ll find the way back is the great and powerful Princess Liu Yang From birth I was more powerful than others Liu Yang Liu Yang Isn’t this Liu Yang’s hairpin? Liu Yang Liu Yang Bing Er Xiao Lan Bing Er Why are you here? Where are Qing Mo Yan and the others? I don’t know where he came from, but he entered the house and attacked us, at that time I was very scared, so so I ran away You don’t worry Qing Mo Yan is very good at martial arts, and Yin Shang and Xuan Yu Don’t afraid I just found the princess’s hairpin but, I don’t know where she is What if, we go find her first, then get back together Okay? Bing Er Why with your hand? Are you hurt? You You are a young woman really not an ordinary girl You made the peach tree wooden talisman, right? It can make me hurt Are you Mrs. Du? the Five-color stones Give it back You old witch! Give it back! You also have five color stones Finally I was able to get them without encountering difficulties And now, just waiting until I get one of those men then I will have four five-color stones At that time, I will add it to your blood, and realize my wish Give it back You old witch! Who? Where are the two girls,

and the women you captured? Your martial arts skills are very good The one who hurt Mrs. Du, is that you? Answer my question Agree to my request first, and I’ll tell you Don’t play with me Help me kill Mrs. Du Why should I help you? Mrs. Du … she is proficient with the power of Yin Yang Me and my subordinates are just a bunch of ordinary thieves She uses poison to control us, made us go to collect the blood of young women, five color stone, and ghost grass to develop pills We can’t do anything to her besides letting her control our lives What happed? Your Honour, I was careless, let the enemy disguise herself as Bing Er, and inject drugs that cause fainting Fortunately, the drug is not poisonous Are they OK? They will regain consciousness soon Where is Miss Ru? Is she okay? Miss Ru and Putri’s whereabouts are unknown Mr. Qing is going out to look for them Your Honour, don’t move too much it’s too dangerous out there Don’t stop me I wouldn’t dare If what he said about collecting the blood of young women is true, then Ru Xiao Lan and Princess Help me kill him Give back our freedom Mo Yan Are you ok, Xiao Lan? I am fine You finally come I was very scared alone Fu Quan Shan has told me where these women are held Let’s go save them first Fu Quan Shan? What is wrong with you? Show yourself, Mrs. Du! How did you know my disguise this time? That girl is not someone you can make your cover Obediently surrender yourself Instead of giving voluntarily, you would rather be forced Hurry up and give me the five color stone! You are plotting to hurt the Crown Prince hurt the palace clerk, endangering the lives of many people I will bring you back to be tried and imprison you for your crime If you don’t kill me now, then after this you will regret it If you know, the girl you love, are in danger are you still going to be this arrogant? What did you do to Ru Xiao Lan? I used her blood to disguise myself What do you want to say? Grandfather Grandfather I miss you so much Mo Yan Mo Yan, where are you? Greetings, Your Honor The empress and I are like old friends You don’t need to be like this to me It seems like you know why I’m here Isn’t it because of ghost grass? Just say everything you know You ask someone for help, by using a sword? In our world, this method does not exist

What pain requires treatment of ghost grass? You better hurry and tell me or I’ll kill you It doesn’t matter if I tell you, ghost grass is very cold, also has the effect of fighting poisons If someone who is healthy consumes ghost grass, it’s no different from suicide I have poison in my body? It seems like the Empress was very good at closing her mouth God damn it! You dare to speak impolitely! Kill me, and you will never know where the poison in your body is coming from Ru Xiao Lan Xiao Lan Are you alright? Hold on Qing Mo Yan, Are you alright? Finally you here Don’t say anything Save your strength, you will be fine Qing Mo Yan, I don’t think I will survive I have something to say to you Don’t say anything You’ll be fine I have something to say to you In my opinion, Don’t say anything I have to say it I’m afraid if I don’t say it now, I won’t have another chance I guess come to this world be your pet, I really feel happy Didn’t I tell you not to say anything? You have to hold on for me Mo Yan can you touch my face like you usually do? Xiao Lan Xiao Lan Sir Miss Ru lost a lot of blood, causing her to faint The bleeding has stopped she will regain consciousness in a few days Good Fortunately, Mrs. Du’s house has many types of medicine, including medicine to cure Also, the women, has been given medicine and has been sent back You sure this place no trace of ghost grass? If it’s a valuable object, then there’s no way she would bring that with her Yes Sir, the women we just saved, has been brought back to the city Fortunately Princess Liu Yang was not injured, only she was only scared But after you leave, she was noisily asking us to bring you to come back So I asked the guards to escort her back okay Poor Bing Er All her was sisters saved, but she wasn’t lucky Xuan Yu Are there any clues about Ms. Du? No need to look for it – Greetings, Your Honor – No need to be too formal May I ask, Your Majesty, why is there no need to look for it? Mrs. Du is the mastermind of this incident Surely we have to catch her she died in my hands Your Honour, there are still many things that are unclear about this case Letting Madam Du die like that, that’s not enough Do you think I don’t understand? It’s just that this Mrs. Du is very evil, she wants to attack me Lucky to protect myself, I had to kill her Miss Ru is still unconscious? yes But, she will wake up in a few days I found this on Mrs. Du’s body

I return it to Ms. Ru On behalf of Ms. Ru, I thank Your Majesty Sorry if I’m too brave, to ask, could Your Majesty, you see other things, in Ms. Du? I’m not very clear about this But her body is in the forest nearby You can go investigate I still have important business, and must return to the palace immediately I won’t bother you anymore Goodbye, Your Majesty Your Honour, is it okay for us to leave like that? I got what I wanted Sir, after being confirmed by Fu Quan Shan, it’s true that Ms. Du’s body But besides some broken magic that was found on his body, nothing else is suspicious Looks like the ghost grass isn’t there for him We should try to look for it somewhere else You Why are you all watching me sleeping? How could it be Normal person, lost so much blood, need rest and recovery for about 5-10 days Miss Ru, you Blood loss? In fact the person I don’t want to leave is you You just have to tell me that you want me to stay

Then I will definitely not go Mrs. Du’s death has something to do with Qing Mo Yan’s people The Head of this Dali Temple what exactly does he know?