Installing the Lone Wolf UAT(ultimate adjustable Trigger) and Firing Pin Safety On Glock 40 MOS

all righty this is 48 Conn clay and today here I have a disassembled Glock 40 and a few parts that I picked up from lone wolf one thing I got was kind of hard to tell in the bag because it’s torn but I got the ultimate adjustable trigger with the trigger bar they kind of come as a kit this one is for ten millimeter and 45 acp I know they make a couple other to make a different size for the I think just shoe is the same size this part here but to the bar that makes the difference in one thing to note is you know this is an aluminum trigger it has a couple adjustment points here in here and it is very polished on the trigger bar as well as having a ground down piece here as you can see on the clock stock now some people just saying that down but you know this is just a kit that they sell so comes with it that’s just another thing to note there I also got a firing pin safety I’ve seen to have pretty good luck with these it’s a cheap part and changes the trigger quite a bit first I’m just trying to take apart the gun here walking black sometimes it’s locking black is a little snug but comes out fairly easy with a little bit of prying okay there we go okay last pin to remove is the trigger housing pin it’s just a plastic pin off the back okay so now I can finally get the whole trigger group out and I’m left with a bare frame a couple things to note here like I said that one little bump out there you can see the geometry of that’s changed and overall the bar has a way more polished and just looks better finished in my opinion trigger shapes are basically identical they look pretty similar because it’s this smooth based on the gt40 but good thing to note here is that the safe trigger safety here is a lot wider and more comfortable I think that’ll end to feeling just nicer in the hand but then you got to take out the bar here now one thing to note is this spring this loop you want to make sure that you keep the orientation on that correctly which that can be a little bugger I am not changing any springs in this gun this is gonna be kind of a hunting gun mainly I just wanted to just get a few things lighter the best I could and you know I’m not trying to be like a competition gun or anything like that I’m gonna go in partnership with this little connector here and I think it’ll make a big difference overall on the feel of the trigger so there we kind of have the trigger bar with the shoe installed you said so okay so it’s fairly easy thing to do now adjusting this so you don’t have too much pre travel and whatnot that’s can take a little finagling which just kind of made that word up but it’s the truth will say that this trigger is a lot I don’t know if the bars a little shorter but it seems to be just a little bit snugger of a fit so I’m have to do a little bit of monkeying with this to try to get to fit

right but I’ll be right back all right I’m back ran into an issue you know as you can see here it says fits 10 millimeter and 45 ACP and upon closer inspection you know this trigger bar is way too short so I’m gonna see if I can get this trigger bar off but must be a kit from I need to contact the company but uh doesn’t seem to be the right one I’ll see if I can get this stock one to fit so yeah just to confirm you know here’s my stock trigger bar 2.51 here’s the lone wolf 2.38 so that’s gotta be that’s gonna be a 9-mil 40 bar I’m gonna see if I can make this work with this new bar or with my old bar kind of a let down but up because you know it’s not like I got shipped the wrong one whoever put it in the bag wrong or something so I’m gonna see if I can make it work and I’ll be back all right so back again here I do have my old stock 10ml bar here so I’m gonna go ahead and get the old trigger off basically had to break it I wasn’t sure the easiest way to get it off but that’s a fairly cheap part just really wanna know if this will work or not and we’ll go from there so I’m gonna try to get this into the frame and we’ll see what it does see if it has any better fitment with this one and I mean they look they look close but I mean yeah it may depends on the ink yeah yeah you can see right there that’s quite a bit shorter I don’t know if that was you know maybe I’m wrong and thinking this but it just did not seem to work right in it so go ahead and put it in the frame and see what it does all right well I have it on here John is on low so as you can see I have the trigger you know without the new trigger part but a little bit of pre-travel adjustment the front screw I think I need to get it down just a little bit more but it’s gonna take a little adjusting but it definitely does already feel quite a bit different than the stock trigger kind a little peeved about you know the bar not working because it would have been a hell of a lot easier install and I could have saved this but I don’t know maybe I’ll get with loan and see if they’ll switch this out but so I’m gonna do a few more adjustments and see if I can’t get that down a little bit more so then I will put in this firing pin safety I think that’ll change quite a bit too so I’ll be right back so when I’m kind of doing this adjustments the screw is accessible from the it’s a little harder to get then you think it would be but it is you can get to it just takes a little bit of effort you know this allen key is very tiny and it’s hard to really tell unless you have the whole slide on because it changes about how and I think in their instructions I said you want to have this so now see I’m a little bit too close that works I don’t know if they’re meant this one Oh actually I like this one I think it was using a bigger one but um maybe I’ll just back it up just a little bit but uh definitely does feel quite a bit different it’s it’s hard to tell because I don’t have a gauge to be able to you

know give you guys accurate representation of what I’m getting but uh you know it’s almost quarter turns is what it needs free travel is in my mind I halibel better I just gotta make sure to go too too far so don’t want to make it on stick because that would be in a counterproductive well I didn’t work out that right at that time okay I’m gonna just adjust it back up a little bit and then I’m gonna call it good for pre-travel anyways okay it seems like it should be quite a bit better I gotta try to adjust the back this one’s gonna be a lot harder because you don’t have you can’t twist like this you can only go a little bit at a time so I’ll be right back I’m gonna try to make some adjustments and see what now one thing to note is when you are adjusting this back one or make sure you don’t go too far because I almost I know I’m lone-wolf they have great instructions on their website I almost got this just too far and I almost had to take the striker out with it on the frame which isn’t bad you know just extra work so I’m gonna need to back it out just a little bit more see what that does I kind of find it handy if you’re you know you can adjust it with it I’m in the frame but it just seems to be a little extra work so if you just go ahead and put in this one pin just to hold the trigger enough to reset it and be able to see what you got it just seems to help a little bit dial it in okay backed it out and the striker is dropping a lot easier I definitely feel a lot less pre-travel I might actually take the pre-travel down a little bit more resets very nice let me see what I can do here this one’s I’m [ __ ] I had to lock and block in there well it still worked yeah it still worked let’s see here I try to crank that down just a little bit alright oh yeah we’ll see what that does I’m gonna go ahead and put it in the rest of the trigger parts here we go try this out okay so we can

see you know the safety is still going to work as far as reset I like it a lot I think that’s I’m not worried about safety on that aspect and that feels pretty nice shame about this but what can you what can you do really I’ll try contacting the company and see what they have to say but it is what it is I do have it working and it seems to be working pretty good so no issues there finish putting these parts in so sorry if this is getting to be kind of a longer video it’s just kind of hard to decide what to include and what not to include and all that so go ahead and try to take take my slide play cover off I haven’t had this one off yet but there you go okay and right now I’m going to go ahead and put in the firing pin safety so take out your pieces here push it down on the firing pin safety I’ll comes here extractor and then you get to your old part here get your new part so here’s the lone wolf right here and here’s the original Glock you can see the different tapering Glock has kind of a shelf on there I think you can feel that in the trigger it does ride on some of these parts so right in here and I feel like every time I put in one of these lone wolf ones seems to smooth it out quite a bit essentially you’re just simulating where but this is a $3 part and it seems to really do quite a bit maybe not measurably but to feel it seems like it does something for me anyways like I said earlier this can be kind of a hunting pistol so I’m not really my intention is not to make this a carry gun or a duty gun or anything like that it’s just gonna be for hunting and kind of leisure shooting so don’t need to get too crazy with the trigger pull but just wanted it lighter to have a better more positive feel go ahead and line this up okay and we want to do is push down on the spring here get your plate to click I have the new firing pin stop in there there safety like I said for keep all your old parts it’s always good to have them let’s go ahead and get the barrel back in recoil spring so that basically that got rid of a lot of basically I would say got rid of most of the pre travel I mean there’s you’ve gotta have some if you want to be safe but reach that’s very nice overall I think this whole little packaging here throw in these few parts I think that definitely does help out this trigger I’ve put in the ghost bar I

would have put in a lone wolf but you know there’s just handy at that time to get that one yes overall I think that this is a fairly nice trigger for the little mix-up there from the factory but I don’t see any issue with it probably should put this pin back in and it’s amazing how well some of these parts work even if you don’t have it’s amazing how well they work just in general because you know like few here it’s just kind of hard on camera to remember exactly everything but it’s good to make sure you have all your parts before you shoot it that’s for sure there we go okay so everything’s assembled back [ __ ] you can see right there there’s a lot different feeling trigger I definitely think that this worthy buy apparently you can just buy the shoe I probably should just done that because I think they charge you extra for this kind of gotten taken on that but uh oh well it’s gonna work well for me I don’t have any real complaints here with it there we go so that is the ultimate adjustable trigger for lone-wolf you know I like it I’m not only gonna shoot this real soon and I’ll let you know kind of an update and how I feel it’s made me change in the way I shoot this gun we said this is gonna be a hunting gun I’m gonna probably do this most the time from a blind with it rested so you know it’s a little bit different situation I’m trying to carry it so but yeah I don’t think you can go wrong with that there’s a lot of triggers on the market but you know it’s a nice simple affordable trigger so we’ll go from there I’ll see what see what it does for me so